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PHONE 254-3223 






766 OaeUette Ave. Phone 253-6337 





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63 B UNIVERSITY AVE. W. PHOME; 256-3141 

PHONE 25A-J14! 

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363 PH I SSI ER ST* 




PHONE 948-5223 

5115 E. C, ROW AVE. (BfiJween PUIsHo tind Joffereon) - WINDSOR, ONTARIO 

Photo Lounge of Homes in Color 

Exzhizsvn Agont — 




ci L.« ARTHUR ltd. realtor 
















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SCmwoad casino and motor hotel 





J.T. WlflG LimiTED 


Suppliers to Industry, Hardware Dealers 
and Plumbing and Heating Contractors 


BOLTS • h 





of djindsor 






375 PITT E. - Telephone 253-2431 - Telex 024-77699 

Also Warehouses and Sales Offices at: 




to %toe 'fyowi 


The major sections of this Directory are arranged in the following order for your ready reference: 




4. "WHO CALLED ME?" SECTION (Blue Paper) 


The following list of typical everyday questions will indicate both the types of information available and 
the section (or sections) of the directory in which the information may be found: 



How does he spell his name? . 3 

What Is his wife's first name? . 5 

Where does he live? . 3 

Does he own his home? . 5 

Has he a telephone? . 4 

Who are his neighbors? . 5 

What does he do for a living? .. 3 

Where does he work? . 3 

Is he the "head of the house" or a "resider"? . 3*5 

How many adults In the family? . 3 

Does he own a business? . 3 

Is he a member of a partnership? .. 3 

li he an officer In any corporation? . 3 

Who else is In the same business or profession? . 2 

What was the name of the widow's husband? . 3 

Quickest way to get there? . 5 



What is the correct name? . 2-3 

What is the correct address? ... 2-3 

Have they a telephone? . 2-4-5 

Just what do they do? . 2-3 

Is it a Partnership or Corporation? . 3 

Who are the Partners? (if a firm) . 3 

Who are the Chief Officers? (if Inc.) . 3 

Who else is in same or similar lines? . 2 

What are their specialties? . 2-3 

Description of their products and/or services . 2-3 



To whom does this telephone number belong? 4 



How do the streets run? . 5 

Who lives at a given address? . 5 

Is it a "home owners" section ...,. 5 

Just where in the block is it located? . 5 

What is the nearest street corner? . 5 

What is the nearest store, church, school, garage, etc.? .... 5 

If business location, what business? ..... 5 

If an office bldg., who are in what rooms? 5 

Where are the public and office buildings? . 2-3 



What is the complete name? . 2-3 

Who is the Secretary? ... 3 




What are the various Civic, County, Provincial, & Federal 
Government Departments? 1-3 

What are their locations? 1-3 

Who are the Justices, Officials, etc.? . 1-3 

What are the latest population figures? . 1 

What is the latest Statistical and General Civic Information? 1 
What aro the Churches, and where located? 2-3 

Who are the Pastors? . . .. 3 

What are the names and locations and who are the 

Principals of the Schools? 2-3 

What are the names and locations of the Cemeteries? 2-3 

What are the locations of the Hospitals and Homes? 2-3 



- TELEPHONE 254-2646 - 

MIGHT'S 1968 












(1) INDIVIDUALS 18 YEARS OF AGE AND OVER — with occupations, where employed, home address, 
indication as to householder or roomer status and (where applicable) wife's first name in 

(2) BUSINESS AND OTHER ORGANIZATIONS — with names and titles of executives, product or service 

produced or rendered and street address. 


Location and description of each street, points on each street where other streets cross, name of house¬ 
holder at each street number (with telephone number and wife's first name where applicable), also 
indication as to owner or tenant. 


Showing under the proper classified headings the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all business 
and other organizations. 


A listing of telephone numbers in numerical sequence in the Metropolitan Windsor area. 


Containing much information on the Windsor area, together with Civic, County, Provincial and Federal 
Government data. 

PLEASE NOTE: (1) The public is warned that the information in the above sections is compiled from 
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written permission of the Publishers 

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City Directory Publishers Since 1875 


TELEPHONE: 254-2646 

(Head Office: 192 Spodina Ave., Toronto 2B, Ont. - Telephone 364-1481) 

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Copyright, 1948, by Might Directories limited. 

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Abbreviations . opposite commencement 

Alphabetical Section 

Alphabetical list of names . White Section, Page 3 

Apartment Buildings . Classified, Yellow Pages 2-3 

Associations .. Classified, Yellow Page 3 

Banks .. Classified, Yollow Page 5 

Buildings—Office and Public, Classified, Yellow Page 9 

Buyers' Guide . Yellow Section 

Cemeteries . . Classified, Yellow Page 10 

Churches . Classified, Yellow Pages 10-11 

City Government . Introductory, Page 7 

Classified Business Directory . 

Classified, Yellow Pages 1-39 

Clubs . Classified, Yellow Page 12 

Convents . Classified, Yellow Page 15 

County of Essex . Introductory, Pages 6-7 

Educational . Introductory, Page 7 

Fire Department . Introductory, Page 7 

Government of Canada . Introductory, Page 6 

Halls . Classified, Yellow Page 22 

Hospitals and Homes Classified, Yellow Pages 22-23 

Hotels . Classified, Yellow Page 23 

Household Directory . Street Guide, Pink Section 

Index to Advertisers ...?777T~Pdge opposite 

Libraries ... Classified, Yellow Pages 25-26 

Misc. Information .. Introductory, Pages 6-7 

Parks and Playgrounds Classified, Yellow Page 29 

Police Department . Introductory, Pago 7 

Population . Introductory, Page 6 

Provincial Government .. Introductory, Page 6 

Public Bldgs.—(See Buildings—Office and Public) 

Public Schools—(See Schools—Public) 

Schools & Colleges Classified, Yellow Pages 33-34 

Schools—Public . Classified, Yellow Page 34 

Schools—Separate . Classified, Yellow Page 34 

Separate Schools—(See Schools—Separate) 

Societies—Benovolent and Fraternal . 

Classified, Yellow Page 35 

Societies—Miscellaneous ... Classified, Yellow Page 35 

Street and Avenue Guide . Pink Section 

Theatres . Classified, Yellow Page 36 

"Who Called Me"? . Blue Section 

Windsor—Canada's Ambassador City . 

Introductory, Pages 4-5 

Windsor City Government . Introductory, Page 7 

- 2 - 

m w 



? who’s who ? 


Anderson H. S. & Sons Ltd, Front Cover, Also Top Lines 
Argus Protection & Investigation Service Ltd. .. 

Back Bone 

Arthur Al Real Estate . Front Cover, Also Top Lines 

Bank of Montreal . Alphabetical, White Page 13 

Barbara Wood Ltd. Buyers Guide 

Beaver Lumber Co. Ltd. Top Lines 

Bendo Lou Realty & Insurance Ltd., . Back Cover, 

Also Top Lines 

Blak Bros. Bakery . Top Lines, Also Top Stencil 

Borden Co. Ltd. Inside Front Cover, Also Top Lines 

Canada Permanent Companies . Top Lines 

Also Classified, Yellow Page 37 

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce . Top Lines 

Central Chrysler-Plymouth Ltd., Classified, Yellow Page 4 
Collection Service of Windsor, Back Cover, Also Top Lines 

Crown Trust Co. Buyers Guide 

Dosco Industries Ltd. Alphabetical, White Page 67 

Elmwood Casino & Motor Hotel . Front Cover, 

Also Top Lines 

Fairlane Transmission Service . Top Lines 

Giannotti Plumbing & Heating Ltd. .. Top Lines 

Girard's Al Flower & Gift Studio . Front Cover 

Also Top Lines 

Goodwin Harris & Co. Ltd. . Top Lines 

Hawkeswood Garage Ltd. Inside Back Cover, 

Also Top Lines 

Helwig Adjusting Co. Ltd. ... Classified, Yellow Page 23 
Ingram G. A. (Canada) Ltd., Classified, Yellow Page 22 

Kelly Walter D. Funeral Home Ltd... Top Linos 

Lawton George Ltd. Top Lines 

Lighting Studio The . Back Cover 

Lorenzen Jean Real Estate Ltd. . Top Lines 

Lyman's HI FI & TV Centre .... Back Cover 

Major Realty of Windsor Ltd., Back Cover, Also Top Lines 

Mario's Tavern . Top Lines, Also Buyers Guide 

Mark Construction Ltd. Top Lines 

Morden & Helwig Ltd. Classified, Yellow Page 23 

Morris D. E. Funeral Service . Top Lines 

Mutual Collection Service ..... Top Lines 

Ranta Enterprises (Amherstburg) Ltd. Top Lines 

Reaume U, G, ltd., . Classified, Yellow Page 32 

Richardson Securities of Canada . Front Stencil, 

Sawyer Anne Real Estate Ltd., Bottom Stencil, Top Lines 
and Ribbon Marker 

Sheraton Viscount Motor Hotel, .. Top Lines, 

Also Bock Cover 

Sivadjian Paul Ltd. .. Front Cover 

Sterling Building Materials Ltd. . Front Cover, 

Alphabetical, White Page 235 

Also Classified, Yellow Page 31 

Sutton James H. Funeral Home Ltd. . Top Lines 

Tecumseh Builders Supplies Ltd. . Front Cover, 

Also Top Lines 

Venus Co. Ltd. Top Lines 

Walker Insurance Agency Ltd. 

Classified, Yellow Page 24 
Windsor Credit Bureau Ltd., Classified, Yellow Page 15 
Windsor Esso Home Heat Sales & Servico Top Lines 

Windsor Furnace Ltd. Buyers Guide 

Windsor Insurance Agency .. Top Lines 

Windsor Mechanical Contractors Ltd. . 

Classified, Yellow Page 30 

Windsor Office Supply Ltd. . Front Cover 

Wing J. T. Sales Ltd. . Inside Front Cover 


The Information In this directory is gathered as far as possible by actual canvass, and Is compiled In a way to ensure 
maximum accuracy. We, the publishers, cannot, of course, guarantee the correctness of Information furnished us or the 
complete absence of mistakes, hence no responsibility for errors can be or is assumed. We will, however, welcome the bringing 
to our attention of any inaccuracy in order that correction may be made in the next edition of this directory. 


&o 1 4 s 




Windsor, Ontario, population 134,118 (metro¬ 
politan 213,097), is Canadas largest city on 
the U.S.-Canada border* It Is situated on the 
Detroit River, one of the world's busiest water¬ 
ways, During the 1987 season (280 days), 
vessel passages in both directions on this river 
totalled 14,185 (exclusive of passenger and 
sand boats) — an average of 51 per day, or 
one vessel every 28 minutes, carrying a total 
of over 125 million net tons of cargo. On this 
great inland water route, a part of the Great 
Lakes System, ply ships as long as 730 feet, 
carrying finished products and mw materials 
(iron ore, coal, limestone, grain, etc*) to and 
from the markets of the world. 

Geographically, Windsor Is situated south of 
many parts of the United States. Between 
Detroit (metropolitan population 4,214,000) 
and Windsor there cross in both directions 
each year over 29 million persons (1966 — 
29,964,093) of whom over seven million (1966 
— 7,389,826) are American visitors to Canada, 
Both communities are connected by railway 
tunnel, the Ambassador Bridge, the Detroit- 
Windsor vehicular tunnel and railway car 

Windsor's predominant activity is manufac¬ 
turing which employs more than one third of 
the area's labour force* Even though it ranks 
only tenth by population among Canadas 
metropolitan area, Windsor is the country's 
fifth largest manufacturing center. Total 
manufacturing output increased by 60% be¬ 
tween 1960 and 1964, from $495 million to 
$789 million. It is estimated that this figure 
reached $1,000 million in 1967. The dominant 
industries, in terms of value of goods pro¬ 

duced, are automotive parts (34%), motor 
vehicle assembly (31%), foods and beverages 
(13%) and metal working and machinery (12%). 

Windsors thirty-odd auto parts manufacturers 
account for 25 to 30% of the nations output 
in this industry. These companies include 
Chrysler. Ford and General Motors; Bendix, 
Champion Spark Plug and Kelsey Hayes, 
Most of these companies supply automakers in 
both Canada and the United Slates, The manu¬ 
facture of motor vehicles themselves is import¬ 
ant too. Chrysler and Kaiser Jeep both have 
all of their Canadian assembly operations in 
Windsor and their combined output has 
doubled since 1963, 

There are more than 50 food and beverage 
processors in Windsor and another 20 in the 
rest of Essex County* Most of these plants 
process locally grown farm products. They in¬ 
clude, on the food side, Chun King Corpora¬ 
tion, Dainty Foods, Green Giant, H. J. Heinz, 
Knm-Chee Potato Chip and Stokely-Van 
Camp and, on the beverage side, Carling 
Breweries, Seagram's Calvert distillery and 
Hiram Walker & Sons. 

Windsor’s metal working know how is not just 
confined to automobile production. Metal 
fabricating and machinery building are sub¬ 
stantial in their own right. The tooling Indus- 
lay is of particular significance* It is made up 
of some one hundred companies that produce 
a wide range of tools, dies, molds, patterns, 
models, jigs, fixtures and special machinery 
and employ a total of about 3,000 highly 
skilled workers. 

The city's manufacturing base has expanded 
at a rapid rate these past five years. More 
than one hundred new firms have come into 

the city and many existing manufacturers 
have expanded their operations. The amount 
of money invested in new manufacturing facili¬ 
ties has averaged $68 million per year* Over 
the five year period more than 3*6 million 
square feet of new plant space has been built 
and the industrial work force has increased 
from 27,000 to 30,500. An annual average of 
682 new single and 60S multiple dwellings 
were built in the area in 1967* 

This area is well served by five main railways 
and one terminal line; a transcontinental air 
line (Air Canada); a domestic and inter¬ 
national air line (Canadian Pacific Air Lines 
Limited; South America-Mexico-Windsor to 
Madrid, Rome, Amsterdam and Australia); 
chartered flights, and highway transport 
facilities. An extensive expansion programme 
has been completed at the Windsor Airport 
($1 million new terminal building, $1,340,000 
in runways). Additional runways are planned 
for the near future to accommodate enlarged 
service. Windsor, too, is determined to realize 
every advantage of the St* Lawrence Seaway 
for its port which now provides Great Lakes 
transportation. Windsor port facilities are 
being improved and expanded. In 1967, total 
gross cargo tonnage, in and out of die har¬ 
bour, amounted to 10,130,567* 

The Windsor area maintains its brisk pace 
with the amazing growth of Canada. The City 
has expanded since the end of World War II 
under a zoning system to protect the stability 
of residential, commercial and industrial prop¬ 
erties. As of January 1, 1959, Windsor inaugur¬ 
ated the Council-Manager plan of municipal 
government. In co-operation with Canada^ 
programme of pollution abatement a second 
sewage treatment plant is being constructed 
on the city's west side which, together with 
the first plant recently completed on the east 
side, will service the entire area* 

Annexation of surrounding townships took 
place in January, 1966. The City now covers 
31,583 acres* 

The community is constantly developing a pro¬ 
gramme of progressive capital expenditures 
on a period basis. Current 1968-1972 capital 
works programme is $74,315,735 of which 
$46,077,698 will be debenhired* The deben¬ 
ture debt as of December 31, 1967, is 
$29,690,386 which does not include an esti¬ 
mated amount of $4,759,905 which represents 
debenture debt which may be assumed from 
tl^e suburban municipalities due to annexation. 
Windsor has one of the lowest ($179.65) per 
capita gross debenture debt among Canadian 

Windsors programme of redevelopment and 
beautification launched in 1956, triggered im¬ 
mense private and public interest and invest¬ 
ment here* Throughout the city, private en¬ 
terprise is constructing office buildings, shop¬ 
ping plazas, hotel and apartment complexes. 

This is the same programme responsible for 
todays very attractive Civic Centre, formed 

A % 



Winder C-hamber of Commercs, 

around a nucleus which began with the Muni¬ 
cipal Courts Building (1957), City Hall 
(1959), Essex County Courts Building (1963), 
and the Ontario Tourist Centre (downtown) 
(1963). In this vicinity are two major pro¬ 
jects: a department store complex and a high* 
rise luxury apartment. A six-storey, 599-space 
municipal parking garage, in this same area, 
was opened in December, 1965, 

Only the initial stages of Windsors compre¬ 
hensive waterfront development have been 
completed: the Cleary Auditorium and Mem- 
orial Convention Hall (I960), Dieppe 
Gardens (I960) and the Hiram Walker His¬ 
torical Museum (1958). Centennial Park, west 
of the Cleary Auditorium, was completed in 
mid 1967 and is a part of the riverfront beauti¬ 
fication which is to continue through to Huron 

The completion of a 231-unit Holiday Inn, 
wi til 34 addi ti o n al bachelor apartments, 
theatre and office complex, near the Audi¬ 
torium; the 159 room Seaway Inn and the 
major e xpansion of the Sheraton-Viscount 
"ftflotor Hotel (both on Ouellette Avenue) all 
in 1967, will double Windsor s excellent vaca¬ 
tion and convention facilities. 

Metropolitan Windsor has excellent facilities 
for education of its 61,319 day students (1966) 
— IDS primary schools; 17 secondary schools, 
including two junior ard one senior vocational 
schools; University of Windsor with Holy 
Redeemer, Canterbury and Iona Colleges as 
affiliates, and Assumption University of Wind¬ 
sor federated within the new University; the 
Windsor Teachers College (1962), and The 
St, Clair College of Applied Arts and Tech¬ 
nology. Windsor Is the first city in Ontario 
to have "language lab” courses in elementary 
and secondary schools. 

opportunities for all types of recreation are 
available here and for restoration and protec¬ 
tion of health (five hospitals, die Essex 

County Sanatorium, Victorian Order of Nurses 
and Red Cross Units). All the basic voluntary, 
health, welfare and social agencies (23) are 
supported financially by the United Commu¬ 
nity Services of Greater Windsor established, 
originally, in 1947* An Important programme 
for additional educational and hospital facili¬ 
ties, involving millions of dollars, Is underway, 


There are approximately 161 churches and 
four synagogues in the Windsor area, em¬ 
bracing a wide group of religious affiliations. 

In the field of sociology, health and general 
welfare, Windsor has given a generous share 
of leadership. In 1949, Windsor established 
the first Child Guidance Clinic in Canada. In 
1919 there was established in the Windsor 
area, the first amalgamated health unit in 
Canada comprising six communities. A larger 
unit for the entire county area (excepting 
Pelee Island) came into operation July 1, 
1964. Windsor Medical Services Inc, (Wind¬ 
sor) is the first doctor-sponsored, prepaid com¬ 
munity medical plan in Canada. Prescription 
Services Inc. (Windsor) is the first prepaid, 
voluntary medical prescription service in exis¬ 
tence. The Windsor Cancer Clinic, opened in 
1935, is one of the original cancer clinics spon¬ 
sored by the Ontario Government. Windsor is 
one of the first four Ontario communities to 
establish (1954) homes for senior citizens. At 
present there are 108 such units for couples 
and 108 for individuals in Windsor and 212 
additional units will be erected in the down^ 
town area in the near future. In 1955, the first 
community co-ordinating centre for rehabilita¬ 
tion services in Ontario was established here, 
Windsor Is among the first to have a Senior 
Citizens' Centre, Windsors million dollar 
Huron Lodge one of the finest homes for the 
aged in Canada (158-bed capacity), was com- 

Publl*h-td by WIfwImt Chamber cf Commerce 

pie ted in 1961, In 1967, an addition was 
completed bringing the capacity to 260 beds. 
The need for accommodation is so great that 
the City of Windsor is planning a further home 
for the aged, similar to Huron Lodge, to be 
completed in 1969, 

Windsor and Essex County (total population 
234,000) enjoy the news services of an out¬ 
standing Canadian daily newspaper — The 
Windsor Star (winner John A. MacLaren 
Newspaper Award in 1965), circulation 
84,197; ten weekly newspapers; Radio Sta¬ 
tions CBE (1550), CKWW (580), CHYR 
(710) Leamington, CKLW (800), and CKLW- 
TV (9) one of the most powerful (325,000 
watts) television stations on the North Ameri¬ 
can continent, 

In spite of an Increasing volume of traffic, 
Windsors record compares favourably with 
traffic records of communities of similar size. 
Traffic accidents were held down to 7,137 
and 24 fatalities in 1967. Area automobile 
registrations for 1967 totalled 94,978, Auto¬ 
mobile traffic entering Canada through the 
Port of Windsor in 1967 amounted to 
4,562,771. Progressive traffic changes and off- 
street parking facilities are being constantly 
studied and improved. 


Windsors industry is well balanced with a 
prosperous agricultural community in Essex 
County, well known as the "Sun Parlour of 
Canada" where are produced 33 different 
fruit and vegetable crops. Because of a favour¬ 
able climate (average winter high 33, low 20; 
summer high 79, low 62), fertile soil and a 
long growing season (from average of 208 
days in northern section to 216 days In the 
south), with average of 165 frost-free days, 
the county produces fruit (peaches, pears, 
apples, cherries) and vegetables that reach 
market one to five weeks earlier than any 
other area in Canada: com, soy beans, wheat, 
oats, tobacco, sweet potatoes, asparagus. Farms 
here have a higher per capita production than 
anywhere else in Canada, 51% of total Ontario 
production of field crop tomatoes for canning 
are grown in Essex County. Essex County 
holds second place in the province in acreage 
devoted to fruit trees with peach and dwarf 
apples trees showing consistent gain. 1965 
census figures set a value of approximately 
$7,460,000 on livestock and poultry in Essex 
County. There are over 300 acres of land 
under glass and plastic in the Sun Parlour of 
Canada — nearly half of the greenhouse area 
in Canada. These greenhouses produce more 
than SS million worth of cucumbers and toma¬ 
toes annually. Floricultural products are be¬ 
coming increasingly Important. Yoder-Atkin 
Limited, nationally recognized propagators of 
floricultural material is located in Leamington, 
which is also the home of the worlds largest 
tomato processing plant, operated by the H. 
J. Heinz Company of Canada Limited. 


MIGHT'S 1968 



Copyright, 1968. by Might Directories Limited. 


Metropolitan Windsor - - 194,116 

The Royal Family 


Her Most Excellent Majesty ELIZABETH THE 
SECOND (Elizabeth, Alexandra, Mary of 
Windsor), by the Grace of God, of the United 
Kingdom, Canada, and her other Realms and 
Territories, QUEEN, Head of the Commonwealth, 
Defender of the Faith. 

Elder daughter of His late Majesty King George 
VI and of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Queen 
Mother; bom at 17 Bruton Street, London, April 
21, 1926, succeeded to the throne February 6, 
1952, crowned June 2, 1953; having married, 
November 20, 1947, in Westminster Abbey, H.R.H. 
The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, K.G., P.C., 
K.T., G.M.B.E., F.R.S. 


H.R.H. The Prince of Wales (Charles, Philip, 
Arthur, George), Earl of Chester, Duke of Corn¬ 
wall and Duke of Rothesay, Earl of Cnrrick and 
Baron Renfrew, Lord of the Isles and Great 
Steward of Scotland, K.G., bom at Buckingham 
Palace, November 14, 1948. 

H.R.H. Princess Anne, Elizabeth, Alice, Louise, 
bom at Clarence House, August 15, 1950. 

H.R.H Prince Andrew, Albert, Christian, Edward, 
bom at Buckingham Palace, February 19, 1960. 

H.R.H Prince Edward, Antony, Richard, Louis, 
bom at Buckingham Palace, March 10, 1964. 


H.M. Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother (Eliza¬ 
beth, Angela, Marguerite) (daughter of the 14th 
Earl of Strathmore and Kinghome). Bom August 
4, 1900, married April 26, 1923, Prince Albert, 
Frederick, Arthur, George of Windsor, Duke of 
York, who succeeded to tne throne as King George 
VI, December 11, 1936, and died February 6, 

Residences: Clarence House, St. Jame's, S.W.l; 
Castle of Mey, Caithness Scotland. 


H.R.H Princess Margaret Rose (The Princess 
Margaret, Countess of Snowdon), C.I., C.C.V.O. 
Bom at Glamis Castle, Angus, Scotland, August 
21, 1930. Married May 6, 1960 to Antony, Charles, 
Robert Armstrong-Jones, created Earl of Snow¬ 
don 1961. 

Government of Canada 


(185 Ouellette Ave.) 

Plant Protection Division, W. R. Code, Officer- 

Health of Animals Branch 
Inspection and Quarantine Station 
(829 Caron Ave.) 

Clifford A. Mizzen, D.V.M., Veterinarian in 


Maiden Lane East, Vacant, Immigration Officer- 


(Customs and Excise Division) 

185 Ouellette Ave. 

Earl K. Oulton, District Collector. 


II. Enstone, Director — Taxation, 1100 Univer¬ 
sity Avenue w. 


185 Ouellette Ave. 

Donald M. Jeannette, postmaster. 


6080 Riverside Dr. East 


467 University Ave. W. 


441 University Ave. W. 


185 Ouellette Ave. 

(Miss) P. F. Hatton, Manager, Windsor Office. 

Veterans Land Act. 

185 Ouellette Ave. 

Province of Ontario 


Court House 
245 Windsor Avenue 


Jack M. Bevan, Local Director. Office 690 


Public Health Laboratory, 3400 Huron Line, 
Box 1616, Phone 969-4341, H. O. Shackleton, 
B.S.A., Dip., Bact., Chief. 


Miss Lorraine Tuite, Local Director, Office 669 


(Essex County) 

Wm. N. Du Perron, Windsor, Phone 254-5745; 
Jack Davenport, Windsor, Phone 254-8957 and 
Larry Zahara, Amherstburg, Phone 736-3748. 


Essex Detachment, Staff Sergeant Fredrick M. 
Rawlings, Highway 401, Box 910 Essex, Ontario. 

County of Essex 


245 Windsor Avenue 

Sheriff, Bmce A. E. Clouse; Deputy Sheriff, M. 
A. Rocheleau, County Court Judges, Sidney L. 
Clunis, senior judge; Bmce J. S. Macdonald, judge; 
Paul I. B. Staniszcwski, judge; Alvin D. From, 


Local Registrar, S.C.O. Registrar Surrogate Court, 
County of Essex, Clerk, County Court, County of 
Essex, Local Master, Special Examiner; Margaret 
L. Sale, Deputy Local Registrar, S.C.O., Deputy 
Registrar, Surrogate Court, County of Essex, 
Deputy Clerk, County Court, County of Essex, 
Special Examiner and Official Receiver in Bank¬ 
ruptcy'; Supervising Probation Officer, Harold 
Fynn; Crown Attorney, E. A. Duchesne; Assistant 
Crown Attorneys, Gerald Tuck, Harry Momotiuk. 


3277 Sandwich Street W. 

County Administrator, R. A. Van den Brande; 
County Clerk, C. A. Keeley; Engineer, Roy R. 
Lee; Welfare Administrator, Murray J. Smith; 
Assessment Commissioner, Michael Quinn. 


356 Brock 

Alfred H. Stevenson, Q.C., Master of Titles for 
the County of Essex. 


F. K. Jasperson, Q.C., Magistrate; Miss Mary 
Locke, J.P., Court Clerk- 


City Hall, City Hall Square 
Windsor Ave., at Park E. 

Mayor—John Wheelton,Q.C. 

City Manager—E. Royden Colter. 

City Clerk—J. B. Adamac. 

Commissioner of Finance—E. J, Langlois. 

Assessment Commissioner— 1 Thomas G. Boyd. 

City Solicitor—James E. Watson. 

Commissioner of Works-Robt. T. Bailey. 

Personnel Director—W. A. Morrison. 

Property Director—J. M. Beaudoin, 62 Chatham 

Purchasing Agent—N. E. Burbridge. 

Building Commissioner—Derek Barlow. 

Plumbing Inspector—George E. Robillard. 

Heating Inspectors — J. Farrell and W. Bogues. 

Chief Building Inspector — G. C. Pastorius. 

Smoke Abatement Inspector—Patrick Costello. 

Electrical Inspector—John J. Cleaver, see Hydro 
Electric Power Commission of Ontario. 

Parks & Recreation Commissioner —Harry O. 

Recreation Director—S. Willimott. 

Director of Planning & Urban Renewal—Law¬ 
rence R. Kcddy. 

Windsor Planning Board Secretary — J. B. 

Traffic Engineering Director—E. S. Wiley. 

Chief Constable—Gordon Preston, 135 Park 
Street East. 

Director of Social Services—W. G. Gardner, 755 
Louis Ave. 

Fire Chief — H. Coxon, 254 Pitt St, E. 

Director of Civil Defence — R. Norwood, 711 
Ouellette Ave. 

Market Clerk — J. M. Beaudoin, 62 Chatham e. 

Medical Officer of Health—Dr. J. Howie, 2090 
Wyandotte St. E. 

Sanitary Inspector — Chas. S. Wallace, 2090 
Wyandotte St. E. 

Huron Lodge—1475 Huron Line—Robt. Chap¬ 
pell, Supt. 


Mayor—John Wheelton, Q.C., 3228 Randolph. 

Aldermen—Roy A. Battagello, 181 Askin Blvd.; 
Huntley J. Farrow, 827 Victor Dr.; Roy J. Moore, 
3230 Curry Ave.; William C. Riggs, 962 Elsmere 
Ave.; Anthony Soda, 4321 Riverside Dr. E.; Thos. 
S. Toth, 2360 Leonard; Frank Wansbrough, Apt. 
1003, 111 Riverside Dr. E.; Albert H. Weeks, 
1129 Devonshire Road. 


Judge Bruce J. S. Macdonald, Chairman; Mayor 
W. John Wheelton, Q.C., Mr. Gordon R. Stewart, 

Q. C., Acting Lieutenant Ray Bala, Secretary. 


Office 451 Park West 

Dr. R. J. Whitty, Chairman; S. MacDowall, 
Vice-Chairman; C. R. MacLeod, Director of Edu¬ 
cation; J. C. Judge, Administrative Assistant; 
C. F. Mann, Superintendent of Public Schools: M. 
C. Thomson, Superintendent of Secondary Schools; 
G. H. Budd, J. D. Cad well, R. H. Field, C. C. 
Fisher, C. S. Gall, A. J. Gillies, A. E. Sparling, 

R. B. Whetstone, Assistant Superintendents of 
Schools; L. VanLuven, School Attendance Officer, 

F. A. Hodges, Business Administrator. 

Members of the Board 

Dr. R. J. Whitty, Chairman; S. MacDowall, 
Vice-Chairman; G. A. Buchanan, H. A. Campbell, 

G. M. Grant, I). W. Gray, G. H. Hawkins, D. T. 
Watson; H. J. Lassalinc and T. Meconi, Separate 
School Representatives; L. F. Battcrson and G. A. 
Lacy, Vocational Representatives. 


No. 1 Station (Fire Department Headquarters), 
254 Pitt Street E.; No. 2 Station, 2296 Richmond 
Street; No. 3 Station, 1883 Turner Road, No. 4 
Station, 2600 College Avenue; No. 5 Station, 2635 
Third Concession Road; No. 7 Station, 254 Lauzon 
Road; Signals and Communications Shop, 1065 
Walker Road; Fire Prevention Offices, 1085 
Walker Road; Apparatus Repair Shop, 2274 Rich¬ 
mond Street. 

Fire Chief, Harold Coxon; Deputy Chief, Jack 
Malott; Assistant Chief, A. Boissonncau; Chief of 
Fire Administration, Lawrence A. S. MacDonell; 
Chief of Fire Prevention, J. Emmett Byrne; Chief 
of Apparatus & Buildings, M. Koehl; Chief of 
Signals & Communications, Arthur W. Voakes; 
Chief of Training, Douglas Copeman; Chief Fire 
Services — E. M. O. Planning, John Moore; Dis¬ 
trict Chiefs, W. Berthiaume, J. Faucher, C. F. 
Leighton, A. Lemire, C. E. Defields, A. Downey, 
R. Berthiaume. Fire Department Headquarters, 
Phone 254-2881. Fire Signals & Communications, 
Phone 253-6627. 


Board: Roy A Battagello, Chairman; Melvin 
Lucas, Vice-Chairman; Dr. B. A. Ballard, Charles 

Evans, Alvin Hedge, Robert Pulleyblank, Richard 
Ruston, Thos. Toth, Albert Weeks. 

Executive: Dr. Jos. R. Jones, Medical Officer of 
Health and Director; Howard O. Bunt, Secretary- 

Main Office: Chest and Special Treatment 
Clinics, 2090 Wyandotte St. East. 

Branch Office: 83 Talbot St. W., Leamington, 


Robert Norwood, Director, 711 Ouellette Ave., 
Phone 254-6471. 


G. R. Stewart, Q.C., J. P. McMahon, Q.C., F. 
K. Jasperson, Q.C., L. A. Henriksen Magistrates; 
Lloyd Lichty, J.P., Court Clerk; Wm. A. Hastings, 
J.P., Asst. Court Clerk; Mrs. June Magee, J.P., 
Henry W. Davis, J.P. 


Gordon Preston, Chief; Chris Paget, Deputy 
Chief, Uniform Division; Gilbert Ouellette, Deputy 
Chief, Criminal Investigation Division; James Mc- 
Lauchlan, Personnel Officer. 

Precinct No. 1 (Headquarters), 135 Park St. E. 

Precinct No. 2 (Former Sandwich East Muni¬ 
cipal Building), 7755 Tecumseh Rd. E. 


Office, 434 Victoria Ave. 

E. J. Young, Chairman; Gladys Shepley, Chief 
Librarian and Secretary-Treasurer; Annabellc 
McKillop, Head of Boys' and Girls’ Department; 
Ian Cowan, Head of Catalogue Department; Mrs. 
R. Vukadinov, Head of Reference Department; 
Alan Douglas, Curator, Historical Museum. 

Members of the Board 

E. J. Young, Chairman; F. C. Clark, P. D. Mc- 
Callum, J. A. McWilliam, Roy Moore, Mrs. N. 
Murray, J. F. Peterson, Mrs. W. G. Phillips, D. A. 
Walker, Vice-Chairman. 


Office, 707 Tuscarora St. 

George Page, Chairman; Dr. Marcel Picard, 
Chairman of Finance Committee; Edward Fortune, 
Chairman of Maintenance; Dr. Bernard Nolan, 
Chairman of Education Committee; Amedee 
Janissc, Chairman of Building Sites Committee. 


Representing Greater Windsor, office, Canada 
Square, 500 Riverside Dr. W., C. J. Clark, Q.C., 
President; L. W. Pastorius, F.C.A., Treasurer; R. 
F. Richardson, Ccncral Manager. 


Commissioners: T. S. Anderson, Chairman; B. R. 
Roy, Vice-Chairman; M. J. Brian, E. Cecile, E. E. 
Durance, A. W. Green, M. L. Whelpton and 
Mayor W. J. Wheelton. 

W. G. Fisher, P.Eng., General Manager; John 
F. Cook, Assistant General Manager and Secretary- 
Treasurer. 787 Ouellette Ave.-Operating Hydro 
Electric System & Water Department. 

Introductory, Poflo 7 

i cLWMcdV' r\ ** *n m.c cr cr sr u m« ^ kjvmiov/ .hj»-^w 





That we maintain a library of 
out-of-town Canadian City 
Directories — for free reference 
— on the premises of the Windsor 
Chamber of Commerce. 


This is part of our service to 
local city directory users. 






19 6 8 











* (Member of the Association of North American Directory Publishers) 








PHONE 256-2321 - 2 - 3 















Business Hours Service 










PHONE AREA CODE 519-253-6341 



use oun library of 


• A library of out-of-town City Directories is maintained especially for the 
reference use of our subscribers on the premises of the Windsor Chamber of 
Commerce. We invite you to consult this library of up-to-date Directories when 
in need of names, addresses, and other information about firms and individuals 
in other cities. This is a part of our services to local City Directory users. 


“A Delightful Experience in Dining ” 

In the heart of Downtown Windsor — 5 Minutes from the Detroit Tunnel Exit 



DETROIT: WO. 2-5330 
WINDSOR: 254-3392 







Out &{ Sifyld! 

Out Mind! 

Out off feniimte,! 

The importance of keeping firm and product names 
in the public eye is recognized by all business men. 

It is astonishing to see how a firm or product, however 
meritorious, will slip into the limbo of the forgotten 
if not persistently advertised. 

The City Directory is the natural medium for keeping a business or product name 
in the spotlight. Insist on being well represented in its pages. 

MIGHT'S 1968 




Showing under the proper Classified Business Heading, the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all 
Commercial, Industrial, Financial and Professional Firms, Offices, Stores, Factories, etc* 

(Names appearing under headings marked (*) are inserted only when specially contracted for.) 


Arbour & Walllngtan, 374 OuaMetre av 252-1575 
Chou*in Edward, chartered accountant, 1483 Ouellette 
avenue 252 6557 

Clarkson Gordon & Co, 374 Ouellette a* 254-1133 
Collms-Gmff & Co, chartered accountants, 1015 Uni¬ 
versity av w 256-2349 

Coopers & tybrand, 500 Ouellette av 252-1361 
Cox Hyatt & Co, chartered accountants, 555 Tocum&eh 
blvd o 253-1119 

Davison & Lesansky, chartered accountants, 1666 Wyan¬ 
dotte u 252-1117 

Oeloitte, Plendor, Hus kins & Sells, chartered account¬ 
ants, 500 Ouellette av 253-1102 
Dunlop J Nail, 176 University av w 256-3511 
Dupuis Harm!sdos, 1585 Ottawa 252-4278 
Fa*ackerl*y Ik Hedge wick, 1659 Turner rd 254-9236 
Klrthenbaum, Bemhofrz & Randcdl, chartered account¬ 
ants, 76 University av w 254-9256 
Kulyfc Walter J, chartered accountant, 134 University 
avenue w 252-3175 

Lorenxen Francis Chartered Accountant, 1201 University 
avenue w, 252-8385 

Lucicr Robl E P chartered accountant, 2381 Huron Church 
Line 969-5711 

McDonald Currie & Co H chartered accountants,, 500 
Ouellette av 252-8361 

Mean well Goodwin & Co, chartered accountants, 176 
University a* w 256-5434 

Morris, Burk Friedman 6 Lobar sky, chartered 

accountants, 176 University av w 252-6597 
Nprbury & Lake, 937 Ouellette av 254-8702 
Pastorius Lawrence W 6 Co, 500 Ouellette av 252-8361 
Peat, Marwick, Mitchell A Co, chartered accountants 
33 University ov w 252-2716 
Price Leo C, 2260 University av w 253-2391 
Price, Waterhouse & Co, chartered accountants, 267 
PolisjTer 252-4461 

Pufterman Bernard, chartered accountant, 1060 Uni¬ 
versity av w 256-6191 

Seaton Marion R, chartered accountant, 374 Ouellette 
avenue 254-2635 

Seguin L Philippe, 744 Ouellette ov 253-6326 
Smedley & Monahan, 1454 Ouellette av 252-1730 
Smith Maxwell C, chartered accountant, 49 Hanna w 

Smith A Timpson, chartered accountant, 10Q Ouellette 
avenue 256-5362 

Soufrme Albert H, chartered accountant. 327 Ouellette 
avenue 253-2478 

Stephens, McLean A Co, chartered accountants, 374 
Ouellette av 256-4959 

Staneman Wm M, chartered accountant, 374 Ouellette 
avenue 254-2082 

Testier J L, 15 Wyandotte e 252-2410 

Tremblay Ephraim J, 4667 Tecumseh blvd e 945-2397 

Tyler Jack 8, 3514 Dominion blvd 969-0310 


Copyright, 1968, by Might Directories Limited* 

White A Allen, chartered accountants, 374 Ouellette ay 

Young, Arthur, Clarkson, Gordon A Co, chartered 
accountants, 374 Ouellette av 254-1133 
Yuffy Henry, 176 University av w 253-4617 

(See Hearing Aids) 

(See Business Machines) 


Addrcijogroph-MuIliBraph of Canada Ltd, 2B23 
Howard av 966-1980 


Avenue, Toronto 2B, Phone 364-1431 


Alten-Stevenion Products Ltd, 2925 Whelplon 252-3200 

- ADJUSTERS (Insurance) 

(See also Insurance Adjusters) 

1060 University Avenue West, Phone 
253-7406, Detroit Phone 961-3697 (See 
card Insurance Adjusters) 


Baker Marjorie Commercial Enterprises, 412 Prince rd 

Benton James & Co, 108 McOaugall 254-6565 

Avenue, Toronto 2B, Phone 364-1431 


Hinton Advertising Special tie*, 1029 Tecum ieh blvd * 


Marley C E Ltd, The, 581 Campbell av 253-3579 
Teran J C Ca Ltd, 1789 Walker rd 253-6560 


Fomham Orlo, 4810 Main, 969-3692 


Bellows-Valvair Ltd, 504 Victoria av 256-6724 
3226 Walker Rood, Phone 966-15 SO 

Ideal Heating & Coaling, 933 [{award av 254-2439 
Mechanical Systems Co, 1922 Wyandotte e 253-6283 
Valt Air Electric Healing & Air Conditioning, 1430 
Seneca 252-0745 


Air Canada, 1015 University ov w 254-H1B 
Gordon Airway* Lid, j * Airport rd 969-4740 


Foster Adverting Ltd, 500 Ouellette av 253-3643 
Grant Advertising of Canada ltd, 1015 University av 
west 256-7828 

Lawton Advertising Service, 176 University avenue w 

MacLaren Advertising Ca Ltd, 500 Ouellette av 253-1414 
MusseIm□ n-Thom & Associates, 1922 Wyandotte east 

Piercell Merchandising Ltd, 375 Cabana rd e 969-4531 
Sun Parlor Advertising Co, 241 Droulllord road 252-5738 
Universal of Canada, 660 Ouellette av 254-4661 


Windsor Aldfn* Limousin* Services Ltd, 30B Wyandotte 
east 256-2621 


Windsor Airport, n s Division rd 969-2430 


City Foundry Co, n s Grand Marais rd w 969-9144 
Lawrence Industrie*, 3718 Park wood ov 969-9804 

CkttiKW, Yt-ftew Pag* 1 



WINDSOR 254*3392 
DETROIT WO 2 5330 

“A Delightful Experience In Dining 9 





Dumont Aluminum Ltd, 1014 Wyondotte e 254-3711 
Six* Aluminum Soles, 1194 Wyandotte e 253-6519 


A.B.C. Ambuloncei Service, 3295 Tecumseh blvd east 


Benstead Phonographs, 1301 Janette av 254-8041 
Fielding Donald & Co, 757 Ouellette av 253-4122 
Gilboe Art & Son Ltd, 2875 Dougall av 969-7640 


Windsor Arena Ltd, 572 McDougoll 256-4549 
Windsor Collegiate Stadium, w s McDougall offer 
Kennedy Collegiate 


Animal Clinic of Riverside. 7836 Wyandotte e 948-3061 
Brock Animal Hospital, 2621 Howard av 966-1020 
Bradshaw's Small Animal Hospital, 1895 Tecumseh blvd 
east 254-2414 

Branton's Dr Small Animal Hospitol. 2525-35 Tecumseh 
blvd w 253-0724 

Clearwater Animal Clinic, 1117 Walker rd 253-7204 
Windsor Pet Hospital, 722-736 Tecumseh blvd east 


Antiques, 1253 Ouellette av 256-2780 
Geller's Antique Shop, 161 Wyondotte e 253-1031 
Kessler's Antiques. 1185 Wyondotte e 253-0941 
Vexler's Estote Liquidators, 26 'Chatham e 253-7475 
Zoli Antiques, 3118 Sandwich 256-5297 


Aoron Apts, 1009 Niagara 
Adam Apts, 561 Louis av 
Adelbcrt Apts, 130 Wyondotte e 
Alan Court, 6490 Wyondotte e 
Albert Apts. 1101-1107 Pelissier 
Alexander Apts, 285 Cameron av 
Alexander Manor, 205-219 Strobone av 
Alfred Apts. 977 Marentette av 
Allen Apts, 1108 Goyeou 
Alrnrda Apts, 269 Rondolph pi 
Alvin Apts, 286 Pitt w 
Ambassador Apts. 1382 Ouellette ov 
Amberety Apts. 1260 Ouellette ov 
Annette Apts. 805 Assumption 
Argon Apts, 435 Dougall av 
Argyle Apts. 657-693 Argyle rd 
Askin Monor Apts, 191 Askin ov 
Austin Apts, 1310 Pierre av 
Avalon Apts. 858 Erie e 
Baldwin Flats, 317 323 Marentette av 
Beatrice Terroce. 460 472 Logan ov 
Belvedere Apts. 638 Glengarry ov 
Bennett Apts, 2191 Ontario 
Betaire Apt*, 1014 Marentette ov 
Biltmore Aptt, 444 Pork w 
Bloom Apts. 538 Louis ov 
Bordeou Apts, 8650 Wyondotte e 
Bradford Apts. 1225 Monmouth rd 
Brcire Apts 308 Atkin ov 

Bridgeview Apartments, 1933 Riverside dr w 

Brady Apts. 1616-1640 Wyandotte w 

Bruce Apts, 840-846 Bruce av 

Buckingham Towers Aptt, 211 Buckingham dr 

Burnside Aptt, 1573 Tecumseh blvd e 

Cairngorm Apts, 524 Pitt w 

Caron Apts. 685 University av w 

Casa Del Mara Apts, 1338 Ouellette av 253-1231 

Centennial Apts, 530 Mill 

Chalet Apts, 1805 Riverside dr w 

Charles Apts, 1574 Ouellette ov 

Chateau Blonc Apts, 3261 Sandwich 

Cleve Apts. 271 Pillette rd 

Clovordale Manor The. 2035 University av w 252-7085 
College Park A, 3225-3241 College ov 
College Park B, 3261-3275 College av 
Collings Apts, 851 Tuscarora 

Canon Towers Aportments. 6363 Wyandotte e 945-7423 
Concord Apartments, 227 Strobone av 
Coronado Apts. 581 Cotaraqui 

Cranloigh Court Apts, 6380 & 6400 Wyondotte east 

Crescent Apts, 237 Strobone ov 

Curry Apts, 277 Curry ov and 1518 University av w 

Deauville Apts, 8750 Wyondotte e 

Dol-Rio Apts, 890 Erie e 

De Luxe Apts, 2212 Ontario 

Do Mille Apts, 661 Windermere rd 

Devon Apts, 333 Chilver rd 

Devonshire Apts, 386 Devonshire rd 

Dora Apts, 1382-1388 Ellis av e 

Douglas Apts, 131 Wyandotte w and 619 Pelissier 

Dufferin Apts, 1508 Dufferin pi ond 65 Shepherd e 

Duke of York Apts. 1250 Ouellette av 256-9389 

Earl Apts, 1077 Riverside dr w 

Edward Apts, 1014-1036 Assumption 

Eldorado Apts, 36 Hanna w 

Elite Apts, 773 Pelissier 

Ellis Apts, 135 Ellis av e 

Elsmere Apts, 1286 Elsmere av and 854 Ottawa 

Elvin Annex Apts, 1190 Hall av 

Elvin Apts, 1312 Giles blvd e 

Emerson Apts, 278 Josephine av 

Erie Apts, 129 Erie w and 1007 Pelissier 

Fcirlane Apartments, 1741 University ov w 

Fairview Apts, 7365 Wyondotte e 

Farrell Apts, 1361-1381 Assumption 

Farrow Apts, 957-963 Church 

Frances Apts, 1614 Ontario 

Francis Apts, 1314 University av w 

Froncois Apts, 476 Parent av 

Franklin Apts, 130 Elliott w 

Fulmer Apts, 686 Pelissier 

Garden Court Apts, 280 Erie w and 1030 Garden Court 

George Apts, 1093-1099 Pelissier 
Gerard Apts, 1178 Lincoln rd 
Giles Apts. 208 Giles Blvd e 
Gladfern Apts, 1427-1429 Riverside dr e 
Glencourt Apts, 1441 Wyandotte e 
Glengarry Court Apts, 395 University ov e and 333 
and 445 Glengarry av 
Glenore Apts, 474 Chilver rd 
Godo Apts, 1604-1608 Wyandotte w 
Gordon Apts, 1237 Otlowa 
Goyeau Apts. 1404 Goyeau 
Granada Apts, 274 Giles blvd w 
Grand Apts, 531 Erie e 
Gregory Apts. 2891 University ov w 
Grier Apts, 1755-1795 Riverside dr e 
Guest Apts. 1094 Lincoln rd 
Hanna Apts, 119 Hanno w 
Harbor Inn Apts, 534 Caron av 
Horrison Court, 1604 Goyeau 
Hawthorne Court. 3850 Wyandotte e 
Helen Apts, 491 Haig ov 
Helen Terrace Apts, 107 139 Shepherd e 
Henry Apts, 738 Windsor ov 
Hess Apts. 372 ond 392 University ov w 
Higgins Apts. 1246 Dufferin pi 253-0945 
High Park Apts. 965 985 Brock 

Holland Block, 1617 ond 1637 Assumption ond 416 
Lincoln rd 

Holland Manor Apts, 1551-1587 Assumption 
Ideal Apts, 1677-1695 Wyondotte w and 1516-1536 

Inverness Apts, 972 Erie e 
Irvine Apts, 1483 Cotaraqui 

Island View Tower Apts, 8885 Riverside dr e 948-3681 

Ivy Apts, 2236 Ontario 

Janis Lynn Apartments, 6630 Wyandotte o 

Jeffrey Apts, 1315 Niagara 

Joinville Apts, 3905 Riversido dr e 

Josephine Apts, 305*307 Josephine av 

Karl Apts, 469 Karl pi 

Kathleen Apts. 978 Parent av 

Keith Apts, 991-997 Pierre av 

Kensington Manor Apts, 1164 Ouellette av 252-0461 
Kilkerran Apts, 125-133 McKay av 
Killorney Apts, 990 Erie e 
la Salle Apts, 74 Hanna w 
Laurier Apts, 3125 Sandwich 

Leatherdalo Apts, 571-583 Moy ov and 1390 Wyan¬ 
dotte east 

lee-Ann Apts, 561 Parent av 
Le Goyeau Apts, 111 Rivorside dr e 
Le Provincial Apts, 9050 Wyandotte e 
Lillian Apts, 983-989 Pierro av 
Lincoln Manor Apts, 1497 Lincoln rd 
London Apts, 1766 University av w 
Loran Apts, 2145 University av w 
Louis Apts, 993 Pelissier 
lucky's Apts, 2682 Richmond 
Lynn Apts. 583 Partington av 
Madison Apts, 435 Pitt w 
Malvina Apts, 1495 Gladstone av 
Manne Apts, 554 Pitt w 
Maple Apts, 1290 Ouellette av 256-7597 
Marcett Apts, 1562 Tecumseh blvd e 
Marentotte Apts, 1563-1589 Ontario 
Margaret Apts, 1091 Wyandotte w 
Martin Apts, 1375-1379 Martlndale 
Martin Manor Apts. 706 Marentette av 
Marwood Apts, 1285-1291 Elsmere av 
Maurice Apts, 812 Windsor av 
Max Apts, 1178 Gilos blvd e 
Maxwell Apts, 1335 Niagara 
Maybelle Apts, 1515 Ouellette av 
Mayfair Apts, 6460 Wyandotte e 
McKay Apts, 1382 University av w 
Mercer Apts. 190 Mercer 
Merritt Apts. 545 Cameron av 
Merrydalo Court, 6530 Wyandotte e 
Milton Apts, 384 Chatham e and 195 Mercer 
Milton Manor Apts, 710 Giles blvd e 
Moore Apts. 529-535 Oak av 
Muriel Apts. 368 Partington av 
Nelmes Apts, 74 Ellis ov w 258-3771 
Niagara Apts, 1640 Niagara 
Nixon Apts, 1287-1293 Parent av 
Oliver Apts, 465 Chatham w 
Oxford Apts. 704-706 and 712-714 Elliott e 
Palazzo Apts, 3801 Riverside dr e 945-0231 
Palmer Apts, 137 Bruce av 
Park Apts, 131 Pork w and 405 Pelissier 
Park Towers, 325 Giles blvd w 
Parkdale Apts, 410 Lauzon rd 
Parkside Apts, 430 Giles blvd w 
Parkview Apts. 410 Giles blvd w ond 1615 Wyandotte 

Pasadena Apts, 1428 Wyondotte e 

Paul Apts, 307 Wellington av 

Pelissier Apts, 985 Pelissier 

Pentilly Apts, 1920 Tuscarora 

Pent illy Apartments, No. 2, 1980 Tuscarora 

Peters Apts, 1286-1292 Parent av 

Phoenix Apts, 962 Pelissier ond 355 Bruce av 

Phyllis Apts, 1509-1535 Assumption 

Pitt Manor Apts, 129 McDougall 

Pleasance Aptc, 616 Windermere rd 

Prince of Wales Apts, 1534 Ouellette ov 

Professional Bldg., 1469 Ottowa 

Rae Apts, 130 Erie w 

Roedere Apts, 1632 Goyeau 

Rea Apts. 1370 Wyandotte w 

Regent Monor. 706 Victoria av 



895 OUELLETTE AVE. - - PHONE 254-3223 

Renfrew Apts, 625*645 Argyle rd 

Riverdale Manor Apts, 5110*5150 Wyandotte e 945*3730 
Riverton Court, 8671 Wyandotte e 
Riverview Apts, 951 Riverside dr w and 224 California 

Robert Apts, 501-529 Erie w 

Rogin Apts, 873 and 889*891 Assumption 

Rose Apts, 570 Louis av 

Rosedale Manor The, 306 Partington ov 252-9016 

Royal Apts, 16 and 30 Ellis av e 

Royal Windsor Apts, 280 Park w 

St Clair Towor Apts, 8787 Riverside dr e 

St Claire Apts, 74 Shepherd w 

St Denis Apts, 308 Wellington av 

Saragossa Apts, 1106 Lincoln rd 253-2502 

Sarah Apts, 1047-1049 Windsor av 

Scheuerman Building, 5534 Wyandotto e 

Scotts Apts, 485-91 Louis av 

Seaway Tower Apts, 3825 Riversdie dr e 

Seneca Apts, 1636 Seneca 

Seville Apts, 3421 Wyandotte e 

Sharron Apts, 558 Partington ov 

Sharron Earl Apts, 546 Partington av 

Sheila Apts, 1287 Moy av 

Somerset Manor, 3015 Sandwich 

Stanton Apts, 6430 Wyandotte e 

Sterling Manor Apts, 697 Victoria av 

Sylvain Apts, 249 Pillette rd 

Sylvia Apts, 984-990 Marion av 

Three Thousand & Five, 7525 Wyandotte c 

Town House Apts, 1210 Dougall av 

Tuscarora Apts, 686 Argyle rd 

University Manor Apts, 2345 University av w 

Victoria Apts, 247-285 Chilvcr rd and 1596 Victoria av 

Victoria Manor Apts, 308 Randolph av 252*7989 

Via Capri Apts, 7555 Wyandotte e 

Vivian Apts, 1640 Ontario 

Wallace Apts, 557 Cameron av 

Woverley Apts, 839*845 Tuscarora and 1615 Ontario 

Waverley Court, 1556 Goyeau 

Westchester Manor, 8850 Wyandotte e 

Westminster Court, 819 Westminster blvd 

Whitehall Manor Apts, 5335 Wyandotte e 

Wiilowdale Manor, 1475 Riverside dr w 256-5356 

Wilshire Apts, 147 Janette av 

Wilson Apts, 1660*1666 Catarqui 

Wilson Apts, 789 Windermere rd 

Windsor Apts, 110 Elliott w 

Windsor Court, 1616 Ouellette av 253*9544 

Windsor Towers, 780 Ouellette av 254*3046 

Wyandotte Apts, 1342 Wyandotte w 

Wylie Apts, 531-533 Windermere rd 

York Apts, 1486 York 


Street by Street, Numbers indicate location of 
Apartment House only 

Askin av, 237 

Aylmer av, 240, 579 

Bruce av. 180, 593, 1095, 1105, 1195 

Cameron av, 329 

Campbell av, 279, 329, 341, 374 

Caron av, 393 

Chilver rd, 655 

Chippawa, 316 

Church. 533 

Columbia ct, 1730, 1800, 1850, 1900, 1990, 2630 

Crawford av. 189, 256, 264 

Curry av, 212-214 

Detroit, 335 

Dougall aV, 643, 655 

Drouillard rd, 977 

Dufferin pi, 1317, 1325, 1481, 1525 

Ellis av e, 980, 1415, 1441 

Elm av, 123 

Erie e, 883, 1090 

Erie w, 454-460 

Giles blvd e, 686, 1330, 1366 

Giles blvd w, 460, 476, 490 

Gladstone av, 307, 1235, 2114 

Glengarry ov, 390 
Goyeau, 357, 1095-1097 
Hall av, 234, 992, 1314 
Hanna w, 35? 

Howord av, 922-926, 1083, 1093, 1153, 1159, 1165, 
1173, 1179 
Janette av, 457 
Jos Janisse av, 826 
Kildare rd, 1271, 1287 
Lauzon rd, 227 
Lincoln rd, 1696 
Main, 4855 

Marentette av, 863, 1011 
Matilda, 2564 
McDougall, 1241 
McKay ov, 143, 2985 
Mill, 531 

Monmouth rd, 1219-1221 
Ontario, 2565, 2585 
Ottawa, 819, 825, 1250 
Ouellette av, 1360 

Partington av. 340, 344.. 387, 547, 559 
Pelissicr, 680, 1008-1014, 1016-1022 
Pierre av, 665 

Randolph pi, 151, 218, 592, 789 
Richmond. 1238, 2720. 2927 
Riverside dr e, 1075, 1139, 1173 
Riverside dr w 607-611 
St Luke rd, 880-886 
Sandwich, 3173, 3427 
Sierra dr, 2655 
Tecumseh blvd e, 416, 1629 
Tecumser blvd w, 2870*2880, 2890 
Third Concession rd, 1825 
Tuscarora, 287, 777, 785 
University av e, 317 

University av w, 815, 1231, 2386, 2977 

Victoria ov, 772, 902 

Watkins, 459 

Wellington av, 807, 905 

Windsor av. 665. 756. 924 

Wyandotte e. 88, 280, 588. 685, 963, 1154, 1257, 1526, 
4778, 7365, 7525 

Wyandotte w. 446, 955, 1091. 1653, 1663, 2173 
York, 1494 


Mayo Brian Realty Ltd, 29 Park w 256-2657 


Associated Architects, 1787 Walker rd 256-1855 
Carter-Fraser, 302 Ouellette av 256-1881 
Crosbie W C Architect, 76 University av w 254*6495 
Hilliker Wm J Architect, 830 Ouellette av 252-1134 
Hreno J G Architect, 635 Ouellette ov 253-7201 
Johnson-McWhinnie, Architects, 1060 University av w 

McElroy Garnett A, 152 Pitt w 252*0631 
Sheppard, Masson, Brarvd & Langlois, 1968 Wyandotte 
cost 252-8366 

Thomson J P Associates Architects, 1330 Ouellette av 


Trace & Glos, 417 Pelis-sier 252*8355 
Urban Design, 15 Wyandotte e 254*5323 


Brinks Express Co of Canada Ltd, 1180 Crawford av 


Armouries, 37 University av e 


Willisteod Art Gallery, Willistead Park 


Zcilig Harry M, 573 Tecumseh blvd e 254-9555 


Alcoholism & Drug Addiction Research Foundation, 961 
Ouellette av 2253-4458 

Association of Shrine Oriental Bands, 27 Riverside dr w 
Association of United Ukrainian Canadians, 1457 
Drouillard rd 945*9171 

Border Masonic Temple Assn Ltd, 986 Ouellette av 

Boy Scout Headquarters, 3085 Marentette av 966*0480 
Canadian Diabetic Association (Windsor and District 
Br), 4776 Wyandotte e 945-6322 
Canadian National Institute for the Blind, 230 Strabane 
avenue 945-2321 

Canadion Underwriters Assn, 267 Pelissier 253*4121 
Catholic Family Service Bureau, 677 Victoria av 

Cerebral Palsy Assn of Windsor & Essex County, 
1226 Ouellette ov 252*5964 
Essex County Barber's Assn, 877 Pillette rd 
Essex County Hotelmen's Association, 504 Victoria av 

Essex County (Ont) Tourist Assn. 500 Riverside dr w 

Essex Health Assn, 1453 Prince rd 252*2771 
Family Service Bureau of Windsor, 35 Ellis av east 

Industrial Accident Prevention Assn, 1528 Ouellette av 

Jewish Community Council, 1641 Ouellette av 254-7558 
Mechanical Contractors Assn of Windsor, 1090 Craw¬ 
ford av 254-5222 

Metro Windsor Essex County Health Unit, 2090 Wyan- 
dotte east 256*3416 

Milk Educational Council of Windsor, 76 University av 
west 254-6577 

Ontario Motor League, 1215 Ouellette av 
Remedial Speech Assn, 1226 Ouellette av 252-6475 
Royal Canadian Legion, The, 15 Wyandotte e 253*8220 
(For list of branches see Alphabetical 1 Section) 
Royal Canadian Naval Veterans Association, 493 Uni¬ 
versity av w 253*0691 

St John Ambulance Assn, 547 Victoria av 252-6071 
(For list of branches see Alphabetical Section) 
Ukrainian National Federation, 1033 Ottawa 256*2955 
Ukrainian Prosvita Assn (Windsor), 2585 Seminole 

University of Windsor Alumni Assn, 355-415 Sunset 
avenue 253-4232 

Windsor Chamber of Commerce, 500 Riverside dr w 

Windsor Executives Assn, 130 Park w 253-1578 
Windsor Fire Fighters Benefit Fund, 254 Pitt • 254*2881 
Windsor Group Therapy Project, 267 Bridge avenue 

Windsor Handicraft Guild. Coach House, Willistead Park 
Windsor light Opera Association Inc, The, 395 Tecumseh 
blvd w 252-6455 

Windsor Milk Distributors Assn, 76 University av w 

Windsor Police Assn, 135 Park e 
Windsor Poppy Fund, 15 Wyandotte e 253 8220 
Young Men's & Young Women's Christian Assn, 511 
Pelissier 254*8673 


Holgate T C, 486 Goyeau 253*4356 and 379 Chatham e 

(See Motels and Auto Courts) 

Classified, Yellow Page 3 





t C CORP, A*»vant Manage^ 


A *1 W.'CKS A U . M - .! j- • 



TELEPHONE 252-6551 


Auto Specialties Mfg Co (Canada) Lid, 614 Tecumseh 
boulevard • 253-5261 

Bendix-Eclipse of Canada Ltd, 1473 Argyle rd 254-9263 
Byers Truck & Trailer Equipment Ltd, 1601 St Luke rd 

Canadian Motor lamp Co ltd, 2429 Seminole 

Champion Spark Plug Co of Canada Ltd, 1624 Howard 
avenue 252-5791 

Cooper Automotive (Windsor) Ltd, 940 Goyeau 254-8500 
Edgewind Sales & Manufacturing Ltd, 729 Caron av 


Kaiser Jeep of Canoda Ltd, 2525 Central av 945-1111 
Karco Co Ltd, 938 Walker rd 252-7248 
McCord Corporation, 256-258 Chilver rd 254 4395 
McKerlie Automotive (Windsor) Ltd, 959 Drouillard rd 

McLaren Stewarl Corp ltd, 1106 Walker rd 256-1434 
Midtown Auto Supply (Windsor) ltd, 3188 Walker rd 

Motor Exchange, 1471 York 256-1587 
Polymetals Ltd, 924 Walker rd 253 5928 
S K Automotive Supply Co Ltd, 611 Tecumseh blvd e 

Webster W L Mfg Ltd, 10150 Riverside dr e 735-2151 
Windsor Automotive Supply Co Ltd, 2352 Central av 

Windsor Carburetor ltd, 1010 University av w 253-2414 


Acme Automotive Supplies, 985 Howard av 254-4335 
Arena Auto Parts 295 Wyandotte e 252-1195 
Auto Products Mfg, 825 Tecumseh blvd w 
Bill's Auto Parts, 215 Glengarry av 252-9510 
Bowman-Anthony Ltd, 1700 Langlois av 253-1153 
Canadian Auto Stores ltd, 2514 Howard av 966 0560 
Dominion Auto Parts, n s Edinborough 966-1682 and 
2725 Howard av 966-1682 
Electroline Mfg Co ltd, 1305 Windsor ov 252-7266 
House of Seat Covers, 573 Aylmer av 256-2646 
Johnny's Auto Parts, 1795 Tecumseh blvd w 254-8619 
Johnny's Spring Service, 215-223 Glengarry av 254-7090 
Kramer Automotive Windsor Ltd, 2060 Wyandotte w 


McKerlie Automotive Windsor Ltd, 257 Tecumseh blvd 
west 256-2619 and 695 Wyandotte e 253-1153 
McLaren Stewart Corp ltd, 1106 Walker rd 256-1434 
McLean W H Ltd, 465-467 Pitt w 256-1888 
Michigan Detail Co, 875 Tecumseh blvd e 253-9354 
Midtown Auto Supply (Windsor) Ltd, 358-364 Shepherd 
west 256-3419 

Polot Co ltd. 390 Chatham w 253-3529 
Remington Auto Supply, 2875 Howard av 966-1530 
Servacar Ltd No. 2, 2714 Dougall av 969-8040 
Standard Auto Parts, 295 Wyandotte e 252-1195 
Stringer's Auto Trim, 1637 Cataraqui 254-5628 
Turnbull Automotive, 3195 Tecumseh blvd e 945-1191 
Uniroyal Centres (Div of Uniroyai 1966 Ltd), 1320 
Tecumseh blvd e 253-2409 
Vyn-AII Car Tops, 2520 Tecumseh blvd e 948-7551 
Western Tire & Auto Supply Associate Store, 4690 
Tecumseh blvd e 948-1132 
Windsor Auto Parts, 948 Goyeau 254-1174 


Bowltex Ltd, 938 Walker rd 253-2457 
Burmac Manufacturing Ltd, 3500 Ontario 948-4127 
Chrysler Spring Trim Ltd. 1585 St Luke rd 252-3651 
Cuno Lighter Co ltd, 938 Walker rd 252-7248 
Deal Specialties ltd, 2125 Ambassador dr 966-0430 
General Motors Trim Ltd, 1600 louzon rd 948-7611 
M.G.M. Brakes Canada Ltd, 2560 Central av 948-8103 
McKinnon Industries Ltd, 1487 Walker rd 256-8281 
Novo Automotive Products Ltd, 2558 Central avenue 

Perfection Automotive Products (Windsor) Ltd, 3766 
Peter 256-2353 

Roto Cam Mfg Co ltd, 3188 Walker rd 966-0080 
Solly C J Co ltd, 766 Tecumseh blvd e 258-1661 
Somerville Automotive Trim Ltd, 2744 Edna 253-4424 
Somerville Industries Ltd, 2744 Edna 253-4424 
Sterling Automotive Supplies Ltd, 553 Lincoln road 

Tamco Ltd, 3950 Malden rd 966-0723 


Etcombe Engineering ltd, 3327 Russell 256-1871 


Adam Collision, 3911 Walker rd 966-2510 
Auto Body & Fender Repair, (rear) 739 Church 254-2036 
Blommers Body & Fender, 740 Pelissier 
Border City Collision Service, 857 Howard av 251-3745 
Bull & Gauthier, Body & Paint Shop Ltd, 227 Erie e 

Carlin! Bros Body Shop, 1474 Tecumseh blvd w 

Cross Canada Auto Body Supply Ltd, 2694 Howard av 

Gates Body Shop, 2467 Jefferson blvd 948-1815 
General Body Repair, 2621 Dougall av 969-6281 
Collision Service, 270 Erie Street East, 
Phone 252-6511 (See Adv Inside Back 
Cover and Repeating Lines) 

Martin's Body & Paint Shop, 2507 Ouellette ov 966-0853 
McLeod's Auto Body, 1040 Crawford av 253-3202 
Merrifield's Custom Body Shop Ltd, 2557 Howard av 

R & G Body Shop, 1696 Drouillard rd 948-3411 
Reiner John Ltd, 1596 University av w 258-4717 
Tonee Paint Shop, 290 Strabane ov 945-8831 
Webster's Collision & Esso Service, 3666 Walker rd 

Windsor Body & Fender Ltd, 1804-1850 University av 
west 256-4953 

Wynnyk's Service Centre, 1502 Elsmere 253-7136 


Kingswood School of Safe Driving, 2508 Dougall av 



Albert's Foreign Cars, 1291 Wyandotte e 254-8033 
Alexander Ambassador Ltd, 917 Goyeau 253-4434 and 
980 Goyeau 252-3431 

Beatty Motors, 2270 Tecumseh blvd e 253-7183 
Bryant H D Motors Ltd, 915-985 Tecumseh blvd e 
252 7721 

Bystrlk Motor Sales, 835 Tecumseh blvd w 253-1726 
Cars by Carlton (used), 2085 Tecumseh blvd w 252-6541 


Chrysler , Plymouth , Valiant 
Simca , Fargo 

790 GOYEAU ST. TEL. 256-7891 

Used Car Lot 

4200 TECUMSEH BLVD. E. - TEL. 945-1164 

Central Chrysler Plymouth Ltd, 790 Goyeau 256-7891 
and 4200 Tecumseh blvd e 945-1164 
Clearwater Chrysler-Dodgo Ltd, 2300 Tecumseh blvd e 

Dingwall Ford Sales ltd, 6333 Tecumseh blvd e 

Downtown Motor Sales (Windsor) Ltd, 840 Wyandotte e 

Edit Soles Ltd. 2535 Ouellette av 966-1042 

Ford's Auto Sales (used), 4906 Tecumseh blvd east 

Hodare's Auto Soles, 5876 Tecumseh blvd e 945-8249 
Knapp & Altenhof Auto Sales, 1253 Drouillard road 

252- 9131 

Mahon Motors, 2530 Tecumseh blvd w 253-8292 
Metro Motors (Used), w s Howard av 969-9070 
and 2504 Howard av 969-9070 
Norwood Auto Sales, 4100 Tecumseh blvd e 945-5701 
Parkview Mercury Sales Ltd, 250 Tecumseh blvd east 

253- 4471 

Plnewood Motors, 1696 University av w 
Public Motor Soles (used), 185 Wyandotte e 253-3396 
Reliance Auto Sales (used), 1556 Tecumseh blvd w 

Ruston & Radcot Auto Sales, 836 Tecumseh blvd east 

254- 5930 

Sandwich West Auto Sales ltd, 1539-1579 Tecumseh 
blvd w 252-7954 

South Windsor Motors, 325 Tecumseh blvd w 252-0114 
Sunnyside Auto Sales. 505 Tecumseh blvd e 256-6677 
Thomson-White (Windsor) Motors Ltd, 792 Wyondotte e 
256 4661 

Tunnel Motors, 101 Wyandotte e 256-1262 
Wade's Bob Used Cars, 1706 Tecumseh blvd w 252-7022 
Webster Motors (Windsor) Ltd, 465 Windsor av 254-1185, 
2301 Tecumseh blvd e 256-2645, 2200 Walker rd 
256-2645 and 452-474 Goyeau 
White Motor Co of Con ltd, 1845 Walker rd 256-4993 
Windsor Gateway Motors ltd. 465 Goyeau 253-1177 
and 440 Goyeau 

Winmor Motors Ltd, 2605 Howard av 966-0774 
Young's Motor Sales (used) 1360 Howard av 254-4112 


Ed's Driving School, 2970 University ov w 254-6301 
Italia Driving School, 1695 Ottawa 252-2972 
Van's School of Safe Driving, 1662 University av west 


Wil's Driving School, 90 Shepherd e 252-4922 
Windsor Driving School, 664 Moy av 252-5856 


Allchin Brake & Steering Service, 621 Tecumseh blvd e 

Annen Automotive Service, 856 Walker rd 252-4766 
Auto Wheel A Axel Service ltd, 494 Pitt e 253-5472 
Banks John Alignment Ltd, 939 Giles blvd w 254-6491 
Beatty Motors Collision Ltd. 2890 Walker rd 969-7170 
Continental Auto Repoir, 1215 Wyondotte e 254-1840 
Continental Collision, 655 Langlois av 252-4898 
Craig Automotive. 3276 Walker rd 969-9553 
Danny's Transmission Service Ltd, 2910 Tecumseh blvd 
e 945-1126 

Darocy Ernest Ltd, 1417 Crawford av 253-3313 
Don's Garage, 852 St Luke rd 

Dougall Highway Garage, 3298 Dougall av 969-5310 
European Car Repairs ltd. 1320 Wyandotte w 254-9087 
Fairlane Transmission Service, 1417 Crawford av 
Fazio Auto Service, 5288 Tecumseh blvd e 948-9269 
Ferri Leo Service, 1088 Tecumseh blvd e 253-1500 
Fred's Garage, 2490 Tecumseh blvd e 945-7321 
Gasparini Art Collision ltd, 2780 Tecumseh blvd e 

Gates Spring Service. 939 Giles blvd w 254-9888 
Golden Mile Transmission ltd, 2462 Tecumseh blvd e 

Hatch Jock S. 1707 Tecumseh blvd w 
Hawkeswood Garage Ltd. 270 Erie e 252-6511 
Heinz & Tony Cor Centre, 2380 Wyandotte w 256-8161 
Hollister H & Sons, 1155 Crawford av 252-7734 
Horse-Shoe Battery & Electric Service, 795 Tecumseh 
blvd e 254 2661 

Howard Avenue Auto Service Centre Ltd, 1597 Howard 
avenue 254-3346 

Howard Garage. 2814 Howard av 966-0365 
Jack's Garage, 1477 Drouillard rd 945-8461 
Jerry's Auto Elecrtic Service, 1593 Louzon rd 945-1527 
Johnny's Auto Repair, 1390 Drouillard rd 945-8421 


"We Meet By Accident " 

270 ERIE STREET EAST . . . PHONE 252-6511 

K & R Sorvice Garages Ltd, 2250-2260 Tecumseh blvd 
cent 252-2797 

Kirby Ralph Garage, 2480 Third Concession rd 969-5481 
Lincoln Towing & Storage, 1595 Lincoln rd 256-2339 
Midas Muffler Shops, 766 Tecumseh blvd e 258-1661 
Neda's Garage, 1321 Drouillard rd 945-8971 
Norm's Auto Service, 2900 Howard av 969-8840 
Oglan's Garage, 4925 Wyandotte e 948-2721 
Oliver's Spring Service Ltd, 910 Hanna e 256-8214 
Orval's Garage, 5124 Tecumseh blvd 948-1511 
Pete's Body Shop, 1535 Crawford av 254-0484 
Peters Mike Ltd, 1006 Crawford av 
Rowson Lome T Ltd, 1329 Windsor av 252-8321 
S & T Auto Repair, 296 Strabane av 948-4311 
Sorbu's Alignment Service, 3857 Wyandotte e 945-4981 
Shorty's Auto Electric Service, 1950 Ottawa 253-7633 
Strong Motors, 493 Wyandotte e 254-7854 
Teal Power Brakes, 3911 Walker rd 969*0700 
United Garage, 630 Dufferin pi 256-0866 
West Grand Body Shop, 3004 Dougall av 969-7823 
Westview Garage, 1715 Wyandotte w 253-6046 
Whale Auto Repair Centre, 1211 Erio e 253-9083 
Whitson's Garage, 140 Aylmer av 252-1540 
Windsor Auto Electric Ltd, 895 Albert rd 254-4950 
Windsor Auto Rustproofing Co, 635 Mercer 256-0986 


Chrysler Can Ltd, 2450 Chrysler Centre 252-3651 and 
300 Tecumseh blvd e 252-3651 
Ford Motor Co of Can Ltd, 2780 Riverside dr e 256-5555 


Carl's Paint Shop, 1369 Crawford ov 254-6749 
Downtown Collision, 154 Tuscarora 256-7575 
Frank's Paint Shop (rear) 5168 Tecumseh blvd o 
Production Painting Co, 1650 Longlois av 256-6389 
Renaud Paint Shop, (rear) 460 University av w 252-7572 
Romeo's Paint Shop, 919 Drouillard rd 252-2800 
Sam's Body Shop, 460 Erie e 252-8551 
Three Aces Bump & Paint Shop, 1989 Wyandotte w 

Windsor Auto Painling, (rear) 878 Howard av 253-9720 


Bill's Parking Lot, 815 Goyeau 

Cartier Parking Ltd, 320 Campbell av and 322-370 

Military Place 

City Centre Parking Co, 631 Ouellette av 252-1552 
Civic Parking Lot, 619-705 Pelissier 
Doran's Parking, 564 Victoria av 256-3741 
Downtown Parking Lot, 45 Wyandotte e and 69 Wyan¬ 
dotte e 

M M & C Parking Lot, e s Cadillac 
Medico Parking, 1005 Ouellette av 
Multi level Parking Garage, n s Chatham e 
Municipal Parking lot (For list of branches see Alpha¬ 
betical Section) 

Norton Palmer Parking Lot, 196 Park w 
Park & Shop, 89 Chatham e 

Phillips Parking Lot, 340-390, 444-448 and 451-457 

Premier Parking, 326 Victoria av 
Steve's Parking Lot, e s Cadillac 
Tunnel Parking Ltd, 565, 695, 656 Dufferin pi and 
570 Goyeau 

U & W Parking Lot, before 2891 University av w 
United Parking, 315 University av w 


Gord's Radiator Service, 3898 Walker rd 969-2130 
Pete's Radiator Service, 444 Pitt w 252-1177 


Avis Rent-A-Car, 308 Wyandotte e 256-4444 

B A Auto Supply (Trailer Rentals), 1290 Wyandotte w 


Budget Auto Rentals Ltd. 315 University av w 256-2393 
Budget Rent A Cor, 315 University ov w 256-2393 

790 Goyeau Street, Phone 256-7891 
(See card Auto Dealers) 

Hertz Rent-A-Car, 536 Ouellette av 254-7212 
Hertz Rent-A-Truck, 536 Ouellette av 254-7212 
James Leasing (Windsor) Ltd, 2350 Dougall ov 253-4441 
National Car Rental & Leasing, 840 Wyandotte e 

Tilden Rent-A-Car Co, 196 Park w 252-7711 
Windsor Car Rentals Ltd, 6333 Tecumsoh blvd east 

(See Automobile Garages) 


Canadian Trailmobilo Ltd, 2105 Huron Church line 

Le Claire Trailer Sales, Walker rd 735-6503 
Marlin Centre Mobile Homes Ltd, s s Division rd 

Pyramid Mobile Homes (1959) Ltd, 4100 Sandwich 


Beaver Car Wash, 3178 Dougall av 
Central Auto Wash, 92 Erie e 254-8422 
Coin Car Wash, 2315 Centrol av 

College Twenty Five Cents Auto Wash, 1715 College av 

Go Go Car Wash, 485 Tecumseh blvd e 253-7276 
Harry's U-Do-lt Car Wash, after 2315 Central av 
Imperial Car Wash, 1429 Randolph av 
Joe's Auto Wash, 1490 University av w 
L & M Auto Wash, 277 Pillctte rd 948-4114 
Little River Car Wash, 1090 Lauzon rd 948-5918 
Rapid Car Wash, 2400 Dougall av 969-9500 
Spee-Dce Auto Wash, 639 langlois ov 254-5943 
Steve's Auto Wash, 2393 Pillctte rd 948-0148 
Tecumseh West U-Do-lt Car Wash, before 2530 Tecumseh 
blvd w 

U-Do-lt Car Wash. 2670 Dougall av 
Vince & Tony's Quik Carwash, 645 Mercer 256-4188 
Vivona's Auto Wash, 723 Tecumseh blvd e 256-0147 
West End Auto Wash, 1735 Wyandotte w 253-1602 
West Grand Auto Wash, 3004 Dougall av 969-7823 
Zip Car Wash, 620 Wyandotte w 254-4123 


Broadway Auto Wreckers, 864 Broadway 969-1492 
East Side Auto Wrecking Co Ltd, 4450 Walker rd 
(R-R- No. 2 Windsor) 969-6602 
East Windsor Auto Wreckers, 911 Cadillac 252-7512 
J & B Auto Wreckers, s s Provincial rd, 252-5123 


Davis H A R Industries, 2741 Lloyd George blvd 

Diamond Tent & Awning Co Ltd, 2959-2979 Tecumseh 
blvd e 945-6353 

Windsor Awning & Tent Co Ltd, 3041 Tecumseh blvd e 
Ltd 945-8071 


Recommended Baby Sitting Service, 143 Elm av 254-0953 


Lowry Textile Co, 325 Devonshire rd 253-2814 
Reid Industries Ltd, 1857 Riverside dr c 254-1183 


Windsor Bailiff Service, 504 Victoria av 252-7031 


Brownies Baits & Sports, 1365 Riverside dr w 256-6540 
and 1725 Huron Line 
Wally's Baits, 3195 Sandwich 256-2841 


Adler Baking Co, 979-981 Drouillard rd 254-4762 
(For list of branches see Alphabetical Section) 
Adriatic Bakery, 561 Wyandotte w 256-6575 
Aurora Pastry, 839 Erie e 256-8801 
BLAK BROS. BAKERY, 1022 Langlois Avenue, 
Bread, Cakes, Pastry, Wedding, Birthday, 
Pizza Pie, Phone 253-4344 (See Top 
Stencil and Repeating Lines) 

Blok's Peter Bakery, 1520 Wyandotto c 254-6346 
Border Cities Bakery Ltd, 1051 Drouillard rd 253-6431 
Canada Bread Co Ltd, 1031 Walker rd 254-2589 
Colombo Bakery, 6935 Wyandotte e 948-2241 and 31 
Wyandotte e 254-4046 
Colombo Bakery Co, 673 Erie e 252-8364 
Cook's Bakeries Ltd, 1645 Ottawa 252-8324. 1662 

Ottawa 252-8324, 2053 Wyandotte w 252-0543 
and 1515 Tecumseh blvd e 254-0303 
Country Style Donuts, 2682 Tecumseh blvd e 948-7091 
Danish Bakery, 2303 Howard ov 256-7071 and 500 
Ouellette av 256-5681 

Discount Bakery South Windsor Ltd, 500 Wyandotte e 

Dorwin Pastry Shop The, 2451 Dougall av 966-0642 
International Baking. 743 Erie e 253-8669 
Lee Ann Bakery Ltd, 333 Holden ov 966-2970 
Lyttles Ltd, 1362 Ouollette av 254-8433 
Miles Bokery. 4736 Wyandotte e 945-9231 
Modern Bakery Co. 1504 Ottawa 252-5861 
Modern Bakery Ltd, 560 Wyandotte e 254-1572 (For list 
of branches see Alphabetical Section) 

Moore's Bakery. 841 Pillette rd 945-2712 
Royal Bakery, 1051 Drouillard rd 253-6431 and 1567 
Ottawa 254-6255 

Stiemar Bread Co Ltd, 2640 Ouellette av 966-1625 
Walkervillc Bakery, 1767 Wyandotte e 254-1901 (For 
list of branches seo Alphabetical Section) 


Bank of Montreal, 200 Ouellette av 254-3241 (For list 
of branehet see Alphabetical Section) 

Bank of Nova Scotia, 491 Ouellette ov 252-2791 (For 
list or branches see Alphabetical Section) 
Canadian-Imperial Bank of Commerce The, 100 Ouellette 
av 253-2471 (For list of branches see Alphabetical 

Industrial Development Bank, 267 Pelissier 254-8626 
Province of Ontario Savings Office, 372 Ouellette ov 

Provincial Bank of Can, 500 Ouellette ov 252-3467 
(For list of branches see Alphabetical Section) 
Royal Bank of Canada, 156 Ouellette av 254-2565 
(For list of branches see Alphabetical Section) 
Toronto-Dominion Bank, The, 101 Ouellette ov 253-4647 
(For list of branches see Alphabetical Section) 


Classified, Yellow Pag< 


S /IA 






PHONE 2ol-«63.{ 


Beautician's Beaut/ Supply Ltd, 1190 Wyandotte e 

Canadian Booster Co Ltd, 1608 Tecumseh blvd w 

Control Beauty Supply Ltd, 665 Universtiy av w 253-6767 
Fontana Barber Supply, 176 Pitt w 254-0864 
Ivor's Beauty Supplies, 580 Langlois av 252-7921 
Miller's Beauty Agencies (Windsor) Ltd, 74 Pitt w 

Wahl Clipper Corp Canada Ltd, 3967 Walker rd 


Adolfo's University Barber Shop, 2221 Wyandotto w 
Al's Barber Shop, 1175 University av w 
Ala Frank Modern Barber Salon, 115 University av w 


Aldo's Barber Shop, 3341 Tecumseh blvd e 
Allard's Barber Shop, 176 Pitt w 254-0864 
Ambassador Plaxa Barber Shop, 1574 Huron Church 

Americo's Barber Shop, 929 Campbell av 
Arcade Barber Shop, 1372 Wyandotte e 
Armando's Barber Shop, 321 Pitt e 
Art's Barber Shop, 1604 Wyandotte w 
Artistic Barber Solon, 1412 Tecumseh blvd e 252-0657 
Arturo Barber Shop, 3875 Dougall av e 
Avenue Barber Shop, 344 Ouellette ov 256-8004 
Bodalamenti Vito, 441 Wyandotte e 
Bono't Barber Shop, 573 Partington av 
Bert's Barber Shop, 2345 Pillette rd 
Bill's Barber Shop, 1637 Drouillard rd 
Bill's Barber Shop. 7853 Wyondotte e 
Boudreau David Barber Shop, 3218 Sandwich 
Boyd's Barber & Beauty Lounge, 4287 Wyandotte e 

Campus Barber Shop. 2503 Wyandotte w 
Central Barber Shop, 1341 Wyandotte e 
Cesare's Barber Shop, 854 Brie e 
Chambers Barber Shop. 1747 Wyandotte e 
Charles Barber Salon, 543 Tecumseh blvd e 256-7341 
Chauvin Arthur, 33 Wyandotte e 

Chrysler Centre Barber Shop, 2919Vj Tecumseh blvd e 
Ciccone R P Men's Hair Stylists, 770 Ouellette avenue 

College Barber Shop, 1700 College av 
Continental Barber Salon, 1280 Erie e 
Continental Barber Shop & Beauty Salon, 999 Felix av 
256 9355 

Dean's Roselond Barber Shoo, 3855 Howard av 
Deluxe Barber Shop, 877 Pillette rd 945-1873 
Dick's Barber Shop, 5178 Tecumseh blvd e 
Dominion Barber Shop, 1311 Grand Marais rd west 
969 2072 

Don's Barber Shop, 611 Randolph av 

Duke’s Barber Shop, 1002 Drouillard rd 

Ennio's Barber Shop. 580 Wellington av 

Esquire Barber Shop, 5675 Wyandotte e 945-4451 

Frank's Barber Shop, 661 Erie e 

Frank's Barber Shop. 4740 Seminole 945-0995 

Fronk's Barber Shop, 3720 Tecumseh blvd e 

Frank's Barber Shop, 1769 University ov w 

Frank's Barber Shop, 857 Wyandotte e 

Fred's Barber Shop, 3021 Dougall av 

George's Barber Shop, 1161 Ottowa 

Gough Murray, 820 Pillette rd 

Honk's Barber Shop, 3985 Seminole 

Horry's Barber Shop, 3099 Walker rd 

Hays John 829 Pillette rd 

Hick’s Barber Shop, 232 Erie w 

Holiday Barber Shop. 2451 Dougall av 969-7910 

llnicki Nick 1371 Prince rd 

International Barber Shop, 1503 Drouillord rd 

Jack s Barber Shop, 2698 Howard ov 

Jack s Barber Shop, 412 Tecumjeh blvd e 

Jim s Barber Shop. 3214 Girodot av 

Joe's Barber Shop, 611 Charles 
Joe's Barber Shop, 44 Wyandotte e 256-9126 
Joe's Stylist Barber Shop, 2999^j Tecumseh blvd e 
Kiefor's Barber Shop, 660 Aylmor av 
Larry's Barber Shop, 474 Univorsity av w 
Lazar's Barber Shop, 1646 Drouillard rd 
Lenhardt Paul, 929 Shepherd c 256-4418 
Leo's Barber Shop, 1405 Tecumseh blvd w 
Little Wilfred, 2155 University av w 252-1381 
Lore's & Findlay Barber Salon, 2277 Howard av 

Louis' Barber Shop, 7847 Tecumseh blvd e 

Mack's Barber Shop, 3402 Turner rd 

Maich's Barber Salon, 248 Pelissier 253-7070 

Marentette's Barber Shop, 2015 Ottawa 253*8036 

Mario's Barber Shop, 973 Ottawa 

Maryland Barber Shop, 4699 Howard av 

Maurice's Barber Shop. 980 Parent av 256-7443 

Mayfair Barber Shop, 337 Wyandotte w 

McGraw Barber Shop, 35 Pitt e 254-8201 

Menard Barber Shop, 1309 Hall av 

Menard Jos, 2109 Parkwood av 969-2534 

Mike & Stan's Barber Salon, 134 Pitt w 253-2532 

Mike's Barber Shop, 1901 Wyandotte w 

Mitton's Barber Salon, 1256 Ouollette av 252-8513 

Monty's Barber Shop, 1505 Parent av 

Murray's Barber Shop, 1826 Ottawa 

New York Barber Shop, 1586 Tecumseh blvd e 254-7888 

Nick's Barber Shop, 1398 Pelletier av 

Nick's Barber Shop, 1760 Tecumseh blvd w 

Noble's Barbor Shop, 3812 Seminole 

Olboy's Harry Barber Shop, 391 Wyandotte e 

Osurak Marko, 1037 Ottawa 

Ottawa Barbers, 1310 Gladstone av 252-8194 

Palace Barber Shop, 66 Erie e 

Polmer's Barber Shop, 1537 University av w 

Pan American Barber Shop, 200 Wyandotte w 

Paul's Barber Shop, 808 Pillette rd 

Paul's Barber Shop, 82 University av e 

Pioneer Barber Shop, 3491 Walker rd 

Pittl Geo J. 412 Tecumseh blvd e 256-8346 

Quality Barber Shop. 586 Wyandotte e 256-1690 

Renaud Bert Barber EShop, 4879 Tecumsoh blvd e 

Rickey's Barber Shop, 1139 Erie w 

Ritz Barber Shop, 98 Pitt e 253-4678 

Riverside Barber Shop, 5929 Wyandotte e 

Roger's Barber Shop, 5749 Tecumseh blvd e 

Roma Barber Shop, 230 Wyandotte e 

Roy's Barbor Shop, 3146 Walker rd 

Royol Barber Shop, 20 Ellis av e 

Royal Barber & Beauty Shop, 3399 Sandwich 256-8992 

Rudy's Barber Shop, 2840 University av w 254-7493 

St Rose Barber Shop, 824 St Rose qv 

Schulz Henry, 1008 Howard av 

Seaway Barbor Shop, 430 Ouellette av 

Seider's Barber Shop, 1415 Erie e 

Servic** Barber Shop, 40 Wyandotte w 

Sims Melvin, 597 Caron av 

South Windsor Barber Shop, 2983 Longfellow av 
Southland Barber Shop, 2825 Dougall av 
5teve's Barber Shop, 1102 Drouillard rd 
Steve's Barber Shop, 7938 Menard 
Steve's Barber Shop. 1145 Tecumseh blvd e 
Steven's Barber Shop, 1247 Wyandotte e 254-7666 
and 7938 Wyandotte e 
Ted's Borber Shop, 1095 Drouillard rd 
Tivoli Barber Shop. 1557 Wyandotte e 254-6611 
Tolfo Leonardo, 2564 Howard av 
Tony's Barber Shop. 339 Dougall sq 
Trolhen Walter, 3217 Sandwich 
Up-to Date Barber Shop. 1027 Drouillard rd 
Val p s Barber Shop, 342 Tecumseh blvd w 
Velko Barber Shop, 112 Wyandotte e 
Vincent's Barber Shop. 4070 Tecumseh blvd e 
Vollans Barber & Beauty Shop, 45 Hanna w 254-2252 
Waller's Barber Shop, 3678 Seminole 
Wayne's Barber Shop. 5339 Tecumseh blvd e 
White Star Borber Shop, 1135 Erie e 
William's Barber Shop. 1116 Wyandotte e 


Dominion Barrel & Drum, 2548 McDougall 966-1834 
Windsor Barrel & Drum Ltd, 2215 Janette av 253-4887 


Abramson H lbrne, 176 University av w 253-2813 
Allan Jas S, QC, 374 Ouellette av 254-1920 
Baksi N Wm, 829 Ottawa 252-3553 
Baldassi Roland J, 374 Ouellette av 254-9621 
Bartlet, Richardes, Knight & Wilson, 374 Ouellette av 

253- 7461 

Bell & MacEachern, 1922 Wyandotte e 253-5297 
Bick Harold H, 374 Ouellette av 258-0903 
Bondy, Kirwin & McMahon, 100 Ouelletto av 252-3473 
Bowman G Wm, QC, 76 University av w 252-1781 
Burnell Reginald E, 176 University av w 256-4582 
Campeau L J, QC, 374 Ouellette av 256-3065 
Carefoot Helen M, 374 Ouellette av 252-2761 
Charters & Brockenshire, 176 University av w 253-7279 
Clarke Luther C, 52 Chatham w 253-3477 
Cohn Bernard, QC, 374 Ouellette av 254-2140 
Croll & Croll 374 Ouellette av 253-3595 
DeMarco & Mariotti, 176 University av w 252-1106 
Deneau Desmond, QC, 176 University av w 253-8882 
Des Rosiers Roger J. QC, 176 University av w 253-1611 
Docherty Thos L, 374 Ouellette av 254-7181 
Dodick, Kiva I, 176 University av w 252-9789 
Donaldson Chos W, QC, 374 Ouellette av 253-1135 
Easton R Robert, QC, 267 Pelissier 252-3479 
Ellis Douglas B, 374 Ouellette av 254-4111 
Flock Donald A, 1402 Ouellolte av 252-3298 
Furlong & Furlong, 437 Ouellette av 254-6433 
Garson Jerome J, 134 Wyandotte e 252-5797 
Gignac, Sutts, Zalev & Innocente, 374 Ouellette av 

Gray Herbert E, 545 Ouelletto ov 252-5779 
Hochberg Ted J. 374 Ouellette av 254-2595 
Holden, Zuber, Bondy & Cusinoto, 374 Ouellette avenue 

Holland & Nixon, 176 University av w 253-5209 
Hough & Hough, 374 Ouellette av 254-2250 
Kamin Morris, QC, 374 Ouellette av 252-1123 
Kamin Sockley, 374 Ouellette av 254-9527 
Kendrick Wm K. 500 Ouelletto av 253-4431 
Kenning & Grant, 267 Pelissier 252-1129 
MacMillan & MacMillan, 374 Ouellette av 258-3201 
MacPhee, Burnett & MacPhee, 1586 Wyandotte e 

254- 7536 

Maleyko, Brophy & D'Hondt, 993 Ottawa 254-1161 
Martin, Laird & Cowan, 267 Pelissier 258-1100 
McCrcady, Grant R, 52 Chatham w 252-6800 
McGregor & McWilliams, 374 Ouellette av 252-8317 
McKeon John E, 267 Pelissier 252-2141 
McPherson, Prince & Geddes, 374 Ouellette av 256-3437 
McTaque, Clark, Holland, Whiteside, Coughlin, Ouellette 
& Mailloux, 176 University av w 253-3571 
Meconi Norando. 447 Wyandotte e 254-4958 
Meconi Tullio, 349 Wyondotte c 252-7274 
Meretsky Milton C, QC, 327 Ouellette av 252-7239 
Nisbet Gordon S, 176 University av w 256-4532 
Nixon David J, 176 University av w 253-5209 
Nosanchuk & Weingarden, 374 Ouellette av 258-0500 
Paroian, Courey, Cohen 4 Houston, 545 Ouellette av 

Riddell Ross S, QC. 176 University av w 256-4971 
Rodd & MacDonald, 374 Ouellette av 254-4317 
Schott Maxwell, QC, 374 Ouellette av 253-1010 
Sherwell Brian. 827 Pillette rd 945-1109 
Simon Noah N, 176 University ov w 252-7295 
Swartz & Lyons, 157 University av w 254-3873 
Taub Harold M, 586 Ouelletto av 258-0980 
Thrasher Richard D, QC, 374 Ouellette av 256-4488 
Willson & Barot, 500 Ouellette av 254-4359 
Wilson. Barnes. Walker, Grant & Beach, 33 University 
avenue w 254-1641 

Wunder Martin H, 176 University av w 252-1121 
Yates Georae A, 374 Ouelletto av 256-1952 
Yuffy & Yuffy, 176 University av w 253-5242 
Zalev Floyd, 2776 Whelpton 258-1238 
Zalev Flovd S. 176 University av w 253-2813 
Zeron & Zeron, 267 Pelissier 253-1948 









Monoger G F MORAND 

PHONE 256-4041 - 253-7567 


Eost Windsor Steam Baths, 1055 Cadillac 256-0130 
Vesuvio Steam Baths, 563 Brant 253-0251 


Bearcat Battery & Tire Sorvice, 680-696 Wyandotte 
east 253-3541 

Howitt Battery & Electric Service Co Ltd, 350-380 Pitt 
west 254 3755 

Morris Battery & Marine, 542-54B Chilver rd 253-3991 


La Salle Lead Products Ltd, 680 696 Wyandotte east 


Industrial Bearings & Supplies, 3185 Devon dr 969-9200 


of G. G. McKeough Limited), 3185 Devon 
Drive, Phone 969-6090. 


(See Barber and Beauty Shop 
Equipment and Supplies) 


Andre's Beauty Salon, 1015 Ottawa 253-2042 
Ann's Beauty Shop, 1247 Wyandotte e 254-7666 
Ann's Hair Styling Studio, 571 Lincoln rd 252-1023 
Armand's Career Salon, 1440 Tecumseh blvd e 252-8766 
Arthur Beauty Salon, 825 Arthur rd 945-9511 
Bartlett Woyne Hair Styles, 24 Wyandotte e 254-9239 
and 1261 Grand Marais rd w 996-1233 
Beaute Salon By Edward, 2333 Pillette rd 948-6491 
Beauty Haven, 2122 Gladstone av 252-5404 
Betty Ann Beauty Salon, 1317 Gladstone av 252-1495 
Betty-Jane Boouty Salon, 5530 Wyandotte e 948-3211 
Bob-In Beauty Salon, 1191 Drouillard rd 256-9398 
Bodnar Kay Beauty Solon, 1580 Third Concession rd 

Bon Ton Studio One, 8325 Riverside dr e 948-1191 
Bonita Beauty Salon, 392 Lauzon rd 948-3643 
Brooker Beauty Shop, 2155 University ov w 252-1381 
Cameo Beauty Salon, 1008 Wyandotte o 252-0867 
Campus Beauty Salon, 2501 Wyandotte w 254-8053 
Condi's Coiffures, 425 Shepherd w 252-7173 
Candlelight Coiffures, 3220 Dougall av 969-9701 
Capri Beauty Salon, 1645 Ottawa 252-1565 
Career Girl Beauty Salon, 4729 Seminole 948-2472 
Carol's Beauty Shop. 466 Wyandotte w 254-0187 
Cascade Beauty Salon, 2360 Tecumseh blvd w 256-5853 
Catorina Hair Styling Studio, 335 Dougall sq 969-0830 
Caterina's Beauty Salon, 2944 Tecumseh blvd e 

Cecile's Beauty Salon, 1643 Tecumseh blvd e 256-8025 
Charles House of Perms, 5739 Tecumseh blvd east 

Charm Beauty Salon, 504 Goyeau 252-6676 
Charron Helen Beauty Shop, 1101 Erie c 256-8843 
Chez Rene, 1194 Monmouth rd 252-3268 
Churchill's Beauty Solon, 607 Eugene 966-0970 
Cinta's Beauty Salon, 1291 Parent av 254-9974 
Cleta Beauty Salon, 859 Erie e 256-5256 

Dennis Hoir Styles, 172 Ouellette av 252-9365, 2180 
Wyandotte w 253-2262 and 7829 Wyandotte east 

Dion's Hair Fashions, 3689 Seminole 945*7352 
Donna's Beauty Salon, 7936 Menard 945-1434 
Doreen's Beauty Salon. 3099 Walker rd 966-1813 
Edward's Beauty Shop, 425 Cabana rd e 969-0640 
Elizabeth Beauty Salon, 891 Shepherd e 256-3254 
Emerson's Beauty Salon, 1680 Tecumseh blvd east 

Fantasia Beauty Salon The, 139 Tecumseh blvd w 

Fashion Door Beauty Solon, 4699 Howard av 969-8061 
Fashion Flair Hairstyles, 3021 Dougall av 969-4440 
Fashion Hair Styles, 4165 Tecumseh blvd e 945-3183 
Fifth Avenue Beauty Salons, Ltd, 671 Ouollettc avenue 

Flamingo Hoir Fashions, 1364 Wyandotte e 253*9185 
Florence Beauty Shop, 1294 Erie e 252-5632 
France Coiffure Beauty Shop, 1243 Ottawa 256-6081 
Franco's Hair Styles, 569 Ouelletto av 254-1723 
Gabrielles Salon of Beauty, 1636 Wyandotte e 252-6220 
Gay-Paree Beauty Salon, 121 Wyandotte w 254-0680 
Gideon's Beauty Parlor, 1325 Parent av 256-3273 
Hair Fashions By Helgo, 501 University av w 252-3804 
and 3203 Peter 254-5465 

Hair Fashions By Richard. 2837 Dougall ov 969-0881 
Hoir Styles By Louise, 252 Pelissier 254-5305 
Hairdu Beauty Salon, 4650 Tecumseh blvd e 948-1376 
Hi-Foshion Beauty Salon. 818 Pillette rd 945-3351 
Holmes Beauty Shoppe, 3498 Dominion blvd 969-5098 
International Hair Styles, 36 Chatham e 256-9331 
Italia Beauty Shop, 3873 Dougall av 969-4830 
Jean's Beauty Shop, 1648 Drouillard rd 945-9621 
Jo-Alice Hair Styling Studio, 430 Third Concession rd 

Jorge's Beauty Solon, 1646 Ottawa 252-0994 
Josephine Beauty Solon, 5400 Tecumseh blvd east 
945 4232 

Knight Beauty Shop, 766 Irvine av 
Lo Vogue Hair Fashions, 285 Wyandotte w 256-4741 
Leah's Beauty Salon, 7987 Riverside dr e 945-3762 
Lee-Ann Beauty Salon, 932 Tecumseh blvd e 252-7554 
Lena Hair Styles, 3833 Howard av 969-9310 
Leona's Hairdressing, 2987 Longfellow av 969-3720 
Lisa Beauty Shop, 1025 Pelissier 253-9823 
L'Oriental Hair Fashions, 1959 Tecumseh blvd w 

253- 2931 

Malson Antoinette Duval, 2105 Victoria av 225-9371 
Marge's Beauty Salon, 862 Erie e 253-5303 
Maria's Beauty Salon, 651 Erie e 253-3391 
Marie's Beauty Shop, 543 Rankin av 256-0326 
Mary Lee's Hair Fashions, 1380 Wyandotte e 252-8711 
Mary's Beauty Salon, 1879 Lincoln rd 252-3567 
Mary's Beauty Shoppe, 1637 Drouillard rd 945-9735 
Miladi Beauty Salon, 618 Windermere rd 254-3888 
Mildred Connie Beauty Salon, 1586 Tecumseh blvd e 

Miss June Beauty Salon, 2110 University av w 252-8828 
Modern Miss Beauty Salon, 5467 Tecumseh blvd e 

Moxon Beauty Solon, 1358 Ouellette av w 253-3241 
Nerina's Beouty Shoppe, 703 Tecumseh blvd e 256-9963 
Norma's Beauty Salon. 910 Campbell av 256-6321 
Nova Hair Fashions, 3972 Tecumseh blvd e 945-1181 
Ottawa Beauty Salon. 1585 Ottawa 254-7144 
Ouellette's Beauty Shoppe, 1535 University av w 

254- 1312 

Paris Beauty Salon, 174 Pitt w 253-5531 
Park Avenue Coiffure, 111 Wyandotte w 253-1167 
Phyllis' Hair Styles, 1365 Wyandotte o 254-2717 
Pink Poodle Beauty Salon, 4722 Wyandotte e 948-4271 
Powder Puff Beauty Shop, 1260 Ouellette av 253-8023 
Princess Beauty Shoppe, 2065 Wyandotte w 256-5371 
Queen Beauty Shop, 939 Wyandotte c 256-6714 
Raymond's of Cabana, 1595 Cabana rd w 969-8958 
Rina Italian Beauty Shop, 899 Lincoln rd 253-5806 
Rito's Beauty Salon, 1611 University av w 252-1601 
Riverside Beouty Salon, 5951 Wyandotte e 
Robert's House of Coiffures, 1915 Wyandotte w 

Ronnie's Beauty Salon, 1097 Felix av 256-5171 
Rose's Beauty Salon, 4710 Seminole 948 0051 

Royal Beauty Shop, 20 Ellis av e 254-5288 
Ruby's Beauty Salon, 7857 Wyandotte o 948-1362 
Ruth Ellen Beauty Nook, 500 Ouellette av 253-6912 
Rymal Wm Beauty Salon, 450 Victoria av 252-1785 
Sales Ivon R Hoir Fashions, 7660 Tecumseh blvd east 
945-8901, 1566 Huron Line 256-6375, 2451 Dougall 
av 966-1660 and 365 Pelissier 254-8643 
Shamrock Beauty Shoppe, 1605 Pelissier 256-3740 
Silhouette Hair Fashions, 75 University ov w 254-3791 
Smart Beauty Shoppe, 52 University av w 253-4964 
Smith's of Windsor Beauty Salon, 132 Ouellette av 

Strong's Betty Beauty Shop, 7037 Wyandotte e 948-0461 
Style Lounge The, 582 Wellington w 252-8510 
Tahitian Beauty Solon, 1696 Hickory rd 945-8451 
Tic Toe Hair Styles, 5429 Wyandotte e 945-0221 
Tivoli Beauty Salon, 1557 Wyandotte e 254-6611 
Toweri Beauty Salon, 778 Ouellette av 252-3520 
Towno Beauty Shop, 5917 Wyandotte e 945-7801 
Tressorose Beauty Salon, 3907 Seminole 948 3112 
Tri-Mi Beouty Salon, 3216 Sandwich 253-4788 
Van's Beauty Studio, 1091 Wyandotte w 252-6631 
Vanity Beauty Stolon The, 2017 Ottawa 253-8860 
Veary V D, 569 Ouellette ov 

Vera's Riverside Beauty Salon, 5876 Wyandotte oast 

Vincente Hair Styles, 5560 Wyandotte e 945-0660 
Viscount Hair Styles. 1110 Ouellette av 256-9996 
Vogue Beauty Salon, 3190 Donnelly ov 252-8804 
Wanda Beauty Shop. 1886 Ottawa 254-9412 
White Orchid Beauty Solon, 3708 Glonfield 253-7841 
Windsor Modern Coiffures, 455 Ouellette av 252-8222 
Wyandotte's Beauty Shop, 576 Wyandotte e 254-9389 
Yvonne's Beauty Salon, 1129 Drouillard rd 252-8126 


Windsor Bedding & Venetian Blind Co, 6640 Tecumseh 
blvd e 945-6369 

Windsor Bedding Co Ltd, 6640 Tecumseh blvd east 


Bert's Bike Shop, 3847 Howard ov 969-4250 
Eddie's Cycle Shop, 4800 Tecumseh blvd e 945-5622 
European Bicycle Shop, 1125 Erie e 253-3394 
Joe's Bicycle Shop, 875 Erie e 254*0476 
Johnston Cycle & Sport Centre, 5909 Wyandotte eost 

Lawson Bros Cycle Shop, 1243 Grand Marais rd w 

Norm's Cycle Sho D . 3603 Walker rd 969-2610 
Paul's Cycles, 1572 Tecumseh blvd e 254-7393 
Russel's. 950 Wyandotte w 254-5293 


Houseware Specialties, 720 Wolker rd 256-7972 


(See also Bowling Alleys) 

British Billiards, 1177 and 1179 Ottawo 253-6782 
Capitol Recreotion, 133 University av w 254-6044 
Central Family Billiards. 2303 Central av 948-6048 
Cue-N' Cushion Billiards, 1560 Huron Line 253-2362 
Dileonordo's Billiards, 770 Erie e 
Domenic Family Billiards, 814 Erie e 
Erie Billiard, 981-999 Erie e 253-0403 
Filip's Billiards, 3990 Riberdy rd 696-0550 
Gilly's Cue, 665 Ouellette av 253-0632 
Golden Cue Billiards & Restaurant' 7670 Tecumseh 
blvd e 948-3277 

Harry's Billiards, 976-978 Drouillard rd 
Newman Wm, 1494 Langlois ov 
O K. Billiards, 1097 Erie o 

Olympia Billiards & Restaurant, 960 Wyandotte eost 

Classified, Yellow Poge 7 



_899 HANNA EAST PHONE 254-8809 


Ouellette Billiards, 571 Ouellette ov 253-0395 
Peter'* Billiard Room, 915-925 Shepherd e 254 1035 
Plo-Mor Billiard*, 4810 Wyandotte e 945-8381 
Rak & Snack Co ltd, 3208 Dougall av 969-7700 
Red'* Recreoticn, 4881 Tecumseh blvd e 945-0003 
Scott'* Billiards, 3177-3181 Sandwich 
Steve'* Recreation, 1594 Drouillard rd 
Wind*or Recreation Billiard*, 41 Pitt e 253-0451 


Joe'* Blacksmith Shop, 902-904 Howard av 


Byron Blueprinting Service ltd. 662 PeUssier 254-8662 
Curry Blueprint Co, 152 Pitt w 252-6945 
Patterson Engineering Service, 1577 Tecumseh blvd • 


Thorne* Boat Division (Fabricated Steel Products 
Windsor ltd). 978-980 St lake rd 252-4496 


Anchor-in Marine Sorvice, 9150 Riverside dr e 945-1411 


Dominion Marine & Boat Work*, 1434 Campbell ov 

Edgewafer Marine ltd, 7910 Riverside dr e 948-2921 
Groff Marine Supply Co, 3689 Sandwich 254-3621 
Riverside Harbour Marina, 9050 Riverside dr e 948-3244 


Riverside Marine. 7840 St Rose av 945-5943 


Norm's Boat Livery, 2 Mill, 252-3506 
Richards Boot livery. 3412 Russell 254 1002 
Smith Morgt Mrs, 3488 Russell 254-9494 


P & W Boat Storage, 1563 langlois ov 252 9043 


Essex Boiler Heating & Engineering Co, 1319 MocDouaall 


A & H Bolt & Nut Co ltd, 1801 South Cameron blvd 
969 3500 

Trans Continental Bolt Co Ltd. 1770 langlois av 
252 6587 


Peat Bookkeeping Service ltd, 1659 Turner rd 254 9236 
Windsor Accounting Service ltd. 176 University ov w 
256 351 ! 


Book Centre The, 340 Ouellette av 254-4421 
Bookland Co ltd, 2451 Dougall ov 966-0532 
Cameron's Book Store, 1236 Tecumseh blvd e 256-0402 
Coles Book Store ltd, 255 Ouellette ov 253-8144 
Copeland G B Books & Stationery, 1292 Lincoln rd 

Marentetfe's Book Store, 129 Ouellette av 253-8992 

(See Shoes, Retail) 


Canada Dry Bottling Co (Windsor) Ltd, 2310 Walker rd 

252- 1686 

Coca-Cola ltd Tho, 1650 Howard av 254-2563 
Crown Syphon Bottling Works, 1657 Grand Marais rd 
west 969 2507 

Crush Bottling Co, 456 Tecumseh blvd w 252*4663 
Happy Home Distributors Ltd, 2577 Howard avenue 

Italio Home Beverage, 1573 Langlois ov 254-9908 
Seven-Up Bottling Co (Windsor) ltd, 970 Mercer 

253- 8411 

Vernors Bottling Co (Windsor) ltd, 976 Mercer 253-3388 
Windsor Beverages, 1291 Albert rd 253-2305 


Alliet Joseph, 1878 Drouillard rd 

(See also Billiards and Pool) 

Arcade Bowling Alley, 5259 Tecumseh blvd e 945-1002 
Bowlero Limited, 675 Tecumseh blvd w 256-8276 
Boyer's Campus lanes Ltd, 2505 Wyandotte w 256-3571 
Crescent Bowling Lanes, 871 Ottawa, 252-1109 
Golden Mile Lanes (Windsor) ltd, 4010 Tecumseh blvd 
east 945-5853 

Jerry's Recreation, 3103 Bliss rd 969-9443 

Parkview lanes, 1055 Ottawa 254-7360 

Pioydium Recreation, 4985 Wyandotte e 945-3111 

Riverside Bowling Centre, 7135 Wyandotte e 948-2372 

Rose Bowl, 2482 Dougall av 996-9010 

Windsor Recreation, 41 Pitt e 253-8473 

Wyandotte Bowling, 1318 Wyandotte e 254-3672 


C.I.P. Containers ltd, 374 Ouellette ov 254-7323 
Complete Packaging ltd, 248! Edno 254 7513 
Continental Can Co of Can Ltd, (Metal & Paper 
Products Div), 1787 Walker rd 254-7555 
Domtor Packaging ltd (Corrugated Products Div), 4041 
Churchill dr 969 5890 
Post Paper Box ltd. 860 Elinor 735-2116 


Kohen Box Co (Windsor) ltd, 850 Wyandotte west 
253-6368 ond 1428 Argyle rd 252-3465 


Carling Breweries ltd (Windsor Div)) 515 Riverside dr 
west 256-4511 

Dow Kingibeer Brewery ltd, 504 Victoria av 253-9996 
lobott's Ontario Breweries ltd, 500 Ouellette 253-7433 
O Keefe Old Vienna Browery ltd, 1271 Edword ovenue 


Brewers' Retail Stores, 2380 Walker rd 252-7261 (For 
list of branches see Alphabetical Section) 


Green A P Fire Brick Co Ltd, 1402 Crawford avenue 



Dosco Industries Ltd, 1219 Walker rd 256-2661 


Adams W H ltd, 712 Huron Church line 256-4973 and 
660 Ouellette av 254-7543 

Border Brokers ltd, 728 Huron Church line 256-5457 
and 44 Wyandotte e 256-2681 
Egelston Wm ltd, 44 Wyandotte e 252-7201 and 753 
Huron Church line 252-7201 
Farrow Russell A ltd, 570 Dufferln pi 252-5169 and 
747 Huron Church line 252-4415 
Federated Customs Brokers ltd, 751 Huron Church Line 

252- 1101 

International Customs Brokers Ltd, 586 Ouellette av 
252*8391 and after 720 Huron Church Line 

Johnson Fredk W ltd, 570 Dufferin pi 256-1847 and 
747 Huron Church Line 256-2844 
Mason's Brokerage ltd, 542-544 Goyeau 254-2509 and 
753 Huron Church Line 256-9494 
McKay W G ltd, 747 Huron Church line 256-8451 
Peace Bridge Brokerage ltd, 697 Huron Church Line 

253- 4455 

Standard Products (Georgetown) Ltd, 747 Huron 
Church line 253 8531 

Thomson J Mac D ltd, 718-720 Huron Church line 


Bongard Leslie & Co ltd, 158-168 University av west 

Draper, Dobio & Co ltd. 500 Ouellette av 253-1123 
Goodwin Harris Co ltd. 316-320 Pelissier 256-7853 
Pitfield McKay Ross & Co ltd, 267 Pelissier 256-1891 


Fuller Brush Co Ltd, 969 Ouellette av 253-1125 
Windsor Broom Co, (reor) 3840 E C Row av 948-3654 


Ambassador Building Maintenance Ltd, 3815 Tecumseh 
blvd e 948-8118 

Barney's Maintenance, 233 McKay av 253-6182 
Benringer Interior Cleaning, 2551 Kildare rd 256-3585 
Cossan Building Services Ltd, 2870 Alexandra ovenue 

Dustbane Enterprises Modern Building Cleaning Divi¬ 
sion, 1143 Morcer 254-9560 
Frank's Janitorial Service. 2740 Norman rd 945-9981 
Hall A H ltd, 968 Jefferson blvd 945-1248 
Holland Janitor Service, 1454 Drouillord rd 948-3246 
MacEachern Gordon A ltd, 1059 Janette av 256-5011 
Paterson Janitorial Service, 1531 Pelissier 258-U58 
Sanitary Maintenance Co (Div of Wippman Services ltd) 
282 Pitt east 253-3564 

Speedway Janitoriol Service, 2563 Clemenceou Blvd 
948 2391 





Ajax Builders Supplies Ltd, 6200 Tecumseh blvd e 

Bravo Cement Contracting Ltd, 3203 Walker road 

Canadian Builders Supply, 2595 Dougall av 966-0400 
Cross Supplies & Paving ltd, 1272 Windsor av 254-1166 
Dial Distributors, 3008 Tecumseh blvd e 948-2121 
Dunn Building Products Ltd, 220 Wyandotte e 258-1680 
Durisol Materials Ltd, 1120 Ouellette av 252-8973 
Endurance Materials Ltd, 10090 Riverside dr e 735-2145 
Pauteux Building Supplies Ltd, 2415 Division rd 966-0510 
Ladore & Co, Ltd, 354 Chilver rd 252-2115 
Pilcas Industrial & Building Supplies Ltd, 2610 Pillette 
road 945*6394 

Pyramid Aggregates Ltd, 75 Mill 256-5419 
Sellon Tool & Supply, 1581 Parent av 252-0021 
Sterling Building Materials Ltd, 5115 E C Row avenue 

Tamar Buildings Products ltd, 3957 Walker rd 969-7060 

Tecumseh Road East, at Banwell, Phone 
735-2175 (See Adv Front Cover and 
Repeating Lines) 

Thames Valley Brick & Building Products Ltd, 1564 
Elsmore av 253-7848 

Torginol (Canada) 1963 Ltd. 870 Ottawa 254-8667 
Wac Roofing & Construction Ltd, 3016 Walker road 

White George E & Son Ltd, 200 Shepherd e 254-3238 
Windsor Building Products, 155 Tecumseh blvd w 

Windsor Target Building Materials Ltd, 3077 Howard 
avenue 967-5115 

(See also Halls) 

Alexander Bldg, 569 Ouellette av 
Arden Building, 1590 Ouellette av 
Argus Building, B30 Ouellette av 
Bank of Toronto Bldg, 586 Ouellette av 
Bartlet Bldg, 76 University av w 
Bates Block, 1759 Wyandotte e 
Board of Education Bldg, 451 Park w 
Burnside Block, 1569-77 Tecumseh blvd e 
Canada Bldg, 374 Ouellette av 254-2430 
Canada Trust Bldg, 176 University av w 
Canadian-Imperial Bank of Commerce Chambers, 100 
Ouellette av 

Capitol Theatre Bldg, 315 Pelissier 

City Hall, City Hall sq 254-1611 

City Market Bldg. 255-287 Pitt e 

Commonwealth Building, 600 Ouellette av 

Commonwealth Building, 15 Wyandotte e 

Concord Bldg, 1015 University av w 

Coral Bldg, 703-717 Ouellette av 

De Mers Block, 4774-4778 Wyandotte e 

Detroit Realty Bldg, 437 Ouellette av 

Dominion Bank Chambers, 27 Riverside dr w 

Dowler Bldg, 55 Riverside dr w 

E & L Building, 170 & 172 Ouellette av 

Equity Chambers, 52 Chatham w 

Essex Building, 108 McDougall 252-2339 

Essex County Court House, 245 Windsor av 254-8617 

Essex County Offices, 3277 Sandwich 

Exchange Building, 157 University av w 

Executive Building The, 1361 Ouellette av 

Farrow Building, 747 Huron Line 

Federal Building, 185 Ouellette av 

Ford Motor Bldg, s s Wyandotte e and n s Wyandotte 

Guaranty Trust Bldg, 305 Victoria av 
Imperial Bank Building, 1586 Wyandotto e 
Imperial Bank Chambers, 44 University av w 
Imperial Block, 1922 Wyandotte e 
Kent Trust Building, 500 Ouellette av 
King Bldg, 356 Ouellette av 
Loikes Building, 471 Ouellette av 


Lynn Bldg, 573-583 Partington av 
Maccabees Mutual Life Building, 1120 Ouellette av 
Medical Arts Building, 1011 Ouellette av 
Medical Centre The, 1428 Ouellette av 
Medi-Court Building, 1 466 Ouellette av 
Morris Building, 302 Ouellette av 
Municipal Courts Building, City Hall sq 
Murray Bldg, 182 Pitt w 
Palace Theatre Bldg, 332 Ouellette av 
Paramount Bldg, 325-327 Ouellette av 
Park Bldg, 29 Park w 
Parker Bldg, 29 Giles blvd w 
Pascoe Bldg, 507-519 Oueliotte av 
Peabody Bldg, 256-258 Chilver rd and 1827-1857 
Riverside drive e 
Pickard Bldg, 618 Lincoln rd 
Police Bldg, 135 Park e 
Poole Bldg, 121 Wyandotte w 
Professional Court Bldg, 1522 Ouellette av 
Provincial Bank Bldg, 312 Victoria av and 2776 

Riverside Medical Artsi, 7775 Wyandotte 
Riverside Medical Dental Bldg, 7175 Wyandotte e 
Ro;e Bldg, 744 Ouellette av 
Royal Theatre Block, 3391-3399 Sandwich 
Security 8ldg. 261-293 Polissier 252-3973 
Smith Bldg, 35 Riversido dr e 
Social Service Building, 755 Louis av 253-6345 
South Windsor Medical Arts Building, 1390 Grand 
Marais road w 
Star Annex Bldg, 181 Ferry 
Star Bldg, 167 Ferry 
Stiller-Folean Bldg, 248 Pelissier 
Strathcona Block, 1958 Wyandotte e 
Teron Building, 1785-1789 Walker rd 
Thompson Block, 152 Pitt w 
Tucson Block, 1323-1393 Tecumseh blvd e 
Universal Building, 44 Wyandotte e 
Walker Power Bldg. Tbe, 315*325 Devonshire rd 
Webb Bldg, 1625-1647 Tecumseh blvd e 
White Building, 111 Riverside dr w 
Windermere Block, 1658-1698 Tecumseh blvd e 


Argus Security Alarms Ltd, 830 Ouellette av 252-7763 
Federal Property Protection Co Ltd, 630 Church 


Eastern Canadian Greyhound Lines ltd, 301 Chatham e 
256-5644 and 44 University av e 254-7575 
Sandwich, Windsor & Amherstburg Railway Co, 1570 
Kildare rd 254-9221 

Skinner School Bus Line ltd, 301 Chatham e 256-6455 
Sun Parlor Charterways, 301 Chotham e 256-6455 


McBeo Company (Div of Royal McBee (Can) Ltd), 1629 
Tecumseh blvd e 253-7382 

Moore Business Forms Ltd, 1175 Crawford av 252-8353 
Unique Business Equipment Systems, 1918 Wyandotte e 

Visirecord of Canada Ltd, 504 Victoria OY 254-2436 


Burroughs Business Machines Ltd, 1476 Ouellette av 
254-7595 and 804 McDougall 254-7563 
Doidgo Business Machines Ltd, 1185 Tecumseh blvd e 

International Business Machines Co Ltd, 660 Ouellette av 

Monroe International of Canada Ltd (Div of Litton 
Industries), 3845 Howard ov 969-0470 

Minnesota Mining & Mfg of Canada Ltd, 2260 University 

av w 256-0674 

Olivetti Underwood Ltd, 1010 University avenue west 

SCM Canada Ltd, 149 Tecumseh blvd w 252-9896 
Superior Embossing, 1120 Ouellette av 252-2765 
Superior Services, 1120 Ouellette av 252-2765 


Prime Beef Co, 1075 Crawford av 254-0891 


Acme Meat Market, 294 Pit! e 252-7851 
Ade's 3 Way Meat Market, 1993-95 Tecumseh blvd w 

Allan's Meat Market Ltd, 1477 Wyandotte e 254-4331 
Atlas Meat Market, 3199 Sandwich 252-0929 
Bolleyn's Meat, 9630 Tccuseh blvd e 735-2571 
Bolter's Meat Market, 309 Wyandotte w 254-2042 
Bradshaw's Norm Meat Market. 285 Pitt e 256-4815 
Brooks Wing Meat Market, 2116 University av w 

Butcher Boy Meat Market London Lid, 846 University 
avenue w 254-8636 

Canadian Meat Market, 265 Pitt e 256-1505 
Carl Butcher Shop & Groceries, 2625 Parent blvd 

Country Corner Meat Market, 257 Pitt e 256-0852 
Don's Meat Market, 3955 Tecumseh blvd e 948-2411 
Gold Star Meat Market, 1695 Tecumseh blvd west 

Horry's Meat Market, 287 Pitt e 252-1700 
Howieson Meat Market, 409 Shepherd w 252-1715 and 
2120 Wyandotte w 254-2152 
Ingram's Meat Market, 2831 Dougall av 969-6460 
James Wm & Son, 1686 Wyandotte e 254-6225 
Janette Meat Market, 400 Janette 
Kline's Meat Market, 700 Brock 256-7391 
Lopatin's Kosher Meat Market Ltd, 527 Wyandotte e 

Montreol Meot Market, 870 Erie e 253-3246 
Robertson's Market, 4770 Wyandotte e 945-9361 
Schwab's Meat Products Ltd, 3690 Sandwich 254-6020 
Scott & Freeman, 3204 Sandwich 253-6397 
Seminole Provision, 4409 Seminole 945-1221 
Stedmon's Meats, 1584 Tecumseh blvd e 252-2461 
Superior Meat Market, 265 Pitt e 253-8946 
Toth's Meot Market. 287 Pitt e 254-6052 
Western Meat & Grocery, 1286 Westcott rd 945-9561 
Western Meat Market, 1126 langlois av 


Bcrkel Products Co Ltd, 699 Langlois av 254-7111 


Universal Button Division of Unimco Ltd, 1076 Walker 
road 254-8651 


Acme Woodwork, 1545 University av w 253-4554 
Al's Woodworking Ltd, 3224 Walker rd 969-9888 
Bottosct & Son Cabinet Makers, 2960 Langlois av 

Bruno's Woodcraft, 3243 Sandwich 256-4412 
Colonial Cabinet & Millwork, 2465 Howard av 254-6771 
Dayton Mfg Co Ltd, 815 Sydney av 969-9600 
Deluxe Woodwork. 2692 Howard av 969-9154 
Dominion Cabinet Makers, 2343 Pillette rd 948-0783 
Emond J L Cabinet Maker, 967 St Luke rd 254-3526 
and 2322 George av 945-5538 

Classified, Yellow Page 9 

tytymclb&i S ! nU(/ta/nce 

General insurance 

Room 102, 1015 UNIVERSITY AVENUE W. 

PHONE 254-1367 


Fontana Commercial Designs Ltd, 2055 Huron Church 
Line 969-2722 

Gabriele Bros, 1767 Northway 252-6670 
Ingram Max, 910 E C Row av 969-9614 
Ontario Cabinet Makers (Windsor), 686 E C Row av 

Tom's Woodwork, 2916 Walker rd 966-0605 
Trend Millwork & Cabins Ltd, 3040 Devon drive 

Windsor Cabinet Makers, 1285 Erie e 252-8970 


Producers Containers of Canada Ltd, 500 Ouellette av 


Alex's Carpets, 1392 Wyandotte e 256-7051 
Duraclean Rug & Upholstery Cleaners, 950 Westchester 
dr 945-2691 

L & M Carpet Contractors, 401 Shepherd w 252-8011 
Morris Carpet Cleaning, 830 Giles blvd e 252-1813 
Mussolum Rug & Carpet Cleaners, 1715-1721 University 
avenue w 253-3870 

Stor Rug Cleaning & Rental Co, 279 Drouillard road 


ABC Carpet Sell & Service, 340 Bridge av 253-8739 


ABC Carpet. 1595 Drouillard rd 253-8739 
Adelman's Department Store Ltd, 61 Riverside dr e 

Advance Floor & Wall Covering Distributors Ltd, 2550 
McDougall 966-1360 
Arax Rugs, 914 Erie e 256-0987 

Avantl Floor Covering, 1731 Tourangeau rd 948-5197 
Beger's Carpets, 3873 Walker rd 969-1291 
Canadian Carpet Mills, 429 Wyandotte e 256-2018 
Corpex of Canada, 4776 Wyandotte e 945-6322 
Central Supply, 960 Hanna e 252-8672 
Hi Neighbour Floor Covering Co Ltd. 257 Wyandotte e 


Hucker Bros Ltd, 1489 Ouellette av 252-8305 
Nadolin Sales Ltd, 192 Tccumseh blvd e 252-7215 
Sivadjian Paul Ltd. 766 Ouellette av 253-6337 
Stradwick's Ltd, 2139 Huron Church Line 969-2526 
Tile Town, 3150 Walker rd 966-1514 


Anker Cash Register Ltd. 414 Tecumseh blvd e 252-8401 
Notional Cash Register Co of Canada Ltd, 1591 Ouellette 
av 256-7837 


Lincoln Caskets (Div of Sterling Caskets, Toronto), 3129 
Mafcniette av 969-9224 


948-5221/ 5115 E. C. Row (Between 
Pillette & Jefferson) (See adv Front 


Jock's Catering, (rear) 1652 Tecumseh blvd e 253-9256 
lamoureux Sales Co, 642 Chilvcr rd 258-3408 
Metro Windsor Catering Co ltd, 3110 Devon drive 
969 5860 

Parly Chef, 3877 Dougoll av 969*2070 

Peter Pan Catering. 9550 Tecumseh blvd e 735 9122 

Wildon Catering Ltd. 376 Military pi 254 9304 


Assumption Cemetery, cor Huron Church Line and 
Wyandotte w 

Green Lawn Memorial Gardens (office), 586 Ouellette 
avenue 253-3521 

Jewish Cemetery, 2650 Pillette rd 

Our Lady of the Lake (RC) Cemetery, e s Cadillac, after 

St Alphonsus Cemetery, e s Howard av, cor Allendale 


Victoria Memorial Assn Ltd, 267 Pelissier 253-6742 
Windsor Grove Cemetery, 455 Giles blvd e 254-1210 


Noble Ceramics, 1685 Ottawa 254*6562 


Gilbert Septic Tank Cleaning & Toilet Rontal, 642 
Bensetto 966-1474 

Sandwich East Soptic Tanks, 2707 Pillette rd 945-5344 
Smith's Sanitation Ltd, 3560 Seminole 254-0127 


A.A.A. Chair Rental, 394 Bridge av 253-4020 
Rent-All Company, 2894 University av w 254-7300 


Amchem Products Incorporated, 2224 Walker rd 

Arndt Palmer Laboratories of Canada Ltd, 1005 Walker 
rd 254-4378 

Holland Chemicals Co, 403 Windermere rd 352-8419 
Lawroson S F & Co Ltd, 1555 Kildare rd 253-6361 
Mercury Chemical Co Ltd, 1005 Walker rd 254-4378 
Trothen Chemicals Ltd, 927 St Luke rd 254-3283 
Western Solvents & Chemicals of Canada Ltd, 1454 
Crawford av 252-5776 


Jamieson C E & Co (Dominion) Ltd, 2059 Ambassador 
drive 969-7630 

Splendor Bleach Co, 1351 Francois rd 948-2853 
Steril Products, 1617 Turner rd 253-6234 
Wyeth John & Bro (Canada) Ltd, 2109-39 Ottawa 


Sportex Sportswear Ltd, 420 Kildare rd 254-6069 


Children's Style & Fashion Shoppe, 1251 Ottawa 


Dorothy's Young World Fashions, 180 Ouellette ov 
253 8192 and 1399 Grand Marais rd w 969-5570 
Schultz Dorothy ltd. 180 Ouellette av 253-8192 
Tot to Teens Toggery, 3188 Dougoll ov 969-5010 


Matteis China Co, 2560 Kildare rd 252-7071 


Ballard Basil A, 374 Ouellette av 253-7222 
Rosen Sidney, 660 Ouellete av 254-2251 


Bluestone Chiropractic Clinic, 75 Wyandotte w 256-7213 

De Frane F J A, 1196 Janette av 253-8781 

Dunn Oswald, 1878 Ottawa 254-2489 

Harrison's Clinic, 1307 Pelissier 253-1047 

Morrison Isabel W, 1878 Ottawa 254-2489 

Roth Harold W, 1404 Victoria av 254-4532 

Smith Ernest G, 1029 Dougall av 253-6041 


Charette J R Ltd, 74 Chatham w 254-7571 
Parish Service Co of Can Ltd, 504 Victoria av 


(For names of Ministers see Alpha¬ 
betical Section) 


All Saints, City Hall Square 253-8001 
Church of the Ascension, 1385 University av w 256-4341 
St Aidan's, 5145 Wyandotte e 945-3771 
St Barnabas, 2115 Chilvcr rd 254-3584 
St Davids Anglican Church, s s Foster av 
St George's Anglican Church, 1949 Devonshire Court, 

St James Anglican Churcsh, 4276 Roseland dr east 

St John's, 3305 Sandwich 253-4824 
St Marks Church, 1636 Tecumseh blvd w 256-7081 
St Mary's,2003 St Mary's Gate 252-4763 
St Matthews, n s Norfolk 969-1510 
St Michael & All Angels Anglican Church, 8700 Jerome 

St Paul's Anglican Church of Canada, 1561 Ouellette 
av 254-3601 

St Peter's Anglican Church, 1994 Ellrose av 948-4612 
St Philip's Church, w s Chappell av 256-6881 


Bethel Baptist Church, 1240 Pierre av 
Campbell Baptist Church, 1821 Wyandotte w 254-3638 
Emmanuel Baptist Church, before 3795 Woodward blvd 
First, 710 Mercor 

First Roumanian Baptist Church, 1680 Drouillard rd 
Grace Baptist Church, 3150 Tecumseh blvd e 
Nobles Memorial Baptist Church, n s Third Concession 
road 969-8660 

Olivet Baptist Church, 579 Logan av 
Riversido Baptist Church, 8300 Little River rd 945-5410 
Roseland Boptist Church, 315 Cabana rd e 
Sandwich First Baptist Church (Colored), 3652 Peter 

Tabernacle Baptist Church, 3285 Manchester rd 256-8431 
Temple, 664 Victoria ov 253-1641 
Walkerville, 1675 Catoraqui 256-1143 

(Christian Science) 

First Church of Christ Scientist, 114 Giles blvd w 


Congregation Shaarey Zadek, e s Lillian 256-0250 
Jewish Synagogue, 1008 Hickory rd 
Shear Hashomayim Synagogue, 115 Giles blvd e 
253 2352 

Shaarey Zedek Synagogue, 610 Giles blvd e 256-0250 
Temple Beth El, 1600 Third Concession rd 969-2422 

- 10 - 




fia*He£ *i¥. SuUo* 'puue'Mzl- 't^ovhc 

254-2515 LIMITED 736-2134 


First Lutheran Church, 160 Giles btvd w 253-8703 
Gethsemane Lutheran Church, 5 % Cabana rd w 
Peace Lutheran Church, n % Tecumseh blvd e, cor Rossini 
blvd 945-1344 

St Marie's Lutheran Church, 2123 Parhwaod ov 
Trinity Lutheran Church, 1215 Parent av 254*1209 


Bethel Pentecostal Church, 510 University av west 

Goad Shepherd Pentecostal Church, before 2194 
Howard avenue 

Remington Park Tabernacle, 602 Charles 


Hungarian Presbyterian Church, 1566 Parent av 
Knox Church, before 2388 Wyandotte w 
Paul In Memorial Presbyterian Church, 3200 Woodland 
avenue 969-8170 
Riverside, 340 Esdras pi 
St Andrew's, 405 Victoria ov 252-6501 

(Roman Catholic) 

Assumption Church, 2775 University av w 253-2493 
Blessed Sacrometn Church, 3710 King 
Christ The King Church, e s Dominion blvd 
Church of Qur Lady of the Holy Rosary, 2379 Riverside 
dr e 25 3-4784 

Church of the Holy Name of Mary, 681 McEwan av 
Church of the Immaculate Conception, 821 Wyandotte e 
Holy Trinity, 1021 Ellis ov e 253-5863 
Immaculate Conception Church, 821 Wyandotte oast 

Mast Precious Blood Church, 3270 Tecumseh blvd e 

Our Lady of Fatima (RC) Church, 525 Elinor 735-2513 
Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, 834 Raymo rd 945-9292 
Our Lady of Mt Carmel Church, n s. Counsineau rd 

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, n s Grand Marais 
rood east 

Sacred Heart (RC) Church, 1125 Ottawa 256-0910 
St Alphonsus, 85 Park e 

St Angela Merici {RC) Church, 700 Erie 0 254-5542 
St Anne's, 2135 Richmond 
St Anthony's Church, 1493 Parent av 
St Catimir Roman Catholic Church, 803 Marian av 

St Christophers (RC) Church, 3335 Woodward blvd 

St Clare's 166 Tecumseh blvd w 254-1212 
St Cyril and Methodius {RC Church, 1532 Alexis rd 

St Francis of Assisi (RQ Church, 1709 Turner rd 253-3151 
St Gabriel, 1400 Cabana rd w 

St Jerome French Canadian Church, 3739 Ypres blvd 
St John VIonney Church, 385 Dieppe 945-4106 
St Joseph's (RC) Church, 4258 Seminole 
St Martin du Porres (RC) Church, 1808 La Belle 

St Michael Slovak Greek Catholic Church, 2120 Byng rd 
St Michael's (RQ Church, 2153 Parkwaod ov 253-9163 
St Patricks, 1630 Partington av 
St Peters Maranite {RQ Church, 903 Parent av 
St Rose of Lima Church, 875 Si Pose ov 945-4133 
St Theresa Church, 1991 Norman rd 945-4130 
St Vincent de Paul (RC) Church, 2003 Balfour blvd 
945 0867 

St Vladimir and Olga Ukrainian Calholic Church, w t 
Lang Inis av 

(United Church of Canada) 

Calvary, 1099 University av w 256-5818 
Central, 628-638 Ouellette av 253-2172 
Chalmers, 897 Windermere rd 254-2092 
Emmanuel, 1728 Lincoln rd 253-8791 
Giles Blvd, 795 Giles blvd e 

Glen wood, after 1825 Grand Marais rd w 969-3333 
Groce United Church, 3101 Riberdy rd 969-9762 
Lincoln Rd, 659 Lincoln rd 253-0828 
Riverside Church, 801 Gliddon av 948,0423 

Raseland Church, 3919 Howard ov 969-0067 
St James Church, e s Remington av 
Si John's, 1696 Cadillac 
St Paul's Church, 973 PiElolte rd 
Sandwich Church, 3340 Sandwich 
Trinity Church, 1976 Tourangeau rd 
Victoria United Church, 2487 St Louis erv 
Westminster, 1600 Dougall ov 252-2453 


Apostolic Christian Church, 1195 Lillian 
Christian & Missionary Alliance Church, 706 Goyeau 

Church of All Notions, 1029 McDougall 
Church of Christ, 405 Curry av 
Church of God, 3325 Walker rd 

Church of Jesus Christ, The, n 5 Irvine av cor Howard 

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 834 Law¬ 
rence rd 

Church of the Naiorcne, 7380 Wyandotte e 948-8983 
Free Hungarian Reformed Church, 1396 Elsmere av 

252- 9994 

Full Gospel Tabernacle, 2425 Clemenceau blvd 
German Mission Church of God, 1374 Benjamin avenue 
252 0866 

Giles Blvd Christian Disciples Church, 130 Giles blvd e 
252 7332 

Gospel Hall, 644 Partington av 
Grate & Truth Hall, w s Rockwell av 
Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church, 1406 Drauillard 
rd 945 2862 

Hungarian Pentecostal Church of Christ, 1679 Parent ov 

253- 5038 

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, e 1 Howard ov 
1219 Ottawa and 1368 Tecumseh blvd w 
Mount Zion Church af Gad in Christ, 795 McDougal! 
Nativity Slovak Evangelical Lutharon Church, 1396 
Langlals av 

New Apostolic Church, after 5265 Wyandotte o 
New Community AME Church, 2133 Longfellow av 
Ontario Church af God In Christ, 900 Mercer 
Philadelphia Pentecostal Tabernacle, 580 Erie w 
Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 
397 Pierre ov 

Riverside EvangsE Tabernacle, after 6800 Wyandotte e 

Roumanian Greek Orthodox Church, 2059 Seminofo 
St George's Roumanian Orthodox Cathedral, I960 
Tecumseh blvd e 253-9333 
St John The Divine, 1094 Drauillard rd 
St Luke in the Fields Church, e 5 Lillian 
St Vladimir's Ukrainian Orthodox Church, 2000 Tecum¬ 
seh blvd e 254-8067 

Salvation Army Citadel, 566 Hlldegarde, 275 Victoria 
av 252-2601, 2095 Ottawa 254-7853 and 860 
Pilfette rd 945-1306 

Serbian Eastern Orthodox Church, after I960 Meldrum 
rd 945-3555 

Seventh Day Adventist Church, 909 May av 
Tanner A.M E Church, 733 McDougall 254-6649 
Turner Rood Gospel Chapel, e s Turner rd, cor Tecumseh 
blvd cast 

Ukrainian Evangelic Baptist Church, 1059 Albert rd 
Windsor Holiness Chapel. 1543 Aubin rd 945-6422 


Russian-Ukrainian Pentecostal Mission, 2650 Tecumseh 
blvd e 


Avery Smokers Tobacco Ltd, 1950 louzon rd 940-5201 
Murphy Tobacco Ltd, 656 University ov w 253-6351 
Wickens Tobacco Ltd, 400 Tecumseh blvd w 253-5283 


Canadian Notional Institute for the Blind Smoke Shop, 
374 Ouellette av 256 1722 

Norton-Palmer Smoke & Gift Shop, 100 Park west 
Ottawa Cigar & Gift Shop, 1317 Hall av 254-7874 
Ronald's Cigar Store, 39 Pitt e 256-6002 
United Cigar Stares (For list see Alphabetical Section) 



Publishers of City Directories for . . . 



Head Office: 


Telephone 364-1481 


AIF-Brite Dry Cleaners Lid, 2043 Dougall av 969-7755 
Argo Cleaners, 2570 Howard av 966-0010 
Blondes Cleaners Ltd, 909 Riverside dr e 254-4364 
Bridge View Cleaners, 2101 Tecumseh boulevard west 


Chez-A lee se, 5957 Wyandotte e 

De Luxe Cleaners & Dyers (Windsor) Ltd, 928 Erie e 
253 8335 

Dollar Cleaners, 1540 Ottawa 
Famous Cleaners, 816 Hanna e 254-9777 
Ford Cleaners, 175 University ov w 254-9201 (For 
branches see Alphabetical Section) 

Forrest Cleaners, 101 Erie e 253-3581 
Guarantee Cleaners, 533 Riverside dr c 256-2601 
I X L Cleaners Ltd, 1409 Tecumseh blvd e 256-3426 
Jeffrey Cleaners, 656 Pitt w 253-2416 
Jewel Cleaners, 3163 Tecumseh blvd e 948-4101 and 
1648 Wyandotte a 253 3924 
Joy Cleaners Ltd, 1501 Tecumseh btvd w 254-8471 
Jay Dry Cleaners, 5288 Tecumseh blvd e 
Lido Cleaners, Tailors A Shirt Launderefj, 1022 Wyan¬ 
dotte west 254-8122 

Master Cleaners (Windsor) Ltd, 1249 Grand Marais rd 
wesl 969-3570 and 1081 Ottawa 258-2100 
Modem Cleaners., 001 Louis av 

Peorless-Walkervi lie Cleaner*, 1117 Tecumseh blvd e 

783 Wyandotte Street East, Phone 
254-1176, Branches: Si-Mart, Plaza, 
Dor win Plaza, Ambassador Plaza, Gate¬ 
way Plaza 

Riverside Cleaners, 5815 Wyandotte e 
Riverside Coin Operated Dry Cleaners, 7833 Wyandotte 

Shamrock Cleaners Ltd, 3174 Walker rd 
Sakfilk Dry Cleaning, 415 Shepherd w 254-6154 
South Windsor Coin Operated Dry Cleaners, 2955 
Dougall av 969-8940 

Classified, Yellow Page 11 




256-3445 "When Bendo Takes Hold. Your House Is Sold “ 256-4002 


Spotless Cleaners & Shirt Laundry (Windsor) Ltd. 3905 
Seminole 945-6357 (For list of bronches see Alpha¬ 
betical Section) 

Superior Cleaners (For list of branches see Alphabetical 

Vet's Cleaners. 577 Pelissier 

Vet's Cleaners (Windsor ltd). 704 Felix ov 256-5485 

Vogue Cleoners, 115 University ov w 252-3892 

White Cleaners & lounderers. 1620 Ottawa (For list 

of branches see Alphabetical Section) 

White Laundry & Dry Cleaners, of Windsor. 1550 
Elsmore 254-3213 


Dace Industries ltd, 504 Victoria av 256-4762 


Amwoy Products. 4117 Tecumseh blvd e 948-1007 
Dustbane Products. 1945 Wyandotte e 254-8691 
Sapoline Co ltd, 1629 Tecumseh blvd e 256*7879 
Sparkle Products (Windsor) Ltd. 2925 Whclpton 252-3200 


Compact Agencies of Windsor Ltd, 127 Tecumseh blvd 
west 254-3219 

Genasco Co, 1218 Moy av 254-4024 

Pelzer Supply Ltd, 704 Wyandotte e 254-2781 


Brown Camps Ltd, 411 Elm av 
Civitan Dental Clinic, 1509 Ottawa 
Meharry Clinic, 2095 Wyandotte w 256-4901 


Armaly Gown & Supply, 2987 Donnelly 254-8858 
Bridal Rental Service, 1043 Janette av 252*5112 


Harold's Outfitters, 940-942 Droulllard rd 253-1226 
Jaeger House, 423 Ouellette av 254-6439 
laird Ed. 423 Ouellette av 254-6439 
McCance English Shop, 325 Ouellette av 253-6151 
Morris Mond, 4661 Wyandotte e 945-8139 
Salvation Army Thrift Store, 341 Chatham e 253-6359 
Soble Rolph, 1230 Hall av 253-5015 
Uniform Centre, 324 Pelissier 256-9364 
Union Men's Shop Ltd. 25-29 Pitt e 253-7602 
Western Clothiers. 104-122 Chothom w 254-9022 
Westod ltd, 104-122 Chothom w 254-9022 
Woolson's Horry ladies' & Men's Wear, 2451 Dougall 
av 966 0090 


Alano Club. 447 Pitt e 254-2348 

Army, Novy and Airfoce Veterans Club (Unit 30), 1014 
Tecumseh blvd e 253-0518 

Border Cities Polish Canadian Club, 1530 Longleis av 
253 0263 

Caboto Club. 2175 Parent av 252-1510 
Conodian Romanian Bucovina Club, 3690 Seminole 
Cotinors Social Club The. 1042 langlois ov 256 2520 
Centennial Club.-463. 2171 Erie • 

Chrymoto Men's Club. 2330-2334 McDougolt 253 0065 
Club AloueMe Windsor, 2418 Central ov 945 1189 

Essex County Automobile Club, 1215 Ouellette avenue 
256-2625, Annex 1243 Ouellette av 253-1986 
Fogolar Furlon Club, 180 E C Row av 966-2230 
French Canadian Club, 1253-1261 Wyandotte east 

Garrison Club, 430 Ouelletto ov 253-7281 
Harbour lights Yacht Club Ltd, 67 Riverside dr east 
253 0235 

Helenic Club, 378 University ov w 
Hungarian Club, 812-820 Ottawa 253-0486 
little River Golf Club, w s lauzon rd 945-3912 
May Court Club, 1122 Wyandotte e 256-1573 
Othmar Grotto, 1730 Wyandotte e 253-0578 
Polish People Home Assn, 1275 Langlois av 
Polish Veterans Club, 1052 Langlois av 253-0410 
Riverside Sportsmen's Club, 10835 Riverside dr east 

Roseland Golf Club. 455 Kennedy dr n 969-3810 
Rotary Club of Windsor, 380-384 Ouelletto av 253-1859 
Skyline Club Ltd, 175 Riverside dr w 
Teutonia Club, s s Edinborough 966-0032 
Twin Oaks Golf Course & Country Club, 3550 Lauzon 
road 945-5926 

University Club of Windsor, 317 Sunset av 
Walker Homesites Athletic Club, 3221 Walker rd 
Windsor Club, 130 Park w 254-5734 
Windsor Curling Club, 2437 Central av 948-8101 
Windsor Flying Club, s s Airport rd 969-1320 
Windsor Foreman's Club, 3450 Wyandotte e 945-9051 
Windsor Lawn Bowling Club, 681 Church 
Windsor Men's Press Club, 83 Riverside dr w 253-0158 
Windsor Saxon Club, 966 Wyandotte e 256-0054 
Windsor Sportsmen's Club, 2401 Dougall av 966-1600 
Windsor Yacht Club, 9000 Riversido dr e 945-9025 


Empire-Hanna Coal Corp Ltd, 3304 Russell 253-4694 
lake Erie Coal Co ltd, 365 Devonshire rd 253-5229 


Confederation Coal & Coke Ltd, 3510 Russell 253-5214 
Consolidation Coal Co, foot of Prospect av 969-6157 
Coulter & Sons (Windsor) Ltd, 1324 Windsor avenue 
253 4689 

Reaume Fuels ltd. 3565 Russell 253 5289 
Sterling Fuels Ltd, 3565 Russell 256-4501 


Allied Collection Agencies Canado ltd, 176 University ov 
west 253-5268 

Collection Associates, 4776 Wyandotte e 945-2371 

Ouellette Avenue, Phone 256-3421. 

Financial Collection Agencies (Ont) Ltd, 33 University av 
west 254-6444 

Hooper Holmes Bureau, 1922 Wyandotte e 254-9445 

Hospital & Medical Audit Bureau. 33 University av w 
254 6444 

Medical Dental Credit Bureau, 100 Ouellette av 256-3447 

Mutual Collection Service, 182 Pitt w 256-4041 

Physicians and Dentists Business Bureau Ltd, 76 Uni* 
versily avenue west 253-1137 

Record Credit & Collection Co Ltd, 76 University av w 

Southwestern Credit Service ltd, 1629 Tecumseh blvd 
east 252-0632 

Windsor Credit Bureau Ltd, 100 Ouellette ov 253-4481 

Yocom Ken W & Co Ltd, 374 Ouellette av 252-2768 


Windsor Communications Co, 625 Wyandotte west 


A K O Community Centre, 4270 Alice 945-9571 
Community Youth Centre, 750 Erie e 256-0123 
Jewish Community Centre, 1641 Oueiletto av 254-7558 
Parent Avenue Community Centre, 2305 Parent av 

Remington Park Community Centre, e s Lillian 
Riverside Recreation & Memorial Center, 6755 Wyan¬ 
dotte e 948-1811 


948-5221, 5115 E. C. Row (Between 
Pillcttc & Jefferson) (See adv Front 


Unit Precast Windsor ltd. 3041 Howard av 969*1870 
Woollatt Industries ltd, 2999 Grand Marais rood east 
945 6366 


J & J Ready Mix Concrete ltd, 11365 Tecvmrtrh blvd 
east 735-2175 


Oriental Commerce ltd, 1574 Lincoln rd 252-0241 


Edison Market, 3301 Edison ov 254-3413 
Meisner Wholesale Confectionery Ltd, 99 Eugenie 
966 1240 

Walker's Candies, 574 Goyeou 253-2019 


A & D Confectionery, 1591 Drouillard rd 
A & N Confectionery, 432 Park w 
Ambassador Confectionery, 1745 Prince rd 253-8329 
Betty's Corner Store, 1198 Monmouth rd 253-0179 
Bill's Confectionery, 833 Albert rd 
Bill's Confectionery, 7221 Wyandotte e 

Bouchard Confectionery. 3503 Walker rd 
Brewster Confectionery, 1279 Erie e 252-2373 
Buchanan's Confectionery, 1108 California av 253-0589 
Carol's Confectionery, 2433 St Louis av 945-4452 
College Confectionery, 900 McKay av 
Corner Store The 698 Alexandrine 966-0490 
Covington Confectionery. 238 Erie w 
Cuddy's Confectionery, 188 Pitt w 256-9647 
Daber Confectionery, 734 Parent ov 
Dawson George Confectionery, 3150 Sandwich 254-1836 
Deep A Confectionery, 397 Chothom e 
DeJoseph Confectionery & Repair, 3560 Peter 
Domic Variety, 896 Lincoln rd 256-7343 
Derna's Confectionery, 1037 Assumption 253-0576 
Doris Confectionery, 779 Cataraqui 256-0074 
Dorothy's Confectionery, 238 Erie e 
Dubiel's Confectionery, 3277 Peter 254-2653 
Dubien Confectionery, 1107 Drouillard rd 256-8335 
Ducharme's Confectionery & Variety, 3910 Franklin 

East Windsor Confectionery. 2925 Riverside dr east 
Economy Confectionery, 808 Ottawa 254-9822 
Elliott Confectionery, 565 Elliott w 252 8048 
Ernie's Confectionery, 1187 Erie w 252-2388 
Eugene's Confectionery, 815 Ellis av e 
Fischer Confectionery, 262 Church 256-0774 
Fox's Dairy Bar, 3143 Walker rd 969-0081 




1417 CRAWFORD AVENUE TELEPHONE 253-3313 - 252-8021 

Fraser's Dairy 8a r, 1500 Pillotto rd 945-9011 
Gardner Confectionery, 1464 Niagara 256-9043 
George Si Amy's Confectionery, 364 Bridge av 254-2120 
George's Confectionery, 1109 Tecumseh blvd q 
G eorge's Confectionery, 2482 Teeumseh blvd u 945-9051 
Gfcella Confectionery, I860 Drouillard rd 
Hage Mary Confectionery, 570 Pitt w 252-1324 
Hand's Confectionery, 1140 Windsor av 
Helen's Confectionery, 024 University ov e 254-8704 
Hick moil Confectionery, 058 Bruce ov 
Howard Confectionery, 897 Howard av 
Jeannette's Confectionery, 8432 Californio av 

252- 4898 

Joe's Confectionery, 1500 Gladstone av 
John's Confectionery 5920 E C How ov 945-5979 
Joseph's Confectionery, 303 Marentette av 253-5025 
Khoury Confectionery, 851 University ov w 225-3835 
La Foret Confectionery, 518 La Foret 254-3132 
Laura Secord Candy Shops, 338 ond 581 Ouelielte av, 

1285 Ottawa and 2451 Daugofl ov 
Lucky Spot Confectionery, 4297 Wyandotte o 945-9079 
Lucy's Confectionery, 1402 Wyandotlc w 254-9604 
Luka's Confectionery, 2074 Whelpton 
Maple Leaf Confectionery, 1707 Albert rd 
Marie's Confectionery, 4639 Tecimseh blvd e 945-3661 
Mark's Confectionery, 1459 Assumption 256-0121 
Mortineau Confectionery, 823 Piliette rd 948-5314 
Mary & Dorsey, 1462 Drauiilard rd 
May fair Confectionery, 2503 Alexis rd 948-2271 
MeCrae Confectionery, 1802 George civ 
McNeil Confectionery & Grocery, 3560 Walker rd 
Nisby Confectionery, 1100 Erie e 253-4734 
Olympia Confectionery, 2060 University av w 256-7672 
Paris Confectionery, 398 Chrtver rd 252-4314 
Parkway Confectionery, 1494 Wyandotte w 
Paui's Store, 61 Shepherd e 253-0670 
Pool's Variety, 1398 Ottawa 

Peerless Dairy Stores, 1801 Wyandotte e 252-4574 

Prime Confectionery, 1783 Beniamin ov 252-0561 

Randolph Confectionery, 2195 Wyandotte w 

Roland's Confectionery, 1411 University av w 

Rose Confectionery, 4195 Seminole 940-3325 

Roseland Confectionery, 4360 Howard av 969-7552 

Roisit Confectionery, 494 Aylmer av 256-7744 

Royal Confectionery, 1010 Campbell ov 

Santarossa Confectionery, 731 Erie e 256-9018 

Sov-A-Minit-Confectionery, 698 Langloi* av 252-1359 

Sokollk's Confectionery, 415 Shepherd w 254-6154 

Star Confectionery, 1246 Shepherd e 

Steve's Confectionery, 2534 Seminole 

Steve's Confectionery, 273 Wyandotte w 253-0159 

Stop Inn Confectionery, 2783 Howard av 

Sun Parlour Hondi-Shoppe, 90 Erie w 

Thomas Confectionery, 1629 Parent av 253-3205 

Veteran's Confectionery, 8B0 Tecumseh blvd e 

Virginia's Confectionery, 1064 Wyandotte e 

Vozza A Confectionery, 1157 Erie e 

Walter's Confectionery, 1095 Partington av 

Wei's Homemade Chocolates & Candy, 157 Erie cast 

253- 0035 


Italy Vice-Consulate of, 375 Giles Blvd e 256-0092 
United States Consulate, 500 Ouollette av 253-5293 


Business Analysis & Development, 5337 Tecumseh blvd 
east 945 8811 

H & R Black (Income Tax), 262 Wyandotte w 
Mercer Wm M ltd, (Pension Plan), 500 Ouellette avenue 
256 3483 

Ramm Norman (business), 1560 Howard av 254-2501 
SefEon Wilfred J & Associates (labor relations), 2451 
Doug a II ov 969-9140 

Seven Four Seven Ltd (management), 74? Huron 
Church Lino 


McKEOUGH G G LIMITED, 3185 Devon Drive, 
Phone 969-6090 


A St L Home Improvements, 3210 Sandwich 254-3821 
Adan Construction Ltd, 8850 Wyandotte e 94B-2341 
Affo Construction, 643 Capitol 966-1014 
Allan l McGill Ltd, 361 Joffre pi 254-4265 
Aizner Contractors Ltd, 3498 Roxborough av 969-1104 
Aronne Bros Ud, 810 E C How av 966-0185 
A icon Construction Ltd, 1935 Huron Church Line 

S A Construction, 3665 Sandwich 252-0343 
Bailey F R & Son, 2366 Gladstone av 254-1912 
Bostlcn J E Builders (Windsor) Ltd, 544 Tournier 
254 9008 

Satian Construction Co, 1194 Hanna e 253-6371 
Belanger Ray Contractor, 5066 McDonald ct 945-3731 
Bill well Construction (Windsor) Ltd, 1140 Aubin rd 

Balohan Construction Ud, 2155 Kildare rd 254-3140 
Braithwoite J W industries Ltd, 700 Wellington av 

Buttery Construction Ud, 2523 Huron Church Line, 

Buzzclli Angela, 978 Langfeis av 256-4034 
C C C Construction, 721 Lynn 969-5421 
Cabot Construction, 2848 Howard av 966-1454 
Cantaruttl Bras, 2145 Mercer, 252 8600 
Capital Building Industries Ltd, (head office), 3857 
Howard av 9664626 

Capital Quality Homes Ltd, 3857 Howard av 966-1626 
CarlasTmo A Construction, 117B Crawford pv 256-8030 
Central Construction, 2700 Currie av 969-7993 
Cheryl-Lynn Builders, 2715 Walker Circle 945-1341 
Clorldgo Contractors Ltd, 2058 Riviera dr 969-6140 
CEork Construction Co, 755 Dgthormp 969-2563 
Col la vino Bros Construction Co Ud, 1211 Louzon rd 

Corrent Dominic, 1435 Partington av 254-9590 
Cor-Tes Contracting Ltd, 1120 Ouellette 252-3795 
Cunningham-Limp Ltd, 660 Ouellette av 253-4496 
D & l Bras Construction, 1520 St Patrick 254-7715 
Damien Con struct fan, 1341 EEs mere ov 252-4556 
D'A mo re Construction (Windsor) Ud, 2501 Ouellette ov 
966 0554 

De? Santi Bruce Contracting Co Ltd, 939 [anglais avenue 


Dei Champs Construction ltd, 2321 Chari 256-2791 
Dimmer*? Construction Ud, 2525 McDougall 969-9220 
Divito General Con I roc ton, 2423 Mercer 253-9013 
Do chert y Construction Co Ltd, 2495 Buckingham drive 

Domenrc Garage Builders, 814 Erie e 252-0949 
E & R Siding Specialists, 3138 Church 969-4604 
Eastern Construction Co Ltd, 2573 Airport rd 969-4650 
Eugeni Manlio Construction Ltd, 2471 McKay avenue 

Fitch Fred & Co Ltd, 257B Dougall ov 966-1940 
Fuller Gordon H Construction Co Ltd, 1571 Mercer 

Fullerton W 5 Construction Co Ltd, 843 Central ovenue 

GEIIis James D, 1604 Campbell av 253-1245 
Gosling O Construction Ltd, 476 Matthew Brady blvd 
945 8366 

Head Construction & Supply Co Ltd, 635 Tecumseh blvd 
west 254-5988 

HI I Ion Home Improvements, 3966 Walker rd 969-7701 
HU ton Prestige Construction Co Ltd, 3966 Walker rd, 

Harwood Construction Ltd, 2595 Jefferson bjvd 940-5259 
Hack Consrtuction Ltd, 233 Louzon rd 948-6162 
Jqtv'S Dick Construction, 1043 St Mary's blvd 945-3010 
Koufman W J C Co, 1130 Crawford av 252-3830 
Kelso T Lawrence, 1352 Gladstone av 254-3819 
Lahoud Mike Construction, 2552 Norman rd 94B-05&2 
Lamb Phil Construction Ltd, 3350 Si Patricks dr 
Loncho Construction Co, 70S May av 253-3878 

looting Construction Co Ltd, 2130 South Pacific ov 

Lombardo A fit Son Ltd, 2998 Grand Marais road east 

lor 1 Construction Co (Windsor) Ltd, 2644 Princess av 

MacLeod Geo S, 330 BE Foul ov 948-6117 
MaFco Artisan* Ltd, 2861 Walker rd 966 0304 

Rood, Phone 969-2190 and 969-2280 
(See odv Repeating Linens) 

Martin Woodcraft Co Ltd, n s Cabana rd 969-0587 
MasattE Construction Co, 670 E C How av 966-1100 
McCollum Hugh l, 1831 Longfellow 966-1620 
Meredith James M, 842 Villnire av 945-3104 
Metro Builders Ltd, 108 Grand Morals rd w 969-2160 
Milana Oreste ,327 Hall av 253 6932 
Milana fit Guadagno, 327 Hall av 253-6932 
Mokansky and Son, 2464 Alexander av 969-0582 
Muzzln Tony & Son, 1614 Moy av 253-3333 
Petrozzi Construction, 504 Victoria av 254-0821 
Precision Builders (Windsor) Ltd, 2501 OueElette avenue 

Pupate Ho Bros Ltd, 1810 Kant 969-5070 
Puppi Fred Construction Co, 2735 Reddock av 969-2307 
Pgpulin Construction, 3793 Howard ov 966-3025 
Quality Homo Modernization, 810 E C How av 966-0185 
Riverside Construction R C Pruefer Co Lid, 291 Louzon 
rood 945 2377 

Roma Construction, 1149 Hall av 256-8077 
Rossit Bros Cantraclors, 2262 Fraser av 253-2766 
Sartori & Bon Construction Co Ltd, 2689 Parent blvd 

Scofan Contractors Ltd, 2867 Turner rd, 966-1990 
Security Construction Ltd, 2110 South Pacific av 

252- 1 ni 

Silvaggl Construction, 3803 Walker rd 969-0347 
Sterling Construction Co Ltd, 5115 E C Row avenue 

Tokacs J M Co Ltd, 2465 Howard av 252-7714 
Triangle Contracting Co Lid, 1403 Duffed n pi 254-6001 
Tubaro J ft & Son, 605 Ducharme 969-7521 
United Home Improvements Ltd, 1160 Albert road 

253- 3760 

Wagner Felix F, 260 California av 256-6260 
Williams Construction, 3041 Howard ov 969-9890 
Winch Herbert & Son, 564 Windsor av 256-4172 
Wonsch Construction Ltd, 6985 Riverside dr e 945-1384 
Woodall Construction ltd, 1711 Walker rd 256-785H 
WaodEown Construction Ltd, 8850 Wyandotte east 

Woollatt Construction Ltd, 2999 Grand Maroii rd e 

Zanette T Construction Ltd, 1493 Crawford av 254-7593 


Boudreau Leon Contracting, 287 Rankin av 256-7667 

Cortese Carpentry Co, 3241 Walker rd 966-1623 

MacLellan Joseph, 430 Charles 966-0244 

Masoro Broihen, 1400 Totten 252-9136 

Mlhela Mike Construction, 4663 Wyandotte e 948-9943 

fteybroek Wm J, 441 Prado pi 945-2585 

Zawyrocha Wm, 4643 Main 


Bare! Bros Cement Contractors, 2903 Byng td 966-1575 
Bodli Cement Contractor, 3954 Riberdy rd 969-QBBO 
Dilicgghia T, 2328 Leonard 945-0891 
Industrial Floors Co, 235 Eugenie 966-1074 
LIBurdi Cement Construction, 3040 Park wood avenue 

Pessotia Guerrrno, 273 VilJoire av 945-2257 
Ray & Sons (Windsor) Ltd, 4345 Pleasant pi 945-2678 
Santa rosso Construction, 1B14 Piliette rd 945-4967 
Sanfarosia J & Sons, 1202 Grand Marais rd e 966-1633 


Clarified, Yellow Page 13 






Phone 253-7524 or 253-5954 


Windier Con ere It? Drilling & Sowing, 238 Esdrai pi 


Windsor Dry Well 504 Victoria av 252-4052 


AAA Electric Co, (feor) 2437 Howard av 256-1266 
Bertatti Electric, 5452 Tecumseh blvd e 945-9895 
Srldgeview Electric Ltd, 2051 Ambassador dr 969-0812 
Canadian Comstock Co ltd, 3057 Marenell? av 969-1270 
Carvilfe Electric Ltd, 314 6 Walker rd 969-7460 
Collins Electric Service, 3702 Walker rd 969-2277 
Consumers Electric Ltd, 1362 toucan rd 945-5211 
Dosti Electric, 2374 Francois rd 945-3223 
DeMors Eleclric Ltd, 4776 Wyandotte e 945-6321 
Douglas Electric Co (Windsor) Ltd, 3467 Sandwich 
254 B 090 

Ebbinghaui Electric Lld r 1095 Crawford av 253-9445 
Electric Heating of Windsor, 1983 Ambassador drive 

Frank's Electric, 2927 University av w 253-OB55 
Furer H Electric Lid, 2240 Parkwoad av 252-9167 
Gale W D Canada Ltd, 2410 Central av 948-4177 
Girard Eleclric Ltd, 2514 George ov 9^8-4063 
Handbridge Electric Ltd, 1250 Tecumseh bird o 256-4591 
Hording Electric, 1798 Mark av 256-7222 
Highway Electric, 3214 Huron Church Lino 969-5080 
Harwood Eleclric, 974 Pillette rd 945-4930 
Jolly & White Ltd, 2362 Central av 945-4932 
Leacock Electric, 2298 Huron Church line 969-3211 
Lino's Eleclric Co, 900 Ottawa 253-2625 
Lucler Electric, 3707 Whitney av 
Monks Electric, 648 Chilver rd 252-4830 
Moore Electric Lid, 530 Walker rd 254-7591 
Marand Electric, 862 Walker rd 945-2941 
Nantais Electric, 1666 Wyandotte c 252-1117 
Nor-Con Electric Co, 2815 Dominion blvd 969-7930 
O'Haifa ran Electric, 3487 Mutford cl 252 8095 
O'Neil Electric, 2688 Howard ov 966-0258 
Pare Electric Ltd, 912 Tecumseh blvd a 556-3147 
Pare H Electrical Contractors (Windsor) Ltd, 2465 
Howard av 256-2372 

Prche Electric Service, 2860 Academy dr 969-6793 
Pit hie Eleclric Ltd, 2481 Howard av 256 4981 
Poirier Electric Co, 1238 Hanna e 252-1060 
Kenoud Electric, 872 Marentelle av 253-5739 
Riverside Central Electric Ltd, 291 Lauzan rd 945-2377 
Portion Industrial Eleclric Ltd, 3422 Walker rd 969-5270 
Roscoe Electric (Windsor) Ltd, 2378 Central av 945-5757 
State Eleclric Co, 2035 Pool ov 966-1265 
Tucker Eleclric Lid, 300 Eugenie 969-9233 
Universal Repair Service, 1982 Balfour blvd 940-1661 
Veteran Contracting, 276-284 Wyandotte e 256-4947 
Whelpian Electric Lid, 1629 Turner rd 256-4545 
Wi I lough by-Boyle Eleclric, 558 Tuicorera 253-6433 
Zoleney Eleclric Co, 606 Oak av 254-7900 


Myen N J Excavating Co, 276 Laucon road 945-5122 
ItfiDumc Earl. 1850 Jefferson blvd 945-2850 
Smith Bros Excavating 8 Grading Co, freer) 2381 Huron 
Church Line 969-1722 

Smith Bros Excavating (Windsor) Ltd, 2262 Coney 


American Floor Sanding Co, 1223 Westcotf rd 945-5113 
Armstrong Floor Service Cu, 1025 Campbell ov 

Bechord & Son*, 367 Lincoln rd 253-7014 
Chadwick, Wm, 2383 Woodlawn av 754-6604 
Windsor Floor Sanding Cb, 848 Brant 2539998 


Alios Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd, 1797 Benjamin 
avenue 256-3210 

Automatic Heating & Cooling Co, 729 Cataraqui 


Beaver Air-Conditioning Ltd, 3182 Devon dr 969-3383 

Bud Healing & Air Conditioning, 2763 Dandurand 
boulevard 969-6954 

Harold's Heating Co Ltd, 1551 Crawford ov 254-3727 

Huot Heating Contractor, 1630 North way 252-9798 

Morris Heating Co (Windsor) Lid, 1220 Crawford ay 

Parent E f & Sans, 4567 Wyandotte e 945-1161 

Riverside Mechanical Contractors Lid, 235 Lauzan rd 


General Insulation Ltd, 2187 Howard aiv 254-2232 
ideal Insulating Co, 1715 DrnufiEard rd 945-9401 


EVN Contractors Ltd, 1506 Benjamin ov 254-0495 
Morton Industries of Canada Ltd, 374 Ouellette av 



Coscgrandc Orfeo, 1758 Elimere ov 253-0858 
Elma Construction Co, 950 Cabana rd e 969-3751 
Fasan & Son Ltd, 2715 Mark av 969-6240 
Marcocchio I & San, 388 Logan av 253-2636 
Pa Hi sco Bros, 1778 Randolph av 254-0991 
Pignonelli Luigi, 2163 Howard av 253-6237 
We tie I F Custom Homes, 8157 Riverside dr 945-9607 
Win ton Construction Ltd,, 3525 St Patrick dr 969-5707 
Windsor United Masonry Ltd, 2333 Randolph av 


Hilton Painting & Decorating Co Lid, 3966 Walker rd 

Kaus Decorating, 242 Bcllevlow av 252-3797 
Mom S Paint Eng & Decorating ltd, 8015 Wyandotte 
e 945-8002 

McIntyre John, 1022 Wyandolte w 556-9714 
Mickey's Painting 8 Decorating, 1767 Jefferson blvd 

Modern Decorators, 2353 Chandler rd 
National Pointing & Decorating (Windsor) Ltd, 725 
Wyandotte e 253-1715 

Nelson Gene Lid of Canada, 504 Victoria av 252-0700 
Nkholls 6 Nkholls Ltd, 1872 Ottawa 253-6536 
Ontario Painting 6 Decorating, 3550 Wyandotte e 
945 4518 

Ouellette Lawrence G, 903 Albert rd 256-6334 
Phillip's Painting, 5439 Malden rd 969 6607 
Price Richard, 3244 Church 969-4400 
R & ft Pointing & Decorating, 8650 Wyandotte e 

Roy A Humbert Ltd, 1445 Tecum to h blvd e 256-3151 
Russell Painting & Decorating Co ltd, 1049 Janette ov 

Smart Decorating Ltd, 3833 Howard av 969-1470 
United Painting & Decorating, 1929 Norman rood 

Windsor Painting & Decorating, 1921 Norman rd 


Borbcifn T & 5ons Lid, 1194 Hanna e 253-6371 
Hlsutli p|oslerer, 3230 Turner rd 966 0492 

Canada Plastering Contracting Co, 4960 £ C Row av 

Capital Plastering Co, 1126 Jefferson blvd 945-0143 
Fitzpatrick Vernon 3, 1435 Ellrose av 945-3513 
Jones Cecil L, 1445 California av 253-8208 
MaeVay C R Plastering Contractor, 3241 Bliss rd 
McGregor J C Ltd, 517 Sunset av 254-2623 
Mccen Jack Co, 277 Pillette rd 948-4114 
R M Plastering, 3071 lauzon rd 948-7521 
Rambru Plasterers & Builders Ltd, 4980 E C Row av 

Troup John M M Ltd, 1790 Assumption 252-6526 
Troup Jos & lain Ltd, 3285 Bruce av 969-4790 and 2155 
Continental av 969-5820 

Vendrasco Ltd Plastering Contractor, 3857 Ranald av 


Ace Plumbing Co, 639 University av w 254-3952 
Brian Mac J Ltd, 925 Crawford ov 254-5101 and 700 

Wellnglan av 

Burrell Don Plumbing, 1466 California av 253-1336 
Central Plumbing ik Heating Co Ltd, (rear) 178 Janette 
avenue 253-5774 

Cowan Plumbing, 1402 Taurangcau rd 945-1288 
Daniels C 6 Sons, 904 Wyandotte w 253-3324 
East End Plumbing & Heating, 2596 E C Raw avenue 

Essex Sanitary Plumbing & Heating Co Ltd, 5428 
Tecumseh blvd e 940-8129 

Fahr Hp]l Plumbing & Heating, 4617 Howard avenue 
969 3066 

Frank's Plumbing 6 Heating, 1335 Elsmere av 252-6050 
Gaut Charles Plumbing & Heating, 854 Grand Marais 
road west 967-8030 

Glannotti Plumbing Si Heating Ltd, 1465 Randolph av 

253- 7524 

Gllmnur Plumbing Co, 4069 Wyandotte e 945-6031 
Globe Plumbing, 1485 Mark ov 253-7524 
Green S M Plumbhg & Heating, 4772 Tecumseh bldv e 

Hicks Plumbing & Heating Ca Ltd, 431 Shepherd west 
253 9425 

Holok Mechanical Contractors Co Ltd, 3181 MarentetTe 
av 966-1857 

Jallconur Plumbing & Heating, 987 Esdras pi 945-4463 
Kecrm Jeff Ltd, 1280 University pv w 253-4601 
Knowles Wm G, 2484 Princess av 945-6188 
Matte's Plumbing &, Heating, 4398 Tecumseh blvd e 

McLeod Ken Plumbing and Heating, 268B Howard ov 
966 0472 

Modern Plumbing & Hooting, 466 Curry ov 256-5153 
Riverside Plumbing Contractors, 1147 Jefferson blvd 

Ross A Plumbing Ca Ltd, 1636 Tecumseh blvd east 

254- 5011 

St Croix Plumbing & Heating Ca, 2560 Alexandra av 
969 8550 

Service Plumbing A Heating, 2034 Ottawa 256-0401 
Skippy's Plumbing Co Ltd, 954 University av w 252-3559 
Standard Plumbing A Heating, 087 St Louis avenue 

Tighe Terry, 992 Partington av 256-2212 
Wdkerville Plumbing Ca Ltd, 801 Lincoln rd 253*5216 
White Plumbing 8 Heating Ca Ltd, 1932 Ambassador 
dr 969 5190 


948-522T, ST 15 I, C. Row (Between 
Pillette and Jefferson) (See adv Front 





Lawton Insurance Agency 

P.O. BOX 634 

PHONE 253-4657 


McIntosh Asphalt Paving Co Ltd, 1540 Matthew Brady 
blvd 948-3311 

Stirling Construction, 5115 EC Row av 948-5221 


Acadian Roofing & Siding Co, 369 McKay av 256-0878 
Ace Roofing Ltd, 1305 Tccumseh blvd w 252-4409 
Algoma Roofing, 955 Assumption 254-3463 
Best Roofing Co, 144 Aylmer av 253-7676 
Blue Ribbon Siding & Homo Improvement, 2725 Walker 
Circle 945-9134 

Cope Roofing & Construction Ltd, 2485 Jefferson blvd 

Dayus Roofing Ltd, 2479 Howard av 252-6581 
Dominion Eavestroughing Roofing, 1556 Church 

Malach Roofing & Flooring Ltd, 2610 Pillette rd 

Matthews Roofing Co, 700 Tecumseh blvd w 254-3206 
Meikar Roofing Ltd, 2748 Seminole 945-6325 
Melnik Feed & Roofing Co, 1250 Drouillard rd 254-4891 
Riverside Roofing Ltd, 1485 Lauzon rd 945-4263 
W.A.C. Roofing and Construction Ltd, 3016 Walker rd 

Weitiide Roofing, 1872 Longfellow av 969-5196 
Windsor Siding & Moulding, 3957 Wolker rd 969-7060 


A.B.C. Electric Sower & Drain Service, 1868 Alexis rd 

Keith Electric Eel, 846 Prado pi 948-7848 
Electric Eel Sewer & Drain Service Ltd, 3560 Seminole 

Keystone Contractors Ltd, 2490 McDougall 966-1111 
Paolatto Construction Limited, 235 Eugenie 966-1074 
Pizzuti Drain Service Ltd, 1350 Grand Marais rd east 

Windsor Electric Eel Sewer Service, 1003 Felix avenue 


American Tile Co, 4281 Wyandotte e 945-0785 
Palazzi Bros Tile Ltd, 3449 Walker rd 969-3941 
Tricon Acoustics Ltd, 1194 Hanna e 253-6373 
Windsor Acoustics Ltd, 3830 Holburn 966-2392 


C L Rentals & Equipment ltd (Rental), 341 Tecumseh 
r boulevard e 256-1845 

Trans-Continental Equipment ltd, 4395 Seminole 948-6883 
Waco Equipment Co (scaffolding), 2780 Howard av 


Industrial & Machine Control, 1720 Langlois avenue 


Christ The King Convent, 1346 Benjamin av 252-6819 
Convent of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd, 
3650 Wells 252-7766 

Grey Sisters Convent, 663 Marentette av 253-3332 
Holy Name Convent, 3134 Peter 254-4836 
Infant Jesus Convent, 1394 Parent av 254-1712 
Polish Ursuline Sisters Convent, 1371-73 Langlois avenue 

St Joseph's House of Studies, 3020 Sandwich 254-3582 
Sisters of St Joseph, Holy Rosary Convent, 3975 River¬ 
side dr e 945-7464 


Canadian Mechanical Handling Systems Ltd, 3110 
Marentetto av 969-9800 

Mclnnis Conveyors Ltd. 2500 Central av 945-2341 
Sadler Conveyor & Equipment Ltd, 504 Victoria av 

Webb Jervis B Co of Can Ltd, 1922 Wyandotte east 


White T C Aresto Core Oil, 700 Wellington av 254-6688 


Northern Crane Works Ltd, 1922 Wyandotte oast 



(established 1922) 

Official Custodians of Credit Grantors 
Pool of Information 

Consumer "Factbilt" Credit Reports 

Personnel Reports 

PHONE: 253-4481 

Windsor Credit Bureau Ltd, 100 Ouellette av 253-4481 


Border Cities Co-Operative Credit Union Ltd, 1922 
Wyandotte e 253-6614 

Caisse Populaire St Jean-Baptiste Ltd, 1856 Drouillard rd 

Camola Employee (Windsor) Credit Union, 1409 
Drouillard rd 948-7581 

East Side Windsor Credit Union Ltd, 188 Erie e 

G.M.C. Employees (Windsor) Credit Union Ltd, 4320 
Seminole 948-8163 

General Motors Employee's Credit Union, 4320 Seminole 

Motor Employees (Windsor) Credit Union Ltd, 1060 
Drouillard rd 252-6953 

Motorco Employees Plant Three Credit Union Ltd, 2255 
Cadillac 254-3393 

Motorco Employees Plant Two Credit Union Ltd, 2480 
Tecumseh blvd e 945-8562 

Mortorco Employees Plant One Credit Union Ltd, 1716 
Mercer 254-3393 

Ontario Credit Union League, 110 Tecumseh blvd east 

Printers Industrial Credit Union Ltd, 176 University av 
west 256-6362 

S W & A Credit Union Ltd, 1585 Kildare rd 252-8738 

Trucking Employees Credit Union, Windsor Ltd, 2130 
Wyandotte w 

Ukrainian (Windsor) Credit Union Ltd, 1033 Ottawa 

Windsor District CPR Employees Credit Union, 876 
Tecumseh Blvd w 254-4604 

Windsor Dominion Civil Servants Credit Union Ltd, 52 
Chatham w 252-7683 

Windsor Municipal Employees Credit Union Ltd, 755 
Louis av 252-0123 

Windsor Teachers Credit Union Ltd, 1021 Ottawa 

Winlay (Windsor) Credit Union Ltd, 3136 Walker rd 


Brijo Curtain Co, 504 Victoria av 253-8024 
Creative Drapery Co, 1407-1417 Ottawo 252-7218 
Tweedie Shop The, 1239 Ottawa 256-4433 


Monmouth Road, Ice Cream Department, 
Phone 254-3291; Milk Department, 
Phone 254-2547 (See adv Inside Front 
Cover, Page "B" and Repeating Lines) 
Purity Dairies limited, 1501 Howard av 253-4606 
Silverwood Dairies Ltd (Windsor Br), 1999 Huron Church 
Line 969-5612 

Twin Pines Dairy Co Ltd, 636 Aylmer av 254-5109 


Baker's Dairy Bor, 5570 Wyandotte 948-2161 
Dairy Queens of Windsor (Head Office), (For list of 
branches see Alphabetical Section) 

Dew Drop Inn Dairy Bar, 3239 Sandwich 

Ellen's Dairy Bar & Coffee Shop, 636 Aylmer av 

Ethel's Dairy Bar, 3883 Seminole 945-9045 

Gergel's Dairy Bar, 3865 Tecumseh blvd e 945-9161 

Glidden Dairy Bar Ltd, 5989 Wyandotte o 948-4021 

Ice Cream Land, 2849 Dougall av 

Jumbo Ice Cream Cone, 3207 Sandwich 

Lod Dairy Bar, 5709 Tecumseh blvd o 948-4593 

Linda Lee Dairy Bar, 1598 Tecumseh blvd e 254-7860 

Lyn Dairy Bar & Confectionery, 1167 Ottawa 

M.C.M. Dairy Bar, 2005 Ottawa 256-1776 

Meyer's Dairy Bar, 7033 Wyandotte 945-5331 

Rossini Dairy Bar, 4249 Tecumseh blvd e 

Velvet Dairy Bar, 1646 Wyandotte e 253-0183 


Mannina Cheese Manufacturing, 155 Crawford avenue 

Multi-Dairy Products (Windsor) Lid, 1074 Crawford av 

Peerless Dairies Retail Stores (For list of branches see 
Alphabetical Section) 

Toth's Imported Food & Cheese House, 100 Wyandotte 
east 253-0851 


Bickle Jack W Ballet School, 1453-1457 University av w 

Emile Dance Studio, 1645 Ottawa 252-4203 
Russell Rene School of Dancing, 618 Ouellette av 

Zimmerman School of Dance, 1332 Wyandotte e 


ABC Day Nursery & Kindergarten, 702 Pierre ov 

Williams Sunshine Nursery School. 1015 St Mary's blvd 

Classified, Yellow Page 15 







American D eca I com on fa Co of Can Ltd, 735 Prince rd 
254 1507 


Abie's Delicatessen, 555 Wyandotte e 252-2953 
Ben's Delicatessen, 255 Pitt a 255-4051 
Consumers Delicatessen, 165 MeDcugoJI 252-0411 
Gorge! Delicatessen, 525 Totumieh blvd □ 254-5415 
Malic's Delicatessen, 543 Wyandotte e 252-3886 
Schwab's tin port & Delicatessen ltd, 2451 Dougall av 
957-9363 ond 5975 Wyandotte « 945-2538 


FWisI Delivery Service, 1399 Grand Marais rd west 
959 0420 

International Messenger Service, 712 Huron Church 
Line 253 3848 

Jiffy Delivery, 2539 Dougoll av 254-4477 
Merchants Speedy Delivery Lid, 1715 Langldls avenue 


Baker GUI C Dental Laboratory, 500 Ouellette av 

Frank's Dental Laboratory, 102 PI If w 255-6351 
Leamington Laboratories Ltd, 2030 Wyandotte west 
256 5953 

McKee Denial Laboratory, 535 Ouellette av 253-8000 
McManus, McLaughlin & O'Dwytr Dental Laboratory, 
248 Erie w 253-5491 

Parent Dented Laboratory, 52 Chatham w 253-8291 
Strong Dental Laboratory, 1671 Howard av 253-3742 
Webster Thos D, 590 University ctv w 254-4443 


Safes Dent Superior Co, 504 Victoria av 


Armstrong T Ernest, 583 Partington av 253-9617 

Atkinson, Wm, 1011 Ouelielte av 252-1611 

Baker, Omar C, 374 Ouellette av 254-1061 

Belt, Douglas, 7175 Wyandollc e 945-6037 

Benson, Hugh A, 31 Giles blvd e 253-4146 

Bard off, David, 540 Pelissler 252-2631 

Brkk„ Mich! G, 635 Ouellette av 253-6972 

Brown, Stanley A, 2776 Whelpton 254-2422 

Burt, James A, 1399 Grand Marois rd w 969-0920 

Combes Barry G, 302 Ouellette av 253-7575 

Coppel, David L, 997 Parent av 254-5416 

Courey. Philip, 1490 Cabana rd w 969 5991 

Cunningham, R Wqllqte, 15S6 Wyandotte e 254 3815 

Delorenil, Enza A, 7175 Wyandotte e 948-0062 

Dcmomme, Raymond L, 2085 Tetumseli blvd e 252' 1545 

Emoa. Joseph M, 1552 Ouellette av 256-1121 

Evenfey, Jock A, 5885 Wyandotte e 945-3883 

Ezra. I Ben, 900 Giles blvd * 256-2347 

Feher Andy, 1043 Ouellette av 253 2984 

Fejes. John, 44 Gifes blvd e 252 0501 

Ffn«h Louis J, 1011 Ouelielte av 254-1454 

Fetter Karl A 500 Ouellette av 252 7911 

Fuller, Jack E. 4710 Wyandotte e 945-7211 

Furlong. Frank J, 1522 Ouellette av 253-1734 

Gallagher, Michael F„ 5885 Wyandotte fl 945-3803 

Ho Lem. Mlchl A. 4400 Wyandotte e 943-3201 

Hawriih, Richard, 1027 Or taw a 254-8944 

Hoppe. Colvin H. 1590 Ouellette cv 258-3361 

Klut, Leopold, 1390 Grand Marais rd w 966-1041 

Kupiov Allan. 1489 Prince rd 252-4761 

Lamp#. Arthur W. 536 Peli*sier 254 6960 

Lowion Robert A, 744 Ouellelte av 252'2429 

lesik, John I, 569 Ouellette av 253-8440 
L|u (Chou) Willo W L, 7717 Wyandotte e 940-2471 
Livingston, Geo R, 4615 Tecumseh blvd E 945-5812 
Loaring, Ernest H, 586 Ouelloltc av 253-9098 
Mady, David C A, 536 Ouellette av 253-1013 
Memkodi Suru M, 500 Ouellette av 258-3951 
Mazak, Edward, 1466 Ouellette av 258-1270 
MeGinty, Richard M, 590 Grand Marais rd west 

McLean, John D, 2115 Gladstone av 256-2511 
McManus, Wm P, 660 Duel I el to av 252-2123 
Meharry, Rabt A, 2095 Wyandotte w 256-4901 
Meloche Wayne, 1390 Grand Marais rd w 966-1621 
Meredith, A Lloyd, 618 Lincoln rd 253-1791 
Naikauikas, Dana, 445 Ras&lawn dr 969-6610 
Nalcm, Bernard J, 586 Ouellette av 254-1497 
Pepin, W Jack, 1522 Ouellette av 254-8529 
Perlman, Louis, 267 Petissicr 256-3316 
Perry, Roy 650 Goyeou 253-5433 
Picard, Marcel, 3190 Wyandotte w 254-5711 
Reid, Roy J, 1510 Ottawa 253-3328 
Sanderson, Rabt M, 129*1 Ouellette av 252-9838 
Scarfone, Joseph D, 1310 Ouellette av 256-3497 
Schiller, Lionel J, 4400 Wyandotte a 945-6121 
Smith, Harry L, 757 Ouellette av 256-4754 
Spring, Bernard, 1428 Ouellette av 254-7344 
Stodge 11, Francis J, 15 Hanna w 256-2555 
Slraltan, Michael, 934 Ottawa 252-2011 
Thompson, George R, 1288 Ottawa 253-4010 
Wachno, Ted, 1504 Ouellette av 253-4733 
White, Cecil C, 121 Wyandotte w 253-1921 
Wilson, Albert J, 1120 Ouellette ov 256-8026 
Wilson, James W, 4615 Tecumseh blvd e 945-5761 


Adel man's Dept Store Ltd, 60-70 P1H e 254-2581 
Bar I let, Mercian old & Gow ltd, 116-122 Ouellette av 

Hallo 5c to SI Store, 1047 DromHard rd 252-7162 
K-Mart Department Stores, 1550 Huron Church Line 
254-3731 and 7770 Tecum eh blvd e 948 4103 
Nessel's Dept Store, 1726-40 Wyandotte e 253-3455 
Sam's Dept Stare Ud, 1526 Ottawa 254-6401 
Sentry Dept Stares Ltd, 2491 Dougoll av 969-9130 
Smiths of Windsor ltd, 132 Ouellette av 252-3611 ond 
37 Riverside dr e 

Steinberg Miracle Mart, 200 Chatham e 252-3445 
Woolen Dept Store!, 3120 Dougoll ov 969-7900 and 
1950 Lauion rd 948-5201 


Guindon More mi, 780 Ou el kite av 253-5232 
James Kenneth W, 1468 Wyandotte e 256-2301 
Kop&tein Jerome 8, 1579 Ouellette av 256-9261 


Buckner Douglas W Lid, (Interior), 4769 Wyandotte 
east 945-1951 

Cope Tool Design Co Ltd, 2477 Howard ov 256-5167 
Designs for Industry Mould Ltd, 1262 Crawford av 
254 6721 


Dictaphone Carp ltd, 1776 University av w 252-9400 


Bolt on Die Co, 3245 Byng rd 969-3120 
Centerline fWindsor) Ud, 2801 Howard ov 966 12T3 
Cope 6 Gurr Machinery Co Lid, 2474 Central avenue 

Ideal Mold Corp ltd, 674 E C Row av 966 0773 
Pcerkn Plastics Lid, 2829 Howard av 966-1094 
Per fee lion Die Costing Ltd, 3766 Peter 254 6253 

Ref Tex. Corp of Canada Ltd, 3005 Malden rd 969-7071 
Rockwell Took, 1505 Crawford av 253-7271 
Wheatlsy Mfg Ltd, 2590 Ouellette av 966-0350 

WINDSOR TOOL & DIE, A Division of D & L 
Metals Limited, 1680 Kildare Road, 
Rhone 256-2606 


Plasticast Ltd, 3324 Marantette av 969-9060 

(See Letter Shops) 

Avenue, Toronto 2B, Phone 364*1481 



Publishers of City Directorial for . - . 



Head Office: 


Telephone 364-1481 


Dynamic Display, 1614 University av w 256-5473 


Barclay Jas A Co Ltd, 2072 Riverside dr s 254-5171 
Goodcrham & Worts Ltd, 2072 Riverside dr e 254-5171 
Maidstone Essex Ltd, 2072 Riverside dr e 254-5171 
Walker, Hiram & Soni limited, 2072 Riverside dr e 

Walker Hiram ■ Goodcrham & Worts Ud, 2072 Riverside 
dr e 254-5171 


Metro Advertising Distributors, 264 Thompson blvd 


Besser Nellie, 1310 Pierre ov 256-8419 
Custom Dressmaking, 960 Ottawa 253-1258 
Furopa Custom Dressmaking, 1663-1665 Ottawa 
252 5811 

Fortier Yvonne Mn, 1862 Ottawa 256-3744 
Joanna's Salon, 469 Pollster 252-4086 

— 16 — 

Lindo's Sewing Service, 451 Dougall av 254-4041 
Sylvia's, 445 Pelissier 254-2292 
Virginia's Style Shop, 332 Ouellette av 252-3150 
Zora's Dressmaking, 875 Cataraqui 253-8495 


Canadian Von Company, 15 Wyandotte e 
Drug Trading Co Ltd (Windsor br), 2827 Howard av 

Esco Drug Wholesale Ltd, 3206 Sandwich 254-3461 


Aitken Drug, 6525 Wyandotte e 945-5162 
Austin Jack Pharmacy Ltd, 1950 Lauzon rd 945-1154 
Balkwill's Pharmacy, 1965 Tecumseh blvd w 225-7246 
Big V Pharma-Centre, 1378 Ouellette av 253-1186 
Bridge Harry Pharmacy Ltd, The, 1492 Pillette rd 

Brown Floyd Pharmacy, 1777 University av w 253-3321 
Bryson's Big V Pharmacy, 3194-3198 Sandwich 256-8247 
De Re's Big V Pharmacy, 3869 Dougall av 969-2230 
Evans Drug Store Ltd, 7021 Wyandotte e 945-3621 
Farrell's Pharmacy Ltd, 1495 Tecumseh blvd e 256-3436 
Golden Mile Pharmacy, 3891 Tecumseh blvd e 948-8116 
Gordner's Pharmacy Ltd, 527 Ouellette av 252-7761 and 
1 Hanna w 254-1471 

Gray's Pharmacy, 3808 Seminole 945-9611 
Gregson'* Pharmacy, 900 Erie e 253-4866 
Gubb's Pharmacy Ltd, 1399 Grand Marais rd w 

Hamilton's Drug Store, 1602 University av w 254-3902 
Haynes Pharmacy, 4700 Wyandotte e 945-8821 
Hoffman John Big V Pharmacies Co Ltd, 1195 Tecumseh 
blvd e 252-7081 

Hunter's Pharmacy, 3019 Tecumseh blvd e 945-4333 
Kay's Diamond Discount, 1699 Wyondotte w 254-9250 
Lakeview Big V Pharmacies Store No. 12, 4683 Tecum¬ 
seh blvd e 945-4321 

Lakeview Big V Pharmacy, 5850 Wyandotte e 945-2211 
Lanspeary's Limited (For list of branches see Alpha¬ 
betical Section) 

Lennon Pharmacy, 1298 Ottawa 256-7131 
Lewis Drug Store, 397 Wyandotte w 253-4332 
Malette Pharmacy, 4783 Wyandotte e 948-4191 
McGaffey Drugs, 3947 Tecumseh blvd e 945-2121 
Medical Arts Dispensary (Windsor) Ltd, 1010 Ouellette 
avenue 252-1193 

Milan Pharmacy, 1037 Drouillard rd 253-4062 
Millar's Big V Pharmacy Ltd, 7920 Wyandotte e 

Ottawa Pharmacy Ltd, 898 Ottawa 253*6724 
Paterson Roy Big V Pharmacies Co Ltd, 1585 Wyandotto 
east 253-3239 

Poterson's Big V Pharmacy Ca Ltd, 2155 Wyandotte w 

Pelletier's Pharmacy, 2127 University av w 252-7731 
Pond's Big V Pharmacies (for list of bronches see 
Alphabetical Section) 

St Pierre Pharmacy, 1600 Ottawa 253-2439 
South Windsor Pharmacy, 1235 Grand Marais rd w 

Tamblyn G Limited (For list of branches see Alphabeti¬ 
cal Section) 

Wiley Ken Pharmacy, 2300 Howard av 253-1115 
Williams' Drug Store, 1495 University av w 253-4659 
Wright's Drug Store, 3134 Walker rd 966-0285 


Dollord Discount Stores (For list of branches see 
Alphabetical Section) 

Friendly United Discount Ltd, 509 Ouellette ov 

Owl Voriety. 2451 Dougall ov 969-9474 


Gloser Bernard. 288 Pitt e 252-7641 


Atlantic Textile Sales, 63 Pitt e 254-5766 
Bogin's Dry Goods, 3188-3192 Sandwich 254-2951 
Bookwin's Limited, 1664 Wyandotte w 253-3052 
Burstyn Dept Store, 1506 Wyandotte o 254-4020 
Consumers Outfitter's, 301 Pitt e 253-9490 
Dimmick's Dry Goods 4635 Tecumseh blvd e 945-5463 
Emon Dry Goods Store, 215 Erie e 252-9561 
Fabric Shop The, 703 Ouellette ov 253-9633 
Gray H Ltd, 1407-17 Ottawa 252-7218 
Kokor's Clothing & Parcel Service, 1570 Wyandotte e 

Maguire's, 4705 4729 Wyandotte e 945-2933 
Marvin's Dry Goods Ltd, 1686 Ottawa 256-9141 
Michel's Dry Goods, 876 Erie e 252-8423 
Morris Dry Goods, 1012 Drouillard rd 253-1205 
Neighbourhood Shop The, 938 Erie e 252-6862 
Oriental Centre, 96 Wyandotte e 254-0091 
Potomski's General Store, 1691 Tecumseh blvd west 

Selfast Dry Goods, 1093 Drouillard rd 253-3091 
Shanfield's Fabrics, 246 Ouellette av 258-1090 
Smeefon's John Ltd, 1565 Wyandotte e 252-2190 and 
470 Ouelletto av 252-4861 


Ditto of Canada Ltd, 1629 Tecumseh blvd e 253-4781 
Gestetner (Canada) Limited. 3939 Malden rd 969-1571 
Xerox of Canada Ltd, 635 Ouollette av 256-8714 

(See Cleaners and Dyers) 


Capitol Egg & Poultry Co Ltd, 485 Pitt e 254-3251 


Moncur Electric Motors ltd, 333 Eugenie 969-9660 
Waffle's Electric Ltd, 400 Erie e 254-9215 
West End Generators & Starters, 397 Wyandotte e 


Dawe's Windsor Electric Shoving Service, 344 Ouellette 
avenue 253-8681 


Agnew Bob Ltd, 419 Pelissier 254-2571 
Appliance Parts of Canada, 4776 Wyandotte east 

Dominion Electric, 560 Aylmer av 253-6391 
Electric Shaver & Appliance Service, 29 Park west 

Home Appliance Repair Service. 1956 Lansing 969-3099 
Lewin Appliances & Furniture ltd, 618 Wyandotte c 
253 3557 

Sunbeam Appliance Service Co ltd, 2451 Dougall av 

United Appliance Service, 224 Erie w 254-41 16 
Vickers Home Appliance Repair, 525 Erie e 254-4581 
Westinghouse Appliance Service, 3843 Howard av 
945 8351 

(See Contrs (Electrical) 


Allen Electric Mfg & Equipment Co of Can Ltd, 790 
Ottawa 254-9717 

Canadian General Electric Co Ltd, 2690 Ouellette av 

Canadassco Co Ltd, 258 Chilver rd 254-0191 
Canadian Westinghouse Co Ltd, 1167 Mercer 254-9211 
Electricol Fittings Ltd, 1305 Windsor av 252-7266 
Electrical Fluorescent Fixtures, 1202 Drouillard rd 

Electrozad Supply Co Ltd, 314 Giles blvd e 252-1136 
Finlay Products Ltd, 504 Victoria av 256-0072 
Gibson Electric Div of Unimco Ltd, 1076 Walker rd 

Lincoln Electric Co of Canoda Ltd, 1402 Crawford av 

Northern Electric Co Ltd, 1825 Walker rd 256-2356 
Qualectric Co, 108 McDougoll 252-4532 
Square D Co Ltd, 504 Victoria av 252-9033 
Unimco Ltd, 1076 Wolker rd 254-8651 


Dresser Electric Ltd, 877 Walker rd 256-8254 
Elite Furniture & Appliances, 4897 Tecumseh blvd e 

McKEOUGH G G LIMITED, Distribution and 
Motor Control Supplies and Equipment, 
3185 Devon Drive, Phone 969-6090 

Menzie's Appliances, 1059 Wyandotte w 253-1036 
Savill Appliances Ltd. 1323 Tecumseh blvd e 256-7881 
Sutherland Electric Products, 504 Victoria av 256-0072 
Vester's Enterprises Ltd, 916 Wyandotte e 256-8229 
Windsor Electric Co, 34 Chatham e 253-6511 


Adams Electronics (Windsor) ltd, 2471 Ouellette ovenue 

Duguid's Jim Electronic Wholesale Supply Ltd, 790 
Ottawa 254-9717 

Micro Electronic Co. 133 Wyandotte w 254-8821 
Mulfi-Elmac of Canada ltd, s s Sydney ov 966*0162 
Peterson C M Co Ltd. 800-6 Howard av 256-1869 
Robotron of Canada Ltd. 3865 Malden rd 969-1991 
Weltronic Co Conodion Division, 3201 Morentette ov 


Otis Elevator Co Ltd, 40 Shepherd w 253-3121 
Turnbull Elevator of Can Ltd, 1601 Pelissier 256-5163 


Drake Personnel, 374 Ouellette ov 254-9249 
Manpower Service Windsor Ltd, 231 Wyandotte e 
252 4446 

Office Overload Co Ltd, 267 Pelissier 254 8629 
Peak-Time Services. 29 Pork w 254-2671 


Bruning Charles Co. Division Addressograph-Multigraph 
of Canada Ltd. 2825 Howard av 966 1980 


Armstrong C G Russell Associates Ltd, 76 University 
Avenue West. Phone 253 631 1 
Billings Engineering Ltd. 293 louxon rd 948 0981 
Desmarais Raymond J. 1361 Ouellette av 254 6424 
Dillon M M Ltd. 1361 Ouellette ov 254 6424 

Classified, Yellow Page 17 


^1 adtuiid 




■ran PPPf 

Ol • • • AK1 HUH 

l LTD. 







Dixon, Totten, Behuno Associates Ltd, 52 Chatham west 

GiffeW Associates ltd, 1550 Ouellette av 256-3111 
Ingersoll Leslie H, 862 Eostlown blvd 945*4813 
Maguire & Associates, 1120 Ouellette av 252-8973 
Meyer L P & Associates Ltd, 500 Ouellette 254-1790 
Smith Eborlo M, Associates Ltd, 1787 Walker road 

Smith Hinchman & Grylls Associates (Canada) Ltd, 367 
Ouellette av 256-2377 


Adopt Inspection & Testing Co Ltd, 1297 Marcntette av 


Colman Automotive Engineering Co, 842 Dufferin pi 

Windsor Mechanical Contractors Ltd, 3194 Devon drivo 


Ensite Limited, 2780 Riverside dr e 256-5555 


Conn Name-Plate Engravers, 468 Victoria av 254-4000 
Detroit Metalcraft Process Ont Ltd, 3232 Grand Marais 
road e 948-2011 

H & F Engraving Corp, 3419 Walker rd 966-2320 
Manger W H Steel Engraving, 574 Pierre av 256-0555 
Riebold Engraving, 1922 Wyandotte e 253-6943 


B & C Engraving Ltd, 1782 South Cameron blvd 

Bomac Graphics ltd, 176 University av w 252-8284 

Brigdens Ltd, 220 Ford blvd 256-5151 

Webster Advertising Artists, 220 Ford blvd 256-5151 


A D Engraving Co, 232 Wyondotte e 


Jo-Mar Enterprises Ltd, 52 Chatham w 256-0360 
Simpson H W Agency, 1243 Ouellette av 253-1986 


Trans River Export Ltd, 790 Ouellette av 253*9324 


Canadian National Express & Freight Dept, 275 Mont¬ 
real av 253-7441 

Canadian Pacific Express Co, 196 Ouellette av 252-5131 


A & R Trucking & Paving, 1835 Lambton 969-5213 

Adam's Cartage Ltd, 2408 Edna 254-4333 

Amlin Cartage, 3360 Walker rd 969-3566 

Arme Transport Ltd, 3401 Dougall av 

Auto Haulaway Ltd, 1790 Provincial rd 969-2980 

Auto Haulaway Releasing Services Ltd, 1790 Provincial 
road 969-9300 

Bell T L & Son, 11168 Tecumseh blvd o 945-4942 
Bertrand's Moving & Cartage, 763 Caron av 253-8557 
Bill's Cartage (Windsor) Ltd, 994 Felix av 253-6982 
Bondy Cartage Ltd, 2970-3136 College av 256-4941 
Bowen Moving & Storage Ltd, 504 Victoria av 254-3294 
Bulk Carriers ltd, 2547 Dougall av 969-0735 
Canadian Breweries Transport Ltd, 515 Riverside dr w 

Canadian Great Western Express Ltd, 255 Eugenie 

Canadian Machinery Movors Ltd, 2410 Control avenue 

Charlton Transport Ltd, 747 Huron Church Line 

Chevalier R & Sons, 3349 Riverside dr e 945-8721 
Consolidated Truck lines Ltd, 1217 Riverside dr west 

Couvia Albert, 1297 Chappoll av 254-9778 
Cross Border Transportation, 2635 Union 254-1282 
Cullen Cartage, 868 Walker rd 253-7437 
Direct Winters Transport Ltd, 1950 Continental avenue 

Dominion Cartage Service, 1562 Gladstone av 253-9441 
Don's Transports Cartage (Windsor) Ltd, 11110 
Tecumseh blvd e 735-4821 
Edna Cartage, 395 Gladstone ov 254-4686 
Evans Wm Trucking, 1593 College ov 253-0718 
Flannery Cartage, 687 Assumption 256-5176 
Gen-Auto Shippers Ltd, 630 Tecumseh blvd w 253-5293 
Gen-Auto Shippers (Oshawa) Ltd, 2700 Central av 
Gen-Auto Shippers (Windsor) ltd, 1483 Ouellette ov 

Girard Cartage, 875 Tecumseh blvd w 253-5212 
Gorski Bulk Transport, 1570 Kildare rd 256-8218 
Goyeau Ed & Sons Co Ltd, 985 St Luke rd 254-3123 
Graham's Trucking, 1177 Windsor av 254-8852 
Graveline Trucking, 576 Janette av 256-4753 
Hampton T M Moving & Storage Ltd, 1633 Wyandotte 
east 252-1159 

Hennis Freight Lines of Conoda Ltd, e s Sprucewood av 

Hinton Tho Mover ltd, 2657 McDougall 966-1391 
Hume's Transport Ltd, 2385 South Cameron blvd 

Husband Transport Ltd, 2896 Walker rd 969-9330 
Interchange Cartage Ltd, 525 Hill av 253-5335 
Inter-City Truck Lines Ltd, 1601 Crawford av 253-5286 
International Cartage Ltd, 712 Huron Church line 

Kingsway Transport Ltd, 1832 Continental avenue 

Lancaster Moving & Storage Ltd, 1131 Crawford av 

253- 2468 

Lyon's Transport Ltd, 1619 Windsor ov 254-4345 
M & P Transport Ltd, 3049 Devon dr 966-0290 
Maris Transport ltd, 800 Felix av 256-8206 
McAnally Freight-Ways Co Ltd, 2260 Walker road 

254- 8780 

McCollum Transport Ltd, 2260 Walker rd 254-9944 
McCourt Cartage Service, 1850 St Luke rd 945-6700 
McKinlay Transport Ltd, 4885 Main 969-6410 
Merrifield Transport Co Ltd, 844 Bridge av 253-5201 
Modern Cartage, 412 Prince rd 254-6756 
Moir Cartage Limited, 819 Riverside dr e 254-9011 
Overland Express Ltd The, 360 Eugenie 966-0500 
Pat's Cartage, 853 Strabane av 948-1358 
Peter's Cartage, 1748 Aubin rd 945-5322 
Rawlings Robt, 1888 Longfellow av 969-7470 
Roadway Transport Ltd, 2282 Walker rd 256-3485 
Shorty's Trucking, 2588 Howard ov 969-6210 
Smith Transport Ltd, 227 Eugenie 966-1440 
Star Cartage, 3799 Tecumseh bldv e 948-4105 
Suburban Sanitation, 3372 Randolph av 969-0500 
Taggart Transport Co Ltd, 1297 Wellington av 

Theil Cartage, 1480 Howard av 252-0790 
Thibodeau Express Ltd, 3049 Devon dr 966-1222 
Tony's Trucking Ltd, 2195 Janette av 256-9958 
Trans Canadian Couriers Ltd, 108 McDougall 258-2651 

Valihora Michael Transport, 2350 Tourangeau rd 

Western Freight Lines Ltd, 2450 McDougall 256-2648 
Wilkinson Trucking, 1010 Scofield av 969-3860 

(See Pest Control) 


McKEOUGH G G LIMITED, 3185 Devon Drive, 
Phone 969-6090 


Koehl Industries Ltd, 1280 Crawford av 253-7228 
Transcontinental Equipment Ltd, 4395 Seminole 


Molnar Feod & Poultry Ltd, 2750 Lauzon rd 945-4958 
Seguin's Feed & Hardware Storo, 3231 Giradot av 


Canadian Fence Contractors Ltd, 1140 Crawford av 


Dynaglas Industries Ltd, 1160-64 Albert rd 254-3725 


Associates Acceptance Co Ltd, 356 Ouellette av 252-8348 
Associates Finance Co Ltd, 356 Ouellette av 252-8348 
Avco Delta Corp Canada ltd, 1596 Ouellette av 

Avco Finance Ltd, 319 Ouellette av 252-4436 
Beneficial Finance Co of Canada, 1437 Ottawa 254-4347, 
744 Ouellette av 256-1835 ond 29 Park av 256-4921 
and 1584 Huron Church Line 253-7491 
Budget Financing Ltd, 518 Goyeau 254-3278 
Canadian Acceptance Co, 480 Ouellette av 253-7244 
Canadian Acceptance Corp Ltd, 480 Ouellette av 

Citizens Finance Co Ltd Regional Office, 635 Ouellette 
ov 253-4531 ond 3889 Tecumseh blvd e 948-8145 
Commercial Credit Corp Ltd, 717 Ouollettc av 256-1885 
Eisen Finance Ltd, 518 Goyeau 254-3278 
Ford Motor Credit Co of Canada Ltd, 1522 Ouellette 
avenue 253*4688 

G A C International Finance Corp Ltd, 101 Wyandotte 
west 254-3708 

General Motors Acceptance Corp Canada Ltd, 374 
Ouellette ov 252-4442 

Household Finance Corp of Can, 33 University ov w 
252-8394 and 1474 Ottawa 252-4478 
Industrial Acceptance Corp Ltd, 511 Ouelletto avenue 

International Acceptance Co, 504 Victoria av 256-5971 
Laurentide Financial Corp Ltd, 1163 Tecumseh blvd c 

Mac Investments & Realty Ltd, 1629 Tecumseh blvd e 

Nelson Acceptance Ltd, 2350 Dougall ov 253-8662 
Niagora Finance Co Ltd, 511 Ouellette av 253-4686 
Pacific Finance Acceptance Corp, 564 Ouellette avenue 

Pacific Finance Credit Ltd. 564 Ouellette av 258-2120 


Rant a Enterprises 


CRANE RENTALS — Mobile, Crawler, Hydraulic — Capacities 


PHONES 736-4771 AND 736-4351 

to 55 Tons — Boom Heights to 200 Feet 

Par Finance Co Ltd, 1520 Ottawa 254-6481 
Seaboard Finance Co of Canada Ltd, 302 Ouellette av 
256-7806 and 682 Ouellette av 254-6451 
Specialty Finance Corp Ltd, 757 Ouellette av 253-4122 
Superior Acceptance ltd, 332 Ouellette av 254-7527 
Superior Credit Corp, 332 Ouellette av 254-7527 
Superior Finance Limited, 332 Ouellette av 254-7527 
Trader* Group Ltd, 85 Wyandotte w 254-7515 
Trans Canada Credit Corp Ltd, 85 Wyandotte west 

Union Finance Co Ltd, 569 Ouellotte av 252-4453 
Union Finance Co Ltd, 1664 TecumseH blvd e 256-8221 
United Dominions Finance Corp Ltd, 15 Wyandotte e 

Windsor Finance Ltd, 327 Ouellette av 254-0213 


Century Fire Equipment Co, 2603 Huron Church Line 

Flog Fire Equipment Ltd, 1680 Kildare rd 252-5725 
General Fire Extinguisher Corp (Can) Ltd, The, 955 
Huron Church Line 254-8657 
National Fire Equipment Co Ltd, 624 Chilver road 

Reynold's Florist & Nurseries, 1554 Georgo av 945-2162 
St Rose Florist, 6955 Wyandotte e 945-1183 
Street, Phone 253-3517 
Stephen's Florist & Garden Mart, 2330 Huron Church 
Line 969-6812 

Stowart s Flowers & Gifts, 1399 Grand Marais rd w 

Town & Country Flowers, 4750 Wyandotte e 945-8469 
Walkerville Florist, 1900 Wyandotte e 252-6503 


Ogilvie Five Roses Sale Ltd, 1402 Crawford av 256-2813 
Robin Hood Flour Mills Ltd, 1402 Crawford av 253-6033 


Draper Wm G & Co Ltd (Equipment), 555 Tecumseh blvd 
e 252-8172 

Green Giant of Canada Ltd, 500 Ouellette av 254-2861 
Riverside Fisheries Ltd, 436 University av e 253-9560 


Adolph's Produce Co. 332 Chatham e 252-2266 
Beckman Market, 305 Wyandotte w 253-4700 
Boivins Fruit & Vegetable Market. 992 Drouillord rd 

Drouillord Fruits & Vegetables, 3256 Huron Church 

Florida Fruitland, 1412 Wyandotte e 253-0919 
Joe's Fruit & Vegetables, 290 Chatham e 254-2031 
Mangin's Fruit Farm, 2760 Huron Church line 
Maroon Bros, 4728 Wyandotte e 945-6315 
Mascarin's & Sons, 2144 Huron Church Line 
Paramount Fruit Market, 328 Ouellette av 253-3300 
Pearl D & Sons, 276 Pitt o 252-8341 
People's Fruit Market, 2109 Wyandotte w 253-3302 
Pomainvillo Farm, 2518 Huron Church Line 969-6327 
Superior Produce (Windsor) Ltd, 635 University av e 

Vitale Nick Fruits & Vegetables, 3215 Tecumseh blvd e 

Wayside Farm, 2320 Huron Church Line 969-8783 
Zakoor's Bud Fruit Shop, 2855 Dougall av 961-4110 


(See Restaurants) 


Windsor Fish Distributors (whol), 352 Pitt e 254-8671 


Hy's Fish Market, e s Mercator pi 252-7426 
Konder Fish Market, 1055 Drouillord rd 253-3902 
laporte Food Sales, 5769 Tecumseh blvd e 948-2248 
Poole's Quality Fish, 404 University av e 254-6448 


Great Lakes Sporting Goods Ltd, 856 Walker rd 253-3593 


Artistic Flower Shop, 131 University av w 256-3407 
Bow-Kay Flowers, 1485 Tecumseh blvd e 256-3103 
Bradley Greenhouses, 10498 Tecumseh blvd east 

Conn's Flowers & Gifts, 3182 Dougall av 969-5760 
Dak's Ontario Wholesale Flower* Ltd, 129 Erie e 

Dominion Greenhouse, 1781 Dominion blvd 252-0721 
Fisher's Flowers, 925 Wyandotte w 253-7496 
Flower Shop The, 161 Tecumseh blvd w 253-2224 
Flowers By Malone, 58 Chotham w 253-4000 
Gelinas Al Grower Florist, 3253 Walker rd 966-0363 
Gerry & Phil's Flowers, 12308 Tecumseh rd (Tecumseh) 

Giles Blvd West, Phone 256-1818 (See 
adv Front Cover and Repeating Lines) 

Girard's Greenhouses, 582 Grand Marais rd east 

Heliso's Flower Shop. 5158 Tecumseh blvd e 945-1139 
Huron Line Greenhouses & Nursery, 3631 Huron 
Church Line 969-7268 
Janette Florist, 686 Janette ov 253-1101 
Lewis Flower Shop, 425 Ouellette av 253-2443 
Pedrick's Flower, 849 Riverside dr e 253-5921 
Philp Flowers Ltd, 2229 Wyandotte w 252-1424 
Rond's Royal Flower Shop. 515 Ouellette av 253-3433 


Dainty Foods Ltd, 725 Broadway 966-0770 
Festival Foods, 1447 Erie e 252-4213 
Frito-Lay Incorporated (Canada), 1125 Crawford av 

Funny Bunny Food Products Ltd, 4974 Tecumseh blvd e 

Jay-Zee Food Products Ltd (fruit juice), 1030 Walker rd 

Joy Food Enterprises Ltd. 275 Tecumseh blvd w 


Canadian Cold Forging & Coining Co Ltd, 3258 Maren- 
tette av 966-0100 

Great Lakes Forgings Ltd, 1590 Matthew Brady blvd 


Apex Forwarding Co Ltd, 875 Tecumseh blvd w 253-5212 
McDonald Forwarding Co Ltd, 875 Tecumseh blvd w 

Seaway Forwarding Agencies Ltd, e % Sprucewood av 
969-0496 and 1619 Windsor av 254-4345 


Marshall Foundry, 940 Assumption 253-9621 
Standard Induction Castings. Ltd, 3827 Peter 253-2446 


Green Giant Frozen Foods ltd, 500 Ouellette av 

London Food Services, 2260 Tecumseh blvd e 252-4752 


Abrosh Joseph A, (rear) 930 Parent av 
Catalano Fruit Co Ltd, 334 Chilver rd 254-1141 
Fogel I & Co Ltd, 274-284 McDougall 252-7233 ond 850 
Wyandotte w 252-7233 
G & R Zakoor Ltd. 830 Caron av 253 5271 
Nassr Fruit Co, 321 Pitt e 254 7531 
Nossr Fruit Market, 166 McDougall 254-7531 
Peters Geo P Produce Ltd, 1009 Crawford av 252-5703 

Coulter Oil Co, 1324 Windsor av 253-4689 
Imperialle Fuels (operating Sterling Fuels), 3565 Russell 

Sandwich Diamond Fuels, 3158 College ov 254-6473 
Windsor Esso Home Heat Service, 899 Honna e 254-8809 


ANDERSON/ H S & SONS LTD, 895 Ouellette 
Avenue/ Phone 254-3223 (See adv Front 
Cover and Repeating Lines) 

Chesed Shel Ernes, 695 Aylmer av 252-1833 
Ellison-lllmon Funeral Home, 659 Victoria av 253-2428 
Janisse Bros Funeral Home Ltd, 1139 Ouellette av 

253- 5225 

Wyandotte Street East, Phone 252-5711 
(See adv Repeating Lines) 

Marcotte Funeral Homes Ltd. 870 Wyandotte e 253-3577 
Boulevard East, Phone 254-8633 (See 
adv Repeating Lines) 

Sutton James H Funeral Homes Ltd, 1567 Ouellette av 

254- 2515 

Windsor Funeral Home. 411 Riverside dr e 254-2585 


Arpin Donald Furs Ltd, 484 Pelissier 253-5612 
Furs By Arpin Co ltd. 484 Pelissier 253-5612 
Gervais A J Furs Ltd, 762 Ouellette av 253 2111 
Gordner & Pasikov Furs Ltd, 1525 Ottawa 253-7862 
lazare's Furs Ltd, 493 Ouellette av 253-2418 
Malesi Furs. 484 Ouellette av 252-4128 
Ronald Fur* Ltd. 276 Ouellette ov 253-1145 


Imperial Chinchilla Ranch, 1731 Dominion boulevard 


Windsor Furnace Ltd. 800 Ottawo 256-2321 


Adams Furniture Co Ltd. 119 Chatham w 253 3501 
Baum Jock M ltd. 3220 Dougall ov 969-1763 
Buy-Rite Furniture Ltd, 1022-1030 Wyandotte e 256 5411 

Classified, Yellow Page 19 







Coulter Furniture & Fireplace Furnishings, 1324 Windsor 
ay 253 4680 

Dominion Furniture Co, £20 Glengarry av 2530368 
Elgar Furniture Ltd, 1065 Wyandotte e 253-2100 
Erie Furniture & TV, BBS Erie * 256-7022 
Fine Furniture Gallerias, 2220 Oougnil av 969-1763 
Forest Furniture A Appliances Ltd, 1199 Ottawa 

Fcmour Furniiure {Windsor) ltd, 3935-3943 Tecumseh 

bivd e 945-6875 

Furniture By Thomas, 993 Wyandotte w 256-8124 
Gillin's Ltd, 576 Ouellette ov 254-1151 
Glotter Furniture Co, 1272-1282 Wyandolle c 254-5244 
Highway Furniture, s * Talbot rd c 969-164Q 
House of Denmark, 123 Ouellette ov 254-7338 
Ingram J H Furniture, 1331 Tecumseh blvd e 254-1020 
Kaplan's Furniture Ltd, 1623-1637 Wyandotte c 253 8500 
Leon's Furniture Market, SOI Ouellette ov 254-2844 
Lopatin Bras Furniture Ltd, 743-745 Wyandotte e 

Luckino Furniture Co, 2S21 Ho word av 969-9612 
Mody C A & Sons Lid, 4735 Tetumsah blvd e 945-1117 
Meretsky Irving Furniture {Windsor) Ltd, 959-971 Wyan¬ 
dotte e 254-6267 

Nestor Woodcraft, (rear) 806 Albert rd 254-5080 
Q'Neifl-Bernhardt Ltd, 1645 Wyandotte e 254-756B 
Parnes Furniture Ca Ltd, 1074 Wyandotte e 254-6660 
Rothweli's Klddieland Ltd, 7662 Tecumseh blvd c 
945-481 1 end 510 Pelbder 253-3861 
Ricks Furniture, 1363-1365 Prince rd 256-0077 
Rose A Furniture Co, 324 Pitt e 253-2245 
Royal Furniluro Co, 743-745 Wyandolte a 253-6322 
Royal Furniture Budget Store, 722 Wyandotte e 

253- 7458 

Steinberg's Furnilure & Appliance Centre Ltd, 1473 
Ottawa 253-8210 

Toppermon N Ltd, 1214 Ottawa 256-5421 
Tinning Peter, 663 Ouellette av 253-8375 
Unfinished Furniture Products, 1448 Wyandotte east 

254- 4079 

United Furniture & Plumbing Co Ltd, 1075 Wyandotte e 

Whiteman Furniture Co Ltd, 760 Wyandotte e 254-1506 
Whiteman. Saul & Sons Ltd, 1378 Ottawa 253-3111 


Albert's New & Used Furniture, 1156 Wyandotte e 

Baum, & Brody Ltd, 41 Riverside dr e 253-3547 
Quality Furniture Sales, 1001 Erie e 253-9533 
Wyandotte Furniture, 988-996 Wyandotte e 253-5623 


Ingram Adam Mfg Co, 337 Salter ov 254-8907 


Lloyd's Hardwood Finishing, 108 Me Doug a II 252-7422 
West Side Furniture Finishing, 3670 Sandwich 254-2788 
Zaiton Furniture Refinishing & Repair, 3110 Sandwich 


{See Fur Dealers and Farriers} 


(See Automobile Garages) 


Sasso Disposal Lid, 3720 Blackburn cl 252-7312 


C & S Garden Centre, 3510 E C Raw av 
Cock Bros Home & Garden Centre, 730 Tecumseh blvd 
w 254-8605 

Droui Hard Alex Lawn A Garden Equipment Ltd, 11293 
Tecumseh blvd e 735-2161 
J & 5 Lawn Equipment, 4824 Malden rd 966-2170 


Stiers Gas Appliances, 4830 Main 969-4094 


Liquid Carbonic Canadian Carp Ltd, 2440 Central av 


T49 Chatham West, Phone 253-4261 

(See also Auto Garages} 

Albert's Service 1291 Wyandotte e 248-8033 
Allison's Texaco Service, 3940 Walker rd 966-2191 
Arrow Petra feu ms Ltd (For list of Service Stations 
sc? Alphabetical Section) 

Art's Shell Service, 6960 Wyandotte e 945-2453 
BP Canada Ltd (For List of Service Stations see Alpha¬ 
betical Section) 

Barbe's Service, 5049 Tecum seh blvd e 945-7933 
Baughman Ken Service Station, 1485 Erie e 254-3515 
Beaver Oil Co (Far list of service stations see Alphabeti¬ 
cal Section) 

Hcneteau's Gai Station, 1595 Union 253-770B 
Big Chief Service Station, 1540 Crawford av 253-1466 
and 2621 Dougall av 969-6281 
Bill's Service Station, 205 Wyandotte o 
Bridgeview Garage Ltd, 1980 Wyandotte w 256-8231 
Briggs John, 521 Riverside dr e 252-2022 
British American Oil Co {For list of service stations, see 
Alphabetical Section) 

Eraser Mike Service, 625 Mercer 254-5666 
Brown Bros Service, 2095 Tecumseh blvd w 253-3611 
and 1660 Huron Church tine 254-7272 
Brownie's Shell Service, 3663 Walker rd 969-8190 
Burllng's Ken Service, 1920 Ottawa 253-7419 
CAD Service, 1290 Tccurmeh blvd e 253-3306 
Canadian Oil Co ltd, (Far list of service stations, se<* 
Alphabetical Section) 

Canadian Petrofina Co Lid, (For list of service stations, 
see Alphabetical Section) 

Capitol Shell Service, 5124 Tecumieh blvd e 948-1511 
Carl's BA Service, 1105 Ouellette av 252-5991 
Caron B A Service, 714 University av w 254-0131 
Cassidy's Service Windsor Ltd, 3392 Doug a I av 969-5069 
Chapman Allan W, 1691 Ouellette av 254-8980 
Cities Service Oil Co ltd, 4320 Tecumjeh blvd e 
Coates-Dunseith Sunoco Service Station, 2545 Howard 
avenue 966-0583 

Carchls Supertest Service, 4675 Seminole 945-9242 
Cowden's Esso Service, 5764 Tecumseh blvd east 

Cutler Ernest J, 1410 Huron Church Line 256-1665 
Derbyshire Service Station, 2105 Walker rd 254-5726 
Don's Shell Service, 2901 Howard ov 966-0374 
Donelll's Service Centre, 379 Goyeau 252-1393 
Darwin Pfaia Shell, 2520 Da u go 11 av 969-9290 
Dougall Rd 8A, 2693 Dougoll ov 966-2410 
Dougall Sunoco Service, 2890 Daugall av 969-6920 
Dupuis A Gillies Texaco, 2603 Huron Church Line 

Durocher BA Service, 4620 Walker rd 969-3700 
East End Sunoco, 7649 Tecumseh blvd! e 948-6311 
Evans Howard Shell Service, 2240 Wyandotte west 

Evsoni Maria Mrs, 11236 Tecumseh blvd e 735-9671 
Fairlle's Shell Service, 280 University av w 253-7140 
Form's Sunoco Service, 1765 Wyandotte w 252-8075 
Penn-Way Service, 480 Cabana rd e 966-2020 
Forri Leo Service, 1088 Tecumseh blvd o 253-1500 
Ferry's Jim Supertest Service, 1115 Huron Church Line 

253- 9592 

Filip's Esso Service, 3990 Riberdy rd 969-0550 
Findlay T A Ltd, 991 Ouellette P v 256-2194 
Findlay Thoi A, 285 Giles blvd a 
Frank's BA Service, 486 Tecumseh blvd e 254-3401 
Fred's Service, 1495 Drouiilard rd 945-8661 
Galerno James Service, 1304 Grand Marais rd W 
Gamble's Gord Service, 1778 Wyandotte a 254-7822 
Gee Rob I B, 83 8 Erie e 253-5193 

George's Service Centre, 4320 Tecumseh blvd e 945-2731 
G; urge's Shell Service, 3098 Walker rd 969-0065 
Gerry's Arrow Service, 3995 Tecumseh blvd e 

Gregory's Service Station, 1502 George ov 945-3022 
Gus Sunoco Service, 3419 Tecumseh blvd e 948*4091 
Hank's Service Station, 7890 Tecumseh blvd east 

Harkins Jack Service Ltd, 5565 Wyandotte e 945-2412 
Hadgini Al BA Service, i i Division rd 969-9183 
Hodgson Harold, 225 Wyandotte w 252-1407 
Holmes Sunoco Service, 880 University ev west 

Imperial Oil Co Ltd {For list of service stations see 
Alphabetical Section) 

Ivan's Texaco Service, 278 Tecumseh blvd e 254-9995 
Janca's Corner Service, 4300 Howard av 969.3210 
Jaydee Sunoco, 6082 Tecumseh blvd e 945-7274 
Jerry's Esso Service, 8135 Wyandotte e 945-5231 
Jimmy's Sunoco Service, 925 Erie e 254-0594 
Joe's 8A Service Station, 4560 Howard avenue 

Johnny's Sunoco Service, 1110 Tecumseh blvd e 

JoinvMIe's Esso Service, 4355 Tecumseh blvd e 948 8337 
and 920 University av w 253-4003 
Janet Roger Texaco, 1707 Tecumseh blvd west 

254- 7679 

Kemler John Service Station, 5359 Malden rd 969-8818 
Klingler Mike Service, 3199 Walker rd 966-1390 
Kochi M Service Garage, 9520 Tecumseh blvd east 

Leccurs' Service, 4642 Main 969-6566 
lee's Riverdale Sunoco, 7065 Wyandotte e 945-9363 
Lesperance Shell Service, 3001 Dougall ov 969-7620 
Liman Terry Service, 3024 Huron Church Line 969-8388 
Long's Supertest Service St a Han, 2970 University av 
west 254*3441 

tare Service Station, 1460 College av 253-6921 
Malenfant's Shell Service, 3T47 Sandwich 256-9406 
Marcel's Service A Garage Ltd, 5584 Tecumseh blvd e 

Markham Fin a Station, 3110 Sandwich 253-8181 
Martin Paul A, 11702 Tecumseh blvd o 735-9507 
McIntosh Texaco Service Garage, 5370 Wyandotte e 

McNeill's Esso Service Station, 3560 Walker road 

McQueen's Esso Service Station, 680 Goyeau 253*0361 
Morden'i Sunoco Service, 1310 Third Concession road 

Morgan's 8A Service, 2850 Howard av 966*9886 
Muziln Angelo Service Station, 2454 Huron Church 
Line 969-6562 

Myers Service Station, 1165 Wyandotte w 252-2525 
Neville's Sunoco Service, 1488 Ouellette av 253-5652 
Nicholson's Texaco Service, 5300 Tecumseh blvd east 

Gsiend Service Station, 2587 Howard av 966-1564 
Ottawa St Superleil, 969 Ottawa 254-7176 
Paul's Service, 2403 Walker rd 253-9568 
Paul's Supertest Service, 3511 Wyandotte e 948-4691 
Pete's BA Service, 895 Ottawa 254*4613 
Pierre's Maurice Texaco Service, 7875 Riverside drive e 
945 1713 




Over 1400 branches to serve you 

Fillatte Service, 460Q Wyandotte e 945-9421 
Platt 1 '* Tony Texaco Service, 1919 Wyandotte east 

Plumb Ken Texaco Service, 3099 Tecumieh blvd east 

Poupard's Esso Service, 2585 Wyandotte w 256-5036 
Punga's Service, 3720 Seminole 945-7711 
Quick's Service, 1409 Wyandolto e 256-5803 
ft R Garage, 1524 Matthew Brady blvd b 945-63B6 
Richmond's Shell Service, 355 Cabana rd e 969-4210 
Riga's Service, 810 Tecumieh blvd o 256-8721 
Rivalt Bros Supertest Service, 1192 Ouellette 253-7849 
Riverside BA, 7945 Wyandotte e 945-7771 
Riverside Supertest Srevice, 7885 Wyandotte e 945-3424 
Robertson James D, 1780 Ottawa 254-6747 
Rocco'i 8P Service, 305 Giles blvd e 253-8091 
Ronianycia's Honk Service Stations Ltd, 2576 Howard ov 

Ron's BA Service, 2091 University ov w 254-6775 
Roy's Esia Service, 911 Ottawa 254-5075 
Russell's Aufa Service, 2/02 Howard av 966-1912 
St John Texaco Service, 2525 Ouellette av 969-5383 
Shell Canada Ltd (For list of service stations see 
Alphabetical Section) 

Skolly's Service, 2569 Dougalt av 969-8709 
Smitty's Texaco, 1405 Ouellette av 254-2245 
Sokofik John Shell Service, 405 Tecum&eh blvd west 

Stans' City Service, 5440 Wyndotte o 948-4361 
Star BA Service, 3799 Tecumsch blvd a 948-4106 
StElion Ken Texaco Service, 2675 Tecum so h blvd west 

StHson'i Ed Service, 2535 Ouellette av 966-1042 
Sun Oil Co Ltd {For list of service stations see Alpha¬ 
betical Section) 

Supartest Petroleum Corp Ltd (For Hit of service stations 
see Alphabetical Section) 

Tecumseb East Auto Service Ltd, 5906 Tecumieh blvd e 
948 4862 

Teno's Leo Service, 220 Wyandotte e 253-0333 
Texaco Canada Lid (for list of service stations see 
Alphabetical Section) 

Tilley's Finn Service, 1571 University av w 256-3894 
Tmtinnlli L Shell Service, 4477 Wyandotle e 948-1211 
Veteran Service, 308 Wyandotte a 

Victoria Service Station, 1609 Tec urns eh blvd e 254-2912 
Vince's Sunoco Service Station, 4549 Wyandotle east 

Western Hardware Service Station, 4921 Malden road 

WoitsTde Texaco, 3190 Peter 256-4303 
Wilder Service, 1641 Provincial rd 966-2030 
Willis Fred, 3579 Tecumieh blvd e 948 0841 
Wilson's BA Service, 406 Wyondolte w 252-8955 
Wright Erneat Shell Service, 2588 Howard av 969-6210 
Wyandotte Service, 320 Wyandotte w 256-3983 and 
615 Wyandotte e 254-4032 


Gig not Red ford 0, 1766 Mark av 254-2353 


Goulin Ross £ Ltd, 618 Lincoln rd 256-4566 
Impaction Air Gauge lid, 3298 Riberdy rd 966-1232 
Semtec Ltd, 3500 Ontario 948-4127 
Thermo Gauge Instrument Co, 1175 Crawford avenue 


Gelatine Capsules Ltd, 3190 Devon dr 969-7B4I 


l & A General Store, 1282 George av 945 8911 


Continental Gift Shop, 616 Erie e 252-7849 
£>e Monte Gift Shop, 719 Erie e 253-9284 
Dudley's Gift Shop, T475 Tecumseh blvd e 254-5887 
Harold's Gift Shop, 69 Wyondotte e 252-3135 
Hong Kang Chinese Gift Shop, 472 Oueltclic avenue 

Kay'a Cain Shop, 136 Wyandotte o 254-0183 
Matthew's Gift & Confectionery, 8157 Wyandotte e 

Maxine s For Gifts, 1011 Ouellette av 252-2363 
Meco GEfl Shop, 133 Wyandotte w 254-8821 
Paper Things, 75 University av w 254-6818 
Shonfield-Meyers Budget Gift Shop Dept, 176 Ouellette 
av 252-9702 

Souvenir & Gift Comer, 474 Ouellette av 252-8247 
Taylor's Gift Shop, 5760 Wyandotte e 945-1131 
Tunnel Gifts, 407 Ouellette ov 253-6744 
Ukrainian Handicraft Shop The, 1011 Langlois avenue 


Bennett Glass Co Ltd, The, 1004 Walker rd 254-5159 
Canadian Pittsburgh Industries Ltd, 801 Caron avenue 

Colonial Installation & Supply Co, 2347 P filet I e rd 
945 9261 

Dominion PJole 5. Window GEasi Ca, 2591 Howard av 
966 0300 

Duplata Canada Ltd (Windsor DN), 1850 Walker rd 

Essex Glass Ltd, 2591 Howard av 966-0300 
Ferguson Glass Limited, 2465 Howard av 253-4619 
Goodwin GFas* Indusrtlos Ltd, 049 Walker rd 256-1876 
Guardian Glass Ltd, 2479 Howard av 256-2671 
Zullani Joseph Ltd, 2376 E C Row aV 966-0120 


Woodall Golf Centre, 2450 Dougall av 966-1003 


Walker Hiram & 5om Grain Corp Ltd, 2072 Riverside 
dr e 254-5171 


Menkin's Card Shop Ltd, 435 Ouellette av 252-9885 


Drlamarter Sharpening, 1010 Lincoln rd 253-4105 
Levesque Sharpening, 5243 Tecumieh blvd e 945-1530 


Saul ion A H Ca Ltd, 605635 Caron av 252-7211 
National Grocers Co Ltd, 871 Janette av 253-6301 
Windsor Food Distributors, 10574 Tecumseh blvd e 


An nett Bros Grocery, 401 Dougall av 253-5054 
Anthony's Food Market, 1690 Parent av 253 9636 
Arnold Market, 1000 Windsor av 256-2752 
8 & l Market, 3398 Walker rd 
Bacon IGA Foadliner, 2285 Howard av 
Bloomfield's Market, 3578 Bloomfield rd 254 6174 
Bodnar Market, 1207 Monmouth rd 254*2488 
Boo re Fadah. 399 Elliott e 254-9121 

Borrelli Bros Grocery, 880 Erie e 254-6003 
Bridge Grocery & Soda Bar, 2846 University av w 
Brute Market, 1411 Bruce av 253-8723 
Bulat Super Market, 1657 College av 254-5775 
Bulat's Self Serve Market, 4898 Tecumieh blvd e 
Carnegie Sandwich IGA, 3242 Sandwich 
Central Grocery, 1052 Marlon av 253-0240 
Chdllta Groceries, 897 Pierre av 253-2801 
Charron Quality Market, 2747 Whelp Ion 253-8522 
Clarke Geo H, 357 Grove av 253-5736 
Commercial Food Market, 424 Hanna w 256-7236 
Consumers Warehouse of Windsor Ltd, 186 McDougall 

D & S Market, 1681 DrauiElard rd 945-701 1 
Dan's Market, 349 Ellis av 254 6596 
DeMarco S, 255 Pitt e 253-6B98 
Derkoch Grocery, 1177 Marian av 
DeVItiorf Bros, 1400 Pelletier av 253-0712 
Dominion Stores Ltd (For list of branches see Alpha¬ 
betical Section) 

Darner Market, 1498 PEllette rd 945-1533 
Dupuis Market, 10585 Clairview av 735 4831 
Elsmare Market, 1501 Els mere av 253-3023 
Ferrari'* IGA, 5790 Wyandotte e 
Food Ion cl Ltd, 867-877 Wyandotte e 
Ford Provision Co, 1207 DrcuUfard rd 253-2867 and 
900 EJsmero av 254-0161 

Ford's Bob Meal Market, 1062 Felix av 254-7347 
Fred's Grocery, 1784 Drouillard rd 945-8181 
Gollfl Grocery, 401 Parent ov 256-4105 
Go ra bed ion Geo K, 3441 Sandwich 
Gaspare's Market, 829 Langlols ov 254-7252 
Giglla Grocery, 2268 Wyandotte w 254-1949 
GouEn Farms Ltd, 10150 Tucemseh bldv a 735-9605 
Goyeau Bert Market, 1155 University av W 254-4358 
Grand Marais Groceteria, 2856 Parent blvd 966-0103 
Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co Ltd {For list of branches 
see Alphabetical Section) 

Haddad Uu IGA Markets, 1207 Ouellette av 256-1211 
Haddad's Phil Market, 1005 Lincoln rd 252-1427 
Hasson Grocery, 697 Glengarry ov 256-8621 
Hawchuk's Market, 4717 Sandwich 969-5023 
HE Neighbour Jug Milk Stare, 2149 University avenue 

Holland Bros, 1277 Ottawa, 253 8565 
Howard Market, 1500 Howard ov 253-9477 
IGA Foadliner, 1794 WestccM rd 
Malian Food Market, 555 Erie e 256-4021 
Ivanovich VEnko, 2296 Chandler rd 948-2927 
Jensen Waller R. 395 McEwan av 253-2910 
Jimmy'* Market, 35 Hanna av 253-9722 
John & Son Grocery, 1000 Felix av 252-1841 
Kadrie's Market, 1405 Erie e 253 5933 
Xar Wah Co, 341 Park w 254 7894 
Kur man's Market, 1175 University av a 253-2635 
Kwong Lung Co, 394 Pork w 253-7541 
Len't Market, 1795 University av w 256-5861 
Levy's Grocery, 308 Lauxcn rd 945 3233 
Lincoln Market, 1197 Lincoln rd 253-3802 
Lablaw Groceterias Co Ltd (For list oF stores see 
Alphabetical Section) 

Laeb M Ltd, 2529 McDougall 969-9610 
M &. P Supermarket, 910 Howard ov 256-6417 
Mackenzie's Morkei, 7951 Riverside dr e 948-8705 
Maker's Grocery, 320 Elliott w 
Marcus Market, 1144 Wyandotte e 254-2663 
Maroon Broi, 891 Riverside dr e 254-4B31 
Martin's Market, 5345 Malden rd 969-7280 
Meat City, 846 University av w 254-8636 
Meconl S & M Importers, 475 Wyondolte e 253-3430 
Millar's Market, 3287 Dougall ov 969-3740 
Miiiour Nagal Mrs, 3153 Walker rd 969-9766 
Moore's Food Market, 1736 Wyandotte w 256-1806 
Myers Markei, 1609 Tocumseh blvd w 252-9462 
N 4 D Super Market Ltd, 1349 Grand Marais rd w 
969-4680 and 5415 Tecumieh blvd c 945-2319 
N i D Supermarket Ltd (East Town), 2090 Lauion rd 

Neighbourhood Grocery, 1225 Hanna e 253 0523 
Norm's Grocery, 400 Chlppawa 256-5398 
Packer's Super Market (Ontario) ltd, 1365 Tecumieh 
blvd e 252 1151 

Classified, Yellow Page 21 




Manufacturers — Distributors — Agents 

147 JANETTE AVENUE, WINDSOR 12 - - Phone 519 - 252-6162 


Park Grocery & Confectionery, 359 Park w 252*8912 
Prashek Market, 1405 Langlois av 253-7960 
Prieur's Market, 405 Erie w 253-6903 
Prince Road Market, 1357 Prince rd 253-1191 
Publix Market, 1197 Drouillard rd 253-4028 
R-M Market, 699 Charlotte 969-9464 
Remington Provisions, 604 Bensette 
Rubin Hyman, 811 Erie o 254*3133 
St Rose Market, 6915 Wyandotte c 945-3522 
Sandwich Provisions, 3499 Sandwich 252*6283 
Scarfone's Market, 1117 Erie e 253*0860 
Schincario-I Market, 830 Hanna e 
Schwab's Supermarket, 3690 Sandwich 254-4735 
Service Market, 476*480 University av w 253*3831 
Shepherd Market, 384 and 396 Shepherd w 254-5722 
Spidalieri Grocery Store, 636 Yanier 966-0964 
Square Deal Market, 1231 Drouillard rd 253*4848 
Steinberg's Ltd, 2000 Chatham © 253*5722 
Sieve's Handy Food Market, 4701 Tecumseh blvd e 

Strong's Market, 3010 Tecumseh blvd e 945*6941 
Suey Yin Chong, 384 University av w 252*3951 
Sun-Lite Food Market, 1445 Drouillard rd 945*9211 
Sunihino Fruit & Self-Serve Groceteria, 1430 Ottawa 

Super City Discount Food Ltd, 3220 Dougall av 
Sydor Purity Food Market, 2498 Tourangeau road 

Tetley Grocery & Confectionery, 1314 Wellington av 

Thomas Food Market, 7786 Wyandotte o 945*3406 
Tony's Italian Grocery, 297 Goyeau 252-0816 
Vinay's Grocery & Confectionery, 1193 Langlois av 
Vizzard's Market, 1494 Lincoln rd 254*2240 
Walker Rd Market. 3819 Walker rd 969-1650 
Weir's Market, 2726 Howard av 966*0552 
Whipple's Food Market, 3848 Howard av 969*0820 
Windsor IGA Foodliner Laine Food Sales Ltd, 1295 
Grand Marais rd w 

Yeryk Peter Grocery, 1936 Longfellow 969*8103 
Zah Joseph, w s South Cameron blvd 252-4715 


Blue Star International Guards Ltd, 1210 Wyandotte e 

Sentinel Alarm & Protection Service, 1120 Ouellette 
avenue 252-2765 


SERVICE LIMITED, Argus Building, 830 
Ouellette Avenue, Phone 253-6331 


Tanny's Vic Gym & Health Club, 2451 Dougall av 

(See Beauty Shops) 


Calvary Memorial Hall, before 326 Elm av 256*5818 
Centre Canadien-Francais, 2418 Central av 945-1189 
Cleary Auditorium & Memorial Convention Hall, 201 
Riverside dr w 252*8311 
Croation National Home, 2520 Seminole 
Czechoslovakia Hall, 1367 Drouillard rd 
DeMille Hall, after 877 Windermere rd 
Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Hall, 2839 Metcalfe 

Knight'* of Columbus South Windsor Council, 2401 

Columbus dr 969-8421 

Masonic Hall, 1029 McDougall and 986 Ouellette ov 

Mindszenty Hall, 790i Hanna e 253-0258 
Moose Hall, 175 Riversido dr w 253*0428 
North American Masonic Hall, 900 Mercer 
Roseland Bible School Hall, 3821 Howard av 
Roseland Women's Institute, w s Ronald av 
Roumanian Greek Orthodox Sunday School Hall, 2895 

St Alphonsus Hall, 439 Goyeau 

Ukrainian National Home, 1033 Ottawa 256-2955 

Wesley Hall, w s Dufferin pi after Wyandotte e 


Hartwell Bros Ltd, 1447 Argyle rd 254*4291 


Standard Equipment Supply Ltd, 1295 Wyandotte w 

Windsor Foctory Supply & Equipment Ltd, 1695 Glad¬ 
stone av 256-3493 


Arcade Hardware, 431 Shepherd w 253*9425 
Bates Hardware Ltd, 1082*4 Wyandotte e 254-5918 and 
5862 Wyandotte e 945-1133 
Bird Hardware Co, 2014 Wyandotte w 253*4812 
Burge Paint & Hardware, 3935 Seminole 945*8631 
Burnside Hardware Ltd, 1577 Tecumseh blvd e 254*2722 
Cecils Hardware & Electric, 8165 Wyandotte e 948*3671 
Country Side Hardware. 3865 Dougall av 969-2140 
Douglas T G Ltd, 28 Chatham e 253*6374 
Drouillard Hardware, 1802 Drouillard rd 945-9551 
Dubensky Hardware, 1018 Drouillord rd 253-4107 
Eost Windsor Hardware, 815 Pillette rd 945*6101 
Fox's Hardware Store, 3143 Walker rd 969-0081 
Fran-Jo Hordware, 3131 Tucumseh blvd e 945-6521 
Harris F H, 569 Ouellette av 

John's Hardware, 4756 Tecumseh blvd e 945*5462 
Johnston Hardware, 72 Wyandotte c 253*9391 
Kane Charles, 866 Erie e 253*4016 
Kane J H, 1673 Wyandotte w 254-4074 
Luborsky Hardware & Furniture, 935 Drouillard rd 

Marontette Hardware Co, 3231 Sandwich 
Market Hardware, 56 Pitt w 253-7672 
Ordon's Hardware, 1072 Drouillard rd 253*3041 
Remington Hardware, 2714 Howard av 969-9326 
Renaud V J & Son Hardware, 5243 Tecumseh blvd c 

Roseland Hordware, 3847 Howard av 969-4250 
Service Hardware Ltd, 1236 Ottawa 253-6021 
Staddon's Hardware, 1391-95 Prince rd 252*2289 
Wolkerville Variety & Hardware, 1719 Wyandotte e 

West End Hardware, 1610 University av w 254*3841 
Western Pro Hardware, 4921 Malden rd 969-7990 


Paterson Leather Co ltd, 3236 Sandwich 252-0905 
Windsor Harness & Saddle Supply, 3132 Wolker rd 


Calhoun's Smile Hat Shops ltd. The, 323 Ouellette av 



Beltone Hearing Service, 65 Wyandotte w 256*5451 
Essex & Kent Hearing Aid Center Ltd, 579 Pelissier 

Maico Hearing Service, 374 Ouellette av 252*4771 
Steeves Ken Sales Ltd, 33 Chatham e 253*4514 
Vicon Hearing Aid Center, 33 Chatham e 253*4514 


Budd Metal Treating, 3096 Devon dr 966-0270 


American-Standard Products (Canada) Ltd, 310 Ellis av 
e 254-4353 

Auto-Flo Corp of Canada Ltd. 2150 Ambassador av 

Automatic Heating and Cooling Co, 729 Cataraqui 

Comfort Heating & Cooling (Windsor) Ltd, 1406 Erie e 

Design Electric Heating ltd, 1981 Ambassador dr 

Trane Co of Can Ltd, 1175 Crawford av 253*3515 


Merco Herbalist, 578 Wyandotte e 253*9472 
Windsor Health Foods, 110 Wyandotte e 254*1452 


Windsor Hide Co, 2462 Ouellette av 969-9833 


Ed's Hobby Supplies, 1883 Malta rd 945*6959 
Fuller Byron Hobbycraft, 1301 Grand Marais rd w 

Jan's Ceramic Supplies, 2022 Ottawa 253*9913 
Janisse's Hobby & Toy Shop, 2007*2017 Wyandotte w 
252-8817 and 1622 Tecumseh blvd • 253-1474 




We Specialize in Fitting 




Hospital Beds. Wheel Chairs U Crutches 

PHONE 254-6484 

Ingram G A Co (Can) Lid, 1374 Ouellette avenue 


Alexander Hall, 230 Strabane av 945-8411 
Banaltran Nursing Home, 511 Devonshire rd 253*8371 
Children's Aid Receiving Home. 263 Bridge av 


SUDDENLY " IT'S SOLD" When You List With 


Phone 252-5795 



PHONE 254-8646 
AFTER HOURS 969-5150 

Community Psychiatric Hospital, 1453 Prince road 

Desjardins Rest Homo, 3285 Riverside dr e 253-6894 
Essex County Sanatorium, 1453 Prince rd 252-2771 
Faith Haven Home for Girls, 461 Crawford av 254-2654 
Grace Hospital (Salvation Army), 339 Crawford av 

Havenwood Rest Home, 1106 Ouellette av 253-4316 
Hotel-Dieu St Joseph, 1030 Ouellette av 252-3631 
Huron Lodge, 1475 Huron Church Line 252-5747 
I.O.D.E. Memorial Hospital, 1453 Prince rd 252-2771 
Lever's Rest Home, 759 Victoria av 256-6524 
Margaret's Rest Home, 1752 Union 253-4132 
McRobbie's Rest Home. 1631 Riverside dr c 254-1898 
Metropolitan General Hospital, 1995 Lens av 256*3461 
Riverview Hospital, 3177 Riverside dr e 254-6426 
Russian People's Home, 1220*1222 Drouillard rd 
St Joseph Manor, 1671 Riverside dr e 
St Leonard's House, 491-497 Victoria av 256-1878 
Ukrainian Home, 1119 Langlois av 
Villa Maria, 2856 Riverside dr w 256-3174 
Wilson Catherine Nursing Home, 580-582 Devonshire rd 

Windermere Lodge Nursing Home, 691 Windermere rd 

Windsor Nursing Home, 942 Howard av 256-8542 


Centennial Bar & Kitchen Equipment Ltd, 1169 Tecumseh 
blvd e 256-0101 

Cut-Rate Restaurant Supplies Ltd, 1285 Crawford av 

E & J Supply, 1233 University av w 254-1304 
Gold Star Products Co Ltd, 71 & 73-75 Riverside dr e 

Windsor Hotel Restaurant Supply Ltd, 71 Riverside dr e 


Airport House, 3998 Walker rd 969-0071 

Arcade House, 1353 Wyandotte e 256-0244 

Arlington Hotel, 893 Erie e 253-4183 

Baby House, 1683 College av 254-7123 

Bellvue Tavern, 1271 Riverside dr e 253-9471 

Border Hotel Ltd, 461 Wyandotte e 254-4010 

Bridge Avenue Public House Ltd, 1886 University av w 

252- 1075 

British-American Hotel, 4 Riverside dr e 254-9291 
Calcot Hotel. 2615 Howard av 966-1310 
Canada Tavern. 5923 Tecumseh blvd e 945-5872 
Chippawa House, 3404 Bloomfield rd 254-9341 
Colonial Hotel Ltd, 29 Tecumseh blvd w 253-0708 
Commodore Supper Club & Tavern, 25 Chatham east 

253- 7992 

Coronation House, 1517*1521 Riverside dr w 253 0151 
Detroit Hotel, 1209-1211 Drouillard rd 253-2849 
Dixie House, 1076-1080 Erie e 253-0164 
Dominion Tavern, 3140 Sandwich 256-7401 
Drake Hotel, 193-199 Glengarry av 254-7755 
Drop in Tavern (Windsor) Ltd, 3990 Tecumseh blvd e 

Elmwood Casino, 2335 Dougall av 252-7781 
Embassy Hotel, 2998 Tecumseh blvd e 945-7606 
Erie Hotel, 1067 Erie e 253-0257 
Essex Hotel. 317 Riverside dr w 253-0015 
Europe Hotel, 1636-1638 Drouillard rd 945-6421 
Fleming House, 4715 Tecumseh blvd e 945-5512 
Forest House, 1073 Tecumseh blvd e 252-9311 
Grand House, 1014 Howard av 254-5584 
Highway Hotel, 592 Dougall av 253-7646 
Hollywood Hotel, 900 Howard av 253-1072 
Horse Shoe Hotel, 542 Cataraqui 253*0307 
Hotel Royale, 4877 Wyandotte e 945-3871 
Howard Hotel, 1534 Howard av 256-0145 
Imperial House, 191-3 Riverside dr w 252-1245 
International House 928-932 Drouillard rd 252-9631 
Island View Tavern, 7880 Riverside dr e 945-4161 

Kozak's, 1444 Ottawa 253-0422 

Lauzon Road Stop House Ltd, 7880 Wyandotte e 

Lincoln House, 653-655 Univorsity av w 254-1234 
Majestic Tavern, 1269 Ottawa 254-0501 
Marigold House, 1015 Drouillard rd 253-0101 
Market House, 327 Pitt e 253-0095 
Martin House, 1327 Langlois av 253-1934 
Menard's Tavern, 496 Riverdale av 945-9021 
Metropole Hotel (Windsor) Ltd, 917 Walker rd 253-3591 
Monarch House, 82-88 Wyandotte w 253-6809 
Norton-Palmer Hotel Ltd, 130 Park w 254-2521 
Ottawa Hotel, 943-947 Ottawa 252-4862 
Palace House, 939 Drouillard rd 254-5350 
Pero's House, 1056 Wyandotte e 253-9308 
Plaza Arms Ltd, 4877 Wyandotte e 945-3871 
Rendezvous Tavern, 12010 Riverside dr e 735-2801 
Rex Tavern. 1116-8 Drouillard rd 253-9152 
Ritz Hotel The, 88 Pitt e 253-4678 
Royal Oak Tavern, 3260 Sandwich 225-3222 
St Clair Tavern, 58-66 Wyandotte e 253-1873 
Sandhill House, 2960 Huron Church Line 969-8300 
Seminole House, 3983 Seminole 945-0013 
Southwood Hotel Ltd, 1353 Wellington av 252-1635 
Star Hotel, 788-792 Gladstone av 253-9860 
Talbot House, 581 Elm av 254-6107 
Temple Tavern (Pan Grab) Ltd, 2756 Whelpton 253-5656 
Three Bear's House, The, 1415 Huron Church Line 

V.M..Y Hotel, 683 Ouellette av 254-4510 
West Side House, 623-9 Riverside dr w 252-1681 
Westwood Tavern, 4280 Sandwich 969-5960 
Wyandotte Hotel Co Ltd, 892-98 Wyandotte e 253-5643 


Deluxe Home Cleaners, 3588 Sandwich 256-9779 


Baum & Brody Ltd, 156 Chatham w 253-3547 
Household Furnishings, 1333 Giles blvd e 
Laforet's Drapery & Slip Cover House, 167 Tecumseh 
blvd west 252-4152 
Marvel Sales, 2744 Ontario 256-1438 
R & M Innes Tupperware Distributors Ltd, 2744 Ontario 

Tupperware Home Parties, 1168 Wyandotte e 256-1438 
Tupperware Marvel Sales, 2744 Ontario 256-1438 


Renaud Housemovers and Contractors Ltd, 547 Oak av 


Allied Appliance Stores, 529 Tecumseh blvd east 

KitchenKraft Distributors Ltd, 720 Walker rd 252-1235 
Lombardo Furniture & Appliances Ltd. 48 Wyandotte e 

Quality Cookware Co Ltd, 1967 Buckingham road 
948-3871 and 1502 Howard av 948-3871 
Smith Syd Housewares, 1294 Lauzon rd 945-6468 


Deiisle Ice & Coal Co, 1590 Crawford av 254-4474 
Empire State Ice Co, e s South Cameron blvd 

Tecumseh Ice & Fuel, 12360 Tecumseh blvd e (Tecumseh) 

(See also Exporters) 

Amelia Importing Co. 3879 Hillcrest blvd 225-2901 
Caribbean Service Corp, 500 Ouellette av 252-9463 
D & W Enterprise, 134 University av w 252-3175 

Import Custom Brokers Ltd, 2635 Union 253-7484 
Manufacturers Distributors ond Importers, 504 Victoria 
avenue 253-8024 

Maple Leaf Importing Co, 2588 Chilver rd 
Turek International Ltd, 500 Ouellette av 252-9463 
Yorktown Importing Enterprises Ltd, 3298 Marentette av 


Dura-Mat Industries Ltd, 3395 Sandwich 252-0475 
Tutton R E Co Ltd, 1928 Wyandotte e 253-2497 


Canadian Johns-Manville Co Ltd, 504 Victoria avenue 


Consolidated Industrial Insulations Ltd, 1769 Assumption 

Glass Insulation & Construction Products Co, 1574 
Gladstone av 254-1103 

Terkel Insulation Products Ltd, 700 Wellington avenue 

Windsor Pneumatic Insulating Co, 551 Hildegorde 


Campbell Claim Service Ltd, 29 Park w 256-3153 
Canadian Automobile Service Assn Ltd, 374 Ouellette av 

Dominion of Canada General Insurance Co The, 374 
Ouellette av 254-4341 
Egelton Charles, 2657 Princess av 945-0413 





K. H. McGregor - Manager 

1060 UNIVERSITY AVE. W. - - 253-7406 

DETROIT PHONE - — 961-8697 

Helwig Adjusting Co Ltd, 1060 University avenue w 

Holland Adjusting Co Ltd, 302 Ouellette av 256-5476 
Midwest Fire Loss Adjusting Co, 504 Victoria avenue 



- <t - 

1552-4 OUELLETTE AVE. - 256-5481 

IF BUSY CALL - - 256-4919 

- a 


Harrow 738-4880 
Stoney Point 694-3420 
Stoney Point 694-3007 
Leamington 326-2519 
Detroit 965-0555 

Morden & Helwig ltd. 1552-1554 Ouellette av 256 5481 

Classified. Yellow Page 23 







Ormorod H W & Co Ltd, 176 University ov w 254-3203 
Peterson & Hogarth Ltd, 267 Pelissier, 252-3481 
Rivers W 8 Co Ltd, 1483 Ouellette ov 254-4324 
Statham-Pope Ltd, 125 Tecumseh blvd w 252-1153 
Underwriters Adjustment Bureau Ltd, 176 University 
avenue w 254-6466 

Windsor Adjusting Co Ltd, 267 Pelissier 252-5734 


All-Risks Insurance Agencios Ltd, 666 Ouellette avenue 

Atkinson Barry E, 1226 Tecumseh blvd e 253*5314 
Backer Jack, 170 Ouellette av 254 5840 
Baker Ken H Insurance Agency, 42 Shepherd east 

Baxter Insurance Agency, 44 Wyandotte e 256-9031 
Belsito Paul Insurance, 1695 Ottawo 254-5561 
Bendo Lou Realty & Insurance Ltd, 829 Ottawa 256-3445 
Bezaire Louis, 807 Elliott e 253-5715 
Blocker John Agency, 76 University ov w 256-0910 
Blonde Bt Little Insurance Ltd, 490 Pelissier 256-3478 
Border Cities Insurance Agency Ltd, 176 University ov 
west 254 8234 

Brisebois J L Son, 889 Wyandotte e 254-6060 
Brown Len Insuronco, 5230 Wyandotto o 945-2791 
Bulmer S. Strickland ltd, 1437 Tecumseh blvd east 
256 3409 

Central Insurance Agencies ltd. 500 Ouellette ovenue 

253- 7401 

Chouvin Insurance ltd, 76 University av w 252-2165 
Clarke Chas N Insurance Service, 76 University av w 

254- 4398 

Clavel Martin J Insurance Ltd, 571 Lincoln rd 253-9820 
Co-Operators Insurance Assn, 1165 Tecumseh blvd e 

253- 5255 

Curry Clyde W & Son Ltd. 374 Ouellette av 253 3559 
Dal Farra Agency, 864 Erie e 256-4146 
Dell John. 176 University av w 254-4369 
Dieppe Insurance Agencies Ltd, 341 Tecumseh blvd e 

Drlicka Insurance Agency, 5288 Tecumseh blvd east 

Duchene Clifford J, 2894 University ov w 254-9707 
Dupont F Bernard. 374 Ouellette ov 252-3863 
Edwards Len Insurance Agency Ltd, 744 Ouellette av 

Elgee Earl W, 176 University av w 254-4369 
Elgee, Longman & Dell Insurance Agencies, 176 Uni¬ 
versity ovenue west 254-4369 
Fuller Walter A Insurance Agency, 176 University av 
west 254-4369 

Geddes G I Insurance Agency, 224 Vitlaire 945-1491 
Gill Wm F Insurance Agency, 1920 Vimy av 256-1555 
Giroux Leo, 4079 Tecumseh blvd e 945*6379 
Golini Alfio, 1242 Wyandotte e 252-1926 
Graham Eldon Insurance, 3214 Byng rd 966-0092 
Grant & Mingoy Insurance ltd, 1369 Ouellette avenue 

Griffith E J W Agencies, 745 University av w 252-7283 
Griffith Edward J W Jr, 745 University av w 252-7283 
Happy Alex E Insuronco Agency Ltd, 1898 Ottawo 

254- 6082 

Haslom Insurance Agencies Ltd, 774 Ouellette avenue 

Hewitt Robert D. 1990 Ottawa 256-8108 
Hulay Louis J, 1990 Ottawa 252-4518 
Keane Fred'k W. 267 Pelissier 254-1936 
Larkin F R Co Ltd. 267 Pelissier 253-1117 

LAWTON GEORGE LTD, 1460 Ouellette 
Avenue, Phone 253-4657 (See adv 
Repeating Lines) 

levasseur Norman W, 3349 Turner rd 969-1570 
longman John W, 176 University av w 254-4369 
Maier W F Insurance, 76 University av w 
Mallender & Cherrie Insurance Agency Ltd, 1015 Uni¬ 
versity ovenue w 256-5436 

Marentetfe & Sauve Insurance, 2260 University ov w 

Meloche Clayton, 4079 Tecumseh blvd e 945-6379 
Morand Insurance Agencies Ltd, 267 Pelissior 253-6388 

Motor City Insurance Agencies, 1089 Ouellette avenue 


Muldoon Thos A Insurance, Agency. 29 Pork west 


Nicholl Fred A Insurance Ltd, 1459 Tecumseh blvd e 

252- 6591 

Niefer Adorn J Insurance Agency, 42 Shepherd east 

253- 1252 

Ostricker & French Insurance Agency Ltd, 569 Ouellette 
ovenue 253 6820 

Peck Insurance Agency, 44 Wyandotte e 253*6992 
Prince Chos Insurance Services, 374 Ouellette avenue 

Purdy Robt W, 52 Chatham w 253-6976 
Reaume U G Ltd, 176 University av w 254-9289 
Rouffer M J Agency, 920 Ottawa 256-4916 
Sanborn C Len Agency. 3237 Curry ov 969-1747 
Sox & Blocker Insurance Agency, 76 University ov w 

Snyder (Walkerville) Ltd, 1862 Wyandotte e 256-4541 
Southland Insurance Agency, 76 University av west 

252- 4411 

Spindler Billy L, Insurance Ltd, 1470 Tecumseh blvd e 

Tadic Insurance Agency. 1584 Ouellette av 253-2188 
Taylor N J Co Ltd, 1015 University av w 254-4367 
Taylor T Earl Insurance, 176 University ov w 254-1139 
Thompson Insuronco Office (Windsor) Ltd, 164 Pitt w 

254- 5151 

Tuttle C R Insurance Agency, 1317 Windermere road 

253- 1529 

Ubell Associates Ltd, 500 Ouellette ov 



Fire. Automobile Liability. Burglary. 
Bonds. Personal Floaters, Business 
Interruption—All General Lines. 



Phone 253-5850 & 253-6061 

After 5.00 P.M.; Phone 945-5076 or 969-4564 

L. B. DeWolfe, President and Manager 
R. C. Bell, Vice-President 

Walker Insurance Agency Ltd, 1942 Wyandotte east 


Walton Insurance Agencies Ltd, 101 Tecumseh blvd w 

252- 8357 

Whiteside Harvey Insurance Agency, 374 Ouellette ov 

253- 5279 

Wilkes W J Insurance Agency, 1399 Grond Marais rd w 
969 3321 

Wilton A E & Co Ltd, 374 Ouellette ov 253-1151 

versity Avenuo West, Phone 254-4367 
(Soe adv Repeating Lines) 

Wittko Roy Insurance Agency, 937 Ouellette av 253-6357 


Allstate Insurance Co, 3120 Dougall av 969-1174 and 
736 Ouellette av 254-7557 

Canada Health & Accident Astce Co, 504 Victoria av 
256 7371 

Canoda Life Assce Co, 374 Ouellette ov 253-7158 

Canadian Order of Foresters, 1209 Ouellette av 

Canadian Provident The, 1734 Sun Valley dr 969-1318 

Commercial Union Assurance Group, 267 Pelissier 

Confederation Life Attn, 500 Ouellette av 252-7203 

Crown Life Ins Co Windsor Main Agency, 33 University 
ov w 256-5431 and Windsor Centre Agency, 33 
University av w 253-6141 

Dieppe Insurance Agencies Ltd, 341 Tecumseh blvd e 

252- 4475 

Dominion life Assurance Co, 500 Ouellette ov 253*5247 
Empire Life Ins Co, 660 Ouellette av 253-1164 
Equitable Life Ins Co of Can The, 176 University av w 


Excelsior Life Ins Co, 176 University ov w 252-7271 
Global General Insurance Co, 830 Ouellette avenuo 

253 3535 

Global Life Insurance Co, 1050 University avenue w 


Global Life Insurance Co, Windsor Central 8ranch, 374 
Ouellette av 252-1157 

Great-West life Assce Co, The, 1015 University av west 


Health Insurance Registration Boord, 1427 Ouellette ov 

253- 3511 

Imperial Life Assce Co of Canada, 374 Ouellette av 

254 2517 

London life Ins Co, 500 Ouellette ov 252-3421 
Lumbermen's Mutual Casualty Co, 5230 Wyandotte e 

Maccabees Mutual Life Insurance Co, 1120 Ouellette 
avenue 253-7416 

Manufacturers life Ins Co, 500 Riverside dr w 256-8236 
Metropolitan Life Ins Co, 1361 Ouellette av 253-1159 
Monarch Life Assce Co, 1015 University av w 254-9645 
Montreal Life Ins Co, 302 Ouellette av 253-9735 
Mutual Life Assce Co of Canada, 374 Ouellette ovenue 

Mutual of Omaha Insurance Co, 745 University av w 

Notional Life Assce Co of Canada The, 302 Ouellette ov 
256 4581 

North American Benefit Assn, 176 University ov w 
256 4585 

North American life & Casualty Co. 1361 Ouellette 
avenue 253-7257 

North American Life Assce Co, 2215 Huron Church 
Line 969-6710 

Northern life Assce Co of Canada, The, 830 Ouellette 
avenue 256-1838 

Northern & Employers Group of Insurance Companies 
The, 76 University av w 256-8233 
Occidental Life Insurance Co of California, 76 University 
ov w 256-5471 

Ontario Hospital Assn, 1427 Ouellette ov 253-3511 
Portage Laprairie Mutual Insurance Co, 1035 Ouellette 
avenue 256-8264 

Prudential Assce Co Ltd, 500 Ouellette av 253-7401 
Prudential Insurance Co of America The, 586 Ouellette 
ovenue 256-8258 

Royal Insurance Group, 76 University ov w 254-8679 
Sovereign Life Assurance Co of Canada, 76 University 
avenue w 252-2165 

Standard Life Assurance Co, 500 Ouellette av 253-4491 
State Form Insurance, 5931 Wyandotte e 948-8123 
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co, 1361 
Ouellette ov 254-5153 

Sun life Assce Co of Can, 500 Ouellette ov 253-1196 
Western-Britiih American Assurance Group, 76 Uni¬ 
versity avenue w 256-2635 
Windsor Medical Services Inc, 1427 Ouellette av 

Zurich Insurance Co, 176 University ov w 256-8295 
Zurich Life Insurance of Conodo, 1015 University av w 
252 5739 


Coulter's Furniture & Interiors, 1324 Windsor avenue 

Home Decorating Studio, 4782 Wyandotte e 945-3443 
McKay James Harkness Studio, 543 Lincoln rd 254-4967 
Nonen Ethel $, Mrs, 3020 Bruce ov 969-7252 
Ryan Peter K Ltd, 558 Goycau 253-7471 


Kenter Barry Agency The, 2995 University av west 
258 1981 





1150 OUELLETTE AVENUE YEAR RO UND swimming pool and sauna PHONE 253-3741 


Gairdner & Co Ltd, 374 Ouellette ov 253-4666 

McLeod Young Weir & Co Ltd, 302 Ouellette avenue 

Muroff Walter & Co, 176 University av w 256-8687 

Roaume Arthur J Investments Ltd, 374 Ouellette avenue 

Ouellette Avenue, Phone 254-5141 (See 
adv Front Stencil Edge and Repeating 

Stodgell S J & Co Ltd, 500 Ouellette av 253-4631 

United Dominion Investments Ltd, 15 Wyandotte east 

Hanna Street East, Phone 256-4934, 
Exclusive distributors of United Accum¬ 
ulative Fund Limited, United American 
Fund Limited, United Venture Fund Limi¬ 
ted, after hours D G Boomer, Manager, 
Phone 966-0740 

Walwyn Stodgell & Co Ltd, 500 Ouellette av 253-4631 

Wheatley Management Limited, 2590 Ouellette avenuo 


Armson Iron Works Ltd, 1558 and 1576 Howard avenue 

Domestic Foundry Ltd, 1595 Crawford av 254-1121 


Clark A E Co, 1294 Windermere rd 252-2409 
Elday Co Ltd, 1950 Lauzon rd 948-5201 
Jewellery Manufacture 225 Wyandotte e 254-9714 
Kilpatrick C Mfg Co Ltd, 360 Park w 253-7550 
Reliable Jewellory Mfg Co, 188-190 Ouelletto avenue 

Traub Mfg Co of Can Ltd, 1922 Wyandotte e 253-6610 
Turmaline ltd, 176 University av w 253-3859 


Antique Jewelry Ltd, 429 Ouellette av 256-8541 
Birks Henry & Sons (Ont) Ltd, 373-375 Ouellette avenue 

Bruco Jeanne Jeweller, 337 Ouollette ov 252-7692 
Coyle's Jewellery & Gift Shop, 5925 Wyandotte e 

Crown Credit Jewellers, 321 Ouellette av 252-2009 
Domino Jewellery, 4746 Wyandotte e 948-3181 
Grayson Jewellers, 131 Ouellette avenue 252-1701 
Halmo Jewellers Ltd, 1368 Ottawa 254-3221 
Horvath Anthony, 1295 Ottawa 254-4800 
John's Ernest Jewellers, 1021 Drouillard rd 253-4757 
Klein's Jewellers, 1408 Tecumseh blvd o 252-9940 
Kopstein Samuel, 381 Pelissier 252-2315 
lettner's Ltd, 354 Ouellette ov 253-8465 
lord's Jewellery China Shop, 188-190 Ouellette avenue 

Maloney H G & Sons, 1445 Ottawa 253-6266 
Maroon's Jewellers, 1647 Tecumseh blvd e 254-8571 
Minden Frances Jewellery and Gift Ware, 1195 Bruce ov 

Peoples Credit Jewellers ltd, 302 Ouellette av 254-7533 
and 3132 Dougall av 
Pleasane Jewellers mkE 4tdaCH 
Racklin Jewellers, 580 Wyandotte e 256-3361 
Soasto's Jewellery, 415 Ouellette av 253-5891 
Shanfield-Meyers Jewellery & China Shop, 188-190 
Ouellette av 253-6098 

Slama A & Son, 1728 Drouillard rd 945-3807 

Unis Jewellers Ltd, 3021 Tecumseh blvd e 945-9151 
Vezina Colin J, 409 Ouollette av 254-5944 
Webb John Ltd, 552-556 Ouellette av 254-8971 
Weepers H F, Jeweller, 138 University av w 254-4880 
West Side Jewellery, 3212 Sandwich 258-3421 
Young's Jewellers, 530 Ouellette av 256-2617 


Pazner Scrap Metals Co Ltd, 1276 Drouillard road 


Fermain Kennel*, 1683 Howard av 252-0336 
Kellrose Kennels, 1485 Tecumseh blvd w 
Mount Browne Kennels, 1615 Alberta 969-5906 
Panzarlta Kennel, 9203 Tecumseh blvd e 735-2791 


Hruden Scientific Co, 175 Tecumseh blvd w 253-3282 
Medical Laboratories of Windsor, 1466 Ouellette av 



Bridal Boutique, 1361 Ouellette av 252-3961 
Brigitte Ladies Wear, 1675 Ottawa 
Business Girl Fashions, e s Dougall av 969-0841 and 
559 Ouellette av 254-8102 
Carol Lee, 519 Ouollette av 253-5028 
Cousins Nancy Ltd, 181 Goyeau 254-0322 
Dohykran Unlimited, 423 Pelissier 254-9016 
Dorec's Shop, 1347 Ottawa 256-6873 
Editta Imports Boutique, 462 Ouellette av 254-5342 
Fogel Betty, Distinctive Fashions, 675 Ouellette avenue 

Joyce Fashions, 1514 Ottawa 252-7811 
Judy Shop, 1471 Ottawa 253-6879 
Kelly Nelly Ladies Wear Ltd, 4640 Tecumseh blvd east 

Love's Ladies Wear, 1626 Ottawa 253-3644 
Moggie's (Windsor) Ltd, 324 Ouollette av 253-9374 
Mayfair ladies' Wear, 417 Ouellette av 254-4005 
Ordower Leo Ltd, 1515-21 Ottawa 253-4559 
Paris Ladies Fashions, 42 Wyandotte w 254-0528 
Pattinson, 1686 Tecumsoh blvd e 252-8717 
Pearl's Dress Studio. 520 Pelissier 254-8888 
Place The, 373 Pelissier 254-8731 
Princess Shoppe, 308 Ouellette av 254-0875 
Rod Robin Ltd, 331 Ouellette ov 252-7257 
Reitman's (Ont) Ltd, 2451 Dougall ov 969-9353 (For 
1st of branches see Alphabetical Section) 

Sandra Specialty Shop, 1346 Ottawa 256-5621 
Shep-Lors, 1374 Wyandotte e 252-7950 
Smith Evelyn Ladies Wear, 5880 Wyandotte e 945-9410 
Style Shoppe, 1251 Ottawa 253-8966 
Tanner Billye Ltd, 1421 Tecumseh blvd e 256-1951, 537 
Ouellette av 256-7942 and 4780 Wyandotte east 

Tulo Salon, 433 Ouellette av 252-0739 
Venus Ruth Sportswear ltd, 8161 Wyandotte e 948-3741 
Waterman's Ready to Wear Ltd. 553 Ouellette avenue 

Winograd's Ladies & Men's Wear, 35 Wyandotte east 



Armour Irrigation, 1021 Morand 969-1980 
Kraft's Lawn Maintenance. Lauzon rd 735-3212 
Lappan's Landscaping. 439 Lauzon rd 945-4876 
Matte Joseph B. 1965 Jefferson blvd 948 0139 
Paul's Landscaping Service. 1417 Elsmere av 256-7086 
Vanyo landscaping & Nursery, 1903 Dominion blvd 


Affiliated Laundry & Cleaning Services Ltd, 1550-56 
Elsmere av 254-6408 

Big M Laundroman The (self service), 701 Wyandotte e 
Coin Laundry, 1017 Church, 2601 Edna and 904 Albert 

Cottage Laundry, 3615 College av 254-3655 
Deschamps Rosaire Co Ltd, 1284 Prince rd 
East End Hand Laundry, 1232 Erie e 
Easy Self Service Laundry (for list of branches see 
Alphabetical Section) 

Econ-O-Wash Laundry, 2545 Wyandotte w 
Gin Foon Laundry, 752 Parent av 253-2145 
Grond Laundrelte The, 1709 George ov 
L & R Speed Wash, 2390 Tecumseh blvd w 
Laundromat, 5421 Wyandotte e, 7837 Wyandotte e ond 
904 Tecumseh blvd e 
Lee Chong laundry, 1026 Drouillard rd 
Lee On, 73 Erie e 252-1206 

Lewel Coin-op Laundromat & Dry Cleaning, 1568 
Huron Church Line 253-0270 
Nife and Day Coin Laundry, 1534 Wyandotte e 


Rainbow Cleaning Centre. 381 Wyandotte e 
Rod's Speed Queen Coin Laundry, 7911 Riverside dr e 
Speed Wash, 3261 Sandwich 256-7303 
Superior Self Serve Laundry, 1517 University av w 
Tec Laundromat, 5869 Tecumseh blvd e 
Wesfinghouse J & B Laundromat, 598 Janette av 
White laundry & Dry Cleaning of Windsor Ltd, 938 
Wyandotte e 254-3213 

Windsor Laundry & Dry Cleaners, 1550-56 Elsmere av 


Erie Handy Shop, (rear) 1062 Erie c 256-2742 
leco Parts Distrbiutors, 885 Erie e 253*7311 
Sylka John, 2960 Tecumseh blvd e 


(See Barristers, Solicitors, etc.) 


Bayley & Ellis Co Ltd (distributors), 321-323 Riverside 
drive w 253-3773 

Norman's Leather Shop. 1187 Tecumseh blvd e 256-2561 


Avenue, Toronto 2B, Phone 364-1481 


Christian Science Reading Room, 41 Pork w 253-8173 

taining City Directories for Eastern 
Canada. These are for free public 
reference and may be referred to In our 
library at the Chamber of Commerce, 
374 Ouellette Avenue, during normal 
business hours. 

Essex County Library Co-Operative. 2260 University ov 
west 252 6743 

John Richardson library, 1495 Wyandotte w 254-3351 

Nikola Budimtr Memorial Library, 1310 Grand Marais 
road w 969-5880 

Prince Edward Library. 949 Giles blvd e 

Public Libraries (For list of Branches see Alphabetical 

Riverside Library, 6275 Wyandotte e 945-7568 

Sandwich Library. 615 Mill 253-7340 

Seminole Library. 4285 Seminole 945 6467 

Classified, Yellow Page 25 


Canada's Largest Retail Lumber Dealer 

2324 WALKER ROAD - - PHONE 253-7291 


South Branch Library, 1425 Tecumseh blvd e 253-3600 
Willistead Library, Willistead Park 253-5295 
Windsor Public Library (Carnegie), 416-434 Victoria av 


Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario, 2800 
Walker rd 969-7920 

Windsor Utilities Commission, 787 Ouellette av 254-1692 


Demco Industries, 4776 Wyandotte e 945-6322 
Lighting Maintenance Service Ltd, 1614 University ov w 

Lighting Studio The, 1310 Windsor av 254-4600 


Dodd & Struthers Ltd, 1721 Moy av 253-8510 


Abbis Peter, 4573 Tecumseh blvd e 945-8213 
John's Dry Goods Importing, 1215 Ottawa 253-4693 
Real Lace and Linen Storo, 266 Ouellette av 253-5852 


Liquor Control Board of Ontario (For list of branches 
see Alphabetical Section) 


BEAVER LUMBER CO LTD, Canada's largest 
retail lumber distributor, 2324 Walker 
Road, Phone 253-7291 (See adv Repeat¬ 
ing Lines) 

Canada Cashaway Lumber Co, 1665 Lauzon rd e 

Macmillan, Bloodel (Ont) Ltd, 2344 Walker rd 256-3101 
Matthews Lumber Co Ltd, 700 Tecumseh blvd west 

Poisson E. C. Lumber, 1350 St Luke rd 945-9921 
Roger Allan Lumber Ltd, 2187 Ottawa 254-5129 
Walkcrville Lumber Ltd, 604 Walker rd 254-4375 
Windsor Lumber Co Ltd, 694 Camoron av 252*8331 


B & F Boring Co Ltd, 700 Wellington av 256-2051 
Bob's Industrial Lift Truck Service, 1271 Fairvicw blvd 

Canadian Border Ci*y Industries Supply (Division of V 
& R Enterprise Ltd), 208 Edinborough 966-1012 
Conterline (Windsor) Ltd, 920 Mercer 256-5401 
Duncan D M Machinery Co Ltd, 1958 Wyandotte east 

Fab Tec Manufacturing Process Canada Ltd, 225 Eugenie 

Henze C H Co Ltd, 2570 Ouellette av 966-1350 
Hobart Manufacturing Co Ltd, 814 Pillette rd 945-0291 
Kondan Mfg Ltd, 770 Division 966-1770 
Lamb F Joseph Co Ltd, 225 Eugenie 966-0210 
Morse Robt Corp Ltd, 1737 Walker rd 252-6571 
Ryder J H Machinery Co Ltd, 1785 Walker rd 256-4903 
and (repair Shop) 1854 Turner rd 256-4903 
Sykes W E Ltd, 2485 Howard av 256-1781 
Tek-Draulics of Canada Ltd, 504 Victoria av 252-3812 
Williams & Wilson Ltd, 1465 Tecumseh blvd e 253-1121 

Fraser J R & Associates Ltd, 3010 Longfellow avenue 

Henderson John W (Windsor) Ltd, (scale model toys), 
108 McDougall 253-0889 
Morit Ross Ltd, 1801 Walker rd 256-5427 
White Geo T Co Ltd, 378 Devonshire rd 256-2331 


Avenue, Toronto 2B, Phone 364-1481 


Imperial Marble Co, 924 Walker rd 253-3481 


Anchor-In Gas Service, 9100 Riverside dr o 945-0000 
Anchor-In Harbor Ltd, 9100 Riverside dr e 945-0000 
Butler Boat Harbor, 3294 Russell 252-1378 
Riverside Sunoco Marine Service, 9120 Riverside dr e 


Cyr R J Co Ltd. 1263 McDougall 256-2107 
Liftow Ltd. 2552 Howard av 966-1880 


Monarch Mattress Mfg Co, 1519 Wyandotte e 252-8329 
Slopen H Ltd, 1519 Wyandotte e 


Avenue, Toronto 2B, Phone 364-1481 


Bunnett Mortgage Services, 504 Victoria av 253-2991 
CAC Realty Limited, 480 Ouellette av 254-8681 
Canada Permanent Mortgage Corp, 545 Ouellette ov 

252- 6551 

Central Mortgage and Housing Corp, 1594 Ouellette ov 

253- 7427 

Commercial Credit Plan Ltd, 717 Ouellette av 256-1885 
Mihlroth John & Co, 504 Victoria av 256-1191 

TION LTD, Room 202, 15 Wyandotte 
Street East, Phone 253-6328 

United Mortgage Investments, 176 University av west 

254- 0464 


Butcher Engineering Enterprises Ltd, 258 Chilver road 

Connor Machine Shop, 565 Shepherd e 253-8453 

Essex Service Machine & Tool Co Ltd, 2703 Meighan rd 

Marentette Bros Ltd, 3101 Howard av 969-1700 

Romeo Machine Shop Ltd, 1577 Howard av 253-6365 

Special Machinery Co (Windsor) Ltd, 1630 Langlois av 

Valiant Machine & Tool Co ltd, 7470 Tecumseh blvd 
east 945-6373 

Windsor Machine & Stamping Ltd, 777 Caron avenue 


Eaton T Co Ltd, 666 Ouellette av 253-6301 
Simpsons-Sears Ltd, 659 Ouellette ov 252-3681 


Avenue, Toronto 2B, Phone 364-1481 


Brenner Packers Ltd, 497 Catarqui 256-4956 
Coleman Packing Co. 504 Victoria av 253-0841 
Essex Packers Ltd. 875-897 Mercer 256-1811 
Schneider J M Limited. 2685 Howard av 966-0340 
Swift Canadian Co Ltd, 847 Janette av 254-4301 
Windsor Packing Co Ltd, s s Tecumseh blvd w 254-7581 


(See Butchers) 


Cappie's Variety, 1998 Wyandotte e 253-6420 
Lewis-Howe Co, 1415 Janette ov 254-3253 
Murray's Patent Medicines, 2801 Dougall av 969-7020 
Rundlo Geo H & Son Co Ltd, 320 Pitt w 253-3816 
Scratch Lillian Patent Medicines, 418 Tecumseh blvd e 


Seminole Patent Medicine & Variety, 1501 Drouillard 


Fixit Shop, 579 Partington av 256-2381 
Master Locksmiths, 241 Wyandotte e 253-3330 
Windsor Locksmiths, 514 Erie o 254-2993 


Banwell's Better Luggage & Gift Shop, 494 Pelissier 

Land's Luggage, 533 Ouellette av 252-1938 

Travel Shop The, 347 Ouellette av 252-0052 


Avenue, Toronto 2B, Phone 364-1481 


Basmuir Industrial Sales, 4398 Tecumseh blvd e 

C B Sales (cutting tools), 1630 Langlois av 252-2232 
Fraser D E Company, 1984 Wyandotte e 253*1783 


Aldo Clothing, 916 Erie e 256-9460 
Archie's Shoes and Men's & Boys Wear, 1345 Tecumseh 
blvd e 253-4348 

Bond Clothes Shop, 368 Ouellette av 254-7878 
Brotherhood Men's & Boys' Dept Store, 1535 Ottawa 

Dad & The Lad Shoppe, 1399 Grand Marais rd w 
Dcs Ramaux Roger Tailors Ltd, 494 Ouellette av 

Esquire Clothes Shop (Windsor) Ltd, 359 Ouellette av 




1022 LANGLOIS AVE. victor blak PHONE 253-4344 

Fraser Jack Stores Ltd, 2451 Dougall av 969-9642 
Gagnon Phil Men'* Wear, 4565 Teeumieh blvd east 

Grafton-Fraser, 1950 Lauxon rd 948-5201 
Harrys Clothing Centre, 70 Chatham w 253-8710 
Heller's Men's Wear, 1235 Ottawa 252-0871 
Holmes Chock Custom Clothing, 1501 Teeumieh blvd e 

Jonisse Omer E Men's Wear, 37 Chatham e 252-6177 
Kaner's Limited, 351 Ouellette av 253-4301 and 3220 
Dougall av 969-5830 

Lyle's Men's Wear Ltd, 478 Ouellette av 254-7777 
Riverside Men's Wear, 5540 Wyandotte e 945-3110 
Seguin Ray Men's Wear, 111 Ouellette av 254-5882 
Stuart Clothes Ltd, 294 Ouellette av 254-6431 
Teno Leo Men's Wear, 1335 Wyandotte e 254 8848 
Towne Shop, 1000 Drouillard rd 253-6770 
University Young Men's Shop Ltd, 3180 Dougall avenue 

Walkervillo Men's Shop, 1600 Wyandotte e 252-8422 
Wickham's of Windsor, 286 Ouellette av 253-4422 


Dun & Bradstreet of Canada Ltd, 1986 Wyandotte e 

(See Delivery Service) 


Banner Metal Products Division of D & L Metals Ltd, 
1680 Kildare rd 256-2606 
Hewitt Metals Corp Ltd, 1554 McDougall 253-5753 
Ramson Metal Crofters Ltd, 1558 Howard av 


Boren Industries Ltd, 924 Walker rd 252-4031 
Continental Can Co of Canada Ltd (Metal Products 
Division) 1787 Walker rd 253-3764 
Foxdelle Mfg Co (Windsor) Ltd (tool boxes), 2479 
Howard av 254-7408 

L & K Metal Products Co Ltd, 1595 Lincoln rd 256-1861 
Maple Leof Metal Products Ltd, 2531 McDougall 

Metasurf Canada Ltd, 3950 Malden rd 969-2570 
Reliance Steel Fabricators Ltd, 1197 Laurendeau avenue 

Robertson-lrwin Ltd, 830 Ouellette av 252-1402 
Tecumseh Metal Products Ltd, 6630 Teeumieh blvd e 

Walker Metal Products Ltd, 1855 Shepherd e 256-4521 


Canadian Collord Products Ltd, 4509 Main 966-1760 
East Side Stamping Co Ltd, 9100 Tecumseh blvd e 

Forby's Management Ltd, 1151 Tecumseh blvd weft 


Pitney-Bowes of Can Ltd, 31 Hanna w 252-3774 


Windsor Microfilming Co Ltd, 445 Pelissier 253-8265 


Butler M G & Co Ltd, 1220 University av w 254-3225 
Cope & Gurr Machinery Co Ltd, 1625 Tecumseh blvd e 

Industrial Tool & Supplies, 3298 Walker rd 969-9260 
Lemac Tool Ltd, 3298 Walker rd 969-9260 
Windsor Industrial Supplies & Parts Ltd, 1635 Turner rd 


Anastasia Dallas, 472 Pelissier 256-7702 
Camp Harry of Canada Ltd. 132 Ouellette av 252-3611 
Estelle Custom Millinery, 1479 Tecumseh blvd east 

Fashion Millinery Supplies, 1569 Tecumseh blvd e 

Smith Mabel I Mrs, 21 Chatham e 256-6522 


Canadian Rock Salt Co Ltd, n s Morton dr 256-3105 
Long Ridge Uranium Mining Co Ltd, 504 Victoria av 
Noranda Copper Mills ltd, 504 Victoria av 252-4691 
Tory Hill Uranium & Rare Metals Ltd, 504 Victoria ov 


Reno's Mirrors, 703 Tecumseh blvd e 252-1791 


Modelcraft Div ITL Industries Ltd, 3805 Malden rd 


Clarke D Monument j, 1044 Howard av 254-4502 

Hallmark Memorial Co, s s Talbot rd e 969-9560 


Ambassador Marble & Tile Co, 375 Giles Blvd e 

Canadian Tile & Terraxzo (Windsor) Ltd, 2910 Walker 
rd 969-9202 

Colautti Bros Ltd, 2490 McDougall 966-1111 
Rossini Tile Ltd, 1245 Lauxon rd 945-2335 
Windsor Roma Tiles Ltd, 1720 Tecumseh blvd w 
256 9348 

Canadianna Motor Hotel, 3989 Walker rd 969-3150 
Casa Don Motel, n s Division rd 969-0630 
Courtway Motel, 1954 Huron Line 969-7642 
Derby Motel, 2899 Howard av 966-1421 
Diane Motel, 5816 Tecumseh blvd e 945-8814 
Dougall Motel. 2671 Dougall av 969-6010 
The internationally famous Casino & 
Motor Hotel your convention head¬ 
quarters in Windsor, Two Floor Shows 
Nightly, Dougall Road, Phone Windsor 
252-7781, Detroit 965-6876 (See adv 
Front Cover and Repeating Lines) 

Filip's Motel, 3990 Ribcrdy rd 969-0550 
Flohr Corp Ltd, 3989 Walker rd 969-3150 
Fountain Motel, 2165 Huron Church Line 969-1567 
Georgina Motel, n s Division 969-4470 
Holiday Inns International, 480 Riverside dr w 253-4411 
Humpty Dumpty Motel, 4040 Walker rd 969-4260 
Huron Motel, 1980 Huron Church Line 966-2080 
Ivy Ross Motel, 2885 Howard ov 966-1700 
Jcssop's Motel, 4768 Howard ov 969-1900 
Kavanaugh Motel, 2685 Howard av 969-9534 
Kenora Motel, 2030 Huron Church Line 969-7500 
Lorna Doone Motel, 1425 Division rd 969-1060 
Madrid Motor Hotel, 2530 Ouellette av 966-1860 
Marion's Motel, s s Division rd 969-2475 
Miklossy's Motel, s s Tolbof rd e 969-3180 
New Frontier Motel, 869 Mill 254-3771 
Princeton Motel, 3022 Dougoll av 969-2750 
Riviera Motor Hotel, 2950 Dougall ov 969-7100 
Royal Motel, 3080 Dougoll av 969-5140 
Seaway Inn, 430 Ouellette av 253-7281 
of Distinctive Dining - Catering to Ban¬ 
quets, Weddings, Conventions, 240 
Spacious Units, 1150 Ouellette Avenue, 
Phone 252-2741 (See adv Back Cover 
and Repeating Lines) 

Siesta Motel. 2025 Division rd 969-1240 
Statler Motel, 2525 Dougoll ov 966-1610 
Terrace Motel, 3336 Huron Church Line 969-8390 
Towne & Country Motel, 3215 Howard av 969-9120 
Vagabond Motel. 2080 Huron Church Line 969-1828 
Welcome Traveller Motel, 1830 Diviiion rd 969-0320 
Windsor Motel. 2508 Dougall av 969-9250 
York Motel, 2370 Huron Church Line 969-5621 


British Motorcycles and Cars, 3244 Wolker rd 966-0644 
Williams Motorcycles. 3138 Walker rd 969-2790 
Windsor Motorcycles Ltd, 2504 Howard ov 969 9070 

Avenue, Toronto 28, Phone 364-1481 


Hiram Walker Historical Museum, 254 Pitt w 253 1812 
Windsor Antiques & Auto Museum, 465 Wyondotte w 

Hull-Thompson Ltd. 1325 McDougall 254-3753 
McBrides Manufacturing Co, Div Retco Industries Ltd, 
4790 E C Row av 945-1157 
Pressed S'eel Products Co, 2474 Central av 948-4312 
Rayco Stamping Products Ltd, 2249 South Cameron blvd 

Veltri Stomping Co Ltd, 2255 South Cameron blvd 


Automatic Parking Devices (Can) Ltd, 108 McDougall 


A.B.C. Motel, 3048 Dougoll av 969-5090 
Ace Motel, 2810 Dougoll av 969-5500 
Airport Motel. 3775 Walker rd 969-3710 
Allison's Motel, 2731 Howard ov 969-9090 
Ambassador Motel, 2268 Huron Church Line 969-6501 
Arrow Motel, 3260 Dougall av 969 8200 
Ashton's Motel, 2745 Dougall av 969-6620 
Bali-Hi Motor Hotel, 1280 Ouellette av 256 4575 
Bernardo's Raceway Motel, 3665 Sandwich 
Blu-Bel Motel & Cafe, 2701 Huron Church Line 969 7510 
Cabana Inn Motel. 1864 Huron line 966 0001 
Cadillac Motel. 2498 Dougoll ov 969-9340 


Canodian Conservatory of Music, 1471 Tecumseh blvd e 
252 6228 and 1274 Prince rd 252 1664 
Ciccone Pot Accordion Centre, 116 Wyandotte east 

252 7432 

Continental Music Studios. 1399 Grand Marais 969-7130 
French Greeta. 1353 Dufferin pi 2527042 

Grey Sisters School of Music, 663 Morentetfe avenue 

253 3332 

Halycon School of Music, 55 University av w 254-9303 
Howe Wauneta Mrs, 359 Watkins 258-1419 

Classified, Yellow Page 27 




P.O. BOX 1 209, 100 OUELLETTE AVENUE Owned and operated by Windsor Credit Bureau Ltd PHONE 256-3421 


Hugill Irene, 121 Wyandotte w 256-4201 

Ursuline School of Music, 860*868 Ouellette av 254-1714 

Windsor Music Studio, 595 Victoria av 254-5002 


Luciano Music Co, 840 University ov w 256-6975 
Madden Jack Ltd, 4755 Wyandotte e 948-1332 
Madden Jock Music Centre, 4755 Wyandotte e 948-1332 
Ouellette's, 1177 Tecumsch blvd e 253-2655 
Rennie Ernest Ltd, 128 University av w 256-1803 
Rennie Music Store, 128 University av w 256-1018 
Seiler Music Shop, 184 Ouellette av 256-5950 
West Side Music, 1685-1687 Wyandotte w 252-7489 


Dashboard News Stand Ltd, 44 University av e 253-3786 
Nicol News Stand, 80 Wyandotte w 253-5448 
Tunnel News Stand, 500 Ouellette av 
Windsor News Co Ltd, 333 Wyandotte e 253-5321 


Detroit Free Press, The, 333 Wyandotte e 253-5321 
Riverside News, 264 Thompson blvd 945-1013 
Windsor Star, The, 167-181 Ferry 256-5511 


Meconi Louis, 447 Wyandotte e 254-8211 


Eberwein Wm A, 166-168 Ouellette av 253-9133 
Tally-Ho Distributing Co Ltd, 1637 Erie e 256-8811 


Hall Leslie, 3426 Howard av 969-8385 
Hubbell's Landscape Nursery Ltd, 3445 Riverside dr e 

Orchard Farm Nursery Ltd, 760 North Talbot road 

Riverside Nursery, 8030 Little River rd 945-4946 


Community Nursing Registry of Windsor, 1284 Chilver rd 


Victorian Order of Nurses, 410 Giles blvd e 254-1127 


Nut House, 419 Ouellette av 253-9861 


(See also Physicians) 

Bernstein Merton, 220 Tecumseh blvd w 256-3386 
Best Ray G, 374 Ouellette ov 253-6355 
Boley John P, 1279 Ouellette av 254-4433 
Zarzour Ernest J, 586 Ouellette av 254-4343 


Canadian Ofrex Ltd, 504 Victoria ov 253-8024 

Jolly D W Co Ltd. 103 Riverside dr w 256-2603 
King Office Supply, 1706 Wyandotte e 252-1555 
Mitchell Bros (Windsor) Ltd, 120 Pitt w 253-2660 
Modern Methods, 922 Wyandotte w 256-5905 
Monarch Office Supply Ltd, 144 Pitt w 256-4553 
Russoll Stationery & Office Supplies, 1839 Wyandotte e 

Windsor Office Supply Ltd, 361 Pelissier 256-3141 
and 688 University av w 


Bygrove & Son, Division of Ed Wesley (Windsor) Ltd, 
3012 Tecumseh blvd e 945-5091 
I. C. Burners Ltd, 700 Wellington av 252-1801 


British American Oil Co Ltd, 4027 Sandwich 254-2541 
Imperial Oil Ltd, 1027 St Luke rd 253-3503 
Shell Canada Ltd, 4059 Sandwich 256-5403 
Sun Oil Co Ltd, 504 Victoria av 256-6028 and 1402 
Crawford av 253-2501 

Supertest Petroleum Corp Ltd, 871 Ottawa 254-5185 
Texaco Canada Ltd, 2425 Richmond 253-5291 


Canada Cutting Fluids Ltd, 2925 V/helpton, 252-3200 
Fauver J N (Canada) Ltd, 2916 Walker rd 966-1106 


American Optical Co of Canada Ltd, 635 Ouellette av 

Archambeault Robert, 7775 Wyandotte e 948-6111 
Bass Harry G, 506 Pelissier 256-2693 
Beuglet Gerard E, 1011 Ouellette av 252-8191 ond 
7775 Wyandotte e 948-6111 
Brown Optical Co Ltd, 467 Ouellette av 256-8203 
Gibson Sami L, 1275 Ottawa 253-2560 
Imperial Optical Co (mfg), 322 and 1037 Ouellette av 

McCann J J, 1362 Wyandotte e 253-9407 and 7175 
Wyandotte e 945-6358 
Pringle George S, 660 Ouellette ov 252-3021 
Rumball Donald B, 3240 Maisonneuve 969-4073 
Semplo Optical Co, 577 Ouellotte av 252-2454 
Sharpe Sydney O, 1451 Tecumseh blvd e 253-4925 
Steele Optical Co, 353 Ouellette av 253-6245 
Struckett Optical Co, 320 Ouellette av 253-6763 


Custom Ornamental Iron & Fence Co Ltd, 357 South 
256 8226 

Tony's Ornamental Iron Works, 1306 Crawford av 


Windsor Orthopaedic Appliances, 2211 Howard avenue 


Hinsperger Clement V, 374 Ouellette av 253-7191 

(See Meat Packers) 


Armor Products, (rear) 2641 Howard av 966-1173 
Gliddcn Co Ltd, 670 Goyeau 256-5406 
Interchem Canada Ltd, 845 Wyandotte w 256-3155 
MacDonald & Whito Varnish & Paint Co Ltd, 1106 
Walker rd 252-7275 

National Merchandising & Sales (Windsor) Ltd, 725 
Wyandotte e 252-1144 
Scarfe & Co Ltd, 2811 Dougall av 969-8881 
Sherwin-Williams Co of Canada Ltd, 678 Ouellette av 



Art's Paint Shop, 1519 Crawford av 252-7893 
Barrette's Paint & Wallpaper, 2135-2145 Wyandotte 

Central Painting & Decorating Co Ltd, 1321 Ottawa 


Gil's Paint Centro & Rental Sorvice, 4947 Tecumseh blvd 
e 945-5563 

Loreto Paints, 1206 Wyandotte « 252-2345 
Lowe Bros, 1840 Ottawa 253-7227 
MacDonald & White Varnish & Paint Co Ltd, 1652 
Tecumseh blvd e 254-9082 

Mcrlo's Paint & Wallpaper Co Ltd, 2451 Dougall av 

Paint Craft, 1465 Ottawa 254-4406 
Pik Paints, 1445 Wyandotte e 256-0042 
Regal Paint & Wallpaper Co, 1304 Wyandotte east 

Roxalin of Canada Ltd, 1950 Lauzon rd 948-5201 
Tone-Craft Paints Ltd, 2145 Huron Church Line 966-1150 
Whitehall Paint & Wallpaper, 6975 Wyandotte e 
948 2771 

Yorktown Paint & Hardware, 1399 Grand Marais rd w 

(See Contractors — Painting & Decorating) 


Fine Papers London Ltd,, 1085 Crawford av 253-4628 
Zalev Bros Ltd, 1305-1309 Mercer 252-2625 


Bathurst Consolidating Packaging Ltd, 504 Victoria av 


Domtar Packaging Ltd, 504 Victoria av 254-4061 
Guittard & Co, 347 Riverside dr w 253-4655 
Merchants Paper Co (Windsor) Ltd, 975 Crawford av 


Price Wilson Ltd, 3345 Wyandotte e 945-6397 
Union-J-Bag & Paper Products Ltd, 956 Tecumseh blvd 
east 258-0682 


Ambassador Park, > s Riverside dr w between Kennedy 
pi and Huron Church Line 
Bradley Park, bet 3424 & 3476 Cross 
Bridgeview Park & Clubhouse, s s Grove av 
Central Public Park, w s Woodland av 
Cousineau Rd Park, n s Cousineau rd 
Ernest Atkinson Park, s s Riverside dr w 
Dieppe Gardens Municipal Park, before 414 Riverside 
drive west 

George Av Park, 884 George av 
Homesite Park, e s Viilaire av 
Jackson Park, 243 Tecumseh blvd e 
Lanspoary Park, s s Giles blvd e 
Long Park, e s Chandler rd 






Mitchell Park, before 459 Giles blvd w 

Ojibway Park, n s Broadway 

Paterson Park, s * Sandwich 

Prince Rd Park, s s Prince rd 

Reoume Park, after 4670 Riverside dr e 

Roseland Park, n s Morand 

Shore Acres Park, after 1934 University av w 

Stodgell Park, after 1643 Seneca 

Straith Park, s s Riverside dr w 

Wigle Park, ■ t Erie e cor McDougall 

Willisfead Park, e s Chilver rd, before Richmond 

Wilson Park, after 1495 Wyondotte w 


Atlas Pattern Work* Ltd, 2714 Meighan rd 948 0315 
Border Patterns ltd. 2547 Doty pi 966-1282 
Frontier Pattern Works Ltd, 2545 Doty pi 966-0025 
Industrial Models Ltd, 4054 Industrial dr 969-6353 
Master Patterns ltd, 1196 Westcott rd 945-5214 
Rodda Pattern, n s Hudson 969-9428 
St Denis E R & Sons Ltd. 3900 Walker rd 969-4130 


Economy Pest Control, 1117 Pelissier 254-1734 
Notional Fumigating Co. 711 Riverside dr e 252-1149 
National Pest Control Service Co, 711 Riverside dr e 

P.C.O.Services ltd, 3790 Tecumseh blvd e 945-4764 
Wipp Pest Control Co (Div of Wippman Services ltd), 
282 Pitt e 253 3562 

Wippman Services Ltd, 282 Pitt e 253-3563 


Cathy's Pet Centre, 820 St Rose ov 948-6971 
Herman Bros Bird Products, 504 Victoria av 


Nutren Products ltd, 130 Park w 254-5691 

Scherer R P ltd, 1370 Argyle rd 253-2405 

Shermon laboratories ltd, 4011 Molden rd 969-9280 


Leamington Recording Co, 1315 Wyandotte e 256-9609 


Three M Dry Photo Copying Products Div Thermo-Fax 
Brond Copying Products, 2260 University av w 

Three M Visual Products, Div Thermo-Fax Brond Copying 
Products, 2260 University av w 256-0674 
Tri-Angle Photo Copy Sales & Service, 2260 University 
avenue w 256-4127 

Windsor Photocopy, 504 Victoria av 254-9831 


Alex's Photography, 1432 Wyandotte e 2564)663 
Cradle Pictures Ltd, 541 University av w 256-1471 
Ed's Photo Studio, 580 Bruce ov 256-4622 
Industrial Photo Service, 1585 Ouellette av 254-0520 
John Eric Photo Studio, 1585 Ouellette av 254-0520 
M C Photography, 1548 Parkside ct 969-7139 
Meyers Studios, 569 Ouellette av 254-5444 
Okomoto Mocer, 2716 Dandurand blvd 969-5700 
PJk.V. Stsidios, 937 Ouellette ov 258-1824 
Paramount Studios The, 327 Ouellette av 253-4833 
Picco Photo, 646 Erie e 253-7690 

Reade's Photographic Service, 2167 Wyandotte west 

Roach Leo Photography, 2266 Wyondotte w 256-5108 
Simpson's Norm Studio, 985 Ottawa 252-6452 
Slum Pat, 374 Ouellette av 253-9912 
Tatka Photo Studio, 968 Goyeau 253-9074 
Taub's Studio, 52 University ov w 256-8305 
Tidridge Lionel J. 481 Askm av 252-9983 
Turner's Commercial Studios, 1008 Drouillard road 

Wansborough Frank, 39 Chatham e 256-2383 
Wild Studio Ltd. 460 Ouellette av 256-5438 
Yanamoto Studio, 1692 Tecumseh blvd e 253-2909 
Zetner Ray Photography, 691 Ouellette ov 252-5931 


Logan Photography, 5965 Wyondotte e 948-1356 
London Snapshot Service, 504 Victoria av 254-7575 
McDonald's Camera Shop Ltd, 380 Ouellette av 254-2503 
Wansbrough Frank Camera & Sport Shop Ltd, 39 
Chatham e 256-2383 

Windsor Camero Repair Service, 133 Wyandotte west 


Adorn* J Frank, 1011 Ouellette av 254-1222 
Alewick Nicholas A, 920 Ouellette av 254-6977 
Anderson Cameron D, 1428 Ouellette av 256-4518 
Anderson Theodore A, 1011 Ouellette av 253-5711 
Anderson & Henderson, 1011 Ouellette ov 258-1210 
Andrew Robert B, 5550 Wyondotte e 945-6562 
Ato Morris, 1428 Ouellette av 253-4032 
Barber & Haliburton, 1011 Ouellett# av 253-5900 
Barnby T Ivison, 1011 Ouellette ov 254-6277 
Belond Marcel A, 1428 Ouellette av 252-8387 and 1255 
Grand Marais rd w 966-2190 
Bell Robt, 2115 Pelissier 254-9294 
Berkeley Joseph, 1273 Ouellette tv 256-1801 
Berks Gerald, 1590 Ouellette av 256-4155 
Bernstein Gro I (Orthopaedic), 220 Tecumseh blvd w 

Beuglef Ernest. 1011 Ouellette av 256-9598 
Boyd Norman O, 618 Lincoln rd 254-5568 
Bradshaw Phyllis, 1374 Pelissier 253-1701 
Breault Henri J, 1011 Ouellette ov 254-5282 
Brien Wilbert P, 806 Ouellette av 254-9227 
Briison Dennis A, 1361 Ouellette av 253-2710 
Brisson John E. 2095 Wyondotte w 252-4042 
Broadwell Douglos J, 2085 Tecumseh blvd e 256-7281 
Brown Lee M, 307 Bruce ov 254-7643 
Bull Maurice, 1590 Ouellette av 256-4155 
Burleigh Wm, 1390 Grand Marais rd w 966-2090 
Cable Alistair, 600 Norfolk 
Campbell S Hordie, 1710 Ottawa 258-3322 
Carom Donald P, 1011 Ouellette ov 256-0382 
Carter Arnold K, 2115 Gladstone av 252-8261 
Cooper Donald A. 1428 Ouellette ov 258-0717 
Corr John J, 2085 Tecumseh blvd e 252-7289 
Craig Cecil R. 2085 Tecumseh blvd e 252-8886 
Daniel Alexsander, 1028 Drouillard rd 256-4463 
Davidson Donald A, 1011 Ouellette av 254-7626 
Davidson Wm R, 34 Erie e 253-1532 
De Marco Frank, 929 Wyandotte e 253-9116 
Demers Percy T, 7775 Wyandotte e 948-3712 
Dignan John G, 4675 Tecumseh blvd e 945-5261 
Dionne Denis, 780 Ouellette av 253-5231 
Dixon Austin L, 2111 Parkwood av 253-6027 
Dodick Jos L, 7775 Wyandotte e 948-2812 
Doherty John M, 1539 Erie e 254-2802 
Drkulec Vladimir, 41 Giles blvd e 252-4193 
Duffin Grant W, 271 Pillette rd 945-7171 
Durocher Evarist, 1011 Ouellette ov 253-7745 
Dziubanowsky Theodore B, 833 Ottawa 254-1777 
Echlin Thos H. 2115 Pelissier 254-3794 
Elek Dezso, 42 Giles blvd e 257-2611 
Flock G Murray, 1402 Ouellette av 253-9911 
Foster Kenneth H, 636 Kildare rd 254-2100 

n I* r\ Kir Windsor 252-7781 
rnUPdt Detroit 965-6876 

Fraser Geo A, 290 Giles blvd • 253-6177 
Freler Andrew, 1428 Ouellette av 253-5543 
Fry John, 1466 Ouellette av 254-3261 
Gotfield Wm, 1522 Ouellette av 256-8652 
Gawenda Adam, 1290 Ottawa 253-4154 
George George G, 1052 Drouillard rd 256-4949 
George Robert, 1428 Ouellette av 258-0811 
Girard Leo J, 945 Parent av 256-2038 
Gloss Bernard 5. 7717 Wyondotte « 945-2333 
Goyeau Francis R, 1011 Ouellette av 256-5804 
Grieser Frank, 245 Campbell av 254-0481 
Habrot Joseph S, 1428 Ouellette ov 252-8387 and 1255 
Grand Marais rd w 966-2190 
Hasnain S Abid, 1447 Tecumseh blvd e 256-2131 
Heckadon Robt G, 1011 Ouellete ov 252-2021 
Henkel Gunther G, 1506 Victoria av 254-9956 
Hennecke Thea T, 1556-60 Ouellette av 253-8507 
Hersey Lewis R, 1522 Ouellette av 253-4079 
Hough H Bruce, 1011 Ouellette av 253-5006 
Hulka Leslie, 934 Ottawa 256-2533 
Hutton Douglos V (Paediatrician), 1590 Ouellette avenue 

Ing Tom, 1500 Ouellette av 253-3781 
Irwin Michael, 1539 Erie • 254-2803 
Jacks Nathan B, 900 Giles blvd e 256-2347 
Jacques Alex J, 853 Wyandotte e 253-1311 
Jasey Gordon M, 1386 Ouellette av 256-5416 
Johnson Rlchd W, 500 Ouellette av 256-7631 
Kalman Geo, 805 Giles blvd e 252-3181 
Keith W Elliott, 2450 Lincoln rd 254-9393 
Kelly John M, 1069 Ouellette ov 256-7361 
Kleider Victor, 605 Argyle rd 254-1350 
Lager Louis H, 188 Giles blvd e 254-5012 
Loing Chos A, 589 Pelissier 258-1200 
lomos Steven, 896 Erie e 256-7572 
Larocque Raymond D. 1539 Erie e 254-2801 
Laszlo Theodore A, 1428 Ouellette ov 256-2771 
Lawson John B, 1291 Ouellette av 252-8591 
Leach Gary, 1011 Ouellete ov 254-3642 
LeBlonc Alphonse, 302 Ouellette av 252-2185 
Lees H Hislop, 1150 Chilver rd 254-4011 
Le Fave Lawrence R, 1466 Ouellette av 256-7871 
Lengyel George, 1509 Ottawa 253-6762 
lever. Butt, Bricker & Romano, 1011 Ouellette av 

lewis George F, 1011 Ouellette av 253-5711 
Linton F Douglas, 5720 Wyandotte e 945-3921 
Lithgow Alexander D, 933 Ottawa 253-4171 
Luborsky Benj, 1980 Ottawa 254-2288 
MacDonald J Cameron, 1428 Ouellette av 252-2789 and 
220 Tecumseh blvd w 254-8582 
MacDonald James D, 1505 Victoria av 254-4401 
Madeod Keith, 1466 Ouellette av 254-3261 
Macphoil D tan A, 600 Norfolk 969-0580 
MacVicor Archibald A, 1030 Ouellette av 252-3631 
Marion! Peter, 2303 Aubin rd 945-8111 
Markkanen Wm V. 7775 Wyandotte 945-7365 
Marshall Norman L, 1011 Ouellette av 256-3871 
Master Wellington M, 1011 Ouellette ov 256-8351 
McCabe John, 321 Tecumseh blvd e 252-2867 
McCormick G Ralph, 1011 Ouellette ov 256-1990 
McCormick Wm K, 1440 Tecumseh blvd e 253-5767 
McDonald Bruce. 1428 Ouelette av 258-0717 
McDouqall Clair l, 1390 Grand Marais rd w 966-0091 
McGrath Wm P, 1310 Ouellette av 254-8060 
McKay A Robt, 1428 Ouellette ov 252-8387 and 1255 
Grand Marais rd w 966-2190 
McKenzie Thos R, 1428 Ouellette av 256-3251 
Mclister John C, 482 Pelissier 252-9511 
Messer Vernon R. 2222 Alexis rd 945-1149 
Millen Donald B, 1206 Ouellette av 254-9977 
Millinoff Stuart P, 220 Tecumseh blvd w 2564)132 
Milos Paul, 1011 Ouellette av 256-1226 
Miskew John, 1011 Ouellette av 254-9131 
Mok Lillian W M Liu, 7775 Wyandotte o 948*3961 
Morris Everton J, 405 Wyandotte w 256 4908 
Morton G Malcolm, 1011 Ouellette av 253-8958 
Mularchyk Edward J, 1039 Ouellette ov 2254-3113 
Munhollond Ralph J, 2975 Longfellow av 969-4300 
Munholland W, 2115 Gladstone av 252-5883 
Needham Wm L, 3816 Seminole 945-4261 
Nesseth Merrill E, 580 Mill 254-9279 

Classified, Yellow Pag# 29 





The Toronto Stock Exchange — Canadian Stock Exchange 
The Investment Dealers Association of Canada 


Windsor 2 56-7853 
Detroit 963-8866 


Newman M Jean, 1040 Giles blvd c 254-1907 
Ng Edward. 1466 Ouellette av 258-2591 
Oleksiuk Stanley, 944 Ottawa 254-8664 
Popp Gabor, 1751 Parent av 256-4477 
Parent J P, 940 Pillctte rd 945-1062 
Parla Nusret, 4710 Wyandotte e 945-1621 
Pearce Charles E, 374 Ouellette av 256-4558 
Percivol Walter L, 1598 Ouellette av 253-2282 
Peterson Con l, 1428 Ouellette av 256-0440 
Powell W Goyner, 15 Wyandotte c 253-1622 
Prince Jack E, 1310 Ouellette av 253-2495 
Prymok Vladimir E, 8750 Wyandotte o 948-2911 
Quin Michael, 1390 Grand Marais rd w 969-2272 
Rodin Steve, 1011 Ouellette av 253-9153 
Robson Thos B (Obstetrics and Gynaecology), 2085 
Tecumseh blvd e 256-5851 
Rock W Kenneth, 711 Glengarry av 252-2785 
Roommele Edwd A, 1590 Ouellette av 252-6464 
Rutherford Scott E, 345 Victoria av 2537091 
Sacharoff Mortimer, 2161 Wyondottc w 252-1590 
Sadowski Stanislas, 1347 Ouellette av 252-0356 
Saikewich Peter, 604 Indian rd 253-7858 
St Pierro Gerald, 2095 Wyandotte w 252-2585 
Sanborn C Shannon, 1466 Ouellette av 252-6505 
Sanborn Clare S, 1011 Ouellette av 258-0832 
Scarfone Francis P, 1310 Ouellette av 254-7712 
Schaffer Henri, 605 Erie e 256-0379 
Schiller Honore A, 4400 Wyandotte e 945-9671 
Schincarlol Elfio A, 1428 Ouellette av 256-1453 
Schlappner Otto L, 805 Giles blvd e 252-3181 
Schreiner Robt J, 1011 Ouellette av 256-5804 
Schulde Jos M. 2085 Tecumseh blvd e 253-6620 
Schumacher Julius, 1120 Ouellette av 254-1126 
Seymour Burwell, 3801 Karen 969-2670 
Shepherd Grosvenor H. 805 Lawrence rd 945-2612 
Shuren Alex, 944 Ottawa 254-8664 
Smceton F Ranee, 1309 Windermere rd 256-6333 
Smith Newel E H, 1120 Ouellette av 253-5112 
Spakowski Walerian J. 374 Ouellette av 256-4558 
Spooner J Stanley, 374 Ouellette av 256-4558 
Sproat Wm R, 374 Ouellette av 256-4558 
Sproule W Glen, 425 Roselawn dr 969-4160 
Stecko George, 220 Tecumseh blvd w 253-4673 
Stewart J Duncan, 1598 Ouellette av 254-8819 
Strathmon Irvin, 1386 Ouellette av 256-5416 
Taylor Alan, 2115-2117 Pelissier 254-9294 
Thibault Jeon P. 1255 Grand Marais rd west 966-2190 
Thibert Norman E, 1011 Ouellette av 254-5991 
Tinning Robt A, 1310 Ouellette av 256-5384 
Tonken Harvey, 2915 Wyandotte w 252-8283 and 1390 
Grand Marais dr w 969-2331 
Topping Fredk O, 1011 Ouellette av 252-2281 
Turner George E, 567 Lincoln rd 254-3449 
Van Hoogenhuise Wm, 955 Ouellette av 252-8487 
Wachna Anthony T, 1520 Ottawa 253-9393 
Waddell W Roy, 1011 Ouellette av 256-6824 
Walsh Thomas E, 6215 Wyandotte e 945-2072 
Warwaruk Allan S, 1428 Ouellette av 253-5543 
Wein Stanley, 586 Ouellette av 252-3081 
Wells L Stewart, 2304 Howard av 252-4182 
White Bruce, 7175 Wyandotte e 945-2610 
Whitty Goldie T, 643 Campbell av 253-1922 
Willms Geo G, 1291 Ouellette av 258-2931 
Wilson A Patrick, 955 Ouellette av 252-8487 
Winboum Edword S, 1027 Ottawa 254-4221 
Windsor Radiological Associates, 1574 Ouellette ovenue 
256-4914 and 7775 Wyandotte e 945-1105 
Young J Stuart, 374 Ouelletto av 254-3011 
Yovanovich Lazar, 1210 Erie e 253-9006 
Zade Kenneth, 1466 Ouellette av 256*7871 
Ziter Michael J, 2303 Aubin rd 945-8111 


Electro-Med Co, 568 Erie e 254-6285 
Ingram G A Co (Canada) Ltd, 1374 Ouellette avenue 


Farrell Frank J, 1590 Ouellette av 253-8777 
Wardle Roy G, 220 Tocumseh blvd w 252-4864 


Repro of Canada Ltd. 1352 Wyandotte e 254-4115 


Heintzman & Company Ltd, 184 Ouellette av 256-3181 
Soper's Pianos & Organs, 1351 Tecumseh blvd e 


Master Picture Framing, 152 Elm ov 254-1865 
Reynolds Picture Framing and Art Gallery, 1352 Wyan¬ 
dotte east 254-4115 


Hinton Lighter Co, 1629 Tecumseh blvd c 252-8041 


Callon Corp Ltd, 1857 Walker rd 253-8721 
Daal Plastics Ltd, 2125 Ambassador dr 966-2960 
Handee Plastic Products, 1857 Walker rd 253-4094 
Lorence Products Ltd, 258 Chilver rd 253-6378 
Ontario Steel Products Co Ltd, 152 Pitt w 252-3356 
Photometries Specialties, 3805 Moldon rd 969-8864 
Saturn Plastics Ltd, 1260 Crawford av 252-9555 
Union Carbide (Canada) Ltd, 504 Victoria av 252-6995 
Universal Plastics, 1659 Turner rd 252-1349 
Windsor Mould Ltd, 1220 Crawford av 256-1393 


Ace Paint Finishers Ltd, 862 Walker rd 256-4273 
Acme Chromo (Windsor) Ltd, 1165 Westcott rd 945-8871 
East Side Plating Co Ltd, 9100 Tecumseh blvd e 

Hutchinson A G Co Ltd, 588 Chippawa 253-5503 
Industrial Platers, Div of Hedgewick Enterprises Ltd, 
1276 McDougall 252-0091 

Rustshield Plating Ltd, 700 Wellington ov 252-8924 
Windsor Bumper Co Ltd, 9100 Tecumseh blvd east 

Windsor Chrome Plating Co Ltd, 2700 Ouellette avenue 


Canadian Hanson & Van Winkle Co Ltd, 1244*1262 
McDougall 252-1139 


International Playing Card Co Ltd, 1123 Mercer 


(See Contractors - Plumbing) 


Awerbuck S L Plumbing & Heating Supply Co Ltd, 276- 
284 Wyandotte e 256-4947 

Hamlin O P Co Ltd, 1225 McDougall 256-1841 
Hoffman Bros Ltd, 59 Eugenia 966-0950 
McKcough G G Ltd, 3185 Devon dr 969-6090 
Olsonite Co Ltd, 1587 McDougall 254-4308 

WING J T LIMITED, 375 PlH Street East, 
Phone 253-2431 

McKEOUGH G G Limited, 3185 Devon Drive, 
Phone 969-6090 






Phone 966-1320 

Windsor Mechanical Contractors Limited, 3194 Devon 

dr 966-1320 


Weldwood of Canada ltd, 3040 Howard av 969-6950 


Roseland Stamp Store, 10 Riverside dr e 252-6654 


Krun-Chee Potato Chips, 3255 Wyandotte e 253-2453 


Molnar Poultry, 533 Elliott e 253-5625 


Windsorbilt Prefab Products, 2667 Howard av 966-0252 


S & M Premium Co Ltd, 3298 Marentette ov 969-9567 


Adcraft & Offset Printing, 3140 Walker rd 969-9054 
Advance Printing Co, 1731 Wyandotte e 256-6493 
Arcadia Press Ltd, 568 Chatham e 252-7532 
Avala Printing & Publishing Co Ltd, 1297-99 Droulllord 
road 945-8311 

Border Press, 128-132 Ferry 253-3951 
Collins Printing Service, 415 Rankin av 253-9838 
Commercial Printing Co, 1737 Walker rd 254-9281 
Conn Creative Printers, 468 Victoria av 254-4000 
Crain R L Ltd, 747 Huron Church Lino 252-7703 
Curtis Co Ltd, 3090 Marentette ov 966-3350 
Dresser Printing, 877 Walker rd 256-8256 
Eppert Printing Ltd, 1068 Erie e 252-2201 
Essex Printing Co, 1591 Langlois av 253-9761 
Hall Printers & Stationers, 1585 Lincoln rd 254-5868 
HERALD PRESS LIMITED, 424 Pitt Street West, 
Phone 256-3129 

Jacques Printing Co, 1484 Wyandotte w 254-6575 
Maple Leaf Press, 1068 Erie e 252-2201 


PHONE 252-5787 




Avenue, Toronto 2B, Phone 364-1481 

Motivation Printers, rear 1057 Felix av 256-8821 
Oldridge V/ H & Sons Ltd, 1068 Erie c 252-9408 
Personal Stationery Shop, 60 Ouellette av 252-0090 
Printcraft, 108 McDougall 254-6565 
Ray's Printing & Stationery, 8045 Wyandotte e 945-0379 
Ringrose Pres* The, 1139 Lillian 253-1830 
Seguin Printing Limited, 922 Brant 253-4941 
Standard Printing & Duplicating, 1445 University av 
west 256-3041 

Sumner Printing & Publishing Co Ltd, 680 E C Row 
avcnuo 966-1044 

University Platemakers, 736 Pelissier 252-6778 
University Press, 736 Pelissier 252-6778 
Voice of Canadian Serbs, 1297 Drouillard rd 945-8311 
Walkerville Printing Co Ltd, 775 E C Row av 966-1060 
Windsor Print & Litho Ltd, 2641 Howard av 966-0660 
Zack Printing Co, 515 Wyandotte e 253-6034 


Branget's, 5440 Malden rd 969-4653 
Campbell lorne Ltd, 2440 Lincoln rd 256-0431 
Center Produce Co, 285 Mercer 253-3242 
John's Produce, 1016 Crawford av 254-0306 
Katz Produce, 824 Niagara 253-2712 
Mady's Wholesale Produce, (rear) 942 Erie e 254-9808 
Marcel's Garden Sales, 2981 Huron Church Line 969-0419 
Silverstein's Produce Ltd, 427 Chatham e 256-1180 
Thomson Produce, 795 University av w 256-2341 
Zakoor Thos Produce, 176 McDougall 254-0502 


Contelon Gerald W, 290 Giles blvd e 253-5908 
Letourneou A Guy, 1522 Ouellette av 254-2451 
Phin Kenneth G, 1410 Ouellette oy 252-7759 
Yaworsky Walter, 290 Giles blvd e 253-2671 


Liguorian Sunday Bulletin, 504 Victoria av 253-6341 


Encyclopaedia Britannica of Can Ltd, 490 Pelissier 

Avenue, Toronto 2B, Phone 364-1481 

Windsor Star Limited, 167-181 Ferry 256-5511 


Viking Pump Co of Canada Ltd, 661 Grove avenue 


National Auto Radiator Mfg Co Ltd, 2575 Airport rd 


General Radiator Service, 948 Goyeau 254-1175 
Niagara Radiator, 1578 Howord ov 253-9671 
Windsor Auto Radiator Service, 1428 Erie e 252-2725 


C B E, 267 Pelissier 254-5116 
C K L W Radio Studio, 825 Riverside dr w 

Canadian Broadcasting Corp, 267 Pelissier 254-5116 
Cheer Radio 7. 1243 Ouellette av 254-3736 
Radio Windsor Canada Ltd, 1150 Ouellette ov west 

Western Ontario Broadcasting Co Ltd, 825 Riverside dr 
west 254-2831 


R.C.A. Victor Company Ltd, 3950 Malden rd 966-1106 
Waddell's Sound & Radio Ltd, 1279 University av west 

Whyteway Music Co, 4716 Wyandotte e 945-3063 


Canadian Admiral Corp ltd, 1089 Tecumseh blvd east 

Poole Electronic Supplies Ltd, 600 Wyandotte east 


Allied Radio Electronics (Windsor) Ltd, 1204 Howard av 

Assef TV Service (Windsor) Ltd, 3347 Tecumseh blvd c 

BB TV Service, 3729 Poplar av 256-9843 
Bartlett TV. 5098 Pasadena ct 948-2604 
Bartlett Reg TV Service, 1948 Ottawa 253-3856 
Big Dan's TV Sales & Service, 1229 University av w 

Bud's TV Home & Auto Radio Service, 1004 Felix av 


Central TV, 781 Erie e 256-2276 
Crescent TV Service, 1506 Parent av 252-8663 
Doniluk Stephen TV & Electronics, 666 Wyandotte east 
252 2684 

Demers & Mohr TV Sale* & Service, 5640 Wyandotte 
east 945-1801 

Denis TV Service, 649 Eugenie 966-0525 
Dupp's TV & Electronics, 4133 Tecumseh blvd east 

Fox Sound, 3407 Walker rd 969-3170 
Freeman's Solid State Centre, 1444 Tecumseh blvd e 

German Hi-Fi (Ont) Ltd, 1430 Tecumseh blvd east 

Gray's Radio & Television Service Ltd, 4620 Wyandotte 

cast 945-1297 

Guarantced-A Radio & TV Sales & Service, 119 Erie e 

Home TV & Radio Service, 4651 Tecumseh blvd cast 

Janisse Servise Centre, 794 Langlois av 254-2603 
John's TV Repair & Service, 1504 Howard av 256-1038 
Jones Clayton W, 319 Park w 253-7167 
Leetronics TV Service, 815 Cabana rd e 969-4567 
Lloyd's Radio & TV Repair, 528 Scofield av 969-1612 
Lyman's Hi Fi and TV Centre, 1430 Tecumseh blvd c 

McCaffrey's Hi-Fi & TV Centre, 916 Wyandotte east 

McKay's TV & Appliance* ltd, 336 and 342 Park west 

Nick's TV Service, 255 Tecumseh blvd w 253-6456 
Parky Gene Radio & Television Service, 1145 Ford blvd 

Reg's TV & Radio Service. 1780 Huron Church Line 

S & E TV Sales & Service. 11400 Tecumseh blvd e 
735 2155 

Saveli's Electronic Service, 1660 Wyandotte e 252-9617 
Sound Shop The, 2628 Tecumseh blvd e 948-1485 

Sporle-Bartlett Ltd, 1091-93 Ottawa 256-6943 
Tel Star Television, 1424 Wyandotte e 254-3442 
Thomsen TV Service, 473 Rankin av 254-8533 
Thornhill Television Ltd, 3220 Dougall av 969-4410 
Town & Country Electronics, 2451 Dougall av 969-5200 
Uptown Radio & TV Ltd, 755 Wyandotte e 254-1322 
Verrill Les Radio & TV Repair, 2605 Seminole 945-0354 
Walkerville Hi Fi Service, 2611 Ida rd 252-5637 
West End Electronics, 332 Hill av 252-9187 
White Radio & TV Specialists, 7825 Wyandotte east 

Wilson's Visual Electronic* Co, 340 Tecumseh blvd w 

Windsor TV & Radio Service, 476 Janette av 252-0459 
Wright Ray TV Service, 2985 Longfellow av 969-8530 


Canadian Notional Railway Co, 364 Ouellette av 
Canadian National Railway Windsor Walkerville Station 
298 Walker rd 253-7421 

Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Depot, 365 Devonshire rd 

Essex Terminal Railway Co, The, 1601 Lincoln road 

Penn Control Transportation Co, 374 Ouellette av 

Sandwich, Windsor & Amherstburg Railway Co, 1570 
Kildare rd 254-9221 



Arnoff William Real Estate, 1356 Ouellette avenue 

ARTHUR al REAL ESTATE LTD, 2919 Tecumseh 
Boulevard East, Phone 945-6318 (See 
Front Cover and Repeating Lines) 

Associated Leasehold Ltd, 2573 Airport rd 969-4650 

Avco Delta Realty Ltd. 1596 Ouellette av 252-5718 

Street East, Phone 256-8291 

Ottawa Street, Phone 256-3445 (See 
adv Repeating Lines and Back Cover) 

Bencteau Leo A Real Estate, 1059 Drouillard road 
252 7575 

Benneian George H, 15 Wyandotte e 256-2385 

Berneche James T, 500 Ouellette av 252-1127 

Bokor Holdings (Ontario) ltd, 744 Ouellette av 252-3464 

Burityn Earl Realty Ltd. 1089 Victorio ov 253-3825 

Bruner Carl D. 1451 Ouellette av 252-0023 

Cambridge Leaseholds Ltd. 586 Ouellette av 252-5743 

Sterling Building Materials Ltd, 5115 E C Row av 









5115 E.C. ROW PHONE 948-5221 

(Between Pillotte and Jefferson) 

Classified, Yellow Page 31 


Carton E J Rtolljr lid, 1598 Ottawa 256*2325 
Click S Real Estate, 912 Ottawa 25*0000 
Clair-DoH Realty ltd, 15 WyandoHo o 258-0492 
Clark W H Roal Estate, 1785 Westcott rd 945 9458 
Cronin Michael J, 1081 Dougall av 256*3220 
Donl Real Ettale ltd. 1069 Ouellette av 253-1167 
Dorna Realty Associates ltd, 1150 Ouellette av 252-2741 
Dowie Real Evtato & Mortgage, 660 Glengarry avenue 

252- 9142 

Duck Jack, 531 University av w 252-1191 

Duda Alex W, 1089 Ouellette av 252-4451 

Edna-Walker Road Management Co ltd, 182 Pitt wett 

253- 7705 

Ellis Gord Real Estate, 14304 Tecumseh rd e (St Clair 

Essex Management Co ltd, 108 McDougall 252-2339 
Feldman Sam Realtor & Mortgage Broker, 1336 Wyon- 
dotte e 254-3266 

French Norman E, 569 Ouellette av 253 6820 
Gar jo Rentals ltd,, 182 Pitt w 253-7705 
Gibson Emmett E, 2769 Dougall av 969 7241 
Godin louis C, 920 Ouellette av 253-9690 
Graef Michael, 3841 Tecumseh blvd e 252-9860 
Grondin leo A, 59 Hanna w 254-5667 
Henshaw M Rea) Estate, 8750 Wyandotte e 945-5861 
Homesite Investments ltd, 8850 Wyandotte e 948-2562 
Imperial Enterprises, 1922 Wyandotte e 256-6022 
Interdty Realty & Insurance (Windsor) ltd, 374 Ouellette 
avenue 252-7207 

Jeffery P S ltd, 1319 Ouellette av 252 8351 
Kowalchuk Real Estate Ltd, 4141 Tecumseh blvd e 

Kulick Felix J, 1021 Ottawa 256-2678 
lawton Geo Ltd, 1460 Ouellette av 253-4657 
Lorenxen Associates, 1201 University av w 252-8385 

Estate and Insurance, 1201 University 
Avenue West, Phone 252-7716, Queen 
Street, Leamington, Phone 326-2368 
(See adv Repeating Lines) 

302 Ouellette Avenue, Phone 252-5727 
and 252-5787 (See adv Back Cover and 
Repeating Lines) 

Molowany Onufry, 1153 Ottawa 256-4468 
Marks J Real Estate ltd, 302 Ouellett* av 256-8289 
Maxwell Real Estate & Insurance, 267 Pelissier 252-5733 
Merlihan ond Merlihon, Real Estate Brokers, 960 Uni¬ 
versity ov w 258-1020 

Morris Investments ltd, 586 Ouellette ov 252-5743 
Morton Chemical of Canada ltd (Windsor Div), 374 
Ouellette av 253-5281 

Murray Build mg (Windsor) ltd, 182 Pitt w 253-7705 
Ouellette P Ernest, 1862 Wyandotte « 256-3188 
Par Realty of Windsor ltd, 176 University av w 256-6664 
Peche Island-Sirrah Ltd, 500 Ouellette av 253-4976 



University Ave. W. Comer Victoria 

PHONE 254-9289 

Reaume U G ltd, 176 University ov w 254-9289 
Richardson Thos W 374 Ouellette ov 252-7701 
Riverdale Manor Apartments Ltd, 8850 Wyandotte e 

Roberts Paul & Co ltd, 76 University av w 254-3766 
Rosen l M Realty ltd, 33 University av w 252-7279 

Wyandotte St. Wait, Phone 254-8646, 
Branch 571 Erie Street East, Phone 
252-5795 (See adv Bottom Stencil, Re¬ 
peating Lines and Ribbon Marker) 
Schuster-Reffle Real Estate, 170 Tecumseh blvd east 

Simon Peter, 1775 Glendale av 948-6551 
Smith Donald F Realtor, 52 Chatham w 256-9478 


Thrasher Ivan W Realty ltd, 2468 Ouellotte avenue 

Tomek Michl Realty ltd, 937 Ouellette av 256-4844 
Totten Earl Real Estate, 3235 Church 969-3924 
Wagner & Johnson Insurance & Real Estate, 1313 Glad¬ 
stone ov 252-6563 

Wellington Industrial Estates ltd, 700 Wellington av 
254 6688 

Allendale Street, Phone 254-5114 

Wickramm ltd, 1560 Howard 254-2501 

Windsor Property Management ltd, 182 Pitt w 253-7705 

Wintemute Bruce, 1462 Church 252-2072 


Ace Refrigeration Co, 123 Riverside dr w 252 4427 
Al's Refrigorotion Co, (rear) 3165 Sandwich 254-6306 
Alpine-Aire Regfrigeration Service, 1558 Francois rd 

B & D Appliance Ports Ltd, 541 Erie e 252-7287 
Bodnar Refrigeration Service, 1239 Fairview blvd 

Community Refrigeration ltd, 1645 Drouillard road 

Delisle Refrigeration, 846 Francois ct 945-7498 
l & J Refrigeration, 1795 George ov 945-2473 
Marr Refrigeration Engineering, 992 Wellington av 

Pennisula Electric Refrigeration Co Ltd, 594 Wyandotte 
east 253-4501 

Spelrn Refrigeration, 465 Bertha av 945-5285 
Windsor Refrigeration Co, 1314 Drouillord rd 945-8981 
Woods Bill Refrigeration, 1704 Baifour blvd 945-5628 
Yaxley Refrigeration, 161 Cameron av 254-9741 


Berthiaume Crest Mfg, 3788 Poplar av 256-0593 
Glendon Crest Co, 55 Riverside dr w 252-6371 


Johnson Controls ltd, 3219 Askln av 969-7330 
Wholesale Service & Repair Center, 1599 Drouillord rd 


Our Sundoy Visitor Incorporated, 504 Victoria av 


A & W Drive-Ins Windsor ltd. 3041 Dougoll avenue 
969 8480 

Adrien's Coffee Shop. 198 Pitt w 254-6617 
Ambassador Restourant, 1590 Huron Church line 

Andy's Coffee Shop, 924 Ottawa 254-9431 
Annie's Dairy Bor, 2135 Tecumseh blvd w 252-6303 
Armand's Pixxa, 3?10 Walker rd 966-2760 
Bala's Restaurant, 714 Wyandotte e 252-6108 
Bamboo Garden. 583 Ouellette av 253-9665 
Bar Italia, 745 Erie e 

Bel-Air Restaurant, 1404 Tecumseh blvd e 253-3379 
Biff's Coffee Shop, 1110 Ouellette av 252-3852 
Big Boy Drive-In ltd, 4440 Tecumseh blvd e 945-1146 
Blue Gardens Restaurant, 3921 Seminole 948-5904 
Bock Ada Mrs. 1585 Wyandotte e 253-3239 
Bowlero Coffee Shop, 673 Tecumseh blvd w 252-3088 
Brothers Drive Inn Restaurant, 2521 Dougall ov 969-5690 
Butter Nut Restourant, 3302 Dougall av 969-5800 

CIS Fine Foods ltd, 33 and 43 Pitt e 254-7585 
Cameo Bar B Q, 3226 Sandwich 252-1965 
Campus Coffee Shop, 2505 Wyandotte w 
Can USA Restaurant & Banquet Room, 400 Tecumseh 
blvd e 252-3235 

Canton Dining Lounge (Windsor) ltd, 1450 Tecumseh 
blvd e 252 9981 

Cappie's Coffee Shop, 1998 Wyandotte e 253-6420 
Capri Piixeria, 3021 Dougall av 969-6851 
Cedar Snack Bar, 510 Wyandotte w 252-4998 
Chatterbox Food Bar, 850 Tecumseh blvd e 253-0141 
Chicken Court Tavern, 531 Pelissier 252-7226 
Chuck's Tavern & Restourant, 1824 Wyandotte east 


Chun King Corp of Canada Ltd, 1019 Elliott w 254-5134 
College Soda Bar, 1700 College av 252-7865 
Colonial Steak House Tavern, 1690 Huron Church line 

Colosseo Restourant, 1459 Ottawa 
Coxy Restaurant, 980 Howard av 253-0080 
Doily Drive-In Restaurant, 2415 Walker rd 254-5831 
Doirl-Maid Bar, 2106 University av w 
Dallas Restaurant. 5866 Wyandotte e 943-9064 
Dashboard Restaurant, 40 42 University av o 253-3786 
Do Vinci's Restaurant. 2451 Dougall av 969-9812 
Derby Barbeque, 301 Tecumseh blvd e 256-3771 
Detroit Grill, 124 Wyandotte e 252-1571 
Dieppe Viltoge Restaurant & Tavern, 165 Riverside dr w 

Dominion Cafe. 1020 Drouillard rd 254-7783 

Donut Joy, 275 Tecumseh blvd w 252-7574 

Earl's Grill. 2045 Wyandotte w 253-0369 

East Windsor Tavern ltd. 1214 Drouillard rd 254-6112 

Elef's White Tower, 440 Tecumseh blvd « 252-7069 

Elite's Grill, 950 Wyandotte w 253-2685 

Ellis Fish 6 Ships. 899 Pillette rd 945 4312 

Embers Restaurant, s s Talbot rd e 

Esserie Restaurant ltd. 3580 Tecumseh blvd e 948-4125 
Eusoni Snack Bar, 11210 Tecumieh blvd e 735-9671 
Felix Lunch, 1086 Felix av 254-6796 
Flying Dutchman Snack Bar. 4501 Motchefte rd 969-0000 
Flying Tiger Restaurant. 1039 Wyandotte w 253-8082 
G M Coffee Shop. 439 Wyandotte e 253 0139 
Gan's Tavern & Restaurant, 33-43 Pitt e 254-7585 
George's Steak House ltd, 650 Ouelletta av 254-1400 
Geranium Tea Room, 415 Pelissier 254-9531 
Gino's Piixeria, 6011 Tecumseh blvd e 945-5521 
Golden Arrow Restourant, 2630 Seminole 
Golden Mile Restauront. 4010 Tecumseh blvd e 
Harmony Grill, 1311 Ottawa 253-0267 
Heather Bell Fish & Chips. 1991 Ottawa 252-3504 
Helen Snack Bar. 777 Walker rd 253-2672 
Helen's Fish & Chips & Confy, 3606 Seminole 945*9203 
Henry's Chinese Food, 2821 Dougoll av 966-2720 
Hi Ho Curb Serv-ut ltd. 3746 Sandwich 253-3620. 5240 
Tecumseh blvd e 945 0211. 2899 Howard avenue 
966 0540, 3691 Walker rd 969 2260 
H : -Way Restaurant, 2151 Walker rd 253-7865 
Holiday Restaurant, 1065 Huron Church Line 253-6598 
Home lunch, 1096 Cadillac 252-7661 
House of lee The, 567 Pelissier 256-3115-6 
Ing's Chinese Food, 618-620 Goyeau 254 8872 
International Restaurant, 1223 Drouillord rd 
Italia Piixeria ltd, 1204 Tecumseh blvd e 252-7751 
Jane's Snack Bar, 4745 Malden rd 969 0061 
Jennie's Snack Bar. 1097 Drouillard rd 
Jenny's lunch, 1264 Wyandotte e 254-1822 
Joe's lunch, 1298 Drouillord rd 945-8581 
John's Coney Island Coffee Shop, 992 University av w 

Killarney Castle lid, 170 Wyandotte w 254-5131 
Kirk's Restaurant. 2685 Howard av 966-0832 
Knotty Pine Restourant. 3067 Dougoll ov 969-4810 
la Grace lunch, 978 University av w 252-0046 
La Poulette. 4449 Tecumseh blvd e 948-4173, 3006 
Dnuaoll av 9487600 and 1916 Wyandotte w 
252-0481 ond 1477 Erie e 2527311 
lappan's Tavern ltd, 3101 Walker rd 966-0692 
Leo's Spaghetti & Piixeria Restauront, 3838 Walker rd 

lido Club, 3885 Sandwich 252-2252 

a£ avtaxcls & 






75 GILES WEST. Off Ouellette 

PHONE 256-1818 

South Windsor Development Co Ltd, 374 Ouellette av 







899 HANNA 



PHONE 254-8809 

Lotus Gardens, 560 Ouellette ov 256-8972 
Lucky 7, 1959 Tecumseh blvd w 254*4645 
Lucy's Coffee Shop, 2944 Tecumsuh blvd e 948-3011 
Luigi Restaurant, 320 Eugenia 966-2367 
M £ M Take Out Restaurant Ltd, 313 Goyeau 254-3792 
Madrid Dhing Roam, 2530 Ouellette ov 966-1860 
Mady's Big Boy Drive In Restaurants Ltd, 881 Huron 
Church Line 253-5946 

Mady's Coffee Shop, 358 Ouellette av 253-4821 
Mai-Mai, 754 Ouellette ov 253-7255 
Maple Lea ; Motel £ Dinette, 2763 Howard av 966-1930 
Mario's of Windsor, 755 Ouellette ov 254-3392 
Mario's of Windsor, Roozon'i Ltd, 752 Pelissier, 254-3392 
MarlotlJ & Curt! fteslaurant, 851 Erie e 254-7041 
Mike's Grill, 492 Uni versify ov w 253-7644 
Milan's Tavern & Restaurant, 245-251 DrouMlard road 

Milano Pizzeria and Restaurant, 1633 Tecumseh blvd e 

Motel Coffee Shop, 2673 Dougall av 969-6540 
Napoli Restaurant, 2999 Tetumidi blvd e 945-1141 
Nero's Restaurant Ltd, 2105 Ouellette av 254-2543 
Niagara Restaurant, 89 University av w 254-9855 
0,K, Restaurant, 2731 Howard av 966-2041 
Olympia Restaurant, 1574 Howard av 253-0424 
Orient Coffee Shop, 357 Park w 
Paradise Restaurant, 111 Riverside dr w 254-0591 
Park Diner 158 Tecumseh blvd e 256-9220 
Pat & Hark's Fish £ Chips, 1247 Grand Marais rd w 
969-5252, 3147 Tecumseh blvd e 948 01 11 and 
5622 Wyandotte e 

Phenicla R-jitayrgni, 1321 Wyandotte a 252-7657 
Playdium Luncheonette, 4985 Wyandotte e 945-3111 
PompeE Restaurant & Tavern, 4785 Howard av 969-3700 
Queen GrKl, 2020 Wyandotte w 252-9857 
Quicky Snock Bar, 216 Wyandotte e 254-4658 
R & 1 Gril', 2189 Howard av 
Radio Tavern Ltd, 546 48 Oueftetle av 252-1371 
Rainbow Inn, 3440 Walker rd 969-7650 
Ray's Snack Bor, 925 Tecumseh blvd w 253-0362 
Red Barn The, 3580 Tecumseh blvd e 940-4125 
Rib-N-Chikin Shack, 1794 University av w 253-4613 
and 3220 Dougall av 253-4613 
Riverside Tavern, 488 Lauzon rd 945-3923 
Riviera Pizzeria, 4806 Tecumseh blvd e 945-2359 
Rama Cafe, 816 Erie e 252-7849 
Roma Pfmria, 7848 Wyandotte e 948-4149 
Rose Bawl Restaurant, 2482 Dougall av 
Royal Dairy Bar, 2534 Howard av 966-1172 
Royal Hamburger, 54 Wyandotte w 252-8953 
Sam's Pizzeria Restaurant, 2215 Wyandotte w 256-2151 
San Remo Restaurant, 2000 Tecumseh blvd o 945-1393 
Sandwich Grill, 3219 Sandwich 253-0148 
Seaway Restaurant, 172 Ouellette av 256-0819 
Skylark Pizzeria, 4663 Tecumseh blvd c 948*4135 
Sorrento Cafe, 770 Erie e 
Station Lunch, 1350 Pelletier av 
Steve M' Eddy's 468 University av w 253-4044 
Sunset Diner, 2424 University av w 253-0626 
Tasly-Bar-8-G, 19 Wyandotte e 253-0869 
Tasty Lunch, 807 Piltefte rd 945-6001 
Three Star Restaurant, 325 Wyandotte w 253-0245 
Tin y \ Lunch, 1100 Cadillac 253-0212 
Tivoli Steak House, 1533 Wyandotte e 256-0063 
Torigian Lunch, 1098 Shepherd a 
Trsvi Pizzeria Restaurant, 4315 Seminole 948-1411 
Tunnel Bar-8-Q, 58 Park East, 254-7717 
Ukrainian Restaurant, 1148 Marlon av 253-0408 
United Bar-B-Q, 20 University av e 253-8747 
University Restaurant, 139 University ay w 256-0081 
Vito's Pizzeria & Restaurant, 3991 Walker rd 969-8531 
Volcano Pizzeria Restaurant Ltd, 157 Wyandotte West 

Walker Rd Tavern, 3101 Walker rd 966-0692 
Walker villa GriH, 1850 Wyandotte e 
Waselosh Annie Coffee Shop, 1806 Wyandotte w 
Wellington Tavern, BOO Wellington av 256-8713 
White Star Lunch, 2940 Whefpton 

Wlndover Restaurant Ltd, 4449 Tecumseh blvd east 
948-4173 and 3006 Dougall av 948-7600 and 1477 

Erie o 

Wyandotte Snack Bar, 1318 Wyandotte e 254-3672 
Ye Ofde Steak House, 46 Chatham w 256-0222 
Yorkshire Fish & Chips, 2590 Howard av 969-0084 


Windsor Converters, 258 Chilver rd 254-8638 


Flying Dutchman Ranch, 4501 Matchotte rd 969-B034 
Kenilworth Boarding Stables, 3317 Howard av 


Big Horn Saddlery of Canada, 700 Wellington av 

Par trade of Canada Ltd, 700 Welling tan g V 256-0261 


General Riggers £ Erectors of Canada Lid, 826 Felix 
avenue 254-5166 


(See Contractors — Roofing and Siding) 


TVemco Manufacturing Co, 3740 Academy dr 969-2347 


Canadian Col lard Products Ltd, 985 St Luke rd 256 493? 
Checker Industrial Rubber & Tiro Ltd, 1695 University 
av w 254-9261 

Cole Industrial Rubber Lid, 2698 Howard av 966 3150 
Firestone Industrial Products Div, 1530 Ouellelte avenue 


Conn Rubber Stamps, 468 Victoria av 254-4000 
Essex Stamp Co Ltd, 120 Ferry 253-7212 


(See Carpets, Rugs and Floor Covering) 


Deviney A Co, 579 Partington ov 256-2381 


Safety Supply Co, 1974 Wyandotte e 252-2326 


Canadian Salt Co Ltd, 30 Prospect av 256-3105 
Sif to Salt Co Ltd, 1402 Crawford av 253-2501 


Windsor Bulk Storage, 3600 Russell 253-1613 


Red Line Chemicals of Canada Ltd, 504 Victoria 
avenue 253-3237 

Wood G H 1 Co Ltd, 806 Ottawa 253-9136 and 1402 
Crawford av 253-2501 

(See also Windows and Doors — 

Kimball & Russell (Ontario) Ltd, 3165 Sandwich 252-7771 


M & G Salami & Sausage Co (rear) 975 Tecumseh blvd 
west 256-2261 

Sandwich Sausage Ce, 265 Pitt e 254-0165 

Triple J Sausage Co Ltd, 1567 Crawford av 256-0034 


Howe Richardson 5 cates of Co no da Ltd, 1737 Walker rd 

Toledo Scale Co of Can Ltd, 3440 Wyandotte e 945-1143 
and 2462 Howard av 253-3567 


Adult Education Centre, 437 Erie e 253-4691 
Assumption University, 400 Huron Church Line 

Atlantic School Inc, 374 Ouellette av 256-3093 
Bulmer Business College, 315 Petiiiler 253-8202 
Church wood Metropolitan School, 2400 Virginia Park av 

Date Carnegie Leadership Training, 504 Victoria ov 

D/oulllard Barber Schools Ltd, 1801 Jnivorsity ov w 

Horde k Welding Enterprises Ltd, 3243 Ma rente He av 

Holy Redeemer College, 925 Cousinecu rd 969*2840 
International Hairdressers Association ltd, 831 University 
avenue west 256-4535 

International Tutoring Cal lege, 595 Victoria av 256-662! 
Kennedy Myrtle G, 1005 Victoria ov 256-4687 
King George Junior Vocational School, 1799 Ottawa 

Kinsmen Training Centre, n s Northwood dr 969-5832 
Morvel Beauty School, 831 University ov w 256-4535 
Ontario School of Arc Welding, 32 43 Marcntette cv 

Peretz I L School, T661 Oualtetto ov 254-5439 
Riverside Secondary School, 8465 Jerome 948-4116 
St Angela Meric! Kindergarten, 750 Erie e 256-0123 
St Clair College of Applied Arte and Technology The, 
815 Mercer 252-7772 

St Mary's Academy, s s Richardie blvd 969*2463 
St Vladimir & Olga Ukrainian Kindergarten, 99! Shep¬ 
herd e 254-7927 

Sates Ivan R School of Hairdressing, 1182 Wyandotte e 

Shaar Hoshomaylm Synagogue Religious School, 115 
Gitei, blvd o 

University of Windsor, 355 4T5 Sunset av 253*4232 
Uni vanity of Windsor — Canterbury College, w * $umet 
ov after University av w 256-6442 

University of Windsor School of Nursing, 355-457 Sunset 


Classified, Yellow Pago 33 


<rf VVindsor 

WINDSOR 254-3392 
DETROIT WO 2 5330 

U A Delightful Experience hi Dining” 

RQC2£N a LTD, 




William Hand Vocational School, 1375 California avenue 

Windsor Buiinaii College, 709 Ouellette av 253-4921 
Windsor High School of Commerce, 441 Tecumseh blvd 
east 254 7573 

Windsor Teachers' Col^^Bf 600 Third Cancel *ion road 

(Collegiate Institutes) 

Alicia L Ma*an Junior Vocational School, 284 Cameron 
ov 252-5709 

Assumption High School, 1100 Huron Church Line 

Brennan f J High School, 910 Jtaymo rd 940-8491 
Forster John L Collegiate, 749 Felix av 254-4751 
Honorable W C Kennedy Collegiate Institute, 245 
Tecunueh blvd o 254-8649 
Patterson Collegiate Institute, 151 Elliott e 256-2609 
Vincent Massey Collegiate Institute, 1800 Liberty 

W. D, Lowe Vocational School, 874 Giles blvd e 253-4653 
W F Herman Collegiate Institute, 1930 Rossini blvd 

WatkervilEc Collegiate Institute, 2100 Richmond 252-2711 


Ada C Richards School, 4533 Ontario 945-5081 
Central Public School, 700 Norfolk 996-3530 
Colebaurne Public School, 9965 Riverside dr e 735-9360 
Coronation School, 5400 Coronation 945-5885 
David Maxwell Public School, 1648 Francois rd 945-1421 
Dougall Av School, Bll Dougall av 254-0077 
Edith Co veil Senior Public School, 5955 Ontario 
948 4661 

Frank W Begley School, 1093 Assumption 254-2402 
General Brack Public School, 3312 Sandwich 254-4242 
Gilmore Public School, 720 Edinborough 966-1753 
Glen wood Public School, 1601 Norfolk 969-3990 
Gordon McGregor Public School, 1646 Alexis rd 

H E Bandy School, 1676 Mark av 
Hugh Beaton School, 2229 Chilver rd 254-0071 
Ivor Chandler School, 995 Bartlett dr 969-0410 
J E Benson School, 1542-1546 Wyandotte w 254-4920 
John A McWilliom Public School, 1901 E C Raw avenue 

John Campbell School, 1255 Tecumieh blvd o 254-4612 
John MtCrea School, S8l St Paul av 945-4723 
John O Cahill School, 2055 Spring Garden rd 969-5630 
John Rost School, 2715 Bernard rd 945-0341 
King Edward School, 853 Chilver rd 
M S Hetherington School, 6800 Menard 940-0951 
Marlborough School, 3557 Melbourne rd 254-1470 
Mayfair Public School, 2559 Chandler rd 
North wood Public School, n i Narfhweod dr 969-7610 
Oak wood School, 3651 St Clair av 969-3290 
Percy P McCollum School, 4195 Millay 945-5808 
Prince Chorte* School, 1150 Edward av 945 0321 
Prince Edward School, 949 Gilei blvd e 253-0877 
Prince of Wale* School, 2285 Wyandotte w 253*6831 
Princess Anne Public School, 6320 Raymond avenue 
948 0911 

Princes* Elizabeth School, 5399 Raymond av 945-5001 
Jtaiclond Public School, 538 Cabono- rd e 969-3250 
Sandwich East Public School, 2432 $1 Louis avenue 
945 3433 

South wood Public School, 1355 Cabana rd w 
969 3470 

Taylor H D School, 1275 Campbell av 

Victoria Public School, 1376 Victoria ov 254-2271 

Welker School. 3391 Welker rd 969-2030 

Western Public School, 3901 Peter 254 3941 

Wm G Davit Public School, 2855 Rivard av 945-5601 


8i*hop J C Cody School, 1212 E C Row av 969-7191 
Brian D F Separate School, 875 Chappu* 969 4351 
Christ the King IRO School, 1200 Grand Marais rd w 
969 0621 

De la Salle School, 1133 Niagara 254 5552 

Holy family Convent {Kindergarten), 968 Louis avenue 

Holy Family School, 1562 Rossini blvd 945-0924 
Holy Name School, 636 Campbell oY 
Holy Rosary, 1168 Drauillard rd 252-9490 
Immaculate Conception School, 735 Tuscarora 256-9156 
Mcryvcla Vocational School for Girl*, 3640 Wells 

Malt Precious Blood School, 3400 Somme av 945-0773 
Notre Dame School, 2751 Partington av 969-7040 
Our Lady of Lourdes Separate School, 4130 Franklin 

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, n i Cousineau rd 

Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, 2829 Patent blvd 

Sacred Heart School, 385 Cameron av 252-6063 

St Alexander Senior School, 5305 Adstall av 945-5621 

St A Ip h on* us School, 465 Victoria sv 254-1740 

St Andrew School, 1957 Head 256-9010 

Sr Angela School, 816 Fill* ov 254-7240 

St Angela School Annex, 1368-90 Ehmere av 

St Anne's School, 1124 Monmouth rd 256-1911 

St Anthony's School, 754 California av 

St Bernard School, 1847 MeEdrum rd 945-6948 

St Ceeile Separate School, 333 Dieppe 948-6081 

St Charles Separate School, 2275 Wellesley 256-107! 

St Christopher's School, 3355 Woodward blvd 969-3820 
St Clare Separate School, 146? Bruce av 
St Edmonds School, 765 Mareniefte av 256-0503 
St Edward School, 3755 King 254 9488 
St Fronds School, 477 Detroit 253-8327 
St Gabriel School, 1400 Rosolawn dr 969-3230 
St Genevieve School [RC), 647 Irvine av 
St Hubert's School, 3225 California ov 
St James (RC) School, 1601 St Jams* 252-9960 
St Joan of Arc School, 4500 Somme av 945-5313 
$t John School, 1920 Grave av 256-4092 
St John Vianney Separate School,. 8405 Cedarview 

St Joseph'* (RC) School, 869 Jo* Jonine av 948-1926 
St Jude 1 * School, 3850 Locke 969-5550 
St Julen School, 1982 Norman rd 945-2611 
St Uds School, 6700 Raymond av 948-0813 
St Marla Goretti [RC) School, 1166 Eastlawn boulevard 
948-111 1 

St Patrick'* School, 1880 Totten 254-0561 
St Peter'* Separate School, 855 Si Rote av 945-3823 
St Ro*e School, 87! St Rase av 945-6255 
St Thereto School, 5305 Tecurmeh blvd e 945-2628 
St Thoma* School, 950 Thompson blvd 945-8646 
St Vincent De Paul School, 6038 Elizabeth av 
St Wilfred School, 865 We*tchc*ter dr 948-1934 


Aero lob Instrument Co, 2010 Assumption 256-2651 
Trerke H Q Co, 1282 Crawford 254-4171 


KovFn*ky J & Sons Ltd, 110 Hill av 254-5188 
Med ter Max & Sons, 700 Wellington av 
Meretiky, Burnltine & Meretiky Ltd, 1577 Howord av 
253 6365 

River Mill Steel Ltd, 1722-30 Howard ov 256 3138 
United Iron & pq per, 3050 Church 969-4270 


Economy Exchange, 340 Wyandotte e 252-6934 
Goodwill Industrie* of Windier tnc, 1276 Ottawa 

John 1 * Second Hand Store, 235 Wyandotte e 
May Court Bargain Bax, 1122 Wyandotte e 256-1573 
May Court Thrift Shop, 1122 Wyandotte e 256-1573 
Som't Second Hond Store, 912 Wyandotte e 


Barbara Wood Lid, 504 Victoria av 253-6341 
Parker L J Enterprise*, 4398 Teeumseh blvd o 940-4143 
Superior Secretarial Service, 1120 Ouellette av 252-2765 
Windsor Stenographic Service, 103 Rivenld* dr we it 


Cock Brot Ltd, 730 Tecum*eb blvd w 254-8605 
Essex Hybrid Seed Co Ltd, 10050 Riverside drive east 

Girard'* Flower* (k Seeds, 582 Grand Marais rd oast 

Pflster Hybrids Ltd, 10050 River side dr o 735-9753 


(See Cesspoel dnd Septte Tank Builders) 


Bernina Sewing Centre, 25 Wyandotte e 256-4713 
Singer Sewing Centre Authorized Dealer, 1434 Ottawa 

Singer Co of Canada ltd, 481 Ou*lf*tte ov 254-5157 
Universal Appliance Store*, 1818 Ottawa 25B-0453 


Atkin Sheet Metal, 1315 McDaugall 253-6691 
Atlas Manufacturing, 1797 Benjamin ov 256-3210 
B & B Sheet Metal, 637 University av w 253-2050 
Bannon Sheet Metal Ltd, 915 Crawford ov 254-3778 
Cunningham Sheet Metal Work* Ltd, 1478 Kildare rd 

Del Monte Eave a trough Co, 504 Victoria av 254 0970 
Fiiher Fred J, 1037 Curry av 253-7845 
Globe Sheet Metal Co Lid, 1452 51 Luke rd 945-2395 
It ini ant Sheet Metal, 1124 Pierre av 
Martin Sheet Metal, 3344 Walker rd 969-3130 
Murphy J E Sheet Metal Co Ltd, 595 Toeumich blvd e 

Riverside Sheet Metal Ltd, 7816 Wyandotte e 945-4623 
Schultz Sheet Metal, T010 Howard av 252-1804 
Spada Sheet Metal, 1156 Crawford av 254-6407 

Street, Phone 256-3321 or 256-2322 

Verdun Eovesiraughing, 1321 Cadillac 948-7281 


A g new-Surpass Shoe Store Lid, 2451 Daugall avenue 
966-1033 [For lilt of branch** tee Alphabetical 

Babechuk Shoe Store, 1519 Drouillard rd 
Bala Shoe Store, 2451 Dougall av 966-7842 
Belinda faihron Shoe*, 306 Ouellette av 254-5797 
Bendy W J & Sam Ltd, 126 Ouellette av 254-3391 
Bonita Beautiful Shoe*, 305 Ouellette av 256-0562 
Bouliane AI Shoes, ISO? Tecum* eh blvd e 256-6903 
Conmart Shoes Ltd, 1550 Huron Church Line 252-2269 
and 132 Ouellette av 

Dock Corporation Ltd, 36! Ouellette av 253-8472 
OanTluk Shoe Store Si Repair, 668 Wyandotte e 
Deck'* Shoe* For Mon, 1050 Drauillard rd 
Diane Shoe* Ltd, 1329 Ottawa 254-5833 
Haat Ed fine Shoes Ud, 1555 Wyandotte e 252-8421 
Hamel & Taylor Shoe* Ud, 328 Pelisiier 256-2579, 125T 
Grand Marais rd w 969-0560 
Imperial Shoe Store Ltd, 421 Ouellette av 253-6923 
International Shoe* "Salamander", 1CM University erv w 

J S R Shoot, 80 Chatham e 254 0974 

Jarman Shoe* Far Men, 340 Ouellette av 254-2211 

Karen 1 * Shoe*, 1643 1647 Gita wo 252-9521 


895 OUELLETTE AVE. - - PHONE 254-3223 

Kinney Shoos of Co no da Lid, 1950 Lauzon rd 

LpVogue French Room, 466 Ouellette ov 252-0354 
Mo her Shoe Store, 461 Ouellette ctv 253-7595 
Reward Shoo Stores Ltd, 563 Quelfetto ov 253-9485 
Rurych Shoo Store, 2553 Howard ov 969-9042 
Sam's Shoe Stare, 1525-1527 University av w 256-6433 
Shoe Bar The, 2203 Wyandotte w 252-4744 
Traci Katerina Mrs, 937 Wyandotte e 
Trotl'i Shoei ltd, 352 Ouellette ov 253-6874 
Wemer's Children's Shoe Store, 1528 Wyandotte east 

Wilkinson Geo H Ltd, 333-35 Ouellette ov 253-7411 


Acme Finders Ltd, 333 Ouellette ov 254-6825 


Abate Louis G, 862 Erie a 

Barges Mike & Son, 1317 Ottawa 

Biotas Shoe Repair, 860 Shepherd e 

Camilla Shoe Repair, 2558 Howard av 

Casdoni Shop, 1064 Wyandotte a 254-7395 

Charles Shoe Clink, 336 Ouellette ov 253-3869 

City Shoe Repair, 1027 Drouilford rd 

Deck's Shoe Repair, 1050 Drouillard rd 

EgJensky Shoe Shop, 3414 Wyandotte e 

Erie Shoe Rc builder, 871 Erie e 

George's Shoe Repair, 5831 Wyandotte e 

Henry's Shoe Repair, 5341 Tocumseh blvd e 

Humphries Shoe Repair, 553 Erie e 253-1522 

Jimmy's Shoe Store, 3491 Sandwich 252-9934 

Joe's Repair Shop, 343 Mill 

Joe's Shoe Repair, 1011 Wyandotte w 

Joe's Shoe Repairing, 150 Erie w 

Katas Shoe Service & Dry Cleaning, 3090 Dougoll av 
969 5770 

Lon da Go i pa re Shoe Repolf, 396 Tecumteh blvd w 

Louie's Shoe Repair, 477 University av w 

Lurtgen loo, 1250 Wyandotte e 

Malta's Shoe Repair, 873 Rillette rd 

Matthew Shoe Ota it, 5945 Wyandotte 

Mike's Shoe Repair, 1537 Howard av 

Mike's Shoe Repair, 1557 Ottawa 

Modern Shoe Repair, 3314 Walker rd 969-7728 

Neat Shoe Repair, 624 Campbell av 

Nkk's Shoe Repair, 1659 DrauMlard rd 

Nick's Shoe Repair, 841 Pillette rd 

Nu Style Shoe Repair, 2939 Longfellow av 

Paris Steve, 53 Pitt * 254-3082 

Parisian Shoe Repair & Custom Made Shoes, 1560 
Tecurnioh blvd e 256-9872 
Paulin Shoe Repair, 70 Erie c 
Poberensci' John, 315 Wyandotte w 
Roxy Shoe Repair, 22 Wyandotte w 252-1331 
Seminole Shoe Repair, 1505 Aubin rd 
Seneca Shoe Repair, 1643 Seneca 252-8620 
Sou i hi awn Shoe Repair, 3871 Doug all av 
Square Deal Shoo Repair, 1080 Felix av 254-8486 
Taylor's Shoe Repair, 3933 Seminole 
Tip Top Shoe Repair, 4593 Tecum seh blvd e 
Veres touix Shoe Repair, 41 Shepherd e 
William's Shoe Shop, 1742 Droutlfard rd 


Ambassador Plaza, 1440-1590 Huron Church Line 
Darwin Shopping Plaza, 2451 Dougall av 
Gateway Plaza, 3120-3258 Dougall av 
K-Mort Plaza, 7650-7770 Tecummh blvd e 
Yorktown Square, 1349-1399 Grand Marais rd w 


Acme Neon Signs (Windsor) Ltd, 2490 Central avenue 

Ad-Signs, 2577 Ida rd 256 3971 
Barlow Signs, 504 Victoria av 253-5047 
Findlay Sign, 344 Wyandotte e 254-1582 
Hardy Sign Co, 149 Riverside dr w 253-3214 
J M Signs, 3847 Howard av 969-1878 
Leonard Sign Co, (rear) 315 Plllette rd 945-5011 
Roland's Neon Signs Co, 2771 Whelpton 256-2091 
Superior Signs (Windsor) Ltd, 7960 Clalrview avenue 

Walker Neon Sign Co, 833 Plllette rd! 943-0561 


DePooli industries, 542 Brant 252-3050 
Luder Ray J, 700 Wellington av 


Airkem Sales & Service, Division oF Security Construc¬ 
tion ltd, 2110 South Pacific 252*1111 


Windsor Soap Co, 958 Wyandotte w 253*9871 

(See Associations and Societies) 


Catholic Order of Foresters 

Lady of Lake Court, No 543, E C Beaume, 325 Bdlevlew 
ov, F S 253 8871 


District Office, 1728 Pierre av 256-6794 

\ OO F 

Sandwich Lodge No 464, 892 Campbell av 
Wolkervllle Lodge No 348, 872 Campbell ov 

Knights of Columbus, Windsor 

Council No 1453, 1140 Goyeau, Harold Cloutier, grand 
knight; Ernest Walker, financial secretary; Jerome 
Loferet, recording secretary 253-6272 


LOL No 584, Earl of Erne, Geo Bolt rec sec, 3202 

Sandwich 256-1250 

LOL Walk end lie No 843, Gordon McLeod, ret sec, 564 
Janette av 253-2616 

Loyal Order of Moose 

Loyal Order of Moose LAB, 175 Riverside dr w 253-0428 


Mo ionic Temple, 986 Ouellette ov 253-0285 


Wctlkervillo Preceptor/ R.B.P, No, 539. Harold 
McFadden, Preceptor, Geo Bott, Box 15! Sand¬ 
wich P.O* Windsor, registrar 

Eastern Star 

Masonic Temple, 986 Ouellette av 


Naomi Rebokah Lodge, 892 Campbell ov 
Rose of Aughrim Lodge, 892 Campbell ov 

(See also Associations) 

Canadian Cancer Society (Essex County Unit), 545 
Victoria ov 252-9942 

Canadian Red Cross Society (Windsor Branch), 1226 
Ouellette ov 254-7587 

Catholic Children's Aid, 730 Morentettn pv 256-3176 
Children's Aid Society of the County of Essex, 690 
Cotaraqui 252-1182 and B71 Ottawa 252-T171 
Essex County Humane Society, 1577 Crawford avenue 

253- 5517 

Evangelical Lutheran Immigration & Service Centre, 1215 
Parent av 254-1209 

Goodfellow* Headquarters, 401 Park w 252-2739 
John Howard Society of Windsor, The, 44 Wyandotte e 


Malta United Society, 716 Pallssfer 253-0912 
Ontario Society far Crippled Children, 52 Chatham west 

Roman Catholic Children's Aid Society for County of 
Essex, 669 Tuscorora 256*3176 
Windsor Jewish Community Council, 1641 Ouellette av 

254- 7558 


Windsor &. District Labour Council, 42 Chatham e 


Audio Sound, 2315 Fraser ov 252 7862 
Lee's Sound Service, 942 Erie e 252-3581 
Wlntronlc Sound Co, 630 Church 253*4525 


Blueitone Company (Windsor) Ltd, 86 Chatham west 

252- 3172 

Cambria Sports Products Ltd, 65 Riverside dr west 

Coulter Walter Ltd, 575 Ouellette av 252-1113 
Epps Sportsman's Stares, 86 Chatham w 252-3172 
Nantais Sport Shop Ltd, 2075 Wyandotte w 252-5705 
Outdoor Sport Shop, 1603 Tecum seh blvd e 252-4449 
Pilliworfh Vern H Ltd, 3353 Walker rd 253*9092 
Varsity Sports Centre Ltd, 71 Riverside dr w 254-3297 
Windsor Outboard Motors Ltd, 307 Wyandotte east 

253- 2979 and (rear) 271 Salter av 252-9730 


De Vilbist (Canada) Ltd, 1460 Tecumieh, blvd e 256-1804 


Eqion Spring Canada Ltd, 500 Ouellette av 252-1115 


Grinned Co of Can Ltd, 3291 Marentolle av 966-1910 


Arc dec Management Ltd, 452 Charles 966*1822 
Essco Stamping Products ltd, 444 Hanna e 254*3714 
Fleetwood Metal Industries Ltd, 1801 Wolker road 
256 5427 

Wrigley Steel Co of Canada Ltd, 1573 McDougoll 



BoiJltch (Canada) Ltd, 504 Victoria ov 233-0337 

Classified, Yellow Rage 35 



F. C CORP. Assiitont Manager l. A. H. WICKS. Assistant Manager 



Windsor Art Statuary, 663 Edinborough 


Clarke Travel Service, 76 University av w 254-4397 
Lake Erie Navigation Co Ltd, 365 Devonshire road 

Meconi Travel Agency, 1638 Ottawa 254-7509 


Admiral Steel Products Lid, Main 969-1160 
Algomo Steel Corp Ltd, 374 Ouellette av 256-2345 
Atlas Alloys—Div of Rio Algom Mines Lid, 3030 Walker 
rood 969-1180 

Border Cities Wire & Iron ltd, 961 Walker rd 256-3411 
Border Steel Ltd, 3197 Devon dr 966-0760 
Deneau Steels Limited, 261 Shepherd e 253-3586 
Dominion Forge Ltd, 2480 Seminole 254-7545 
Dosco Industries Ltd, Truscon Steel Works, 1219 Walker 
rd 256-2661 

Dosco Steel Ltd, 1219 Walker rd 256 2661 
Fabricated Steel Products (Windsor) ltd, 850 Division 


Horris J & Sons Ltd. 3016 Walker rd 966-0050 
Huron Steel Products Co ltd, 3710 Peter 254-2841 
Lamnetic Ltd, 504 Victoria av 253-8801 
McCrindle A C Ltd, 3300 Marentette av 966-1765 
Peerless Steel Co Ltd, 1319 McDougall 254-2587 
Riverside Fabricating ltd, 1556 Matthew Brady blvd 
Steel Co of Canada Ltd, The, 374 Ouellette av 256-4968 
Valeo Manufacturing Ltd, 7470 Tecumseh blvd east 

Victoria Steel Products Ltd, 1491 lauxon dr 948-6122 


(See Also Brokers — Stocks and Bonds) 
GOODWIN HARRIS & CO LTD, 320 Pelissier 
Street, Phone 256-7853, Detroit 
Phone 963-8866 (See adv Repeating 


South Western Sales Corporation Ltd, 10050 Riverside 
drive east 735-9822 


Canada Storage Co Ltd, 525 Hill av 254-9895 
Ford Cold Storage & Dry Cleaners Ltd, 135 Church 

Producers Cold Storage Ltd, 1518 Mercer 254-3211 
Windsor Truck & Storage Co ltd, 201 Shepherd east 


Stedman Equipment Co Ltd, 733 Kennedy dr w 969-0743 


Civic Reoding Club (Soles Office), 44 Wyandotte • 


Armstrong C G Russell, 76 University av w 253-6311 
Head Howard B. 176 University av w 253 5678 


Bel-Air Pools, 3909 Tecumseh blvd e 945-6381 
Rotary Swimming Pool, before 2081 Riverside dr w 
Sun Parlor Pool Co ltd, 2466 Randolph av 969-7150, 
and 2645 Dougoll av 969-7150 


Berger Louis, 1384 Ottawa 254-1545 
Bernard The Tailor, 3790 Tecumseh blvd e 
Burton The Tailor, 89 Riverside dr w 253-3421 
Caswell Tailors. 2207 Wyandotte w 253-6000 
Continental Custom Tailors, 653 Erio e 254-2311 
Desramaux Gerry Tailors Ltd, 4739-4749 Wyandotte e 

Europe Tailor, 1663 Ottawa 252-5811 
Expert Tailor, 1504 Dufferin pi 254-0824 
Fenech H R. 157 University av w 256-5931 
Firth Bros Ltd. 256 Ouellette av 253-6952 
Frank the Tailor, 1305 Ottowa 254-7333 
Fred The Tailor, 76 University av e 254-0351 
Funaro Frank Custom Tailor, 61 University av west 

Gladstone Tailor Shop, 1310 Gladstone av 252-6401 
Hoger Steven, 1450 Ouellette av 253-1882 
Imperial Custom Tailor, 795 Erie e 254-6746 
International Custom Tailors, 1244 Wyandotte east 

John The Tailor, 3178 Walker rd 966-1722 
Kenny P Frank, 681 Cameron av 253-1581 
lukocs Louis, 837 Hanna e 252-8006 
Mending Service, 232 Wyandotte e 253-2055 
Merandi Frank Tailor & Men's Shop, 1435 Wyandotte 
east 253-4808 

Paul The Tailor, 84 Pitt e 252-8691 
Peter's Tailor Shop, 1077 Drouillard rd 253-9091 
Prince Road Tailor Shop, 1369 Prince rd 253-8584 
Sandwich Tailoring, 3154 Sandwich 
Sartoria Italia, 571 Erie e 252*4966 
Schram Custom Tailors, 1201 Ottawa 253-4797 
Scott's Tailor Shop, 136 Ferry 256-6707 
Srotts Tailoring, 1043 Drouillard rd 252-0232 
Steve The Tailor, 1801 Drouillard rd 
Stiller Jos ltd, 256 Pelissier 253 0800 
Stuart Store For Men, 55 University av w 254-6431 
Tip Top Tailors ltd. 343 Ouellette av 256-0594 
Ultimoda Custom Tailor & Dressmaker, 1041 Ottawa 


Weiss Anna Mrs, 363 Wyandotte w 254-8575 
Western Tailors, 1368 Erie e 254-6512 


Windsor Tailors & Cleaners Supplies, 357 Wyandotte w 



Foreman's Taxidermists, 3162 Bliss rd 966-1382 


Balaban Steve, 3720 Poplar av 252-8958 
Copitol Cab. 2090 Jefferson blvd 945-6323 
Checker Cab Windsor ltd, 320 Campbell av 252-3456, 
before 991 Ouellette av 253-3551 and 367 Goy- 
eau 253-2220 

Riverside Taxi, 7877 Wyardotte e 948-4146 
South Windsor Cob Ltd, 1715 College av 253-3588 
Veteran Cab Co of Windsor ltd, 308 Wyandotte east 
before 1011 Drouillard rd and 1692 Ouellette av 


Chef's Coffee Co. 1112 California av 256-1693 

Colonial Coffee Co ltd, (rear) 1220 Dufferin pi 


Canadian National Telecommunications, 364 Ouellette 
av 253-7487 

Canadian Pacific Telecommunications, 115 Caron avenue 


Barbara Wood Telephone Answering System, 504 
Victoria av 253-6341 

Parker Enterprises, 3837 Howard av 966-3250 
Physicians Call Service, 32 Giles blvd e 256-7826 
Superior Telephone Answering Service, 1120 Ouellette 
av 252-2765 

Windsor Telephone Answering Service ltd, 32 Giles 
blvd east 254-2811 


Bell Telephone Co of Con, 1149 Goyeau, 252-5511 


CKLW-TV, 825 Riverside dr w 

(See Radio and Television Sets and 
Supplies — Mfrs.) 


(See Radio and Television Sets — 
(Sales and Service) 


Honeywell Controls Ltd, 3670 Walker rd 969-5840 


Windsor Textiles Ltd, 635 Tecumseh blvd w 253-8151 


Capitol Theatre, 121 University av w 254-1555 
Centre Theatre, 4904 Wyandotte e 945-8231 
Odeon Theotre, 490 Riverside dr w 252-1285 
Palace Theatre. 310-316 Ouellette av 253-3133 
Park Theotre, 1377 Ottawa 254-1300 
Twin Drive-In Theatre, w s Walker rd 966-1300 
Vanity Theatre, 673 Ouellette av 253-8061 


Windsor Theatrical Supply, 618 Ouellette av 252-9418 


Canadian National Railways, 364 Ouellette av 252-7297 


Central Supply, 960 Hanna e 252-8672 

Toronto Ceramics Ltd, 3829 Tecumseh blvd e 948-4761 

— 36 — 


"We Meet By AccfUenf" 

270 ERIE STREET EAST - PHONE 252-6511 


Beaumac Co (Canoda} Lid, 1120 Ouellette ov 252-0845 


Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co of Canada Ltd,. 285 Giles 
blvd * 252-4481 


8 & M Tire & Battery Ltd, 2599 Tecumseh blvd east 

252- 7291 and 2885 Walker rd 252 4459 
Banco TEret readers, 395 Holden av 965-01 TO 
Border Cilv Tire Lid, 2600 Howard ov 969-9880 
Canadian Tiro Carp Associate Store, 390 Chatham west 

253- 3529 and 3751 Teeunrcseh blvd e 948-8111 
Dunlop Tire Sales & Service Ltd, 3T81 Walker road 


Firestone Stores, 1197 Ouellette av 256-8261 and 3600 
Tecumseh blvd e 948-4158 
Frank's Tire Shop, 902 Wyandotte a 254-5846 
Goodrich B F Canada Ltd, 472 Tecumseh blvd a 254-7561 
ond 1950 Louxon rd 948-5201 
Goodyear Service Store, 3750 Walker rd 969-3238 and 
3880 Tecurmeh blvd e 

JC-Mort Auto Centre, 1550 Huron Church Line 


Tennant Tiro Service Ltd, 1035 Crawford av 252-5715 


Avon Produels of Canada Ud, 267 Pellssler 254-9695 
Beauty Counselor* of Canada Ltd, 1400 Windsor ov 


Dearborn Supply Co Ltd of Nassau, 3174 Sandwich 



Advance Machine & Tool Co Ltd, 1160-1164 Albert rd 

Alexander Tools Ltd, 1912 Wyandotte e 254-9676 
Alpha Tools, 3419 Walker rd 969-5350 
Ambassador Too! & Die Co Ltd, 3988 Rlherdy rd 

Arrow Tools Ltd, 1501 Crawford ov 256-4931 
Arvld Machine & Tool Co Ltd, 2679 Howard avenue 

B R C Tool & Die Co Ltd, 5390 E C How av 945-3331 
8 & B Tool & Maid Ltd, 700 Wellington av 252-9551 
Binder Tool & Maid Limited, 2930 College av 252-6521 
Black & Decker Mfg Co Ltd, 3955 Malden rd 969-1010 
Border Too! & Die Co Ltd, 2946 Walker rd 966-1640 
Budd Machine Tool Co Ltd, 3064 Devon dr 966-0150 
Canadian Border City Industrial Supply, 208 Edin- 
borough 966-1012 

Canadian Engineering & Tool Co Ltd, 2265 South 
Co mere n b fvd 969-1618 

Canadian Krueger Machine Tools (Windsor) Ltd, 2265 
South Cameron blvd 969-1924 
Conam Tools (Windsor) Ltd, 1603 Highland 253-8553 
Centennial Tool & Die Ltd, 627 Tuscarora 254-3862 
Center Tool & Mold Co ltd, 2466 Central av 945-2328 
Cincmatti-Churchill Ltd, 3970 Tecumseh blvd e 945-2385 
Circle G Machine Tools Ltd, 924 Walker rd 256 6036 
Cleco Air Tools Ud, 504 Victoria av 254-5792 
Colonial Tool Co Ltd, 1691 Wo Ike r rd 253-2461 
Colt Press Automation Ltd, 6630 Tecumseh blvd e 

Crescent Tool & Did Ltd, 1915 Huron Church Line 

Dominion Twist Drill Ltd, 1000 Assumption 253-4671 
Double M Tool & Die Ltd, 1620 Durham pi 254-9094 
Eleetromac Ltd, 1965 Ambassador dr 969-4632 
Endre Tool & Mold, 100 MeDougall 254-7612 
Epsilon Tool & Gauge Ltd, 2918 Walker rd 966-1016 
Falcon Tool & Die Co Ltd, 3230 Morontette av 966-1792 

Glider Guard Mfg Co Ltd, 1151 Tecumseh blvd west 

253- 4669 

Gordon J F Machine Ltd, 1539 Crawford ov 256-6039 
Hartford Tooling Ltd, 325 Devonshire rd 252-3449 
Ho swell Tool & Die Ltd, 2733 Melgherr rd 945-7081 
Hercules Too! & Die Ltd, 1695 Turner rd 256-2691 
Holden Co Ltd, 504 Victoria av 256 6461 
Index Machine & Tool, 3161 Lloyd George blvd 

International Tools Ltd, 3805 Malden rd 969-7071 
j F J Mould Processors Ltd, 780 South Pacific avenue 

J & C Tool & Die Ltd, 3400 Ontario 945-3218 
J & J Tool and Mold Ltd, IT95 Wesfcoft rd 945-5021 
K & A Tool A Die Ltd, 315 Devonshire rd 252-1909 
Kapeo Tool & Die Ltd, 3200 Devon dr 966-0320 
Korda m Mfg Co, 2536 Dougall av 966 1212 
Kendan Mfg Ltd, 770 Division rd 966-1770 
Kincaid Machine & Tool Co, 1469 Crawford av 256-3694 
La Salle Machine Tool of Canada Ltd, 5350 £ C Row 
avenue 945-1171 

Law & Anderson Ltd, 3022 Sandwich 252-2007 
Lee Too! & Mould Co Ltd, 1659 Turner rd 252-1349 
Lee pa Machine Products Ltd, 277 Louion rd 945-2371 
Lent Tool & Mold, 108 McDougal! 254-9594 
Luzon B V Tool Supply, 3220 Everts av 969-1506 
Metro Tool Co Ltd, 4790 E C Row 945-1156 
Monarch Mold Finishers, 108 McDaugall 254-0913 
Morgan Precision Tools Ltd, 1823 Wyandotte e 252-2723 
Motor City Tool Mfg Ltd, 4520 E C Row ov 945-1121 
Nickteson Tool & Die Co Ltd, 1562 Windsor ov 256-7849 
Paragon Teals Ltd, 4050 Malden rd 969-3181 
Polee Power Products Ltd, 1701 Shepherd w 256-3431 
Portable Power Equipment, 3609 Seminole 948-2081 
Precision Products Co, 1469 Crawford ov 256-1661 
Rex Tool & Mold Ltd, 1421 Crawford av 253-170B 
Steel Master Tool Co Ltd, 6630 Tecumseh blvd east 

Stephan Tool &. Dio Ltd, 1015 Crawford av 256-7765 
Sun Tool Ci Stamping (I960) Ltd, 275 Eugenie 969-9401 
Supreme Tool & Mold, 3419 Walker rd 
Tate Industrial Sales, 475 Ed inborough 966-3210 
Titan Tool & Die, 452 Whelp ton 966-1234 
Triangle Tool & Die, 3873 Walker rd 969-3280 
Trrsen Tool & Die Ltd, 2249 South Cameron boulevard 

Upton, Bradeen & James Ltd, 176 University av w 

254- 8623 

Valonlte-Madco Ltd, 7675 Trcnby av 948-4164 
Vale ran Ltd, 7675 Tranby av 948-4164 
Viscount Cutter Service, 3220 Edison av 256-7026 
W M Tool Co, 572 Pierre av 254-6523 
Wheel Truelng Tool Co of Canada Ltd, 575 LangloTi ov 

White Eagfa Tool & Die Co Ltd, 2187 Huron Church 
Line 969-1645 

Wfckman A C Ltd, 374 Ouellette av 253-1841 
Windsor Match plate & Tool Ltd, 1125 Weitcott rd 

WINDSOR TOOL & DIE, A Division of D & L 
Metals Limited, 1630 Kildare Road, 
Phone 256-2606 


Devine Bros Equipment Ltd, 172 Aylmer av 252-7229 

(See Travel Bureaus) 


Canadian Linen Supply Co Ltd, 673 Caron av 253-1139 
Canadian Silk Manufacturing Co Ltd, 1570-72 Lillian 

Essex Linen Supply Ltd, 1105 Albert rd 254-2441 
Sunshine Uniform Supply Services, TUI Howard av 


Par-Tee Toy Chest, 700 Wellington av 256-8502 
Sign I Brothers Ltd, 1493 Union 252-4 466 


Maple Trailer Court, e % Walker rd 
Marlin Centre, s s Division rd 969-4960 


Commercial Trailer Leasing Ltd, 1350 Crawford avenue 


Dots Mobile Homes, 1820 Huron Church Line 969-2829 
Gypsy Queen Trailer Manufacturing Co, 963 St Luke 
road 254-8713 

Walker Road Trailer Sales, 3462 Walker rd 966 1512 


Clark Coil Co, 938 Walker rd 252-3346 


Allied Travel Service (Windsor) Ltd, 154 Pitt w 252-7707 
Realty Doreen Travel Service, 3099 Wafksr rd 966 1813 
Avenue West, Phone 754-4397 
Dalfarra Travel Agency, 892 Erie e 256-4207 
Forsyth Travel Bureau, 1243 Ouellette av 253-6333 
Globe Travel Agency. 646 Erie e 253-7690 
Klein Travel Service Ltd, 17 Wyandotte e 256-4988 
Parthenon Travel Agency, 269 Wyandotte w 254-4253 
Velecky John, 1504 Parent av 
Whitlock Travel Service Ltd, 500 Ouellette ov 
Windsor Tour Consultants, 1530 Ouellette av 256-5065 


Mechanical Bodies & Accessaries Ltd, 3327 Russell 

Wellei Corp Ltd, 2650 Metcalfe 945-6311 

Wood Phil Industries Ltd, 857 Teeurmeh blvd e 253-3531 


International Trucks (Windsor) Ltd, 905 Mercer 252-4491 
Young Truck Sale Ltd, 2850 Howard av 969-0996 



S. MENTIPLY, Manager 
L A. H. WICKS, A?st. Manager 



Telephone 352-6551 

Canada Permanent Trust Co, 545 Ouellette av 252-6551 
Canada Trust Huron & Erie, 190 University av west 

253- 5236 

Commonwealth Savings & Loan Carp, 600 Ouellette av 

CROWN TRUST COMPANY, 100 University 
Avenue West, Phone 753-6347 

Guaranty Trust Company of Can, 305 Victoria avenue 

254- 4327 

Classified, Yellow Page 37 

<=^^> 44 . FUNERAL 

< Jj.OJVwVU4- SERVICE J(!td. 

GILES AT GOYEAU - • - PHONE 254-8633 


Huron & Erie Canada Trust, 190 University avenue west 
253 5236 

Kent Trust A Savings Co, 500 Ouellette ov 252-7712 
Montreal Trust Co, 374 Ouellette av 254-5186 


Clarkson Co ltd The, 374 Ouellette ov 254-1133 


Keller Jube Co, 1106 Walker rd 256-1434 


Essex Composition, 1068 Erie e 252-9408 

Windsor Typesetting Service, 108 McDougall 253-7366 


Bulmer Typewriter Co, 485 Pelissier 253-1128 


Canadian Security Management Ltd, 794 Ouellette ov 
252 6577 

Conadian Underwriters' Association, 267 Pelissier 


Auto Trim Renovators, 573 Aylmer av 256-2646 
Seoul's Upholstering, 3501 Sandwich 256-2767 
Bcrze Frank Upholstery, 2632 Norman rd 945-0340 
Brochert J & Co Ltd, 824 Tocumseh blvd e 256-3191 
Clork Uon L, 1839 Ford blvd 945-1083 
Colonial Upholstery, 631 Piorre ov 
Coulson's Upholstering. 279 Drouillard rd 252-2103 
Dima's Upholstering, 391 Tecumseh blvd e 256-2929 
Furniture By Thomas, 993 Wyandotte w 256-8124 
International Upholstering Co, 1662 Longlois ov 
256 8761 

Kamrad's Upholstering, 970 Wyandotte e 256-0605 
Kennedy A W Upholstery, 644 Stanley 966-0105 
Klein's Upholstering, 1033 Wyandotte e 256-5328 
McGhee Upholstering, 2080 Argyle Court 252-1628 
McIntyre Upholstering, 398 University av w 253-3937 
Paul's Upholstering, 1605 Ottawa 256-7980 
Renaud Bob & Pat, Upholstering, 9503 Tecumseh blvd 
east 735-9555 

Tip Top Auto Trim, 1571 Marentette ov 252-4116 
Upholstery Studio The, 1511 University av w 252-0588 
Windsor Upholstery & Auto Trim Ltd, 3080 Walker rd 

Wright's Upholstery Studio, 1076 Drouillard rd 256-7611 


Ace Vacuum & Sewing Machines, 25 Wyandotte east 

Air-Way Soles & Service, 839 Ottawa 253-5022 
Brickman's Appliance Service, 1434 Ottawa 254-6555 
Canadian Sanivac Co ltd, 4281 Howard av 969-6932 
D & R Vacuum Service, 839 Ottawa 253-5022 
Electrolux (Can) Ltd, 1139 University av w 253-3513 
Filter Queen Sales & Service, 1374 Wyandotte east 

Glover's Vacuum Cleaner Service, 1040 Elm ov 253-8131 
Hoover Co ltd, 7041 Wyondotte e 948-8107 
Hoover Sales & Service, 839 Ottawa 253*9841 
Windsor Vocuum, 560 Wyondotte w 254-2577 


Alfredo's Variety, 1520 Tecumseh blvd w 252-8681 
Belva's Variety, 3356 Walker rd 
Bon-Lyn Voriety Store, 1278-1280 Prince rd 252-4850 
Cabana Voriety, 3841 Howard av 966 0570 
Ceman's Variety & Gifts, 1698 Wyondotte e 
Dainty Variety Store, 572 Mill 
Donny's Variety & Gift Shop, 333 Dougall sq 

David's Variety, 1090 Wyandotte w 
Dixon's Ltd. 1587-1595 Tecumseh blvd e 253-8111 
Doug's Variety, 1090-1092 Felix ov 256-1570 
Eltousso Vorioty Storo, 2000 Wyandotte w 254-1226 
Fred's Voriety Spot. 1605 Westminster av 945-5864 
Georgo's Variety Store, 3600 Peter 
Giglio's Variety Store, 2268 Wyandotte w 256-8011 
Irene's Voriety, 1361 Drouillard rd 
Jan's Voriety, 4033 Tocumseh blvd e 945-0186 
Jean's Variety, 2358 Tecumseh blvd w 253-0588 
Kash & Korry Variety, 1945 Tocumseh blvd w 
Kresge S S Co ltd, 2451 Dougall av 969-9434 ond 245 
Ouellette ov 254-8615 
Labus Variety, 801 Bridge ov 225-7011 
Mary's Voriety, 1695 Arthur rd 945-4095 
Metropolitan Stores ltd, 1349 Grand Marais rd west 
969-6910 and 1484 Ottawa 256-4688 and 447 
Ouellette av 252-7537 
Norm's Variety, 622 South 
Parker's Remington, 2722 Howard ov 969-9414 
Pen Shop The, 482 Ouellette av 252-7513 
Pickard's 5c to SI.00 Stores Ltd, 1070 Drouillard rd 
Prince Rd Variety Store, 1373 Prince rd 256-5893 
Reno's Party Store, 1963 Tecumseh blvd w 252-0821 
Richmond Variety Store, 1098 Albert rd 253-0344 
Riverside Varieties ltd, 5415 Wyandotte e 
Starlite Variety Storo, 5409 Tecumseh blvd e 945-9668 
Suhan's Voriety Store, 3993-99 Seminole 945-6881 
Venezia Variety. 1500 Parent av 256-0942 
Woolworth F W Co ltd, 1408-18 Ottawa 254-8140 and 
641 Ouellette av 253-5121 

Wyondotte News & Variety, 1292 Wyandotte e 253-8352 


Canteen Co of Canada ltd, 3500 Seminole 945-1167 
Service Vending Co, 706 Irvine av 252-6211 


Globe Venetian Blind Laundry, (rear) 956 Tecumseh 
boulevard east 253-3047 


Venetian Blind Co of Can, 3575 Rockwell av 969-3688 

(See Animal Hospitals) 


Baxter Wallpaper & Points, 4581 Tecumseh blvd east 

Goyeau at Wyandotte, Phone 253-1112, 
Sunworthy Wallpaper and CIL Paints 


Chandler Ivor & Sons Ltd. 1402 Crawford av 253-2501 
T S Warehouses Ltd, 1669 Gladstone av 256-7422 


Al's Washer Repair Shop, 1743 Dominion blvd 258-3810 
Gord's Reliable Washer Service, 4949 Tecumseh blvd 
east 948 2027 

Ontario Washer Service, 1635 Ford blvd 945-2276 


Windsor Wiping Cloth Co, 180 Mercer 254-1791 

(See also Jewellers) 

A B Watch Repair, 29 Park w 254-2260 

Naumis Poter, 320 Ouellette ov 252-5032 

Precision Jewellers, 182 Pitt w 253-6084 

Weeks A H Wotchcraft ltd, 327 Ouelletto ov 256-8091 


Centri-Spray of Canada Ltd, 6161 Tecumseh blvd e 
948 7666 


Accurate Mfg of Windsor Ltd, 672 E C Row avenue 
966 0847 

Bob's Welding. 1354 St Luke rd 

Canadian Welding & Mfg Co, 1691-7 St Luke road 
945 6661 

Cripps Welding Service ltd, 940 Giles blvd w 252*6658 
Empire Welding & Manufacturing, 1050 Crawford av 

Gordinor's Welding, 718 McDougall 
Pete's Welding Service Ltd, 486 Pitt e 253-7610 
Progress Tool Welding ltd, 1668 Langloia ov 252-9203 
Van's Welding, 483 Erie e 254-8552 
Victory Welding. 1568 Tecumseh blvd e 948-0025 
Windsor Astro Welding, 950 Howard av 254-2672 
Windsor General Welding Shop, 1587 Windsor avenue 

Windsor Metal Masters, ltd, 2370 Central av 945-3231 


Canadian Liquid Air Co Ltd, 3336 Walker rd 969-0610 
Canadian Oxygen Ltd, 1100 Crawford av 252-2763 
Canox, 1100 Crawford av 252-2763 
Essex Welders Supply Ltd, 1696 Durham pi 256-3185 
Lenco Wolding Accessories Ltd, 1660 Durham pi 

Tregaskiss W Ltd, 3950 Malden rd 966-3160 
Volta Welders Ltd, 3126 Devon dr 969-9510 


McPherson R l Drilling Ltd (gas ond oil), 282 Thompson 
blvd 945-9762 


Kelsey-Hayes Canado ltd, 309 Ellis ov e 254-7501 


A A & Border Cities Window Cleaners Co, 2381 Huron 
Church line 969-2039 

A1 Wndow Cleaners, 504 Victoria ov 256-1737 




1B2 PITT STREET WEST Manager. G. F. MORAN p PHONE 256*4041 “ 253-7567 

Crearview Window CFanning, 1571 Albert rd 945 SI21 
West Sr^H Window Cleaning Co r 1259 Langlols avenue 


LeBIonc Window Shades, 553 Mill 252-1903 


Abbey Installations Co, 94A Arthur rd 945-7142 
AIjco of Windsor, 2381 Huron Church Line 969-2039 
Bartlett Bros Ud r 2381 Huron Church Line 9A9-S921 
Bllt-Rile Industries Windsor Ltd, 3016 Walker road 
966 1460 

Bondi-Bill Aluminum, 1392 Wyandotte e 254-3737 
Brydges Aluminum, 1515 Crawford av 253-8049 
Dor-Win Aluminum Products, 268B Howard avenue 

^ssex Windows Ltd, 4081 Tueumseh blvd e 945 4443 
Feldman A A Window Mfg, 1931 Ambassador dr 

Libby Aluminum, 2105 Wyandotte w 
Patqky Aluminum Window Mfg Ltd, 780 Ottawa 

Rusco Products Windsor, 1295 Wyandotte w 254-8500 
Winter Sent Sales, 1098 Wyandotte W 254-8171 


Bright's Wm@j ltd, 531 Ouellette ov 253-7478 
Jordan Wine ltd, 171 Goyeau 258-1741 


Adrian's Woodworksn & Aluminum, 3979 Tecumieh 
blvd e 945-1761 

Canadian Wood Products, 1066 Lena 253-1082 

Custom Wood Manufacturers, 1708 Lang lo is ov 253-5124 
Kelfingtcm Wood Products Ltd, 363 Eugenie 969-9565 
Lion Fabricating, * s Provincial rd 969*0418 
Windsor Pa Hot Mfr* Ltd, 1117 George av 948-0511 


Alder Ena's Shop, 465 Erie e 253-8328 
Scotch Wool Shop, 480 Palmier 253-7142 
West & Son Ltd, 471 Ouellette av 256-4997 
Wool Shop The, 144 University av w 253-9242 


MAH Wrecking, ri i Whelplon 969-9714 
Universal Wreck ng & Moving, 4631 Matchette rd 
966 2790 

Classified,. Yellow Page 39 

KNOW... ■ 

That we maintain a library of 
out-of-town Canadian City 
Directories — for free reference 
— on the premises of the Windsor 
Chamber of Commerce. 

This is part of our service to 
local city directory users. 


MIGHT'S 1968 



Consisting of 

An Alphabetical List of Names 

Of individuals 18 years of age and over showing Christian and surname 
with initials, occupation with name of firm employed by or associated 
with and address with indication as to whether (h) householder or 
(r) residing (boarding, rooming, living at home). Wife’s first name 
(where applicable) is shown in parentheses after husband’s name. 

Of commercial, industrial, financial, professional, religious and govern¬ 
mental organizations with names of executives showing titles, type of 
product or service produced or rendered and address. 

Of clubs, associations, churches, trade unions and various other kinds 
of organizations, with address. 

Of city, county, provincial and federal government departments and 

Please Note: 

(1) Many surnames have several different spellings. If you cannot 
find the name you are seeking under one spelling it may be listed 
under another. 

(2) For list of abbreviations used see back of this page. 



a«t, accountant 
adv, advertisement 
odvtg, advertising 
agt, agent 
Albtj Albert 
Alex, Alexander 
Archd, Archibald 
arch, architect 
□ 11!, assistant 
asSrt, oiiecration 
once, ouuTanco 

attdt, attendant 
av, ovenve 
bkr, boknr 
barr, barrister 
fien|, Benjamin 
b«I, between 
blkimlh, blacksmith 
blrmkr, boilermaker 
bkbndr, bookbinder 

bkpF, bookkeeper 

blfr, bottler 

blvd, boulevard 

brkmn,. brakflmon 

br, branch 

brklyr, bricklayer 

bldr, builder 

bldg, building 

btchr, butcher 

c-qbtj mkr, cabinet maker 

Can, Canada 

Condo, Canadian 

conrkr, caretaker 

carp, carpenler 

cash, Caihiof 

Choi, Char let 

ehauf, chauffeur 

ehkr, checker 

clnx, cleaner 

elk, clerk 

col, collector 

commr, commissioner 

Co, Company 

camp, compoiitor 

cgmpt opr, comptometer operator 

confy, confectionery 

constn, construction 

contr, contractor 

<0f, corner 

Corp, Corporation 

ct, court 

crei, crescent 

ctr, cutter 

mgr, manager 

Sami Samuel 

Oanl, Daniel 

mug dir, managing director 

smstrs seam stress 

dir, dealer 

mfr, manufacturer 

sec hd gds H second hand goods 

dec, decorator 

mfg H manufacturing 

sec, secretary 

dept, department 

Margt, Margaret 

sew mach, sawing machines 

dsgnr, designer 

mkt gdnr, market gardener 

shpr, shipper 

dir, director 

modi, mechanic 

sol, solicitor 

dom, domestic 

mesir, messenger 

s e, south east 

Dam, Dominion 

mil wkr, metal worker 

s s, south side 

drftimn, drafts mo n 

ml nr, milliner 

s w, south west 

drsmkf, dressmoker 

mu* tchr, muiEe teacher 

sq, square 

drvr, driver 

n, north 

Stand, Standard 

e, east 

n e, north east 

stn, station 

e s, eait tide 

n s H north side 

ifniy, stationery 

Edwd, Edward 

n w, north west 

stmflr, steamfitter 

elect, electrician 

Ont, Ontario 

stenag, stenographer 

electro, electrotyper 

opr, operator 

stereo, itn rooty per 

elev opr, elevator operator 

opp, opposite 

stkpr, stock keeper 

Ellzth, Elizabeth 

Ott, Ottawa 

studt, student 

enip, employee 

pekr, packer 

fupt, superintendent 

exp, express 

pntr, pointer 

luprvir, supervisor 

fnihr, finisher 

Parft, Parlioment 

t 1 c, supervisory letter carrier 

ft, foot 

pdlr, peddler 

surg, surgeon 

Fredk, Frederick 

photo, photographer 

swltchbd opr, switchboard operator 

furn, furniture 

phy, physician 

tlr, tailor 

gdnr, gardener 

pi, place 

tlrs, failures* 

gen!, general 

plitr, plasterer 

tchr, teacher 

Geo, George 

plmbr, plumber 

tmitr, teamsler 

gro, grocer 

p C, police constable 

techn, technician 

hrdrtr, hairdresser 

plihr, polisher 

tel opr, telegraph or telephone 

hdwre, hardware 

p c, postal clerk 


hti, heights 

p a, postal officer 

ter, terrace 

Mpr, helper 

pres, president 

Thos, Thomas 

Herbt, Herbert 

prsr, presser 

tnsmth, tinsmith 

h, householder 

pifrt, principal 

Tor, Toranta 

hiekpr, housekeeper 

pmlr, printer 

twp, township 

imp, inspector 

Rly, Railway 

tranSj transportation 

ins. Insurance 

rdr, reader 

frav, traveller 

Inti, International 

rtvr, receiver 

Ireas, treasurer 

jwlr, jeweller 

Regd, Reginald 

trk drvr, truck driver 

lob, labourer 

reprmn, repairman 

uphol, upholsterer 

la, lane 

rep, representative 

vet surg, veterinary surgeon 

Indrs, laundress 

r, resides 

wtr, waiter 

Indry, laundry 

rest, restaurant 

win, waitress 

Idgrkpr, ledgerkeeper 

ret, retail 

wrehiemn, warehouseman 

t c, letter carrier 

Rev, Reverend 

wldr, welder 

ltd. Limited 

Rkhd, Richard 

w r west 

lino, linotype 

Reside, Riverside 

w tf west side 

lithe, lithographer 

rd, road 

whol, wholesale 

mach, machinist 

Robt, Robert 

wid, widow 

m h H mail handler 

R C, Roman Catholic 

Wm, William 

ma!nt, maintenance 

jlildy, saleslady 

Win, Windsor 

mkr, maker 

stimn, salesman 

wks, works 


895 OUELLETTE AVE. - - PHONE 254-3223 


.AAA Border Cities Window Cleaners Co 2381 Huron Church Line 
AAA Chair Rental (Nicholas Plsciotto) 394 Bridge av 
AAA Electric Co (Maurice Goldstein) elect contra (rear) 2437 Howard av 
ABC Ambulance Service (Mrs Helen I Hyland) 3295 Tecumseh blvd e 
ABC Carpet Service (Antranlk Karagioz.lan) 1595 Droulllard rd & 340 
Bridge av 

ABC Day Nursery & Kindergarten (Roger Da mo re A Richd Holmes) 702 
Pierre av 

ABC Electric Sewer & Drain Service (Gene Spcronl) 1868 Alexis nl 
ABC Motel (Vytautas Bahrushinas) 3048 Dougall av 
A B Watch Repair (Edgar AgJus)2U, 29 Park w 

A D Engraving Co (Archie McLauchlan) plastic engraving 232 Wyandotte e 
A K O Community Centre Thos Sherman recreational dir 4270 Alice 
A 1 Window Cleaners (Neil Campbell) 501 Victoria av 
A A D Confectionery (Mrs Vera Nlkln) 1591 Droulllard rd 
A A 11 Bolt A Nut Co Ltd Archie H Zeitlln pres, Allen T Zetilln vice-pres. 

Stanley M Palmer scc-treas 1801 South Cameron blvd 
A A L Home Improvements Ltd Mrs Betty Levine pres, Gerald Levine 
vice-pros. Alan Levine scc-treas 3210 Sandwich 
A A N Confectionery (Angel us La ham) 432 Park w 
AAR Trucking A Paving (Anthony M Rainone) 1835 Lambton 
A A W Drive-Ins (Windsor) Ltd J Byron Boughner pres, j Wm Boughncr 
vice-pres, Mrs Laura Boughncr sec rest 3041 Dougall av A 2285 
Central av 

Aaron Apartments 1009 Niagara 

Aarts Harry J (Mary) elect Fords b 1274 Matthcw-Brady blvd 
AbaJdo Antonio (Anna) h 1085 Marlon bv 

Abar Sheldon S sht mil mccta Win Furnace h 1434 Droulllard rd 

Abate Barbara (wld Ous)r 878 Eric c 

--Louis G (Mary) shoe rebuilder 862 Erie c h 878 Erie e 

--Margt A med set John P Boley V 87H Erie c 

--Roma swtchbd opr Polee Power products r 878 Eric c 

Abhatl Amos (Maria) bodynvn Border City Collision Scrv li 2582 Kildare rd 

--lone# (Maria) bodymn Border City Collision Scrv h 1379 Janette av 

Ahbcy Dorothy (wid A Douglas) Insp Burroughs Bus Mach h 1868 Kildare rd 

••Ethel nurse's aid Metro Hasp h 428 Marcntette av 

--Geo (Janet) quality control analyst Fords It 1456 Felix av 

--Installation Co (J* fl C Abbey) doors sis A scrv 946 Arthur rd 

--Jas C (Abbey Installation Co) r 946 Arthur rd 

--Jaa M (M Louise) h 2971 Walker rd 

--Jarvis N (Margt) insp Fords li 1274 Windermere rd 

- -John L (Catherine) p c Pbl Dept h 4095 Churchill dr 
Ahbinatc ftilmo lab Barbesin Plasterers r 959 LangloiB av 

Abbls Peter linens A Ida wear 4573 TecumBeh blvd e r 918 Parent av 
Ahbott Clara h 10, 655 Chllvcr nl 

- -Dennis T (Eleanor) opr mgr Direct Winters It 2541 Ida rd 
--Diane wtrs Tamtcl Bar-B-Q r 10, 655 Chllvcr rd 
-•Donald A (Ethel) plant protection offr Fords It 581 Duchnrmc 
• -Donald G tchr Roscland Public Schl h 3620 Dominion blvd 
--Edwd (Pauline) tool A die mkr It 3530 Ribcrdy rd 

--Edwd T rack wrdisemu Hiram Walker A Sons h 1568 Francois rd 

--Frank studt r 5435 Wyandotte e 

--Gail r 1568 Francois rd 

--Cordon slsmn JAR Shoes r 1050 Bruce av 

—Jean (wid Glen) h 3620 Dominion blvd 

-Jos G off mgr Win Utilities Hydro A Water h 1845 Durham pi 

--Mary Mrs sec S M Green Plntbg A Heating Co h 5435 Wyandotte e 

--R Win emp Detroit r 1568 Francois rd 

—Robt (Violin) engineer H M S Hunter h 165 Janette av 

—Roy W (Miriam) pipe fir Chryslers h 1783 Labodie rd 

--Ruby Mrs pract nurse r 1461 George av 

Abdallah Anthony mgr Leon's Furniture Mkt res Detroit 

--Claudette sec Natl Grocers r 649 Gladstone av 

"FMum (lllntl) (Downtown Parking Lot) h 649 Gladstone av 

—Joe slsmn Leon Puntlture Mkt r 649 Gladstone av 

Abdelhak Kamal drvr Vet's Cab r 825 Chatham c 

Abdo Edwd (Jain) slsmn Neon Prod of Can h 4075 Longfellow av 

Abdou Chas P h 295 Marentctre av 

--Marie ctnp Detroit r 295 Marcantctte av 

Abdul Batal (Salwa)h 305 Lincoln rd 

—Wasif msch opr Kelscy-Haycs r 1355 Ouellette av 

Abear Geo (Josephine) lab Fords h 827 Pierre av 

Abel Jas security guard r 914 Bruce av 

—Lewsky (Mary) emp Chryslers h 330 Liberty 

--Mary r 1524 Victoria av 

Abell Jas W (Hilda) h 1383 May av 

--Robt C asst Ins adjuster Morden A Hciwig h 3571 Damkinuid bird 
Abe malty Wm emp Fords r 2756 Whclptan 

Abcy Edmund G (Susan) tchr Hon W C Kennedy Coll Inst h 2441 Dandurand 

Ablad Mike bodymn Tonee Paint Shop r 1064 Albert rd 
Abie's Delicatessen (Abie Engclbaum) 566 Wyandotte c 
Abildgaard Jennie (wld Valdimar)h 1384 Bruce av 
Aboud Joachim tchr Inti Tutoring Coll h 939 Hall av 

- -Rose (wld Nelson) h 31, 780 Ouellette av 

Abraham Adalbert W (Clara) punch press opr Natl /uto Rad h 1476 Goyeau 
-Alex (Katherine) (Bhi-Bel Motel A Cafe) h 2701 Huron Church Line 
-David p c PD h 1068 Louis av 

--Edwd F (Margt) mgr Pyramid Aggregates h 3487 ABldn av 
--Geo (Mabel) h 4. 1285 Elsmerc av 

- -Gunther O (Lotte) malnt Win Bumper Co h 527 Rivcrdalc av 
—Judith med see Grace Heap r 1476 Goyeau 

Abrahams Isabel h 304, 274 Giles blvd w 
Abramoff Wm sweeper Win Tool A Die r 2329 Charles 
Abramovic Jandra lathe opr Inti Tools r 688 Aylmer av 
Abramovich Barbara J r 2323 Wcstcott rd 
—John (Marie) pattern mkr Fords h 1158 Dot av 
--Keith apprentice J I C Elect r 1158 Dot av 
—Mary r 929 Edward av 

--Mlchl J (Valerie) millwright Dorn Forge A Stamping h 3180 Morris dr 
—Robt (Barbara ) drvr slsmn Seven-Up Bottling Co (Win) h 2466 Cadillac 
Abramson H Lome (Stephanie) barr A sol 901 -2, 176 University av w 
b 1226 Devonshire rd 

Ah rash Anthony (Genevieve) h 1028 Parent av 

--Avis Mrs see Hiram Walker A Sons h 1150 Argylc rd 

--Carol alsldy Cook's Bakeries r 1150 Argylc id 

—Donald studt r 1150 Argyle rd 

-Gloria A stenog Condn Salt Co r 1028 Parent av 

-John (Charlotte) hlpr Mady’s Wholesale Produce h 934 Parent «v 

"Jos A (Avis) fruit dir (rear) 930 Parent av h 3. 110a Goveau 

"Mlchl J (Gloria) slsmn Cut Rate Grocery h 1167 Dougall av 

--Nonna Norma stenog Income Tax r 1028 Parent av 

"Sami r 592 Dougall av _ 


—Thos D (Eleanor) Imm ofTr Deps Manpower A Imm h 1550 Dougall rd 
Abray Geo W weighmn City of Win h 866 Wyandotte w 

- -Ray (Norma) foremn Bell Tel h 961 Watson av 

- -Thos (Kathleen) stockmn Chryslers h 1529 Moy av 
Abson Brian (Betty) bartender Chlppawa House h 3352 Ml Hen 

- -Dennis elk Chryslers r 343 Chlppawa 

• -Harry (Mary) h 343 Chlppawa 

Abt Sebastian (Lori) emp Natl Auto Radiators h 3073 Peter 
Abwander Jos (Ursula) emp Chryslers b 1678 Jefferson blvd 
--Sophie r 1678 Jefferson blvd 

Acadian Roofing & Siding Co (Fernand H Morin) 369 McKay av 
Acamovic Ulja lab Fords h 1526 Lillian 
-Sposa (Angela) lab Kelsey Hayes h 1S26 Lillian 
Accetta Bernardo (Catcrtna) plmbr hi, 1118 Howard av 
—Rosa studt r 1, 1118 Howard av 
Acchionc Anna srudt r 4550 Wyandotte c 
—Ccsldio (Antonia) lab J A A Conntn Co h 1163 Walker rd 
--Jerry (Katrina)delivery United Furniture A Plumbing h 4550 Wyandotte 

--Mlchclc A (Natallna) drvr Metro Bldrs h 492 Laponc av 
--Paul studt r 492 Laporte av 

--Rose hrdrsr Cinta's Beauty Saloo r 4550 Wyandotte c 
--Sondlno (Linda) apprentice carp Trend Mill Works h 1161 Walker rd 
—Vinccnza see J G Hreno Architect r 1163 Walker rd 
Accurate Manufacturing of Windsor Ltd Clayton Thomas pres, Andrew 
St Denis vice-prcs, Sophia Thomas sec. Angela St Denis treas 
wldg A mach reprs 672 E C Row av 
Ace Motel (Neil F Larson) 2810 Dougall av 

--Paint Finishers Siauricc Heino pres, Harry Abramson sec-treas 
metal fnshrs 862 Walker rd 

- -Plumbing Co (Chas Ingram) 639 University av w 


Leslie G HlUls President, Hector J Droulllard Vice- 
President, George P Estabrook Director, Kelvinalor 
Moffatt Sales and Service, Commercial and Domestic 
Service to all other Makes, 123 Riverside Drive West, 

Phone 252-4427, Res Phones 254-5256 and 969-0574 

- - Roofing Ltd Walter Arscncault pres, Robt Hlackmorc vice-pres. Rachel 

Arscncsult scc-treas roofing contr 1305 Tecumseh blvd w 
—Vacuum A Sewing Machines (Jan J Zamatho) 25 Wyandotte e 
Acharya Pratop (Mcdew) h 216, 111 Riverside dr e 
Achlmovach Zud emp Chryslers h 431 Frank av 

Achtcmichuk John water pump assmblr Sterling Automotive Supplies r 
1135 Langlojs «v Geo (Mary) sweepers A oilers Inti Tools h 1715 Marcntcttc 

Ackcns Nellie (wld John) h 1760 Tecumseh blvd w 

Acker Chas die ctr Post Paper Box r 494 Rivcrdalc 

-•Wm (Madeline)drvr Superior Clnrs h 3351 Bloomfield nl 

Ackerlund Wlnnifred C (wid Fred) tchr Alicia Mason h 1936 Tourangesu nd 

Ackermann Mlchl tchr Gcnl Amherst High Schl r 21. 1990 Columbia ct 

--Mlchl (Katherine) wrehsemn A li Boulton h 1175 Dot tv 

—Rudolf jr studt r 3475 Askln av 

—Rudolf (Theresa) tool A die Fords h 3475 Askln av 

Ackcrt Carolyn Mrs gcnl elk Provincial Bank of Con r 1181 High 

- -Robt J b 4, 592 Randolph av 

Acklond Edwd M (Constance) p c Pbl Dept h 3, 5430 Tecumseh blvd e 
Ackley Jack L hoist engineer Candn Rock Salt r 544 Rankin av 

- Mary (wld Hu^i)h 544 Rankin av 

Acme Automotive Supplies (Mrs Edna Schmutz) new A used auto parts 
985 Howard av 

--Chrome (Windsor) Dd Lorenz Schollenbcrger pres, Mrs Katherine 
Schollcnbcrger vice-pres, Mrs Margt Schollenbcrger sec-treas 
electro platers 1165 Westcatt rd 

—Finders Ltd Geo A Yates dir shoe findings A leather 333 OueDettc av 
--Meat Market (Wm Musy)btchr 294 Pitt e 

--Neon Signs (Windsor) Ltd Gordon A Catton pres A mgr 2490 Central av 

- Woodwork (Karl Jovonovich) 1545 University av w 
Acovski Cvctko emp Dom Forge r 1417 Droulllard rd 

Acrolab Instrument Co (P Earl Ouellette) scientific instruments 2010 

Actomlck Boris (Dorthy) millwright Fords h 2730 Llttler cres 
—Wm (Brenda) emp Ryan Bldrs Supply h 2970 Byng rd 
Acton Koincth D (Rose) flrcmn Win Fire Dept h 1807 Alexis rd 
--Marie H Mrs inflrmarian Assumption University Infirmary h 771 
Longlois av 

- -Mary h 967 Riverside dr c 

Ad Slpis (Armand Rossi) comml artist 2577 Ida rd 

Ada C Richards School P Harold Sweetman prin 4533 Ontario 

Adair Geo elect Chryslers h 301, 3225 College 

--H Alex (Mary) emp Auto Haulaway h 3943 Rodd pi 

—John B engineer CNR h 1184 Oak av 

—John C (Laurence) suprvsr Fords h 944 Homedate blvd 

—Kenneth lob Fords r 1204 Oak av 

- -Mary (wld Roy) h 1156 Glidden av 

• -Norn Mm slsldy Gray'd Dept Store h 1204 Oak av 
--Patricia A elk A A P Store r 1204 Oak av 
--Robt spray pntr Purity Dairies h 335 Randolph 
—Robin scrv teehn D W Jolly Co r 1111 Esdras pi 

--Robin C (Helen)drvr Brewers Warehousing h 1111 Esdras p| 

--Stirling E (Jeanette) ncrvmn Union Gas Co h 1148 St Lcuis av 
Adam Andrew (Elizth) emp Chryslers h 230 Cadillac 
--Apartments 561 Louis av 

—Armand H (Beatrice) pres Orme Transport h 3401 Dougall av 
--Arthur (Julia) oilmn Dom Forge h 152$ Hall av 

- Clara (wid Jos) h 2021 Olive id 

-Clarence r 1076-80 Erie e 

--Collision (Kenneth Loma A Adam Maiyonvich) bunting A pntg cars A 
trucks 3911 Walker rd 

—Denis elk N A D Eastown r 984 Grccndalc dr 

—Denis J (Marie) h unit B, 6, 5150 Wyandotte c 

—G emp Candn Sard vac Co re* RJt»l Belle River 

—Geo S (Barbara) lab Great Lake* Forgings h 2S98 Ptllettc rd 

--Gerald J lab Chryslers h 1570 Westminster av 

--Gerald L (Patricia) sht mtl wkr Jeff Kearns h 1622 Balfour blvd 

--Hairy J h 926 Hall «v 

--John J studt r 7154 St Rose av 

—Jos r 2856 Riverside dr w 

~^illa (wld Steve) h 1531 Marcntette av 

--Leonard P (Monica) emp Detroit h 1231 Roselaum dr 

--Lottie (wld Aldcrlc) sec Si Theresa (RC) Church res Tecumseh 

--Louis | (Florence) midi Fords It 3(X0 Dandurand blvd 


—Marie r 235 Droulllard rd 

-•Maurice R (Gloria) (L A M Carpet Contractors) h 542 Cameron av 

- -Mlchl P studt r 7154 St Rose av 

- -Mike (Helen) h 233 Parent av 

--Norman malntmn Polee Power Products res Tecumseh 

• -Norman J (Rita) btehr Detroit h 7581 St Rose av 
—Patricia studt r 281 Bellcvtew av 

--Patricia A time-study Colonial Tool r 1556 PHImc rd 
--Peter (Eve) r 1068 Belle Isle View blvd 

- Peter (Victoria) toolmkr G M Trim h 1068 Belle Iale View blvd 
••Philip (Rita) tar map CNR h 281 Bellcvlcw av 

--Raymond (Lillian) lab Consolidated Truck Lines h 461 Aylmer av 

- -Raymond C 1 c PO r 984 Crecndalc dr 
—Raymond P (Geraldine) h 7154 St Rose av 

—Richd emp Marcel’s Service A Garage res Tccurnseh 
—Roger B (Kristina) elk NAD Eastown h 1543 Lauzon rd 
--Roger J (Marie) suprvsry 1 c PO h 1585 Arthur rd 
--Suzanne studt r 158S Arthur rd 

- -Walter D (Dolores) lab McKinnon Industries h 3250 Woodlawn av 
--Walter M (Clara)h 1275 Belle Isle View blvd 

--Wilfred J (Florence) pressmn Curtis Co h 1556 Plllenc rd 
—Wilfred J (Cccilc) too) & die mkr Chryslers h 7725 Sr Rose av 
--Wilfred M (Florence) scrv admin Kaiser Jeep of Can h 984 Crecndalc 

Adam's Cartage Limited (U S Truck Incorporated) trucking 2408 Edna 
Adamac Jonathan B (Margt) city elk City of Windsor h 3420 Church 
—Nicholas (Ann) h 2719 St Louis av 

Adamic Frances (wid Anton) Norton Palmer Hotel h 1637 Highland av 

• -Miroslav (Josephine) spot wldr L A Young h 1361 Marcntette av 
AiLamo Giovanni (Marianna) h 502 Oak av 

- Girolamo polishing Inti Tools r 502 Oak av 

- Leonardo emp Natl Paint r 502 Oak av 

— Nicollo (Francesca) carp Kohen Box Co h 883 Gladstone av 
--Peter (Napoli Restaurant) r 2315 Lillian 

—Salvatore (Sebastians) planer opr Win Too! A Die h 3463 Everts av 

--Vincenzo (Antonia) lab Kelsey Wheel h 1694 George av 

--Vincenzo lab Gcnl Motors h 2315 Lillian 

--Wm (Norma) adv sis mgr Crosse Ptc News h 2801 Curry av 

Adatnov Vclko (Hiyllla) (Vclko Barber Shop) h 1359 Wyandotte e 

Adams Alvin swtchmn CPR r 1159 Hall av 

—Boris (Mary) rcprmn Ford Motor h 832 Dawson rd 

--Carl H 0ris) slsmn Burns A Co h 2905 Askln av 

--Carmen T (Pauline) pres Adams Electronics (Win) Ltd h 3639 Church 

--Carolync M dental nasi Barry G Combes r 2905 Askln blvd 

--Cartage wrehse 1st aft 4830 Main 

—Catherine Mrs h 1985 Ottawa 

--Catherine tchr Vincent Massey Secondary Schl r 1535 Elsmere av 
—Cheryl studt r 3639 Oturch 

- -Danny E shpg elk NAD Supermarkets h 639 Aylmer av 
—Donald (Sheila) lab Chryslers h 1490 Cadillac 

- -Donald off wkr Union Gas Co r 3050 Morris dr 

- -Edgar J (Aliie) h 1159 Hall av 

--Edwd G janitor Tamblyns r 1703 Westminster av 
--Electronics (Windsor) Ltd Carman T Adams pres. Mrs Pauline Adams 
vice-pres A sec-tret* 2471 Ouellette av 
--Ernest (Irene) emp T Barbesin & Son h 2344 Aubin rd 
--Florence M (wld Geo) h 456 Pine 
--Frances K stenogU of W h 716 Patricia rd 
--Fred W (Irene)It 1208 Wtgle av 
--Fredrick (Betty) h 804 . 325 Giles blvd w 
--Furniture Co Ltd Frank Vecnstra mgr 119 Chatham w 

- -Garry (Donna) trk drvr Canteen of Can h 943 Glidden av 
--Geo (Helen) plmbr Foley Flmbg A Heating h 1460 Moy av 
--Cordon S (Edith) h 354 Curry av 

--Grace B Mrs reg nurse h 301, 1290 Ouellette av 

--Horaid milling m#cb opr Valntite-Modco Ltd r 1088 Parent av 

—Helen E receptionist John Wyeth A Bro r 354 Curry av 

--J Frank (Katherine) phy A surg 306, 1 011 Ouellette av h 1929 Ontario 

--Jas S (Beverley) purch agt Toledo Scale h 281 Buckingham dr 

- -Jessie (wid Jas) h 1523 Albert rd 
--Jessie r 1475 Huron Church Line 
—John h 442 Church 

- -John (Matilda) lab Chryslers h 319 St fohn 

--John A (Pamela) emp Kelsey Wheel h 2488 Rossini blvd 
—John W janitor U of W r 1523 Albert rd 
—Kenneth (Mildred) with Metro Vending h 1122 Belleperche pi 
--Leonard (Cwcn) cabt mkr Bulltwcll h 884 Elm av 
--Linda M regnurse Grace Hosp r 1772 Lincoln rd 

- -Louise A elk Consumers Wail Paper r 2249 Secord av 

- -Mabel (wid Jas) h 660 Scofield av 

--Margt A stenog Guaranty Trust r 1347 Bruce av 

—Marguerite (wld Orval)h 139S Dougall av 

--Mike (Violet) drftsmn Chryslers h 521 Westchester dr 

—Morton (Ruth) emp Fords h 692 St Joseph 

—Nicola elk Lewis Drug Store r 8, 1342 Wyandotte w 

—Omcr insulator Consolidated Industrial Insulations res Tecumseh 

--Paul r 2344 Aubin rd 

- - Paul h 602, 395 University av e 

--Philip (Florence)rectifier Hiram Walkers h 4138 Casgraln dr 
—Phillip buffer Plasticast Co r 2905 Aslcin av 
--Raymond W (Louise) trk drvr CP Exp h 2249 Secord av 

- -Robt (Ellen) toolmkr Fords h 929 Hall av 

--Robt B (Betty) special sis rep Union Gas h 880 Bartlet dr 

--Robt H studt r 3639 Church 

--Rose wtrs Chicken Court h 1073 Moy av 

--Roy J (I.cola) pressmn Curtis Co h 35 61 Morris dr 

- -Shirley with Win Utilities Comran • Hydro Djv b 1560 Pillcttc rd 
--Stafford (Alice) plant engineer Candn Mechanical Handling Systems h 

2138 Windermere nJ 

--Steven (Vicky) studi h 3. 1647 Riverside dr c 
--Steven R (Dorothy)elk Hindu Ltd h 40Q5 Casgraln dr 
--Thos (Jean) diat suprvsr field serv Health ins Registration 8d h 3496 
Roxboruugh av 

--Thos S (Nicole) pc PO h 1342, 1342 Wyandotte w 
--W H Ltd Mrs B Grace Clark pres A trean customs brokers 214, 660 
Ouellette av A 2nd fir, 712 Huron Church Line 
--Wilfred bartender Monarch House r 82-8 Wyandotte w 

- -Wm (Caro)a) h 660 Bruce av 

- -Zoltan drvr Vets Taxi Cab h 1806 Wyandotte w 

Adamson Andrew (Edna) b 1878 Dacotah dr 

Adamtau Thos asst mgr Trans Canada Credit h 5, 7041 Wyandotte c 
Adamus Frank (Gertrude) h 2753 St Louis av 
--Jos elect Chryslers r 2753 St Louis av 
--Mlchl emp Detroit r 2753 St Louis av 

Alphabetical, White Page 3 



F* C CQRP. Avtiricrnl hAon-ager LAM WlCKS A-.i,vfcnl Menagnr 



Aiifui COb*trucU*Q LkI Fat Shea pres. Abb NcuuuiriiuJc vLce-prea, Saul 
Nosanthul; bcc, Mary A Sbea treat) 101, S35() Wyandotte * 

Adc ™.-fr Clifford (Bernice) dtvr Shell Canada h 1 007 south 
"Nc|l (nap at vehicles Oni Dept Tramp res UtwlAgtW 
Adorn ft <k Offaei Priming (Ted Cuatovlch) 3140 Will ter rd 
Addctnan Edna C Mrs eljf SommerviJLe Auto Trim h E0I8 Campbell av 

■ -John W (Shirley) kitchen atari Hotel Dim Hosp k 7iH Scoflojd av 
Addison Eftoke W mgr Hordwi ft Htlwig Ltd res JlR*2 Harrow 

- -John L (Olive} aiock elk Chrysler Con fa 317? Tumor rd 
--Robl h 1485 Lincoln r4 

- -Roger R studi r 3179 Tumor rd 

AtJdressogrnpb-Multi ijrapb of Canada Ltd Eric IJawkliss ft Clieater McGill 
reps 2823 Howard av 

Addyrtian Cordon L stsmn Woolco Dept Store h 355 Bruce av 
Ado Alvin (Edith} partem rnki h 2157 Forest av 
--H arttnut (Patricia) JAde's 3-Way Meal Market) h 1851 Union 
--Otto (Luefas) falehr Schwab's Meat products h 1431 Remurd rd 
Ado's 3-Way Meat Marks! t (HortinuL Ade. Donald Melodic & Stove Nemeth} 
1993-$ Teoitmseh bM w 
Adetlnlie Rote r 1475 Huron Church Line 
Adelbvrt Apts 130 Wyandotte c 

Adclcki TUlaao (Car :a) lab DeSanri CetisTO fa 942 Lillian 
Addition. Jack pres Add&t&n'ja Dept Store Ltd res Detroit 
--Maurice (Dorothy) prof Llniv of win fa 3850 Mount Rpynl dr 
Ariel man's Dept Store Ltd Jack Addmnn pres. Abraham Nitkln vice-proa, 
Sidney Sic bln act -rrcus ■60-TCl Pitt e 
Adept Inspection ft Tearing Co Ltd John R Reed pres cobbue mep (297 
Marctiteitc av 

Adjerntan A rmnou hy Mrs r 340 Bridge av 

Adjln Fratsi futftimmn Great Lakes Forgings res KtugHvlIte 

Adlln Jas (Rose Marie) p c FtU Deft fa 3324 Woodward blvd 

-Jdytt I" i 1076 Oak av 

--Robe M <lhylU*J pc Pol Dept h 1753Moy av 

■ -Thelma (wid Lonra) h 1076 Oak nv 

AdUnaon Wp yn c meek ChryBlers r 1141 Monmouth rd 

Adlans Brian R sftnlt T 1725 Fmncnls rd 

-■ CaLhy lellcr Rank of Mum F 1725 Francois rd 

--Ellrih A etrip Win Medical r 1725 fTanoels rd 

-Emcst M (Margt) metal &U*hr Chrysler h 1725 Francois rd 

--G06 (Florence) h 1422 Francois rd 

Adler Dakins; Company (Saul AdJ or) 979-981 Droid Hard rd & 505 Wyandot ft: 

■■Bernhard tonlmkr latl Toots r $73 Victoria av 

--Oscar (Marcia) mgr University Young Sim's Shop fa 3204 Virginia Pkav 
--Riuhd siudi r 2511 AJ Rxitadrfli av 
--Saul (Betle) (Adler Baking Co) It 25 Ll Alexandra ay 
Adtey Alau T A (Jekn)vtldr Chry-slrrS h 2230 Lincoln rd 
Adlingion Peter t; (Hosailc) ysTdmh CPR h 1242 Central nv 
Adninn:) Edna (vdd Le:-3le> bkpr Norhury & Like h. 1714 hfaretiteito av 
--Sharon btpr [S 8. M Tire b Battery^ r 1714 SlBrentette av 
Admiral Steel Frnducis Led Gabrlet MargoUrt neo-ireas wrehae atorage 
processing i) Pi el ah 4830 Main 

Adolfo's Ualversity Barber Shop (Adolfo Moeen) 2221 Wyandotte w 
Adolph Sami P (Marten} lurher h 4, 307 JkaseptiiJu? av 
Adolpis'a f^odute Co iGlnu &5rge)fruil* it veg 332 Chatham u 
Aduranil Adomo (Teresa) emp Notts A^nomOtlve PfOiiuctft h 469 Hall av 
Adra^ia Atitbony appienticn mcch Johnney'a Sunoco Service r 1123 Glad- 
Rrone av 

Adrian's Woodworks it Aluminum fj Adrian Cljduury) 3979 Teeumseh blvd 

Adriatic Bakery (Glacsmo AmlOi & HrmHimo Guerra) 5hi WyanffcKie w 
Adrien's Coffee Shop (Leon L Wolitakt) 198 Pin w 

Ad4en Clus Rev (LaurtnO) pa9tor St John's L r Jiited Church Li 2428 Wlncier- 

mcrc rd 

Adg][ (iducation Centre David Gray priu 437 Erie c 

Advance Floor L Wall Cuvering DlMrihutors Ltd Henry Masoro pres 2550 

--htadihu- h Too] Co Ltd GlnoDel Cnt pres, John Whitney vtcc-presi. 

Edwrf G Wlilmty 4ec-trees toot i djes I1AQ-4 Albert rd 

- -Piinting Co (Jack £ KIlQCn) 1731 Wyandotte e 
Acbli Eva fwitf Jbhn}li 1103 Ha]| nv 

Affiliated Lnutsdry t Cleaning Services Lid Geo JeiT]s pres 1550-6 Fda- 
rscie av 

Affleck Cibas A (FlodSle) h 1255 Lincoln i d 

--Garry (Helen) eht mtl Joutneymn Local 23S h 2769 McKay *v 

--Gary J (Sandra) (nap Chrysler h -372 Car Lin g c re « 

--Lawrunee E (Jean) bus drw W|n-Detro]i Tutnse] h 1952 EUroSc av 
--Lewis D (ELleo) ins offr UlC h 1344 Elm nv 
—LLoyti C (May) wiih Win Ud lines Commn Hydro Dlv h 1049 Lms 
--MatcoEm H tichr H-D Food Stores r 1049 

■ -hlargr C power toach oprDadt Specialties r 1049 Lena 
--Melvin B (Jean) drvr Overland Eip h 790 Kennedy dr n 
*-Roht emtir r 1344 Elm av 

■ -ftmaid L (Rlia)fftsty angJtteer Cbtys erh h 4*5 Chrlslopherdr 
--Stanley E ffhjSfothy) caretkr Win Bd of Educ K 1074 St Luke rd 

- VTeiotsn lOeh 'Metropolitan Heap r 1074 St Luke rd 

■ -Victoria J Set Win Sd of Educ r 790 Kennedy dr n 
Atrenie EmiUadoih PrAgomlr Guest Home fa 1171 PR-rtc av 
Agajanlan John E (Beatrice) sia-mn Dnyuh Ltd h 2539 ALeayiiidra &v 
Agars ky Steven (Veroatka) tlr Gen I Motors fa 3 hi 6 DroulHanJ rd 
Agnakc Bertram (Mary) m4ch opr Ford if h 1864 Hickory rd 
AgnertnfaO Oliveira [Cannalho) h 2, 3174 Walker rd 

Agiuo Edgar (Anfcbi ettc) (A B Waltfa Repair) fa ?, 131 ffark W 
Agio Clarence G (ISrldgct) aaenihlr American Standard Prod h 1930 Fran¬ 
cois rd 

-Donna srenog Rlchil W Johntfnn r 480 Catnenan av 
--H Ellis (Ruth) tnachClityslers fa 2353 Wdlraley 
--Larry (Mitrlnn)emp Ghrysters h 2984 LlOyd George blvd 
■-Larry floorwalker KtTflgesi r23S3 Welleajey 

Agncw Sofa Ud Eobl M Agnew preit. fair* Gladys Agpaw rlre-pni elect 
nppUanccs 4]9pe|jasier 

--Edwd A (Eva) deputy Comm ref Jlnannc City Fumnco h 3494 Evans 4v 
--Jas R (Mildred) mckh Inti Trucking h 704 penatlie 

■ -Robt (Jeanft) li S L2 Elm av 

■ -Rofa i M (Gladys} pres Bob Aetiew Lid fa 9931) ELversldc dr « 

■-Sami fCshrlut}Stiprvflr Fords h 1694 Arrfaur rd 

■ -Surpass Shoe Stores Lid brs; 2451 & 3i 20 Dougail av. 1399 Grand 

Mania rd w. 1356 Ottawa, 347 Ouellette Bv L 7654 Tecumsefa blvd 


Apiolfn Angulo (Acgek) lab Fords h 925 Howard av 
--Anihony (MBTy}h 915 Howard ay 

--GlilO j (Veronica) foremn WrEglcy Steel h .?4S7 A*kin av 

■ 'Johnny (Amonieia) roofer ^hrlcdcr Bn>» h 9M LlHlWi 
-Marm J {Jean} mgr Windsor Body & Fender fa 1225 Cabana rd w 


Agncp Jos (Annie) h 92? Honda e 
Agop Ttfiulan r 327 Goyeau 

Agosdni DoitiLnluo (Alberta) tab Walker klctal h 1193 Howanl av 

- -Kiilxj imp Candji Bridge r 26d Parent ov 

Agosnisja Cl l U d e (Mary) improver HctcuIbb Toiil 4 Die fa 10, 1314 Univ¬ 
ersity av w 

- -Vioor (Ett) [itb Colautrl BrorS fa 3726 Myrile av 
ARUiJian Andrew (Mary) h URL Hickory rd 

- - Andrew imp ChryiMcxs fa 374 8 HU to rent falttl 

■ - Julia (Anna) li 1234 Loula av 

Agugliaro Ciatomo apprcmlcd Win Match Flrne it Tool t 161 SfarpinTd e 
Agusiln RcmedjLis reg nuFAU Grace Hoifp r 56S Crawfurd av 
Aharoman Cha» (Jessie) slsmlt Paul Sfrnd)UUi Co fa 3, 1596 Victoria av 
Ahca Cfaas sec-tteas Cut-Rate Roatuuratu Supplier res Detroit 
Ableiedt Allan (MarJoh) carp l'jia<em ConSto h 702 Caron av 

- -A|F*n P (Nancy) carp fa 1018 Hickory id 
--Bmce r 7(12 Corou dv 

■ ■ Dnvl d r 702 Ca inn av 

Afamcd SarrJ ft 10, 446 Wyandoite w 

AliTcns Carmen see H6lwig Ad>utiting r S*6 St Joseph 

Aletic Oita wldr East Side Sramplng r 1139 Windfortiv 

Aiken Rla (*id Slioirmin) h 552 flan kin av 

--Roti G (joaunf) jitney drvr Chiydtrb h 31506 EHrcfa 

ALSdus (Fto ret tales SUverwWd's r 2399 Ualve rally a v w 

- -Violet (wm Gtcndnn V> It 2399 LMversily av w 
Alnslic Chas t> b'tudt r 4B45 Dougall av 

- "Craig mgr Ctit Motor Lcogue ret Oombt:f 
--Donald S (Dorothy) prtfa (Jniv of Windsor 
—Duncan s Studi r 1553 Cfavrrylawn irts 

- -Ethel sr elk Cuy of Win Magistralt<£ Coori r 4045 Dougnll nv 
—G Stuart (Ftoronec} h 1558 Cherry town ores 

--Gordon fa 307, IB2hti w 

-■Jack M (Ethel) mgr Muqrtiy Tobacco h 4045 Dougull av 
-Marcia N (wW W m }h 407, 280 park w 
-■Mi tdlred M (Wnl ftitk)h 391 PtEisMer 
AinBWorlfa Elhd fwld t-meHt) b 3365 Byag rd 
--Bianlo)' (Marylaiglncer Oni Hydro h *39 Charles 
Air Canuda Jc-Jui A hlurgun ciL ii sis mgr dlsr off 103-5, 1015 Univer- 
-illy av W, bckui off 440 OutlEette av 
--Geo C (Ann) Safa McKinnon Induiurfes h 977 Lawrence rd 
Alrey Ales (jnaraie) tefar Win High Suhl OfCommetco li 3fl8tfHuWflrd 
--Ganrude (w]tl johfijh 3892 Howard av 

■ - Jane E Jiec Fords r 3892 Howard av 
--Leslie W musicistn r 389Z Hdwartl av 
—Rofat G (Alice) h 411, 1616 Oiellme av 

--Thus E (busan) (brimn Diresr WITH era Trafaap h 1(194 Waison av 
Alrkem Sates i. Service - Division or Security Construction Ltd KrJtli 
GotSuell ft«il tngr sunokc odour removBbfe 2110 South rbrlfu - 
Alrpen Uuuse (Danl Belnvii?) Itoici 3998 Walker rd 
--Morel (Ernest E i, Mrs Murid SnunderrO 3775 Walker rd 
Air-WojrSatw & Service fftriftft' C Regier 5 Loula ITucliarme) vacuum 
clnti 839 Ociawa 

AitcfalPpn Andrew nrudt r 2563 Duoklugham dr 

■ -DavLd .'jupi Natl Grocery b 1954 Furndale av 

--Go.rdcm (Melba) linn Wm Hand VocatLonal Scfal h 2565 BocMng)tain dr 
--Trevtir madl ValenJie-Modto Lid r 408, 111 Rlvcrsjdedre 
Altker, Ales |Connie) tefar Walkorvitle Collegiate h 963 Brute ttv 
■■Cailierine (vdd Julin)h 747 Monmoulfa rd 
--Caifaeriise (wLd Robt) h *3(f Randolph i<v 

■ - Chas W (EmcIIc) (Altkcci Drug) h 6S27 Wyandoite e 

- -Drug (Chas W Ait ken) 6525 WyafadfKIu e 

--John (Miunlo) plant mo[nt SilverwLraiE h 1463 Weaicon rd 
■■Margt see (Tudcntlal uf England t 1463 WeOttotl rd 
--Marguerite bkpr r 3510 Ranklti ev 

--Olwyo H fw[d Alf.t f emp 11| in lli Waikar A Pen:j fa 936 Edward bv 

■ -Patricia E br colfh Mutual Life Ajtflce r 14*3 WestcnU rd 
--■ftobt unp t^undfa G'usipms r 630 Randolph av 
Aftfccxhead pturuncc M (wfd Win G) h 26SE McUraume rd 

- -Jear. (ebr St Wilfrid fKC) Schl r 347(1 Per«r 
AilkCTS Mai-gi Mfi fa HA. 4)5 UhlvoriiETy av e 

- - Wfn ) (Mil rgi} fj rettin W|n Fl re Dept h 3063 Bruce av 
Aiuio Antonia lab Blunrfie Cleaners r ] 158 Lang(o|s av 

-- Frank pin*) hrklyr Abel Masonry fa 4369 A ah held err* 

--Frank (Roxana) lab PlaStlcn8t Ltd r 1158 LungSols av 

- -Ji>s (Paula) h 115B Lnngloifi Av 

--Paul lab Last Side Fturnfalng r 1156 Langlot* av 
■■Stnltmo Lab FtaSUcn8l Ltd r 115B Langlof* 4v 
AJ Emil carp Pyramid Mobile HiMues (1959) r 1686 Mercer 
Ajax &tltdurs Supplies Ltd Walter Wuchnn aec-tbea* 6200 Teeumsofa IjiKl 

Ajerfl-ch Carl (Ajffiie) (Clsri Butcher Shop it Grocerle«)h 2625 Parent blvd 

--folia J plane) sect h 2607 PjrtTit fl v 

Aker AgncS pekr ReHd Indusiries fa 1211 Niagara 

Aker lay Gerald (Paula) e m p fienl Eire Extl nguiahe r h 15Bt Ltting 

Akuman Diane srudt r 3438 RLberrJy rd 

■-Erulyn T Pori*) reprmn Ford Meior h 3438 Riberdy rd 

-■Rtmttld F (Doreen) pair Cfaryater h 2516 Franco!e ni 

Atuy Raymuml S (Ann) wir Border Hotel Lid fa 37? Church 

Akot Luts N 5 emp Candn Bridge r 3, 476 Parent av 

Akira mom SLivu emp Ford Motor Co r 138 0 Cadillac 

AktoS Mehmerali (SerJfc) ernp T*mco fa K794 UnivcrNIty nv w 

A1 's Barfatr Shop (Albt F CroBon) 1175 University *v w 

■ ■Relrlgerution Co (Albt DeaR*alera 6 Raymond RunioinvfHe)81 * B tiefv 

rear, 31*6 Sandwich 

--Washer Repair Sfaop (Mrs Dorolhy Dcrnarae) 174,3Dominion falvd 

■ "WocdworkJng Ltd Alphonse Lnler pres ft, mgr. Mrs Eotfe Laler vice- 

prea 3224 Walker rd 

Ala Frank (Frances) (Frank Ala Modern Bnrfaci Salon) h 3010 McKay av 
--Frank Modern Barber SMtqt (Frank A|a) EIS UnlverSlIynv w 
Alak WornK (EditU) «np Genl Motors fa 75 Shepherd e 
Alan Court upts 6490 Wyandottt e 

Aland Club JIG Grille R wuinl m gr social serv club 447 Pllt 6 
Alb Jk*m (Elfrlfldo) pur «r dee h 1014 Got av 
--Jos (Anna) Janlror KreagcS h 15*9 Paeeut av 

■ -Jos (Anna} ahl mlt wkr Harold's hftsatlng Co h 856 Mill 
--Jos J (Nod?*) dlo nrJw Win, Tool & DEc fa 2730 Mark ov 
--Maria Ewid Martin) h rear, 5+39Malden Td 

Alban* Antonio f 184 Camuron av 
--Jaa(Margi) Lnsp FL>rd Motor Co h 1788 Bernard rd 
--jaS D irk drvr CP Enp r 1788 Bernard rd 
--Louie (Marfa) e*msrti wfcr fa 184 Cameron bv 
--M argt elk K-htarr Dept Star* f 1708 Befrutifd rd 

■ -Mario eonutn wkr r 184 Carneron av 

Albera Henry (Maxifaa) drhtma Me loaf 8 Conveyors h Hi 5 Moraiienc iv 

- -Uwe drframn MclnalH, CtMveyers r 11 j5 Murcntetiir av 


Albert Apartments 1)01-7 fttliasicr 

‘-OiTlsiiflti E (Ellrifa) emp Uulv Of Win fa 865 l^aok dr 

-Eihrfth II B, 11, 815 University nv w 

- -Carne! Epc fQ rt44 Oak av 

- -Henry |*b SA Mm) FocLot Serv Centre r 155 Aljrmer ay 
--Jos (Mary) Jfarcutfa Freueed Sifel Prod h 834 Cotnnat]ul 
--J0S supt Natl minting A DeynraUug (Wtn) ll 1434 Francois n! 

- - Marc el J (Dpuna} cu^todtlaI offr Et<sex Counr>' Jail fa (SO parent av 
-■Melvin (Julie)trimmer Webster Mfgh 1D2I2 Riverside dr c 

- -Wm pougail Road H A) r SS1S Malden rd 

Allien "b Foreign Cerif (Albt Benfaaumi eu} 8ta ft Eery 1291 Wyandotte e 
--New ft Uaeri Furniture (Albt Ploltiik) 315* Wynmiotra c 

- -Servleo (Albt fh: rtitnuml cu} Sotv l-tii 1291 Wyandotte e 
Alberts Barton elk Candn Tire t 3529 Turner rrl 
Albino GcO lab GirySltra r 396 Hall UV 

Allsrecfar Kar] (Gertrude) tool ft die Uni me d h 1111 Rnjce av 
Albroogh Fmetittne Mra empDemUl li I*. 1682 Gbyoau 

- -Gerald lab Chry»lors r 16, 1632 Coycau 
Albu Joiui (Anne) elk Chryalern fa 849 St LOuU civ 

--jultannn swteii±4 opr Ctm tral Chryaler Plymouth fa 361 Newbury 
--NJcholaa (JaUanna) fa U+4 Lillian 
--NlOheluO (Hilda) p c rol Dept fa 998 Windermere rd 
--Sliaron Aiudt r 998 Windermere rtl 

- -Steven (Olga) coni ft die Doufale M Tool It 3449 Mf kav nv 
All.stry A Jba r 234 Cadillac 

■ -Gene D afat iml wkr American Shlnd Co r 234 Cadillac 
AEfOck Sloven r 7, 13B8 ElII e av c 

AleafaotlEm ft Drug Addiction Rescarcli Foundation A Lewis Bcnnoci regl 
dir 961 Ouullutru av 
Aldtst JoJoii ('Fanni*}h 1647 Francoia rd 

- -Larry billing elk Cmadft Great Western Express r 1647 Francois rd 
--Terry (Finrentv) lool nigLnccr OfrysEer Coifi fa 1085 Mii(thew-Blt*dy 


Alder Inn's Shop (Mrti Alderina V. a j^l) custom mode knJttifag'lf»5 Erie e 
AEdormfirt Wm (Tboreflfa) brake opr Amorlcnn Standard h 1451 CrawRjrd av 
ALdenon facm r 1593 ttoll 0v 

ALdturn Sherry Mra etnp Detroli h 315, 286 FlIT w 

AI dighic-rl Arm and (Mo ria-Teroaa) janitor JkE of Bdue b 14(18 Shepherd e 
ALdo Clothing (Plillippci ft Aldu Ifan^xu ft Gulseppe Caraoaerl} Ids ft hhsi«. 

ft children's wear 910 Erie c 
A|do'» BtUdger Sfaop (Aldo Silvagjjl) 3341 Tecuruedi blvd u 
Aldous A[U C (Elizth)b 1921 Dacotah dr 

- -EdVrLn A (fluih)dlsi m^r GlaelnaiU -Churchill Lid fa 2570 Duel lotto av 
--Mary Ann Mrs tefar Central I'ufailo School me Belle lilvcr 

Atdncli Suztume off dk Olsottltc C* t 1768 Mcrot'r 

--Violet Mra hrdritr Ivan Soles h 1763 Mercer 

Aldwortfa Sioidey W' (Myrtle) elk Inti Qua loan® Brokers i 21*5 l)ea|a 

Aleck Mury (wjd Rfcfatl)fa 217, 333 CKm^rry av 

AJeiSft IKti ry plastic Iny-up Jiirf Tools r 3229 Iduwtiod pt 

AleksfaiJc Pater (Butty) omp Dotrull h 744 Mill 

Aioo Plutru (Francos) faidry wkr Waljtor Metal fa U23 Gladatonu fav 
AleropOulos. Christopher r 112 W'ynjjdotto w 

- -Jbb li 112 Wyandotte w 

AL-^ht Angela fwlcl Louia)h 916 l.juigluls nv 
--Foul L (RpeaLe) h 650 Meteor 
Alcssiu Frank (Amelia) fa 2674 Si Louis av 
--Mary Mrs (Economy Ptti Conirul) h ) 11? 1*611 ssler 
-"Mlchl Bttsdi r Ht7 Polifisior 

A!cvopooloti Chri4tophor lob Fords r 12h Wyandotte w 
Alnwlek NEcfaoJas A (SylMa) pity ^ 5urg FSOOuellotte nv fa 229 Jefferson 

--FWinela K -tbidt t 229 jeffemon tiKd 
-"■Rlcfid C tehT Percy PMC Galium -SchJ t 229 Jefferson hi 
AiO* l 8 Ca rpei n (Alex A Tasirie) earpet s sis ft serv 138? Wynttdfn te e 
--niotography (Altsr 5 G6urgciiCli) H32 Wynndcato e 
Atcxander Amlsissador Ltd Jos Alerander prus mm dli 91? Gcyuuu uued 
cdk lot 980 Gtrycau 

-■Aun (wid Wmjtchr NonhViyiod Public Sthl h 32B0 Duixlurand blvd 
-Apia 2S5 Camerai av 

--Assct (Lina) bartender Bcllvun Tavern fa 239 joxcpfaloe 6v 
-"■Ihfltdltig 569 Chiullctt* ftv 

-■Carol A key punch opr FordR r 2192 Foreaf av 

- -Ca the rinc J reg nu r-Se Metro Heap r 12 M Hi Idore rd 
--Ctonpfaas S (Angulo) tertmdi Chry^lcrn h yiJEsOMenaTd 
--David (Jcnnlu) err [jizaju’a Fura h 2l7+ Hill! ftv 

--David titndt r E523 Pellssipr 

--David ntudi r 3623 Stuidwlch 

-■Dan W (Marion) h 434 Greendule dr 

--Dtxigfau drvr KingtiTyay TranSportu re8 RR*I Essex 

-‘Ellltwn M (Wld ThetKlnVe) billing UIk ChCyeler Con h 2211 Klldure rd 

--Florancn Mrs r 1632 Norman rd 

--Fredk (NoellaJ Ecbr Rrcnnan High Schl h E090 Canton Court dr 
"--faredt T (Deroihy) euprvsr IntJ Carroge h 2110 Ttyumscli blvd w 
--Cary L Amsy r 2192 Foxcbi ay 
--GHft3 r f 239 Josephine av 

* ■Cera Id J (Mary Anne] mgr Tor-Dtun Bank h 1307 Til h tun dr ETupl;;- 1 . ] McCollum Field Bee home fur fallud 2(10 Btrofaatiu uv 

--Harry W (Dormhy) depr !tigr Win Smr h 1523 Pellsslrr 

--JnA (Kayjpren Alexander AmhaBoador Ltd Tea Amber^tburg 

--)Dhti arudt r 9030 Memarrt 

■-Eadicrlne studlt r 2179 Furosi av 

--Klfaus elk 5thWflb*8 MlxjI Products r 363K Fuiut 

--Leula (wjd David) fa 420 Indian rd 

■ -Manor opts 2(5 -19 Sirabane nv 
--Margt (wld Eustace) h 2192 FMrcsr av 
--Odlle (w|d Stanislaus) h 1210 Albert rtl 

- 'Philip (Patricia) lecturer Unlv of Win fa 1135 Lillian 

--Philip V ((Tale) vtee-preti East Side Windsor Credit Union fa 3623 Sand¬ 

--E Ross (Eduhjcmp Aum SpocislTlns fa JI79 PfUfeat nv 
-■Robt (Janet) h 9*2 jamsse dr 
--R*bt atigti t 434 Crpendalc dr 

--Stajiiala k W (Theresa) Ipduf.i engmver ChfyUlers fa 1D09 Grcendafodr 
--Theodore W (Irene)trust undorstutly Con Tnjst - Huron ft Erie Mort¬ 
gage h 1234 Duffertn pi 
--Tlios (He)«w) [tih Fords h 1CW4 Giles blvd e 

- -Tools Ltd Sydney C Cioldlcig far mgr maeh tools 1912 Wyandotte c 
—Vera A Mrs h 1364 George av 

--Wm emp Detroit, r 420 Indian rd 
Wm A (Margt) drvr S W ft A Rly fa 2132 Union 
Alexis IxaaE (5arail) foremp Luzare's Furs h 706 Brute av 
--JCiTy (8svtd(y)cmp Detroit J] 3048 Ai oudalE ct 
Alexoti Marj- Mrs (Royal Hamburger) Xt;s IVtroir 

AfexopotiloS Dinajtrlss lafa SLajittard Induct Ion Cast! fags f 112 Wyandotte w 


"We Meef By Accident " 

270 ERIE STREET EAST - - - PHONE 252-6511 


Alfa Construction (Frank Kcmski) 643 Capitol 
Alftnl Angelo (Marla T)b 637 Tuscarora 

- - Jos (Msrtann) (Sartorla Italia) h 933 TUscarora 
--Lorenzo (Josephine) lob Riverside Conotn li 635 Tbscaroni 
--Louis (Hnrlca) fair Riverside Constn h 933 Tuscarora 
Alford Carol D dietary Grace Hosp h 3, 48S Bruce av 
--Goo (Bessie) etnp Fords h 1526 Northway 

-•Rose D (wid Edwd) h 3. 485 Bruce av 
Alfred Apts 977 Marentettc av 

Alfredo's Variety (Alfredo Giacchlnl) confy 1520 Tccumseh blvd w 

Algotna Roofing (7.1gtna Stonkicwlcz & Sergios Andrcou) 955 Assumption 

--Steel Corp Ltd The Carl G Crawford dial ala mgr 401, 374 Ouellette av 

All Masootn mech Plastics at r 177 McKay av 

--Syed (Maria A) chemist h 3002 Academy dr 

Allbcnt Paul (Romana) emp Chryslera h 954 Creendalc dr 

Alice Dan! D (Kathrlnc) lnsp Chryslera h 3650 Virginia Pk av 

- -Hcrbt P r 3650 Virginia Pk av 

--Louts (Mildred) reprmn Chryslera h 1415 Pelissier 

- Mary (wld Peter) h 572 Windsor av 

Alicia i. Mason junior Vocational School Mrs Georgina Dunlop prln 284 
Cameron av 

Allncro Rosemarie Mrs tchr St Alexander School r 3539 Mulford 
AHvojvodic Ante bread baker Royal Bakery h 1461 Cadillac 
All Saints Anglican Church Canon J Graham Lethbridge rector City Hall 

Alla by Mary (wld Donald) nap Detroit h 3058 Woodland av 
AlJado Sol RN h 1407 Victoria av 
•Allan, sec also Allen 

--Alex B mgr Allan's Meat Market Ltd res F.meryville 
••Barbara N studt r 645 Partington av 
--Bruce stuck r 907 Rcedmorc av 

--David C (Kathleen)dlsplaymn Reitman’s Ont Ltd h 2847 Melbourne rd 
--David R Rev (Marilyn) asst rector Riverside United Church h 340 St 

-•Delbert (Anena) als elk Pilcas Industry & Bldg Supplies h 1115 Moy av 
-•Donald M (Wlnnifrud) mgr 8ls training Chrysler Can h 815 Kildare rd 
--Doreen Mrs kitchen hlpr Prince Edward Hotel h 1466 Wcstcott rd 
--Douglas R studt r 907 Rcedmere av 
--Eihia (wld Edwd) h 318. 445 Glengarry av 
--Flora Mrs h 33. 1106 Lincoln rd 

- Frank A h 833 Thompson blvd 
-Call h 5. 34IB Sandwich 

--Geo B (Dorothy) pnitr Win Star h 3866 Hlllcrest blvd 
—H Blair studt r 645 Partington av 

--Hugh (Maureen) tchr W D Lowe Vocational Schl h 2534 Askin av 
--Isabella r 1475 Huron Church Unc 

-Jas (Ada) bldg lnsp City of Win Dept of Bldgs h 845 Isabelle pi 
--Jas D (Corel) supt Bell Tel h 86. 2655 Sierra dr 

- Jas S, QC barr & sol 409, 374 Ouellette av h 124, 780 Ouellette av 
--Jane A (wld Thos) h 4, 1156 Campbell av 

—Jean (wld Gordon) h 756 McKay av 
—Joan B h 3358 Church 
—Jolm studt r 357 Betty dr 

—John rchr W C Kennedy Coll Inst h 16. 3665 Sandwich 

- - Join C (Evelyn) br mgr Emco Ltd h 357 Betty dr 
--John G mgr Bonk of N S b 404. 8325 Riverside dr e 
--Julia priv sec Detroit r 1832 Arthur rd 

—L McGill Ltd Wm L Noble pres. Job Camack vlcc-prcs gcnl contra 361 
Joffrc pi 

--Laird studt r 815 Kildare rd 

-•Larry counter elk G G McKeough res RR*1 Essex 
—Lcnoro A nurse h 3271 Millcn 

--Leslie (Evelyn) foremn ChryslcrB h 365S Howard av 
—Loy E payroll elk Chrysler Can h 3271 Millcn 
--Mabel (wld Oscar R) h 3659 Barrymore la 
-Mabel (wld McGill) h 160 California av 
--Margt H ctnp Detroit r 833 Thompacn blvd 
-•Muriel mach opr Sportcx Specialties r 3659 Barrymore la 
-Myrtle (wld Roger) h 276 Ford blvd 
--Norman (Annabellc) maint Chrysler* h 1036 Cataraqui 
--Norman E (Faith) »l#mn N Tcppcrman Ltd h 1277 Pelissier 
--Peter C (Theresa) h I960 Rossini blvd 
—Raymond B bldr h 907 Recdmcrc av 
—Robt C h 1244 Gladstone av 
—Robt L (Ida) h 1341 Erie e 

—Stewart (Nancy) suprvsr Chryslera h 645 Partington av 
-•Stewart O supt Dinsmone Constn h 13970 Riverside dr (St Clair 

--'Ihos F (Brenda) elk LCBO *33 h 1832 Arthur rd 
■•Wm (Nancy) caretkr Canada Bldg h 1466 Labadlr rd 
Allan's Meat Market Ltd Alex B Allan mgr 1477 Wyandotte c 
Allard Alfred J body trimmer Chrysler* h 210, 131 Wyandotte w 
--Anthony (Carol) carp Local 494 h 1958 Fcrndaleav 
—Bernadette M emp lntl Playing Card res RR*I LaSalle 
--Jas W (Margt) off mgr Gcnl Insulations h 3620 Roxborough av 
-Jeannette Y off elk R J Cyr Co r 1820 Arthur rd 
--Jules F press opr Chrysler* h 2979 Somme av 

—Lottie (wld Russell) elk Modern Bakery (South Windsor)h 1928 Spring 
Garden rd 

—Louis (Helen) carctkr John A Me William fHtbllc Schl h 2566 Tourangeau 

—Martin emp Candn Bridge res McGregor 
--Paul O (Ainile) engineer Grace Hosp h 203 Ehn av 
--Pauline r 203 Elm av 
—Raymond R (lda)h 824 Sunset av 

- Roger studt r 3034 Peter 

—Simon (Cecile) with Fords h 3579 King 

--Thos W (Darlene) mach opr Kohcn Box r 203 Elm av 

--Tom P studt r 3620 Roxborough av 

Allard’9 Barber Shop (Allard J Vcrhocckx) barber 176 Pitt w 

All-flrlte Dry Cleaners Lid Reml J Rivard pres, Judith Rcnaud vlcc-prcs. 

Mrs Claire Rivard sec-trcas 2843 Dougall av 
Allbutt Enid E L librarian John Richardson Library h 374 Clinton 
Allchin Brake & Steering Service Ltd Denis W Allchin pres, Mrs Ruth 
Fairlie vice-pres. Mrs Patricia Allchin sec-treas auto repr* 
wheel alignment 621 Tccumsch blvd c 
-•Denis A studt r 1061 Marjorie dr 

- Denis W (Patricia) pre* Allchin Brake & Steering Service h 1051 Mar¬ 

jorie dr 

- Fred G (Vilma) lab Ford* h 1452 Cadillac 
--Philip siikU r 1368 PlHcttc rd 

Allchurch Albt mech foremn Dlnsmore Constn res Marlin Centro 
Alldrltt J Harold (Nellie) h 8378 Riverside dr e 

• Mary r 3060 Sandwich ___ 


--Mary (wld Wm)h 473 Wellington av 

Alleman Si marine Mrs lnsp Blonde Cleaner* h 25, 8750 Wyandotte e 

AllcmangOtto TV techn h 3001 Radi*aon av 

•Allen, see also Allan 

--A Leslie (Alma) h 1439 Dufferin pi 

--Ada-Belle Mrs r 2856 Riverside dr w 

--Albt E (Grace) stock elk Fords h 566 Charlotte 

—Albt E vicc-prcs & treas Beauty Counselors of Canada Ltd re* Toronto 
--Alice (wld Henry B) h 3183 Tccumseh blvd w 
--Alvin B (Elsa) h 274 St Louis av 
—Apt* 1108 Goyeau 

--Arthur F with Win Utilities Commit Hydro Div h 1011 Windsor av 
—Bernard (Yvette) emp Detroit h 3415 Roxborough av 
--Bernard (Barbara) tchr Brennan High Schl h 940 Edward av 
--Beth studt r 3183 Tccumseh blvd w 

--Burnett L (Geraldine) emp Purity Dairies h 1238 Rankin av 
—Burton C (Susan) writer CKLW h 326 Elm av 
—Cecile C M (wld Gordon) h 1593 Church 

—Chas E (Dorothy) gcnl hlpr Hiram Walker & Sons h 1229 Monmouth rd 
-Chau J (Rosemarie) lab Fords h 4610 Walker rd 
-Cheryl r 1096 Windsor av 

--Chester R (Margt)drvr Fords h 1363 Francois rd 
--Clarence W (France*)pres Windsor Outboard Motors h 907 West¬ 
chester dr 

--Dale (Edith) physical cduc consultant 8d of Educ b 1555 Stratford <t 

--Dan! emp Detroit r 1228 Lillian 

- -Danl A (Gayle) lab Chryslers h 623 Edinborough 

- -Danny emp Detroit r 3100 St Patricks dr 

- -Dawn emp Candn Imp Bk Commerce r 951 Bridge av 
--Donald E (Florence) emp Plymouth Mich h 553 Bertha av 
-•Donald F (Frances) physical cduc Win Separate Schl Bd h 535 Oak av 
••Donald H (Lois)h 1228 Lillian 

--Donald J (Agnes) pres Windsor Awning & Tent Co h 1969 Grand Marais 
rd w 

—Donald L (Pearl) mgr Parkview- Apt* h 401, 410 Giles blvd w 
--Douglas lab Dom Forge r 615, 445 Glengarry av 
--E Fern (wid Robt) sec Edith Cavell Sr J\ibllc Schl h 255 Ford blvd 
--Edith h 3187 Peter 

••Edna (wid Leslie)elk ChryslcrB h 534 Alexandrine 
--Edwd T (Rose) countennn Win Automotive Supply Co h 1069 Lillian 
--Electric Mfg & Equipment Co of Canada Ltd Jim Duguid si* rep 
automotive test equip 790- Ottawa 
--Ellen sec Detroit r 3100 St Patrick's dr 
—Emma J Janitor Win City Hall li 4. 638 Glengarry av 
-Ethel F (wld Robt) sec Win Bd of Educ h 255 Ford blvd 
--Florence (wld Jos) h 588 South 

- Florence Mrs h 104, 415 University av e 

- Frank (Clalrcna) lab Fords h 491 Church 

--Gary (Jo-Anne)apprentice mech Skally's Service h 839 Riverside dr e 
—Geo (Jeanette) milIwrlgjit Chrysler* h 1025 Westminster blvd 
--Geo F (Loannr) wldr Chryslers h 1516 Stratford ct 
—Georgina (wld Thos) h 615, 445 Glengarry av 
--Gerald B lab Chryslers r 2190 Janette av 

—Gerald J (Anita) assmblr McKinnon Industries h 3117 Manchester rd 
—Gloan (Beverly) tchr W C Kennedy Coll Innt h 480 ftmington av 
--Gregory (Denise) tool & die mkr Chryslers h 821 Giles blvd e 
--Harold F (Josephine) trk drvr Chevalier Trucking Co h 639 Grand 
Marais rd c 

--Horace F (Cecilia) staty engineer Ont Hydro h 2668 Partington nv 
--Hugh (Joyce) lab Detroit & Win Tbnncl h 3381 Me Ewan av 
--Jas (Jean) emp Detroit h 3495 Rankin av 
—Jas S (Ludivlna) h 228 Parent a v 

--Janice rental rep Hertz Rent-A-Car r 2790 C.lctncnccau blvd 

- - Jean (wld Wm) h 1239 Prince rd 

- -Johanna J tchr r 857 Belleperchc pi 
--John emp Wheatly Mfg r 893 Erie e 

--John (Jeon) sht inti mech Cunningham Sheet Metal h 1045 Cabana rd w 

- -John staty engineer Central Henfjng plant h 1429 Aubln rd 

- -John C studt r 794 Devonshire xd 
--John S (Beatrice)h 1241 Argyle id 

- -John V (Eleanor) h 2228 Moy av 

--Keith L (Louise) (White & Alien) h 2929 Riviera dr 
--Larry advtg dept Win Star r 951 Bridge av 
--Larry W (Karen) studt h 301, 985 Brock 
--Leo lab Fords h 1112 Hickory xd 

- -Leonard A (Myrtle) foremn Hlrom Walker h 1707 Pierre av 

- Lillian (wld Lloyd) h 1354 Bruce av 
-Lloyd W (Gladys) elk Fords h 1591 Everts av 

--Lyman A (Norma) suprvsr Can, Packer* h 835 Matthew-Brady blvd 
--Marie A bottler Hiram Walker r 1889 EUrose av 
--Marjorie h 835 Plllctte rd 

—Marjorie personnel dept Hiram Walker & Sons h 1809 Chllver rd 
--Marylee »tudt r 1429 Aubln rd 

- Matilda (wld Cedi F) h 161QA Ottawa 
—Michl S r 3183 Tecum «eh blvd w 
—Minnie h 1494 Prince rd 

—Mitzl Mrs treas East Side Plating (Can) res St Clair Beach 

—Orlic L (Lillian) emp Ford* h 2190 Janette av 

--Oscar G press opr Fords h 1550 Redwood av 

• -P Terry (Judy) lab Chrysler h 3273 Clemcneeau blvd 

—Patk sec committee of adjustment City of Win Dept of Planning & 

Urban Renewal h 3255 Sandwich 

—ftiul J (Vera) engineer suprvsr Hiram Walker h 1108 Dougall av 
--Ralph W (Anne) pcPOh 1302 Part lngton av 
—Rlchd (Marylyn) lab Dom Forge* h 1185 Elm av 
—Robt drvr Lyons Tranfip Ltd 

- Robt (Teresa) emp Detroit h 3350 Mlllen 
—Robt lab Hiram Walkers r 615. 445 Glengarry av 
-•Robt (Dorothy) pc PO h 2133 York 

- - Robt (Ruby) supt of public wks Sand West Twp h 2740 Cabana rd w 
--Robt With Win Utilities Commn Hydro Dlv r 135 Willow dr 
--Ronald C (Doris) refrig mech Braver Air Conditioning h 2798 Clcmen- 

ceou blvd 

--Rose-Marie Mr* legal sec McTaguc, Clark. Holland, Whiteside. 

Coughlin, Ouellette & Malloux res RR*2 Windsor 
—Roy D (Margt) pres Roger Allan Lumber h 794 Devonshire rd 
—Roy F emp Detroit h 204, 1741 University av w 
--Sara J r 2341 Chilvcr id 

—Sherwood B (Beverly) essmblr Chryslers h 1823 Dacotah dr 

—Stanley r 874 Mercer 

—Stanley G (Hazel )h 690 North Talbot rd 

--Stevenson Products Ltd Edwd Rees pres. Alice Kictzcr vicc-prcs, Mrs 
Edna Rees sec-trcas adhesives 2925 Whelpton 
--Susan hrrlrsr La Vogue Hair Fanhlann r 1591 Evert* av 


--Thos (Eva) elect Detroit h 3570 King 

- -Thos j assmblr Viking Pump h 204, 1741 University av w 

- Warren C (Peggy) malnrmn Bd of Works h 1096 Windsor av 

- Wm vicc-prcs & sec-treas Complete Packaging Ltd h 351 Aloha 
--Wm C (Evelyn) trk drvr Fords h 928 Prado pi 

- Wm O h 447 Moy av 

- - Wm V malnrmn Fords h 827 Lauzon xd 

Aliening Otto teehn Thornhill Television r 3001 Radlsson 
Allmburger Hank drvr Capitol Cab res Tccumsch 
Allcndorfcr Annie h 3832 Glcnflcld 
--Annie emp Hiram Walker* r 1024 Falrvlcw blvd 
-Frannlsca (wld Nick) h 1024 Falrview blvd 
AUcva Alfredo (Leila) constn Valenti Constn h 1727 Langlois av 
--Jerry lab Eastern Constn h 1087 FIs mere av 
Allevato Philip (Marcella) carmn CNR It 1918 Tourangeau rd 
Allied Appliance Stores (Lee Dandurand) small appliances 529 Tecumsch 
blvd e 

--Collection Agencies Canada Ltd Frank J Reilly br mgr 408. 176Univ¬ 
ersity av w 

--Radio Electronics (Windsor) Ltd Win Trudell pres, Mrs Marjorie 
Ouellette vlcc-prcs car radios-slo & sent 1204 Howard av 
--Travel Service (Windsor) Ltd Beverly R Reid pre*, G Wm Bowman 
scc-trcas 154 Pitt w 

Alliet Albt (Nellie) #crv *hpr Bendix -Eclipse h 2340 McDougall 

--Jo* (Violet)malt, hops & bottling equip 1878 Drouillard rd h same 

—Odlcll bkpr Albt H Soufrlnc r 2340 McDougall 

Alllnghar Robt (Grace) banquet mgr Seaway Inn h 2, 476 Parent av 

A Hinson Jas W shop wldr R J Cyr Co h 2 . 7679 Highland av 

Allison Alberta Mrs h 706, 325 Giles blvd w 

--Calvin M (Marjorie) patrol sgt Pol Dept h 3776 Fosonount av 

--Claude J (Vivian) assmblr Chryslers h 3440 Mlllen 

--Delbert N (Ruth) drug rep Upjohn h 2545 St fttricks dr 

- -Donald D (Rosa leen) control rm opr Ont Hydro h 515 Isack dr 

- Donald M (Ruth)chkr CP Exp h 245 Curry av 

-•Doris M bkpr Bonner Metal Products res South Wood*lee 
-Cco (Eva)h 211, 8885 Riverside dr c 
■•Geo attdt Don's Shell Service 
--H Katherine (w|d A!ex)h 1411 Windermere rd 

- Ian A (jean) tchr Walkcrvllle Collegiate h 2495 Lincoln rd 
--Jas (Theresa) lead hand Amcr Standard Products h 3721 Vaughan 
••Jane studt r 2495 Lincoln rd 

--John A (Victoria) TV techn Gray’s Radio & Television Service h 2509 
Norman nt 

••John M (Emma) suprvsr Ford* h 2633 Tourangeau rd 
--Noble R (Gall) techn Fords h 3335 St Patricks dr 
--Ricky W studt r 353 McKay av 
--Robt caretkr Build Metal Treating!} 1351 Elm av 
--Robt R D p c PO res S Wood*lee 

- Ronald N mech Candn Tire Corp r 2164 Grand Marat* rd e 

- -Ruth A r 245 Curry av 

--Stanley J R (Helen)customs & excise offr Dept Natl Rev h 2164 Grand 
Marais rd c 

--Stewart W (Darleen) punch press opr Bcndix Eclipse h 3481 Mlllen 
--Susan M emp G M Trim r 211, 8885 Riverside dr e 

- -Wtn H (Mildred) drvr Windsor Lumber h 353 McKay av 
Allison's Motel (Leonard K Northern) 2731 Howard av 

--Texaco Service (Stanley Allison-Walter Roughton) 3940 Walker rd 
Allman Malcolm (Gall)asat mgr City Natl h 924 Moy av 
Allor Edwd W Rev asst pastor Assumption (RC) Church r 2775 University 
av w 

All-Risks Insurance Agencies Ltd Sidney S Lazarus mgr 207 , 660 Ouel¬ 
lette av 

Allsop Ann (wld Horace) bkpr Letmer’a Ltd h 2382 Lincoln rd 
--D Gilbert tchr Win High Schl of Commerce h 3550 Avondale ere* 

--Geo Y h 1557 Aubln rd 

--Geo Y (Edna) crop Candn Bridge h 1870 Norman rd 

Allstate Insurance Co W Gordon Laurie dist sis mgr 3120 DougUI av & 

736 Ouellette av 

Allwonh Christine studt r 3194 Bruce av 

- -Helen lab techn Metro Hosp r 3194 Bruce av 

- -Warner B pre* & mgr Wtn Truck & Storage b 3194 Bruce av 
Aim Cerda (wld Gustav) h 1479 Hickory rd 

--Svai (Shirley) emp Chryslers h 2559 Francois rd 

Almasi John lab Chryslers r 1561 Parent av 

--Jolm lab Welles Corp h 1437 Windermere rd 

--Leslie set-up man Rayco Stamping Products r 2294 Howard av 

Alntcda Apts 269 Randolph pi 

Almond Dcnald (Shirley) maintmn Carling Breweries h 1624 St Patricks 

--Evelyn Mrs «rmp Detroit h 212, 3801 Riverside tlr c 
--Paul (Olga) exec dir Junior Achievement of win incorp h 951 Bellepcrche 

Almost Chris (Anne) repmin Chryslers h 230S Forest av 

--Jaa E (Lynne) cost acct Young Spring & Wirch 834 Lounsbrough 

Alof* Albt H (Joan) lab C M Trim h 387 St Jolm 

--Omer F (Patricia) emp Detroit h 825 Buckingham dr 

--Thcofil (Biandina) lab Ford* h 478 Isack dr 

Alolsio Adino (Camille)assmblr Chryslers h 452 Campbell av 

--Alberto (Orsorla) emp Plasticast h 685 Church 

--Antonio (Sontina) r 452 Campbell av 

--Ennlo bartender Canada Tavern r 74B Assumption 

--Floraldo (Evelina) maintmn Assumption College h 748 Assumption 

Alpago Emclio (Annie) emp Gcnl Motors h 1367 Wyandotte w 

Alpha Tools (Henry Kehl) too! machining 3419 Walker id 

Alphonse Gignac commodore Win Yacht Club 

Alpinc-Alrc Refrigeration Service (Arthur W Gee) 1558 Francois rd 
Alsco of Windsor (Division of Bartlett Bro* Ltd) aluminum doors & 
windows 2381 Huron Church Line 

Alsford Leslie F (Kathleen) mach opr Ford of Can h 1, 3174 Walker rd 

- -Lorriane studt r 1, 3174 Walker rd 

Alsop Paul (Gwendolyn) crop Hiram Walker h 1969 Oneida ct 
Alstadt Catherine h 1617 Bruce av 

• - Jolm II mech Bowlero Bowling r 1617 Bruce av 

Alston Gordon A (Mary) maintmn Chrysler Can h 970 Ducharmc 

- Johanna (wid Arthur) h 12. IS56Coycau 
--Kenneth emp Plasticast r 970 Ducharmc 
Altcnhof Elizth Mrs h 1723 Kildare rd 

- G«o (Barbara) drvr Fords h 1468 Albert rd 

--Geo (Marguerite) foremn J 6 J Tool b Mold h 860 Rossini blvd 

• -Jack (Helen) pres J & J Tool k Mold Ltd res St Clair Beach 

- - John vlce-prcs k trea* J k J Tool k Mold res Si Cla|r Beach 

- -Jacob (Margt) (Knapp k Altcnhof Auto Sales) h 1585 Alexis rd 
Altcrnad Felice apprentice mouldmkr Lee Tool & Mold r 907 Gladstone 
Alrmann >illus (Mary) journcymn sheet metal Mac J Brian Ltd h 4 4 5, 

214 Curry av 


Alphabetical. Whitt Page 5 



PHONE 25I-H63.’i 


Altmayri Ftank (Thresas) janitor Hotel Dleu h 2440 Meld rum rd 

- -Hairy K J (EUzth) off ragT KUrra'a Bread b 3743 Riverside dr e 

- -Peter (Soman) h 1330 DufTcrtn pi 

Altobelli Vincenzo (Vlvaaa) emp Candn Brldne h 1244 lincota rd 
Alecs John (Maria) onp Croalow Foundry h 893 Wellington av 
Alvin Apts 286 Pin w 

Alvtnjti Steer (Ana) lilt trt opr McKinnon Induatrlea h 1731 Pierre av 
Alward Stella (wtd Win) h 1396 Pierre av 
•Wm M Oulla) emp Fords h 3483 Barrymore In 
Alway Fredk S porch agt C H Henze Co res RR*4 Amberstburg 
Alzner Contractors Ltd Mike Aimer prea fc vicc-prea. Certnidc U 
Aimer arc contra 3498 Roxborough av 
••Mike r 832 MiU 

• •Mike (Gertrude) pre* k vice-prea Alzner Contractors Ltd h 3498 Rox¬ 

borough av 

--Steve (Anita) asamlilr Chrysler* h 2, 1250 Ottawa 
Amto Conrad (Marie)h 838 Moy av 
Amantc Aniunlo (Edcvige) h 1071 Howard av 
Amarl Beoj (Anne) emp Chrysler* h 1406 Wyandotte w 
Amato |aa A (Rowan try) musician h 1220 Central av 
Amato Antonio (fhilomaa) lab Bd of Educ h 1710 Parat ae 
•Bernardo (Marie) lib Chrysler h 1330 Parent av 

- Frank (Sandra) mach McKinnon tmfoatriea h 1525 Ullian 
—John (Marla) h 1663 Parent av 

- Jo* cook Volcano Pizzeria Rest r 1710 Parent av 

- -Peter (Catherina) lab Chryslers li 679 Langtala av 
Ambassador Apt# 1382 Ouellette av 

-•Building Maintenance l td Wigand Kruger prea. Mr* Edith Kruger vtce- 
prea 3815 Tccumaeh blvd e 
--Confectionery (Win Barich) 1745 Prince rd 

- Marble k Tile Ltd Elio Donclon pres 375 Giles hied c 
-Motel (Casey k Mis Mary Wachna) 2268 Huron Church Line 

--Park s s Riverside dr w bet Kennedy p) & Huron Church Line 

• •Plaza shopping centre 1440-1590 fforon Church Line 

--Plaza Barber Shop (Sabin Malch) 1574 Huron Church Line 
--Restaurant (Nick Zlotos k Ivwnls Stamatopuios) 1590 Huron Church Line 
--Too) k Die Co Ltd Bruce M Cook pre* tool. die. mold 3988 Rlherdy rd 
Ambcdian David mold mkr Inti Tools r 1032 Lena 
••Mary (wtd Ohanneajh 1032 Lana 

- -Mlchl (Margt R) forrmn Chrysler Oorp h 3310 WoodJawo av 
Amberley Apts 1260 Ouellette av 

Ambery Grace G (w|d Feerctt) h 6. 1920 Tuscarors 
Ambrlsko Jos (MaryJ h 1676 Klamcre av 
--Joa (Lcola) elect Chryslers h 1031 Marjorie dr 
Ambrose Gladys Mrs h 603, 333 Glengarry av 

• Harold R (Marguerite) mgr LCDO *32 h 1675 Greenvlew cres 
--John (Patricia) musician h 2830 Virginia Pk av 

—Kenneth P snub r 2830 Virginia Pk av 
--Louis watchma Keystone Consm r 2384 Cadillac 
Ambrosie Geo L (Margt) sere dept Webster Motors Windsor h 1719 
Tourangesu rd 

Amhroato 3am (Palma) h 1934 University av w 
Ambroziak Walter (Wanda) b 2332 Wcstcort rd 

Amchem Products Incorporated Harlo Boils mgr metal clnrs 2224 Walker 

Amclfort Wills drvT Vet’s Cleaners (Win) re* Belle River 

Amelia Anthony (Catherine) (Amelia Importing Co)h 3879 Htllcrest blvd 

- -Barbara A tchr King Edward Sch) r 2294 Louis av 
••Doris studt r 2294 Louis ov 

- -Ellai r 3879 IttllcreM blvd 

--Harry P (Lillian) swtchmn Wabash h 3486 Rankin av 
-•Importing Co (Anthony Amelia) Importing of toys k novelties 3879 
Hillcrest blvd 

--Jos L (Adeline) h 2323 Louis av 

• -Raffaele (Edith) offr Customs k Excise h 2294 Louis av 
Amell Alice (wid Austin)h 1704 Plllettc td 

--Gerald studt r 1684 Greenvlew ere* 

Ament Mablo E (wtd John) h 2221 Windermere rd 
Araerberger Jo* emp Walker Foundry r 1440 Gladstone av 
American Dccalcomanla Co of Canada Joe A Pnednowek genl mgr 
decals 73S Prince rd 

- Floor Sanding Co (Chaa A Vargas) 1223 Weatcott rd 

--Optical Co of Cancda Lid Rot* E Woodburn mgr 220. 633 Ouellette av 


LIMITED, R W Me Bam, Plant Manager, W C Jacob* 
General Tore-man, W Raymond Hamilton Purchasing 
Agent, Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning, 

310 Ellis Avenue East, Phone 234-4353 
-•Tile Co (Louis Bcriolln k Benny Cords) 4281 Wyandotte c 
Amerlco's Barber Shop (America Sbrocca) 929 Campbell av 
Ames Elmer (Ruby) rrk drvr Cenl Motors Trim h 3038 Bruce av 
••Sharroo studt r 3038 Bnice av 

Amlcarelli Carlo C (Mana) spot wldr Chryslers h 1048 Mercer 

--Nancy emp Bloodle Cleaners r 1048 Mercer 

Amies Winifred A (wld DnnDh 433 Hanna e 

Aminzadch Mohammad studt r S04 Randolph av 

Amlin Cartage (Wm Amlin) 3360 Walker rd 

--Clarence J (Marla) tnech FUflty Dairies h 3089 California av 

--Darrell (Marie) h 3S7S Bloomfield rd 

--Eric J studt r 308*) California av 

- -Georgina tchr Sacred Heart Schl r 1092 Dougal av 

"Gcntd J (Beverly) aasmbly line wkr Chryslers h 208, 0363 Wyandotte e 

• -Gordon O (Rosemarie) lob Chryslers h 4079 Ron cl and dr w 

- Louis revg elk GCMcKcoughr 3585 Bloomfield rd 

-•Malcolm J E (Victoria) shpr Candn Mechanical Handling System h 358S 
Bloomfield rd 

- -Patk J H (Deanna) baker Hi-Ho Rest r 3510 Queen 

• Vivian Mrs h 413, 333 Glengarry av 

•Wm W (Dorothy) (Amlin Cartage)h 3169 Dougoll av 
Am and Audrc (wtd Levi) h 687 Assumption 

- -Bernice Mrs r 1743 Howard av 
--Clarence J (Deanna) tab h 3. 924 Windsor av 
-Edwd (Ruth) h 1, 963 Wyandotte c 

-•Jos (Judith) h 1107 Lillian 

Amonlte Henry (Myrtle) h 1545 Bruce av 

Aroormtno Augustine (Marlon) (Colombo Bakery Co) h 1328 Hall av 

- Eugene (Colombo Bakery Co) r 677 Marretette av 

- -Jos (Lidia) (Colombo Bakery Co) h 677 Marcntene av 
-Mary S studt r 1149 Hall av 

••Peter (Lucia) (Roman C<nstnjctIoe)h 1149 Hall av 

Amoa Jack J (Dorothy) sec Clldden Dairy Bar h 7750 Ccdarvtew 

Amschttnger Frances (wld Frank) h 7345 St Rose av 


Amsdcn Donna J cosmetician Tamhlyns Drug* h Ml Lynn 

- Edwd J r 2511 Turner rd 

--Geo E plant shpr Silvcrwoods r Ml Lynn 

--linruld (Ruth) emp Chrysler# h 2511 Turner rd 

••Leslie H (Jeanne)customs offr Dept Natl Rev h 3565 Turner rd 

--Peter LpcPOr 3565 Turner rd 

--Ruth A current Idgrkpr Tor-Dom Bunk h Ml Lynn 

- -Tboa studt r 3566 Turner rd 

Amway Products Mra Leona McIntyre distrlb home care prod 4117 Tec - 
umscb blvd e 

Amy Wm T (Margt) h 1460 Aubin rd 

Amyot Catherine (wid Aubrey) h 246 Falrvlew blvd 

--Cyril (Rose) emp Chryalcr# h >40 Campbell av 

--Gerrard (Pauline) mach opr Wrigley Steel h 3982 Kibcrdy rd 

-•John C (Barbara) studt h 1140 Giles Mvd e 

• Mary M studt r 246 Fairvicw blvd 
••Maurice jr lab Chrysler r 1153 Hickory rd 

• •Maurice j (Genevieve) spot wldr Chrysler# h 1153 Hickory rd 
--Russell emp Chryalcrs r 1153 Hickory rd 

- -Sopbir G h 863 Thompaon blvd 

Amyottc Donald C’ (Madeleine) studt It 2724 Armatroog av 

--Earl mgr Superior Acceptance r 1923 Concession rd 

Anas raids Paul (Jamna) sbpg elk Gen I Motors Trim h 1646 Arthur rd 

Anastaa Dcspcnna h 979 Dougall av 

Anastasia Dallas custom mlnry 472 PrUssier h 1332 Bruce av 

Anber Pamela Mrs h 351 Bridge av 

Auchcta Gay RN Metro Hosp h 585 University av w 

Anchor-In Gas Service Lyle F Blonde mgr ga» k oil for boats 9100 River¬ 
side dr e 

--Harbor Lul Lyle F Blonde prea. Mrs Ruth Blonde vlce-pret. Robt 
Blende sec 9100 Riverside dr 

• -Marine Service (Robt S k Lyle Blonde k Jan E Nlcoll) boats ala k aerv 

9150 Riverside dr e 

An dare Peter (Mercedc) lob Chrysler* h 547 Janette av 

• Vale la (wid Saad) r 547 Janette av 
Andary Mane studt r 391 Genevieve 

•Salway emp White laundry r 220 McKay av 
-•Tony (Mena) wldr Genl Motors h 220 McKay av 

- -You sal f S (Annie) mach opr Chrysler* b 391 Genevieve 

Andco Anthony (F.raa) editorial dept Moclcon-lfcintcr h 28. 1925 Third 
Cone css low rd 

Andersen John (Birtbc) milling mach opr Vaicnitc-Modco Ltd h 5475 
Ada toll av 

--Kurt (Doris) btehr Wm James k Son h 1133 Walker rd 

--Prebeii studt r 1133 Walker rd 

Anderson Agnes (wtd Elmore) h 919 St l.«ilt av 

--Agnes M credit elk Bartlct MocDocald It Cow h 312. 444 Park w 

--Alan studt r 974 Hall av 

- Alan K comptroller Bast Side Plating h 813, 8325 Riverside dr e 

- -Albt (Julia) punch press opr Fords h 1460 Westcott rd 

--Alex M (Marlon) eastern parts ala mgr Chryslers b 3265 Rankin av 

• Alex M (Eva) pattern mkr Detroit It 3961 Lanun cres 
--Alex S (J«* n ) metallurgist Burroughs Corp h 5651 Raymond av 

- Ansa (AmrIda) emp Win Star h 4 . 3427 Sandwich 
--Allan M studt r 2668 Randolph av 

--Allan S (Pearl) shovel opr Gordon H Puller Constn b 1615 Laing 

- - Allan T (Cora E) h 697 Rankin av 

• - Ann elk D W Jolly Co r 1481 Duffcxln pi 
--Arthur (Sandra) emp Dam Forge h 2370 Alexis rd 

-Arthur (Dorothy) emp Ccntri-Spray h I1M Rcodmcre av 
--Arthur F (Lillian) emp Kd#cy Hayes h 5. 341 Campbell av 
--Arthur P (Dorothea) prntr Detroit h 1510 Dougnll av 

• -Arvld W (Mary) pres fc gal mgr Green Giant of Canada h 352 l«ack dr 
--Audrey typist Union Gas i 73* Rottdolph av 

- -Calvin G (Mary) tchr Prince Edward Schl h 8960 St Rose av 
--Cameron D (Audrey) Internal medicine II. 1428Cfcellctte av h Ml Kil¬ 
dare rd 

-•Carl emp Chrysler# r 626 Victoria av 

• -Chas B elk County of Essex Registry Office r 1555 Dougal! av 
••Claude (Helen) emp Fords h 857 St Luke rd 

• •Cora M h 1555 Doupll av 
--Darlene *tudt r 1510 Dougall av 

-David M *dv Win Star r 510 McKay av 

- David P *rudt r 352 l**ck dr 

••Donald H (Hornet) In chgc Safety Supply Co h 3708 Myrtle av 
--Docno M light oasmblr Gonl Motors r 510 McKay av 

• •Dorothy 8 (wld Isidore) h 3933 Roseland Ur w 
--Douglas O teller Royal Bank of Can r 1657 George av 
--Earle S h 538 Church 

• Edwd h 786 Stanley 

--Edwd (Jean)assessor City Assess Dept h 2323 Turner rd 
-Edwd W (Ciovtna) sttnftr White Plumbing 6 Heating h 778 Josephine av 
••Elizth Mt* h 428 Marentctte av 
--EUxth (add Gustav) h 2. 1516Ontario 
"Elizth studt r 738 Randolph av 

--Elmer (Myrtle)gear lab McKinnon Industrie* h 3M2 Whitney av 
--Ernest r 992 Cadillac 

--Ernest A B (Kathleen)pre* If S Anderson k Sena h 2178 Victoria av 
•-Esther (wld J©a)h 6. 307 Josephine av 
--Etta (w|d Nathanael)h I, l095 Bruceav 

• - Faye S studt nurse Grace Ho»p r 4335 Casgrain dr 
-Florida (wld Oscar) hi. 390 Janette av 

• •Frank emp Chrysler# r 11M Rccdmere av 

--Frank R (Gayle)pattern mkr Walker Metal h 1622 Glendale av 

--Fred (Jessie) mecta Chrysler# h 614 California av 

••Fredk (Thelma) trk drvr Weatcrn Freight Line# ti 1227 Gladstone av 

--Gary L drvr Win Electric Co r 385 Campbell av 

--Gary L (Rickey) emp Steel Fabricators r 3708 Myrtle av 

--Geo lift trk opr Can Steamship lines r 1, 390 Janette ov 

--Geo L (Mildred) emp Chryslers h 816| Ellroac sv 

--Geo W (Ann) matnt engineer J Clark Keith Steam Plant h 738 Randolph av 
"Gcorgcna (wld Harold) h 510 McKay av 

—Cordon A (Audrey) order elk S F Lawrssan h 882 Reedmerc av 
--Grace h 1395 Windermere rd 

-•II Bruce (Edna) mgr Pr ovine la! Bark of Can h 1122 Homedsle blvd 
--H Desmond (Barbara) emp H S Anderson 6 Scan h 1478 Norman rd 


Ernest Anderson President, T Stewart Anderson 
Secretary-Treasurer, R B Anderson Vice-President, 

J A Anderson Director, Funeral Directors, 895 
Ouellette Avenue, Phone 2M-3223 (See adv Front 
Cover and Top Lines) 


- -Helen (wld Cameron) It 2042 WtlUstcsd cres 

• Hcrbt W (Helen) h 3, 474 Chilvrr nl 

--Herman (Elizth) financial sec Union of North Amcr Laborers Inti Loc 
625 h 1434 University sv w 
—Howard B r 2755 Academy dr 
--Hugh J lob Chryslers r 823 Gladstone av 

- Inns (wld llerht S) h 895 Ouellette av 

—Ivan D (Helen) plant protection suprvar Chryslers b 4335 Casgrain «lr 
--J Austin (Ethel)dir H S Anderson k Scan h 2293 Pellaalcr 

- - Jack wtr Bel Hue Tavern r 127! Riverside dr e 
—Jas h 1124 Langlois av 

• -Jos (Valeda) mnlnrma Kivrrvicw Hosp h 624 Charles 
-Jo# studt r 2052 Wlllimead cres 

—Jas C (Blanche) b 805 Elm av 

--Jas D (Linda) mach opr Fords bill, 6400 Wyandotte e 
—Jus W (Margt) li 1657 George av 

—Jas W (Beatrice) asst store mgr Labtaws h 1840 Mcldrum rd 
—Jeanette (wtd Arthur) h 1573 Norman rd 
-•Joanne nurse KJDE h 1055 Felix av 
—John (Regina) h 5. 278 Church 

- - John (Ruby) maintmn Fords h 823 Gladstone sv 

- - John jr studt r 823 Gladstone av 

—John (Marlon) suprvsr Ford Motor h 543 Wallace av 

• • John A (Samirs) trk drvr Gordon H Pullsr Cunstn h 1670 Westminster av 

- -John D (Beverley) pharm Bryson*s Big V Rutrmacy h 2650 Armstrong av 

- -John F (Julie) h 8590 Riverside dr e 

• - John J (Sally) li 1227 Central av 
-John W (Nora) h 629 Hltdcgsrde 

—John W dispatcher Thibodeau Exp h 1654 Pelletier av 
•Jos (Eileen! emp C’ondn Bridge h 992 Cadillac 
—Jos A (Jane) h 1114 Josephine av 

- -June with Win Utilities Comma - Hydro Dfv r 1714 Lincoln rd 

• Katherine P studt r 2178 Victoria av 
--Kathleen studt r 624 Charles 

• Kathryn F W studt r 3265 Rankin av 
-Kenneth C r 1341 Third Concession rd 

--Kenneth H (Charlotte) mil fhshr Grinned Co h 2339 Foreat av 

• - Kenneth R btehr Lew lioddsd IGA Mktt h 202, 147 Janette sv 

- Lawrence J (Marjorie) agrologist Harrow Research Sta h 1558 St 

Gabriel c rca 

--l.cor* Mrs h 967 Curry av 

- -M (wld W F) h 2185 Windermere rd 
—Marie b 207, 1616 Ouellette av 
--Mark studt r 1611 Rossini blvd 

—Martainc roed records Win Medical r M4 California av 

- -Mary Jane Mrs see Hiram Walker fc Sons r 2511 Clillvrr rd 
••Mlchl OiUatc) drvr Direct Winters Transp h 2259 Dmigall av 
--Mlchl (Gertrude) off elk Chryslers h 2668 Rottdolph av 

-N K Mrs Irgsl sec Chas W Donaldson. QC r 996 Victoria av 

—Olive h 107. 780 Ouellette av 

--Olive (wld Fred) h 10720 Riverside dr c 

- -Paul (Rosonarlc) chart occt Deloltte. Plcndcr. lUskina k Sells h 77J5 S 

St Rose av 

- -Philip J emp Chrysler# r 1573 Norman rd 

—Phyllis Mrs legal sec DeMarco fc Marlottl re* RR*3 Kingsville 
—R Bruce (Jesne) vtce-pres H S Anderson & Sons h 895 Ouellette av 

- - Raymond (Mary) atapr Can Engineering It 974 Hall av 

- - Raymond studt r 974 Hall av 

- - Raymond A (Eileen) emp Purity Dairies h 472 Curry av 

- Richd drvr Bulk Carriers res PUcc 
—Rlchd J r 1295 Harrison av 

- - Robt lab Chryslers r 823 Gladstone av 

••Robt pntr Ruaectl rain ting fc Dccoruting Co res Amheratburg 

- Kobe store mgr Gliddcn Co r 1052 Eastlawn blvd 

- Robt E (Anderson fc Henderson) res RR»i Belle River 
-Robt J (Armandc) vchlclemn CP F.xp h 1609 Tourangtwu rd 

- Roger C studt r 1611 Rossini blvd 

--Roger J (Elizth) ala mgr S L Awerbuck Plmbg fc Hew ting Supply h 1611 
Rossini blvd 

- -Roland G (Florence) linotype opr Win Star h 1250 Isabelle pi 
-Ronald C (Anita)pc POh 1157 Hickory rd 

- Ruthmtry E studt r 2178 Victoria av 

- -Sadie (wld Wm) h 3548 Turner rd 

- -Sophie (wld Vincent) r 979 Oak av 

--Stanley (Bernice) brmkcmn Detroit h 1714 Lincoln rd 

--T Stewart (Norma) sec-tress H S Anderson fc San* h 20S2 Wi I list end 

--Theodore A (Ellxth) phy fc surg 701. 1011 Ouellette av h 2849 Alexandra 

--Thoa «tsty engineer Dorn Forge h 1251 Hall sv 
—Tho* W (Phy111*) materiai fc prod coorr McKinnon Industrie* h 563 

--Valeric atudt r 5651 Raymond av 

- - Vincent (Diane) h 1041 DroullJard rd 

- - Vincent j atevlwkr Detroit h 979 Oak av 

- -W Pred (Kathryn) real e*t slsina Alex W Duds h 3801 Vaughan 
--Walter A (Margt)h Unit t. 66. 5150 Wyandotte e 

•Wayne studt r 2323 TUrncr rd 

• -Wm r 1586 Bruce av 
--Wm r 1128 Curry av 

- -Wm emp llnlv of Win r 3483 Peter 
--Wm reprmn McKcrllc Automotive (Win) 

- Wm B (Gladys) rrprmn Chrysler* h 1043 Frank av 

■ •Wm F (Marion) blpr Advance Floor fc Wall Covering Diatilbutor* h 
1456 Howard av 

- -Wm P (Katherine) heating scrv Walkervtilo Plumbing h 2135 Ontario 
-•Wm R tchr Paiterson Collegiate h 402. 306 Partington av 

-•& Henderson (Robe E Anderson fc Cordon L Henderson) urologist# 204. 
1011 Ouellette av 

Andcrton Leslie (Joyce) emp Amchln Co h 1387 Elm av 
Andie Dushon (Sally) lab Kimberly Homes h 10. 561 Parent av 
Andison Ccclle haekpr r 833 Windermere rd 
Andjelkovlch Mlchl (Anka) emp Chrysler# h 1037 Albert rd 
Andonian John V CVUe) tool designer Detroit h 2C71 Plllettc rd 

- -Simon (Felice) rvg layer Paul Sivadjton Co h 355 Curry av 
Andrasky Mary (wid Scdor)r 1217 Lillian 

Andre Jill nurse Grace Hoop r 3513 Peter 

- - Lucten W (Aides) diesel mech Detroit h 2208 MctXugall 
-Robt J r 2208 McDougall 

Andre’s Beauty Salon (Mrs Marla Molctin) 1015 Ottawa 

Andreas Wm J (Norma) h 4, !25fctcKayav 

Andressen Carlo (Eva)cibt mkr Fords h 7980 Wyandotte e 

And res ns Anthony (Rina) lab St Alphonsus Cemetery h 1020 Gladstone av 

• Razo (l.ois) (Vcrga Msaonry Lld)h 3519 McKay av 
Andreetto Bahila sec Dal Farra Travel Agency r 1855 Hail av 



182 PITT STREET WEST G f moramo PHONE 256-4041 - 253^7567 


Anli'cKlw John {Mary)li 1497 Elnincre nv 

--RlihbuII r 1497 lilctmtfril ov 

Andre jlcU Carol hiuiH r 1828 Cedillar 

- 'Emil A (Miry) emp Fordo h IB2S Cadillac 
AirifivJf Geo srudt r 455 Lort dr 

- -GeO ] (Dorothy) i»sp ValCTlIle-ModCO X_m fa 455 Lor| dr 

- 'Larry H siodi r -*55 Lori Jr 

Andreoltl SeraflHt firm* 1 Lab Chrysler* h 2347 Meitfira rd 
Ajuifwptmlo* John (Vaslllfel) wir Europe Hotel h Ift25 DtuuJ 1 Innl rd 
Atalrcmj Wary (wsd Serjiun) r 75ft Picric py 
-*3crjj«« (Mary) (Algoma Roofing) h 25ft IHern- av 
Andrrorrl Jehu 0fe>uu:Jilc n) emp FOfds b 126S Monmouth rd 
Andrew A Flit E (Grlsc) delivery Smith's of Wia h 1660 Mul ford cl 
--ftlalo r H7S Huron Church Line 

- - Faith itudt attic Metro Gcnl Heup x 224D Kfjdarc rd 
•!mit S (Jrae) trprfi Chryilcn h 1218 ScLte Into View blvd 

- Katherine h 202 McKay tv 
Mlrhl J r 3660 Llulfurd cl 

-Mom acct* rrvalcdept Iwl Beauty Counselor* oT Can h 1059 GUcMert 
-'Owtn M (Gear^Jlte) emp Gamin CuHjoniu h L114 Edward ftv 
-Paul (Lucille) rnech H P llryjwt Meiers h 1160 I.uij rcmlcau ov 
—ftolir 8 (Bcttyloe) phy & "iKg 5550 Wyandotte e h 241 Pesetal blvd 

- Stunrl II (Joan) emp Detroit h 3090 Pner 

And t ewe* David emp 13d of Jiduc r 2207 Flamer c iv 

- -Wm O (Rorracej with Win Ullll ties Oxnmu Hydro Die h 2307 Elomerc 

H venue 

Andrews A Frank (Vcfl) li 3699 FlWlnl nv 
—firUn D asst bottler Twin Pines Dairy r 3668 Kin# 

—Cuthlwrt W (Jem) Pf r« Bonier Cities Wire A Iron b 6739 Riverside 4r 6 
--PwwiM emp Solder CHicn Wire S Iroi h 6789 Riverside dr e 
--Onrude (wid Harry) li 1073 Moy nv 
—Ckuduo (Marie) hilerrtrtypcr W|n Star h 366? Kin# 

*-J#a W (Helen) i-Tomn Lou Itcndo Really L [n*uroHce h 1952 niletie rd 
—Jon (Usbcih) cancer Brodix. h KM ft Garden Court dr 

- -Kithira Mrt nald UMv of Win h 3470 Glrardot ir 
--JCoodh G (Dorothy) aatmblr Chrytltn h 3626 Howard ir 

--l.cvllc {Dorothy) muh opr Fords h 1769 Mvy dv 

--Murray J (Aleda) nubni rHitiaiW Ford* h 1579 Goycdu 
--paiiicui L protl lab ftikc lyiwer Product* r 531 Chippewa 
-Itklal fltudl r 1769 Moya v 

--Stanley (Hll*)drfurmu Cumin Bridgeh 1943 ViTthm av 

- -Stanley (DorolLy) aterootyprr Win Star h 306 L'cttnljorou gh 
■-Uni (Shirley) Wag leu 

■-Thoo (ShirleyJ fgm mgr Waaleo Dept Store h 1333 Mirfl*i rough 
■■Victoria M emp&ry*anda Drug r 3470 tljrinbi av 
Andrian Cefgi (L|ly) emp Detroit h 1505 Birch 
--Serge Ja (Sobrele) h 3669 Peter 

■ Sergio (Uobrilt) emp Detroll h 4008 Whitney av 
AndrlOMh ]aci* t Aradt ) carp CNR h 1.011) Pin> vU.'w ov 

■ -]ulin fltuill r 10tll ParkvlL^ av 

AtidL I l Ilu k Mike D {Unpind fUumejal cec Aawjclallon of United Uk ramtan 

Canadians h 479 May av 

Andrico Steve (|lI1i) pair Win painting h 1136 Bcrrear 
Amine G« (Maty) h 39*1 Alice 

Amine* Steven electronic* teehn Chrysler a li 642 Govrau 
Aiulrtpiuski Dorothy (wul jolti) b 17211 Ralfour h)wl 
AndroalcL Mary (w|d Wm) r 1519 Aubln rd 
And mm Cl* (Mahel)omp Peuntll tf 604, 3S0k Riverside dr o 
Mdrqaluk Alcr (Julia) entp Dum Forge h 2256 Pa rad av 
And rainy Julius (Mary) h 558 Charlotte 

Amin**result Frit A fllorjBjtrL djrvr SnUlA'i Transp h 3266 hrtwrwiJ av 
Andruv 1 .eoaard (MiIdrcdJ wprvsr Gt-til Matar■ h 1179 SUltbfw-BJilly 

--Thcadare O^eJTie) spray fwtr Metre llosp h Ullioii 
Amlnjahenkn Vlewr (Oljpi) r 2278Dougall av 

Andry Bernard (Alva) grinder llcrettlea Toai & Die h 1. 1415 Ellis av e 

- >* (Urania) h 1250 Belle Isle View bhM 
AndryiawUs Aru afudl r 2139 Dominion hlvd 

■ ■jaruslaa fWas| lina) Ikwc h mid r Clirysler ti 2139 Domkiloo bhit 
Andryitfw Ernen ante body repr MerrlCIaid"s Qislam Body Shop It 771 

CliJlver rd 

Aodrzcjul Eugcue tool 8 d|e mtr PuryilrTS b 2310 Meigfwm rd 

■ "Mary r 23:10 Lttl^uaa rd 

- -5c r xe aasrpblr Chrya Ecrs h 1834 Si Luke til 

Amly h n Caffee Soap (Andrew Devos & Iklwit IklrtowJl) 924 Dttawo 
Am^ans Jdin (ALrrja) engineer GiffCln Aestwldtcti ll 1926 Cenirnt nv 

- Pfter illudt r 192K Ceuiral av 

Atusie KiaiHio apprentlcrc Valiant Too) h DJe r 2245 Fraser av 
Angelakoa Georgia {will Win) h J243 Bruce uv 
Ang^ledla Geo (Digs) li 244 Oak av 
J -P«cr crop Top jr 244 Oak iv 

Angrli Adam (KarhaMlle) janlior Yeung Spring A Wire b 5060 E C Row av 

■ 'Unnm (Emer) 1*5 Woodall Copsm h 1753 Benjamin av 

■ Hurl an r 5060 E C Row AV 

Angrluie Vince {S^tulra) tab diryslers h 825 Marlon av 
Angvlltd Anna Mgrtpr proYlmiol Bssjtk of Can r 470 GJpdstoM av 
• Alltlumy (ReK?)mach ChryfllCJ'-'t h 470 Glad*tone nv 
Apitell Fred G (Je^ft(e) pSiubf h 2445 Buckingham dr 

■ ‘Fj- edit li emp Candn Tire r 2445 Buckingham dr 

‘ -f** (Nellie) adjualef Tuvele/a t»s Go h 2798 Mark i? 

Anjtrlo Igpace i 950 Parent av 

Asigetapctifos |>«cr (Carrie) bartender Holiday Inn h 967 Church 
Anglos Peter (D tpt)Caok Can-USA Resiaurant A Du]«pel Rnutn h 2lfl 
Elm av 

Apget Aloe (Doreen) bull drvr SWA Rlya h 016, 445 Glengarry av 
-■()« Et (Ruby) caretkr Churchwo^d Mcrropnlltiia Schl b 1613 Si Cltilr 

■ Hamid A (l.gjuj plittU pi ■ nccUnti Me glmu«ei tnd h 1063 Watson av 

■ -Haijey entp B^ltca t 618 Moy nv 

■’Ruin A (Evelyn) i|»rwtll Duyslcrt b 6® Vanler 

■ -Waller J (Valerie) (Irvr Cihdn Breweri Trtnaph 1920Anloif rd 

■ ■ Wm El (Marian) die Infer Glider Guard Mfg h 2086 Argyle cl 

- -Wm E (Ellnore) oi dryr Candn Brctrn Ttitisp b 1748 Lshsdlc rd 
Aiigj Eerf Vine car* (juMephirm) lab h 930 Lillian 

Anodic Franco (Caniiella) (Franco's llfilr Styles) h 1062 Goyeau 
Angennaiui Mflnfred (Joyce) elk Manpoo'fr R^rylccji h 630 Cjipiitil 
AjirI In DmiglitH G (Ka f her j ne) pares R Ivem Ide E' , abricatllng 8 832 Frank flv 
—&» M (Ulllan) vice -pres Rivettfidif Pahncailng h 64Q 1-aurttn rd 

- -Ridn D wide Rlvernkdr FahrlCilihg r 832 Frank 

AorMII Apjstihu (CoMaaxa) buffet Win Cmwn lOailnjc H 1277 ll*m**n av 
■Join (Sllvapa) wldr ChryMcm h 714 TbMaror* 

Aagua Alfred E (Rlin) deputy pcTMnDel dif City of Win FVra«UMrl Dep( b 
2010 OB« rd 

" ’Ann Mrs mgr Amtnaanddr Apia h 33, 1382 Ouelletie av 
-“(■(nnncii W male fKiricr Grace HoSp roei RR62 MnKlaume 
-■Gerald E ft.Urlel)itlgr Cumin Imp Hank nfCom h 1068 Frank nv 

-Grtcr (Wtd Gerald) t 1068 Propg iv 

--Hertrt J (Suranne) mach ft P Scherer h 1463 Mm wicerte av 

--fas r 627 Vlctcrk av 

--)« (Dlaoe) He hr Notre Dame Schl h 915 Si Loui» *v 
-J«to M imistra Smith's of Wm h 3. 993 FellsMer 

- -join R mccli Cantfa Rock Salt h 87ft Strabape av 

- -Jobti R {SiRvone) sujuvsr Detroit ft 1250 FalndewbM 

- -Kenacth tchr Edith Cavtll £r Dihllc SehJ r 33. 1382 Duellma av 
--Larry stiMlt r 1856 Aufaia rd 

- Lavrrcnce F (Edna) mnlntmn Wm Derrolt Tunnel b 1656 Aubth rd 

- -Lillian (Wtd Herb!) r 2CI|0DE(ve rd 

- -Lynne etutli r 1856 Auh|n rd 

--Mdctilm M elk Bank of Mutu r 1232 Argyle rd 

--Murdoch A (Pamela | iuprvar Win Dept of ftev It 311 h S7R7 Riverside 
drive e 

- Ricbd U {Httrtci*) jcit Detroit h 1ZS7 Matthew.Brady hlvd 

- ‘Rob* 0anlc)cmp Cu-nam* 4 Eaciarh 1232 Argyle tiJ 

■ SJjjrun E smelt r 311 H BT*7 Rivertddc df e 

- - Wm ft (Dionne) ansi mgr Vie Taimy's Gym h Health Chib h 881 Lytn 
Aalmrn Clftrunce (Vena*}mccb Tuanel Mntora h 1302 Anbbi rd 

- -Wilfred (Delarcua) cnip ChrynlerH r 2639 Lloyd George blvd 
Animal GLltne uf Riverside (Joseph S Swanson) 7636 Wyandotte e 
Aaker Catii Register Ltd sales 4 service 414 Tecum sch |dvd c 
Anklcwlch Mklsl apprentice tool A die White Eagle Tool and Die r 1 16 

South Pacific av 
Aafeolkfcl Mario r 1114 UllUh 

Ain^a bcAUiy Shop (Mrs Ann k Stew DoakoshV 1247 Wysndotre e 
Mali StyUng Shi4k> (Mm Anna GrUhit) 571 Lioeoln fd 
AMinti Harry Jr firndt r 435 Detroit 
■’Horry M (1)6) emp Dutcoll h 436 Detrud 

- RkJid ttudl r 436 Detroit 

Aniund Lynne M stmeg LlElow Lid h 907, 8885 ftlVeralde dr e 

■ Lynne Airs sec Lilitw Lid t BBSS HJrttilde dr c 
Anocn Automotive Service (Harry WlUkm*) 855 Walker rd 

- Eugene (Christina) h 3319 Curry a*- 

Aaonh Rto* Grocery (Gtudoe E Antieti) 4tD Dougall av 
Auntt Cha* L (Anten) h 2575 George av 

■ ‘Chau L torrmn thiplaie re* RE *3 Kingsville 

■ ■ Edjtnr L (Dorfa) emp Ford* b 207 Me Ewan av 
■ Ethel h 'A 1286 Elmnerc av 

- Goyle tchr EU ol Educ ti 3072 Avo«d*lc ct 

■ Gordon E (Ellrtii) (Afloetl Bro* Grocery) h 1086 Brock 

- Gregory r 1085 Brock 

- Kenneth K adjuster Burroughs Adding Mach me r 207 Me Ewan av 

- RoU G (HarJene) h 4SO Ratukilph av 

- Velma nee Mirnm Walkera h 216. 1616 Oueilclle av 
Annette Apta 805 AsEumptlim 

Annie 'n Dairy Bar (Michl Cruchnuwtiky) Elptil luadbcn 2135 Tecitfttach 
hlvil w 

Annin Bruce r 1475 Hutda Llmrdi Line 
Anno a Mary (wid Sieve) r 1026 Ijmgldig av 

Annyhcbya Iwan wldra hlpr Win Tool 6 Dte fi 87} Grand Marais rd w 
Aouita Hatmd (Mary) too) denlgnrr G M Trim t 1961 George av 

- -Soil i lelier Royal Ban! r L 16 E4 Ontario 

—Unto (E^alna) emp S K D Mfg G? Lid h L 1614 Distarm 
Ai sii’ll Fr ank W (Ailcro) h 1311 Daugall av 
Analcy RunSell (Nnncy) wudl h 853 Bsdras pt 
AnMm Curl A (WJantfrLd) niadi a pr Fords Ji 365S King 
—Geo alwnti C M fticrson Go Ltd res KingsvlUr 

An stead Alec {] qhe|*i iue) chef University uf Windsor h 4245 Mount £tn*j 

-■ ■Bridget {wld Stephen) h 1425 Lincoln rd 
Amdt Marcel ] (Blinctu ) Imp Ford* h 2471 Valebrook 
Antal Jennie (w Id Paul) h 1665 ft Uik rd 
-Jidin lab Natl Radiator t 1342 Hall av 

- John lab AlftU Specialties r 2216 Woodlawn aV 
--Julia (wld Johfl) li 1S41 Maietitettu nv 
--Marie elk IX'trolt r 1666 Si l^uke rd 

Amoy a Alvin J (Agnes) insp Fdrda h 10658 Tecum arti blvd c 

- Cwih. hsekpr r 711 McEvraa av 

■•Donald mold fnsftr apfirentlcc} P j hlatd IToeepaara Ltd r 559 

’■Doreihy Mrs tchr St Charles Separate School rea Rtirer Canard 

■ Gen G jHiprvar Ford Motor h 991 Belle inle View hlvd 

■ ■Henry G Jrvr Fdfdti h 3246 Dandurand blvd 
■’Lcota Mrs b 110, 444 Pflffe W 

’ Peter G ^liirlcy) prut St HulrcrUa School h 369fl McKay aV 

- - Kune r 2656 Riverside dr V 

-Theodore J maeh opar Flag Eire Equlpmt-nl res ftlt * I St Jnachla 
An ten cu sal Luigi (Lorralnr) Ifeb Fords h 1142 Marentette av 
Antcsucc I Fredfe studa r ^5 EUkrti e 

- Nicola (Addina) latQuyalerB h 535 EUlott e 
Anthony Hit Old M (May) h 977 Fein av 

-Melvin (Juan) TCC olfr Doit b 915 Ffetfc av 
--T Paul (Gall) taspCenl Motors h 3756 Reawooirt *v 

■ -Than (Angela) cattle buyer b Si88 Wyandotte « 

AjiGnmyS Food Market (Anihuny Li , narduji*«) 1690 Patent aV 
AniUlf It.iymojid (MelItU) h 2341 Alois rd 

Aimqnf jew cilery Ltd Mrs Dlaha Hoffman prea 429 Oucllene av 
.Vatftpta (Hi'rbt Eaten) 1252 Gwllene av 
Am olJc Ivon {Angela) h HU I CldIJlic 

Aolclov John (Annie) ajwmblr Chryslent h 1768 DriMllUrd rd 
■’Slrte ottidt r iTAS DroullUrd rd 

Anton Jolin P (Wend?) idanin Union GaS b 3995 Rood and dr w 

AnianaGon Anm- r 1231 Gladatunc ov 

All tope Duimld (Pirtricla) elect Plmd least b 457 Karl p] 

AftTOfiel Annuilo (Dnoln) lab Arrcml Bros Conatn li 1069 Loulfl av 
Am < nu-IL- Paul (RHa) emp Lor tug Constn fa 1018 Curry av 
Anroaelll America (Gina) rtnp Detroit b 719 Church 
-Anti™Jo lab Scefan Contr Ud r I01B Curry « 

- ■Car) «nnh r 719 Qiurch 
Antonelld Al« (Anna) h 383 FoCh »v 

- Amelin friary) emp Rfuce De SotUi h 908 Wtadermrre td 

- Rena with Win UtillUcA Ctatitnn ■ Hydro Div t 383 FOch av 
Ajunrii’m: Carol dnijfe clfe VUKDUnt Motor Hotel r 1140 Dot av 

-PtlCT (Katherine) whaemn UnlttH Gaa Co h H40 Dot av 
Ro*r (w ftl John) h 1591 Wodeott rd 
AuiunMii G Lane arid wldr Teal Power Eraten h 1077 Cadillac 
Arumuo Frier (He^ep) irk drvr City Of Windsor h 1134 Glidden av 
Antnnluk Reran hjU el (Waiy) crtJcr North* ood PuhLc School h 3565 
OoupU av 

- -Sami (Natal M) h 4731 Water 

Antonlw Wacyl (Evs) crane Apt Kei^oy Wbetd h7B3 llkldegofde 
-Wm IK Ukraittian Hmne t 783 Hlldegaxde 
Antiwucel TidSo (Malqldi) tap F R fat dry 6 Son Conire li 982 Bridge nv 

Antonyk Riehd amdt r 279? Wcntnimuter blvd 
--Walter (Sandra) with Eftmdla Roll par r 2797 WctEmliurter blvd 
--Wm (Carolyn) mUnieaaaca S W 6 A Bua b 2797 Wearmtasier blvd 
Antashchuk Jam (Carol} r 300ft Avondale Ct 
Antuato Henry ^nphta) nchma WetmeT Motor * wtadaot h 1914 
JeGeraCn hlvd 

--Uariholl vfudt r 1914 Jefferaoq hlvd 

Anlovii L Javan emp Candn ftridj^- r 1457 Giadsiotsr av 

Antundnic IVt*r improver Kapco Tool 6 Die r 333 C*IOO *Y 

Antunea jo* emp Canadian Bridge to* Horror 

--Luis mirh mldr Standard Endue Hoe Castings rea Rurrcsv 

Anver bdwd emp Detroit h 980 Parent av 

AdmUti Victor (Marla) die leader Win Tool 6 Die h 2875 Bynp rd 
ApaaaateWkk MlfeolaJ emp Gandn Bridge rea RR • 1 Maldaione 
Apedide Leonard G (Irene) off mgr Purity Dairy h 245 St Louis *v 
A pel Erich 11 (Elfrtecta) beklyr hlpr EaKem Coovcp Ltd h 3548 Sandwich 
Apolloni Ancotuo (D«uu) lob WoolUcr Cooecn h 933 HareftlflTe av 

- -Lnlgl lob WuolJan Coosn r 933 Alii mien c 

Apolo My rna nurao Hotel Din HoapIMl r 1206. Ill River aide dr c 
A postal Geo (Florenoo) suptWIndaur Court h 116, 1616 Ouellette *v 
Apostolic air lotion Church Rev Mich del Langcnek run I mi er 1195 LlUtaB 
Aposiotos Kouloa (Alpina) lab Kuhen Bo* Co (Canadj) Ltd h M39 Qtothnm 

Appel Ben] (Rose) (Appel Brua) b 354 Patricia rd 

- -Edwd (Romo) adjuster BUfrOutfio Mach Ltd h 117 ft Dak IV 

- -Esther r 354 fitr tcu rd 

-Leah M Mrs arc Hiram Walker* r 224 Sunaet av 

- -Michl R atudt r 224 Suntfet ov 

- -Rose S h 319 Giles blvd w 

- -Ruth A emp Detruit r I l?B Oafe ov 

Appell Hclmul (Mary) wldr ILim-C Side Stamping h 2363 Francois rd 
Applchoum Abraham A (Esther) mgr NcOsal'p Dept Siorr h 255 Hall av 
-Berths (WM) Olio) h 1081 VllLurr ov 

- -Faye «udt r 135 Hall *v 

- -Si epftrtj amdt r 255 hall av 

Appleby Oanl F aerv ropS C M Canada Ltd 

■ -Ethel r Slid-582 Devonshire rd 

■ -John A (Elotao) Ola rep Campbell Soup Co h 2732 Armutrong mV 

- John f| (Autlry) elk Fouls h 211 juacj^lnr ov 

■ -Sydney (Jeanie) b 2318 Oiarl 
Appleton Fred J r 9S7 Glldden Hr 
Applryard Anna Mrs b 5, 547 FartLngloa Hr 

-Donald (Ruth) alomn Purity Dolrtra h 1703 Benjamin ** 

- -Donald J (Margarita} mcCft cnglnrer QirysJet s h 360 faaefe df 
--Fredit A prea BrliJah Mof«rcyClea I Cars Lldfi 1437 Turner rd 
--jack C (MarjorEc) b 1571 Toujaiigt-au rd 

--Louiae f 1475 Kurin Church Line 
-Mary (Wid Wm) li nso Fellasler 

--Re^ (Gail) esnveyor bldr C H McGinnis h 1311 Ctnlral «v* 

- -ftegd otudl t 1571 Toiurangrau rd 

--ReRd K rtfemn Brtnsls MoturcyClea 5 Cuo Ltd h 8, 1292 Parmi av 

- -Regd J (Jeah) dir A vke-pdrea WaEwyti. Stodged 4 Co Ltd h 263 E*« 

Lawn hlvdi 

--Rot* A (Faerie it) apprentice mech Briai^i Motor eve le* ( Cara Ltdb 
1723 Ford fak'd 

■ ’Tho* (Shirley) rtnp Parkview Motor* b 452 St Ptui (V 

■ -WiLfretl mcrrhondiopr Ibirlty Dairies b 1703 Baojimln av 

-Wm F (Mary L) mech Sr It 1 1 * Motomydlen 6 Coro Ltd h 5066 FiaadtaU 

ApplJ Fnri (Mnrgt) bond-sow opt Win Tool & Dm r 8H3 Ptllmc 
Api^iaiK e Porta of Canada Roland Dtm ers mgr 4776 Wyandotte e 
ApfzdtOtii Gabritil lob Qiryalcro h 1034 Goyeou 

- JohQ (It me) LqJj WooHatl OpcvoCft Co r 1034 Goyca* 

April finuio empGreot Lake* purging-* r 12317 Mo rand 
--Norman (FropcotM) miner McNally h 2+0 Wyondotlc e 
Aptdr ja« emp Wtadsnr MaEch Plait t Tool Ltd 

Adtaa Anlhonv (Amor Inn) labCudom (femes h 184(1 Buc k Ingham rd 
A:pm Goo 1) (llermina) ebip Qirysiors h E032 Jan take dr 
Aquilina Frank C (Ct) Wo) lab Pahricttcd Slm-I (Tbd h 1164 Aeiui ov 
Atjtino Aldu (Maria) (Glno 1 * Pixaerla) h 1722 Wcmmtnawr *v 
--Egidlo t 1278 Frafiecri* rd 

--Frank (Rarrliu) emp KalJonal Auto Radiator h 1778 Fi*bcois rd 
--Gh» (Glno'a Pirtcrla) r 1778 Francois rd 
--GtUVanlil ajndet Sam's &>2y Stwpr 1840 friefelngkom rd 
--John bodymn M*ree1 T B Body Shop r )778 Franco it rd 

- LtUm (AKutUta) emp CartiEn Bridge h )7 IS Olive rd 
--Tony (Atiiiu) (Romn Piasrerla) li 2 830 WestintnMet blvd 
Aqw* Donald J (Dorodiy) lab Chtyiflern h IF73 Droulltard rd 
-■Jos rparmn Guryslrtm h 1037 Droulllard rd 

Arobskl joe (Mary) rtnp Folds h 7755 Cedorvic* 

Arobsky Fred (Juliette) emp Qtryslcrt h 921 Vtr.l\u&aa ov 
Aradcu Majiagemtatt Ltd Steve Bolus pttta attiooratlvs BtampOigs +52 

Ax^»SlfiSii c regd taJfsc Hotel Dim* r 969 Ouellette av 

- -Seropiu V «r drftSmn Sinilh. Hinchmm A Grylla A^ecmlcs r SS7 

Crmviord, av 

Axarno Gaiirbl (Savcta) li 2150 tit liver rd 

Amtdji’lilddi Djur-adj brewery wkr Carling Brewerle* f $64 Janette 
AlaVamudn V ftoymo meld improver InlemlI oim t Toot■ li 6. 137 Bruce 
At At Rugs (Rfuben t Auk in Vahradiaa) 914 Erie e 
Arbal Ann fwld jack) h 3187 felelbourne rd 
Arbihg Wm (Lyon) p c PelUce Def* r 164 Rimkin *v 
Attolcrja Cietutalo (PiLir) cool 6 die mfer Uni Tool h 935 jo«!j*me ov 
Arbolcyp Aurelie (Dolores) tndry wkr Fords h 5, 977 DrouUlaJfd fd 
-Aurelia (Marla) tool nikr Ifttl Tool h 2. 977 Draiilliard rd 
-Gomxolo Indie band bllernotltata) TooIe r 977 Droulllard rd 
Arbour Arthur (Jiinu) elect Rltacn Products Ltd h 3512 Howard uv 
■-EJ pLun mgr Windosr ■T«WiiMdi Joint Water Work* Board ran 
Tecum set} 

- - Edmond (NdrmaJ Ub D'Wwc Goostn r 776 Uo tarTaicy a* e 

- Francis S (Mary) (Arbour ft Wclltagtcn) h 877 Victoria ov 

- -Gregory sludt r 877 Victoria av 

-Letulir (Alma) ar wretiacnm Imp Oil h 1668 Kigilimd av 

- -Marcel (Dinkier) emp WAC Siding h 1943 T*CUin««h blvd w 
--Stella (urld Slanley) r 877 Vlaotla ov 

—Hi 9 ) ilanin EtpilLabh 1 I.Uri In* r 87? Victoria av 

6 WelJtatfofl (Francis S ArlKOiC Si Howard C Wt-lltagtUn) public acct* 
1007, 374 OuellrdS av 

Artauckle Cecil (AgaCS) custom* excise ofXr Nall JlrttMir h 4265 
Cosgrakn dr 

--Joi (Ldulsc) IddfS* Clair College h 2279 Lillun 
—Fatfli loh-ekpr r a IS Hall 

Area Gloria regd nurse Grace Hoip T $85 Univeralty *V * 

Arcade fatrber Shop (Anltallo Rbjml, Peter Blnrk 6 R Bniee Tbamsnn) 
1372 Wyandotte g 

Alplubrtiul White Page 7 





--Bowling Alley (Mrn jiulLi Htmlak) 5259 Tocumseii blvd e 
■■Hardware {Gilbert E Hick*) 451 Shepherd w 
--House (Paul 11 Wetzel) hotel 1533 Wyandotte c 

!*resfl Ltd W GLyn Rogac goil mgr printers & IttiiosrupticrB 
565 Chatham c 

Areaiid Jerry Mb Kelsey-Hayes h If 3825 Trenton 
--Liactle Mrs fo 1024 DrouiUard rd 
-Paul kb KjB2iey , ^Hayea h 1 , 2925 Trenton 

- Ronald (Edna) press opr Kelsey -Efaycs h 2, 1129 Howard jv 
--T ed lab Fabricated Sice! h J, 2925 Trenton 

Arehamlmuk Derwjn a aec-tren* General Riggers A Erector* o( Caned? 
Ltd res Detroit 

- -Kffletir C (Defld,) fiponc j.i l aoeJy*r Ford# b 254? Ida rd 
Archambtatilt Lavt-roA atfc Stalfcam -Pope Ltd r jQfl Giles blvd e 
--Louis F (Mary) medi Detroit h 2922 Rost-Loud dr w 

- -Rdbt 4pBtm.trlti( 77? j WyofidOlte e b L. 209Gilert fotvd c 

■ -Sandra G research ur Det roit r J922 Rosoland dr w 
Arch dekin Stanley G (Rose) Ecjtr h 733 Rankin #v 

Archer Alex {Ella) custom 0 oflr Dept of Mat! Revenue li 12+5 Wmilsar a v 

- -Allreds (Wid Marshall) h 468 Wlfeketa 

--Frank J (Riylllii) emp Hiram Walker h 2145 Wellesley nV 

■ -Gaylord E with Wtn [JtlliUes Commfl - Hydra Div fo 2-56 Sterling eras 

- -J Gordnn (Joan) cost gcct, Ford Motor h 3492 llwurtl nV 

- - John 0ean) prntr Wlnd-tfar Dally Star fo 195? Lincoln rd 

--Kenneth □ (Mary) shipping & receiving Windsor Industrial Supplies fl 
Pj rt s Ltd li ,5) 17 Crhsd 

■ -5Will 5 (Eluie> elect engineer Ford# b 931 Jonlsse dr 

Archibald: Aibr R (Mary) wtr Windsor Raceway li B 12. 1154 Ouellette uv 

- -Andrew (Helm) h 256? George nv 

■ -Berry elk Malette Ffcarmacy r 969 Estlriis pi 
--Esther G Mrs r 3295Rankin av 

--F Emerson li 3769 Vatican 
--Fay Mrs It 1979 Aubla rd- 

"Henry R (Evelyn) jo&lror Clmwood Public School fo 3277 Rockwell av 
--Kcnoeth II (Elizth) computer fedtn Remington Rand h 969 Eadratf pi 

- -Malvina Mrs bHekpr fo 423 Grove uv 

■ Rmfod h S30 Janette av 

--Shirley tchr Holy RPsary Sell! r 423 Grove nv 
-‘Wm Hie underwriter London Life res RR *2 Windsor 
Archie's Shoes fl Mtu'i and Boys Wear (Archie Hem rend) 1345 
Tccumiti* blvd e 

Areas Fredk (Purification) metal pattern mkr Fords h 2644 Byntl rd 

- -Montserrat r 2649 Byng rd 

Ard Marla Mr a (Shamrock Beauty Ehappe) r 736 Farrington av 
Ardjui Steve r 11 li Pierre av 
A rdvlcan Anns (wld GoC) h H160 GkloS blvd < 

Ard tin in CpqJ (Jessie) metal fo-hr Cadillac Product!! h 3540 Do min ion 

Arden Build-log 1590 Ouellette ev 
Ardci ti Annie («v Id Allen) Ji 3509 Peter 

Ard tel Jet? R (Ruth) life underwriter London Life h 419? Riverside dr e 
--Susan set Detroit r 4197 Riverside dr e 

- -Wtn S (Margt) genl mgr H D Bryant Motors h 223 Shore Haven Wynd 
Ardley Mary Jane emp G M Trim r 2696 CiumMCea'a blvd 

■ -Robt inach Fords r 3335 Coomtuflfit rd 

- -Wm F {Marjorie) carp Fords h 3935 Connaught rd 
ArdoiUot RaffelJc (TomaUla) lab Chryttlers h 1&3I Marion av 
Ardron Alice (wLu Irving h 104(1 St Louis av 

Ardulno Sorje lab Oiryclers r 592 Elsmete av 
Afel OrvlUe Pells) lehr fleUe River r tSDK Chllver rd 
Arena Auto Parts (Jack Bordoll) 295 Wyandotte c 

Arend Wculey G (Mlanie) with Win UtilltR's Commn ■ Hydro Div h 1930 
Oneida Ct 

ArfLcro Cipro (Qnuiu) brklyr h 1211 Lincoln rd 
--Giuseppe (MLrella) wide )try#[e«e Copntn h 3, 590 Erie t 
Argent Arthur (Maude) ertkr Lynn Bldg h 4, 533 Partington av 

- -Rot4 D (Pauline) irk drvr T L BeU. t> Son rea RR * l Teeumm4i 

- - Walter (Jean A) ertkr Board of Education h L133 Wigte av 
--W 01 j (DoroOLy) (Audi? Sound) h 2315 Fraser av 

Arglr* Petra (Tlier us 4) Jan dor 5ep SrhMl 6d b 1174 Coventry ct 
Argo Cleaners (Lome L White) 2S70 HtwunE av 
Argon Apt» 495 Dmigall aV 
Argua Duildlng 530 Ouellette av 


ITD, John Forrest, President, l+en McGeough Vice- 
President, Security At Invesilgatton. Services, Argus 
Be tiding - 130 QuuiteLto Avenue, Phone 253-6331 

- -Securliy Alarms Ltd fl tJuhMUi Stcwsrt r«p basement B30 CXlrllcttc av 
--A^s 65? - 6?3 Argyle rd 

Aelafl Tnttl pbsrmsclrt Hotel Dleu h 1069 Ouellette av 
Arlgan Kathleen it 451 Karl pi 
May Mrs h 1770 Aubln rd 

- -Robt Ctum) e(»|> Chry Biers b 1S76 Spring Garden rd 
Arintzis Jo|in bar boy Elmwood Caelno r 733 Pel las ht 
A rl£s John F (Grace) crane opr Fords h 715 Furtbigion av 
ArlHIcvf DlmEtrl (Alexendra) lab Qiryslers b 964 Chatham v 
Arkacy Kenneth H (Dorothy) trim engineering General Motors Trim h 

3690 Askia av 

ArkweD Deny typUtt Porda I 1509 Bruce av 

- - Emma (w Id J nHh 1509 Biuce av 

- -Mpvin taundreisa Hotel Dim r 1509 Brace- av 
Arlem Qias L (Anna) h 144S Fleerd? av 

- Nurlwrl F (Doris) h 1747 Langlols av 
ArllnRt™ Motel (Mrs Mary Befogs})) 993 Erie r 

ArlOtt Dons M Mrs lab H train Walker a r E. 391} Glengarry *¥ 

Armateo Oomofltc (Angels) h 304., 333 Glengarry av 
--Jos (Anna) Janitor Sep School BJ h HSO Coventry et 

- ‘Jon F (Anna) fnaCh Oftf Wrfgtcy Steel Ji 1B26 Windsor av 
Armaly David (Margt) (Armaty G«*n 3 Supply) h 2997 Donnelly 
-Gtwji A Supply (David Armaly) graduation L eoDlirmatloo gown tnbl 

aervLec 2997 Donnelly 

--Jos (Helen) stknm Chrysler a h KH35 Clslrview nv 
Armadd'u Career Sales (Geuevlcve Morand) beauty parlor 144(1 
T ecu math fotvd e 

--Plaza (Armond Gerardi) restaurant 3210 Walker rd 
Armando's Barber Shop (Armando Lcnlsa) 321 Pitt e J*n t (Irena) defligncr Jobrtafti-McWhinnie Arehllecta h 3694 
ASkui av 

■ -Maris L studt r ^694 Asktn av 

- ■Paulltifl Mrs r 3694 Aakih av 

Armbrust Geo H (Mflrjorie) tchr Cordon McGregor School h 2472 
Windermere rd 


Armbrastec Adam omp Qiryalvr# r 1?35 Byng rd 
Geo {riielJn) p c Pol icg Dept l( 3932 Birch 

- -G™ F (Birbaro) emp Dom Forge Co h 1?35 flyng fd 

Arme Transport Armond 11 Adam pres, Mrs Beatrice Adam stc- 
tteas. Five- E Ritter dir 3401 DovgaEl av 
ArmoSUod Mymln (Doirls) flbe Travel Shop) h 1049 fleile lalo View blvd 

- ■ I ssl e (FTiy 11 is) (Lund' a Luggti ge) li 3200 Dandufand blvd 
Armen Iho PranceuM (Antonia) r 449 GJadatono fl v 
Armcs Allan (Anne) emp Detroit h 520 Dak av 

--Donald L (61arkite) furemn Union Gas Cob -TfiJUi Avon dr 
Annin Alex tool room Bcndix Eclipse r 1629 Moy av 
Arm It Stanley H {Tlieresii) In# sgt Detroit b 1669 S( Gabriel cres 
Arm luge Albt (Afpitis) h 3236 Byng rd 
-Hollis G (Roth) Vtnp Ford# fo UW Elm «v 
Jean bursie #tudt Metropolitan Gctil Hospitat r 2263 Chliver rd 
--Raih ukfit Checker Cab t 1190 Elm av 

■ -Wns C (Dorothy ) lab Chryfllurs h 3529 Wells 

Armor Products (RalNECU K McCund) all tyimg ot palntfl (rear) 2b|| 
Howard av 

Armour Harold (Bin u) with Win Utilities Gomnlu Hydro Div fo 905 
Deuce av 

--Hcleti ctudt r 905 Bruce av 

--IrrigflUdb (R#lffo E Armour) laws IcrigatlMi 1011 Monoid 
R.tlfb E (Carol) (Armour Irrigation) h 1021 Morand 
Armouries 37 University nv e 

Arinfsp Eric E (Marie A) mgr Westmj^ouse A p pi Lance Service li 2254 
Huron Line 

■Hop W&rku Ltd Mr# Mildred Rajnm pres, Freti V Thomas vlco-preu fc 
steel fabricaiors I55B Howard aV plain 1576 Howard jv 
A rmstrong AWred) (Melvy) #iprvsr (nbrlcailon Fabricated Steol Prod 
h 1, 9756 Wyandotte e 

- 'Alice M (w Id Hu ston) r 3747 Walker rd 
--Audrey hsckpr r 515 Wallace uv 

■Barbara E &ec r 1025 Campbell uv 

--Bentrlce (wldCslvtn) ftnldy MSrris Funeral Home F l?94 Kildare rd 


(Edith) Consulting Engineer and Surveyor, Room 317 
Sartlet Dull ding, ?6 Univcr&lLy Avenue WeeL, phone 
253-631J h 6213 Riverside Drive Earn, Phope fl4S-3^4 

--CG Russell (GG Rlisdiell C. C Maurice Armuirang lEOLa Fbotalnc) 
Land eurvttyors 317, 76 University av w 
• -CG Russell Associates Ltd C G RnstJOll Arnintrni»g pros, Edwd C 
Fontaine v)efprtSn C Maurice Armatrons soc t Harry 
Grunwell Ireas consul ting engineers 317. 76 University av w 


(Joyce) Consulting Engineer unci (foirveyor, Room 
Bar (let Btiilding, T& UbLvurally Avenue Went, Phone 
253-flan, h 24& Th&tnpdOiii HLvc^, Phone 945-4511 

■ -CarLorn It I10S Asstunydon 

- -Carlyle H mason h 374? Walker rd 
-■CaUn-tlne e $4,5 Califoralji av 

5 -Clifford R trkr Qtry slers r 4&2 TIiompGtm blvd 

- -David 5 emp Candn Bridge r 5761 Tecupipth foh'd C 

■ -David W (Barbara) elk Chiy tiers h 3696 Rankin .iv 

- -Donald retail sis Silvcrwood'S res RR 9 2 South WwKlstct 
-'Dooalil (Barbara) sKiim DdmoM Alumluiun Lid r 747 Kildare rd 

- -Deoald L W (Mabel) assmbH Chrystcrs h 3742 Matdicttc rd 
--DOugias L (Phyllis) mech cdgloctr Detroit h 3315 5t Patricks dr 
--Rtwilafl M flleeti) drvr Home JulCO h (rear) 940 Howard iv 

■ -Dwalne M fiJuppusg oik L K Metal Frodbcts Co Ltd h 1764 Kildare rd 

- -E Madge b 2D, 673 Argyle rd 

■ - Edith fwtd Ftifwiek R) r 43J7 Riverside dr e 

- - Edmund P (Sybil) h 1, 6B5 University ov w 

■ - F lleer li Mru rtltdt Cartier Pairking LM b 3626 Riberdy rd 

■ -Floor Service Co (Wm D Arm strong) door sending It (ini Song & floor 

coverings 1025 Campbell aV 

- 'Freda sj h 1093 Fellfisier 

- -Frank R (Gladys) nert B als mgr Lake Erie Coal Go Ltd h 3202 BlIAa 


■ -Fredk G forestry Dept of Parka A Recreation r 1429 Benjamin av 
--Gladys hvidjao) b 230E Cabana Row 

■ “Gordoft j (Jerry) dtfli mgr Superiesi Petroleum Corp Lid h 142 S 

benjamin av 

- -H Lloyd (Doriti) ■UtcmoilVe product oogmut-r Ford Motor h 36R.5 

Randolph av 

- -HiiroEd drVr Adam'S Can ago |,j(l rea RR * L St JoflCbiW 

- -Haze) H (wld Golden) r 3747 111 lie rest blvd 

- -Henry W (Jessie) h 2262 DongaII tv 

- -HWnrd (Shirley) (Rapid Car Wash) h 907 jamsse dr 

- -Ida (WLd Gilbert) r 1769 Mey av 

- -Ivan M h 345 Califomiti av 
-'Istollh 4i0 Pine 

"Jas (Margt) UaLSCD ufficer lute mat!OnaJ Tool;! h 20B Hull nv 

- ->i 1 c E*0 

"Jas A (Yvonne) foremn CtnmlngfLam 1 S Metal la 3260 Virginia Park av 
--Jan A (Vnlorle) prar Gunraniee Gleaners h 2100 Vcrcheroa av 

- -Jib G studt r 3260 Virginia Park a \ 

* “Janet r 1149 Wiglc av 

- -Jean sec St Leonard's House h 5761 Tocumaeh rd t 
--Joan r 2360Church 

■■Joan typist Lover, Butt, Brickcr & RomanO r 9}U Villnlreav 
--Jo-An* stenog London Life r l t49 Wlglu »v 

- -JudhJi ace Standard LK< Atiaurnnec Co r 1149 Wiglc av 

■ - Katherine cock St Leonard's House r 391 Chatham e 

- - Kenneth (toyce) luileral dir D E Morns Funeral Service h 3294 


■ -LflWFestce OJcrothy) b 1463 L^bndle rd 
--Lawrtncc E (Margt) fo 1319 Lincoln rd 

■ - Linds U rerejklonlat Mfrs Life Ins r 1 , 756 WlotEsor jv 

■ 'Margt (wid Gtso) b 2260 Church 

--Margt typist Kcystaou Constn r E44B Elsmcre av 
-■Marjorie M Tnafog opr jotm Wyotb £ Bco h 3534 Peter 
--Martha fi 929 Lawrence pd 

- -Myras r 3762 Sfoatcalm 
--Paul aruefc r 549 Riverside dr w 

- - Peter (Mary) fo 7 Lz Randolpti av 

- l R lad (Dorothy) scot Bcndu -Eellpae h 13(0 Virginia av 
--R J (Iibca) mgr Town House Apts b 1C. 12 L0 Dougall 
--Regd (Eileen) tool A die mler Detroit fo 540 Aholnlncdx 
' -fllchdT apprttfitice Croetont Tool & Die r 5*9 Riverside dr w 


PHONE 254-8809 


■■ Ro|a D (Olive) plant protect Lon Ghxyuiera h 2370 Turin-r rd 
--Robt J amdl r 549 Riverside dr w 

■ - Rob* W 1c FO r 549 Riverside dr w 

- -Rogers G W (Margi) h 3782 Mootcnlm 

- -Roy (5hoTOn) appreotloe )wlr Turmallne Ltd h I0A9 Wellington av 
”S aml (Kadierlno) emp Ch ryulefn fi 1066 Wlgle av 

--Sharon tchr J E Bcnnon ScM r 33IS St Patrick'R dr 
-Stlrlcy spade r 1439 Benjamin a¥ 

• -T Eraeat (Jane M) dcnOat 1, S$3 parrlngton av h 205 RundnljJt Jil 
Wallace lab Kovin^ky 4 Sons r 1095 Highland av 
--Wayne r 1149 Wiglc av 

•Whitney (ktAriv E) rprmn atryalorsh 2304 Forest av 
--Wm lab Vlelqrla Memorial AS3n Ltd tea Easear 
--Win A (Martha)Ji 1910 Bethlehem rd 

--Wm A (Edith) immiprailOn olff Dept OT Manpower £ Inna b IL49 Wiglc 

Win A (Faith) tool I die mkr Kerculca Tool fl Dleh 116$ Huinedale 

- Wm D (Dorothy) (Armstrong RoorEervtee Co) h 1025 Ctou|6t!l av 
Win j (Rdythe) inurfie teleprinter Opr C N Tel It 549 Riverside dr w 

--Wm K (Blaoclte) auprvar Qiryslora h 1448 Rlnmerc av 
Army. Havy fl Air Faroe Veterans Club (Unit 30) Job Howe pres. Hush 
Mayne 1st vlcf-pres, Joek Trotter 2nd Vtce-prua, Wnt Ruasell 
9eC, Wm MartLo tress 1014 Tccuinsejf blvd e 
Arnuisi'SL Jtfon (RagHheldur) (Dulted Appliance 5 ltv lee) h 5Q9 Grove av 
Arntlt Kurt W (Hlldegard) tonl 4 die mkr CJtryfllor.'f h 42?2 Mount Royal dr 

- Fainter l,4tJbrutorica Of Canada Lid Victor B GhUdertiuao pres antO’ 

motive cltcmlLuls 10OS Walker rd 
Amcaut) Inn R (Nell) tnach opr C3iryslcrc h 809 Couiptiel, av 
--Kcnncila (Margarira) lift o[W Forda h 47+5 Cole 
Armor Ida hi fo 348U Ribcrdy rd 

- 'LBy Mrs tchr CnvunalSOii School res Rutfovcu 

- -Sharon E auprvsr Candn Imp Uank bf Commerce r 552 Stuuwa av 
Arnesun Arid T (Helcno) h M?7 Curry av 

Arnew Aun t- r 4, 459 Doujptll av 

--Gerald (Jeannette) emp Fords It 1763 Buckingham rd 

- - Ray B Air Force r 1763 Buckingham rd 

Arams Giaromo (GUmi) (Adriatic Rakcry) b638 Janofie av 
ArnoH Wm (tsotwllu) (Whi ArauH Real EMato) It 3436 Avondale tourt 
--Wm Real Estate [Wm Arnoff) broker l256t3uoUene jiv 
A rnold Abner A h 595 Chi ppawa 

■ ’Alex (Ellzdi) slEtun Arnold Market h 1033 WlUtlnor 4 iv 

--Bdniila techn Lover, Butt, Brlckor fl Romano f 730 Wlrdcrinerc rd 

- ■Bruce emp Chryslcrn r 5013 Woodland av 

- -Bruce A emp MeKstuton Indtietrl^s h 28. #650 WyafodUlW e 
--Carl T (Rita) furcinn R F ScfodrEr Ltd It 1010 Jelfereon blvd 
--C«U cndie ajir Ferdfl li 212? Fore at av 

--Douglas apprentice Interiutlonol Tools res RR *■ L Eisscx 
“Eikfll (Margt) lab General Motors It 1141 Marraitctfo 1 av 
-Elaine (w)d GJenn) (Seotch Wool Shop) h 4#3 fdittiLcr 
--Emeraan (Delia) malntenaacc Monroe Cob 5, 1293 Parent av 

- Iiviifl R (Grace) drvr S W h A Rly h 1553 Gtrycau 

- -Jaa C (Loulad) npr Fords h 33#Q Jfoiby 

- - Keith asantblr Nova Automotive Products Ltd r 735 Parent av 

■ 'Keith M sfudt r i553Goyeau 

- -Kenneth M purefo ugr East Side Fluting fo 2816 Rockwell «v 
--Lloyd A (Viola) eaClse offr Hiram Walkers h 2406 FrinaeSS av 

■ ■ Margot, Ms elk Metra Stores r L141 hUxoatette av 
--Market (Hrn EHztlt Arnold) groo MK'H Windsor av 
--Mary emp BeudEx-Beiliwe r 1U33 Wlsdtot av 

■ -Minnie (wid Geo) r U) 10 Jefferson blvd 
--Miriam (Wld Fred) h 1624 Hickory rd 
■■Murray etudi r 1553Gpydnl 

--Peter studt r 1033 Windsor av 
--Rob! L (Doreen) crop Detroit h 254 Ik'llcview mV 
--Sandra studi - sis Wool words a r 1010 Jefforsoo blvd 
--Violet aliEtty Doree'* Simp h 19, 1920 TUSUar&ra 

■ -Wallace A (M Mahltt) with Dupt National Revenue fo 3013 Woodland av 

- - Wallace F j (Bonnie) L c FO b 730 Windermere rd 

* 'Wayne J (Helen) Jonicor U of W fo 2299 Dom InJsHi blvd 

--Wm L (Myrtle) trk drvr Cenl Motors Trim Ltd h 1046 Lincoln rd 
Arnoldl Frail (Claire) mcoh Chry*U-rs h 1694 WcNKOIt rd 
ArnotT CaiherLne sruth r 2#35 Aafcin av 

--Geo W Edtr Vincent Massey Secondary Sell 00 .I h 1534 Victoria nv 
“Ira K Ei Unit K. 76. 5L30 Wyaodicme t 

< Robt (Joyce) trk drvr Wfilro Ccmstruction fo 2090 Dominion blvd 

- -Robt M (ReLne) mllLwrighl Kelsey Wheel b 2835 A«kLn hV 

■ -Wm I. nCCtTh-o Royal Bah* of CaJiada r 1930 Bucktugfoum rd 
Aroowitz Rdwla buyer National Grocers fo 1466 Mar Linds fo 

Arnyas Martin (Julia) mach OJ^r Canadian Motor Lainph 1363 May av 
Aroch Andrew r 1067 Erie v 

Aron Frank Jr empFUriry Dslrlmr r 1152 Parkvkw av 
--Frank blprSofowabs Meal Producl* Ltd r U52 Parkvp?*, av 

■ -MolhLae foronm purity Dairies fo 13S2 Parkview av 

Aronne Bros Ltd RLto Arronc pres, Luelo Arreric vice-pres genl rtntra 
810 K C ROW JV 

• -Luclo vice-pres Aroano Bros Ltd r 1 165 Wood! awn av 

- -Rito (Madwin) pres AronnC BfOO Ltd b 9#0 Bartlett dt 
■-VineurtliO (jimmo) Jah Walker MetsI fo JL6S Woodlawn av 
Aconoff Sami (Pearl) h SOB, 333 Glengarry av 

Arpan Douglas emp Coca Colo Ltd r fiRi Jos JuntasC av 

■■Harry J (Chrlscino) trk drvr City of Windsor It 834 JdeJanisse av 

- -Jas studt r B64 Jos JanlSse av* 

- -Melvifloi Mrs r 2714 Chandler rd 

■■■WallsceJ (Edie-J) field suprvsr Ontario Motor League h 1780 Mark av 
Arp in Donald E (CbriKlfio) pres Donald Arpln Furs Ud fo 2795 Rockwell 

--Donald Furs Ltd Donald Arpln prea 484 PellSSler 
--Louis (Mary) h 10-53 May uv 

■ -Louis J pres Furs By Arpin Co Ltd li 2227 Ftdi»tfvr 
Arpino Silvesrro (MiCbCla) lubDoin Forge fo 1942 Auhm rd 
Afquerfc Blanche Mrs fo 994 WyjtndoHe w 

- -Catherine Mrs see Windsor Match llaie fl Tool Ltd fo 2597 TourongyaU 


■'Darlene omp Htr am Walkers r 1531 Ford blvd 
--Donald L (Carol) die setter ISOuick b 9#3 Gcyean 

- lirpest J (Francos) srkmn For da h 153 i Ford blvd 

--Gary L (Mary) studt In accts Mean well. Goodwin fl Co ti U. 1370 
Wyandotte w 

-■Gerald L (Marilyn) rcllefmg Chryslcrsb 1664 Dulferlapl 

- -Gordon r 2647 MoifjLen rd- 
--Herbt (arm labour r 26)7 Meighen rd 
--Louie li 264? Moigfoeri rd 

- -Orville (Beatrice) maintenance University or Windsor b +7B Indian rd 

- - Raymond (J can) aatfrln blr Chrysler S h 1495 Felix nv 



252-5711 - - - - 1969 WYANDOTTE EAST 




- Rena (wld Edwd) h 1511 Hickory rd 

—Richd (Helen) emp Bendix Eclipse h 1605 Westminster av 

• •Robt electronic icehn Assef T V Service (Windsor) Ltd r 11662 

Tecumseh blvd e 

- -Ruby (wld Martin) h 1540 Moy av 
Wilfred h 815 Brant 

- Wm h 1670 Mercer 

Arrand Dennis (Lynn) tchr Prince Edward Schl r 877 Moy av 

• ■ Earl W (Vivian) insp Windsor Gas Co h 1922 Aubin rd 
■ - Everill emp Essex Packers h 1669 Drouillard rd 

• -Maldc Mrs h 653 Campbell av 

Arrow Moiel (Jos Mosclckl) 3260 Dougall av 
•Petroleums Ltd service stations 2644 Howard av, 809 Ottawa & 3100 
Walker rd 

• -Service Boris Ctaencharlk mgr scrv stn 809 Ottawa 

- Tools Ltd Willis Ross pres 1501 Crawford av 

Arrow smith Donald asst People's Credit Jewellers Ltd r 350 

--Dorothy Mrs r 1790 Tourangeau rd 

- - Frank W (Eunice) quality control mgr Plastlcant h 3S0 Genevieve 

- -Jos (Violet) mgr London Apartment h 3. 1766 University av w 
-■Kenneth emp Public Works r 2171 Wellesley 

• -Leslie J (Louise) assmblr Chrysler* h 2390 Aubln rd 
•Thos (Elizth) h 2358 Mcijfccn rd 

Arnida Lino (Marla) fiidry wkr Walker Metal Products h 775 St Luke rd 
Arsenault Erie A (Dora) millwright Chryslers h 7450St Rose av 

- Fred store mgr Vestcr'x Enterprises Ltd 
-Gerald (Marlon) lab Fords h 1244 Louis av 
-Geraldine nurse's aid Grace Hospital r 1244 Louis av 

--Gordon lab Bendix Eclipse r 1244 Louis av 

- -Jack L elk Bank of Mont r 1775 Francois rd 

- John C studt r 1775 Francois rd 

- Norbert (Jean) mac j, D pr McKinnon Industries h 1775 Francois rd 

- -Paul stuilt r 1244 Louis av 

--Richd E mcch Clearwater Chrysler -Dodge r 1842 Lespcrance rd 


-Wm F asst mgr Metropolitan Stores r 762 Victoria av Emlna studt nurse Metropolitan Gcal Hosp r 2240 Kildare rd 

- -Geo J (Marian) lah Parks Dejx City h 1031 Josephine av 
--Gilbert J (Doreen) tool 6 die Wheatly Mfg h 1012 Westminster blvd 
Arsencoull Alphonse A (Catherine) tnsp Fords h 921 Westminster blvd 

- Danl J drvr bkpr Huron Lodge r 921 Westminster blvd 

- David pc Police Dept r 10, 8671 Wyandotte e 
--Jos E (Margt) Unemn Chryslers h 1703 Olive rd 

- -Jos F (Verna) millwright Chryslers h 2436 Meldrum rd 
--Kenneth studt r 1013 Edward av 

• Robt 0 (Elijah) h 1875 Balfour blvd 

- -Walter J (Rachel) pres Ace Roofing Ltd h 1013 Edward av 
Arsic Stephen plmbr Wm Nfeehl Centre h 3191 Bruce av 
Arsic Marco J (Lea) tool mkr Fords h 1025 Virginia av 
Art's Barber Shop (Arthur J Chevalier) 1604 Wyandotte w 
--PaintShop (Arthur Giroux) 1519 Crawford av 

—Shell Service (Arthur Mallat) 6960 Wyandotte c 

Artacho Fernando mould mkr trainee 1ml Tools r 1387 Hickory rd 

Artolc Vito (Antonina) lab Chryslers h 732 Tuscarora 


Complete Line of Homes, A1 Arthur Manager, 

2919 Tecumseh Blvd East, Phono 945-6318 (See 
Front Cover and Top Lines) 

Arthur Albt G (Patricia) <AI Arthur Real Estate) h 1777 Labadic rd 
•Beauty Solon (Mrs Anna Tomasi) 825 Arthur rd 
—Bradford studt r 1777 Labadic rd 
-Brian A (Elixth) tool mkr Voltn Tool h 1680 Goyeau 
-Donald C studt h 302 . 2035 University av w 
--Jean (wld Titos E) li 564 Randolph av 

- -Rosabel 1 Mrs r 2337 Mcijdtcn rd 

- Titos E A emp Detroit r 564 Randolph av 

Arthurs Fred J (June) sec fc treas Windsor Truck & Storage h 3315 
Randolph av 

••Wm G (Mary) suprvsr Metropolitan Life Ins Co h 932 Frank av 

Artico K Jack (Hilda) altdt Jolnvllle Service Station h 1456 Labadic rd 

Artlngcr Alois (Anna) h 3626 Woodland av 

—Louis A (Emdie) foremn Candn Bridge h 4667 Talbot rd w 

Artlngstul Ellzth B studt h 12, 1615 Wyandotte w 

Artingstall Ethel H (wld Sami) h 211. 280 Park w 

Artlnlon Arthur (Marie) assmblr Chryslers h 684 Bridge av 

--Chris M (Alice) emp City of Windsor r 1006 Felix av 

- Moss (Margt) elk Fords It 3558 Dominion blvd 

• -Noralr (Jean) emp Chryslers h 1469 University av w 
-Sarah (wld Archie) h 1006 Felix av 

Artlss Katherine Mrs h 7. 129 w 

Artistic Barber Salon (Werner Krause) 1412 Tecumseh blvd c 
—Rower Shop (Ellas Saba) 131 University av w 
Artner Frank pres K & A Tool & Die h 570 Granada av 
Arte Harry journeymn pint hr Mac J Brian Ltd res St Clair Beach 
Arturo Barber Shop (Arturo Mariuz) 3875 Dougall av c 
Arundino Bruno r 779 Patricia rd 

• -Ottavio com wkr r 779 Patricia rd 

Arvai Frank (Helen) (Dcro* s House) h 1056 Wyandotte e 
Arvld Machine & Tool Co Lid Fedor Rajlc pres, Bmko Vukclic vice- 
pres. Vaso Vuletic sec»treas 2679 Howard av 
Arvlsals Leone Mrs h 686 Bruce av 
Arzoisek Caroline Mrs h 1174 Windermere rd 
—Mold r 1174 Windermere rd 
Asa Isak h 301, 1590 Ouellette av 
--Moms surgeon 1428 Ouellette av h 2248 Victoria av 

• Sol (Esther) r 301, 1590 Ouellette av 

Asclok Emanuel J (Doreen) constn mgr Capitol Quality Homes Ltd h 489 

Bertha av 

Ascon Construction Ltd Anthony Soda pres, Mrs Gloria Soda vice-pres, 
Walter McGregor sec-treas gcnl contra 1935 Huron Church Line 
Aacott Brenda studt r 429 Bertha av 

• Chas M emp Detroit r 996 Eastlawn blvd 

- -Duncan T (Norah) emp Detroit h 429 Bertha av 

- Edwd (Rorcnce) h 976 Westminster blvd 

- -E&vd (Gladys) spray pntr Plaaticast h 639 Aylmer av 

-Gerald apprentice mcch American Ambassador r 996 Eastlawn blvd 

• -John studt r 429 Bertha av 

• Melvin J W (Audrey) tool crib Fords h 996 Eastlawn blvd 

- Robt G (Diane) central offkemn Bell Telephone H 2727 Armstrong «V 
Aseltinc Howard S (Charlotte) h 991 Bruce av 

—Keith M (Suzanne) central officcmn Bell Tel h 2545 Windermere rd 

Asfur Abdel rackcr Windsor Bumper Co r 1721 Pillctte rd 
Ash Dewar S h 923 Curry av 

—Dorothy (w»d Alex) sis elk Woolworths h 969 Wyandotte w 
Harold A cape Win Fire Dept r 939 Wellington av 
Jerome M pres Perfection Diccastlng Ltd re* Detroit 
Judy clerical wkr WtUistcad Ltbrary r 1260 Lincoln rd 
-LUlic r 1356 Lincoln rd 

Wayne L acet The Bank of Nova Scotia h 1133 Hickory rd 
—Wm L (Eileen) boiler mkr Fords h 1260 Lincoln rd 

• -Wm W h 939 Wellington av 

Ashby Donald E (Ellen) emp Chryslers h 611 Edtnborough 
-Margt (wid Donald) h 605 Edinborough 
Ashe Alex (Zakin) lab Fords h 1675 Howard av 
—Danl D (Beverly) sis rep Meokins & Sons Ltd h II. 410 Lauzon rd 

- Edna (wid Assam) h 1449 Dougall av 

-Irving S (Margt E) malnt Rlvcrvlcw Hosp b 1108 Ouellette av 
Ashford Geo (Phyllis) emp Canadian Bridge h 1858 Moy av 

- -Sylvia studt r 1858 Moy av 

Ashley Gordon mcch Candn Trailmohilc r 1531 Windsor av 

- -Harold (Betty) lab Champion Spark Plug Co h 683 Capitol 
•Jos (Dorothy) wldr Chryslers h 3811 Turner rd 

- Keith (Shclagh) tool & die apprentice Metro Tool Co r 936 PlUetlc rd 

• - Murray C drvr Columho Bukcry h 1332 Duffer in pi 
Norman (Ma tt) mech Candn Trallmobile h 542 Capital 
-Richd (Helen) emp Chryslers h 2450 Windermere rd 

- -Richd (J June) spray pntr Chrvslcrs h 978 St Louis av 

- -Wm (Pearl) h 1531 Wmdsor av 

--Wm (June) pattern mkr Walker Metal h 2345 Elsmcrc av 
Ashman Ernest (Pauline) elect h 842 Dawson rd 
—Margt R slsldy Dorothy's Young World Fashions h 101, 985 Brock 
-Richd T elect H Parc Electrical Contractor r 842 Dawson rd 
Ashton Ethel (wld Wm) h 884 Frank av 

--Geo (Doreen) assmblr McKinnon Industries Ltd h 1915 Balfour blvd 

• -John II engineering techn Kelsey-Hayes res Belle River 
Ashton's Motel (Ellwood B Carton & Walter J Rowan) 2745 Dougall av 
Ashwcll Allan R (Hilda) slsmn General Foods h 1833 Durham pi 
—Carol studt r 1833 Durham pi 

- -Jas cash & acet Waddell's Sound & Radio r 1833 Durham pi 
Ashworth D John (Irlma) lnsp public schls Dept of Educ h 2755 Jamaica 


—Ronald J tchr Prince Edward Schl r 2755 Jamaica crcs 
-Susan L asst librarian St Clair College r 2755 Jamaica ere* 

Astek Nick (Jenny) slsmn h 1424 Parent av 

- Steve (Annie) h 1463 Arthur rd 

A skin Alfred grinder Fords h 774 California av 

- -Carol r 774 California av 
—Jas r 2291 Maremettc 

- -Jas A D studi r 3872 Montcalm 

- -Jas S (Audrey) emp Detroit h 3872 Montcalm 

--Jas W (Leah) purch agt Eastern Constn h 765 North Talbot rd 
—Manor Apts 191 Askin av 

- -Nina G h 1017 Lincoln rd 

Asling Frclda (wld Edwd) h 320 Rosedale av 
Asmar Amelia (wid Toufic) h 764 Sunset av 

• Geo mech Mldan Muffler Shops r 2588 Chtlvcr rd 

--Geo J (Beatrice) (Maple Lcuf Importing Co) h 2588 Chilvor rd 

- Irvin drvr Nassr Fruit Co r 2588 Chllver rd 

- -Judith A ward elk IGDE r 2588 Chllver rd 

Aimer Abram (Libby) emp Walker Metal li 1507 Pclissicr 
-Barbara N studt r 1507 Pclissicr 
•Cheryl r 1507 Pclissicr 

A spas Rare (Solvere) cabinet mkr Trend Cabinet Makers h 1716 Everts av 
A spinal! John r 279 St Loul* av 

Aspland Dennis R lah Banner Metal Products r 511 Pclissicr 

- -Thos E (Valerie) die mkr Win Tool & Die h 1648 Grecnview cres 
Asquith John emp Fords h 514 South 

Assail H Eric (Jacqueline) tool & die mkr Fords h 2620 Cabana rd w 
Assam Emma (wld Peter) h 119, +15 University av e 
Assaricu Brian (Carole) elk County of Essex Registry Office h 1042 

- Jos parking lot attdt Norton Palim-r Hotel h 1035 Goyeau 
—Neil (Linda) einp Chryslers h L 354 Bruce av 

Assef Jas E (Annie) vlcc-pres Assef T V Service (Windsor) Ltd h 3213 
Academy dr 

- -Jas R (Annette) barber Charles Barber Salon h 2216 Fraser av 

- -Raymond J studt r 4226 Mount Royal dr 

—Ronald J (Elaine) pres Assef T V Service (Windsor) Ltd h 1382 
Josephine av 

—Rudolph (Beatrice) h 4226 Mount Royal dr 

- -T V Service (Windsor) Ltd Roaald J Assef pres. Jas P. Assef vice-pres, 

Mrs Elaine Assef sec-treas sis & service 3347 Tecumseh blvd c 
AsselIn Andre (Marie) translator h 66, 1825 Third Concession rd 

• -Denis wldr Ann son Iron Works res Emeryville 

• -Ida Mrs h 1154 Albert rd 

As sel stint* Herbt (Diane) emp Chryslers h 1783 St Luke rd 

- -Kathryn K h 4. 74 Kills av w 
-Peter studt r 1219 Devonshire rd 

- -Robt W studt r 1219 Devonshire rd 
-Stanley M (Uda) It 511, 8787 Riverside dr c 

• -W Harold (Flora) (Medical Laboratories of Windsor) h 1219 Devon¬ 

shire fd 

- -Wm H acctg of(r Tor-Dom Hank r 1219 Devonshire rd 

Associated Architects Wm J Hlllikcr chairmn of the exec committee 1787 
Walker rd 

--Leasehold Ltd industrial land development 2573 Airport rd 
Associates Acceptance Co Ltd John E Worrell br rep finance 3S6 
Ouellette av 

--Finance Co Ltd John K Worrell mgr luuuiec 356 Ouellette av 
Association of Shrine Oriental Bands 3rd fir, 27 Riverside dr w 

- -of United Ukrainian Canadians Wm J Kokor pres, John Makuch vice- 

pres, Mike Andrichuk financial see 1457 Drouillard rd 
Assumption Cemetery cor Huron Church Line & Wyandotte w 
—High School Rev Matthew PShcetiy prtn 1100 Huron Church Lino 
—Parish Hall church recreation hall 257 Detroit 

- (R C) Church Rev Clifford Crowley pastor 2775 University av w 

- -University Eugene R Mallcy pres 400 Huron Church Line 
Amies David G studt r 1308 Rossini blvd 

- -Geo R (Rcta) staff asst Hiram Walker & Sons Ltd h 1308 Rossini blvd 

- -Karen studt r 1308 Rossini blvd 

Aston Harold tool & die mkr L A Young h 738 Lincoln rd 
--Jas D gcnl mgr Perfection Automotive Products (Windsor) Ltd res 

••Peter G (Lcali) h 2342 ChUver rd 

-Thos D (Rose-Mori) mach h 2207 Kildare rd 

Astrcllu LouIb studt r 360 Rosedale av 

Astrup Hans (Ellzth) sis rep Verd-A-Ray Ind h 3576 Glrardot av 
Asztalos John (Julia) ertkt Cunuda Bldg h 1938 Aubin rd 

- Julie M emp Detroit r 1938 Aubin rd 

Atcheson Ronald F (Joanne) foremn Fords h 83S Belle Isle View blvd 
•Atchison see also Aitchison 

-Agnes L (wid Russell) emp Essex Golf Club h 208, 1338 Ouellette av 

- Bertha (wid Russell) h 42 Giles blvd e 
Douglas N (Mary) studt h 308, 308 Randolph av 

- -John D (Geraldine) sis mgr Empire Hanna Coal h 3635 Morn* dr 
-Nina Mrs r 3060 Sandwich 

-Titos L (Kathleen) sis elk M Gray Ltd h 1075 Edward av 
Athavalc Ashok emp Chryslers r 1223 Central av 
Athcrlcy Wm C (Nancy) btthr Steinbergs h 1. 2977 University av w 
Atherton Alan lab Krun-Chev Potato Chip r 985 Pclissicr 

- -Danl F (Katherine) IBM opr Fords h 2349 Aubin rd 

- -Danny (Lois) emp Chryslers r 1554 Labadic rd 
-Edwd A (Virginia) h 1392 Hall av 

- -Gail E F receptionist r 2794 Askm av 

- -Jos (Virginia) mgr IGA Stores h 3551 Longfellow ov 

- -Jo-Anne teller Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce r 746 Partington 


Judith receptionist r 2794 Askin av 

- Lily (wid Jas) h 3324 Howard av 

• -Regd (Marjorie) stkmn Chryslers h 677 Vlmy av 

- -Richd (Jill) emp Chryslers h 305 . 410 Giles blvd w 
-Richd J studt r 3551 Longfellow av 

- -Thos (Catherine) division controller Ryan Building Materials h 3175 

Massey court 

- -Wm (Mary E) h 1006 Prado pi 

Wm M (Edna) traffic consultant Consolidated Trucking h 2794 Askin av 
Athicr Oslas r 1089 Prado pi 

Atkin Calvin R (Maude) (Atkin Sheet Metal) h 959 Elsmcrc av 

- -Chas (Tcena) opr Windsor Tecumseh joint Water Works Bd h 44 i 

(sack dr 

••Geo h I, ISO Bruce av 

• -Howard (Mary) plant protection Fords h 3549 Bloomfield rd 
--Irene (wld Walter) h 3449 Erskme 

- -Jas W (Patricia) acet Fords h 867 Francois cl 

—John R (June) tchr Belle River Dm High School h 1862 Windermere rd 
—Mabel emp Perfection Automotive r 1515 Lillian 
—Margt A typist Hiram Walker & Sons r 959 Klsmcre av 

- R Keith (Sarah) off elk CPR li 1675 Randolph av 
Richd S elk Bunk of Montreal r 3549 Btoomfleld rd 

-Robt (Yvonne) trk drvr Commercial Printing h 1515 Lillian 
—Robt D tinsmith Atkin Sheet Metal h 809 Erie c 
Sheet Metal (Calvin Atkin) furnaces & cavestroutfi* 1315 McDougall 
-Wm E (Geraldine) sheet metal Fords h 1407 University av w 
Atkins Brian N studt r 535 Randolph av 

Ernest H (Marie) servicemn Western Chemical h 1876 Westminster av 
-Fred (Florence) h 2336 Turner rd 

- -Herbt (Dorothy) h 240 Gladstone av 

- -Jody stk boy I G A r 490 Elinor 

- -Jon K (Carol) planner City of Wm Dept of Planning & Urban Renewal h 

324 St John 

--Jo* stock boy Ferrari'* I G A r 490 Elinor 
—Jo* P (Patricia) assmblr Fords h 333 Curry av 
-•Karen sec Chrysler* r 1120 Goyeau 

--Lurry (Diafie) maintenance Ambassador Bridge h 33. 1556 Coycau 

- Leonard E (Ella) elect h 7058 Wyandotte c 

• -Margt E (wld John) h 3047 Byng rd 
•-Marion (wid Chas R) h 654 Windermere rd 

Nathaniel J receiving elk J T Wing Ltd h 535 Randolph av 
--Owen J (Mary) counter sis Windsor Automotive Supply Co Ltd h 1840 
Labadic rd 

■ -Patricia r 2336 Turner rd 
-•Stephen L r 1840 Labadie rd 

• -Thos P emp Atkins Sheet Metal h 866 Assumption 

- Wm emp Fords It 1147 Glidden av 

-Wm E customs & excise otfr Dept National Revenue res RK * 1 Windsor 
Atkinson Barry B (Olive) gcnl ins 1226 Tttcumseh blvd e h 2424 Princess 

■ -Bernard V (Mary) deputy registrar County of Essex Registry Office h 

3423 Wilkinson lane 

• -Brian] llremn Win Fire Dept r 3423 Wilkinson lane 
-Carl V (Beverley) lab Chrysler* h 3490 Askin av 

—Dale E (Dolores) agt Barry E Atkinson h 2192 Windermere rd 

- Dennis tchr WalkcrviUc Collegiate r 2+24 Princess av 

- Douglas studt r 1253 Wtndunucrc rd 
-Elaine emp Detroit h 310, 111 Riverside dr c 

- - Predk plant supt Fabricated Steel Prod res La Salle 

Geo L (Beryl) techn Chryslers h 930 Isabelle pi 

Jas (Palmyre) emp Detroit h 950 Church 

■Jas F slsmn Waddell's Sound & Radio re* Comber 

• -Jas T (Florence) h 1039 Prado pi 

—John W (Mildred) exec dir The Candn Red Cross Society (Windsor Br) h 
2078 Vimy av 

Jos B research U & W h 203. 1933 Riverside dr w 

- -Kenneth S (Mnyrnc) h 1373 Janette av 
-Marilyn h 739 Brock 

- -Marlon tchr h 304. 1741 University av w 

- Mildred J sis off elk J T Wing Ltd res Amberstburg 
-Norman (Shirley) mach opr Dorn Forge h 2507 Arthur rd 

- -Pearl (wld Chas) h 980 Josephine av 

Philip P (Audrey) suprvsr Fords h 1253 Windermere rd 
Rundolffi studt r s s Talbot rd e 

- -Richd trk drvr Murphy Tobacco re* Tecumseh 

- -Rita (wld Wm E) h 1171 Pierre av 

Robt D social wkr R C Children’s Aid Soc r 1253 Windermere rd 

- -Robt J (Gayle) emp Fabricated Steel h 1186 Parkview av 

- -Ronald O vicc-pres Checker Industrial Ruhber & Tire h 1724 Jefferson 


Ruth A ntudt li 304. 1741 University av w 

•Wm (Kmlltcnne) dentist 204, 1011 Ouellette av h 1014 Victoria av 
-Wm emp Beaver Oil Co r 2507 Arthur rd 
Wm (Ellzth) plant protection Dominion Porge Ltd h 1512 Tourangeau rd 
--Wm E (Leona) customs of/r Federal Govt Hss Talbot rd e 
-Wm E (lr«K‘) (oremn Chryslers h 678 Charles 
Atlantic Textile Sales (Lou Rosenberg) genl dry goods 63 Pitt e 
Atlas Alloys - A Division of Rio Algom Mines Ltd Gerald Drcs»cr dlst 
mgr specialty steel* 3030 Walker rd 
—Belle slsldy Wuiograd's Ladle*' & Men's Wear r 1445 Victoria av 
-Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd Herbt Luppke pres, Alois Fablshek 
viCfpres & mgr. Rosa Luppke stfe-trea* 1797 Benjamin av 

• Manufacturing (Herht Luppke) sheet metal prod 1797 Benjamin av 
—Meat Market Myer Schwartz mgr 3199 Sandwich 


Alphabetical. White Page 9 

PHONE 254-1367 


Room 102. 1015 UNIVERSITY AVENUE W. 


- FflCEHiffi Works Ltd Paul CSt Denis pfee. RoIh Si Denis vice-ptM. Mre 

SSiirst St Duals see 2714 Meighen id 
Atiaoi t; Roomc siurtl nurse- Metrupol ita& Gtrtl Hospital r 11240 Kildaie ifd 
Atras Steve ^eaii) lib For da h 2415 Howard nv 
AO .it'd Beit (JoacftiSoe) «np CTiryslcre h 384 (liftm av 
Ariaihctrougji Greta Airs h 228, 415 University av c 
--John (Marilyn) mech Cutmlujjh*m Shed Metal h 342 GreMdalC dr 
-'John S glass wte Pittsburgh Glass Co li 1854 MOy av 

- -flay (Betty)®*) drvr One a Ota Co h 4 r 2114 Gladstone iv 
Anotlirou^i Gordon emp Fords r 4 36 Crawford mv 

Attxtdge Cecil {Oweo) chart acct Daal Specialties h 2«84 Virginia Ft nv 

--Ronald stuik r 2854 Virginia n av 

Amur Germaine h 549 Chilvur rd 

Attwcll Gladys D opr Bell Tei li 817 Si Lute rd 

Arrwood David sludl r 13*0 Marlborough 

--Predk E (Irene) In pl rumen! merit) Hiram Walkers h 1380 Marlborough 
-Lillian (wld Jus) stk Dirts h 3537 Cirjrdol av 
AobLn Aggie b-Setpr r 335 Dieppe 

- -Claude crt«p Chrysiors h 23?* Cadillac 

--Doris R Mrs tell* Winder EVt erf Kduc h 3609 Birch 
’-Edgar anp Cbrysiero r 14ISAlhert ltd 

- -Jdin ECarp Windsor Lumber t 3809 Rirdi 

■ -Loula (Alice) lift irk drvr Great Lake* Forgings b 841 Lauaon rd 
Aubry Gory L (Morgt) off mgr Ford Mm or h 3064 Avondale or 

- -John ntudi r 2375 Alexis rd 

■ -Peter emp DbmlhlOfi. Forge h 2375 AlCttis rd 
--Rtvhri (Rossina) emp Fordo h 2375 Alexis rd 

■ 'Rosemary cmp Caridri Imp flunk of Commerce r 2375 Aleain rd 
Auburn Rose r 664 Moy av 

Audi Andrew studt r 1255 Cabana rd w 

- -Oscar {Emily! ItfE «t drvr Arm son Iron Works h 1255 Cabana rd w 
Auckland KSeeta (wid L«C» ft) h 1*83 Vbny av 

Anclalr Jack G (LlicUle) emp Commercial Industrial Irudilators h 1164 
Elm av 

Aucon Alloc (wlCt Ardiuc} 1> 483 McKay av 
AUdct Edwrf drvr Detroit r 1532 Coyeau 
-fcdwd F (Sarah) Ifkr Detroit h 5*7 WeftCChcster dr 

- -Frank E (So rah) r 567 Wcstehostijr dr 

--Gerald J Lab Macdonald 6 White V a ml Hh A Paint res Btlk River 
• Sim lit on mods Canadian Machinery Movers Lid rort Belle River 
Audio Sound (Wm J Atgetil) sound recording jrysrems 2315 FrtSvr 4 v 
Audoulos Peter cook Volcano Fizj.crLa Restaurant Ltd f 1506 Bruce av 
Andy Sor-aonc medical 34*0 li 16157 Wyandotte e 
Aoefliack Fannie (wid Wilfred) r 3Q5Q Quitch 
Auffret Jos J {Joy) millwright Chlfynlere h 3566 St Ctalf 
Aliffrett Gordon E (Elite 1) maim Qiryslere b 1229 Prince rd 
Anger Ernes! W (Marion) wldr Cbrynlers h 1144 McKay av 
--Linda r 1144 McKay aV 

- -Peter (Mamie) drvr Saudi Windsor Ta*l Cab )i 1592 Cburcli 
"■Victoria (w id Jos) h 994 Josephine av 

--WaydC (Paulette! emp Chryslcrs h 15E9 Church 

- -Wljlrcd (Valeric) emp Qiryslers r IM4 McKay av 
Augnew MaCgt hsekpr r 2127 forest av 

Augnat Fredk S (Cull) amt purch agl City Of Windsor FUrchakldg Hope h 
1539 Oneida err 
Augusta Roes h 3391 Hall av 

Augustin Linda sec &irroughs Carp (D«) r iJQfi Lillian 

- -Titus J (Anne) (Remington Auto Supply) h 2208 Lit)Lad 
Augustine David emp Cundn Tire Co r 2268 Dowj(nll av 

■ ■ Ernest W (Dorothy) nvannacisl GuhlM Pharmacy Ltd h 3-103 Church 
--Fred C (Helen) tirvi K ingtfway Transpons h 1417 Wea-cott id 

■ -Wilfred (Annie) b 3577 Ftsbi-rcty rd 

- -Wm F (V era) h 1955 Oneida C i 

AuKuatymak Ale* polkher Enternaiiootal Tools re a RR M Amhcrstbutj; 
Aulto Faolo pg]l-ih 6 liutfer East Side Ptming r MSB Lanjlms 
AukStLk»tnls A3 don a K rcpl tturso Grace Hosp r 1540 Qprcb 
Anlhrook Albt G (Marlon) pres DLal Dlsirdwtora Ltd h 3531 Lojtgfellmf 

Au3d Jdhn (Helen) h IA, 1,29 McD«ig*ll 
—John r 2B5* Rivet aide dr w 

- -Laura (w]d Chas) r 14, 16 Elli^ nv c 
--Marie (wid Murdoch) h 1030 Prince rd 

Aupperte K arlhelns toolmtr Volta Wetdi-ra r 2399 Univcralry av w 
Aurora Pastry Qoa Maria) tekers 039 Eric e 
Au emjrn John D (Barbara) di^iatchcr Western Freight Lines h 755 
S-cofield av 

- -Lloyd r 52* Atkinson 

- - 5h annon L studt f 755 Se nfleld av 

Ausmon EtM'd appremicf tool 6 die Triangle Tool t Ole r 3851 Walker 

Aus nain AklUar studi r 511 Pel] r put 

Aussanl GOO {Charlotte) emp Chry fliers h 1757 Glendale av 
--Roland M (Jeanette) main! Overland Eiph 2519 Bernard rd 

- Wilfred (Aura) irt«h McKinley Transport h 2*71 WbMrum rd 
Austen Fannie Mrs h 869 Lawrchee rd 

--ja* P (Lola} lime 6 melhods analyst American -Standard Prod h 2-375 
Bernard td 

"Ronald 8 (Helen) res partner Clarknan, Gordon 6 Cob 33*5 McKay nv 
--Walter ]i (Norma) cmiiptrolter Windsor Modiea) Services lut h 2391 

Austin A'tceViJyS Cabana rd e 
--Apqnmcinfl 1310 Piorro av 

--Arthur (Dorla) mcasenger W tl Adams Ltd ll T42, 5110 Wyandotte c 
--CuOier Lne W off suprvsr Prudential Ins res RR *2 Wtrdsor 
--Chi* hr mgr Robert MOrae Corp Ltd res Si Cl air BeacJi 

■ - Douglas B studt r 3996 Caaifrabi dr 
--Elaine atu«h r 453 Laporte av 

■ -Eihel (wld Harry) h 95^ Windsor ft v 

- - Francea B (wid Wallace) h 211,11*4 Ouelkne av 

- -Helen Mrs h 575 Oak av 

■ -lone ft Mrl travel eooKihant Forsyih Travel Bureau 1 160 California av 
--Jack Phaniiacy Lid Rkhd Fetley mgr 1950 l^iuion rd 

- -jane ps-Jv sec Walker Insurance Agency Ltd res RR * 2 Windsor 

- - Jean (wld RobO r 1*26 Elsmerc av 

- Jchnh 6. 1291 Elamere av 

- -Leonard M (Mar I) too! 6 die Detroit h 3311 EVcfte av 
--Leulie emp Candn Bridge r 1772 Gladstone av 

--Mabte nurse h 575 Cabana rd e 

- -Marlon (wld SruOe) payroll elk Chryslers h 3996 C.mgrain dr 
•Rundal) stud! r S74 St Mary's blvd 

- -Rjtymond W (Marjorie) tool mkr Forda h 47JS Talbot rd W 
-^RobtJ iSojhla! h 3617 Peter 

-■■Robt J (Frances M) engineering techn Fordah 453 Laporte aV 

- -flobt 5 (Ethel) foremn Bell Tel h ZS79 Dtmdurand blvd 

--W Lloyd (Lorraine) mgr C A Ingram Co (Canada) Lldh R7* St Mary's 


Wilfred: N (Wliletta) mdlwrL^t 3a 402, 530 Mid 

- -Wm mechanical supt Candu GoCWRock res Leamington 

Ausli’Iil Albt A (Patricia) presemn Wtadaor Slat h 2337 Parkwood av 

- -Stt’tti cO A (Cmtn Le) m□ Lnl Hurtdi Lcdgp h 1216 Elliott W 
Antliler Arthur lab McIntosh Con sin r 1067 Hall av 

- -Raymond (Elltn) much Chamfioti S|iark Plugh 1067 Hall *v 
Autiu Tolvl N omp Fords h 367 Lfl parte av 

Amo Body R Fender Repair (Henry H Oldenburg garage (rear) 739 GhureR 
--Flo Corporation of Cansdu Ltd jus F Ferry nigr Warm air heating 
accessor lea 2150 Ajnlaassdor dr 

--Haulaway Ltd John PKaVOOraS pree aato transporting 17?0 Ihrovlnclal rd 

- -Haulaway Releasing Services Ltd John F Kavooras pres auto trank per - 

intg ]7 ( K) provincial rd 

--Frothieta M(g (Ales Fiek&a) auto accessories 825 Teeunj&eh blvdw 

- -SpcclallleO Mfp Co (Can) Lid RuM M fmste pres 6 genl nigr, Rie| F dJ 

Muon v]ce-EO"oa, irtmA R dir auto □cccsaorleii 614 Tecum sdi blvd 

—Tr im Renovators (Donald H Willson) 573 Aylmer nv 
"Wheel & Aaie Service Ltd Jus hf BlaPCheite pres. Mrs Elva BtnftcheriTt; 
5 ec-Eri-'=i& 494 Pjtt e 

Automatic Heating fe Oswlmg Co Quhn F Cooney) furnaces 729 Carar&tpi! 

- - Parking Devices (Canada) Ltd Aiithuoy T llcavcne sis mgf jvirklng 

equipment 306, 10H McDgugall 
Antry ElsLc (wld Fret))h 650 QuiUiani e 

Auttrrson Barbara O stciiO'g United Dqqn hnlons Finance Cdrp Ltd r 751 
Bridge av 

■ Gordon 3J (Murgi) |dant mgr Burrwfdia TJuatneBS Machined l.tdh 17. 

fi43D Wyandotte c 

■ -Jchn studt t 17. *430 Wyandotte c 

--Leo oil wkr fturrouidin BustuvS* Machines r 17, 6435 Wyalfdotto e 
--Wtti {Anait') h 75) Bridge av 

Wm R (Julia) control office forerun Bv)l Telh 3432 Everts nv 
Avadcaliin Alnuat fwld Harry) ti 1052 Felbt av 

- -Oink II I c PQ r 1352 Full* »v 

Avals Frintlng A PuhUflhLuj; Co Ltd Petet P IkiMt [ffes, Geo Vuldlnh vice- 
pre^. Vel Toskovic aec-ircsa 1297 Drouiilnrd rd 
AValou Apts R58 Erie e 

Avant Wm l> (GiStte) emp Detroit h ISO Curry uv 
Avanti Floor Covering (Stanley C Eurlsh) 173’ TourftHKeou rd 
Avard Arthur G (rhyllis) mgr Bell Tel h 4220 Mitchell crck 
Avbe)j K alar Ida tab tcchnjohn Wyeth i Bra r 1282 GecrRe av 
Av to Delta Corporation Canada Ltd 5yd A BlidGfl br mgr leans 1596 
Ouellette nv 

- -Delta Realry Ltd 5yd A &] triton lir mgr 1596 OueUc«e sv 
-■Fliinnec Ltd Burke Fowlnr mgr cauli toads Ouellette av 
Avdnutos Antheny (Evanthia) enip Auto Specialties h 12?2 Daugall nv 

- -Piter (JC+istonl) cook h 1506 Rruce av 
Avcdisiun Aknay (wld K) h 2469 51 LOUl* nv 

--Lee (Axud) sikmn Chryalers h 2547 Buckln^iaiu di 
Avelarjos much Wneq Ec^Lpment Co Ltd res Leamington 
AVellLno Anthony (Gatlicrlnv) h 41g Langlolfl aV 

- -Mario siudt r 412 LOPglela av 

■ -Tom (J«>v) emp OiryBde^l’ 995 Cadillac 

Avenue Barber Sf:op (Leonard Pawe J r) 344 OutUettC av 
Aver Albt G (LaVeme) cnip Detroit h (65-7 Jefferson blvd 
-Darryll 1 (Evelyn) emp Detroit h 1161 Rankin ov 

- -Stiuiford C (FlorcnCS) sis rep Sch«iloy Dlritiilerles h 740 LdUnsbrough 
Averadi lv-<i r 900 Howard av 

Averjll Hester fwld FH)h UL 6fl* Argyll! nl 

- ^Msry M (wld ThosJ h 4099 Roselond dr w 

Avcrsa Angelo (Teresa) lab Mctotoah Paving h 1*9* Parent av 
--Armando (Gfaeinta) foreign Mclutnslt Ccrnismh 772 Stanley 
-Carlo (Vittorlui) nnp Fords r 1*96 Fafeni av 

- -DomenJc tool U die mkr Border Too) & Die r 965 Hanna C 
--GlaCOhio (Theresa) math epr General MsIvfS b 1375 Pierre uv 
-■Gicinto (Benedetto) mech Gerry Bodwtn GafORO r 1696 Parent *v 

■ -Mario studt t 9&S Hanna e 

--Vincent (Roan) h 965 Hanna e 

AvcrDhAiic Argijin^g?3a (Itii-i) janitor Unkvcrf Windsor r 3476 Cross 
Avery Chus C (Joyce) acct Mantel Beverages h 33B5 Sandwich 

- -Dttortld (Florence) ranp Welles Corp li 1156 Oak 

"Harold constable Royal Canadian Mounted BolSce r 6080 Riverside dr t 

■ -Lyuda h 3. 607 Wellington av 

- -Lynn tLk BeU TeJeflionO T 357 Dtjugal! av 
-■Mary r 3127 Donnelly 

- -Nellie (wld J-jdwd) r 564 McKny av 
--Rlchd r 1475 Huron Cburcli Line 

- ’Sara)] (wld Chafl) h S03 Crawford n v 

--Smokes & Tobacco Ltd Mr® Hazel HUIyard itt^rss 1950 LiuzCto rd 

- -Walter J attdt Derbyshire ScrVlC* Sfatlon r lag's Central av 
Avian Armando (Bessie) h 374 Glengarry aV 

- -Jody r 374 Glengarry ov 

■-June E elk City Financr r 34E0 Toueangeau rd 
--Louis (Lorraine) lab Essex Terminal h 454 Aylmer av 

■ ■ Peter (Mary) lab Chryslers h 1408 Tourangeju rd 
Avis 1 as (Grace) maeh opr ChryslerB h 154 Bridge av 

- -Rent -A-Car (opented by Veteran Cab Co of Windsor Ltd) automobile 

rentals 308 Wyandotte e 
- -Waller (Alice) r 154 Bridge *v 

Avon Products of Canada Mrs Rose Welch, Mrs Feme hennedy area 
mgrk eOtimetles 606, 2*7 Polissicr 
Avram Leroy srudt r |7|5 Centra) sV 
--Ntettola& (Mary) top bldr Chryslers h 2296 Alexia rd 
"Paul (Dora) toremn ChryBtet-'* h 1715 General aV 

- -Ptillllb (Vera) lab Chryetera h 2*40 Chandler rd 

"R Marie see Vieior Rfelder Ik Associate r 1715 Central »v 

AvramtdIs G«J studt r 960 McEwan av 

Aw ad Aal* (Mary) h 67 R Parent av 

-Ejnerald L (Evolyfl) elk Chryalera h 2360 Lou to sV 

■ ■FtoiiJc J Clk Chryslersh 709, 111 Riverside dr e 

- -Gary J (Pairlcla) asst off ffljT Detroit h 1680 Bemard rd 

- -Norm* sec Green GtnUW r 2360 Louis av 
-Norman J InSP CTnyslcrd h 3103 Woodland av 

- -Riclid T (Mary) tchr W D Lowe Technical School h 1107 El sen ere av 
"Roger O (Mary) much Vnlemte-Modco Ltdh IR79 FlIKtie rd 

. -TfooG E mech engineer McK bwoa lad r 2360 Louis av 
Awde J Bloke (Viola) h 238 Bucklngfiom dr 
Awader Mki.l A B J fludith) schu prin h 2674 Sierra dr 
Awerbuch Betty 64rs h 666GDCS blvd e 
Awerbuck Bcckie (wid Jacob) h 663 Janette av 
■S L Plumbing & Heating Supply Co Ltd Sidney L Awerbuck pr« 276- 
284 Wyandaiir c . - . 

- -SRhJry 3- pren S L AvrertAick Plumbing V Heating Supply Go Lid res 

D err oil 

Awram Wm foremn R F Scherer Lid rcri La Salic 


Awi-isy Edith C (w|tj Ear)] h 11S5 RDdore rd 
Alford Demi! s emp Ch ryifotg r 325 Watson av 

- -Harold C (Ada) valve grinder Fords h 2314 Union 

- -JcJin (Dorothy) m ed hna Ith nfir Frnv of Ontario ti 325 Wat boo av 
• -Outer (Lydia) li 943 Btcce aV 

■ -Roht (Jeanne) traffic claims CSiryBlcre h 3205 Virginia Park av 
AslioHe Geo (TbtLij tool A die mkr Ford* h 355 Church 

- - Luke (Shirlecn) much cpr Fordw h 825 Ford blvd 

Aye t Mt J6htl floan) bruwety wfcr Carling Brcsviirles b 415 Bruce av 

- -John W (Gladys) h 1336 Gw gall uv 
Ayhart Vcmnfl H (Mary) k 343* Welle 
Ayland Arthur emp Fnfdf li HJ, 74 Shej^jerdw 

- David tebr Geptral Public School t 1B31 Windermere rd 
Ayluaworth Albt O (E Lot Inc) toremh Cun Rack Salt h 3050 AlrtaPCtor 


- -JaS R Btudi r Til t Dnmlnlen blvd 

"Ferry J (Berths) forvmr Chryelcirsh 2721 DnmlJiJoa blvd 
Ay left Fredk E elect djryalcre h 1031 Wliidormere rd 
Aynirn Albt [Edmayl drvr Cbrysters h 2345 Auhla rd 

- - Alvin J (Blanch u) emp Win DtiHtlea Commn (Wfttor Dlv) h 419 St John 
--Xavkr J h 1120 Campbell ov 

Ayncfl Herbt (Wlnlirod) wkti mgf Canadian SiJt Co Ltd It 3130 Rnmlblpb nv 
Aytoun Roy R (Beatrice) hr mgx Excelsior Life Ihri Cn h 260 Hcedmero av 

- -Slieila C emp Derrolt r 26() ReodKiCfC av 

Ayuob Barry (Beverley) Wtf ForeaJ House Hotel h 23541 Rl&nierc av 

Azar 5am (Fall Imlij nmp Cliryaicfe Ei I486 Cabana id w 

Axlen Douglas D (Eileen) prea Caofn Bakeries Ji 432 GhrlfitOI*ur dr 

- -Sieve (Amelia) bkr CimJc^b Rakezlca h 572 Irvine nv 
Azord Barbara ernp Lcvelts Rost Home r 2*14 Meldrum rd 

- - Rejpjlcr (Vetina) lab Fords h 2614 Mddrum rd 

Azrallne YSetorSnO (Leofi) lab Camarutti Rron li 94S Marian av 
Azs&alhH Roberto (Anna) iab Fbrdlt h 935 Pierre av 

AiEjinpardi Frank X {Cowrie) auditor Dept National Revenue (Excise Tds 
A uditor it) h 22.90 Tecum seh blvd W 
--GuMo L (Sylvia) prod torenm Rtaivdijrd Induction CaeUrig^ h 1934 
Glendale aV 

“Ln«tl (Valerie) ielouI-J mkr ln'umaiional Tools h 4U34 Edt&dr 

--Mlchl etudt r 2290 T«Mmseh blvd w 

--Vlflcenl nialnt Hotol Di™ Hospital r 659 Assumption 


B A Auto Supply (Mrs Doraifty C, Leoutird G 6 Leallc C MichnOliS) trailer 
rente)? 1290 WyoodcHto w 

B A Conenrucuon (Bernardino A llJVismoll) 3*65 SnnttWlCh 
fi ft T V Service (Rotat J ItCkhdoScl 3729 Poplar av 
B P Canada Ltd Qruce E Sliaw plant mgr 300 Giles blvd C servlet stns!- 
2659 Dougall av, ^OSCdca blvd o H 3750 Walter rd, 493, 1409 6 
5440 wylinden [U e tr 1715 Wyandmie w 
B ft C Too-] A Die Co Ltd Bernard R Roy proa, Leo Roy vlee-prea 5390 
E C Raw av 

}lk B Tool 5 Mould Ltd Ifalhaw Binder profi. Mrs Alma Bernard vice* 
pres, Helmut Bernard sec. Eva Binder treari 700 Wellington av 
D & It Sheet Metal (Wm 1= Miller) 637 GniVCIIllty av w 
fltC Engraving Lid Frank Bntcmsfijr pres, Regd J fluedk suc-trcau 
t732Souili Camcton blvd 

fl U. D Apipllancu Part* Lid fidwtl E Boutettc pfCii. Allfl J Dnttor VlM-pr« 
A mgf rdflltcrptioo Eh washing machines supplied 541 Uric e 
fl-Si F BnrtofCn Ltd ftotlS Bfynflcy pres, Gnrald FfOriklln vlcc-prc*, 

Mrs June Byerley gee-trees maCliinea 700 Wullinglon »V 
B i L Market (Mrs Grace Bouchafd) grocery & coniectltiaeiry 3398 
Walker rd 

IE Ei M TLre £i Baltary Ltd Douglas nenwm pcea 2S99 ToCltmesh blvd w B: 
2365 Walker rd 

Biiaillne Raya (wid Halm) r 1529 Hlgtilond av 
Roarscl Karl rprnm & h M Tire & Buttery Ltd rca Amhet athurg 
Bobatjlk Nancy inlcriar Leajgjicr Monarch Office Supply Ltd t 1570 Villa 
Marla a 

Babb J tart Mr a h 464 Oal «v 

Babbinijton Geos emp Wlndenr University h 7, 133 McKay av 
Babcock DtWglas (Morgt) mefliOd etiglnaer Toledb Scales h 1129 LlnCOto 

- -Joe (Lorraine) With Wd Utilities Commo ■ Hydro DlV tee RlR *2 RlVcr 


--Leonard G (Jean) mgr br Tor-Dom Bank h 2326 Windermere rd 

- -ftichd (DLuneJ whh Win UtULlicif Gotfimn - Hydro Dlv res LaSalle 
--Ronald W (DLann) mgr Trans Canadian Couriers Ltdh 2. 3427 Sandwich 
Raliechuk Mlchl F (Lola) Utamjacial Hunter's Pharmacy h 1411 Bernard 


- - Fctef (Mrirgutrlic) (Babtchuk Shoe Store) h 1539 Droulllord rd 
--Shoe Store (Peter Eabechuk) men's ahotit h Shoe repair 15)9 Dmuillard 


Bdbiak John r 3520 E C Row av 

—Paul (Anna) tarph 18S1 Wnatcott rd 

RabLiss: Mary (Wid Geo) i 3540 Bloomfield rd 

--ffiiillLi r 354-0 Rloamfirld rd 

Bablc Mlchl (Sigrid) emf Detrnit h 555 Crawford av 

BahlcH Barbara (wid Mlilos) h 249? Turner rd 

Babilo Anthony J: 1145 Maremetto av 

--Victor F (Madeiynn) e*gf claims administrationQsryslcrNh 4345 
CasgtaLn dr 

Babin Ctratd emp Champion S)>ark Plug r 1265 Glbana rd w 
* .Jjb (Yvonne) setv mgr Imp OH h 1263 Cabana rd w 
"Jchn h 1049 Qnuiiam a 

"Vlad* (Kadirlnc) ertkr WUshlrc Apts h 101. 147 Janette av 
J3rtl>Lnee Win (Mary) (B1 L t b Barber STiop) h (rear) 163? Dfoufllard rd 
Bablnglon Augustine Mr s h 524 St Joseph 

- -Pete D (Fatricla) Sgt The Northern Lite Assurance C« of Canada h 1542 

Franco!ri rd 

--Wayne D p c PO r 524 Si Joseph 

Babirok Aid (Eli^th) pn:r S Manz Painting fi Decorating li U92 Albert rd 

Babiuk David (MLnnie) h 1586 Hall av 

--JeassctTL' C regd nutM Grace Hospital X 1588 Hall aV 

"John (Jean) tosp Chryslers h 2596 Turner rd 

Babl Hattie h 3437 MaisMibbilve av 

- "Helene r 3437 Mu Iritm aeuvo av 
(labor John r 1W2 Marcatette aV 

Babsiln Arigeln (Encsla) lab LoarLng CtmtHU h 657 Marrntetto av 
Baluty Anbiony (Vera) sec-irea& Peerless Steel Co Ltd h 321 Aldis 
"Eugene R (If one) eerviccmn Wipp Peat Conttol Co)i 170* Normal! rd 
--Harry (treEC) pres Fctrle&ft Co Ltd h 1457 Ross Lnl blvd 

- House (Julius Doppler fi John Lang) hotel 1663 College av 
"Katherine (wit) John) F 886 SoUdi Pacific av 

--MatfaUda (wldC BiULpii) h 33?ft Sandwich 





flamed Scittou 0 ?u*texaC r 






- Richd W (ina) acct Fords h 1003. 8787 Riverside dr c 
Baca Geo Lab Harrwell Bros r 887 Pillettc rd 

- John mech Horse-Shoe Battery & Electric Service r 887 PUIette rd 
-Steve (Elirft) h 887 Pillettc rd 

-Steve Jr (Emily) hlsmn Tile Town h 876 PiUerte rd 
Bach David (Marion) mgr Quality Home Modernization h 3645 St Patricks 

Bocha Sam emp Fords h 13. 815 University av w 
Bachalo NWkoLas (Mary) h 2457 Arthur rd 

- -Walter slsmn Mcikar Roofing h 319 St Marks (St Clair Beach) 

- -Wm (Patricia) assmblr Kaiser Jeep h 1967 Fcrndalc av 
Badiand Brian W (Patricia) studt In accts Clarkson Gordon It Co res 

Belle River 

• -Elaine M hrdrsr Ivan R Sales Hair Fashions r 221 Askin av 

- -Homer A (EuLallc) personnel offr Hold Dieu Hospital h 3602 Bliss rd 

• -Karen E nurses aide Hotel Dieu r 221 Askin av 

- Paul T studt r 221 Askin av 

--Philip T (Bernice) engineer Fords h 221 Askin av 

- Richd studt r 3602 Bliss rd 

Bacher Ludvig (Llssclottc) h 3465 Rankin av 

- -Ursula studt r 3465 Rankin av 
Bachett Jos (Rosa) r 1225 Tourangcau rd 

Bachctti Pietro rackcr Windsor Bumper Co h 2639 Seminole 
Bach la Alex (Veronica) wldr Detroit li 1511 Gladstone av 
Bachlu John (Florence) h 1588 George av 
--Nicholas (Jean) emp Candn Bridge h 2560 Norman rd 
Bach meter Anthony C (Mary) slsmn Swift Candn h 920 Morand 
-Gale emp Hiram Walkers r 1021 Church 
-Geo (Hilda) h 1021 Church 
--Jas (Beryl) maint Chryslcrs r 320 Josephine av 
--Leslie D trk drvr Hinton The Mover r 2291 Dougall rd 

- -Richd trk drvr Dept of Porks & Recreation r 1446 Benjamin av 

• Ranald r 1021 Church 
--Tcrancc studt r 1021 Church 

Bachwansky Donna (wid Michl) h 1428 GUcti blvd c 

- -Dorothy r 1428 Giles hlvd c 

- -Jas (Darinka) h 338 Bruce av 

Bachynaki Frank (Fran-Jo Hardware) r 2591 Mcigficn rd 

• -Mike h 2591 Meighen ril 

Bachynsky Walter (Mary) lab Chryslcrs h 1262 Elsmere av 
Bade Edwd (Josephine) tool & die inkr Fords h 1220 Aubin rd 

- -Ely (Katie) lab Chryslcrs h 1459 Lincoln rd 
-Crgo (Jala) emp Kelsey Hayes h 573 Campbell av 

--Totno lab Standard Induction Castings r 1236 Albert rd 
Bacick Steve r 1758 Marcntcttc av 

Baclk Andrew (Annie) mach Pords h 1795 Windermere rd 
-Lyzic r 1475 Huron Church Line 
Baciu Geo h 18Q8 Central av 
Backa Jchn (Annie) h 1673 Alexis rd 

Backer Henry (Kathryn) slsmn ALB Appliance Store h 3305 Dougall av 

- Jack (Beatrice) general Ins 2nd fir, 170 Ouellette ov h 2588 Randolph av 
Backhouse John H (Jane) immigration offr Dept of Manpower & Imm h 447 


- -Robt (Annie) h 1241 Felix av 

- -Robe J (Elfanh) (B B TV Service) h 3729 Poplar av 

- Wilma E r 1241 Felix av 

Backman Jean (wid Earlend) slsldy K -Mart Dept Store h 460 Grccndalc dr 
Ralph W (Geraldine) (Clarkson. Cordon 4 Co) h 2395 Mark av 
Bockstrom Geo (Marion) maint C B Marlcys h 333 Randolph av 
Bacon Aurcle (Bbcon l G A Foodllncr) h 2890 Tecum8eh w 
--Clement asst mgr Bacon i G A Foodllncr h 2224 Howard av 

- -Gordon D (June) staty engineer Duplate h 5065 Malden rd 
"1C A Foddlincr (Aurele Bacon) 2285 Howard av 

•Kenneth G (June) lab City of Windsor h 3733 Vautfian 

- -Mary J wtr* Roscland Golf Club res RR • 1 McGregor 
--Paul (Patricia) off elk Gcnl Motors h 982 Janlsse dr 

- Roger studt r 2, 1257 Wyandotte c 

--Ronald (Lorraine) lab Chryslcrs h 1281 Central av 

- -Viola (Wid David A) h 307. 6363 Wyandotte c 
Badalamcnti Vtto (Marla) barber 441 Wyandoac e h 1421 Erie c 
Badale Thos (Sarah) craftsmn Welles Corp h 249 Cameron av 
Baddams Keith (Pamela) tv teehn Dupp’s TV & Electronics h 2974 

Claneoce.iu blvd 

Bidder Arthur (Maxine) drvr Canadian Great Western Express Ltd h 
2188 Forest av 

-Clarence G (Denise) rprmn Chryslcrs h 1883 Labadic rd 
--Donald maintenance Woolco r 2188 Forest av 

- Donald K stuck r 4285 Casgraln dr 
-Donna J studt r 4285 Casgraln dr 

--Francis W (Margt) tool mkr Fords h 4285 Casgraln dr 

- -Kenneth W library elk University of Windsor r 4285 Casgraln dr 
-Ray R (Mary J) mgr A & W Drlvc-ln (Windsor) Ltd h 3257 Avondale ct 

- -Wayne M grinder hand Cope 4 Gurr Machinery r 2188 Forest av 
Bader ski Jos P CAngele) emp Walker Metal (Chrysler) h 1174 McKay av 

-Vincent R (Doris) h 1207 Central av 
Badglcy Gary H hlpr Coca Cola Ltd r 629 Chatham w 

• -Harold E (Fay) h 629 Chatham w 

• -Harvey emp Service Market r 629 Chatham w 
--Ronald r 629 Chatham w 

Wm emp Chryslcrs r 2784 Lloyd George blvd 
Badikonis Bratus (Veronica) emp Fords h 1346 Wcstcott rd 
Bsdour Declan !| (Florence) janitor Candn Salt h 3831 Matchette rd 

• -Donald P (Margt) emp Chryslcrs h 1169 Josephine av 

- -Jas L (Nora) onp Chryslcrs h 985 Rccdmrre av 
■Jas R crank shaft opr Fords r 1679 Glendale av 
Kenneth E (Bernice) insp Kelsey Wheel h 891 Wyandotte c 

- Margt (wid Peter) h 1428 Marcntcttc av 

- Willard emp Pords li 1231 Partington av 

Badow Victor (Marion) emp Binder To61 & Die h 114. 280 Park w 
Badragoo Stuart E (Bltzth) Janitor Dept of Public Works h 1760 Ellrosc av 
Badregon David A studt r 3641 Glcirwood av 
••Leo J (Beatrice) emp Detroit h 3641 Glenwood av 

• -Sharon studt r 3641 Glenwood av 

Bacrg Elsie Mr* emp Detroit h 864 Grccndalc dr 
Bacs Jos E (Axmamla) h 1392 Bruce av 

Bactena Jules M (Anna) mach Tool 4 Die h 2509 Tourangcau rd 

• Louis h 1167 Bruce av 
"Martha r 1167 Bruce av 

Bata- Jane regd nurse Grace Hosp r 730 Janette 
Bactz Jean J Mrn h I, 280 Wyandotte e 
Bagatto Nerco r 1826 Alexis rd 
-Peter (Helen) floor grinder Colattui Bros h 1826 Alexis rd 
Bagdasarian Herman S (Rose) carpet layer h 3085 Curry av 

- -Richd carpet mech Saroukan Rug Service r 3085 Curry av 
Baggio Alberto (Marla) lab Chryslcrs h 941 Cataraqul 

- -Audio (Rosanna) lab Rossini Tile h 848 EUiott e 
-Catherine nurse Hotel Dieu Hospital r 922 Langlols av 

• - Eugene A (Sandra) tchr Win Hl#i School of Commerce h 979 Marion av 

• - Lino stkrm Marcus Mkt r 941 Cataraqul 

--Mario (Jeannette) (Kima Construction Co) h 956 Cabana rd c 
--Mario asst surveyor C G Russell Armstrong r 848 Elliott c 
--Olimpia (wid Santo) h 922 Langlols av 
--Severtno (Mary) dhpr C M Trim h 1526 Highland av 

- -Slclio (Rina) lab Capital Plasterers h 908 Lillian 
--Tlno studt r 848 Elliott e 

- Tino (Barbara) tchr W D Lowe Technical School h 2860 Glenwood av 
Baggs W Eric (Amelia) br mgr Bank of Mont h 6J5 Chilvcr rd 

Bagley Arthur M (Cecelia) distributor Imperial Oil h 1518 Tourangcau rd 
■ Audrey E stenog U1C h 1563 Pclisslcr 

- -Donald (Ida) emp Win Utilities Comma (Water Dlv) h 1256 St Luke rd 

- -Dorothy mach opr Hiram Walker r 1260 St Luke rd 

• - Everltl W (Lena) mach Fords It 1260 St Luke rd 

- -Kenneth W (Mary) emp Detroit h 1139 Askin av 

• -Roland C (Kathleen) assmblr Chryslcrs h 1808 Malta rd 
Bugllo Gaspare (Rosalia) (Gaspare’s Market) h 288 Hall av 

- -Gaspare (Rosalia) h 288 Hall av 

Bagnarlol Amcrico (Catharine) ctaip Genl Motors h 1142 Isabelle pi 
Bognarol Gkno (Nonna) foremn Oat Hydro h 6600 Tecumseh blvd e 
-Same sec-treas Wlncon Construction Ltd h 1970 WeientMtcr blvd 

- -Victoria (wid Antoaio) h 6910 Tecumseh blvd c 
Bagncll Lulu h 1021 Cadillac 

Tcvls Mrs tchr Marlborougi School h 24. 1990 Columbia ert 
Bagopoulos Pete (Jeanne) r 2885 McKay av 
Bagurakis Mike exec Chryslcrs r 1032 GUes blvd c 
Bogus W r 875 Ouellette av 
Bagutskis Jos h 1165 Lincoln rd 

Bali Stanley instructor St Clair College of Applied Arts 4 Technology r 
1048 Moy av 

Bali at Steve h 971 Cadillac 

- Sloven (N«a) hackpr 10DE Hospital h 1299 Eric e 
Bah ire Irene Mrs r 1437 Pillettc rd 

Bahna Louis drftsmn Dept of Public Works r 321 Church 
-Toufica (wid Edwd) h 321 Church 
Bahr Hcdwlg Mrs library University of Windsor h 3510 Mulford ct 

- -Rosemarie elk typist Croce Hosp r 3510 Mulford ct 
Bahrl Irene (wid Alls) emp Webster Mfg h 858 Moy av 

Bohrle Peter E (Anne) mach opr Champion Spark Plug h 1969 Spring 
Garden rd 

Bahry Mike (Lena) h 339 Roscdalc av 

Bala Aurll purchasing dept Windsor Factory Supply h 324 Edgewatcr av 
(St Clair Beach) 

- John (Mary) h 3085 Rankin av 

- John P (Eileen) emp Detroit h 857 Ellrosc av 
Baicr J Otto emp Renaud Consul r 605 Bridge av 
Baigcnt Jas h 1783 Moy av 

Boiklc Fred (Nellie) assmblr Chryslcrs h 443 Elm av 
Bailc Geo S (Anna) h 1222 Windermere rd 
•Bailey, see also Baillic and Bay ley 

- -Agnes (wid Malcolm) h 968 Moy av 

- -Allan (Sarah) drvr Lancaster M ovlng 4 Storage h 278 Marcntcttc av 
--Allen R (Kathleen) personnel mgr Internationa] Tools h 1550 Villa 

Marla s 

--Aubrey C (Grace) h 1004 Lawrence rd 

- Bernard V (Marie) insp Chryslcrs h 2561 Randolph av 

- -Bcraic (Nettie) It 2425 Proncois rd 

- -Betty J studt r 1308 Church 

- -Clois (wid F M) h 415. 333 Glengarry av 

- Danl (Mary) elk Fords h 3331 Ribcrdy rd 

-•David (Rita) gcnl mgr While Laundry It 3850 Vaugian 
•-Dennis (Linda) emp Plastlcast h 1623 Aubin rd 

- Earl R mech Clearwater Chrysler Dodge res RR »3 Harrow 

- -Edwd studt r 1550 Villa Maria ■ 

- - Edwd W (Velma) mcch Dept of Transport h 686 Stanley 
-F K & Sons (John K Bailey) bldg contr 2366 Gladstone av 

- -Fred G (Christine) mcch Keystone Contractors It 4237 Mount Royal dr 

- - Fred O h 222 Louis av 

--Geo (Denise) h 880 Assumption 
-Gordon (Donna) emp Chryslers h 719 St Antoine 
--Harold (Julia) emp Canadian Brbdgc h 1070 Jefferson blvd 
--Harold Jr studt r 1070 Jefferson blvd 

- Harry H (Elsie) h 3410 Woodlawn av 

- -Helen Mrs r 86 Hanna c 

--Herbt A (Donna) asst mgr Canada Caahway Lumber Co h 5, 2114 Glad¬ 
stone av 

Jas (uadi press opr Wrlglcy Steel Co r 3331 Ribcrdy rd 

• -Jessie (wid Jas) h 1275 Windsor av 

- John (Delores) emp Steel Masters It 954 Chatham e 

- - John A studt r 2366 Gladstone av 

- -John E (Evelyn) (P R Bailey 4 Sons) h 2366 Gladstone av 

- John J (Sandra) slsmn Automatic Canteen h 861 Rholalnc dr 

- John W (Mary) chef Tunnel Bor-B-Q Ltd h 1308 Church 

- Judy A studt r 3271 Everts av 

- Justin O (Ruby) slsmn G G Me K cough Ltd h 3445 Church 

- Kathleen Mrs h 460 Giles blvd e 

--Kenneth C (Janlnc) lab Hiram Walkers h 330 Poch av 

- Leslie T (Audrey) maint wldr Fsrds h 3724 Matchcttr rd 

- Luclla h 2259 Lincoln rd 
-Mary r 691 Windermere rd 
Mary B studt r 3660 Kandolfb aw 

- Melvin r 632 Patricia rd 

- -Monica Mrs It 1018 Assumption 
Morlcy W (Mary) h 1094 Gladstone av 

- -Norman foremn lltrom Walker & Sons r 968 Moy av 

- Ralph lab Plastlcast r 1018 Assumption 

- Ralph studt r 3445 Church 

- -Raymond studt r 3445 Church 

- Robt T (Mary) commnr of works Dept of Public Works h 3336 Riverside 

dr cast 

--Roland (Janice) apprentice sheet metal Mac J Brian Ltd h 1666 Dougall 

--Ronald apprentice Bannon Sheet Metal Ltd r 3331 Riberdy rd 

- -Ronald F (Helen) express agt CP Express h 3660 Randolph av 
Sally J studt r 3271 Everts ov 

- -Stephen r 3405 Glenwood av 

- -Susan H Idgrkpr Toronto-Dom Bank r 3660 Kandoljb av 

- -Thos W (Mary) lab Chryslers h 469 Langlois av 

•Wm L arena mgr Riverside Recreation 4 Memorial Center r 428 Isle 
View blvd 

••Wm L (Audrey) mgr Metro Li/c Ina h 3271 Evens av 

Bail Lane ourt Paul lab Chryslcrs h 1060 Niagara 

Baillargcon Alphonse P (Lucille) onp Chany in Contes h 3135 Robidct lane 

- -Archie J (Isabelle) elect h 3577 Turner rd 

- -Arthur R (Olive) foremn Win Utilities Comma (Water Dlv) h 481 

Riverdale av 

- -Bernard G (Linda) lab Beodlx Eclipse h 1802 Malta rd 

- Dewey J (Evelyn) h 210 Grand Marais rd w 

- -Earl h 531 Langlois av 

-Edwd lab Chryslcrn r 280 Louis av 
Eleanor (EUic’s Grill) r 448 Janette av 

- Eugene credit mgr Waddcll’a Sound 4 Radio h 197 Arlington (St Clair 


- r 531 Langlois av 

- Harold (Jams) lab Chryslers h I. 274 Langlois av 

- Harry (Lydia) h 280 Louis av 

- Harvey (Dorothy) lab J Kovutsky 4 Sons h 2251 Spring Garden rd 
Janet sis elk Red Robin Ltd r 567 Capitol 

- John M mech Wyandotte Sunoco Service h 1971 Westcott rd 

• -Lawrence h 3569 Turner rd 

- Leonard (Francis) drvr slsmn Rivard Cleaners h 567 Capitol 

- -Linda tchr Immaculate Conception Schl r 567 Capitol 

- - Louis (Rita) emp Chryslers h 11045 Tecumseh blvd e 

- Louis (Dorothy) lab Chryslers h 1097 Pclisslcr 

--Luclcn E (Florence) steel revr International Tools h 1955 Arthur rd 
--Luciennc (wid Edmond) h 1, 425 Pm w 

- Paul V (Rita) engineer Rinshed-Mason h 3256 Robinet lane 

- -Fhilllppc (Carolyn) emp Detroit h 1167 Pelix av 

- -Wallace D lus agt F Bernard Dupont res Tecumseh 
•Baillic. see also Bailey and Baylcy 

- -Andrew T (Helen) h 3660 Dandurond blvd 

-Bcnj A slsmn Maple Leaf Milling Co h 107. 619 Pclisslcr 

- -Geo I (Dorothy) emp Detroit h 5625 Raymond av 

-John (Pamela) conveyer loader Chryslcrs h 886 Felix av 
--Wm (Marion) druggist Metro Hosp h 3511 Tecumseh blvd w 

- Wrn H (Elizth) production suprvsr S K D Mfg Co h 2647 Everts av 
Bain Audrey Mrs h 1354 Gladstone av 

--Chas A (Alma)drvr Candn Breweries Transp h 3045 Rockwell av 

- David L (Lee) dispensing optician Imp Optical h 112, 8787 Riverside dr 


--Edith (wid Alex J) h 687 Memorial dr 
--Edith (wid Cecil)nurses aide Grace Hosp h 685 Moy av 
--Enid (wid David) h 1030 Pclissier 
--Frank studt r 3352 Baby 
--Geo (Dorothy) h 80S. 325 Giles blvd w 
--Harold andi Beaver Oil Scrv Stn res Maidstone 
Harold prin David Maxwell Schl It 2(6, 1290 Ouellette av 

• •Harry (Mabel) bldg supt Candn Imp Bk Commerce h 100 Ouellette av 
--Jas N 0«n) investigator Dept Natl Rev h 268 Thompson blvd 

- )as R S (Margt) mach opr Champion Spark Plug h 3237 Rockwell av 
--Jan W engineer h 68S Moy av 

- Joan C stenog Candn Hanson k Van Winkle h 32 . 6460 Wyandotte e 

- -John L (Olive) tinsmith Folds h 3352 Baby 

- Lee-Ann elk Sumner Printing 4 IVbllshing r 1064 Elsmere av 
--Livingstone (Irene) chief chemist Hiram Walker 4 Sons h 2794 Dougall 

- Milton M (Ruth) h 3. 247 Chilvcr rd 

- Ralph 11 (Rita) staty engineer Hiram Walker 4 Son h 332 Askin av 
--Randall Slsmn Shcrwin-WUllama Co of Can r 3045 Rockwell av 
--Robt postal elk Pcdl Govt r 3352 Baby 

- -Thus H (Margt) ticket agt Perm Central Transp h 558 Oak av 
--Wm L (Inez) assmblr Chryslers h 1229Droulllard rd 

-Wm W emp Kelsey Wheel h 3. 247 Chilvcr rd 
Bautbridge Albt R (Norma) h 3006 Radisson av 
Baines Derrick (Julia) emp Bell Tel h 2408 Highland av 
--Francis W (Doris) staty engineer Dorn Forge h 1117 Prado pi 
--Fred r 1106 Ouellette av 

- -Jacqueline studt r 1117 Prndo pi 

- Jill emp Detroit r 1117 Prado pi 

* -Rose Mrs h 4, 1136 Campbell av 
-Wm ( Lydia ) It 104. 333 Glengarry av 

Baioff Louis (Menka) (Paramount Grill) h 715 Bruce av 
Bair Carman reg nurse Hotel Dieu Hosp h 20. 858 Erie e 
Baird Apica (wid Jas) h 189 McKay av 
--Daisy (wid Kobt)h 1865 Windermere rd 

--Donald A (Annabclle) ticket sales Dct Win TUnnel h 3309 Church 

- Donna J slsldy Woolworrhs r 3309 Church 

--Coo R (Georgia)drvr slsmn Fhrity Dairies h 3025 Virginia Fk av 
--Cco W (Joyce) auditor Dept Natl Rev Excise Tax Auditors h 905. Ill 
Riverside dr e 

- -Joint (Helena) h 2322 Windermere rd 
•-R Jkrtm studi r 1941 Uhadle rd 

--Richd (Morion) caretkr engineer Victoria Schl It 1941 Labadic nl 

- Robt B (Shirley) mach Candn Bridge h 3700 Dandurand blvd 
--Wm studt r 7. 2630 Columbia ct n 

--Wm G (Marian) treas Globe Sheet Metal Co h 3398 Askin av 
Bait man John carctkr Sacred Heart Church h 1066 Shepherd e 
Bajak Ambrose J (Elizth)mach opr McKinnon Ind h 3475 Longfellow av 
--Helen (wid Frank) h 1608 Elsmere av 
--Jos (Madeline)It 653 Partington av 

- -Robt A (Patricia)crew dispatcher Candn Nat! Rly h 4083 Whitney av 

- Thos (Kathryn) lab Chryslcrs h 1127 Langlois av 
BfljoiM Carmen sec Chryslcrs h 330. 1616 Ouellette av 

- Maria reccpt Greater Win Industrial Conirnn res Tecumseh 
Bajurca Erika Mrs lab Hiram Walkers h 1880 Wyandotte c 
Bakal Alec emp Dom Forge h 2571 Dougall av 

- -Steve (Elizth) h I -2. 309 Chilvcr rd 

Bake Annie A (w|d Carl) r 17, 1980 TUscarora 

- -Chas F. (Florence) h 1845 Lincoln rd 

- -Douglas F btehr N & D Supermarket r 921 Isabelle pi 
-Geo off elk Parkview Motors r 1845 Lincoln rd 

--John (Patricia) with Wm Utilities Commn Hydro Dlv h 943 Watson av 

- -Joint W (Barbara A) (Basmulr Industrial Sales) h 2661 Princess av 

- -Norman R (Shirley) suprvsr Fords h 759 Sunset nv 
-Rose-Marie (wid Ernest) h 921 Isabelle pi 

Bakcma Anton (Renee) crop Chryslers h 291 Bellevlew av 
Baker A Roy mach Ford Motor h 819 Ellrosc av 
--Albt (Theresa) slsmn Mfrs Life Ins It 2144 Lincoln rd 
--Albt M (Harriet) prin Cornatton Schl h 1015 Lawrence rd 

- -Arcbd F (Lena) jnaicor h 2148 York 

• -Barbara h 1364 McKay av 

- -Barry tool 4 die mkr Budd Machine-Tool res Ruscum 
-Bernard (Frances) tool 4 die mkr Fonls h 2995 Academy ilr 

--Blanc C (Joanne) drftsmn Mclnnls Conveyors h 31 Ellis av e 
--Brenda emp Camta Imp Bank of Commerce r 711 Moy av 
--Cha« M (Ada) mach Opr Kelsey Wheel b 1953 Francois rd 
--Clara (wid Sidney) h 1084 Monmouth rd 

Alphabetical. White Page II 




256-3445 " When Bendo Takes Hold, Your House Is Sold" 256-4002 




••Clara (wid Frank) h 491 Rankin it 

- -Cuthbcrt T (J«w>) form a Ford# h 2401 Norman rd 

• -David (Goldie) h 024 Randolph a« 

• -Oran flying aikpr Olivetti Underwood r 39S Curry av 

- -Desmond P traffic A operation# mp Morton Industrie# of Can re# 

Harper Wood# 

•-Donald (Eleanor?) map Candn Motor lamp h 947 Goyeau 
--Edjpsr (Faith) h 1541 Moy av 
-Edwd S (Edna) seaman CNR h 675 Chllwr rd 
--Ernest (Maizic)h 1562 Victoria av 

-•Evelyn E Mr* dishwasher Bali-111 Motel h 931 Windsor av 
--Faye Mr* key punch opr Office Overload h 544 Windermere rd 

- - France* Mr# h 317 Marentctte av 

••Francis aaamblr Electroline Mfg Co r 2148 York 
-Frank r I. 491 Chilvcr rd 
-Fredrick (Gwen) carmn CNR h 4540 Malden rd 
••Gall r 1092 Dtwgall av 
--Cary (Pamela) crop Forda h 1555 Ford blvd 
—Geo A (Shirley J) engineer Chrysler# h 612. 3801 Riverside dr e 
-•Geo W (Laura K) elk Bartlett Bros h 1617 Hall av 
•-Georgians r 511 Feltssier 

••Gerald (Joyce) janitor Vincent Massey Secondary Schl h 3790 Matchctte 

••Geraldine atudr r 2254 Fore*t av 
--ClIda mat file elk Win City Hall r 3231 Mark av 
-GUI C (Susan) (Gill C Baker Dental Lab) h 207. 6530 Wyandotte c 
••Gill C Dental Lab (Gill C Baker)dental appliances 703. 500Ouellette 

••Gloria r 49 | Rankin av 

-•Gordon D (Miriam) pntr Ford# h 395 Curry av 
--Grace (wid Walter L J)h 1544 Church 

--Grant A (Judith) emp |ohn Reiner Ltd h 1646 Crcenvirw ere* 

--Gregory J (Louise) financial analyst Fords h 268 Prado pi 
--Hanrey I (June) linotype opr Win Star h 1333 Church 
--Hard Mrs h 207, 524 Pitt w 

• -Helen Mrs h 223, 415 University av r 
-•Hilda r 580-82 Devonshire rd 

"Isabel A personnel elk Chryslers h Unit C-19, 5150 Wyandottr c 
--J Geo (Vivian) »hpg dept Fords h 3245 Baby 
•- ack (Barbara) trade schl Ford Motor h 297 Hall av 
—Jos emp Chryslers r 949 Albert rd 

- - a# M studt r 2144 Lincoln rd 

-- enme Mrs h 3. 1173 Riverside dr c 

- - ohn H (Sylvia) s|#nm H D Bryant Motor* h 1574 Bernard rd 

- - John J (Marjorie) (Modem Cartage) h 412 Prim, e rd 

• olui 7 (Mary M) mfg teehn Ford Motor h 1896 Arthur rd 
•Jos G (June) »t» rep Major Realty h 2135 Beals 

ulle Mr* h 633 Marentctte av 
••Kathleen RN Metro Genl Hasp r 1015 Uwrmce rd 
--Ken H liuurance Agency (Adam J Nlcfcr)42 Shepherd e 


38 Shepherd Street East, Telephone 256-8291 

•-Kenneth (Verdun) (Verdun Eavestroughing)h 1321 Cadillac 

- Kenned. II (Wtlbelmtne) (Km H Baker Real Rotate) li 4182 Rlveralde 

drive c 

-•Leo J (I.iva) h 3790 Matt t.ritc rd 

"Leonard (Genevieve) too! grinder Fords h 954 Partington av 

••Leonard F (Daisy) h 2254 Forest av 

--Leslie D slsmn h 633 Chatham e 

-Linda studt nurae IOOE Ho#p r 1574 Be maid rd 

- -M Cameron (Mae) tel opr NYC Rly h 410 Rankin av 
-Mac (Jean) math opr Forda h 1739 Si Luke rd 

--Margt Mr* r 3096 Lloyd George blvd 

•-Marjorie Commercial Enterprise# (Mrs Marjorie Baker) secretarial 
scrv 412 Prince rd 

• -Mark F stud! r 395 Curry av 

-Maurice (Florence) lab J C Tool k Die h 957 Moy av 
-•May r I4ft7 Windermere rd 
—Omar C dentist h 1535 Yprcs blvd 
•Patricia bsckpr r 3A, 129 McDeugall 
••<Aicra (wid Irwnr)h 1-3. 1495 Gtedstaic av 

- -Ralph (Pearl) postal affr PO h 6220 Malda. rd 
--Rlchd drvT r 2148 York 

- - Rlchd emp Detroit r 1617 Hall av 
-•Rlchd A studt r 2135 Beal* 

••Rlchd J dir genl mgr Federal Property Protection r 410 Rankin blvd 

- - Rota A M (Vcnisla) caretkr Corp of City of Win h 3231 Mark av 
-•Robt W S r 3231 Markav 

--Robin studt r 412 Prince rd 

• •Stanley G rep Montreal Life tas Co res Chatham 

••Susan genl elk Marjorie Baker Commercial Enterprises r 412 Prince rd 
••Terry emp Alexander Ambassador Ltd r 544 Windermere id 

- -Tho# P (Georgina) engineer Unlroval h 2756 Jamaica cres 

• Valerie stud! r 675 Chilvcr rd 

- -W Joa studt r 3627 Rockwell av 

• - Waiter (Doris) map Fords h 8JH Stanley 

• •Wesley D caretkr t'mtral United Church r 635 Chatham e 

• -Wm r 1267 Parent av 

• -Wm A (Jane) mgr Crown Trust Co h 14«2 Victoria av 
--Wm E (Ethel)acct Separate Schl Bd It 3627 Rockwell av 
•-Wm H (Madllene) foremn Hiram Walkers h 3863 Wildest blvd 
"Wm J (Dora) supt Fords h 548 Riverdale av 

--Wm P (Kathryn)biologist Calverts h H68 Lawrence rd 
Baker’s Dairy iku (Naim Mat)y)5570 Wyandotte e 
Bakes Wm *!»mn Jean Lorenz ee Real Est res Leamington 
Baklc Jos I cottsm wkr r 570Oak av 
-Peter M (Ivans) lab Fords h 570Oak av 
Bakich Paul (Christina) maun porter Dom Store h 395 Parent av 
Bako Elizth Mrs r 1386 LltUan 
Baku* Alex (Irene) h 1783 Langlois av 
--Andrew lab Big Chief Scrv Sra i 1547 Lincoln id 
-•Clara off wkr Fabricated Steel r 1280 Hall av 
••John (Ellxth) lab Keiaey Wlicel h 1280 Hall av 

• -Jos IPiro*) atidt Big Chief Scrv Sm li 1547 Lincoln rd 

- - Karl (Juliana) mat h opr J 6 C Tool & Die h 4180 Longfellow av 
Bakoulas Antonios r 1527 Provincial rd 

Baksa John (F.ugentc) math opr Ford Motor h 2282 Louis av 
ELaksl N Wm (Bllrth)barr 829 Ottawa h 11360 Rtvcraldedr e 
-Robt W studt r 11360 Riverside dr r 
Bakst David (Doris) tinsmith Ford# h 3440 Domlnitat blvd 

- -Marilyn studt r 3440 Dominion blvd 
-•Sewd locksmith h 470 Aylmer av 
Bala Ins snolt r 1474 Pierre av 

-Mary r 1342 Drouillard rd 
--Nicholas (Anna) too] grinder Ford* It 1474 Pierre av 

- - Raymond (Marjorie) Urut Pol Dept h 1903 Tourange*u rd 

- -Raymond (Marjorie) see 8d of Cotnmra of Pol h 1903 Tourongenu rd 
Bala's Restaurant (Mr# Bala Zarnosneckl)7l4 Wyandotte c 

BateUin John N (Jean) emp McKinnon Industrie* h 988 Bcllcperchc pi 

- -Steve taxi 3720 fbplar av It same 

BaUlists Balya (Ludmila) TV teehn Waddell s Sound k Radio h Ford hlvd 

Balakrar Annie (wid John) h 1195 Hickory rd 

Batan Danl assmblr Chrysler# h 205. 435 Pitt w 

BulanBrine (wtd Thos)h 311. 286 Pitt w 

Balanger Rochelle hsekpr r 2739 parent av 

• -Wayne (Connie) h 6. 1617 Assumption 

Ralaach Nick (Johanna) sanitation dept City of Win h 9702 Tccumset. blvd e 
Dalasko Geo (Patricia) mgr HI Neighbour jug Milk Stores h 45. 1900 
Columbia ct 

Balasso A Rcnald Insp Dom Forge h 2, 664 Church 
Balaton! Arpad N studt r 883 Homcdalc blvd 
-John (lluoa) emp CPU h 883 llotncdale blvd 
Bala/vv Steven photometric-trainee Inti Tools r 2255 Hall 
Balaztc Frank r 2212 Marentctte av 

- - Louts suprvsr quality control 111 ram Walkers r 2212 Marentctte av 
--Ludvlc (Mary) H 2212 Marcntetle av 

llalazn Andrew studt r 1511 Hall av 

- -Steve (Shirley) pres Aradco Management Ltd I. 2674 Westminster blvd 
--Steve j apprentice Steel Master r 2674 Westminster blvd 

Balcl&r Andrew (Julia) irk drvr Chrysler* h 3085 Morris dr 
"Bcwtnco emp Detroit r 1566 Victoria av 
--Susan (wtdMlchl)h 1566 Victoria av 
Balcoh Ja* r 58-66 Wyandotte e 

Bald Jots. W (Rosemarie) wldr rcprmn Chrysler# h 3755 Walker rd 
Baldanlo Robt (Sylvia) foremn Tamco h 303. 531 Mill 
Baldaesarc Jas M (Helen) with Win Utilities Comma Hydro Dlv h 1740 

Baidausarre Angelina shpr Sunshine Uniforms r 1107 Marlon av 
-Halo (Emilio) carp Matthews Roofing h 1107 Marlon av 
--Tommaso h 2127 Woodtawn av 

Baldansl Jos L (Rose) foremn Harrison Conatn h 1063 Janette av 

- - Leo (kla) h 837 Jantsse dr 
-•Mlchl r 1063 Janette av 

--Roland J (Shirley) barr k sot 403. 374 Ouellette av h 3039 Avondale ere* 
Balder Gunther (Margt) h 3215 Rlberdy rd 
Bald! Antonio (Lucia) lab Woodall Constn h 2148 Marentctte av 
-Franco (Marlxa) mech Cava Ion Constn h 1694 Marcntettc av 
BaklineUo Arcangelo (Antonia) Lab Provincial Consta Co h 3095 Curry av 
-Luigi emp Chrysler# r 3095 Qirry av 
Bahlo Tony crop Chryslers r 546 Elliott e 

- Vincent (Anna)btcbr Steve's Handy Foot Mkt h 243 fterre av 
Baldock Gcu A (Lorraine) elk Chryslers h 862 Ypres bted 

•Leonard N tro»s Toledo Scale Co of Can h 665 Bartlct dr 

• -Pamela studt r 665 Bartlct dr 

• - Wayne N distribution mgr Kaiser jeep r 665 Banter dr 
Baldwin Alina hsekpr r 2919 Huron Church Linc 

•-Donald C (Lillian) wrehaemn CN Exp Prt li 126 Qirry av 

- -Donna r 126 Qtzxy av 
--Edith r 190 Curry av 
--Elainr »tudt r 1733 Iroquois 
••Faith studt r 2263Turner rd 
--Flats 317-323 Marentctte av 

••Fraak R (Loina)acci exec Goodwin Items A Co h 1975 Ontario 
--Irate (wld Henry) b 190 Curry av 
--Jas l» *54 Ocrrc av 

--Jas A (Patricia)assmblr Chryslers h 1294 Monmouth rd 

• Jerry R studt r 1975 Ontario 

--John barber Lout* Barber Shop re# RR»2 Essex 

• Minnie (wid Wm) h 1145 Tuacarora 

- -Neil tchr Vincent Massey Secondary Schl h 329 Giles blvd w 
••Ronald tchr Win lid of Educ h 529 Giles hlvd w 

--Roy (Grace) stockmn Fords h 2263 Turner id 
--Ruby h 324 l.oula av 

--Stewart (Annie) millwright Dcm Forge h 1733 Iroquois 
••Ted (Linda) emp Peter Pan Catering h 1439 Benjamin av 
Bale Carl S (Ports) emp NYC Rly h 5231 Riverside dr e 
•-Charlotte h 825 Lincoln rd 
Balcka Carol r 1404 Lobadie rd 

••Geo (Mary) emp Genl Motors Trim li 1179 Isabelle fit 

• -John M (Beverly) tnach opr Ford* h 1404 Labodlc rd 

• Paul M (Tina) tPnul’s Barber Shop)h 1076 VUIairc av 
--Peter hrdrsr Hair Styles by Louise res St Clair Beach 

- Wm R (Mary) h 394 Wyandotte e 
Bateke Andrew r 12, 193-9 Glengarry av 

Balm Jos J (Dorothy) security guard McKinnon lndu»triea h 2643 Turner 

- - Katie (w|d Anthony) h 2584 Mcighra rd 
Bates Paul (Maria) h 835 Chatham c 

Balestrtnl Albt J (Lcnore) engineer NYC Rly h 2505 Dandurand blvd 
-Anthony P sis elk Palazzi Bros Tile r 2490 Dominion blvd 
••Jos (Beatrice) foremn CPR h 3419 Bloomfield rd 

- -fodlth A studt r 2490 Dominion blvd 

• -Pstk G (Marie) engineer CPR h 2490 Dominion blvd 

Balfour Charlotte (wld Donald) canteen ragr Rivervtew Hasp h 747 Lin¬ 
coln rd 

-'Murray (Carol) emp Chrysler* h 5066 Haig 

- - Wm D (Velva) stockmn Fords h 2370 Attala id 

Saiga John S (Margt) emp Mike Balga k San h 3621 Dandurand hlvd 

• •Jos sbotrokr tilpr r 1526 Patent av 

- Mlchl T (Mary) icchl Scrv Rtn*hcd-Maaon Co h 3190 Dandurand hlvd 

• Mlchl (Barbara) (Mike Balga k Son) It 1526 Parent av 
-Mike k Son (Mlchl Balga) shoe repr 1317 Ottawa 

Ball Jc* apprentice math Win Automotive Supply Co r 808 Shepherd c 
Balickl Albt trk drvr SA Men’s Social Serv Centre r 349 Chatham c 

• •Stanislas h 304. 1616 Ouellette av 

Bali-HI Motor Hotel Stanley Machlnaki mgr 1280 Ouellette av 
Ballk Chaw (Ann) chef Hlvervlew Hosp It 817 Niagara 
Batina Carl (Audrey) emp Chryslers r 1855 Hall av 
Baltao Ciony nurse Hotel Dteu Hosp h 45, 78QOudlctte av 
Balint Andrew (Mary)h 1102 St Luke rd 

- -Andrew (Vivian) tool k die foremn Candn Motor Lamp Co b 3(69 Semin¬ 


--Ann* (wld Theodore)h 1685 Drouillard rd 
--David T (Shirley) millwright Chryslers h 1057 Betlepcrche pi 
-•Douglas R (Elsie) vKC-preft engineering Inti Tools h 4275 Mount Royal 

--John (Ellxth) h 3016 Psrkwocd av 

••Mary emp Genl Motors Trim r 1685 Drouillard rd 

--Mlchl (Angeline)tool Insp Fords h 3281 Damhirand blvd 
Balk will Arthur (Anna) h 1061 TUscarors 

--Donald (Linda) tchr Vincent Massey Secondary Schl li 1571 Hickory rd 
••Geo H (Virginia) emp Candn Bridge h 426 Chlppaw* 

••Gordon r 1330California av 
--Helen college sec Ont Gem h 27, 16 Rills av e 
-Jeon E (wtd Ewart) hi, 1186 Campbell sv 
--Laura (wld Silas) r 375 Q*rry av 
--Laura Mr# h 506 St Joseph 

• Mary Mrs r 2856 Riverside dr w 

--Russell G elect Whelpton Elect h 2429 Howard av 

--S Gordon (Gladys) pres Balkwlll’a Riarmacy h 2621 Virginia Pk av 

• -Stanley (Peace) pipeftr Candn Bridge res Leamington 
•Stanley studt r 2756 Parent av 

--Stella Mrs elk Peerless Dairy Store* h 2756 Parent av 

- Wilfred r 1061 Tltscarora 

-Wilfred N (Frances) h 1951 Tourangcsu rd 
--Wm (Pamela) lab Chrysler* h 1533 Assumption 
Balk*ill's Pharmacy Ltd S Gordon Baticwlll pres, Frcdk T Smith vice- 
pm, Mrs Gladys M Balkwtll sec-trcas druggist* 1965 Tecum- 
sch blvd w 

Ball Albt F. (Ethel) forerun Fabricated Steel h 490 Clles blvd w 
-Archie R atkpr Bd of Educ h 1317 Goyeau 

--Arthur W (Pauline) sec irons Centennial Tool A Die Co h 38 84 Vaughan 
--Barry J crop Ror-Electric r 965 California av 
--Rradly studt r 8969 Menard 

-•C Everett (Dorothy) tool grinder Fords h 978 Windsor av 
--Clifford (Mary) emp Forda h 965 California av 
-•David G apprentice Win Star r 1416 George av 
••Donna R tchr Adult EAicatlao Centre r 1317 Goyeau 
-•Edith r 1758 Marentctte av 

• - Edwd C (Celia) mach opr Ford* h 1416 George av 
--Frank J (Ann) crop Candn Bridge r IS27 Howard av 
••Geo P(Jeoa A)h 3(M, 1338 Ouellette av 

--Gordo*. W (Bessie) In* agt Great-West Life Assce h F969 Menard 
•Harold W material handling Chrysler* h 361 Dotrott 
--Herbt J dock foremn Inti Cartage h 904. 8787 Riverside dr e 
--Jas K studt r 904, 8787 Riverside dr c 
-•Kerman emp Win Star r 96S CaUfomia av 

- • Lama (wld Jas) h 3665 Bruce av 

-•Mabel Mrs swtchbd opr Brewer# Warehouse h 1022 Brlle Isle View blvd 
-Owen E (Dtsma) mach Chrysler* r 1317 Goyeau 
--Stanlev R crop Chrysler* r 1416 George av 
-Win F (Wlnnlfrcd)h 2495 Clemenceau blvd 
--Wm H h 4. 33S Detroit 
-•Wm U (Laura) auprvsr Ford# h 3649 Church 
--Winnifred Mrs b 577 Janette av 
Balia Kllxth alsldy West A Scat re# RR#3 An.herstburg Geo T (Iris) res insp Nonhem A Employers Group of In# Cos 
h 3301 Mark av 

••Judith A studt Grace Hosp r 3301 Mark av 
-Robt J M studt r 330) Mark av 
•BaHanunc. see also Baltentync 

- -Albt (|ta) h 1005 Gliddcn av 

• -Anne (*1d Louis) h 4. 826 Jo# Janlssc av 

-•Bruce II (Hein.) trim repr Chrysler* h 2386 Howard av 
-•Donald K (Mary) emp Candn Bridge h 1070 Grand Morals rd w 

• -Robt (Delphlnc) engineer Detroit h 1030 Crawl Moral« rd w 
•Balhmtync. sec also Ball amine 

•Celia ctnp Hiram Walker A Son* r 1249 Albert rd 
••Helen Mrs elk Em on Dry Goods Store h 1062 Dougatl av 
••Jas F (Sarah) rrk drvr Seven-Up h 1227 Albert rd 

- -Margt reg nurse Vernon R Messer r 3201 Mom* dr 
♦Mary Mr* r 627 Victoria av 

- -Walter S (Margt) slsmn Alex E Happy las Agency h 3201 Morris dr 
•Wn> R (Mac) oiler Ford Motor h 1249 Albert rd 

Ballard Basil A (Edna) podiatrist 801, 374 Ouellette av It 100K Grccndale 

- -Beatrice (wtd Chaa) r 6867 Riverside dr c 

--John R (Josephine) teehn St Clair College of Applied An* A Technology 
h 102 , 7525 Wyandotte e 

- -Peter J studt r 70H Hoscdate av 

--Robt B drftstnn Billing# Engineering r 1855 Labelle 
-Robt C (Thelma) mgr Central Mortgage A Housing Corp h 1855 Labelle 
--Wm J studt r ISSS Labelle 

Da lien thin Horst (Jcnncrte) assmblr Chrysler* b 2212 Turner rd 

Ralls Jean Mrs vice-prr* Ehtolngbaus Electric res petrolla 

Uallstadt August (Eva) b 2522 Turner rd 

Balmos Don (Shirley) pteremkr Curtis Co b 3939 Caagrcln dr 

Itelo Mlchl (Rosie) h 628 Lincoln id 

••Mlchl tchr St Alexander Schl r 1020 Garden Ct dr 

Balog Gail Mrs elk Royal Bank h 1742 Gladstone av 

--Jas engineer NYC Rly b 1621 Ben's av 

- ->>!ui fntlry wkr Fords h 4 , 2565 Ontario 
--Nellie h 345 Carom av 

Balogti Albt R (Join) prod mgr Essex Packet# h 202. 9Q50 Wyandotte e 
-•Alex (EUzth) press opr Rayco Stamping Prockicts h 692 Eugenie 
--Alex studt r 692 Eugenic 
--Anna Mrs r 1475 Huron Church Line 

- -Coloman studt r 2417 Dandurand blvd 
--Jas chef Cedar Rest r 1119 Rlsmere av 

- -Ja* lob Chrysler* r 1123 Marian av 

••John (Rose) meat ctr Marsh Frozen Foods h 2417 Dandurand hlvd 
••Job r 1475 Huron Church Line 

- -Peter studt r 202. 9060 Wyandotte c 

"Sandor J (Darryle) brakimn CNR h 2. 1342 Wyandotte w 
--Steve (Barbara) h 2900 Randolph a\ 

-Tlbor elect Hast Side Plating r 1304 Church 

Balonaa Irene Mr# «ls)dy Waterman*a Ready tn Wear r 286 Pitt w 

Balsam Amelia (wld Hairy) h 440 Come roe av 

--Barbara sicnog h 468 Kildare rd 

Balsamu Mario dept Pyramid Mobile Home* (1959) r 946 Parent sv 

- -Paul (Antoiia) h 946 Parent av 
-•Sam studt r 946 Parent av 

Bolsdon Fredk P (Olive) h .1960 E C Row av 
••Grant tchr r 525 Moy av 

--Hamid J Rev (EUzth) pastor Temple Baptist Church h 815 Victoria av 
--Ja* T paper hndlr Win Star h 2285 Mcldrum rd 
-->»dy elk typist Grace Hosp r 525 Moy av 

- -Margt E sec -bkpr Grace Hosp r 525 Moy av 

• -Myrcelle J (Margt) paper hndlr Win Star h 525 Moy sv 
BaJtrusluna# Vvtautaa (Cerda) (ARC Motel) h 3048 Dougs. II av 

Baltuli* Stanley (Eugenis) h 252 Henkel plBaltzer Bills* N (Georgina) h 3631 
Barrymore la 

Baltzcr EIH* N (Georgina) h 3631 Barrymore la 


--Esther lab White Lndry h 906 Elsmere av 
--Howard (Linda) lab Chrysler* h 3164 Sandwich 
—Thyrl B (Annene) h 4761 Scottcn 

Balutot Estella nurse Hotel Dicu Hosp h 1065 Ouellette av 
Balyo Jos (Christina) emp Fabricated Steel Co h 2541 Francois rd 
Balz ClWMCe (Dorothy) tool & die mkr Chevrolet Forging h 2141 Moy av 
Balzon Michl (Rita) mcch H D Bryant Motors h 380 Ccncvicvc 
Balzer John (Helen) (Speedway Janitorial Service) h 2563 Clcmcnceau blvd 
Baits Maurice (Helen) emp Natl Radiator h 849 Kildare rd 
Ram a donna Filippo (Calogera) porter Metropolc h 411 Caron nv 
Bamber Arthur E (Margt) genl lob Duplatc r 1150 Prince rd 
Bamboo Garden* <H°ng. June. Bokcc, Hoy & Woon Jean) rest SA3 Ouellette 

Bambnck Robt (Barbara) emp IBM h 3816 Malden rd 
Bamcrt Godfrey (Martha) slsmn h 2141 Church 

Bomford Wm A (Frances) caretkr engineer Ada C Richards Schl h 1674 
Gladstone av 

Bamforth Muriel C inv & reporter Win Credit Bureau h 1605 Lnuzun rd 
Bamm Madeline r 511 Pelisslcr 
Bsmvajas Deni« h 575 Pclissicr 

ikmaltran Nursing Home (Mrs Edith Comican)5ll Devonshire rd 
Batuumo Francesca r 747 herre av 
Banar Amelia (wid Peter) h 3795 Sandwich 
Banaszck Ann Mrs lab teehn Michl Stokon h 875 PiUene rd 
Bancroft Clayton H (Betty) shpr Colonial Tool h 3072 Woodland av 
-•Joyce Mrs *txs Univ of Win h 3, 5S2 Goyeau 
Band Eleanor Mrs r 202. 1475 Riverside dr w 
-•Isabel B hkpr Central Plumbing & Heating h 178 Janette av 
--Wm B (Eileen) mgr Central Plumbing & Heating h 4400 Howard av 
Banda Daal (Julia) mech Fcnn’s Sunoco Service h 2497 Touraneeaw rd 
-•Nick C (Ellzth) wldr Chrysler* h 1854 Cadillac 
•Robt wldr Chryalcrs r 1854 Cadillac 
BamloiiWi Qtf* It (Jc-an) scc-treas Inti Cartage h 994 Felix av 
••Sarah (wid Vahan)b 984 Felix av 
Bandura Dan G (Square Deal Shoe Repair) li 1080 Felix av 
Banfield Roberta Mrs h 515. 445 Glengarry av 
Banflll Catherine M studt r 977 Josephine av 
-•Darryl emp Candn Bridge r 623 Tournlcr 
--Garnet (Linda) stmftr Fords h 623 Tournlcr 
••Marlene R press opr Banner Metal Products r 1843 George av 
-•Murray Jitney drvr East Side Stamping r 1843 George av 
--Norman J (Gladys) h 1843 George av 
--Norman R *r (Madeline)h 3, 1173 Howard av 
--Raymond J (Mary L) tool grinder Fords h 977 Josephine av 
--Russell studt r 1843 George av 
--Wanda studt r 1843 George av 
Bangs Agnes h 217, 286 Pitt w 
-•Agris (Ruth) proof rdr Win Star h 1614 Lning 
Bangle Marie (wid Artlntr) h 3198 McKay av 
--Norman E (Louise) h 8230 Riverside dr e 

--Raymond J (Julia) lab Dept o( Parks 6 Recreation h 619 Chatham c 

--Russell C (Leah) bartender Wyandotte Hotel Co ft 9987 Riverside dr e 

Bunich Chas D Jr emp Detroit r 1152 Virginia av 

-Chas D (Mary) drvr City of Win h 1152 Virginia av 

Banlk John (Anna) lab Auto Specialties Mfg h 2462 Buckingham dr 

Banjonln Milosh (Danico) emp Chrysler* h 1740 Hickory rd 


R. J. Battle, Manager, 200 OuelleUe Avenue. 
Phone 254-3241; W. Erie Bnggs, Mnnager, 1799 
Wyandotte East; R. A. Purton, Manager, 1295 
Walker Road; A. Palfrey, Manager. 1101 
University Avenue West; R. J. Cunningham, 
Manager, 090 Ouellette Avenue; C. F. Robinson, 
Manager, 1420 Tecumsch Blvd East, at Moy; 
II. A. Thompson, Manager, 8185 Wyandotte East; 
C. B. M. Thompson, Manager, 1399 Grand 
Marais Rd. W.; C. K. Sewell, Manager, 1307 
Ouellette Avenue. 


D B McGee Manager, 491 Oiellettc Avenue, 

Phone 252-2791 

--of Nova Scoria The Wendell G Hardy mgr 1570 Huron Church Line 

--of Nova Scotia The 1118 Ouellette av 

--of Nova Scotia The Jack G Allan mgr 1357 Ottawa 

••of Toroeto Building 586 Ouellette av 

Bankovic FVrter (Stella) rooQng h 1091 Goyeau 

Bankowski Anthony (Mary) h 1533 Albert rd 

Banks Archie D (Mary) err grinder McKinnon Industries h 1316Toumn- 
gcau rd 

-Bernard (Jacky) h 1958 Buckingham rd 

—Carl (Phcobe) h 764 Patricia rd 

--Carl jr (Naomi) wldr Chryslers h 918 Grccndalcdr 

—Catherine (wid Harold) h 1549 Bruce nv 

--Chas J studt r 4014 Howard av 

--Donald G (Doloras) mcch McKinnon Industries h 1025 McKay av 
—Donald H (Marlon) vice-pres Haslam Insurance Agencies res 
RR*1 Tecumsch 

—Edwd (Margt) emp Chryslers h 2056 Balfour blvd 
—G Mrs h 105, 710 Cllea blvd c 

—Irwin lehr opr Duplatc r 122 Lcspcrancc rd (Tecumsch) 

—Jan R apprentice John Banks Alignment r 1159 Oak av 
—John (Barbara) emp Banks Alignment h 3, 1139 Riverside dr c 
--Join (Helen) mcch Fords h 3156 Roblnct la 

--John Alignment Ltd John R Banks pres, John L Banks vicc-pres garage 
939 Giles blvd w 

-John E (Penny) mcch Banks Alignment h 113, 445 Glengarry av 
—John L (Shirley) vice-pres John Banks Alignment Ltd h 1139 Riverside 
drive c 

--John R (Evelyn A) (Banks Alignment) h 3307 Huron Church Line 
—Lance h 461 Hall ov 

—Malcolm treas Checker Industrial Rubber & Tire h 4182 Riverside dr e 
--Margt r 610. 445 Glengarry av 

--Marion bio teehn Univ of Win h 610, 44S Glengarry av 
—Mary J h 4, 485 Bruce av 

-•Mildred J with Rivcrview Hosp h 529 Wyandotte c 
--Noble r 2312 Longfellow av 
--Patricia r 764 Patricia rd 

--Robt (Jctmctte)drvr slsmn Candn Linen* h 293 Langioi* av 

--Robt H (Jeunc) supt customs & excise Dept Natl Rev h 3649 Wolfe ct 

--Scoti E (Theresa) emp Pond* h 903 McDougall 

--Shirley Mrs h 875 Francois ct 

--Stephen (Anita) h 353 Watson av 

—Thos (Gloria) pres Checker Industrial Rubber It Tire h 2411 Princess av 

--Thos A warranty elk Dingwall’* r 1316 Tourangeau rd 

--Wm H (Ellen) trk drvr Candn Hanson & Van Winkle h 3416 Barrymore la 

Hanky John W (Laura) mach opr Bemdlx - Eclipse h 4765 Main 

Banman Ellzth (wid Peter) r 1590 EUrose ov 

Baitnatyne Roderick M (Elsie) mgr Chrysler Corp h 2 Summer ct 

Banner Claudette studi r 886 l-;ilruse av 

--Frcdk (Diana)assmblr Chry*lL-rs h 3523 Well* 

--Jack W (Leona)mach opr Ford* h 886 Ellrosc av 
--John T (Catherine) sbpg elk Ford* h 857 Raymo rd 
--Metal Product*-Division of D Si L Metals Ltd C Melvin Loosing pres 6 
genl mgr, Karl Dosier treas 1680 Kildare rd 
Bannister David (Dolores) genl foremn Chryslcra r 3198 McKay av 
--Ellen (wid Arthur) h 7, 459 Dougall av 
--Frank (Nora) emp Argus protection h 1826 George av 
--Linda (wid Robt) h 1051 Hickory rd 
--Mabel (wid Jas) h 4. 247 Watson av 

Bonnon Colin (Jean)dir quality control Kelsey-Hayes h 2171 Church 
--E Basil (Jane) b 341 Josephine av 
—Ellen (wid Michl) r 2171 Chore h 
—Frank (May) h C. 1190 Hall av 

—J Donald (Mary) Investigator City of Win Social Scrv Dept h 664 Par¬ 
tington av 

--Jos K (Anne) h 259 Campbell av 

--Lawrence J (Cecilia) customs brkr CKLW h 666 Partington ov 
—Michl studt r 2171 Church 
—Patk r 2856 Riverside dr w 

--Sheet Metal Timothy G Bannon pres, Mrs EUzth Bannon vicc-pres 
shl mtl work contrs 915 Crawford av 
--Thos V (Roberta) sis repr Molaan’s Brewery h 1247 TilBton dr 
--Timothy C {Ellzth)pres Bannon Sheet Mctol Ltd it 3770 Victoria blvd 
Hanovic Jos (Marla) h 2261 Clumdlcr rd 
Banovlch Dimitri cnip Candn Bridge r 1209 Droulllard rd 
Banting Kenneth *tudt b 706 Moy nv 

Han well Chas J (Dclclna) drvr Intor-Ciry Truck Line* h 576 Caron av 

—F.lizth non reg nurse Grace Hosp re* KR»1 Oldcastle 

—Erie J (Isobcl) h 244 Sallna 

--Frank L (Sandra) emp Detroit h 1227 Isabelle pi 

- -Herbt R (Hazel) pres Border Masonic Temple Assn h 1B0 Eric e 

- -Jessie (wtd Edwd G) h 569 Duchmrmc 
--Larry (Mary) trkr Bendy Cartage h 3452 Well# 

—Louis (Eileen) slsmn Lnu B«idt» Realty & Insurance h 294 Gladstone av 

—Mary L oli elk Hiram Walker I* Sons r 180 Er»r c 

--Percy E (Gladys) engineer McKinnon Industries h 575 Scofield av 

--Stuan K (Judy) asst revr John Wyeth 6 Bro h 774 Bedford 

—Susan J studt r 180 Eric e 

Ban well’s Better Luggage & Gift Shop (Bruce W Cole) 494 Pelisslcr 
lianyai Alex L (Glenda) mgr systems Chrysler Corp h 2496 Windermere rd 

- -Theresa (wid Jos) h 2354 Louis av 
Bappcrt Philipp (Maria) h 2392 Lmil# av 

--Phlllipp (Anna) foremn Fords h 1588 Chorrylawn cres 
Bar Italia (Salvatore Macri)coffee shop 745 Eric e 
Barn Hairy lab Hiram Walker r 567 Wcsichestcr dr 
--John (Anna) b 1267 Gladstone av 
--John lab McKinnon Industries h 1267 Gladstone av 
Baraboliak Wm janitor Rivcrview Hosp r 2234 Louis av 
BarachOhred (Kaiie)h 2751 Edna. 

--Robt bartender Little River Coif & Country Hub r 2861 Louzon rd 
Barrulcl Angelo (Louisa) tab Dom Forge li 1578 Pierre av 
Barager Eileen emp Genl Motors li 8. 212-4 Curry av 
Barakett Theodore (Wilma) cnip Chrysler* h 1007 Virginia av 
Barakian Geo studt-In-accts Walter J Kulyk r 318 Watson av 
--Jack (Queenic) h 318 Watson av 
Baran Michl (Anna) emp Fords h 707 Brock 

--Michl M (Rosemary) section foremn Kclscy-Haycs h 2366 Hall uv 
Baronosky Michl (NeUle) mcch engineer Tamco h 1373 Labadic rd 
Baranowskl Arkadi (Domenlca) btehr Nil) Super Mkt h 3503 Peter 
Baron#ki Ann (wid Frank) h 1065 Langlois av 
--Stan (Innllnd) tool & die Paragon Tools h 241 Pierre av 
--Ursula hnlrsr Ivan R Sales llalx Fashions r 1185 Riverside dr e 
Barany Leslie (Jolon) mach Volta Welders h 2176 Union 
Boranyni John (Lucie) emp Chryslers h 1128 Mercer 
Barardt Geno (Marianne) lab h 873 Pierre av 
Barash Albt A (Judy) foremn Olsonlte Plastics h 3664 Howard av 
--Louis (Della) janitor Jewish Community Council h 506, 8325 Riverside 
drive o 

—Loul* H jr wldr Chryslers r 1525 Gladstone av 
--Robt J (Shirley) millwright Dom Forge h 330 Logan av 
Barai Arthur M (Nancy) (Willson ft Barat) h 1548 Cherry Lawn ere* 
—Esther Mr* r 1440 Pierre av 

Barath Desire (Madelon) prof U of Detroit h 530 Rosclawn dr 
--Mathew sander Chrysler* r 2212 Hall ov 


Barbara F Wood President, Forrest L Elmslle 
Secretary-Treasurer, Telephone Answering and 
Secretarial, Direct MaiL Advertising, 504 Victoria 
Avenue, Phone 253-6341 (Sec adv Buyers’ Guide) 

Barbara Wood Telephone Answering System (Barbara P Wood) 501 Victoria 


Barbarian Elizth Mrs h 570 Chatham w 
—Emerick r 570 Chatham w 

Barbbaunou* Sieve plmbr Bryan Trallera r 731 Victoria av 

Barbc Hector J (Loretta) rep Cuna Mutual Ins Society It 4011 Whitney nv 

-•Lena (wid Wm) h 113, 129McDougall 

—Richd -studt r 3590 Dandurand hlvd 

—Susan studt r 4011 Whitney ov 

-Wilfred R (Mary) (Barbc** Service) h 3590 Dandurand blvd 

Bar he’s Service (Wilfred R Barbc) scrv stn 5019 Tccumseh blvd e 

Barbcau Dorothy punch prc*s opr Dayton Mfg r 6S0 Hildcgtudc 

Bar beck Peter J lab Can Motor Lannp r 1734 Tourangeau rd 

--Peter j (Frances) job Chrysler* h 1734 Tourangeau rd 

Barber Anthony M suprvsr City Assess Dept h 24. 6460 Wyandotte c 

--Beverley A stcnogUIC r 1463 Central av 

--Dorothy (w|d Jas)h 1871 S: Lube rd 

--Earl E r 2436 Turner rd 

—Edwd D (Audrey) new car als mgr H D Bryant Motors h 3103 Bruce av 
••Eleanor Mrs studt h 2334 Elsmere av 

•■Elmer vlce-pres General Rigger# & Erector* of Can re* Crosse Point 
—Harvey (Dorothy) union rep United Automobile Workers h 4240 Howard 

--Jean off wkr Green Glam of Can r 1463 Central av 

- -Janet A studt r 3730 Ouellette av 

—John R (Dorothy) (Barber k Haliburton)h 3730 Ouellette av 
--Lilian (wid Frcdk) h 1650 prince rd 
—Madeline elk A & P Stores r 3560 Barrymore la 
—Marilyn emp Hiram Walker h 8, 1077 Riverside dr w 
—Thos A (Ivy) bkpr Grayson Jewellers h 265 St Louis av 
—Win F (Verna) maim suprvsr Smith’s of Win h 3519 Barrymore la 
--4 Hall bur ton (John R Barber 6 Robt A Haliburton) orthopaedic syrg 402. 
1011 Ouellette av 

Barberio Luigi (Thcrcse) lab Windsor Chrome Hating h 3896 Vuughnn 
Barbealn A1 (Inez) sec-treat. T Barbealn 4 Sons h 3651 Ouellette av 
—Angelo (Rosina) h 1782 Albert rd 

-•Bruno G (Jean) vicc-pre* T Barbesln 4 Son* h 2257 Gladstone av 
--Gary A studt r 2257 Gladstone av 

- Uvlo (Elda)brklyr Mike Alzner Conam h 1635 Langiois av 

—T & Sons Lid Tony Barbesln pres, Bruno G Barbealn vicc-pres. A1 
Barbesln *cc-irca» plstrg contra 1194 Hanna c 
--Toni studt r 2257 Gladstone ov 

--Tony (Theresa) pres T Barbesln 4 Sons h 3706 Dougall nv 
-•Vicki J studt r 22S7 Gladstone av 
Barbo#u John r 877 Buckingham dr 

Barbour Arnold J (Freda) mcch Can Bread h 877 Lincoln rd 
Barbu John h 1463 Central av 

Barbuzzi Dominico (Anna) emp American Standard h ! 174 Howard av 
Bare Jennie (w|d Stanley) h 1731 Langlois av 
Barchnrd Wm r 633 Randolph av 

Barclak Frank (Marcia) studt h 307, 5335 Wyandotte c 
Barrie Steve (Barbara) lab Dom Forge h 1775 Atbcn rd 
Barclay Barbara E (wid Ronald)mgrss Billye Tanner Ltd h It, 1440 
Tecumsch blvd c 

--Da vid R (Catherine) designer Cope Tool Design h 8. 8650 Wyandotte e 
--Ja« & Co Ltd Lorm- W Duguld (Toionto) pres, H Clifford Hatch 4 Paul 
J G Kidd, QC vlce-prcs, A S73tbo sec. Dios Snelham tre** dis¬ 
tillers 2072 Riverside dr c 

--Wilfrid E (Doreen) (Menziea Appliances)h 2571 Kildare rd 
Barden Earl H (Rosella) h 480 Rivcrdale av 

- Frcdk (Maude) h 1961 Ford blvd 
-•Margt Mrs r 1535 Parent av 

Hardo FhlUpplno (Franks) lab Win Lumber h 961 Pierre av 
Bard#Icy Douglas (Betty) tool grinder Ford# h 2471 Kildare rd 
—Ernest (Marjorie) reprmn Rdl Tel h 711 Kennedy dr n 

- -Janice elk Bell Tel r 711 Kennedy dr n 
—John R studt r 3740 Dandurand blvd 
-Lily (wid John W)h 417 Haig av 

--Norman G (Diane) p c Pol Dept h 2403 Arthur rd 

--Stanley (Irene) ftr Detroit h 3740 Dandurand blvd 

--Thos (Lorna) mgr Thompson Ina Office (Win) t 501, 3905 Riverside dr e 
Bardwrll Cha# S (Ada) assmblr Fords h 1636 Pelletier av 
--Ellen (Mid Sami) h 1064 Jan cite av 
-•Ja« r 1064 Janette av 

—Jaa mgr Standard Products (Georgetown) r 776 Roscdalc blvd 
--Jean bkpg mach opr Russell A Farrow Ltd r 1636 Pelletier av 
—Jnlui studt r 1636 Pelletier av 

--Judith customs elk Binder Tool 4 Mold r 776 Roscdalc av 
Barefoot Geo A (Ruth) bus develop asst rngT Industrial Acceptance Corp 
h 1023 Chlivcr rd 
ttaxcford Bert r 165 Elm av 
--M*ry E (wid Wm G) h 10731 Tecumsch blvd c 

Bareham Danl B (Dixie) fork-lift dr\T Fleetwood Ind b 1474 Dufferln pi 
Bare! Arnaldo A (Velma) plstr Can Plastering h 930 Wallace ov 
--Bros Cement Contractors (Bruno 4 Carlo Bare!) 2903 Byng rd 
—Bruno (Lida) (Bard Bros Cement Contractor#) h 860 Duchamie 
--Carlo (Mary) (Bare! Bros Cement Contractors) h 2903 Byngrd 
—Egldla (Onorina) Janitor Wlicatley Mfg h 2174 Woodlawn av 
-•Lida Mrs tchr St Jude'* Schl (RC) r 860 Duchamie 
--Pietro (Margt)utility opr R P Scherer h 1620 Grernvicw ere# 

--Umbeno (Rita) emp McKinnon Industrie* r 1549 Parent av 

Bar fool Joan emp Win Star h 8, 275 Chllver nl 

Barg Wanda see Eastern Candn Greyhound Lines res Leamington 

Bargn Julius (Sharon) tab Bendix Eclipse r 1578 St Luke rd 

Bari Tommaso barber McGraw Barber Shop r 1514 Pclissicr 

Barlbcau Albt (Lorcue) reprmn Fords h 1865 Franco!* rd 

—Ernest D (Theresa) bilingual *upt Ont Dept of Educ h 1006 Coventry crea 

—John studt r 1865 Francois Td 

Barich Wm (Ambassador Confectiomrry) h 1745 Prince rd 
Bartcbcllo Anna Mrs tchr Our Lady of Perpetual Help Schl r 2605 Pa rent 

—Attillo (Amelia) h 251 Tuscarora 

--Celso E (Florence) trunup drvr Overland Exp h 3470 Woodland av 

—Gilbert tchr St John Schl r 2605 Parent av 

• •John h 1068 Giles hhd c 

--Jo* (Joan) relicfmn Chryslers h 2004 Olive rd 

--Robt M (Dorlft) glazci Fords h 3535 Rockwell av 

—Teresio mach Cliryslers r 1068 Giles blvd c 

--Ttillio (Rena) shovel opr Keystone Contrs h 849 Rholalnc dr 

—Violet crop Detroit r 251 Discarora 

Batinas Bruno (Emily) lab Bendix Eclipse of Can h 950 parent av 
--Victor (F.mly)cmp Natl Auto Radiators h 336 Clinton 
Barkat Ayuob wtr Forest House r 2350 Elsmere nv 
Barker Annie (wid Sami) h 1162 Lincoln rd 

-•Arthur S Rev (Bathe]) rector Win Holiness Chapel li 1543 Aubln rd 
--Barrie W (Harriet) elk Direct Winters Transp h 1329 TU*ton dr 
-Brian W siutlr r 250 Yillairc av 
--Carl (She!In) studt h 332 Cameron nv 

- Chas T (Annie) emp Chrysler# h 1792 Centra! av 
--Donald C (Mary) emp Candn Bridge h 1904 Westcott rd 
—Dougla* r 1582 Plllctte rd 

—France* (wid Arthur) r 1543 Aubln rd 
—Eredk (Ethel) much band Folds r 1529 Marcntertc a\ 

- -Gary studt r 3331 Dominion blvd 

—Geo (Natalie) lab Chrysler® h 1679 Langlois av 

--Harold G (Anne) drvr Brewer's Retail h 2512 Windermere rd 

--Hugh J emp Win Utilities Commn (Water Dlv) h 92, 780Ouellette av 

—Jack »hpg elk G G McKcough Ltd r 1592 Westminister av 

-Jack B (Irene) staty engineer K^sey Whtttl I) 1582 Pillcttc ni 

--Jas r 461 Aylmer av 

—John O (Grace) mgr Candn Imp Bk Commerce h 1545 Stratford ct 

- -June studt r 1904 Westcott nl 
--Mabel (wid Justine) h 615 Giles hlvd w 



Alphabetical. White Page 13 




Phone 253-7524 or 253-5954 


- -SInr | l*] urudr r 1474 Bernard rd 
—MAT? r I 0, 1106 LLnCelh rd 
--Mary A Mrs r674 Vanlcr 

-'Risk R (£li&th) mgr Weoloo h 2714 Awtodaic cl 
-RtcMcmp Chryalers r 13B2 f'Uletie rd 

- Ronald (Beverly) ticket cli CNR h 22, 1556 Go yearn 
--Roy F. (WUtienc) elect Fords ft 3331 Dominion bind 

--Sami N (Marlon) real est 3te mgr Crown Trust Co h 250 Vlllalrc av 
--Susanfie studf r &3L Reedmcre ay 
--Thus (Olive) h 2856 Donnelly 
--Thu® C fitailt r 1476 BcmArd id 

--Thus W {Lottie) asstnhlr Fords h 4, 1271 Kildare tc 
--Vincent (Dclmd) stock elk FonJu It 3 476 Bernard id 

- Wm A Otiftejl emp Goftdn Itndg? b 631 Reedmer* av 
-•WlMllicd A r 13.62 Uacpln rd 

Barkhouse Laurie (Gladys} atfSE moat rn tr Loblawu h 3679 Alias rd 

Barklce L« [Jean) wir Shawnee Gun Glob h 717 Wtadstr av 

Barldoy Coo (Ellen) marine engineer CNR ti 2767 Lloyd George hlvtl 

”Jas R (Sandra) o^ elk ChrytUeXS h 2237 E C Row av 

--Ketmen J (Heather) engineer Beaver Air Conditioning h 2464 Rivard ay 

Barkutiie Claire r 691 Windermere rd 

Biikwl Fete rca retkr Ea$t Win T a vein r 3 214 U [ailllnfd nl 
Hark: to Jos teftr Vine cm Maaioy Seeottdnry St hi r 14 LU E3 Kin ere av 
Barlow Annie (wld Joloi N) h 2'6'6 Prad> pi 

—Derek H J ©fitly) bldg comnir CIlf of Wtn Dtpi «f BEHg b 570 North 
Tslfcwt rd 

- -E Tsie (vrld Bertram >6 43 29 Wyandoti c e 

- predk A (Florence) eye [at yffsr Dept Natl Rev It 3. D. 673 Argyle rd 

-•hazel M cinp Win Utilities Comrnn Water Dlv r 272 m (LaSalle) 

--Heeior G (Barlow Signs) h iCSfW Riverside tlr e 

--Herbl j (Norah) h 3830 Montcalm 

--Jan W (Gtadyn) tool designer Ke HCy-Hayes h 1368 ffiktie rd 

-Jean (wjd Frcdk J)hkpr Win Chamber o( Commerce t 1949 Ellrost av 

--Jo* fi (Marie) mgr 1J Friedman b 1087 Isabelle pi 

—Judllh F mftr Sc Alexander Sehl T 1949 EArose av 

--Patricia amdt nor sc Grace Hasp r 1949 Ellrose av 

--R Blake vice-pres Windsor Medical Services tne r as Cfsai haffi 

--Ray (Uoro diy) w ts mgr R J Cyr Co]i 394S Longfellow av 

--Roy r 1475 Huron Church Line 

—Signs (Ifeeior Barlow) sigb painting 504 Victoria av 

Barltrap Tony F (Violet) pi mbr Hoick Sheet Metal b 11)6 Esdras pi 
Bsrvuird Allan E aud[ Fqifl'fl Sutloco Service r 35B2 Sandwich 
--Douglas (Msry)tool grimier FordB h 3516 Sandwich 
--Florence (wld Gttn.1 b 926 Josephine av 

- -Geo E (Donna J adjuster Morden Ik Hcldwig b 1090 Harris cm av 
--Gladys (wld Percy) b 3562 Sandwich 

--Jnlm (Margery) steel wfcr Mfgli 3S62 Rockwell av 

--Ksrl (Risris) pniiT Win Star h 1746 Arthur rd 

fiamby T I vision (Effle) phy & Purg 204, 3 011 OuellHte Rv U IFOS Verdun 

Hamden IknJ (Cheryl}asombly flaidlx Eclipse 6 3 02, 965 Brock 

■ -BenJ C (LeOta) ludrymn IGfH' h 3644 GlenQeW 

Bftmcs Albs (AJlo*) It 44S Seefletd av 

—Alei C lain ClirysEcrs h 9, 1677 Wyondmtc w 

--Edwd L (Florcice) It 267 Curry 4v 

--Ethel (wld Lionel) b 715, 333 Gleng^irry av 

--Frcdk W H (Mary C)tchr W D Lowe Tcchoicil h 122 Montrose 

--Herbt (Arnelia) pt ft)] Dept h 426 Lori Jr 

--Joint (Marie) metal canrrolleT Fords h 1023 Wlgleav 

- - LctJitflrd I (Jean) elec t Hiram Wa Ikerd h 13/8 VI rglnio av 
--Lillian R h 2, me Cftmjsbe-tl av 

--Linda teller Camdn Imp Ilk Commerce r Li7B Virginia av 
--Marsln, \ cimp Bur.«.wghn Inc r 426 LOrl dr 

--Maude (w(d Fredk) EfistruecTras SFOieb Wool Shop r $061 Rockwell av 
--Norman G (Ida) rmpCandn Bridge h 1595 Hall av 
--Percy F (lvslcarerkr St Pwil'e Uniced Church h 970 Arthur rd 
--R M Mrs r 703, 3801 Riverside dr e 

--Raymond H (Patricia) fluprvsr Ford Motor b 3061 E&kwclE av 
--Rax wtdr Cliryalers r 267 <'ur?y (tv 

--Rtibt K, QC (Helen) (Wilson Rames Walker M on tel In Gran r & (teach h 
1155 Argylc rd 

■■ Ronald (Shelia) tchr h 1419 Vlestprla av 
--Sarah H (wjd Wm| t 729 Cartier dr 
--Win L {Shirley) mat&imn Rivard Clean<?rs b 754 Stanley 
Bame®ky Peter (Bertlut) malntmn Alexander Amhasaadnr Ltd It 736 Glad 
stone av 

--Wiltex (Anna)madi Chryslers b 23B4 Parait av 
8a melt A lb l r (rear) 922 Dreulklsid rd 
--Arthur r (rear) 922 Droulilard nd 

- -Clifford H (Theresa) It 6S4 Wyandotte e 
—Ellzth (wld Earl) h 1820 £t Luke ml 

--Geo J (M lacboDmoilil elect Cbryalern h 665 Lawrence rd 

--Geo K (WLnnEfred) sexton Church of ilia Ascension li Bridge av 

--Harold carolkr Hugji BeatunSchl h S51 Moyav 

--Joan R sec Riverside Conam r 3632 Barrymore Eo 

--John r 551 M-uy av 

--Leonard A (Delores)millwright Fords h 3632 Barrymore la 
--Murrey J (Ruth) TV (echo CfCLW h 935 DuchokmC 
--Pamela tchr Glen wood RtbScltl h 22$4 Larkin 
--Forty E (VeTiu)mach opr Fcuda h 3116 Curry av 

- -Regd (Flortnccjh (rear) 922 Proulllard rd 

- -Rob: r (rear) 922 Droulllard rd 

Barney FMIHp group Idr Ihipiaic h 1549 l^rtlngtun av 
Barney's Malnscnanoe (j9!m L Fulton) ctbg 233 MtKey tv 
Barnhart Mary (w(d Clias) r 1061 Churcli 
Barnier Frank emp Candp Bridge h 130 I S H Iverside d r e 

- ■ l.aviTtsic c r 543 Janette av 
--Linda aludt r 267 VLHoJrc av 
--Mary (wld Rey)h 643 Bellvviow av 
--Mary Mrs h 3. 587 Pin w 

--Fob! (Jo-Anne) pipe ft r Automatic Heating 5 Cooling Co li 744 Wright 
--Sydney (Feggy) gen! foremh Chrysler® b 267 Vlllatre av 
Bamocky Mathew (Ruby)h 1182 Li El Ian 

Samoa Harold (Mabel) prea Trans Continental Equlpnixm h E454 Plllette 

--Solly h 447 Aylmer av 

BamoHcky Jn-H (Mary) emp DciroEt h 2332 Hall av 

Bamwell Davfd (Frances) ejeci Fords h 1061 Ford blvd 

Raron Aujuet caretkr Palish People Home Ai9n b 1275 Langloia av 

- Don! h 1225 petjssier 

Barone Fonuno (Emma) Opr Fabricated Steel h P32 Ar*sumptJoti 

--Sami studs r 632 Aattrmprlof! 

Baroni Vincent r 948 LarigioEa av 

Barr Alice A (wfd Frank) h 896S Riverside dr e 

-^RiTinlr aiudi r 2724 ClcntciiCehiJ blvd 


--CyrEl (Emms) h 4643 Talbot rd w 

--Douglas H (Nevajifnacb opr Fords h EI5S St LttHs SV 

--Etlwd r 3232 Edison av 

—ifnrold W (Frances) PUX inJilhller Bell Tel h 1256 Falrview blid 
--Helen Mrs h 4. 1126 Campbell av 
--JsU Fr Sludt r 1155 Si Latiia ov 

(Poia) s]0mh OullUn'® Safety Shoe RtFilF h 2724 Cfemenccasi blvd 
--Lconnrd (Purina) radlndlspatclter Ssntl West Police h 3185Longfellow av 
--Mudcfyn a« Drvig Trading Co ree RR*I OtdeaHtic 
--Mary ft Mrs press opr Vctnig's Industries h 1032 Droulllard rd 
--N Puml! (Hits) aoumblr Bu nrougjt‘-i Machines h 1533 Fivemide dr w 
“Morman E {LUUSq} h 1549 Riverside dr w 
"Fmflld Otudt r 1533 Riverside dr w 
--Wayiu? 1> b 115-5 Si Lodi® av 
-Wm J (Dorothy) emp Wdlcs Corp h 787 Felix av 
Bottocl-o AhtonEta cabt nnkr Pyramid Mobile Huiuuh (1959) r Ul3 GEOd- 
ntone uv 

--Giuseppe (White Star DarboV Shop) r 1123 Gladstone av 
Burras Ethel Mrs r 13B9 Tournogoau rd 
--Jo® lab Valla Welders r 634 Si Joseph 
Barrait Glchore Mro Omp RU'ltC PovEw h 3219 Rlbcrdy rd 
Harrell Edwin (Gcrrmde M) h 1671 LLncoln rd 
Barren A Eileen h 98, 780Ooetl«ie av 

--Alan engfnecriog ceehn Kcleoy-Hayts r 87ft7 Riverside dr e 
■ -Archie 325 Gilffll ti-LvcJ w 

--Ch;is (Laura ) mgr Fulmer Apis h 10, 137 Bftjco av 
--CluirEotte recept Alphonse E LcRIanc r 347 Indian rd 
"Donald lab Adolf's Fruits b 194 Gltnga.try hv 

- -Evelyn (wld Edwd) b 5B5 Qiodiam w 
--Fred (Florrneh)h 548 F^rcnt pi 
--G Herbt (Maude) h 1244 Argyle rd 
--Gerald snjdt r 253 Lsnzan id 

--Hurry {Annit) maty engineer John Wyrth A Bro h 3795 Woodward blvtl 
--Ida (w[J Gilbert) h IS? CalllomEn ttv 

- - Jeon Mm jtlsfdy Snm'u Dept Store r [558 Duffcrln p! 

--Jotai trlitmn Woco Equipment Co r 1862 EUrOSe av 
—John (Vera) toolmkr r^tragon Tools fi 1761 Parkway dr 

- -Kiimvcti (Carolyn) 2nd chof tln]v of Win It 1775 Wetncoit rd 
--Michl (Mary) S]mnn BordcnM h 2081 Rivurdldc drw 

- -Fihil srudi r 3795 Wnjodward blvd 

- -Rlehd (Hito) lain Toledo Scales h 1036 Hall av 
--Robt (Francos) b 1137 Elsmcre av 

--TliOH (Dorothy) li 1227 Aobln rd 

■ -ThoS emp W'tn 5tar h 302 r 182 Ehn W 

- - Victor L (Alice) aid rep Continental Con Co of Can h £(K)6 AmlOnV av 
Rarrenc Andre elk Corp of tlio Village of Si Clair Beach res Bello Elver 
--Basil E (Gcrcne) plant ingr WeEtroolc Co II 930 Janlhtie dr 
--Chorloneelk Bryson's Drugs r 347 EndEan rd 

- -Dual G (Isahelle) irk drvr later-Change Cartage h 3054 Avondale et 
--Detila J (Fannie) li 220 Cadillac 

--Douglas |. H (Clirn)]nb Oiryslers h 320 Josepldne «v 

--Euclid (Madeline)h 347 Indian rd 

--FeEUtgeti) lobDnplate t 6485 Matdoi rd (LhSaClo) 

--Gerard Janitor 09|n h 253 | .auzost rd 

--Girard (CecUis) trk tlrvr h 3656 KJbvidy rd 

--Hector R (Alta) lab Chrysk-rs h 461 Janette nv 

--L FjuI (Marie) stock Lrndlr Join Wyctb & Bro h 148 Oak av 

--Lcojhi emp Hiram Wilkers r 458 6ok nv 

--Norman (ijorraine) (Jiarretce'a Faint 5 Wnl1pspcr)li 270 Bridge nv 

- -Diva IJ (Helen) repmm ChtyHl L*rS h 3317 M olKoimtuve av 

- -Feu 1 1. (Demise) careckr S[ Loulfl Sclil h 1040 Parkview ov 

■ -Rciii F emp Chryslom r 8S5 Arthur rd 
--Seville (Angelina) b 458 Oak av 

- Victor (Rlto) (urn opr Du plate U 1959 Westminster av 
--Vincent I. asst iogr Dock Corp r 450 Oak av 
-Virginia Mrs h 685 Arthur rd 

Barrette's Fatal 6 Wallpaper (Norman Etamette) 2135-45 Wyandoncw 
Jiarrctto Errol r 511 FcllssEer 
BaTTlekJsS stamn Dumont Aluminum Ltd 
--MauTint (wld Bflflil) h 736 VitC<?rt4 flv 

Barrie Nancy emp Hiram Walkers h 2nd fir, 3, 465 Chatham w 
Rorrlngron Ada (wid Frank) r 1023 Marjorie dr 

■ -Beverly elk typlut tall Plsytag Cnrtl f 1023 Marjorie dr 
--Fratik (Cbrtsiancc) ertgipcer Fords h 1023 Marjorie dr 
Burris David C studt r 1762 Bernard rd 

■ - Edmund (Emily) pipefl if Cfaiysler* h 1762 Bermard rd 
—Eugene (Fay) drvr Motldiew Lumber h 3-355 Bloomfield rd- 

- Frank offr Customs & Excise r 881 Wclllnglon Uv 
--Jos (Shirley) emp Volta Welders h 634 St Joseph 

Barron Catharine M tchr Notre Da me Sold r 3161 Danthirand 

- -Ctum C (Amalie) h 269 HucJcLngJvim dr 

--Diitl (Dorene) suprver custHims Fed) Govi It 1041 Aekln av 

- -Dcijo raft studr r 1041 Askln av 

--Frank customer rcfntlons InfL TmlR res Amlteisrhurg 
--Ivan J (AHam) with Win Utilities Commit - Hydro Dlv h SfffORlxch 
--John (VirgtuLa) tclur St AlphonOuS Sc 111 h 1556 1.on glum av 
--Leslie A (Irene) mgr Cumin Imp 8k Commerce h 1115 Matthew Rrsdy 

—Lester f (Margi)capt Win Fire Depl h 1231 Edward it 
-■Mary Mr* h 212, 415 University #v e 
Barrens Havel (Wld Kirby C)H 145 Salina 

Bar ran John & slemn HI Neighbour Roor Covering Go b 3015 Bruce av 

-■Sarah M much opr Hirom Walkers h 2, 1551 -7 Assumption 

Barrow Audrey office Bell Tel r 663 Charlotte 

—Chan J (Helen) h 127 Oak av 

--Fred R (Ella) elk Chrysters b 153S Windsor av 

- -John 0 (Cynthia) bus drvr 5WA Rly h 663 Char tone 
■--Keith srudt r 23 85 Lcaile ov 

--Kevin (Barbara) assmblr E-hrysters It 2047 Ottawa 
■-Melbourne (Ann) stmftr JCcIsny Wheel h 2335 Lfnils uv 
--Bril C (IvOma) quality Cngliicer Chryslers h i960 Mark ov 
--Susan studl r 663 Char lei te 

--Thus L (Marla) Staiy engineer Olaonlie Co h 1165 CutTy av 
Barry Alice Mra h 3175 MclExsirne rd 

--CbsS F (Virginia) emp Cross Supplier 6 Riving h 6, 621-3 Wellington av 
--DatU E (Ruth) yardmn CFR h I6S2 Victoria ay 

- -Frank J (Vcrlyn) insp Chryslers h 1379 Tburange-au rd 
--Jaa emp Fords h 1582 Dougsll av 

--Jus K (Carol) Bupryar Fords h 36, 8750 Wyondottc e 

- -John j (Isabel) drvr Chrysler Mutura h 2503 dill vCr rd 

--John T Rev a*MSt pofltor BEes^vd Sacrament (HC) Church r 3607 Queeji 
--Money emp lODE Hasp b 1379 Teurap|pau rd 
--Ruth Mrs sls]dy Rml Retorts S Co r 1652 Victoria av 
»WmF (QofOthy^emp Oe;ron h 44& GHea Mvil c 


Stars ky Isaac (3; no) Ins true tor 5t Clair College of Applied Arts A Technol¬ 
ogy |i 1191 HovJiftl av 
Barson June (wnl Fran:is)li 3139 Edits rd 

- -John R alfifpti Funny Bunny Food Prottuels It 3786 Glenf]nld 
--Robt \ nhpr WaiWolTn Sound fi Radio r 3786 Glenfield 
JlnTsona Marie Off Clk t 1417 Vietaiia av 

--Rose (w|d JusJli 1417 Victoria nv 

fLarsotin Gctj (Margt) *ith Win UtlUHes Ceinmn HydTO Djv h 1583 FeRa- 

--W Frank (Mnud) It 225 Me Kay ay 

Bart Jacob (Annie) tanner h 4635 Walker rd 

--Julol (Pauline) farmer li 4845 Walker rd 

■ -Jos W Teprma Chryslera h 630 Charles 
--Nellie r 4835 Walker rd 

- Rets Mrs buyer Enrdct MacDonald fi Gowh 305, 444 park w 
■-5tephai (Mary A) foremn McKinnon Intluf tries b 2202 ChJIvor rd 
Cana jaq j (Helen) »o;krm Green Giant of can h 1017 Jeticrsuu blvtl 
--TlJjor (Rcades Fhoti]igraphlc Service) res LaSalle 

Bnrtnk Anna (wjd Psi|l| r 3483 DomJnltni blvd 
llartellito Vito h 768 ktircniL'iie ay 
Rnrtelli Julut assmblr OiiySlcrs r 1009 McDougall 
Burtello Chas M (Frances) b 946 Si Louis av 

Itorth C Frwik {Annette) chon occr price Waterhouse tt Co h 257 5t Rose 

'■Jas H (Hwili) h 15, 2J fiucklnfijiain tlr 

—Job (Eliath) eon am Wkr Maremctto Bros h 3469 McKay nv 

—LCwise r 364 Askln iv 

--Nelson (Linda) h 784 Lincoln rd 

--Roalna (wld Jos) h U76 MlIOtHU av 

EtartiiaTcjiitew Elizth r 1447 fTeucoia rd 

—H Earle (Ada) p C PO h 1447 Franeuls rd 

Bonklw Dora Mrs h K98 Alben rd 

--Pei or emp EiS.91 Win Tavern h 1211 Cadillac 

Baxtku Emrch carp El L539 Wbvlerm etr rd 

--Jns studt r 1539 WlihJerm ore rd 

Bartkowie^ Jos (L^l fta) lab Fords h 1649 Albert rd 

flirt 1 Frank (Jaila)lt 2502 George av 

--MitTlIeyn Cmp Detroit r 2602 George av 

Bart lam Robt (JVdlth) UiftCli opr Consolidated TrueSdtagb 2790 Cteuieaceau 

--Titos (Evelyn) h 966Dawi*on rd 

Bartle Mary tchr J E (Vxison Schl ll 7435 Wyandoiia l- 

* Border, aen siise Bitr-Jeit 

--Eftilldlug 76 UalvcrsBy uv w 

--Etui!ding Office Mr* Joyce ftilmicri Dffmjjir bldg managemem 76 
University av v 

-Jai N, QC (Mo rc-Sa) (fiaxtlci Rlchardea KhlghT fi Wtis&n)h 20(6 Wllliil- 
tead eras 

■ -Macdattald fi Gow Lfd Mrs Marlon Gow prea, JusN Bartlct vice-pres. 

Ltd MacDonald vice-pres fi tresa, Cart U Koeltn sec dept amre 
ti ft-122 Ouellertesv 


(Cearpc C HEchardas QC, J N Bnrtldl QC, F W Kiil e lJi, 

F D WIEkop and L A tanbeunte) H C Odtcfi, Barristers, 

Rthum 1002, 374 Cki^llette Avenue, Phtirto 253-74G1 

Bftrtlell Arthur machcpr McKmuco Industries h 1703 Weatcotf rd 
—Uras Av--e1ngs (DtViSEwrt of Bartlett BroD Ltd) 23SI Eturou Churcli Line 
--Hros Ltd Walter W Etinlsti pres, Walter Banltfti vlec-prea, 

Mrs Clara OonLctl ucc-trcas aluminum doors fi windows 
2381 Huron Ctivrch Line 

--Ctoa (Alice) ferem a GaU Motors Trim Flant h 968 Mnithew-Erudy blvd 
—Clifford J (PjulLiitJ uludow ctar Border Citioa Window Cleaning h 1338 
Elm av 

—Job J (RdtiJi) stoekma Ivor's Beauty Supplies h 2658 Randolph av 

- ■Jane (wtd Wm) h 844 Mo riou av 
--Jana R r 1522 May n» 

- -Jena V (Wld Stan Ley) i 616, 111 Riverside dr e 
-Jfwcphlnc Mrs h 112, 415 University nv 0 

•- Kftmetii B (Sendra) window ell»r Render Cmis Win Cleaning Co h 3204 
Rockwell av 

- -Marcella wtr* of Win r 238 Belleporcbe p| 

--0 Russell (Gladys) 3| 10ft, 1805 Riverside dr W 

--ftitk wlodew clnx Boeder CLtieS Window Cteftning Co r 3245 Merfla dr 
--Preston L (t'livih) li 362 uridge av 

- RcgT Service (Rtfijd Bartlett) 1948 Ottawa 

- - RegL.1 (Alma) pres Sperlu-Bartlett Lid h 5098 Pasadena cl 
--Rtmald (Rjlen) Janitor Hiram Walkers li 1Z54 McKay av 
--Rose Mrs h 604 , 395 Univorslty dv e 

--Roy D (I,ne]In) vice-prin W V Herman Collegiate Inti h 3220 Avmdglr 

--Susan Mrs ooOkTujwo] Bar-0-Q Ud r 1220 Lillian 
V (Regcl Bartlett) TV reprS 5098 Pu*4ou ct 
--Walter (Shirley) vice-pre^ Battleci flrera Ltdh 3245 Morns dr 
--Waller P cmpflonlei Bros r 0245 Morris dr 
—Walter W (Clara) prea Harriett Bros h 2628 Randolph sv 
--Wayne flair Styles Ltd Wayne Bartlett pre-i 1261 Grand Mo rat a rd w fi 
24 Wyandotte t 

*-W r ayne L (Juliette) preH Wa^nc Etsnlerr Hair Styles b 3285 St Pfitricka dr 

Bartley Leith (Hazel) li E304 Ouellette av 

--Roes emp Chryslers h 2409 Alftkis rd 

Bortnik prank, (Kay) eaip Amo Spcelalrica h 577 GhipfMiws 

--Helen erop Cldcken Court Rcotsursnt r 1749 Moy av 

--Josef (C<clEa)lob Auto Specialties ft 1422 MaxcHterte uv 

--Mjtch arudr r 577 Cldptuiwa 

--Kichd (F^ trie La) engraver IntE Tools h 2552 Mcighen fdi 
Bartalta GEoe nnu> lab Cn tEavj oo Bros Gontrs r 760 Aylmer av 
--Giuseppe (Roses11 a} r 760 Aylmer av 
-’Lorenzo (Victoria) hbflendix Eclipse h 760 Aylmer nv 
--Rolando lab Kelsey *Vhcc! r 760 Aylmer av 
Bartohite Angela (wld Jos) h 683 Edlnbofeugh 
Bartolo Joaqaim emp Gaede Bridge rea RR64 Harrow 
Barton Bcairicc Mrs h 3114 Peter 

- ’ E tdou C (LEndfi) dep! mgr K-Mdn h 113 H 6^63 WyamfOItt e 
--Eva r 942 Howard at 

--Evert C h 3112 Ferer 
--Helen Mrs b 511 Mcbwenav 
--John W (MLldrcd} corcntkx Fords li 1565 Aubln rd 
--John W (Pbtrlcla) tooi grinder Me kin nun induRirfca h 3631 Koxborough 

--Jos (Margt) h 1376 May av 

--Larry lobl fi die fi plastic mould M fi M ‘i L o«l fi Die Cb r 1565 Aubln rd 
--LmIE c (jUttlluc) prjix ClirysEcrs h 953 Edward qv 





Lawton Insurance Agency 


P.O. BOX 634 

PHONE 253-4657 


—Lillian h 1087 Curry av 
--Lynda studt r 953 Edward av 

—Murray S Plane) ctnp Chryslcrs h 996 Josephine av 
—Pearl (wld Eldon) emp Detroit b 1581 Ellrosc av 
— Rosa E core etr Fords r 1565 Aubln nl 

--Stanley E (Barbara) drftsmn Valcnltc -Modco Ltd h 612, 888$ Riverside 
drive e 

--Stanley J (Kathleen) maintain Genl Motors Trim h 1162 Hall av 
--Thos W (Margt) cooler opr Hiram Walker h 1772 Byng rd 
--W Roy (Irene) Insp Ford Motor h 1403 Albert rd 
--Wtn (Jmtuie) with Win Utilities Cornmn Hydro Dlv h 2575 Gali rd 
Bartrum Frank H (Jessie) h 691 Chllver rd 
—Ken ward r 691 Chllver nl 

Barruk Anton emp Candn Bridge r 1516 Chandler rd 

Barculis Jos (Mary)h 1065 Albert rd 

Bamta Anthony C (Frieda) emp Detroit h 2149 Fcllsslcr 

Baruth Marguerite Mrs sec St Joseph's (RC) Church h 9. 1632 Coyeou 

Berwick Bertha swtchbd opr Auto Specialties r 1559 Victoria av 

Barwtsc David R (Pauline) tool 4 die mkr Detroit h 1050 Falrview blvd 

Barzotto Andrea M elk typist Deneau Steels r 838 Smccton dr 

-•Eliza (wld Chas)h 943 Hanna c 

--Cino studt r 950 Pierre av 

--Lino F (Cecilia) slsrmt Sterling Bldg Materials h 838 Smccton dr 
—Luigi (Vllma) lnb Fords h 950 Pierre av 
—Palma elk Tamblyna r 838 Sniecton dr 
Bas Alex h 455 Nlagura 

--Peter (Romllda)assmblr Chryslcrs h 3382 Woodlawn av 
--Victor (Edyta) (Victoria Steel Products Ltd)h 946 Rholalncdr 
—Walter (Josephine) empMcKlmion Industries h 4714 Howard av 
Bas-awa Lloyd (ftttricU) emp Chryslcrs h 527 Church 
Bas«h Michl <Mary)h 2217 Kildare rd 
Baschuk Darlene see Royal Bank of Can r 1547 Alexia rd 
--Jos (Pauline) trk drvr Direct Winters h 3063 Bytig rd 
--Nick (Rose) mach opr Ford h 1547 Alexia rd 
Baschukt Mary (wld Mike) h 1074$ St Luke nl 

Basdcn Geoffrey C br sec Great-West Life Aascc h 247 Sacred Heart dr 

--Lloyd W (Valeric) lab Champion Spark Plug h 832 Thompson blvd 

--Mary-Joy rocept Cignac Sutts Znlc-v & Innoccnte res LaSalle 

--Perry scrvmn BuInter Typewriter Co 

Basclj Peter h 1581 Coyeau 

Bashich Anne sec Hotel Dieu r 1190 Cadillac 

--John studt r 1190Cadillac 

--Pcro (Mary) mach Fords h 1190 Cadillac 

—Violet r 1190 Cadillac 

Basbow Chas (Sheila) plant protection Genl Motors Trim h 1467 Aubln rd 

Bas hue ki Stanley (Shirley) emp Detroit h 1223 Louis av 

Bashuru Fredk h 1215 Cadillac 

--Jas W (Diantha) h 390 Wyandotte c 

—Robt G lab Inti Tool r 1(69 Elsmere av 

--Wm (Rose) tool mkr Colonial Tool h 1C69 Elsmere av 

Basic E Martin (Janlnc) tchr Univ of Win h 3046 Alexander blvd 

Basllc ljrino (Joyce) emp Candn Bridge h 1153 Ottawa 

—Paaquale (Theresa) slit mtl wkr Harold's Heating Co h 212 Cameron av 

Bafllll Cement Contractor (Tarclslo Baslll) 3954 Rlbcrdy rd 

- -Giovanna (wld Lorenzo) h 3856 Byng rd 

—Tarcisio (Basill Cctncni Contractor) h 3954 Ribenly rd 
--Teollnda r 3954 Rlbcrdy rd 

Baulllo Leo (Antonia) carp Dlnsmore Coastn h 1030 Morand 
Basin Robt C (Kathleen) emp Detroit h 1061 University av w 
Bauinski Krystyna tchr Gordon McGregor Schl r 3027 Avcndale ct 

- -Hlchd tchr r 3027 Avondale ct 

--Ted 2 (Wanda) plater Candn Motor Lamp Co h 3027 Avondale ct 
Baslsty Mike toolmkr Fords h 213. 6400 Wyandotte c 
Bankicra Albt (Pauline) mach opr Forda h 2437 Tbrner rd 
--Anton (Katherine) h 1256 Albert rd 
Baskin Jerry maintain Win Court h 106, 1616 Ouellette nv 
Basmulr Industrial Sales (John Bake, Jack B Smith & Patk Mutrhead) mfrs 
agts 4398 Tecum seh blvd e 
Bans Alfred (Kay) emp Chryslcrs h 921 FcllMlex 
—Dora sec Harry G Bass r 260 Ford blvd 
—Florence (wld jas G) h Unit W, 11. 5110 Wyandotte c 
—Harry G (Dora) optometrist 506 PcUssier h 260 Ford blvd 
--Herbt (Marion) acct Kaiser Jeep h 3582 Peter 
Bassakos Tllemacbos r 712 Dougall av 

Baasctt Donald E (Doris) alsmn Herald Press h 3300 Mark av 
-Ellen (wld Chas) h 1541 Church 

— Lavoin L (Eleanor) flrcmn Win Fire Dept h 1570 Duffcrln pi 
--Violet M stewardess h 828 Lincoln rd 

Bassl Hugo R (Albina) mach opr Bcndix-Eclipse h 2538 Bernard rd 
—John O (Lin) trk drvr Industrial Platers h 1109 Highland av 
—Nlcolletta (wld Rlchd) h 1109 Highland av 

— Rcnato (Natallnc) drfrg Candn Bridge h 1641 Benjamin av 

— Walter (Dorothy) purch agt Fab-Tcc Mfg h 1650 Goycau 
Bassile Francis (Kafa)chcf Big Boy Drlve-ln h 404 Hall av 
--Fraser press opr East Side Stamping r 401 Hall nv 
Bassingthwaightc Wm E (June) foremn Goal Motors h 1049 Frank av 
Basso Agostino (Imclda) emp Detroit h 2656 Everts av 

--Victor J genl mgr Long Ridge Uranium Mining Co res Detroit 
Bastasic Bll (Katherine) emp Candn Bridge r 1631 Albert rd 

- - John (Pctkn) lab Chryslcrs h 1345 Cadillac 
Haaiein Gilbert elk Fords r 260 Strabonc av 

liastianon Wm M (Sylvia) pres Crescent Tool & Die h 4310 Mt Royal dr 
Bastien Andrew V (Veronica) malnt Win Housing Authority h 3640 Rlbcrdy 

--Angel rackcT Industrial Platers r 544 Touruler 
—Antoinette elk Tor-Dom Bank res RR*2 River Canard 
--ByTan V (l.indn) emp City of Win h 1672 Benjamin av 
—Carol L see Inti Customs Brokers r 952 Dawson rd 
—Clarence F (Mary A) bus opr Sandwich Win & Amherstburg Rly h 5 
Winter ct 

--Claude studt r 2315 Forest av 

--Clifford B (Kathleen) lab Chryslcrs h 738 St Antoine 

--Donald F (June) group ldr Du plate h 3680 Birch 

—Edwd (Eleanor) shpg dept Candn Salt Co h 3463 Cross 

—Edwd J (Mary) lob Chryslcrs h 3358 Woodward blvd 

—Elmer (Bertha) maintain City of Win h 9S2 Dawson rd 

—Frank L (Winifred) plant guard Parke Davis & Co h 3547 Barrymore la 

--Gregory studt r 1471 Norman rd 

--CUy studt r 3680 Birch 

--Harold 1 (Vera) shift suprvsr Dept of Manpower & 1mm h 3820 
Rlchardic blvd 

—Ivan instructor St Clair College of Applied Arts & Technology r 1033 

Carden Ct dr_ 


--J E Builders (Windsor) Ltd J Ernest Bastien pres, Mrs Severyn Bastien 
vlce-pres, Jas N Ban let sec-treas genl contrs 544 Tournler 
--J Ernest (Severyn) pres J E Bastien Builders (Win)h 544 Tournler 
--Jas A (Laurcttc) emp totcr-Chem Can h 1471 Norman rd 
--Lawrence (Mildred) janitor Unlv of Win h 3568 Barrymore la 
• -Leo J h 911 Elsmere Av 
-Lillian (wld Herbt) h 1449 Lincoln rd 

--Louis maintmn Win Teachers College res RR*2 River Canard 
--Marvin (Nora) emp Ford Motor h 2315 Forest av 
--Mary elk typist Win Separate Schl Bd r 5 Winter ct 
—Philip A (Laurette) 1 c PO h 3455 Cross 
--Ralph C (Mona) h 3533 Wells 

- - Raymond (Catherine) lab Chryslcrs h 3622 Byng rd 
--Raymond C (Blanche) genl lab Duplatc h 1765 Evens av 
—Rlchd I c PO res River Canard 

--Ronald studt r 3463 Cross 
--Rose (wld Alphonse) h 3455 Cross 
—Thos J (Gloria) 1 c PO h 3591 King 

—Veronica A elk Carnegie labile Library r 1471 NormArt rd 
-Victor (Hilda) h 3487 Cross 

Bastion John II (Bernice) emp Detroit h 875 Painrlcw blvd 

Boston Harry U P (Dorothy) wldr A C McCrtndle h 2281 Spring Garden rd 

Bata Shoe Store Danl Rcdick mgr 24S1 Dougall av 

Batal Abdul (Salwa) (Phenlcla Restaurant) h 1323 Wyandotte e 

--Muhlcddinc (Phcnlcla Restaurant )r 1323 Wyandotte e 

Batardo Gloria T RN Rlvcrview Ho-ap r 511 Pcttasicr 

Batchelor Anne (wld Wm) r 2332 Lillian 

-Mabel (wld Walter J)h 2169 Chllver rd 

Bate Alfred P (Evelyn) plant protection Fords h 484 California av 
--Chas (Beatrice) h 653 Bridge av 

--Fredk (Elizth) emp City of Wlndaor h 673 Randolph av 
--Geo (Annie E) h 623 Bridge av 

--Gordon T traffic engineering dept City of Win r 673 Randolph av 
--Mary E (wld Wm) r 236 Crawford av 

--Robt C (Janet) toolmkr Bcndix-Eclipse h 3582 Maisonncuvc av 
--Ronald elk Dept of Public Works r 3582 Maisonncuvc av 
—Wm R (Edna) emp NYC Rly h 4185 Mt Carmel cres 
Bateman Catherine Mrs h 202, 619 Pelissier 
-Doris Mrs sec Eaton Springs Can h 1827 Kildare rd 
--Edith (wld Frank) h 105, 333 Glengarry av 
--Frank jr pres B 4 C Engraving Lid r 727 Partington av 
--Jane E (wld Robt L)aec Wilbert PBrico h 2162 Moy av 
—John asst carctkr Sacred Mean <RC) Church r 1066 Shepherd e 
—Margt r 577 Bnicc av 
—Margt studt r 2162 Moy av 

- Peter (Kathleen) personnel Chryslcrs h 1835 Chllver rd 
--Robt (Lorraine) programmer IBM h 2496 Byng rd 
—Robins (wld Titos) h 340 Crawford av 

Bates Arthur (Irene) sec offr Win Raceway h 1229 Gladstone av 
--Arthur D (Edna) pres 4 genl mgr Bates Hdwre h Unit P, 33, 5150 

--Block 1759 Wyandotte e 

--C Murray (Margt) millwright Allied Chemicals ti 3502 Rockwell av 
--Catherine aide Grace Hosp h 204 Willow crcs (St Clair Beach) 

--Clarence H (Moya) sec Bates Hdwre li 856 ftitricc dr 
--Donald studt h 16, 1370 Wyandotte w 

--Edjjar (Jennie)b 994Elm av 

--Hardware Ltd Arthur D Bates pres 4 genl mgT Clarence H Bates sec. 

Wm 11 Bates treas 1082-4 4 5862 Wyandotte c 
--Jacqueline studt r 1026 Frank av 

- -John J (Marguerite) slsmn Bird Hardware Co h 3357 Bloomfield 
—Leslie H (Adelaide) asst br mgr Central Mortgage 4 Housing Corp h 

1026 Frank av 

•-Lila (wld Adclbcrt) h 428 Bridge av 

--Linda studt r 179 Giles blvd e 

—Paul studt Price Waterhouse 4 Co h 408 Bridge av 

—Robt J (fhoebe) bus drvr S W & A Rly h 179 Giles blvd c 

--Sami C (Margt)drvr slsmn Superior Cleaners b 66t Bridge av 

—Thos (Yvonne) emp Chryslcrs h 2407 University av w 

-Wm H (Margt) treas Bate* Hardware Ltd res St Clair Beach 

Batcy Alfred (Guinevere) prntr Win Sur h 1535 Buckingham rd 

Bath Elaine V sis Tamblyns r 1936 Central av 

—Linda cash N 4 D Supermarket r 1936 Central av 

-•Lionel emp Candn Bridge r 1936 Central av 

--Oswald L (Vera) maintmn City of Win Social Serv Dope h 1936 Central 

--Ronald R (Carol) roofing 4 siding Matthew Roofing h 2239 Sccord av 
Bathurst Consolidated Packaging Ltd Dave Buffet area rep paper prod & 
fibre con 504 Victoria av 

Batiste Earl R (Norma) suprvsr LlIC h 3580 Longfellow av 
—Fredk J (Gracia) stockmn Fords h 488 McKay av 
--John L H studt r 488 McKay av 
Batkc K Dwight Stock r 1195 Jefferson blvd 

--Wm (Gwendolyn) carp foremn Eastern Canstn h 1195 Jefferson blvd 
Batlcy Austin G custodial offr Essex County Jail res Essex 
Batog John (Mary) emp Dom Forge h 1325 Pierre av 
Batowlcz Sygmunt emp Genl Motors r 1523 Marentcttc nv 
Batrinca Natalie tchr St John Schl » 1019 Matthew Brady blvd 
Bats Rudy M V ucct h 7, 1370 Wyandotte w 

Batson Construction Co Tony Barbcsin pres. Bruno Barbesin vlce-pres. 

A1 Barbesin sec 1194 Hanna c 
--Dennis drvr Volta Welders r 274 Watkins 
--Florence Mrs h 274 Watkins 

- -Joanne Mrs r 615 Charlotte 

--Kenneth (Lorraine)emp Candn Steamship Lines h 3409 Bloomfield rd 

—Larry r 274 Walking 

-Wm h BIS, 286 Pitt w 

--Wm lab Volta Welders r 274 Watkins 

Bat stone Cordon (Gaynor) elect Ford Motor h 1441 Belisslcr 

—John sis rep CIP Containers res Leamington 

Rattagvllo Danl studt r 952 Marentcttc av 

- -Harry N A (Joea) maintmn Unlv of Win h 2602 Princess av 
—Ida (wid Ino) r 943 Elsmere av 

—Rlchd studt r 952 Marentcttc av 

--Rohr (Janet) agt Northern Life Asscc Co of Can h 309, 3125 Sandwich 
—Roger (Yolanda) mgr Brewers Retail Stores h 952 Marentctte av 
—Roy A (Nancy) tchr W C Kenedy Coll Inst h 181 Askin blvd 
-Stella (wld Ugo) h 1011 Windsor av 

Battagin Carmen Mrs hrdrsr Win Modem Coffibre* r 1156 Highland av 
--Mario (Maria) brklyr h 584 Bertha av 

Battaglia Pasqualc (Carmello)drvr Smith Transp h 1592 Marcntettc av 
--Vincent carp Pyramid Mobile Homes (1959) r 315 Gladstooc av 
Battc Jas C (Madeline) sis rep Sealy Mattress Co h 2562 Westminster blvd 
-Lutu (wld John J) h 1540 Church 

Battel Angelo (Adelaide) emp Win Utilities Comma Water Dlv h 543 Irvine 


--Job (Ida) constn wkr h 1652 Benjamin av 
Batten Donald B auditor Retail Sales Tax Br (Ont) res Essex 
--Lloyd G (llah) schl bun drvr Essex Transportation h 1514 Francois 

--Nancy counter elk Inti Trucks (Win) res Essex 

- -Victor P (Muriel) foremn Curtis Co h 1146 Belle Isle blvd 
Battcraby Alma (wid Walter} h 1739 Aubln rd 

- -Bella h 14, 43S Dougall av 

-•Carl E acct Sterling Bldg Materials res RR*2 Essex 
--Jacqueline Mrs h 815 Brant 

- -John W (Patricia) drvr Chrysler h 1507 Hall av 

- Marie r 14. 435 Dougall av 
--Mary (wld Raymond) b 535 Bridge av 

Battcrsan Eric (Elsie) foremn Candn Engineering 4 Tool h 936 Bruce av 
Battlat Jas A controller of finance Bd of Educ res Essex 
Battlstclll Anthony (Anna) emp Win Unlv h 494 Church 
—Diane r 494 Church 

Battlston Gasper (Ernestine ) h 820 Howard av 
-Jota r 820 Howard av 

—Noreen tchr St Anne's Schl r 820 Howard av 

—Sergio (Olena) foremn Win Chrome Plating h 846 Dawson rd 

Battle Elizth studt r 277 Patrice dr 

—Mary E studt r 277 Patrice dr 

—Rlchd J (Mary) mgr Bank of Mont h 277 Patrice dr 

--Wesley (Marcella) mech Hiram Walker h 1016 Reedmcre av 

Battocchlo Pietro (Luigia) lab Walker Metal h 1140 Moy av 

Battram Elizth h 615, 111 Riverside dr e 

- Helen h 615, 111 Riverside dr c 

Battsun Sydney H (Eleanor) maintmn Candn Transit Co h 3943 Byng rd 
-Wm (Lciona) r 3943 Byng rd 

Batty Gary (Lynda) emp Auto Specialties r 3376 Walker rd 

—Joyce Mrs emp Chatham r 3376 Walker rd 

Batulis Victor carp h 739 Walker rd 

Baturinsky Jacob A (Sophia) h 1273 Lohadic rd 

Baty Arthur Jr 1397 Rossini blvd 

Baudot Maurice (Raymondefh 710 Indian rd 

Bauer Annie (wld Fred) h 1027 Windsor av 

--Cora emp Detroit r 1027 Windsor av 

- Ellen (wld Elias) h 1566 George av 

--Elmer F (Mildred) foremn Forda h 1810 Buckingham rd 

-Guido (Eva) h 2. 1596 Victoria av 

--Jas A (Lynda) emp Fords h 3898 Walker rd 

—Lathar engineering designer Inti Tools r 1833 Fcradalc av 

—Lloyd J (Donna) mech Rondy Cartage h 1714 Weatcott rd 

• •Nick die ldr Win Tool & Die h 5825 Malden rd 

—R Bernard (Catherine) trk drvr Bondy Transfer (Detroit) h 943 Plllette 

—Rlchd D emp Royal Bank r 1810 Buckingham rd 
—Stanley A (Charlccn) tool mkr Forda h 2333 Moy av 
--Walter (Mary) emp Detroit h 1703 Elsmere av 
--Wm (Barbara) h 1746 Tourangeau rd 
—Wm (Alice) emp Detroit h 20, 8671 Wyandotte e 
Bauerhelm Victor tchr Win Bd of Educ h 8. 1382 University av w 
Baucrle Andrew (EUxth) emp Detroit h 956 Lawrence rd 
Baughman Ken Service Station (Kcimcth M Baughman) 1485 Eric c 
—Kenneth M (Edna) (Ken Baughman Service Station) res RR*1 Belle 

■•Marvin F (Joan)tcl (HR h 1911 Ellrose av 
Bauld Matthew G (Doreen) drftsmn Allied Chemical h 3762 Birch 
Baulieu Jacinth off wkr G G McKeough Ltd r 1620 Bernard rd 
Baum Bcnj (Betty) pres Baum 4 Brody h 2177 Victoria av 
-Chas W (Lee) sec Baum & Brody h 401, 3801 Riverside dre 
--Jack M pres Jock M Baum Ltd h 1864 Huron Church line 
--Jack M Ltd Jack M Baum pres furniture 3220 Dougall av 

Brody Ltd Bcnj Baum pres, Mrs Lillian Brody vlce-pres, Chas W 
Baum sec, Lewis D Brody areas house furnishings 156 Chatham w 
4 41 Riverside dr c 

Bauman Florence (wld Wm H)h 276 Moy av 

Baumanis Julljo Mrs librarian Win Univ h 4529 Matchctte rd 

- - Velta emp Detroit r 4529 Matchette rd 
Baumann Elizth r 547 Riverdale av 
—Harold studt r 1139 Dougall av 

—Wm (Elsie) assmblr Chryslcrs h 1139 Dougall av 
--Willy studt r 1139 Dougall av 

Bauml>er Geoffrey assmblr Fab-Tec Mfg h 824 track dr 
Baumcrt Frank (Anna) steel wkr Dom Forge h 1133 Harrison sv 
Baumgartner Hubert (Alice)emp Chryslcrs h 1674 Fcrndale av 
—Leo (Joyce) IBM opr Chryslers h 3567 Rockwell av 
—Mathew Rev (Rosins) minister Philadelphia Pcutlcostal Tabernacle h 
966 Janette av 

--Michl (Theresa) emp Chryslcrs h 1381 Dougall sv 

--Steve (Appalonia) ldr Me Inncs Conveyors h 2593 Tourangeau rd 

- -Wenzel (Caroline) h 1929 George av 

Daumier Clifford custodian Our Lady of Mount Carmel Schl 

Bauwens Reni (Carolynnc) assmblr Chryslcrs h 1581 Arthur rd 

Bavctta Caterlna (wld Vito) (Catcrina Hnlr Styling Studio) h 2710 Mark av 

- Pietro (Catherine) (lip Top Shoe Repair) h 1866 Cadillac 
--Vince engineering Inti Tools r 2710 Mark av 

- Vincenzo (Antcnitta) drvr Inti Bakery h 351 Clinton 
--Virginia studt r 1866 Cadillac 

Bawdcn Donald II comp man Walkcrvllle Printing h 1204 Windermere rd 
--Emerson R (Gladys) hydraulic teehn Chryslcrs h 4042 Casgrsln dr 
--Howard W (Pauline) pattern mkr Chryslcrs h 1204 Windermere rd 
--Jo-Arete Mrs off wkr Chryslcrs h 1521 Plllette rd 
--Paul D (Helen) speech pathologist IOOE h 2475 Cabana rd w 
Bawtcnhelmcr Marilyn legal sec Wilson Barnes Walker Montcllo Grant 
& Beach res RR*1 Tec urn seh 

Baxa Eric (Sally) yardmn CNR h 1509 Assumption 
Baxter Barry C (Sadie) wldr Chryslcrs h 562 Caroline 
—Beverley tchr h 404 . 3015 Sandwich 

- -Carl W (Vyrs) cash Liquor Control Board of Ontario Store 206 h 238 

McKay av 

- -David (Marguerite) serv mgr G L Johnston Co (Detroit) h 1233 Qtilvcr 


- -Donald H (Marjorie) emp Fords h 3162 Curry sv 

- Edith (wld Walter) r 3895 Avan dr 

- - Edith I h 209. 1164 Ouellette av 
-Fraflte* studi r 336 Sunset av 

—Frank W (Marion) preaumn Border Press h 982 Elm av 
—H M (wld Harry) h 8300 RlverBldc dr c 

- -Harry A h 200, 1338 Ouellette av 

- Hazel L (wld John)h 1028 Elm av 

- Henry W (Dorothy) (Baxter Wallpaper and Paints) h 8312 Riverside dr e 

Alphabetical. White Page 15 


PHONE 252-7716 






(Harry K Roberta) General Inaurancc, 44 Wyandotte 
Street Eiu»t, Phone 256-9031 

• -Jas h 555 Dmigsll av 

Janice E cash Super City Disc Food* r 3485 Roxborough av 
•Jay M (Margt) associate Billy L Spiadlcr Inaurancc l.ul h 1293 Victoria 

• -Jean (wid F. Brooke) h 1239 Victoria av 

Jo Anne E asat elk -typist United Slates Consulate r 336 Sunset av 

- John A (June) prea 4 genl mgr Consumers Wall Paper h 336 Sun act av 

• -John S (Elva) yardmastcr CPR h 101S Oak av 

• -Judith elk Dept Natl Revenue Fed Govt r 2849 Orion crca 
Katherine (wid N Alien) h 125. 750 Ouellette av 

L Russell (Betty) elk Forda h 2849 Orion ere* 

- Neil E esnp Porda h 16.B51 Tuacarora 

- Peter J anidt r S312 Riveraitle dr c 

- -Robt D (Thelma) tootinkr Qiry*lcra h 724 Bedford 
-Robt G (Irene) off mgr J M Troupe h 440 California av 

Robt G ala mgr jobber div Auto Specialties h 3485 Roxborough 

- -Robt J acc-treaa Consumer# Wall Paper r 336 Sunset av 

• -Rodger J (Madden) acc Globe Sheet Metal Co Ltd h 1640 Cherry lawn 


- Ronald (Linda) crop Chryalcra h 956 Curry av 

- -Susan atudr r 1018 Oak av 

•Wallpaper 6 Paints (Henry Baxter) 4581 Tecum sch blvd c 
-Wayne C studt r 3162 Curry av 

• -Wm D engineer Detroit h 430. 1616 Ouellette av 
•Wm H atudt r S312 Riverside dr e 

-Wm J (Shirley) slsmn J M Troupe h 3417 Millen 
Bayard Gilbert A (Caroline) acc Coiautt! Broa Ltd h 212. 8325 Rtveraldr 
dr caat 

Bayer Arthur prea Windsor Property Management Ltd rca Detroit 
Bay ley Artheroise (wid Chas E) h 495 California av 

- Chaa E (Joan) acet Chryalcra h 2799 Alexandra av 

- -Geo H (Nellie) pees Bay lev 6 Ellis Co Ltd h 484 Sunset av 

• -Harold J (Phyllis) elk Porda h 3560 Charlevoix av 

- Myrtle Mrs elk in charge Rivard Cleaners Ltd r 3199 Mark av 

- -Robt (Madeline) floor covcrcr r 758 St Antoine 

-•6 Ellis Co Ltd Geo H Bdyley pres, Donald T Ellis vice pres leather 
goods 321 323 Riverside dr w 

BayUs Clifford W (Marjorie) grinder Fords It 831 Howard ov 
Everett (Owen) chipper 6 grinder Forda h 3381 Bloomfield rd 
--Morris (Katherine) lab Chryslers h 889 McDougail 

• -Roy emp Windsor Raceway h 243 Mercer 

Bayliss Clarence emp Walker Metal b 1085 Highland av 
Thos (Sharon) lab Chryslcra h 1564 Ltllun 
Bayn Andrew D (Diane) mcch Chryslers h 1531 Plllette rd 
Bayne Alex H h 313. 280 Park w 

- -Don M dispatcher CNR r 828 Lincoln rd 
•Isabelle M h 313. 280 Park w 

Baynham Alfred C h 830 Bclleperchc pi 

• -Alfred J tool 6 die mkr Fords r 830 Dcllcpcrxhe pi 

-John W (Lorraine) foreran National Auto Radiator h 2679 Mcljdtcn rd 
Bayntoo Clctus A (Ruth) h 764 Partington av 

• John D (Mary -Lou) emp Detrou h 791 Partington av 

•Roy (Marilyn) suprvar Marctitcttc Constn h 347 Partington av 
Bay ramus (Elizth) h 819 Argyle rd 
Baya Dorothy r 863 Jefferson blvd 
-Douglas L (Mary) cinematographer CKLW h 904 Lawrence rd 
Jas S (Shirley) supervisory 1 c P0 h 832 St Marys blvd 
--Neil T (Joan) prod control Chryslers h 2540 KUdaro rd 

• -Regd V (Louise) slsmn G C McKcough Ltd h 863 Jefferson blvd 

- Shirley return elk Win News h 832 Si Mary’s blvd 
Bayugu Elolss regd nurse Hotel Dlcu r 975 Ouellette av 

Bayzik Stephen R (Carolyn) systems analyst Univ of Windsor h 761 

Baz Alex (Edith) serv dept Webster Motors Windsor h 1232 Elsmere av 

• -Frrdk (Moy) gas ftr Essex Boiler Heating 4 Engineering h 984 Lillian 
--Susan lab Reid Industries Ltd r 984 Lillian 

Bail] Steve oiler Kelsey Wheel r 1381 Marcnlctte av 

Bazinct Emile P (Doraliee) emp Sterling Constn h 976 Ford blvd 

• -Guy (Maryann) emp Romeo Machine Shop h 1820 Randolph av 

- -Paul E (Felicltc) boilermkr Romeo Mach Shop r 976 Ford blvd 
Baz Ilk Steven (Olga) ln*p Chrysler Corph 2273 Meldrutu rd 
-•Victor (Crcllc) rasp Champion Spark Plug h 1237 Harrison av 
Bazoo Ellrth (wid Ignau) It 3574 Woodland av 

Bazydlo Walter (Bernice) furnaccmn Dominion Forge h 1391 Marcotcnc 

Baxylkicwich Mary (w»d Mick) h 611 Eugenic 

Beach Brian B (Jo Anne) (Wilson. Barnes. Walker. MonteUo. Grant 4 
Beach) h 2357 Moy av 

Eugene emp Intercity Truck Co r 1567 Riverside dr e 
--Gerald (Doris) apprentice Harold’s Heating Co Ltd 

• -Jehn (Grace) h 1071 Esdras pi 

- Lawrence E (Margt) drftsran J P Thomson Associates Architects h 

1448 Cadillac 

Robt R (Patricia) engineer CNR h 1665 Victoria av 

• -Wm E (Florence) stmftr Fords h 3952 Roseland dr w 
Bcachcy John (Betty) mgr-mteh Central Chrysler Plymouth h 3006 

Longfellow av 

Bcadow Dorothy (wid Allred) h 1924 Spring Carden rd 

• Geo lehr Percy P McCaUum Schl h 1510 Stuart 

- -Kenneth H hlpr John Banks Alignment Ltd r 1924 Spring Garden rd 
Beagan Clifford A (Barbara) loremn General Motors Trim h 488 Isack dr 
Bcagen Wm (Barbara) referee National Hockey League h 3832 Glcnftcld 
Beahan Jas h 1237 Hickory rd 

-J Francis (Jean) bench wkr Chryslers h 2572 Kildare rd 

- Jas C (Jeanmne) irk drvr Ford Motor h 1595 Olive rd 

• -Ja» T studt r 1595 Olive rd 
Margt h 2-8, 1495 Gladstone av 

Beal Thos (Rita) r 721 Gladstone av 
Beale Helen (wid Tho* P) h 1319 Francois rd 

- Jehn P emp Chrysler» r 1519 Francois rd 

- -Michl S studt r 1519 Francois rd 

Beall Helen suprvsr cash Smith’s of Windsor Ltd r 5. 335 Detroit 

• Helen Mrs with Windsor Bd of Educ h 3. 335 Detroit 
Beals G H h 72. 780 Ouellette av 

- -Harlo mgr Amchcm Products Incorporated re* RR *3 Amberstburg 
Bean Alfred F (Evelyn) trimmer Dominion Forge h 3319 Turner rd 

Harold W (Doris) stknrn Fords b 2186 Parent av 
•Judy studt r 2186 Parent av 

• -Wesley E (Alta) h 865 Reedincrc av 
Bear Agnes Mr* r 2572 Rivard av 

-Hen) (Gertrude) «lsmn Adelman’s Dept Store h 404 . 280 Park w 
Catherine (wid Percy) h 1808$ Drouillard rd 

- -Duane studt r 2337 Moy av 

- - Frank R (Rose) crop Windsor Packing h 415 Parttngton av 

•G C Ud Grover C Bear pres. Ira Whitmore vtce-prcs bakers supplies 
2597 Howard av 

• Grover C (Cordelia) pres G C Bear Ltd h 2337 Moy av 

- -Lawrence E (Muriel) motor mcch Parkview Motors h 2176 McDougail 
-Rtchd studt r 3268 Virginia Park av 

- -Wm C jUcnc) deputy County of Essex Registry Office h 3268 

• Wm H (Enid) research wkr Uhiv of Windsor h 16 . 8750 Wyandotte e 
Bearcat Battery 4 Tire Service Rene Briscbols gvnl mgr 680-696 

Wyandotte e 

Beard Mabel b 558 Chippewa 

Bcardmore Chas A (Elizth) crop Detroit h 3159 Bruce av 
-Jas atudt r 3159 Bruce av 
Beorhope Agnes (wid Thos) r 1131 Church 
Klizth (wid Robt) h 4 . 972 Erls e 

-Murray mgr Canadian Order of Foresters Life Insurance Co res St 
Clair Beach 

Bcarman Fredk A p c FO h 104. 274 Giles blvd w 
Thos R (Florence) It 416 Pine 
Bears* Ethel Mrs h 226. 415 University av c 

Bcarzalll Antonio tool 4 die apprentice Metro Too) Co r 557 Giles blvd c 
Beasley C E (E B Sales) res RR • 1 Belle River 

Francis (Augusta) with Canada Pension (Fed) h 3964 Whitney av 

- Isobel h 221 Mill 
Jeant- 221 Mill 

-Karen E emp Detroit r 868 Virginia av 
Mary K stuOt r 868 Virginia av 

--Ronald W (Janet) gcnl mgr Bandy Cartage Ltd h 868 Virginia av 
Bcaaty Ethel r 938 Dougall av 

Bcassc Ernest L (Dora) btehr Detroit h 1870 Glendale av 
•Pierre (Mary L) h 1697 Balfour blvd 
Beaten Donald W B (Shirley) emp Detroit h 619 Cabana rd w 

- -Geo H (Barbara) suprvsr Detroit Free Press b 3550 Askin av 

- -Mark D atudt r 619 Cabana rd w 

Deal It- Jack electronics Windsor Pirc Dept Signal Division 
Bcato Francisco (Louise) emp Kelsey Wheel h 1044 Dougall av 
-Jo# r 729 Janette av 
-Vteo (Maria) r 1044 Dougall av 
Deaton Alex C (Molly) elk Chrysler* h 2150 Lincoln rd 

- - Alex D (Elizth) rprt. Chryslers h 2563 George av 
■ -Angus (Annie) h 1865 Riverside dr w 

- -David H (Yvonne) chemical engineer Fords h 2568 Ida rd 

- -David A (J«*®) off mgr Riverside Fabricating h 1334 Duffcrln pi 
-Eva r 101. 2035 University av w 

- -Geo B (Annie K) h 892 Prado pi 

• -J Francis (Anne) assmblr Chryslers h 246 Cadillac 
Jas Phi. 1165 Howard av 

- -Jerome O (Doreen) carp John M M Troup Ltd h 4828 Matdicne rd 
John (Dorothy) stkrm elk Chryslers h 1947 Femdalc av 

- -John A (Jessie) off elk Chrysler* h 1260 Marcotcnc av 
-John A (Bcrncdcttc) pntr Natl Paint h 1156 Mercer 
John C studt r 1850 Larkin rd 

Louise A (wid Geo) h 1001. 8787 Riverside dr c 

• -Mary C studr r 1M0 Larkin rd 
-Michl O studt r 2150 Lincoln rd 

-Peter (Claudette) assmblr Chryslers h 4. 545 Cameron av 
Robt I (Margt) rep Ditto of Canada Ltd h 1850 Larkin rd 
•Roderick (Cathrinc) emp Genl Motors h 1579 Hall av 

- Roderick D las adj Western 4 British America Assurance Group res 

RR •! Belle River 
Wm R studt r 1850 Larkin rd 
Beatrice Terrace apes 460-472 Logon av 

• Beattie, sec also Beatty 

•Arthur J (Stella) *tnp Kelsey Wheel h 1076 Janette av 
•Barbara studt nurse Hotel Dlcu r 963 Virginia av 

- -Beverly studt r 963 Virginia av 

- -Carol Mrs h 604 South Pacific av 

- -David L (Rose) matntenancemn Forda h 1621 Norman rd 
-Elsie M (wid Peter) h 934 Glldden av 

-Ethel Th 1219 Lincoln rd 

•Hugh M (Julia) gee tress 4 mgr Win Credit Bureau h 963 Virginia av 

- -jas (Margt) forctnn Hiram Walker 4 Sons h 1469 Olive rd 

- -John F h 1233 Bruce av 

Kate (wid John A) h 1685 Dougall uv 

- -Lindsay G (lone) wldr Fords h 420 Josephine av 
Moyna M sec Detroit r 934 Gliddcn av 
•Norman lincmn Bell Tel r 1076 Janette av 

- Rtchd J (Barbara) dcsipicr Chrysler* h 2960 Mark av 
•Robt studt r 2176 McDougail 

- -Sherman J (Muriel) bus drvr SWTA Rly h 1689 Dougall av 

• -Theresa studt r 1076 Janette av 
Tho* studt r 963 Virginia av 

•Beatty, sec also Beattie 

-Albt C (Vivian) off mgr J H Ryder Machinery Ltd h 1842 Dyng rd 

- -Clair (Doreen) pres Beatty Motors Ltd h 3099 Walker rd 
Doreen Travel Service (Mra Doreen Beatty) 3099 Walker rd 
Irene (wid Wm) h 452 John M 

-Kate Mr* h 205. 415 University av c 

Malcolm P (HiyUia) receiving elk Champion Spark Plug h 730 Morand 
-•Millie (wid Malcolm) r 1842 By»g rd 

--Motors Collision Ltd Clair Beatty pres. Douglas Tofflcmire vlce-pres 
auto repair 2890 Walker rd 

- -Motors Ltd Clair Beatty pres. Douglas Tofflcmire gee treat used cara 

2270 Tccumsch blvd c 

- -Ralph (Rose) h 102. 395 University av e 

Robt srudt b 2, 1257 Wyandotte e 
Beaubien Blatne srudt r 3425 Millen 

• Kdwlr. (Rosalind) emp M 4 P Transport h 3425 Millen 
Beauchamp Alice r 214 Cameron av 

- -Andre G (Dianne) pantograph opr International Tools h 445 Elliott w 

- -Andrew (Maria) bun drvr S W 4 A h 2639 Norman rd 

• -Barbara off wkr Civil Service r 861 Goycau 

- -Douglas E (Jean) uiap Chryalcr* h 26*2 Armstrong av 

Ernest O (Anne) trk hlpr Gill in* Ltd h 861 Goycau 

• - Evelyn h 2608 Tmirangcsu rd 

Fred (Laura) stintn Fords h 929 Marlon av 

- -Lucille Mrs h 711 Pelisaier 
Michl r 4877 Wyandotte c 

Mildred see L 4 J Refrigeration r 1957 St Ann (Tecumath) 

Patricia stenog Maleyko. Brophey 4 D’Hoodt r 2608 Tourangeau rd 
Philip studt r 2608 Tourangeau rd 


- -Rvmi pntr Smart Decorating Ltd r 832 Pierre av 

- -Robt loans dept The Bank of Nova Scotia r 1486 Bruce av 

•Ronald apprentice mcch Orval’s Garage r 1957 St Anno (Tecumsth) 

- -Sandra Lab teehn Grace Hosp r 2608 Tourangeau rd 
Thos P. (Kathleen G) crop Detroit h 2546 Armstrong av 

- -Victor (Emcrcntlcroc) h 2379 Aubin rd 
Bcauchc Jean deckhand Wabash Rly It 218 Aylmer av 

Beauchcmin Marcel J (Vida) tool grinding Colonial Tool h 1938 Jefferson 

Beaudet Edmond li 908 Dawson rd 
Leonard h 908 Dawaoa rd 
--Tho* studt r 2476 Princess av 
Wilfred (Mane) h 2476 Princess av 
Beaudette Bridgettc Mrs h 481 Bridge av 
Conrad emp Chryalcra h 1524 l-anglois av 

- -Kdwd (Claire) lift drvr Chryslers h 742 Parent av 
--Jas lehr John L Forster Collegiate r 679 Pichc 
Bcaudin Adele L Mrs h 36. 405 Pelisaier 

- -Jack (Annlck) Insp Fords h 444 Me Ewan av 

--Joan L (Rose-Marie) lab Fords h 1736 Gladstone av 
Jo* (Lcoura) pntr h 423 KUdarc rd 
--Paul (Ghislaiac) emp Fords h 2453 Bernard rd 

- Raymond tile setter r 2417 - 2419 Highland av 
-Victor (Alma) elk Candn Tirch 2417-2419HInland av 

Boiudion Geo r 516 Pierre av 

Beaudoin Alvin B (Genevieve) crop Chryslers h 3585 Maisotmeuve av 
Clifford J (Marianne) foreran McKinnon Industries h 1593 Aubin rd 
--Clinton mcch Poupard’s Esso Service r 2463 Chandler td 

- Della (wid Henry) h 2463 Chandler rd 

-Earl J (Ethel) much Fords h 2296 Dominion blvd 

- -Gory W (Sandra) insp Fords h 2425 Arthur rd 

- -Gerald (Maggie) b 3238 Edison av 

- Gerald (Jean) slsmn Essex Welders Supply h 2609 Tourangeau rd 

- -Harvey aluminum Meeting Pyramid Mobile Homes (1959) res RR • I 


- las J studt r 1346 Partington av 

•Janice see Lazar Yovasovtch r 974 St Louis av 

•John M (Loretta) property dir City of Windsor h 1346 Partington #v 
Lawrence wldr White Plumbing 4 Heating res RR • 1 Belle River 

- -Leo shpr C G McKeoujh Ltd h 12446 Ketuud (Tecumseh) 

Lionel A (Juliette) pntr National Paint Co h 589 Caron nv 
-Lloyd K (Anne) auditor City of Windsor Social Services Dept h 2136 
Gladstone av 

Mary (wid Clyde) h 11R5 Hi#i 

• Merle E (Ruth) emp Fords h 974 St Louis av 

-Michl aluminum sheeting Pyramid Mobile Homes (1959) res RR * 1 
La Salle 

- Norman (Carol) (Norm’s Variety) h 622 South 
Pamela elk r 1232 Janette av 

--Peter studt r 1346 Partington av 
Richd emp Steinberg’s r 1112 Chatham c 

- -Robt A (Catherine) stfpi servtccmn Demers Electric h 1532 St Luke rd 
Ronald retail sis Sllverwood’s res RR *4 Amber stburg 

-Ronald J (Elizth) alsmn Reliance Auto Sales h 1793 Parkway dr 
--Ronald M (Patricia) paint reducer Rlnahcd Mason h 3471 Croas 

- Roseh 1126 Prince rd 

- -Wallace J (Dora) (Reliance Auto Sales) h 1580 Tccumseh blvd w 
Beaudry Albt I (Myra) steclwkr Detroit h 1749 KUdarc rd 

Brian (Claudette) studt h 2. 583 Mill 

Donald J (Florence) foremo Candn Bridge h 3066 Woodland av 

- - Eugene (Bonnie) r a s Talbot rd w 

- -Lillian Mrs emp Bendix Eclipse h 194 Glengarry av 

- -Mary Rose studt r 1001 Brock 

Raymond A (Shirley) pntr Natl Painting 4 Decorating h 1657 Aubin rd 
-Ruby (wid Louis) nurse Metro Grail Hospital h 1366 Bridge av 
-Wm W L (Joanne) emp Detroit h 564 Rankin av 
Beaugrand Arthur W (Magdalene) b 1355 Shepherd e 

- Ernest (Bella) li 511 St Joseph 

-Jas (Diane) furnace opr Fords h 1527 Windermere rd 

• -Jas studt r 1527 Windermere rd 

-Jas R elk A 4 P Store r 1708 Plllette rd 
John lab Ford* r 1708 PiUrttc rd 

- Jos r 251 Campbell av 

- -Jos r 1475 Huron Church Line 

• -Jos (Adeline) h 202. 445 Glengarry av 

• Leu Mrs emp Windsor Lumber h 1029 Edward av 

- -Oliver (Eileen) hi. B160 Clalrvlew av 
•Omcr (Gaetano) r 635 St Joseph 

- -Omcr J press opr Zalcv Bros h 635 St Joseph 

- Raymond G with Riverside Harbour Murtna 

- -Regina (wid Hclairc) h 1655 Highland av 

- -Sylvia Mrs r 1708 Pill one rd 

Bcaugrandc Albt (Florence) mach opr h 286 Hall av 
Beau! Louise Mrs elk Prieur’s Market h 164 Raaktn av 
--Marron (Scaul’s Upholstering) h 3501 Sandwich 

- -Stanley O (Muriel) leader Candn Salt h 3739 Vaughan 
Seoul’s Upholstering (Marron Beaul) 3501 Sandwich 
Seoulr Arthur (Ccctic) carp Troup Ltd h 1130 Albert rd 

- -Jacques studt r 1130 Albert rd 

Beaulieu Alice pekr Reid Industrie* r 1312 Chappell 
--Andrew (Geraldine) crop Candn Bridge li 1510 B C Row av 
•Clarence (Gate’s Spring Service) res St Joachim 

- Clarence J (Margt) btehr Dominion Stores h 1685 Duffcrln pi 
Delia (wid Albt) crop Hotel Dlcu llosp h 2036 Jefferson blvd 

- - Edmund (Gates Spring Service) res RR * l Belle River 
•Elmer lab Windsor Lumber h A. 1551*1587 Aasumptlca 

--Eugene A (Donna) mcch Park View Motors h 682 Eugenie 
--Geo (Irene) grimier General Motors h 1202 Albert rd 
--Gerard counter sis Candn Westinghouse Ltd r 2990 Curry av 
•Henry (Agnes) lab Ford* h 1169 Marentette av 
--Jacqueline sec G C McKeough Ltd r 1620 Bernard 
Jeanne off elk Bendix Eclipse r 2036 Jefferson blvd 

- -John press opr Somerville Industries r 1202 Albert rd 

- Jos O (Regina) yardmn CPR h 1340 Partington av 

--Leonard J (Angela) grinder Walker Metal h 534 Vanier 
•Louis A (Evangeline) wldr Ryan Cooatn h 518 Josephine av 
-Mary elk typist Waddell's Sound 4 Radio r 518 Josephine sv 
Maurice trk drvr Budd Metal Treating res RR • l Wooilsloe 
Napoleon G (Hedwidge) carp Moore Custom Homes h 565 Crawford av 

- Paul (Audrey) wtr St Clair Hotel h 455 Aylmer av 

- -Philip trk drvr T L Bell 4 Son re# Tecumsch 

• -Philip casti Border Brokers Ltd r 2673 • 18 lh*y (La Salle) 

--Pierrette hrdrsr Candlclitftt Coiffures r 2990 Curry av 

• - Rend G agt Prudential Ins rca KK 83 Amber rttsirg 
-Rene P (Betty) insp Fabricated Steel h B, 2403 Arthur rd 




-Rita cash Dollard Discount Stores res RR • I River Canard 
-Robt O (Evelyn) (Bob's Welding) h 1354 St Luke rd 
--Roger E (Frances) crop Fords h 1934 Balfour blvd 
--Russel (Anita) trk drvr h 15S? Sun Valley dr 

- -Ruth A emp Electroline Mfg Co r 518 Josephine ov 

- -Zephirln (Reta) millwright Qiryslcrs h 2990 Curry av 

Bcaulne Arthur E (Jeannette) tool grinder Chryslers h 1802 PlUette rd 
--Donna r 1037 Marion av 

• •Emilies J (Claire) emp Qiryslcrs li 1611 Bernard rd 
--J Maurice emp Qiryslcrs r 1802 Plllctte rd 

- -Lise studt r 1611 Bernard rd 

Bcaumac Company (Canada) Ltd Donald B MacFherson pres time equip¬ 
ment 4. li 20 Ouellette av 
Beau moot Qvas lab Chryslers h 1211 Niagara 

- -Oias W h 3915 Wyandotte e 

-Chas W (Pauline) lab Chryslers h 1067 Reetimere av 

- -Edwin H (May) h 1526 Moy av 

- Harold (Leona) dispotcher McAnally Frelghtways Co Ltd h 1261 Central 


--Helen (wid Wm) h 978 Moy av 

- John (Lily) (Royal Dairy Bar) li 2534 Howard av 

- -John (Lillian) furnace opr Duplatc h 2525 Tourongcau rd 
-•Kenneth (Margt) assmblr Chryslers h 1086 Felix av 

- -Susan studi r 2534 Howard av 

Beaune Carl L (Dorothy) jitney drvr Chryslers h 3439 Bliss rd 
--Edwd C (Marion) h 825 Bcllcview av 

--Leo A Rev asst pustor St Theresa (RC) Church r 1991 Norman rd 

- -Raymond (Margt) h 508 Church 

--Roger (Joyce) lab Dominion Forge h 3974 Rlberdy rd 
Beauparlant Bernadette (wld Medric) h 357 Josephine av 
-•Romeo J (Marlene) purch agt Cope & Curr Machinery h 1538 Lincoln rd 

- -Thos P coostn wkr r 357 Josephine av 

Beauprc Diane M Idgrkpi: Provincial Bank of Canada r 1223 Belle Isle View 

--Gilbert (Linda) lab Chryslers h 1458 Benjamin av 

- -Jule (Dcncige) elk Chryslers h 1321 Shepherd c 
••Julie M bkpr Detroit r 1321 Shepherd c 

- Leo A (Albcrtne) h 3030 Morris dr 

--Leon J (Fleurancc) wldr Mechanical Handling Systems h 1223 Belle 
Isle View blvd 

-•Madeleine S hkpr Assumption University h 7251 St Rose av 
--Philip L apprentice Valiant Tool Co r 3030 Morris dr 

- -Rejeanne r 1334 Drouillard rd 

- -Roger J (Elaine) ironwkr R J Cyr Co h (rear) 1103 Drouillard rd 
Beauregard Bcrthier fence erector Candn Fence Contrs r 656 Howard av 

- Paul H (Agnes) carp Chryslers h 264 Rankin av 
Beausoleil Albt orderly Hotel Dieu Hospital r 893 Lawrence rd 

• -Alfonsc J (Lorraine) sis Canada Bread h 4, 1366 Giles blvd e 

• -Beatrice h 1130 LanglolB av 
-Edwdb 1376 Erie e 

--Ernest h 2868 Richmond 

--Lawrence L (Pauline) prod foremn Fords h 3521 Roxborougji av 
--Lcn (Roxanne) off suprvar Fords h 4080 Eden dr 

- -Leonard aridt Big Chief Service Station r 13266 Tccumseh blvd 

- -Maurice T (Theodora) transp drvr Sllvcrwood's h 893 Lawrence rd 
--Mlchl studi r 2033 Femdale av 

- -Neil studs r 893 Lawrence rd 

- -Odilon (Rose) foremn Chryslers h 2033 Fcrndale av 
--Raymond (Vivian) foremn Candn Trallmobiie h 3958 Rlberdy rd 

• -R Henri rate elk Russell A Farrow Ltd r 248 Moy av 

- -Yvette M sr elk Prudential Ins r 2033 Fcrndale av 
Beaute Salon By Edward (Edgar Eagen) 2333 Plllctte rd 
Beautician's Beauty Supply Ltd Mrs Dolores Hickey sis mgrsn hair¬ 
dressers supplies 1190 Wyandotte e 


Maison G dcNavarre, Chairman of the Board, 

Thomas A Lyman President, Albert E Allen Vice- 
President and Treasurer, George H Helm Secretary, 
Cosmetics, 1400 Windsor Avenue. Phono 254-433T 

Beauty Haven (John Mudry) hair stylist 2122 Gladstone av 
Beauvais Fernand elk Joe's Bicycle Shop r 565 Tuscarora 
--Ivan attdt Brown Bros Service r 2125 Betts av 

Beaver Air -Conditioning Limited Gerald E Blair mgr engineering contrs 
3182 Devon dr 

--Car Wash Gerald C Kavanaugh mgr 3178 Dougall av 


John Neil Manager, Canada’s Largest Retail Lumber 
Distributor, 2324 Walker Road, Phone 253-7291 
(See adv Repeating Linos) 

-Maurice (Mabel) prsr Master Cleaners h 2336 Francois rd 
--Oil Company Ltd Dooald J Plumb pres. Jack J Plumb vice-pre*. Mrs 
Helen numb sec. Mrs Margt Plumb treas service stations:- 
3178 Dougall av, 1682 & 2525 Howard av. 2400 Huron Church Line 
& 1399 Tccumseh hlvd w 

Be j vis Bertliu lehr Princess Elizabeth School r 101, 7525 Wyandotte c 
-Brian studt r 1015 Eastlawn blvd 

- Walter G (Olive) supt security S W 4 A Rly h 1015 Eastlawn hlvd 

Bcc Mary (wtd Anthony) li 1425 Langlols av 
-Ted (Delores) slsmn Carlton Cards h 837 Ford blvd 
Bccchio Joa (Ccnerlna) h 1167 Langlols av 
Bech John N (Linda) (House of Denmark) res Westchester Beach 
Bcchamp Alex (Evelyn) h 3443 Wyandotte e 
--Anna (wid Simon) h 278 Strabone av 
Bcchard Arthur J (Helen) emp Kelsey Hayes h 3680 Byng rd 

- Arthur J (Zoo) b 2455 Dominion blvd 
"Bella (wid Donne) h 910 St Luke rd 
--Blanche (wid Alfred) r 367 Lincoln rd 

--Bruce J (Gail) wldr Cripps Welding Service Ltd h 1772 PiUcttc rd 
-Clarence J (Helen) drvr Fords h 1279 Albert rd 
--Clifford (Sylvina) shop foremn J H Ryder Machinery Co Lid li 1614 
George av 

-Donald (Ruth A) mach opr McKinnon Industries h 462 Prince rd 
"Donald J (Pauline) trk drvr Ryan Constn h 715 Vanier 
--Donat mcch SET Auto Repair res Belle River 
--Douglas lab Krun-Chee Potato Chip r 1655 Arthur rd 

- -Douglas P (Joan) spot wldr Chryslers h 11909 Riverside dr e 
-Edwd O J (Cccilc) h 1253 Albert rd 

--Ernest (Ezlldft) set up man Fords h 252 Cadillac 

--Fred (Freda) emp Fords h 1097 Albert rd ___ 

- -Frcdk J (Marjorie) map Chryslers h 1682 Highland av 
--Harvey M (Eleanor) die setter Fords h 1220 Oak av 

- Hector D (Gall) trk drvr T L Bell & Son h 660 Charlotte 
-Hector J (Marjorie) off elk Fords h 16S8 Arthur rd 

- -Hclaire h 1097 Albert rd 

--Hclaire J h 2580 Richmond 

--Henry (Beatrice) wldr Adrian's Woodwork* 4 Aluminum h 1809 Balfour 

-•Juliette M F «oc Provincial Bank r 511 Peilsaier 

- -Kenneth lab Tcrkcl Insulation Products Ltd (Childers Products Co) r 

919 Lillian 

- -Kenneth studt r 252 Cadillac 

- Lionel (Patricia) *hpr Green Giant of Canada Ltd h 1157 Richmond 

- -Margt A Idgrkpr Provincial Bank r 252 Cadillac 

- -Norman J r 1097 Albert rd 

- -Oscar (Patricia) drvr Chryiilcrs h 208 Josephine av 

- -Paul (Rita) h 2568 Princess av 

- Paul E H (Georgina) parts analyst Chryslers h 206 , 8885 Riverside dr e 
--Robt mgr Sion’s City Service res Belle River 

- -Romeo J (Stella) rpr Chryslers h 1624 Central av 

- -Ronald J (Doreen) set -up man banner Mcul Products h 7970 LutIc 

River rd 

- -Russell R (Florence) mech J H Ryder Machinery Co Ltd h 777 Vlmy av 

- -Sandra wtrs Steinbergs r 1624 Central av 

- -Stanley J (Rita) mgr Bechard & Sons h 367 Lincoln rd 

- -Ursula off mgr Henry Birks & Sons r 252 Cadillac av 
--Victor (Mary) foremn Woodall Constructionh 919 Lillian 

- Wm J (Lillie) h 964 Maisonvlllc av 

—Wm R production wkr Fords r 1658 Arthur rd 

- -L Son* Stanley J Bechard mgr floor sanding 367 Lincoln rd 
Bccic Anna Mrs h 1726 Albert rd 

- -Steve (Gertrude) h 1624 Duffcrln pi 
Beclgnwl Altoe r 3175 Peter 

- -Girard J (Dorothy) miner Candn Rock Salt h 2307 Louis av 
--Lucie with Win Utilities Cotnran Hydro Div b 3175 Peter 

- -Lucille (wld Louis) h 242 Brock 

- Lucy elk Windsor Hydro r 3175 Peter 

- -Raymond (Mary) ussmblr Chry tilers h 712 Mill 

- -Rose (wld Adolph) h 3175 Peter 

Beck Alfred (Nora) asst foremn Bom Forge h 284 Pierre av 

--Carolyn with U1C r 2325 Lillian 

--Geo C (Mildred) inspection Fords h 1081 Qiurch 

- -Harold R (Lee -Anne) tchr Windsor Bd of Educ It 2935 St Patrick* dr 

- -Henrietta (wld Stephen) h 357 Parent av 
-•Jane tchr Marlborough School r 1081 Church 

- -Keith J studt r 2582 Turner rd 

- -Linda studt r 2325 Lillian 

- -Lloyd H (Violet) emp Canadian Bridge h 2820 Tourangcau rd 

- -Margt (wid Alfred) r 842 Ellrosc av 
--Mary (wid Donald) h 2, 465 Chatham w 

- -Rhonda studt r 2582 Turner rd 

--Russell H (Romaine) mach opr Dominion Forge h 2582 Turner rd 

- Valentine (Barbara) brklyr Dominion Forge h 2325 Lillian 

- -Werner (Helen) emp Kerr Mfg 1088 Watson av 

- Wm r 1343 Lincoln rd 

• - Wm L wldr Ekombe Engineering r 2820 Tourangcau 
Beckcndorf Harold (Eleanor) emp- Chrysler* li 717 Partington av 

- -Robt studt r 717 Partington av 

Becker Carl (Katherine) elect Fords h 2646 Ida rd 
--Kurt (lna) lnsp Fords h 3977 Roscland dr c 

- -Margt (wid John) h 2340 Mercer 

--Morris (Bella) prln I L Pcrctz School h 602, 325 Giles blvd w 
--Norbcrt consulting engineer M M Dillon Ltd r 35. 270 Patricia 
--Verna see Detroit r 3977 Roscland dr c 

Beckcrson Cecil R (Marguerite) off mgr Williams & Wilson Ltd h 2901 
Alexandra av 

- -Geo (Rose) h 404 Parent av 

- -Nellie (wld Lester B) h 1818 B>ng rd 

Bcckct Clarence pressmn Arcadia Press Ltd res Tecumsch 

Beckett Agnes h 4. 1170 Campbell a v 

--Brien (Gladys) engineer Chryslers h 1778 Cadillac 

- -Carolyn legal sec Martin H Wunder r 1342 Dougall 
--DJan Mrs (Dlan's Hair Fashtoas) h 3687 Seminole 

--Douglas E (Helen) slsmn Downtown Motor Sales (Windsor) Ltd h 1342 
Dougall av 

--Frances (wld ftilllip) h 51. 780 Ouellette av 

- -Geo F tchr St Alphonsus Schl r 706 Lespcrnncc rd 
••Gerald elect Chryslers r 1342 Dougall av 

-Gerald T (Madeline) tool & die mkr Valiant Tool r 891 Moy av 

- -Leonard E emp Qiryslcrs h 13tf9 Campbell av 

- -Maralynn tchr St Jule* Schl res Tccumseh 

--Martin (Barbara) billing elk A H Bolton h 1682 Westcott rd 

- Robt (Annie) pattern mkr Atlas Patterns h 137 Oak av 

- -Terence L (Sharon) elk h 107. 3801 Riverside dr c 

- -Tlios A P (Barbara) supt Fords h 2810 Academy dr 
--Warren F (Annie) h 1938 Buckingham rd 

-Wm D elk Inti Customs Brokers r 1342 Dougall av 

- -Wm V (Marilyn) assmblr Chrysler* r 3687 Seminole 
Bccklcy Sophie (wld Frcdk) h 3727 Walker rd 

Beckman Market (Sami Beckman) grocery 4 fruit 305 Wyandotte w 
Sami (Frances) (Beckman Market) h 1535 Dougall av 
Bcckncr Christojher h 1333 Bruce nv 

- -Gertrude emp Detroit r 1333 Bruce av 
Becks Wm r 2431 Norman rd 

Bcckstead Bonnie Mrs h 863 University av c 

Beckwith Newell P pres & genl mpr Interchcm Canada Ltd - Finishes 
Division res Dearborn 
Bccoff Kouzn h 109, 111 Rivcrstdte dr e 
Bcda Mlchl studt r 880 Watson av 

- Thos (Antoinette) millwright McKinnon Industries h 880 Watson av 
Bedard Adclard (Rita) carp h 1823 Ford blvd 

--Andra apprentice Kline Upholstery r 605 Bridge av 

--Arthur D (Frances) toll coll Windsor Detroit Tunnelh I486 Prince rd 

- -August insp Kelsey Wheel h 1090 Hall av 
--Benedict G (Edna) lab Chrysler* h 934 St Luke rd 
--Carmdle r 944 Morcntcttc av 

--Claire J lunch counter suprvsr Woolworth* r 1823 Ford blvd 

- -Clement A (Ursula) ertkr Public School Board h 1374 Josephine nv 

- -Dennis D (Diane) h 19, 1382 Ouellette av 

- -Eubalda (wld Louis) h 1316 Qiellctte av 
--Ivan carp r 1823 Ford blvd 

--John G (Patricia) br mgr Global Life Insurance Co (Windsor Central Br) 
h 3790 Ouellette av 

- John P (Marie) elk Hiram Walkers h 1124 Esdras pi 

- -Jos (Gall) chef Nero's Restaurant h 2237 Wellesley 

• -Jon T r 1475 Huron Church Line 
--Laurenza (wid Simon) h 944 Marcntctto av 
--Lau retie studt r 3475 Charlevoix av 

--Loo C (Cadtcnne) ertkr Separate School Board b 975 janissc dr 
--Lorraine wus New Frontier r 1442 Martindalc 
--Milton (Eva) emp Chryslers h 939 McKay av 

- -Monique wtrs Woolwortho r 1823 Ford blvd 
-Nelson P (Jean) h 128 Janette av 

- Patrick tuudi r 3475 Charlevoix av 

-Peter A (Mary K) barber Bill's Barber Shop h 5, 8750 Wyandotte e 

- -Real (Lysettc) brklyr Ptccionl Bru Bldg Contrs r 1051 Dougall av 
--Regis (Armondinc) chef Niagara Rest h 2383 Eismerc av 

- -Rene cinp Fords r 1127 Campbell av 

- -Robt R (Earlenc) lab Bcndix Eclipse h 1057 Askin av 

-Roland A (Helen) shpr k revr Bordens Dairy h 3475 Charlevoix av 

- -Simon P emp L A Young r 944 Morcntette av 

--Stanislaus C (Vera) foremn carp W J C Kaufmonn Co Ltd h 588 Irvine 

--Wm E (Allecn) lab Oiryslers h 1316 Church 

- -Yvonne (wld John) h 1644 Maremcttc av 

Bedell Evelyn (wld Clayton) elk Bookwlns Ltd h 828 California av 

-•Evelyn (wid Clayton) h 828 California av 

Bedford Arllc kitchen help Huron Lodge r 595 Cabana rd c 

- -Bertrand (Marjory) assessor & elk Sandwich South TWp h 595 Cabana 

rd east 

- -J Gerald mgr - sis promotion dept John Wyeth 4 Bro rc» Essex 

- -John R tchr W C Kennedy Coll Inst h 33, 1925 Third Concession rd 

- -Mary h 1751 South Cameron blvd 

- Patience (wid Ja») r 829 California av 

Bedl Krishan 1 (Nlrmal) metallurgist Chryslers h 1248 Me Ewan av 
Bcdnard Dorothy phy !ODE Hospital h 201. lit Riverside dr e 
Bednarick Henry (Anne) maintenance Bendlx - Eclipse h 3671 Rlberdy rd 
--Louis J (Madeline) expense buyer Bcndix-Ecllpse h n s Cousincau rd 

- -Neil studt r n s Cousineau rd 

Bcdnartk Jos F (Mary) firemn Win Fire Dept h 4019 Longfellow av 
Bodnar ski Anna h 1584 Albert rd 

- -Mary (wld Valentine) h 624 Hildcgordc 
Bednarz John (Mary) pner h 2814 Lauzon rd 
--Jos (Eva) h 1253 Lincoln rd 

Bcdorc Wm G (Joyce) press opr Chryslers li 1143 Gltdden av 

Beduz Peter h 1280 Elsmcre av 

Beebe Qiristtnc Mrs h 25, 1382 Ouellette av 

- -Norecn B sec Hiram Walkers h 2271 Dougall av 
Beech L A Rev (Sandra) h 1024 Garden Court dr 
Bccthaxd Gerald J (Alice) lab Walker Metals h 1550 Lillian 
Beecher Edwd trk drvr John's Produce r 2508 Dougall av 
--Elizth h 389 Church 

Beechcy Frcdk J h 763 Randolph av 

--John (Elizth) scrv mgr Central Chrysler Plymouth Ltd r 3195 Long¬ 

Beecroft Arthur (Rose) lab Qjryslcrs h 3, 1779 Highland av 
--Carl Jr Shcirdcn press opr Gcnl Motors Trim r 1925 Ellrosc av 

- Carl L (Shirley) lift trk opr Hiram Walkers h 192S Ellrosc av 
--Cheryl aide Grace Ho*p r 102, 9050 Wyandotte c 

--Edwd (Joan) emp Dept of National Revenue h 102, 9050 Wyandotte c 
-Florence (wid Wm) r 2155 Moy av 
--Frances r 665 Victoria av 

• -Fredk J (Grace) linotype engineer Windsor Scar h 726 Partington av 

- Gary R studt r 1925 Ellrosc av 

• -Kenned) H G (Dorcne) mach General Motors h 1195 Oai: av 
--Robt (Olga) (Country Side Hardware) h 1510 Stratford ct 

-Wayne elk Dominion Stores r 102, 9050 Wyandotte e 
BccdJe Donald attdt Robt B Gee res La Salic 

- -Jack A D (Jcanine) signals maintenanccmn Win Fire Dept r River rd 

- -Janet attdt Robt B Gee res La Salic 

- -Wilfred C (Jane) tchr Windsor Bd of Educ b 5390 Jolnvlllc av 
Bcckhui* Frrdcrtka Mr* tchr Marlborough School h 219 Fort 

Bccmcr Donald A (Agnes) refrigeration mech Purity Dairies h 920 Rosc¬ 
land dr a 

• -Donna studt nurse Grace Hospital r 920 Roselond dr s 

- -Edwin r 545 Church 

- Kenneth R (Margt) llnemn Detroit h 3570 Rankin av 

- -Lester (Grace) janitor IODE Hosp h 3669 Howard av 

- -Maureen studt r 3525 Barrymore lane 

- -Murray A (Dorothy) linemn Ont Hydro h 3284 Virginia Pk av 
--Percy C (Jeanne) yard cond Penn Central h 2468 Mark av 

- -Russell (Lillian) suprvsr Fords h 3525 Barrymore lone 

• -Violet (wld C L) h 1534 Church 

• -Wayne A studt r 3525 Barrymore lane 
Bcenakker Anthony (Helen) emp Fords h 826 Brant 
Beer Geo A (Quccnic) foremn SWAIi 1951 Glendale av 
--Geo R (J 0 * 1 )) firemn Essex Terminal Railway h 319 Bridge av 

- -Glenn (Donna) benchmn Chrysler* h 805 Rosclawn dr 
--John C tchr John McCrae School h 20. 6460 Wyandotte « 

- Kenneth F (June) slsmn N Y Central h 3513 Maisoimcuve av 

- -Robt (Blanche) p c Police Dept h 996 Partington av 

- -Susan C studt r 805 Roselawn dr 
Becre Edith Mrs h 5, 1375-79 Martlndole 
Beers Mayde r 759 Victoria av 

Bees Wm R editor Windsor Star h 413, 8885 Riverside dr e 
Beeston Allx E (Hilda) vice-pres & genl mgr Lake Erie Coal Co Ltd h 
789 Randolph av 

- -Elissa S studt nurse Hotel Dteu r 2780 McKay av 

"JaS E (Elizth) dist meat mgr Dominion Store* h 2780 McKay av 
Beetcnson Frcdk O (Olive) carp Ford* h 885 Thompson hlvd 
Bcctham Carol A key punch opr Essex County, Assessment Dept r 886 
Prado pi 

- -Ehwood C custodial offr Essex County Jail h 400 Alma 

- Julia J bkpr John C McLiater h 1224 Windermere rd 

Bceton Frcdk (Elizth) instructor St Clair College of Applied Art* 4 
Technology h 107 , 7365 Wyandotte c 
Bogar Barbara sec Hiram Walkers r 202, 111 Riverside dr e 
Bcgbie Janet Mrs regd nurse r 769 Partington av 

- -John R (Mary) h 875 Eastlawn blvd 

Bcger Bruno E (Alberta) uphol h 120 Bridge av 

• -Douglas R drftsmn Wm Tool & Die r 948 Lillian 

--Earl J (Peggy) customs offr Dept Customs 4 Excise h 2338 Tccumseh 
blvd w 

I anet M elk Mutual Life Asscc r 948 Lillian av 
t Wavnc (Janet) h 1011, 111 Riverside dr e 
- -Regd H (Helen) ctnp Hiram Walkers h 948 Lillian 
- Robt E (Jessie) (Begcr's Carpets) h 202. Ill Riverside dr e 
Beger's Carpets (Robt Bcger) 3873 Walker rd 
Beggs Alfred (Anne) stkmn Chryslers h 1096 Marlon av 
- -Carman O (Elizth) dlcuphouc teehn Detroit h 839 Homcdaic blvd 

Alphabetical. White Page 17 

al... ARTHUR 




bbc mm 

BnAio Martino ulc setter r 3151 Turner rd 
Begin Adrienne emp Canadian Linen r 1415 Central av 
• AIM pntr National Painter* h 13*7 Wyandotte e 

- Claire (wld Joa) r 13*7 Wyandotte c 

- Donat (Virginia) (Don*■ Garage) 

Ferdinand (Plorcnce) nirch Pord* h 1415 Central av 

- -Gaudlaa J L (Lucy) h 1125 Prado pi 

- Larry lab Fabricated Steel h 852 St Luke rd 

teglcy Donald off elk General Motor* r 1559 Gladstone av 
Edith (wld Frank) h 1550 Gladstone av 

- - Herbt (Reta) capt Wm Fire Dept h 1559 Gladstone av 
-Nelaoo W (Lily) cnip Qiryaler* h 1875 Albert rd 
-Robt (Cecelia) emp Qiryaler a h 3293 Baby 

Befcr Christian carp Dinsmorc Coastn h 3 . 785 TVsearora 
Behrens Manfred (Carole) engraver h 2527 Norman rd 
Bchune Jennie (wid Danl) h 1141 Albert rd 

- -Leo ] (Ellrth) vice -pres Du on, Totten, Bchune Associate* Ltd h 753 


Seiko Emanuel (Sofhie) yaxdmn CNR h 1210 Niagara 

- Wm (Audrey) flrcmn Win Fire Dept h 724 Lynn 
Belm Bcmadlnc advtg elk Windsor Star r 797 Kildare rd 
Brirdas John sub contr h 1176 Lillian 

Beiilcr Alfred b 313, 2»6 Pin w 

Lloyd tdegrajhcr CPR h 872 Qiurch 
Beke Stefhen J 0“**°) a (® rI •!» Hiram Walker h 2151 Qiilvcr rd 
• -Steve h 2296 Fraaer av 

--Valerie emp Champion Spark Phxg r 2296 Fraser av 
Bekelja John (Margt) h 1650 Albert rd 
Bekett Robt (Annie) pattern mkr Alia* Pattern Worka Ltd 
Beklc Milan (Louise) Janitor Metropole Hotel h 1585 Kllroae av 
-Simon (Rebecca) forema VoUa Welder, h 3127 Turner rd 

Bekolay Paul wldr Win Mcchl Contr* re* RR M Essex _ 

Bclalr Lawrence (Geraldine) elk Robert Morse Corp Ltd h 1766 George 
-Pool. (Hyman L Shapiro 6 Tho. R Steel) swimming pool *alea & pool 
tables 3909Tccumsth blvd e ^ 

- - Restaurant (Sami T. Alex. Phillip 6 Spiro Jraichefl) 1404 Tecumwh 

blvd e 

Bclalr e Myrtle (wld Ovila) b 970 Elm «v 

Man Dexlder (Mary) llnesmn Bell Tel h 1067 Harrison av 

Bel and Marcel A (Mary) (hy ». >428 Ouellette av 6 1255 Grand Marais 

Belan*cr d Adcla*d ) J (Anne) Wipr Hiram Walker 4 Son* b 1784 Labadic rd 

- Alcldc J (Cecilia) farmer Green Giant Cannery b 3155 Walker clrcl * 

- Andre J (Joffrainc) OT P D*!* o( P * rks k Recreati “° h 169 Mcrccr 
Ann Mr* beauty opr lntl Hair Style* r 417 Langlots av 

- - Arthur Dmvrrtr - credu unit John Wyeth 4 Bro r 1045 Lawrence rd 

- -Arthur J (Della) b 889 Langlola av 

- -Aurclc (Anne) utllitymn Fords h 814 Ottawa 

- Bernice elk Toromo-Csxnlnlon Bank r 814 Ottawa 

- -Boniface asat flrcmn POr 3785 Blackburn Ct 

-Bruce (Susan) mech Canadian Tire h 3134 Lloyd C«r|e blvd 

- Claude (Connie) alamo Nadalln Floor Covering h 869 Rlvcrdalc av 
•Darlene' teller Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce r 1385 Cadillac 

- -Dennis assmblx Chrysler* r 1385 Cadillac 

- Dennis prod lab Polce Power Product* r 304 . 3015 Sandwich 
Donald J (J°*») *uprvar Chrysler* h 2038 Norman rd 

- Donat Janitor Chrysler* h 2459 Qiandler rd 

- -Dorothy (wld Jo*) emp Hiram Walker* h 304 , 3015 Sandwich 

- - Edmond G (Gertrude) toolmkx Volta Welder* h 141 Curry av 

• - Eleanor Mrs receptionist Merton Bernstein h 1045 Lawrence rd 
•-Emilia (wld Ernest) h 1135 Albert rd 

- -Ernest H (Marlene) neat mgr Windsor 1 G A Poodllncr. Lalne Food 

- -Ernest^RbuyerCUy ^Windsor Purchasing Dept h 1235 Gllca blvd e 

-- Euclid J h 561 Adelaide av _ 

Francis A (Mary A) trk drvr Carl 6 Don Lc Clair Trucking h 3125 
Walker circle 

-Franklin (Sybil) retail ala SUverwood’s h 1704 Wcstcott rd 

• -Geo (Marilyn) district sis mgr H J Heinz h 947 Moy av 
-Gerard (Bella) mll!wrl|*»t Fords h 2502 Norman rd 

- -Gregory trk drvr Plasttcasi r 1784 Labadic rd 

Henry (Shirley) (orrann Hiram Walker 6 Sons h 1061 hdward av 
..jock plant production Silverwood’s r 1753 Wcstcott rd 
Joanne M r 3255 Walker circle 
John L scudt r 60. IH50 Columbia ct 

- -Jos C (Mary M) stknm Chryslers h 1259 Gladstone av 

- -Juliets (Sharon) ulc setter Rossini Tile h 1834 Balfour blvd 

- Kenneth 1. (Barbara) passenger agt Air Canada h 2603 Mddruiii rd 

- - Laura (wld Emile) h 1756 Droulllard nl 

- L«i (V lolet) crop Detroit h 1753 Wcstcott rd 

- Leo L (Ella) caterer h 550 Irvine av 

- -Leo P (Mirande) lab Cay of Windsor b 972 Gladstone av 

- - Louis (Isabelle) wldr Kkanibc Engineering h 2433 Melghcn rd 
-Louis E (Beatrice) Jnnltor St Wilfrid <RC) Schl h 340 Matthew Brady 


-Lynn h 2. 3611 Queen 

-Marcel (Irene) furnace opr Fords h 3482 Barrymore lane 

- -Marie (wld Eugene) n 1091 Marottcttc *v 

Michl time 6 methods analysis American-Standard Prod r 942 Church 

- -Mlchl F postal chauf P O r 1050 Oak av 
Ora ex (Lucy) h 908 Marentcttc av 

- Patricia Dh 2. 380 MUUary pi __ . 

- Panl II (Gemma) toolmkx Great Lake* Forgings b 1855 Chandler rd 
•Paul J (Lucille) iron wkr Canadian Bridge h 3785 Blackburn ct 
-Paul J (Helen) lab Hiram Walker k Son* h 561 Adelaide av 

- -Peter (Sharon) rpmui Chryslers h 925 St Louis av 
-Philip (Jeanne) pres* opr Karco Ltd r 2433 Mrltficn rd 

- Ray Contractor (Raymond V Belanger) bldg contr c * Url 

Raymond V (Pauline) (Ray Belanger Contractor) h 5«6 McDonald ct 

• Rtchd (Louise) mack opr McKinnon Imkistrics h 1440 Cadillac 
■ Robt (Jeandnc) lab Chrysler* h 1. 570 Louts av 

- Rot* (Cccile) pttr h 1982 Jefferson blvd 

Robe (Elaine) tchr Christ The King (RQ School h 8257 Menard 
. .got* i (Aagcllnc) trk drvr Western Frelj^it h 3145 St Patricks dr 

• Robt R (Joan) prod Fords h 301. 2870 Tccumsth blvd w 
Roger (Violet) emp Detroit h 3955 Whitney av 

- -Rosalre (Denise) h 420 Aylmer av 

Roaalrc H (Auraltc) emp Docn Forge h 1385 CadlUac 

- -Rosary (wld Roland I h 2725 Aakln av 

- -Rose (wld Paul) r 1536 Duffertn pi 

• Sharroo *mdt r 1061 Etkeard av 

--Wayne N (Connie) tnnp Portia b 680 Lincoln rd 

- -Yvon (Muridle) Ub Chrysler* h 628 Pierre av 

BcMwetz Anna elk Bell Tel r 1221 Gladstone av __ 


■ Edna (wld John) h 1221 Gladstone av 

-Nick (Opal) engineer techo Chrysler* h 2525 Wowminwcr blvd 
-Wm (Edna) lab Kovbuky k Sons h 991 Tuscarora 
BeUastro Sam (Thresa) emp Chryslers h 1544 Bucklntfiam rd 
Belcher Geo A (Lillian) (Windsor Pneumatic Insulating Co) h 551 Hllde- 
g»rdc _ 

- Isabel Mrs sec Paul Robarts k Co Ltd res Tecumaeh 

- -Jaa W trk drvr Gltllos Ltd res Tcctanach 

Judith tchr Geal Brock Schl r 1456 Windermere rd 
Paula elk Can Permanent Co’# h 223. 1616 Ouellette av 

• Walter E trk drvr Daal Specialties r 3778 Vaughan 

• Wm J (Marcella) h 3778 Vaurftan 

• Wm K (Linda) h 1365 Prince rd 

Belch uk John (Marguerite) rnach opr American Standard h 3230 Mon Is dr 
Mary (wld Geo) h 1148 Hltfland «v 
Nick (Evelyn) wldr Centre Spray h 1931 Lsrkln rd 
-Thos R (Rose) acct later Chan h 921 Recdmcre av 
Bclclk Henryka r 1845 Randolph av 

Belcoure Edwd J (June) jUney drvr McKinnon Ind h 1681 Wcstcott rd 
-Jas (Barbara) switchman CPR h 1225 Argyle rd 

- -jaa H ( Edith) elk Hiram Walker 8 Sons h 3475 Croa* 

• Louise sec Morton Industries of Canada Ltd res Amberstburg 
Bekourt Edud J (Mary) h 450 Caron at 

• Raymond (Karen) electronic techn h 1607 Westminster av 

- Ted r 481 Bruce av 

Bekrowski Edwd (Andy*. Coffee Sl.op) h 1404 M*r«ntcttc av 
Beldam Roy C (Shirley) maintenance*!!* Chrysler* hi. 1330 Giles blvd e 
Belensky Peter (Kay) emp Can Motor Lnmph 3016 Lloyd George blvd 
Bclrutz Amlo (Amelia) mgr Royal Wtndaoc Ap<» h 14, 280 Park w 
Jehn Ub Hiram Walkers r 14. 280 Park w 
Belfry A Ray jharmaclst Gray*® Pharmacy h 907 Lawrence rd 
Belinda Fashion Shoes Philip Gardner mgr 306 Ouellette av 
Belinski Ann (wld Mike) h 1730 Mark av 
Stcfhcn (Rcta) h 2675 St Loula av 
Dells Jo Ann sec r 26*7 Qiandler rd 

- -Mary (wld John) h 2667 Chandler rd 
Bellale Arthur (lsaure) carp h 914 Ouellette av 

-Emile (Gabrlcllc) wldr Baat Side Stamping h 904 Ouellette av 

- -Eugene T (Winifred) stkran Duplate h 1453 Parent av 

• Fernando A (Cecilc) h 472 Watson av 

- -Luke E (Denise) emp Detroit h K. 282 Plllettc rd 
Mary tchr h 360 Campbell av 

- Noel r 914 Ouellette av 

Raymond lab Chryslers r 1453 Parent av 
Bclivcau Robt (Alice) malnt Fords h 828 Marentcttc av 

Roger R (Judith) tchr St Anoc's Jr High b 1140 Bcllcperchc pi 
Belkc Alex (Helen) physiotherapist Hotel Dlcu h 1710 Oneida ct 

- -Carl ] studt r 1710 Oneida ct 

Bell Alan J (Kathlmc) with Grand Trunk Rly h 1281 Victoria av 

- Archd suprvsr Children's Aid Society h 1040 Garden Court dr 

• Basil (Gall) photo h 845 Pcllsalcr 

- -Beatrice lob Daal Specialties r 953 Riverside dr c 

- C Dougall (Marguerite) »Umn Walwyn Stodgell k Co Ltd h 240 Reed • 

- -Camille M tchr Our Lady o( Lourdes Separate School r 240 Reedmere 


- Cecil (Bernadette) h 611 lUldegarde 

- -Cecil G (Mary) wrehsetnn Lancaster Moving 4 Storage r 642 RoscdaJc 

- -Cecil R (Helen) wrehsemn Lancaster Cartage h 642 Rosedale *v 
--Qias A QC (Dorothy) (BeU k Mac Each ern) h 2430 Gladstone av 

• -Cha* G (Daisy) h 95 Hanna e 

- -Clarence E (Rocna) h 1385 Kllrose av 

- -Claude Janitor Rivcrvlew Hosp r 1267 Parent av 

Danny (Maryann) crop Wheatley Mfg h 316. 445 Glengarry av 
-Darlene Mr a sec County of Essex ret RR * 1 Cottam 

- -David G arts) h 2616 Tourangeau rd 

Donald (Linda) Ub Qiryalcrs r 754 Htldcgardc 

- Donald R (Mary) supt Windsor Star h B. 460 GUea blvd w 

- Donald W (Sylvia) model craft International Tool* h 311. 975 Brock 
Doreen M otcoog Union Gaa h 819 Argyle rd 

- -Douglas (Kaye) dentist 7175 Wyandotte e h 354° a»urch 

-Edwd C (Carol) mgr S Manz Painting 6 Decorating Ltd h 2496 Meldrum 

- -Ellzth C P (wld Percy) chief elk Corp City of Windsor City Clerk's 

Dept h 2318 Moy ov 

- Elmer A (Sarah) emp Ford* h 1028 California av 
-Eva r 221 Moy av 

Evelyn W h 639 VlctorU av 

- Francis A (Marjorie) h 803 . 8325 Riverside dr e 

- -Call studt h 2. 2891 University av w 

• Gerald (Roxanne) emp Q»ry*lors h 1345 Rnnkto *v 

• -Graeme W (Barbara) asst «U mgr ihilmcr Typewriter Co h 3775 St 

Patrick’s dr 

- -Graham studt r 2318 Moy av 

- -Grenville (Ethel) h 835 Monmouth rd 

- Jack W (Donna) tool setter McKinnon toArntrie* h 1182 Esdraa pi 
■ -Jas agt The Northern Life Assurance Co of Canada rea Easrx 

• Jas elect East Side Plating r 1160 St Luke rd 

las C (Wendy) mllhrritfit Pord* h 206 . 6490 Wyandotte e 

Jas C (Helen) model craft International Tool* h 3555 Virginia Park av 

- -Jane billing elk Polec Power Products r 125 Shepherd c 
Jean (wld Sydney) h 3494 Woodland av 

John r 875 Ouellette av 

John W (Nell M) h 335 Matthew-Brody blvd 

John W (Linda) designer Cope Tool Desijpt h 2391J CadlUac 

- -Jos M (Marie) wldr Chryslers h 1092 Marjorie dr 
Joy Mrs h 125 Shepherd c 

• Laura (wld Henry) h 581 Bruce av . ^ 

- Mabel A (wld Danny) elk Central Chrysler Plymouth h 609. 8325 

Riverside dr e 

-Marguerite (wld J Russell) h 2028 Lens av 

- Marjorie Mrs Janitoress Windsor Business College r 796 Dougall av 

::^“ h ^TcT»l t Die Ud RR .2 Lon,..*- 
R Donald (Frances) suprvsr • pricing k auditing J T Wing Ltd h 1872 
Lincoln rd 

- -Rebecca E Mrs h 304 Lincoln rd , , |hprtv 

Regd C (Miriam) vice-pres Walker Insurance Agency Ltd h 490 Liberty 
RoN (Barbara) h 2472 Dyng rd 

- -Robt (Alice) thy 4 surg 2115 Pelisster h 2456 Gladstone av 

- Robt D (Cortnnc) shpr 4 revr Oomlnioo Stores Ltd h 1714 Gladstone av 

• -Robt M (Carol) emp Chrysler* h 874 Ellroac av 

-Robt R wtchmn McAnally Frclgit-Wsys Co Ltd h 1761 Rlv«rr*ldc dr e 
Ronald P (Dorothy) yardmn CPR h 1672 Betts a*_ 


-Ronald W (Sylvia) aervlcenin Automatic Canteen h 1162 Rankin i* 

Ruby K (wld Earl) h 407 , 8325 RlvcraWe dr • 

- Sandra studt r 3555 Virginia Pk av 
Sarah (wld Geo) h 881 Lawrence rd 
Sarah J (wld Jos) r 1092 Msrjorle dr 

-Sharon M typist Grace Hosp r 1092 Marjorie dr 
Susan h 5. 459 Dougall av 

• -T L 4 Son (Thos Bell) cartage contr 11168 Tecumaeh blvd * 

-Telephone Co of Canada A P Whitehead dim plant mgr. Donald A 

Noble dlst traffic mgr 1149 Goyeau 
Tclrfhuoc Co of Canada Arthur Avard mgr business olfke 1149 

- TcIcfhSTco of Canada Ranald S Urijuhart dial mgr comml office 1149 

•Tclrjhooc^Co of Canada Kenneth A Walton jobllc office mgr public 
office 98 Chatham e 

-Tho* (T L BeU 4 Soo) h U142 Tecumseh blvd c 

- -Veronica Mrs h S34 Crawford av 

Warren D (Sophie) btehr N 4 D Supermarkets h 988 Oak a* 

-WilhelmIna Mrsh 2, 1208 Campbell *v 

-WUhclmlna (wld Wm)h 1911 Glendale av 

4 Mac Ka them (Chas A Bell QC 4 Donald A MacKachern) barr* 1-3. 4 
19 1922 Wyandotte c 

BelUlre Aloyslua G (Beulah) tchr Vincent Massey Secondary School h 
1629 Prince rd 

• -Arthur r 1063 Parkview av 

Brian tchr Lowe Vocauoool School h 102. 710 Giles blvd e 

• - Edmund B (Ruth) emp Chrysler* h 2169 Bruce av 
-Eleanor Mrs h 222 Giles blvd e 

• Ethel h 12, 435 Dougall av 
Harry studt r 2169 Bruce av 

- lurry J (Jo*c|htnc) tnsph 1705 Central av 

- JUrvey H (Theresa) h *054 Dalveratty av c 

- Henrietta (wld Morris) h 407 . 333 Glengarry av 
•Hcrbt J (Uoro) h 1359 Farm* av 

Joan tchr Christ The King (RQ School r 2169 Bruce av 

- Lawrence (Edwidgc) assmblr Oiryslers h 1692 Central av 

- -Lawrence (Alma) mach opr Fords h 1295 Laurendcau av 

Linda Ann r 1295 Lauremk-au av 

- Marvin H (Dorothy) emp Chrysler* h 1550 Tourangeau rd 
--Herbert (Kolhcrine) tchr St Jthn Schl h 1215 McKay av 

- -Paul J (Eileen) lab Qiryslcra h 1794 George av 

- -Rlchd studt r 1692 Central av 

- Robt J (Sharroo) tchr Windsor Bd of Ethic h 2626 Rivard av 

- -Robt L (Nancy) h 1505 Wcstcott rd 

Ronald mach opr Wheatley Mfg r 1295 Laurcndeau av 
BtdUk Andrew (Julia) lab Qiryslcra h 1598 Hall av 

- Martin J (Olga) production control Chrysler* h 2255 Woodlawn av 
Bellamy Blanche M (wld JaB> hsckpr Unlv of Windsor h 3859 Vaughan 

Chas engineer Grace Hosp r 40 Brian w 
p..n-.fwt Bernice r 1475 Huron Church Line 
-Bruce (Linda) r 1752 Tourangeau rd 

- Lor* studt r 1596 Labadic rd 

--Louis A Jr insp Kelsey Wheel r 1534 Norman rd 

- -Louis A (Christine) suprvar Canadian Customa h 1534 Norman rd 

- -Louise h 660 Langlola av 

- -Max II (Anne) stk Chrysler* h 1709 Benjamin av 

- -Theodore (Alma) ertkr Brennan M|h School h 1596 Labadle rd 
Bcllavancc Ferdinand emp CPR r 2541 Princess av 

-Gilbert emp Adrian’s Woodworks 4 Aluminum r 2S4I Princess 
Bdlrau Douglas (Marilyn) wldr Detroit h 2745 l.lttler ere* 

- -Jean Mrs emp General Motors Trim h 2757 Whelpcon 

- Robt die earning Internationa) Tools res Essex 
BeliefeuiUc Edwd studt r 626 Campbell sv 

- -Laureni emp Chrysler* h 971 Pierre av 

• Maurice (Betty) mach Fords h 214 Cameron av 

- -Ptcrrc (Gall) mach opr Kelsey H*ye* h 4 . 677 St Luke rd 

- Holland L (Rose) emp Detroit h 3630 Rankin «v 

• -Yvette hrdrsr Wayne Bartlett Hair Styles Ltd r «6Campbell^av 
Bclleflmr Loci.nnc A pekr Industrial Platers rc# RR *2 Aniherttburg 
BeUchumcur Ernest C (CecllU) off elk Bcndix-Eclipse h 1562 Tourangeau 

Fred (Annie) h 235 Oak av 
-Gail r 1882 Larkin rd 

Henry (Rayinoode) mach Cava loo Construction h 1265 Curry av 
-lerbt (Doreen) plmbr Unlv of Windsor h 1882 Larkin rd 
Wilfred R (Frances) imakemn Penn Rly Central h 2919 Donnelly 
Brill-more Arthur (lrcm) li 1566 Pord blvd 
Bernard asst mgr LCBO Store 152 rea Puce 
-Clarence lab American Standard r 956 Pierre av 
Doris regd nurse Hotel Dlcu r 1063 Bruce av 

Elmer J (Louise) hostler The Essex Terminal Rly Co h 519 Somllsoa av 
Emile (Geraldine) offr Customs 4 Excise h 956 Pierre sv 
Ernest r 261 Droulllard rd 

Francois (Marguerite) with Hi Ho Curb Scrv-Us h 2891 Lloyd George 

HcorylM[Mary) mach opr Cml Motors h 1239 Belle lale Vltw blvd 
Marie (wld Chas) f 1566 Ford blvd 

Ray mood J (Marlcttr) forctnn Woodall Construction h 1624 Pord blvd 
Rene (Loretta) mach opr Fords h 1595 Alexis rd 
Roland off Qiryalcrs r 956 Pierre av 
Rose emp Windsor Textiles r 1566 Ford blvd 

Bcllepcrcho Alma h 470 Chatham w 
Arthur J (Vera) pntr Howkcswood Garage Ltd h 574 Atkinson 

- -Bonnie Mrs wtrs Trevi Pisscrta r 1627 Olive rd 
-Carol h 1684 Pellsslcr 

Christina (wld Arthur) h 1344 McBwan av 

- -Corlnac M r 1139 Church 

• David studt r 1245 Marcntmc av 

- Donald (Mary) with Win Utilities Coininn • Hydro Dir r 1014 Howard av 

- Earl (Mary) slsmn Monarch Office Supply Ltd h 1556 Moy av 

- Ernest J (Velma) h 341 Parent av 

- Eugene A Olden) moch Fords h 2195 Tecumseh blvd w 

• - Eugene J (Betty) oiler CNR h 1646 Central av 

- -Geo W (Carole) nigh* dispatcher Inter -City Truck Liars h 811 Vbny 
-JoscjtiInc Mr* h 359 Goyeau 

-•Leo r 892 Wyandotte e . . . 

- Loretta tchr Tecumseh Separate School h 3278 Clcmeoccau blvd 

- -Margt A tchr Separate Schl Bd of Bdoc r 372 Indian rd 

Mary h 1245 Marentcttc av 

Mary B tchr Separate Schl Bd of Bduc r 372 Indian rd 
-Norman F (Mary) off mgr Baum 4 Brody h 372 Indian rd 
Norman J (Mercedes) h 268 Moy av 

- -Wendy stud! r 1684 Pcllssier 

- Wm H (Loretta) b I960 Tecumseh blvd w 


Rant a Enterprises Limited 


CRANE RENTALS - Mobile, Crawler, Hydraulic - Capacities to 55 Tons - Boom Heights to 200 Feet 


Belli DO. Leonard (KoeC) mldr Auto Spec [ah 1 t:ft h 1041 Marion av 

Bellinger Camille Mesh +05. 39C6 Riversidedr e 

- L-uU Tii Mrs clor Canada Trust Bldg 
-Nlin (wId Geo R) 1; 7, 1766 University nv w 

--ttlchd 5 (LUlhte) gcul forerun Union Cue 5 4200 Mount Steal cres 
BelUfl Francce (will Frjmk) h £15 ilumu e 

- - Paul (Mary) mull cocitr Win Federal Govt h 563 Indian rd 
Bcjlmort Aurora (wid Gerald) li 1716 Jefferson blvd 

- ■ Bernard emp FOdlB h 1866 Ji-UltSHh blvd 
-EUnnchc (w Id Banilu) h H6ft liiwuefe aV 

- -Doris nurse r 475 Giles blvd w 

■ - Eugene (Georgette) cmpCandn Bridge li 1590 Francois rd 

- -Gerald r 1716 Jefferson b)vd 

■ -Gerald J (Gloria) lab Fords h 3295 Walker circle 

- -Joule Mrs 1 3939 Clemenc ««i Blvd 

- -Jottn H foreran Dayron Mf£ h 1716 Jefferson blvd 

- J as R (Lucille) emp Candn Bridge h 1073 Ford blvd 
--Raymond (Lucille) Ji 3B4 Cl lurch 

EU (lor |_u(gt (Angela) pJstr Canada Flastoring h IB40 Westcott rd 
fUdlcw Fori (Darlene) pipe ftr ft 744 Wright 

UolIowa-VulvaxT Ltd Jack WiUlmbtt mgr distributors induetrlrtl air equip 
504 victoria av 

Bellringer Stanley T (Qu tenlc) parka stiprvsr Dept of Parks Si Recreation 
h 1UH9 Hard non «v 
■-Stephen atildT X 1089 Harrison *v 

BclLuzzo Angelo (Josephine) lab ILaaiern Construction h 335*3 Rosemnunt 

■ - Armando (Amalia) janitor Metropolitan Hasp II 2584 Byng rd 

--Marcello (Lmnora) toolnikr General Motors Trim li 1954 Malta rd 
Bell Vu e Tavern (Sami Nyman. Dan! Macdkh) 1271 Riverside dr c 
BelmOnle Adi 111 c (Ida) hrklyr h 1UC9 RruCft uV 

■-joe (Anna) harbi'c Frank Ala Modem Barber Salon h 93ft Janette aV 
Belmure Brteli cmp Beaver Car Watdi 

■ -Frances Mrs H 6, 384 Chatham e 

- - Lawrence A (Catherine) emp Ciuidn Bridge h 1769 Arthur rd 
--Mary alwdl f 2491 Kildare rd 

"-Walter J (Morgl) w !Ui Win Udllties Coranm Hydro Oiv h 2491 Kildare 

Relot Donald E (Audrey) mgr Retail Credit h 2633 Buckingham dr 

Belotti ZayctJU (Angela) lathe opr Win Tool b Die h 2347 Parent av 

Bclovlti. Dani i Airport House) T 399 A Walker rd 

Below Siegfried too) ft die bipr Win Tool & Die r 1723 Byng rd 

Below LIN Glort.i Btudt r 2367 Melgticn rd 

--Mike (01 flu) platr Provincial Fla Storern h 2367 Meighefi rd 

BelsLtO Jw) (Fi(ouiann) h 607 Cataraqul 

--Paul (Dina) Insurance 1695 Ottawa li 775 Lytm 

Bolt Russell W (Eva) elect Ontario Hydra h 3501 Dominion blvd 

Belton Eflhvd C h 445 Indian rd 

--Jane Mrs IBB. 395 University av e 

Beltons Henrteg Service (J Melville Bcwoa) hearing aid* 65 Wyandotte w 
Belts Klaus L (Htmiartea) emp Detroit h 4, 143 McKay av 
BeJucR Stanley (JOBe^ tee) mnch opr Fords h 3429 Baby 
EJvIult Chriato (Judy) emp Auto Specialties h 135ft Cadillac 

■ ■ Georgia Mm r IfiSB Cadillac 

fklva's Variety (Mrs Btlvo TpusignaiK) 3356 Walker rd 
Belvedere Aptft 63ft Glengarry av 

Bolward ft On aid apprentice teeth B F Goodrich Canada Ltd 
Bommer Craig (Fnmella) emp dhtyslftrii h 1517 Church 
Ren's Delicatessen (Bonj Medlef) 265 Pitt o 
Bcnard Bernard D emp Hiram Walker r S46€ Haig 

■ -l-dwardinn Mr* r 5460 Haig 

■ ■EmUicn (Jaequclino) cilip Chryslorsh 3127 DdhiteUy 

- - Paul E h 5460 Haig 

■ -Roger (Linda) labKelaey Hayes r 1D45 Rircm av 
■■Roger M emp Hiram Walker r 5460 Haig 

* - Vvon (Carol) Ikb Hiram Walker b Son h 3. 978 Parent av 
Benen MLclil W (l.ooa) h 367 Farrington, av 
Beneo TlretrC*dCrfl (Lawrence N Beuscttc') 395 Holden av 
StncKO Jf4in U 9504 Francois rd 

BtTUla Frank (Joann) jnb ncttui CJiryslor* h 1+66 Aubui r« 

- Fred h 414 Logan av 

Benduek John M (Doona) oin p Detroit h 1695 Sun Valley dr 
—■Violet (wid Ivan) r M53 St Patrick dr 

Bcndoll JiatlilSWl b 3324 ffloomfieJd id „ . 

--Timothy W mesar boy American Optical r 3324 BlOOtnfteld rd 
--Wm j (Florence) mesar Tor -Dominion Rank h 3324 Bloomiiulo rd 
Bender Chas F (Alice A) emp Fordx h 392 Laportr av 

■ -Edgiir |] (Josepfilno) b 650Chalhnm P 
--John cnipCrCncral Motors r 392 La Forte av 
--John (Helen) leader Ddm Forge It 1617 Cadillac 

--John (Janet 1 moat mgr Sltlnhergs |i 112, 905U Wyandotte c 
-Manb for'emn Fabricated Steel h 1592 Femdnlo av 
--MdVln lab KniO-ChOt Potato Chip t 392 LaFortn aV 
B 4 ndldt John (FnlTlcia) opr McKinnWi bldnstTins h 1657 Ealftwr blvd 
--jop J ( EhJj non dine) mgr Ruascl Transport |l 2147 Brute av 
*-Jtidy r 36 B El lift av w 

“Richtl A (Mary) irao^pnrl dept Fords h 1937 Gt-orge nv 

■ -ftlchtf J (Kaltiloen) drftsmrt Detroit li 3203 Belle Isle View blvd 
--nvhftld (Donna) with Hiram Wfltkcr & Sftuft h 1654 Lincoln rd 
Bar dig 0 Timothy (Rleanorjinsp Rd of Health h 1029 Hcwnrd ny 
”lJd apprenilce International Tools res RR+S Wcuxlslee 
■■H«y mould mtr Intematiorai] Tools res ftR #3 Woodeleu 


Hubftidiary ftf The Benilix Corporation, R H Ltfng 

Prcsitfcnt aniCendrat Mnnager, Automotive Parte 

Manufacturers, 1473 Argyle Road at Essex Terminal 
flly, Phone 2S4-92G3, Prince Road Plant 945 Prince 


Real Estate and Irtsursmcc, Ottawa Streep 
Phone 256-3445 (See adv Repeattef Linen and 
Daob Cover} 

Btwlt. Lou!, Dew) pro La i Btod» Rtulu t lasurwct Ud H iW Hour.! 
Royal dr 

Bendy k Judy Mrs t 1+32 Toutangcall rd 

■-Michl (RelPO) drvr ChryslerB h. l 5 P 2 ToMgcaU f 

Bmdui i John] (Annie) htb Oiryslcro h 2338 MLighcn rd 

■ -Richd Hnp Ctiryslcrs r 233fi Mdj^cn rd 
Bene Annie emp Detroit h I5ft9 DnouSlard rd 

■ -EtWCh (Sintone) modi HoilO ^3 LcnQS h 1 2 1») Albert_ 


--Peter drvr O P Homlih Cb Ltd 
DuicdL't Annilabe (Mary) h 934 Pierre aV 

--Colvin J (Roberta) FHgr Conudlon Admiral Corp Ltd h 5715 Oxhy 
--Leo A (Virginia) dtiparviscry i c FO h 3428 Erakinc 
Benedcttl Esther (wid JoJm) h +41 EfOadheud 

■ - Luigi (Gabriel) ossmbli diryolers h 2194 Faion t av 
BenMliai i'idiiji r 1327 Victoria av 

• -Joan fcrudt r 3276 BruCO uv 

- -Winfred G (Barbara) prof Udlv of Windsor h 3276 Rmcc aV 
BuieHciol Finance Co oi Canada 1584 Huron Church 1-inc, )43? Ottawa. 

222-26, 744 Ouellette av b 206, 29 Part w 
Bcnckritihi Edwd W plfltipg forerun WindftsT Biraipcr Co reft AmiiersttatTg 
Bcnek Mike wnpChryslcrs r 1634 Albert rd 
EkmccE Fred r 1476 Huron Church Line 

- Janet Mrs h 2363 Hlf^buid av 

--LillJa# ernpEiicom Walktrn r 2363 Highland av 

- -Wm r 147 S I luron Church L lilc 
Behcteati Andre studt r 9ft2 Vlrgtein av 

• -Ann (w Id Andtony) b 8 Bft Pierre uv 
—Annie (w|d Adolph) h 348 Me Ewan nv 
--Barbara Mrs eeC GeUTel r 1260 Fk-rre av 

■ -Ctuis M (Bella) rpriTUl ChryBlcTe ti 3J35 Cllifornia aV 
--Ctuxa (wid Albt) h 857 RnUepcrchc pi 

--Dan! (Carol) trk drvr Center Produce Go h 323 Marmtettc uv 
--David A (Diana) drfrjmm S S KrcHgtT Coh 2314 WceDcotl rd 
--Drtiiit STUdf of fleets Edward Chauvln r 3B6 E Mount Carmel dr 
■-Donald, wjdr L A Young h 460 GUss blvd c 

- -Du tut Id J (Eileen) vice-pres Center] ini' (Windsor) Ltd. res RR *2 

AtnhEr Biburg 

--Donna (June) emdt r 928 WLndermcte rd 
--Emily (wid Chou) h 1017 Ch»(fjpus 

- ■ Ermine (Wid Rjnul) h 663 Calilomtn ftv 

- -EmeSt A (Diane) drfismn R J Cyr Go |, 1977 Ford blvd 

- -Eva r 3285 Riverside dr c 

■-Fred 11 (Eleanor) drvr h 385+ Connaught rd 

■ -Gary W (Mary Anno) SCI-up man MuKhmOt) Industries h 3163 Curry ov 

■ -Gerald studt r 4 25 LiinKW rd 

■ -Gerard J auditor U1C res Hivcr Canard 

-Harry InbTerkel Insulation Predncts Lid tWOOit** Produere Co) re* 
EtK “2 River Canard 
--Horusidftfl (Stella) h 5702 Aiberdy rd 
■Jeanne (wid flemi) h 840 MnrenUHtn av 

- “Jns G (Anna) emp Fotdft h 1963 Femdalc av 

. JulLen drvr tilemn ferity Dairies res JtR f I Huron Qmrch LbK; 

- -Kurcn emp Detroit r 67 ■ 7gO Ouellette 

■ -Lawrence (EUgCItP) engineer Ford s h 8ft2 Pierre av 

--Lawrence (Agues) supirvef Chtyftlcrsh 2373 Leonard 
--LaWtrtsee R prudt r 2373 Leonard 
--LL-nard aitdt Art's Shell Service 
-Lcn h 3702 Rlbcrdy rd 

- -Leo A (Leo A flencteau Real EftHUo) r 1059 DroWiDord rd 
■■Leo A Real Estate (Lee A Benetcau) 1059DroUllUrd rd 
■■Leo J (Lucille) (BoJCteau'fl G*s Station) It 425 Lftmon rd 

■ -Leo T (Eva) crane opr Detroit h B76 Pier re av 

■ - Leonard lob Ghrynlera r 37D2 Rlbcrdy rd 

■-Lester J (Amolte) wldr Fordn h 928 Wlndermere rd 

—Louise (wld Gscar) cleaning Hotel Died Hospital h 1676 Senjaintn av 

--LuClen J (Kaliileen) foremn ChryelcTft h 96fi LLncoln rd 

--Mart apprentice IntomatiOdai Th>u]p rea RR *2 AmbeFftlbui'g 

■-Marie tmrae'a uaat IDDE Hospital r 1373 Oak av 

- -Mark slamn AgucW Surpass S^ioe Stores Ltd r 982 Virginia av 
■■Maurice (Betsy) asambljr Young Spring 4 Wire h MJ50 Grand Maruln rd 


■ Norman j (FranOo-i) CBpt Win Fire Dept h 4+8 Laujusn rd 

■ -Oscar C much engineer Universoi Buff op Co h 982 Vlrginbi nv 
--Paul (Therose) clcrlOal Income TuX Dlv h 1S7S WcalCOH rd 
--Paul rtfl-p QiiyBiers r 1085 Albert rd 

--Pauline teletype opr Bougurd, Leglle 6 Co Ltd res RR *2 River Canard 
-■Percy J (Laura) pros Muster Cleaners Ei 2233 Gladstone aV 
■-Randal[9i emp PUrity Dairies re* RR *2 River Canard 

■ ■Raymond (Vivian) acrv uttdt MarccTs Service $: G(tragc Ltd h 1509 

Ford blvd 

- -Raymond K floycc) InBp ChryulriB h 2372 Flllelte rd 
--Rlebd emp Chryalers r *63 CaJlfprjila av 

--Rlchd R (Helen) apprentice much Jerry's AulO ElftCCTic Service h 669 
H l idegir da 

■ ■Romeo R (CanaLe) rodttin -uholnmn Dept 01 Public Works h 3443 Turner 


■Ronjilcl prof rrtgtecer Win J I tiiliker Architect res RR * I Belle River 

■ -Shirley A r 2373 ),conard 
-tliric (Eva) h 3592 King 

--ViotCnl (Sheelagh) emp Detroit h 3544 Sandwich 
--Wnyhe admin)stratou: Chryalcra X 96ft Lincoln rd 

- -Wm a ppi't lit ic □ IntcmaliOuaJ Tool h h 3640 Dandn rmul blvd 

- Wm repairer Frank’u Tire Shop res River Canard 

--Wm J (Jasmine) nuprvar General Motors h 2212 Huron Church Line 
Benetcaute CasBtatlun (Leo J Bcnctcim) 1S95 Union. 

Benini Enrjo emp Candn. Bridge r 926 Mcrdftr 
B«nfivld Murgi Eh 1141 Devout* Ire rd 

Benfortu Giuseppe roJlltenr East Side Stomping r "48 Pierre aV 
Benga Sylvio motor Winder Moucottr Electric r 381 Pierre aV 
Bangle M artha cash K -Mart h 274 Dieppe 

Beni Rgcco A (Anita) yard foremn AJull Builder-t Supplies h 1703 Ford 

tkmic Jvun BCUdl r 1566 Dmffcrin pi 
Benmger Gregory r 5&5 RiVcraide dr e 

Benito Mickilteo (Mal)ac) emp 1>C PhoUlnd h. 1773 Parkway dr 
Benjamin Eryon W drvr utemn Crudh Rolling Co r 1363 Lobadlc rd 

- -Douglas R emp GGE r 1363 Labadio rd 

--Edkvd W (Ethel) maintenance engineer Fords h 877 EsdraS pi 
-Francis C (Alyce) b)9p Fords 3. 1363 Luhudfe rd 
■■Lorry lob Chung King r 1363 Lafaadle rd 
-■Sultron (wid BurO') r 138 Shepherd e 

- -Wm B si sum Crush Bottling Co h 109. 965 Brock 
Bcnko Catherine Studt r 1816 AlcalS rd 

--Ivan (Mary) emp Candn Bridge h 1816 Alckift rd 
BcnkovJeh Anno uphdl General Motors i 1835 Byng rd 
--Christmo (wid Robt)h 1835 Byng rd 

Bunn David (Lynn) teep Chryslers) h I. ]44ft Tceum6eh hbd e 
Gerald) (Mary) resident partner Clarkson, Gordon A Co h 3820 
Grand Mara Is rd w 

- -Irving (Mary) h 228 Curry ftv 
RcnncDaul VtWp Chryslers h 1&15 Albert rd 

RcnneLun Geo H (Ivy) real OSE Si Ins 221-222, 15 Wyandotte e h 1545 
Saudi Cameron, blvd 


Benneli Murray tnolnakr Fords h 9. 6460 Wyandate c 

Banner Naida Mrsh 6i)ft r 8325 Riveraldc dr e 

Bennmich HataM II (Marilyn) tchr UnW or Windsor t, 3893 Byog fd 

Btnnct Steven W (Shirley) metal Jbshr Chrysters h 1765 Benjamin nv 

- -Tboft W (Jone) h 1531 Gladslooo nV 

Bennett A Lewta regional dir Alcdiullian t Drug Adiiictlun Research 
Foundation r 12090 Riverside dr (Tecum uch) 

- -Addle M sec Price Waterhouse A Cb h Unit IMD. 5110 Wyandotte o 

- -Allvh (Margyertto) iron wkr Triangle Contracting Cb b 3548 King 
-Anthony B r L041) Erift e 

- -Apt a 2 191 DaEariO 

- ■Arnold (5dnia) CUfttfim olfr DemlnlDn Govt b 1724 t^badle rd 

■ -Arthur A (Stella) asftmbLr Fords L 1833 WeSUT tenter av 

- -Arthur C L off Cbryslera r 1833 Wcfttmlnster av 

- -Ik'rmrd B (Rone) inamtcnoEice Fords h H568 George av 
--Beverly R (]twm A) trkr Overland Erpxosn h 1412 Prancbls rd 
--BrcnVhlu Mrs si sidy Mayfair Ladles' Wear h 24, H59 RrU- e 
--Bruce lob Chtytiters X 2246 MnruntcHe sv 

- -Bruce H custodial offr Esiter County Jutl h 1065 Ensihouine 
■■C Kuimedi (Jane) erikr H unit an CoIlegiaEe h 1402 Bernard rd 
--Carl hide eurer Windaor Hide Go reft Detroit 

--Carman A (Audrey) wldr Young Spring & lYkrch 1057 Lincoln rd 
--Carmel hrdrsr Bernard 1 ft Hair Stylist]) 111, H75 Riverside dr w 
--Calboruic F (wid Stephen) T 993 Mntthew-Hrady bWd 
--Cecil h 692 DcVOUdhire rd 
-■Chas r 565 Kildufe rd 
--QjaaA (ftfia) h 1543 Redwood aV 
-Danny A meCli Hbwln Qattcry it Elect Serv h 698 Charles 

- -Derek itiprvsr Jijtevillc'a Ea&O h 3290 Everts av 

—Don W (jdharum) set-up man Ke]Hey-Hayes h 1533 Howard av 
--DunaEd crane opr Moir Cartage Ltd res Belle River 
--Douglas E inb Q)ryMeres t 929 Moy av 

- -Denglas H (Joan) irk drvr Brewers WareliOUaJag h 848 Oswtem rd 

- -Rdwd R (Barbara) ataty engineer John Wyeth 6. lire h 941 YUlalrcaV 

- • Elmer P (Jane!) whftomp N ToppcrmaU Ltd b 1639 Balfour btvd 

- - Emile r S31 Brireeav 
■-Emma r E475 Huron Church Line 
--Emma (wid J W) r 815 Partington *t 
-- Pmii A Mr ft h 310 1 1616 Ouellette av 

--Eric (Theresa) tiup Cliryslctuh 2246 Starentcttc av 
--ProEi: M (M Helen) mgr Global General InsuranCo Cob 531, 8325 
rttveraldc dr c 

- 'Fred L (Wanda) mgr IGA h B67 Laporte av 

■ -Fredk (Anne) drvr Checker Cab b 2202 Martnitctie av 

- -C Rmi (Dora) h 3920 Hwartl aV 

Geo F (Marie) lab Airport Tire and Battery h 3573 BlisH rd 
-■Glass Co Ltd The Wm J DaViaon pros glass installers 6 table tops 
1004 Walker rd 

- -Glynn anyth r 941 VillnlTe aV 

- -Hartley h 1463 Gladstone av 

- -Henry (Elizth) Cainpaigh dir CalEed CommuuJt/ Services of Greater 

Windsor It 1173 Matthew - Brady blvd 
-Hcrbt (Sylvia) detective Police Dept h 3290 Everts av 
--Hurley (Nellie) ii 1497 Pierre av 
—jas C r 14% Bruce av 

--JhU R (IJorotJiy) vice-pEc* W Inlay (Windsor) Credit yflltffl Ltd h 1336 
Granville c-cca 
--Jean r 692 DoV0llt4]ire rd 
--John groom Windsor Race Way r 651 GhaJiJklN 
--John D wldr'fthlpr Rlcombe EAgtetering reft RR 61 Pike Creek 
--John F tab Atrtcftean Standard r 2347 Highland av 

- -JOft (Marte) h 3185 Callfonilil aV 

- -Kathleen hsckpr r 3806 Byng rd 

-■Keith £ (Gladys) *cC -EreaS A H Boulton Co Ltd h 3080 Church 

■ - Larry (Mary) mnch dpf Kelsey Hftyos h 2226 Tecumueh blvd w 

■ ■ ] r a rry (Mary I du) 3ab Fords h 7 36 liniVernity av t 

- -MarKt (wid Claire) nurse bbsi River view HOftplul b S, 1286 Farad av 

■ ■Marlon (wid Gee) h 391 Langlote av 

■ -Marva elk Toledo Scale b B, 1525 Duffer la pi 

- -Mary (Wid Paul) h 2347 HlRhland av 

- -Mildred Mrs elk IRC h 1020 Dot av 
--Napoleon H 663 Eugenic 

--Paul f 3185 California av 

- -R tchd (Jncquelinc) emp Ddm Forge Coh ] 831 Ford blvd 
--Rk-hd studt r E724 Labadle rd 

■ -Rote (Joanne) lab lot Rad inter h 83B Glatistonc av 
■Rats A (Roacmary) emp Fords h 1214 Rankin av 

- -Robt GltRJf 929 Moy av 

--Roderick (CathtlM} slemn Benson ii Hfid^t Tobacco h 3168 Peter 
—Rose (wid W m| h 1510. ill Riverside dr e 
--Rob* W (Heloa) h 172B Parkway Or 

- -Russell (Jean) lab Fords h 6ft6 Californm av 

- -Sjuii 1 slipr Sl rev r Fords r 1146 St Luke rd 
-^Thelma Mrs h 853 Lnnglolft av 

- -Thos acct Albert H Scnfrine res Charing Cross 
--TlioS sludl r 941 VUJaire av 

--ThOB C (Ana) customs nfir Federal Govt h 41LJ Roaeland dr w 
--Vera (Wid Douglas) |i 927 MOy av 
--Virginia Mrs r 2856 KlVctaidc tlr w 
--W Howard (Lillian) h 24, 1556 Goyeau 

■ -Walter projectionist Capitol Theatre tes 5C Clair Beneh 
--Wm G (Ann) off mgT Overland Transport h l&lQ Er ie o 
Ben a el to BuatrlC* Mr 3 r 230Strabanc aV 

BcnnewleS GltftUl R (Lcta) gtml ior aim Fords h 3520 Academy dr 
Bciuiic Douglas M Oessio) plant protector General Motora h 3290 St 
PatrlckB av 

BetUilag Enid E (wid John D) emp Detroit h 1535 QiuTCh 
--J David alsmn Lyie'e Men's Wear Ltd r ISIS Diurth 

- -Rlchd T (Diane) interior decorator Bernhardt O'Hcill Lid h 2226 


Bennniorc Frank E (Wilma) slsmn h 5BO Lincoln rd 
fhsnno Addle (wid CUrcflCO) h 9*8 Me Ewan aV 
Bcao Robt W (Anfla E) fireinn Win Fire Dept h 1704 Btroord rd 
&eno‘* Barber Sh&p (Reno Celotto) 573 FnrtiugtQft av 
BenoeuirtO Alfreds (Em ma) lab Chrysler* h 665 Assumption 
Benoit Bernard (Mflrloue) wrehsemu McKinnon Indusirlca h 105ft 
Fartiilgten av 

--Ernest (Rome) aiidi opr Crush BottUog Co h 1140 Albert rd 

- - Euclid C studt r 708 Rosedalft av 

■ -Gary drvr ulsmn Metro Catering r 2662 Lauaon rd 

- -Gary J (Suzanne) buyer LasalJo Mnch Tool h 346 Sl Paul av 

■ -Gerald B math Opr jaduserial Platers r 320 River (La S*He) 

■ -Hector J (Kathle^l) fttkmu Fords h L184 Jefftsrstm blvd 

- -I I onry j (Helen) ussmblr Fordn h 2862 Laumtt fd 
--Jean studc nurse Hotel Dlcu Hoapltal r 2863 ] auras rd 

Alphabetic .ii, Wbitr Page 19 









• -Jamie (wid Leo) r 2325 Chari 

- -Leo* A (Irene) mech Detroit h 3685 Virginia Pk »v 

• Leroy J (G*U) l*b Chryalers h 1375 Goyeau 
-Maurice N (Evelyn) elect h 1112 Cadillac 
Mclviaa (wid EdmunOQ hsckpr r 1621 College a« 

-Norman (Agnea) contr h 339 Church 

- -Paul E (Bertha) emp Canadian Bridge h 2063 Buckingham rd 

Wilfred (Shirley) drvj Dam's Transport h 1010 Jarvis av 

- Win P 0 ‘«ct) crop OiTyslcrs h 1020 Prado pi 

Benoot Joe l (Irene) emp McKinnon Industrie* h 1157 l.auzon rd 
Ben otto Angelo A (Lida) foremn 4 gcnl mgr FtooUcr Pattern Ltd h 3469 

Rlfio 0 (Marie) model craft International Tools It 3975 Mt Royal dr 

- -Katherine (wtd Anthony) h 1554 Parent av 

- Silvio (Altana) mach opr Otryalera h 676 Benartte 
Benaack Steven car washer r 1671 Benjamin av 
Bensette Alfred (Barbara) wiprvsr Bow lie* h 1574 Mark av 

Alfred J (Margt) atkmn Fonla h 1086 Campbell av 

- Arm and (Bertha) h 629 Alexandrine 

- - Arthur A (Mabel) h 747 Chatham c 
•Bernard atudt r 3480 Peter 

- -Clare (wld Ernest) h 738 Grand Maraia rd c 

- -Clarence (Joyce) factory wkr h 160S Bruce av 

• -DorIlia Mra h 333-335 Goyeau 

• • Edwd r 542 Cataraqak 

- -Emile (Margt) mech Ftrearooe Stores h 3272 Edison av 

■ -Garnet J (Helen) production Wlodaor Spring 4 Trim h 976 Jarvla av 

• -Genevieve Mrs r 2856 fUveraide dr w 

--Jas S O (Diane) tool & die mkr J 4 C Tool 4 Die Ltd h 307 , 3905 

Rivet side dr e 

• - Larry (Ruth) revr Nod Gro h 3390 Bliss rd 

Lawrence V (Madeleine) pret Border City Tire Ltd res Puce 
--Leonard E retail als Stlvcrwood’s r 3272 Edison av 

• -Lorraine M matron Essex Counry Jail h 3480 Peter 

• -Louis r 747 Chatham r 

• -Margt crop Daal Specialties r 4941 South National 
-Micbl tchr St Edwards Schl r 1086 Campbell av 
Norman D (Anne) asnmblr Chryalera h 4665 Matchctto rd 

--Rlchd atudt r 3460 Peter 

- Ronald F (Carolyn) ncctg dept wkr Fords h 2596 Norman rd 

• - Roy crop General Motor a h 616 Bruce av 

• -Thos (Patricia) crop Melania Convey or a Ltd h 594 St Joaeffc 

- Walter C (Adelina) h 3457 Harris 

Bcnslc Job (Marla) mach opr Chryalera h 1769 Hickory rd 
Benson Darryl (Marie) emp Chryslers h 2715 Norman rd 

- Daryl J (France*) wldr Chryalera h IS57 Gladstone av 

- -Douglas (Geraldine) pres Custom Ornamental Iran 4 Peace h 3549 


Ernest L flhyllls) a»p Chrysler a h 3684 Riberdy rd 
--Evelyn payroll 4 sects payable dept Webster Motors Wlodaor r 2X79 
Meldrum rd 

• -Goo T (May) ssamblr Fords r 907 Lawrence rd 

- -Gerard (Eva) chief bkr Metro Catering h 8591 River aide dr e 

- Gertrude r 691 Windermere rd 

- -Hugh A (Joan) dental aurgeon 31 Gllrs blvd c res Tecumacti 

- Jaa (Grace) toolmkr Chryslers h 3870 Reginald 

• -Katherine (wld Jaa) h 1096 Wiglc av 

• -Micht (Patricia) alstr.ii Prudential of ho gland h 2071 Ypres blvd 

■ -Rene (Evelyn) drvr Chryalera h 2279 Meldrum rd 

- -Robe A studt r 907 Lawrence rd 

• -Thos K serv alama Maurice Pierre Tosco Service r 907 Lawrence rd 

■ -Wm (Marlon) mgr Prudential Assurance Co Ltd h 8530 Riverside dr c 
■Wm D h 337 South 

Bmstcad Harry (Marlene) (Braatrsd Ihcnographs) h 1301 Janette av 

—Rxmographa (Harry Benstead) amusement devices 1301 Jzncitc av 

ilenteau Gerald flcldmn Zurich Ins Co h 1UM, bwi5 Riverside dr c 

lien thorn Joa (Lydia) h H82 Westminster blvd 

Bentley Chas Janitor Ciryslers h 1489 Albert rd 

••Ccestancc atudt r 227.1 Marentette av 

••Donald maintmn Woolco Dept Store h 771 Charlotte 

—Edwd (Shirley) lather J Moceri Co h 1135 Ctidden av 

-Harold W (Joan) emp Detroit b 2547 Lloyd George blvd 

--Jas W (Marjorie) security pol Hiram Walkers ti 4173 Kennedy dr e 

--John T r 4173 Kennedy dr e 

••Mabel sec Win Bd of Edut h 1603 Auhln rd 

- Robe F (Nancy) tel CPR h 2273 Marentette av 

Benton Adelaide Mrs (Sun Parlor Advertising Co) h 915 McKay av 

—Jas (Virginia) city clerks dept City of Win h 2402 Byng rd 

—Jaa 4 Co (Chas Sadi I pratg 4 direct mall advtg 103-4, 108 McDougall 

- -John A (Barbara) mo :h opr Kendan M(g h 2696 Howard av 
--Laurie emp Detroit r 915 McKay nv 

—Ralph btehr h B. 13, 815 University sv w 

—Ralph J linotype opr Sun Parlor Advtg Co r 3954 Riberdy rd 

Hears Anna Mrs h 1, t6S Pierre av 

-John (Eluth) lab Kelsey Wheel h 3610 Woodland av 

-•MIchi emp Motor Lamp Co h 1055 Cadillac 

Benzingcr Interior Cleaning (Micbl Bcnztnger) 2551 Kildare id 

--Katherine (wld Frank) r 2551 Kildare rd 

—Mlrhot (Magdaleine) (Ben/.inger Interior Cleaning) h 2551 Kildare rd 
Berxrd Alfred (Mary) sprayer Chryalera h 540 Isack dr 

- -Andrew r 543 Assumption 

—Armand (Hazel) trim repr Chrysler* h 2702 Bernard rd 

—Armnnd J fettle) trk drvr Ehblnghau» Elect h 2374 Meighen rd 

--Darlene emp Daal Specialties r 1381 Ellrose av 

--Denise (wid Amle) li 1. 685 Wyandotte e 

--Ernest J (Margt)b 837 Raymo rd 

--Fred V (F.llxth)h 2458 Chandler rd 

—Henry (Verna) h 1351 Ellrose av 

--J R r 130 Park w 

• -Jo# A (Cortnne) h 898 Ellrose sv 

—Leo J (Marlene) emp Chryslers h 2863 Lloyd George blvd 

—Oran r 1381 Ellrose av 

Berbmehuk Alex (Petrtda)h 1986 AuWn rd 

Berberian Emanuel drftscnn Win Tool 4 Die r 962 Bruce av 

- -Kcrope (Nuvrat) dishwasher Niagara Rest h 962 Broce av 
--Margie nurse Hotel Dim Hoop r 962 Bruce sv 

Berhyuuk Joan Mrs reeept Arthur W Lamp© r 196 Arlington av 

Be re la Dotua aiudt r 1091 Highland av 

-•Eli (Helen) emp Chrysler* h 922 St Luke rd 

--Peter (PttroneU) trimmer Dima’s Upholstering h 1091 Higiland sv 
Here Ik John (Barbara) lab Fords h 2340 Leonard 
Bercuson Jack (Mane) >bmn Detroit h 3116 Avondale ct 
—Soe-Anne studt r 3116 Avondale ct 

Berdan O Allan (Isabcll)asat mgT Super City Food Mkt h 639 Bcnscitc 
Bereez Jos (Margt) (Highway Fbrniturc)h 685 Cartier dr 

Beregozaszy Helen Mrs r 528 Chtppawn. 

Berckoff Leo (Norma) p c Put Dept h 2234 Highland av 
Beren Barry elk Bonk of Mont r 972 Parlrvtcw 
••Hyman (Gertrude) h 531 Langlota sv 
--Louis (Lillian) mech Liftow Ltd h 972 Pbrfcvtew av 

- -Susan studt r 972 Parkview av 
Acrcncsi Alex (Annie) h 1007 Lincoln nl 

--Kathy power sewer Gcnl Motor* Trim h 31, 8650 Wyandotte e 
Berenda Bernard (Eileen) h 120 McEwan av 

- Eeka nurse aasi Metro ICovp h 120 McEwan av 

Berenz Stefan (Frank) (Steve’s Bsrbrr Shop) h 2182 Marenlctie sv 
Bercs Steve grinder hand lntl Tools re* RR»1 Maidstone 
Berewford John E (Thelma) toolmkr Fords h 735 Bartlet dr 
--Percy (Ida) mgr Somerset Manor h 107. 301S Sandwich 
—Rlchd (Shirley) emp Chryalera h 1926 Glendale av 

- -Robt A (Sandra) mat h opr McKinnon Industrie* h 2969 Wslker id 
Bereza Cbaa (Katherine) (Richmond Variety Store) h 2251 Marenlettc av 
--Edwd J (Bcvrrly) emp Detroit h 1474 Oltvo rd 

Berezowakl Metro (Anlcc)cmp Direct Winter* h 2396 Plllctte rd 
Berfo Arthur (Lcsi)lab Natl Radiator h 1072 Langiols av 
Berg Donald alsinn Texaco Can r 6490 Wyandotte e 

- -Eva (wld Martin) h 2467 Kildare rd 

—Holdemar (Anita) lab Heins Wahl Constn h 644 Edtnhorough 

-•Julia payroll elk Daal Specialty r 2467 Kildare rd 

--Maria (wid Wm)h 34*16 Rankin av 

—Peter (Erika) tool 4 die mkr Detroit rt 3581 Rankin av 

• -Siegfried (Renate) elect Uptown Radio h 1597 Bruce av 
Bcrgamin Antoinette M alaldy Singer Co of Can r 1877 Labadlc rd 
--David billing suprvsr Border Brokers r 1877 Labadlc nJ 
--Donna M arudt r 1862 Meldrum rd 

—Gui*eppe (Grace) carp Uaiv of Win h 170 Mercer 
—Jos P (Hazel) mach repr Fords h 1862 Meldrum rd 
—Josephine (wid Second) r 650 Bedford 
—Mary Mrs h 166 Louts av 

--Paul (Phoebe)mach McKinnon Industrie* h 1877 Labodlc rd 
--Peter A (Nancy)carp Head Constn h 650 Bedford 
—Hooald ] (V Patricia) alsmn Detroit h 1990 Attss 
B ergamo Angelo (Theresa) lab Kauftnnr Constn h 771 Wallace av 
••Ermlnio apprentice Inti Tools r 771 Wallace av 
Berge Brenda steaog Eeclcsou's r 965 parkview av 

- -Norman F. (Marlon) emp McKinnon’s Industrie* h 965 Parkview av 
Bergen Lloyd S (Anna) plant auprvsr Kchcn Box b 4079 Longfellow nv 
Bergeon Albt h 234 Louis av 

Berger BesMte (wid Harry) h 1549 Mlsaier 

- -Blanche oil mgr Sunshine Uniform h 505 Dougall av 
--Harvey (Magda) h 1542 Duffcrln pi 

--Job studt r 1578 Cherry lawn ere# 

- -Lea emp Detroit t 505 Dougall sv 

--Louts l (Esther) clothier 4 tlr 1384 Ottawa h 1578 Cherrylawn cres 
--Raymond M (Ellzth) sorvmn Windsor Vacuum h 1099 Grand Martas rd 

Bergeron Belle (wid Raymond) h 920 Mot av 

—Clement (Suzanne) lather Can Plastering h 1070 St Luke ni 

—Dolphis J (Eileen) hoisting engineer Confed Coal 4 Coke b 360 South 

—Donald L (Margt) emp Detroit h 1676 Arthur rd 

--Earl (IYarl)h 555 Elliott w 

--Edwd emp Chryslers r 3180 Sandwich 

—Ernest A utility opr R P Scherer Lid h 813 Victory av (LaSalle) 

--Gary (Rose) emp Chrysler# h 653 Campbell sv 

--Geo N (Eleanor) off mgr Metro Tool Co h 770 Lounsbrough 

—Gcrrsnl B (Jean) aervmn Lcwln Appliances 4 Purn r 1272 Gladstone nv 

--Janet M nurse Grace Hosp r 223 Victory (LaSalle) 

--Job tchr h 890 Moy av 

—JUdy r 3769 Russell 

—Jules J (Macbelle) h 764 Giles blvd c 

—Jullcn E (Beverley) see-treas B 4 B Bookkeeping Serv h 9050 Menard 
--Mane (wld David) h 307. 333 Glengarry av 
--Mono (Marguerite) emp Chrysler* h 1083 Albert rd 
--Ovtla (Celine) foremn Confed Coal 4 Coke h 3479 Sandwich 
-•Raymond r 764 Glle* blvd e 

—Raymond rrk drvr St Vincent de Paul Charities r 34 Walmeta (LaSalle) 

—Rrgd drvr Mitchell Bros (Win) r 1580 Spruecwood rd 
—Ronnld studt r 360 South 

--Stanley G emp Win Utilities Coramn Water Div r 1599 Front rd 
-•Wm (Mary J) with Win Utilities Comma Hydro Div h 155 Huron 

Bergland John (Doma) emp Chrysler* h 4575 Howard av 
Berglund Eric K (Carolyn) pi mbr Whites Plumbing 4 Heating hi. 962 

--Harold (Katherine) millwright Young tod r 3378 Howard av 

• -Ingrid studt r 3375 Howard av 
--Suzanne r 3378 Howard av 

BeTgolae Chris chief steward Army Navy 4 Airforce Veterans Club r 
2273 Turner rd 

- -Daisy I h 2273 Turner rd 

- Lillian (wtd Ales) b 1733 Arthur nl 

--Rob* (Shirley) elect Chryslers b !34o Asian sv 

--Ronald W (Janet)carctkr Win Bd of Fduc r 1396 Ellroac av 

Bergunte Walter hlpr Win Body 4 Fender r 680 Prlisalcr 

Berg* Andrew (Mary) crop Woodall Cocstn It 3214 Cltrmcnceau blvd 

Bergstna Hubert (Homy) apprentice h «59 Giles blvd w 

Beric Steve (Amelia) ©nip Hiram Walker 4 Son* h 693 Lincoln rd 

Bering Otto crop Chrysler* h B, 9. 815 University av w 

• Peter (Audrey E)«chr Prank W Begley Schl r 2514 Buckingham dr 
Berk Predk (Ruth) pres 4 gcnl mgr Union Men's Shop h 1680 Ypres blvd 

- -Sylvia see Union Mens Shop r 1680 Ypre* blvd 
-Wm see-trees Unlcn Mat a Shop re* St Clair Beach 

Bcrkcl Products Co Ltd Rlchd Williams mgr slicing machine* 699 Langlui* 

Berkeley Dlsnar atudt r 1244 Devonshire rd 
-Jos (Audrey) phy 1273 Ouellette av h 1244 Devonshire nl 
Berkcr Cuenter A (Ellzth) trop Detroit h 440 Bertha av 
Berkly David atudt r 681 Langloia av 

Berkovitz Maurice H (Jeanette) pie* Consumers Warehouse of Win h 601, 
3S0I Riverside dr 

Berkowskl Valerie Mra li 3120 Glen wood sv 

Berks Gerald (Joyce) pity 4 aurg 102, 303 4 1 04.1590Ouellette av h 3510 

- Ian D studt r SSIOOuellrtte av 
—'Theresa tchr r 3510 Ouellette av 

Bcrlasty Henry (Druscilla) lab Chryslers h 3179 McKay av 
--Jean h 537 Chatham e 

--Lloyd maintmn Standard Induction Casting* b 947 Riverside dr e 

- -Raymond crop Csndu Bridge h 1041 Albert rd 
Berlcsty Margt Mrs h 1037 Hickory rd 

Ber tingign Raffarlc (Armanis) h 1082 Niagara 
Berluth Amu* aaomblr Call Motors r 64.1600 Columbia ct 
—Wm F (Anne) maintmn Chryslers h 84, 1800 Columbia ct 
Berman Lily h 113, 415 University av e 

Bermarige Tho* (Agotta) lab City of Win h 1103 Tccumsch blvd e 
Bcmacchi Alfred A (Norma) Insp Wngley’a Steel h 3124 Dominion blvd 
Bernscht Harold I. (Darlene) pres Windsor Body 4 Fender res RR*3 

--Louis r 1225 Cabana rd w 

Bernacki Jos h 1862 St Luke rd 

-•Katharine Mrs r 1069 Homedalc blvd 

-Stanley (Yavega) emp Kelsey Wheel ti 1474 Pellssler 

Bernado Angvllo (Olncvra) lab Dom Forge h 1072 Pierre av 

Betnana Geo studt r 968 Parkview av 

—Vladislavs (Antonlno) elect Chrysler* h 468 Parkview av 
Bernar Walter watchmkr fllrk'a Jwlrs h 2tM. 524 Pitt w 
Bernard Adolph (NoclLa) utilirymn Chryalera h 3591 Rankin av 
--Carolynn emp Chun King r 9Q5 Dawson rd 

- Edwd crop Detroit r 227 McEwan av 
--Ellzth Mrs h 7. 280 Park w 
-Ellen (wtd Ivan) h 543 Elm av 

—Elurd (Kciiha) lab Fords r 716 Windermtic rd 
--Ernest (Cecelia) janitor Chrysler* b 1272 Central av 

- Prank (Nellie) h 562 Elm av 
—Geo r 1029 Druuillard rd 

--Gerald I (Constance) drvr Keystone Constn h 918 Randolph av 
—Harvey emp Chryalera h 952 Albert rd 

-Helmut S (Alma) sec B 4 B Tool 4 Mould h 1056 Matthew Brady blvd 

- Jerome u (Mary) emp Detroit h 8061 Wyandotte c 
--Jos elk Kaiser-Jeep r I, 2191 Ontario 

—Lillian h I, 2191 Oatatio 

--Lionel (Louise) maintmn Chrysler* h 9(5 Dawson rd 

—Marjorie Mrs r 614 University av c 

—Michl (Emily) I. 263 Ford blvd 

--Owen C (Elaine) motor repr Chryslers h 527 Elm av 

• -Paul F (Shnrrun) Insp Cancto Underwriters Assa h 68, 2655 Sierra dr 
--Rlchd J studt r 8061 Wyandotte c 

—Thr Tailor (Bronlstav Ranks) 3790 Tccumsch hivd e 
Bernard! J (Angelltie) lab Chrysler# h 2504 Chandler rd 

- Angelo M h 311 Monarch 

Rlchd A (J Kathy) rap Camto Bridge h 2244 Howard av 
Bernardo’s Raceway Motel 4 Apartment* (Bernardino A ftazuoli) 3665 

Bernal Chester M (Ida) trice-pres Cross Supplies 4 PSvtng h 2681 Arm 
strong av 

--Jo-Ann M emp Win Utilities Commn (Water Div) r 2661 Armstrong av 

• •Jos (Roberta)asst engineer Bell Tel h 2524 Meigben rd 

• -Stanley (Keitha) bkpr Cross Supplies h 2645 Alice 
Bertwtehez Ferand (Mary) lab Kelsey Wheel h 208 Wyandotte c 
(U-rnaih Steve (Mary)h 1533 fclstncre av 

Bernaucr Erwin (Rose-Marie) foremn stamping East Side Stamping Co h 
9150 Tccumsch blvd e 

Bcrneche Donald A (Eleanor) cap! lire prevention div Win Fire Dept h 
4870 Seminole 

-Eva (wid Harry) h 4550 Grand Marais rd c 
—Geo O (Julie) *hpr Unlinco Ltd h 951 Matthew -Brady blvd 
—Jas T (Barbara) real cst 408, 500 Ouellette av h 864 Flllettc rd 
Lawrence (Ellzth) p c tv>| Dept r 1534 Norman rd 
-Mildred (w|d OUver) h 2222 Chari 

Berner Carol H (l.ovinn) pressmn Win Star h 3517 Howard av 

- Norma Mra h 3640 Barrymore la 

--Orval B (Gale) apprentice mech Malctont Shell Stn h 5, 1615 Wyamkate 

- -Walter watchmkr Henry Birka 4 Sous r 524 Pitt w 
Burnette Mirko baker lntl Baking r 457 Windermere rd 
Bernettr Mork (Nancy) h 17, 137 Bruce av 
Bernhard Alex fndry Fords r 1061 Albert rd 

Bernhardt David G (Janet) vlcc-prca O’Neill-Bernhardt Ltd h 56 Esdras pi 
-Emma Mrs legal sec Glgnac, Suit*. Zalev 4 bmoccnm res Tecumsch 
—Julie emp Detroit r 260 E*dnut pi 

- Margt studt r 260 &*dr»* pi 

Bcmhnltz Morton M (Lottie) res pmr Kirntunboum. Beroboltx 4 Randall 
h 2203 Victoria av 

Bcrnicki Stanley (Caroline) h 1515 Parent av 

Bernier Gem Id (Jean) carctkr Win Separate Schl Bd It 16*7 Ford blvd 
Bernik Vlnko (Anna) assmblr Chryslers h *18 Moy sv 
Berniker Abraham vice-prc* Etecrrollnc Mfg Co b 188S Ypres blvd 
Bernina Sewing Centre (Ja* Zamatha) sew mach »la 4 serv 75 Wyandotte c 
Bernoff Helen Mr* wtr* Mady’a Big Boy Drive-In Restaurant* 

Bernstein Geo 1 (Susans) onbopaedtc wurg 220 Tccumsch blvd w h 333* 
Dougall av 

- Howard off elk Jewish Community Centre r 3691 Ouellette av 
--Merton (Barbara)ophthalmologist 220 Tccumsch blvd w h 3560 Victoria 


- -Sara (wid Louia A) h 971 Victoria av 
-Saul (Leah) h 3691 Ouellette av 

Bernyk Viola Mrs slskty Bdtmnn's (Out) res Tecumsch 

• - Wm (Evelyn) mach Dorn Forge h 1203 Westcott rd 
-Wm V smdt r 1203 Weatcott rd 

Beroykf Ann Mrs h 1A, 129 McDouall 

Beronis Geo (Mary) emp Chryalera h 515-7 Victoria ov 

Berrsdr Lulgle (Asuntn) lab h 871 Pierre av 

Berretta Amy (wid John) h 1141 Louis av 

Berriman Geo E (Catherine) b 643 Windermere rd 

- Nadine (wld Donald) tchr Northwuud labile Schl h 3425 Mark av 
Berry A pie* Mr* crop Win FO h 2329 Plllctte rd 

- -Bryce (Eveline) cable reprron Bell Tel h 4390 Wyandotte c 

- -Donald E (Jean) bldg ln»p Michigan Inspection Bureau h 2925 A skin av 
--Edwd T (Gale) vicc-pren Guaranty' Trust h 2069 Lorraine av 

—Genevirve M stuffer Win racking h 1337 Wellington «v 
••Jack H (Joyce) It 2025 Division rd 

—Jas V (Florence) management Chryslers h 4175 Mount Carmel cres 
—John r 350Tu»carora 

—Judith I nee Win Utilities Coinmn (Water Div) r 1910 Nomaody rd 
--IJlIlon h 1073 Dougall av 
--Marc atudt r 4390 Wyandotte c 

- -Marian Mra ft 464 McKay av 

- Raymond (Judith) h 3. 863 Brant 

- -Ronald A (Lucille) off mgr 4 acct Tamco Ltd h 9006 St Rose av 
-RoyD 0da)h 1537 Hall av 

- Wayne elk G G McKrough b 2299 Secord 

-Wm G (Mary) hulot opr Ford Motor h 1695 Creenvicw cres 
--Wm H (Theresa) trk drvr Brewer* Warehouse b 2406 Byng rd 
Berryrre Earl E (Alice) apprentice Elect Chryalera h 239 Church 
tieruiik Nicbolar crop Parent Cartage 1 71 I Moy av 

20 — 




Over 1400 branches to serve you 


Ben'a Barber Sh'jp (Aibt LorttU-i) 23-15 FilletfC rd 
- -Bike Shop Lynns) Bits & y-crv 3817 Howard nv 
Berth Alt!* (Ellaih)b 275 Pnin pi 

Bertel le Later (3leaner) (Galley Sndii Bsr)h 1 700 CoLitgy ov 
--Leo L (Marier.n) mgT College Soda Bar h 4GS0 Walker rd 
--l.Lunard B (Darlene) utmfU 1 for Anri. While Plumbing & Heating h 1331 
Elm nv 

Bendll Avfno E (Aii^llus) chef I [Irani Walkara It Erie 0 
--Linda Hct GfOcn, Giant r S29 Eric e 
Benbaumlru Albr (MAry) (Athen'« Service) h 717 Pierre nv 
--RaCjirh uitiit Albert** Service r 7|7 Pierre »v 

Ben lumniiiju Ralph off sin mgr Bra real Battery t "Tire Serviceh 357U 

Ankm hHd 

SfeTlItlaumc Abraham G It 2020 Vlmy nv 

--Arson*? rncch CtUHlfl TrajUronbUe rua River Canard 

--Bernard J fAn.s) cutHortur appraiser Gnactuna & Excise h 3042 Woodland 

-•Bryttfi Surveyor'a aUet C (5 Kusifcll Arm strong r 103] Grtcndaledr 
—('Jiral studi r 935 Monmouth rd 

- Cltus It 17S9 Centro L nv 

--Cheryl emp Provincial Bank r 1031 CteOVle df 

--Clifford J (Gladys) asftr parch flgt Bom Forge b 1443 DufFerln pi 

--Creur Mfg fMnutice Betlhlauniv) 3738 Poplar flV 

--Dual H (Mary C) nremn Win Fire Pept h 4947 Tecumaeh blvd e 

—Denb! (Janls) h 3, 583 Mill 

-Dennis O (Bella) h 2552 Ftltcrie rd 

-'Edmund nttjs Hiram Walkers r 1128 Vlllalre av 

--EU&tll amp )Vteher Engineering r SJ->6 Sionmoullt rd 

- -Hnteat (Josephine) h 16SH Hall av 

• -f-rancia X (L&retia) tndp QirySlttS h 1530 Norman I'd 

—Gerard (Aim) lob Win Btl of Works h 4534 Grand Marais id e 

—Henry J (Maxine) Off mgr C G Russell ArmBirwig h 1031 firemdaJc dr 

- las D (Suzman) ilreiim Win Fire Dept h 353 JeffeTBtti blvd 
--Min etudl Win |}d of Ethic r 180? PUIetic- rd 

--Kenneth R (Bya) scrvmh Toledo Stale Cob H?O0 Parkview av 
--Mary A ituidt r 1R09 Fillet tc rd 

--Maurice D (PojtUfty) (Bonjiiamne Crest M.fff) li 375S Poplar nv 
--Mich I (Marilyn) Off wfcr CliryMurs h 4, 1494 York 

- -Noel M emp (l.rynlera r S12H Villa!re av 
--Pamela nsMTiblr Dayton Mfg r El ZB Villa ire av 
--Parr|c]a r 1128 Villa! re av 

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--Bene (Rita)b |L2S ViMnnv 

--Wilfred A (tie it rude) d|m cliicl Win Fire Dept h Lh(» Filler 1C rd 
--Wilfred H (Marguerite) h Z419 FranL-oL-v rd 
Ron ini Geo (GlUsala) emp Chrysler o h 1Z48 Janoiio av 
--Grazlann (Lorona) |ah CbrySlerd h 6W Langlolif av 

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Bt-irke Mary (wjd WllSnn D) h 7Z0 Eugenie 

Bcrtting Cbrtace (Doreen) rnttCij Amerlean Siandard Frud h 3527 Wells 
--Mich] r 3527 wells 

Henman Stephen ich.r Univ of Wilt li 1509, 111 Riverside dr o 
Ijcrcocdii Peter (Gold SinC Mear Markei)x 2710 Todd In 
Her to fa Dora (u(ij Lend) It 2255 We)losley 
■ -Ercnlo <LoulJa)cmp Dsm Forge h 924 St Louis av 
"•Llbero (Rina)]i 2145 MeDougall 

■-LSvio (Sieptumlfc) troy mi Hotel Uleu Hoep It 14577 Windsor nv 

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Ikmtuldl Eugene fEleaitor) studi r 3.62 Oak av 

■-Lto (Cateriiia) lab Dorn Foi^e h 2947 Stag rd 
BerEOlln fjouls (Darlene) (Americftn Tile Ct»| h 1346 Daugnll av 
Bcnolieaio t.Lilgl (Marla) lab Mark Cdfisin h 1759 Marontetie av 
Bertott Giflu (Leuiecjf ihaep ropr ChiyiliTa h 19 Hi E31rose ay 
BortHjfU Evon b pprcnljCc bodymrt Crndtinuutal ColllOi&n r 1595 Btaiiamln av 
--lijiln (Amiit) (IDA Plasterers) h 1095 Benjamin av 
BermtEl EJccir U (Peter Bertnlll) cotur 5452 Tt*cumneh blvd e 
--Judy {wtd'LUigl)h 5452 TecLimSdi blvd e 
--Peter (Earlier) (SeriLUd Electric 1 r 5452 Tenlmsch Dlvd c 
Bertram A lleenc r 39R Bridge aV 
-A mold A (Vcrda) h 693 Hllilegnrdv 
-Carl M (Audrey) off wkr Hi rum Waltarif h 721 Bedford 
-Douglas f]Vitncia) accr Hiram Walker & Sen* h 37&[1 Rcwthornugh ttv 
--Fftdk L (Lorraine) cmp Detroit tl 271 Si Lnuifl 

- -flattie (Virt Fred S)b 427 Moy av 
--J Wesley (miinn) h 390 Bridge av 

--JaP M (DoTbihy) Lab Keiuey Wheel li 2343 Spring GnEdcu rd 

- Larry etnp Ijjngwal] Motors r £71 St Louie av 

- -Mabel Mrs k 327 McKny av 

--Margt M Cmp tlJraaq] WfllLor X. Sons r 390 flriilgt av 
--Nancy A emp Detralt r 271 St Lewis av 
--Roy (Kathleen) plant protect!ms Chryaltre h 590 Vaniet 
—Shirley J siuch r 390 Bridge av 
--Win h 590 Capitol 

Berrxantl Altn j3ione)fi 911 Langlols nv 
—Anneric (wid Bcrtiaxidl It 1797 5t Luke rd 

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- -FJaul B (Carole) StytChniB CPR ti OiB Bruce av 
'-Dorothy (wlcl RodrltfUc) It 2, 1613 Gnrurie 

"Gcrvis W (Qrmice) teiur lt»l Dept It 926 Dougntl uv 
--Glmrel T (Madeleine) (Ftrixoad's Moving St Ctinagejh Iffil ^sephlne 

—Jan wtudi t 926 Rougull «v . . „ .. 

--Jas (Sylvia) .twtehmn ClteGapcnke & Ohio Rly h 718 Laron av 
--jesnneiTC It 1071Cadillac 

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--Marcel (Victoria) emp FordP r 1861 Hickory ru 
—Mich) utock. elk Tlw Lghting Studtn t 2.JS Shepherd v 
—Pink (Edina) Jitney drvf Cltryalcra h 6, 459 W a Mint* 

--Sieve (Sandra) Uliimn SHverwutjda h 2M5 ftV 

Smrand'is MfrvHtg & Cartage (Girard Bertrand) 763 Carem av 
Bcriucei Dfjcnmle r 3764 VdUf^On 

—Road (MiiraiVila) miliwrigiit ChryMvr-v <» iv 

-Salvatore (Ellmhi strip Bcndji-Ecllpaa h II® WolUngton »v 
—Giuseppe (Virginia) mainrmn Chryaler^ 6 5*1 vitny nv 
HertuaJk Mnry (wRt jobn)r 1243 Memriquih id lt _ sT L fN , v 

Berube Leo P (Aisio) crank nhnfi opr Chry«lWH f ’« 

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Hesetnlini Wm (nagmar) wnJi Wjn Concrete RrtlUng h 26(i Madras pi 

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Biftia Pierre (Franccs) cemejit fntihr Wirt Tunnel h 389 St Pool av 

Beane Ju.h (Maria) Jab Chiyylortt lt 118(1 [tall av 

Bps el- Abu li (Lrandnu) Off ^kr Ford Motor It 101S Isabella pi 

E!ciiser Nellie tlrtlmkr 1. 1310 Pierre av It Mine 

E3c£set1e Alhl J h 56R TuuHilor 

• - Alphujtfjo (Aageline) Jiierol fttaJir CbiySlcrs ll ID5S 
—Arnold ] (Hiitws) vdiol slemn, Ihiflty Dalrlea h 233 2 Uncollt rd 
--Bradley bUffhoy KlHarney Suppof Club r 1111 McKay Uv 
--Brian Hiudi r 105S Lena 

—Clarence (Madclyn) credit suprv«r CunlJln, Lumber Cis li 566 Tuurtiier 
--□arryl (]ane)bW-hr Super City PiBcauni Fhxk(R h 2347 Howard av 
--DennLsJ C (Carol)drvr F.e.veit Tornibsni Fly h 951 Co>'rau 

■ 'Eat! mech Kil StllApn's Serv U 16(5 WeS[m3lister av 
■'lidmond ; (Stella) lnb ClirycberS It 941 Maranrctre av 
--Eileen fsvid Donald G)h 323 Gladstone av 

■ 'Ethel Chkr SpotleHS Ctort h 1197 Gtidden av 
--GcraldJiie r 951 Gdycau 

--Jds B Ousdoe) fotetin Win L'tilltieG Cwnma Water Div b M2, £325 
Riverside dr e 

—Letktard (Sandra) atiSmblr Chryala'rs 2I2U McDwglll 

- -LlRibt cash Srelnburg Dept Store T 911 Marouelte *v 

— Linda aiudt nurse Hole] D)cu liosp r 1451 ilrrre av 
--Marvin (Jean) emp Detroil b 1169 Lincoln rd 

—RoborW rcatUng ccmsultftnt- Wlb Separate Schl Bd l S(s3 Tou rider 
--Ronald J r I05B Lena 

--Russel] (EILfilli) irk tirvr Uoady Cartage r 323 (Jladstune av 
■Wilfred A (Myrite) genj forcinn JteKS Terminal Fly Personnel fllilgb 
3672 Gliardut av 

Beat finart emp Chryslers r 3727 HUlctciit blvd 

--Cora A (wjd Tlioa) mailing dept Suprvnr Jnius Wyeth 6 Uto b 1933 Lnbd- 
d[e rd 

"Donald r 7(J2 Tupca rom 
"Douglaf G (Cbnrlottc) h 462 Bridge av 
--Edwd h 419, 446 GleUgarry nv 

--Ernent C (Leona) emp Hi rani Walker h 756 Gladstone d V 
--Francis R (Betty) Ub Fords h 1850 Aubiu rd 
--Gerald (Marguerite) h 7B2 TbScarora 
--Jcromo soluiian jnatnt Win Bumper Go rts Belle Hjver 

- John H (),jdy) emp Rust Roofing Co I 135 Vermont (LaSalle) 

--Karen tatlh Citl^enS Finance Cl T 391 fi Walker rd 

- - Lawrence j H (Edith) (East Reefing Cc)h £H3 DougHll av 

- LL&iicl i 4 <Sl Bridge av 

--Lloyd (Blanche) b 1*36 Hltfsland av 

--Marilyn tnetcr cttaid Clw of Win t 419, 445 GleftgfJirry ay 
--pearl E fwljd Erneai) r 2498 Third CariCesblpS rd 

- Ray G oculist 4CE, 374 Ouelletit Sv h 2A^ 1210 Donga 11 av 
"Rlchd C (Mary) plant proicctiott Chryalerw h 3727 mtlcru-SI Iblvtl 
--Robt A (Betty) roilmn Howard B Head |i 1015 Westchester dr 
"Robt 11 Studc r 1015 Waste heater dr 

■ -RoyOng Co (LcvntdPce J H Best) 114 AylmSf Jiv 
--Thos asstrtblr ChrywSur r756 Gladstone nv 
--Wardtn 3 (Evelyn) dr\T Cltryttler Can h 3918 Walker rd 

—Wtn A (MnriP) mjtr Paterson’s Big V Pharmacy Co h 90£ Lov-Tcrure rd 
-Wm K (Delta) h 91 £ Drwri nv 

--Wm E (ChriGilne) Iron pourer Walker li 37& Frank av 

--Wm F (Nina.) Midi Wirt Utflltlnii COmmh Hydro Djv h 2£t& Auldii blvd 

- - Wm H (Faye) ruaimmn lODE Hosph 1806 Campbell av 
bests rd RliIu" E (Mary) ingr A & FKlures li 3271 Avondalu ct 
Beater Eugene V (jane) h 371 Josephine av 

Deaton Ellen Mrv r 942 Howard flv 

Besuc Gou emp D3 r 445 Chatham W 

Ijeawlek Violet (v-id Eniaat) h 2)58 ClfUver rd 

Bethel Baptist Church Rev Alfred Luck minister 1240 Merre av 

■ - Pentecostal Church Ruv Wm H Fitch pastor 5 1 0 University BV tV 
Bel hull M teh I (E !l Zlh )emp Mchtinsh Pfivirtg h -3496 Bll*s nl 
BethuPd Angus D (Jncqitcljnc) idrvr Checker Cabh 1324 Bridge nv 
--jack r 173 Bruce av 

BcbicSicl Jos h 1924 Westmlnsler blvd 

- -JOH (Arlenu) elect Detroit h 911 Prado pi 

Bettsny Albt (Elizili) iterv dept AlCk Ambassador l,td h 2349 Dandiirticld blvd 
--Allan j trainer Win Raceway r 2849 Dansluram! blvd 

- -Edwd A elk ITuvincjnl Bunk Of Can r 2R49 Dandurand blvd 

--Jane E atrdr South Wlrtdst&r Coin Operated Dry ClilrS f 2849 Dand«rand 

--Stanley (ShltlCyJIdb ChmdcrB h 436 Loti dr 
Better Cm (Nofjiia) Otter MeKJnnan Industries h 1373 RobwIiiI blvd 
Betterlcy Karl II (ElicHs) computer Opr Getll Murars Trim h 655Ci T«Um- 
ach blvd o 

Bettridge Lydia (wld Eme« F) li Ifl60 Jos Jan]tfse Uv 
DeitS Fdwd (E ,r |prcnac)emp J Clarke Keith h 1003 California ttV 
--Marluw p. (Ytolet) cond CNR It 1222 Eli? mo re av 
Uutty Ann Etonuty Salon (Robt Lavender) 1317 Gladstone av 
--Jane Beauty Satan (Betiy Witkauleu) bidrfir 5530 Wyindotte c 
Berry's Corner SlOtO (JBetty Dzombdk) emiy 1193 Mwtnts^iih rd 
EPougler Eraeui (Muliu)eye, etir, tWJfe £ Throat spec 605. 1011 Dwell wte 
h 11150 EUvurjfldodre 

--Eugene H (Marguerite) h 7S53 Tectitnaell blvd « 

--Gerard E (hlarilyn) optometrist 306, 1011 Ouellette av ft 7775 Wyan¬ 
dotte e res Si Clair Beach 
—Henrietta r 746 Campbell uv 
--Olive (wid Henry) h 746 Campbell uv 

■-Ruht L (Pauline i suptver McKihrtmi truiustxies 6 766 Ducbarnie 
■ -Roger r 7833 Tecumueft blvd c 

—■HieittUl M (w[d LoTKlSTiJclk typist Sun E.lfe Aescc Cn h KQ5 F-llEoti c 

Beukelmcm Augustin I a (Sheila) emp Chrysler* h 1012 Alhen rd 

ISisuLi Pcfid FI Chip Caudn Bridge h 23SS Plllettc td 

--Remain H (Sltnapc) InSp Ghryslere h 1571 EucklOgham rd 

Beunderri John li drft*»h Dept df Public Works r 562 Dwignll av 

lievatpua Co si amino tttuilt r 912 Wellington av 

--Domlhlc emp Ghryslers t 912 WeElinfp'on iiv 

■-joe (LynSi) suprvsr Chryalers It 884 EEin flv 

--RoHB (v .Id Antonio) It 912 Wellington IV 

■-Sully siudt r 912 Wdllngtcn av 

Devon Arthur tool repr Fords t 983 Ford blvd 

--marlotce (wid Edvrd) h 2IB JouafAine av 

--Cyril (Mafgt) emp Hiram Wnlkero h 332 Unikmi rd 

--Daunld HtutVt T 3270BrueC av 

- -ITorcen M emp Derrajt r 933 Ford hi id 

--Emrvn (jime) prwl McKumon InduBtrien h 1206 Belle isle View blvd 

--jack M (Irttte) exec d|r Children 1 * Aid Society h 3270 BruCC IV 
--Jofi ^ Eudt r 1065 Furd 111 vil 
—Jos H (CcciUa) U 983 F«rd blvd 

--Lewis O (Mad l-Ii nv) aaemblr ChryslerH h 1065 Fo/d tdvd 

--Terence D (Audi 17) h N8 Easrlawn |i|vd 

Beveridge Ellen r 1183 fMrtltigian av 

--Od R (Edith) tfk dfvr City of Win h -34)7 WlIkiSBon la 

--Jalm J (Patricia) foremh Deal Spcclnltiea h 712 Brock 

- -JuStn W (Esther) Irtgr nerv djv John WyOlh S: Bro t> 3436 Rorborough av 

- - Kenneth J W lehr Dr H D Tdylur St^hl h 425 Cabana rd c 

- -L Esther muds r 3436 Rortjorough av 

"lliol mainEmn Doal Spec laities r 3417 Wllkiostfl la 
-Wm (GlirmJ )is 3693 Glcnfleld 

Bevington ALbt S (Alice) grinder hand Cope A tain"Machinery h 2912 
Lanplolb &v 

--Kauielh J (Agh^s) einp DetXohl h 1719 Fllroae av 

"Writdy siudr r 1719 Ellroite av 

-■Wm (Kathleen) empDeitolt li 376 Josephine av 

--Wm J (Ada) h :168ft Howard rtv 

--Wm N ernp Detroit r 1719 Ell ruse av 

Bevins Bernard C (Sudan) tmp Detroit b 8610 Jerome 

--Jgim I- (Donitfc) math Bendix-Eclipse h 1252 Argyll rd 

--Leslie G (Bernice) stamn Ttsmoni Tire Service h l£37 Lllrose av 

--SoKan (wjd Dn^tionjh 509, 333 Glengarry av 

Bevia Bernard C (Ruby) chief engineer Vincent Massey Secondary Schl h 
3560 tSiindurand blvd 

Bewick Robt (Alice) andi. Metro Hozp li 1572 fticMagham rd 
Beyer Leonard fkinry) Jitney drvf McKinnon ImkistirleS h 1630 Pftlene rd 
fle>rna Edwtl M (Lorraine) tnip Detroit h 10 , 6O Laporte av 
Eleralt Sam) (Margt)r 5B4 Church 

ik^utre Adelo Mrd llh cnpsuliant Win Sepa-mu? Schl Bd icb McGregor 
--Alfred T (Helen) off ClSi Dom Forge |i 4056 Fdcc Ax 

- -Aim a nurse Hotel Diet!' Heap h 829 MarentuttV av 
--AlpliuaBe (AmeliaJearetkr Glmpjairtti Schl b UEOGoi'dau 

- -Aimettc Tchr St Angela Schl r751 Hall BV 

- ‘AparcmcciPi 1014 Marcnteitc nv 

--Archille wrehsrtrtJi Wirt Truck & Storage rm; RBJ>2 River Canard 
--Arthur G br mgr G H Wood h Co res Teciimitch 
--Eluce E Eiudi r 34CKlMcKlyav 

--Ceclie Mrfi hrdrar Emor.-son r s Beatyty Salon Tea RF^I AmherstbuXg 

--Claraiee F maintmn Dniv of Win J] 2391 Grand KlaroJs rd w 

--Clarence J (Shirley) timp Caudn Bridge h 4193 Roaciapd dr w 

--Clifford (f-dna) emp DctlfdH h 751 Hall av 

--Corlntie haokpr r 201.5 St jiitieji 

--Deua|d J (Phyllis) lab Fords h 1508 Goyeau 

--Dorintd R (Rina) US fiimbl r Ohryslers h 2, 1360 Ouellette av 

- -FdinonU (JoSephbie) toot ft die mkr Ford* h 970 Tuacriroya 

- - Ernest J (Ida) h 1827 Moy nv 

--Franciminult t ISIS Duffertn p] 

--Ida (v4d Alfred) h 1523 Lincoln rd 
--J Arsenc (Lucy) T 66tl Pierre uv 

--Jo-Aime teller Cajtdn ImpBk Commerce r 2736 Mark av 

- -John J (Betty) Jr elk Mo KJraton Iridu «Iiffl h 5219 Malden rd 

■ - John (l (Lynda) landscaper Malden Tree Farms h 208, 39QS Riverside 

drive e 

--Jos (Elaine)Jr sect McKinnon Urdustrfqa h 2920Atkin av 
--!,eo J (Jeannette) 0^31 mgr Malden Tree Farm 6 1675 Partlugion av 
--Lloyd G (Anne) traffic elk Gbryslcra h 1518 DiiTferiO pi 
--Ijouis (Edith) tchr Bretussn Schl h (rear) 1059 Erie e 

- -Louis J (Ailcen) Ins Ogt £07 Elliott e h 629 MarratCttc av 
--Lyndo L Stndi r 4193 Roaelaftd de w 

--Mark attdi Reaver Oil Serv S6 j rci River Cojsard 
--Mary Lou Mrs no.rse A Park Wilfton res ER«3 WocrdTilec 

■ -MEChl D emp Condn Bridge T 4193 R6;8elacd dr v* 

--Ovfla N T (Lola) uuprvsr fl P Scherer Ltd b 3400 McKay av 

- -DULip fliMgdept Win Smi 1 1506 Geyeag 
--Philip atudl JT 1518 lAiiferin pt 

■ - Raymond frk d ryr W'oldivood of Con res LoSaUr 
--RobI (Lretiu) 8limn Candn Tire Corp r 1246 LftiJs av 
--Roger driesrnti C C Russell AnnStrong rea Fiver Canard 
--Romeo (Theresa) pmlm Shop foremn Hawkeswoed Garage V^s RR^I 


- Roy T tchr Vincem MaSt-ey Secondary Schl It 1 T 1589 Ontario 
--Trudy Opl Bird's Beauty So Ida res Harrow 

BLvdan Geo (Ethel) Infn Provincial rd 

■ -Leonard ] (Gloria) drvf Chryalar&r IOI5 Otik iv 
BciSJU Ftancis S3 drvr Husbaod Tronf;p r 1527 Felix av 
--Gloria tc Ur De La Sal It Schl r S4Q M n rrnie I to AV 

—Jean MTS 11 21* 951 IHA’eraid.c! dr W 
--Jtw j h 1527 Fell* nv 

Berra Wm (Gnorge’e Confeatltjn.cry) h 2482 Tecumaohblvd e 
Byrenar Nelson (Sutlla) aasmhlr Ghryslera b 14, 15S6 Goyeau 
Be-stjok Joy I p lab Standard Induct [oo CnsdngS r ’477 fUldore rd 
Bcxuff Ilia K (Varfsltka) ll 2I55Daigall nv 
Dezsitia J&s h 753 DougS 11 av 

- -Margi hrdr?ir Win Modern CollfurcS r 753Dou(ial] nv 
—Vililci r 753 Dougnli 0 V 

- ■ Walter aS9l OCCt SHverwoods hi, S68 Wyandotte e 
Bhaftkarm Jaa r 6, 137 Bruce nv 

Bhalla Manjit (Kfvait) research UnlV o( Win h 3212 LLnWOtHl pt 
Blniorv John (Anna) mgr Jutumy s Auto PanE b 1090 TrtlbOi rd w 
--Jdlun jr (Eia-,-m tMid u) ay at mgr Johnny’S Auio Pails h 3992 Longfellow av 
--Silvio cabtmkr Fcmltina Coniirserclal Deaignn r 1662 Klumcrr av 
Riaggiu ( : cseo h 635 Elliott «-• 

- -Ingleiii barber Frank-ft Barber Shop h 1245 Tmjrangeau rd 
Qlalaa Joy (hialaii Shoo Repair) 

--S|me Repair (Jos Btalaa) 860 Shepherd e 

Blolek EdWd F (June) [Rismltli flannod Slicet Metal b 289 Rsnkln av 

- -Mike pipeilT Win Much] Contra res LaSalle 

Bialcfi Helen tchr St Maria Gc-rcm RC Schl #103* 6530 Wyondortc c 
DlalkoH'Skl JOa (RhjSl) ailtfinbir Oiryelera h 1242 Albert rd 
--Joyce tchr Christ the King (EG) Schl r 1242 Albert rd 
■ -Kenneth J studt r 1242 A3ben rd 
--Mnry Mrs h 1 Hi9 
—Stanley r 1U59 Cadillac 

--TIlos dlcjjtr C2widn Motor Lamp r 10S9 Cadillac 
Bially ]□* K (Rttriela) office Ford* h 2714 Utrier cteu 
--Kenneth autdi r 2369 Form IV 
--Wm (Ruby) w|dr Detroit h 2369 Forrai av 

Rial oberraski Stanley ermp BendiX-KelIpse h 1(J63 Pnratlt av 
BjodcIk-i Cl the no (Silvann) brklyr EaBtern Consul h MW Byng ra 
BjOachl Alldravf S (Martha) nfiflt sapt Sumner Etiutsisg h 9SI Recdmoraav 
-■ Florence of Dec Ghrynlert h 109* 1475 Rtvereide drw 
■■Gultlo (Aflsunla) ecrnenE wjtr Doili Forge h 1113 Campbell av 
--Sieve prod mgr Sumnof Priming ft friMjahitij^Co r 823 Lawrence rd 

AIpbrlKEKji. Whilf Ibat 21 



company limited 







- Distributors — Agents 

Phone 519 - 252^6162 


Blanco Kris elk Brute Mfct r 3 415 Bruce av 

- - Mario (Laura) brklyr h H15 Bfutc av 
EJdaa&lti Adfoa (w)d (Sauna) h U-iH Ulehvry rd 
' -Archie ctk -Chryoiera r 1766 Hickory nl 
--■Carmen sitidt r 2679 Alads rd 

“Romano (Flora) metal dn*hr Chryslcrs h 267? A Lot) a id 

--Theresa fwtd Jos)H E7JJ6 HlcJuory rd 

--Wilbur (Ellrlb) racial Itabr Chrysler* r 1&4B Hickory td 

Rtasemui AnnibaEu (3 BA Plasterer*} h 727 Assumption 

frasl Franco (Angela) rmp NlckclKoo Tool & DSl- h 1.6)1 Laftglolftav 

BlaSutM Edwd V (itegjr.a) h 1172 Highiibd av 

--Loreum atutll r 2B36ftircn? av 

--Mario S (Jean) wldr MLekfrlaon Toni & Die r 67! Brani 

- -Vlodlmlra (Argla)tnb Walkur Meial h 21136 Parent av 
--Zara (wid Luigi) h 673 Aram 

Blnyio Vulcatc (Elen*)b 3 r E9 Erie * 

Bib David (Eliztb) dLaparcber Husband Traanp h 3l50Scrt>rd av 
"Jerry Jab ChrySlers r 571 Moy av 

■ -Peter (SnphJe) Uh Ford* h 371 Moy av 

Otbby Brian D (Carol) fleet Tor-Horn Hank It 3(H, 975 Brock 
"Gitthtri installer Allied Radio Electronic* (Wm)h I. 1D»!J Howard av 
-'Sietacy A (WaiiLwrlgfu) used cor ills mgr || D BrynnE Motor* Ei Unit H, 

88, 511 OYfyindotic e 

Blbeau Alpha (Aneta)carp h 1056 Droulllan) rd 
--Claude J r23HjOLl|a c 

--Reger iClnmUlle) mgr Caisse ftipulalre St'Jeon-HapU bfjj It 2318 Cadillac 
Blhic Sam (fniijne) h 3GH Hail av 

Biblehelmer Don (Jennie) supt ftyon Consul El 3199 Raiitssms fl y 
Bieofi Mary (wld Matt) r 1956 EHroae av 

BiciuHc Waller V (Angeline) emp Qiryslers h 27W Weadninstcr blvd 

Bick Harold Ei barr L aol 906* 574 Ouellette av res St Clair Beach 

BUCkSl Grace r 1655 EYljBSler 

--Horry r: (Ada) h 1633 PcUsMlt 

-■ Rennet h emp Chryalexa r 1635 Peljssier 

Rickers taff Rlchd (Margt) utilitynui Ford* It 521 Cahattn rd * 

--Rett (Martha) plmhr Detroit h 2236 Turner rd 

■ - Win elk CRR r 2550 Howard av 

BJckertou Anna pr|v s«; HI mm Walkers r 555 McEw.uj av 

-Csthorine (wid Edwd) h 553 Me I: wan nV 

--Catherine tchr King HrtWzrd Schl r 553 Ml-Ewjh: *v 

-H FlLsth (wId Johu) r 2312 Turner rd 

"John. T (Natalie) auditor Detroit J: 4t 19 Mount Royal dr 

-■Margt W (wtd Saml)h 1, 392 University av w 

ItJrV'niJ Cha* (KitihietatS iurcjuu OtyalcrT it 1B39 Kentdale ay 

■ -Gory steel engraver Detroit Mctsl Crafl T t«3? Femdnlc av 
--HarTlS L jj c JVj] Dufn h 301, 6*30 WymndDcco e 

Sickle ;ae:k W fjjjck WBEcile Balia School) h 1291 Vlctnrjn iiv 
"Jack W Hal let SeltOOl (Jack W Blckte JuiaoeJog iiintrucdon 1453-7 Univer¬ 
sity nv vr 

Blclenetl Benfant A (Beverly) plant & wks en^ncer Gral ktotora It 2flS 
Patrie c dr 

Biddle Barbara ntudt r 4055 Howard nv 

■ - Fred A (Samlt) h 427 Cameron av 

"Fred C (Jicorjecta) eartBin sujji Woodall Crauru h 4053 Howard av 
--Geo || (Margt)chkr Intcreherti h 1974 Balfour falvtl 
"/tan (wtd KerMcthJhUnilJ, 71* 50SD Wyandotte u 

- -Mnrtlyn A Ptudi r 4033 I lowsrd av 

--Ro(a A (Rose) Jtevr Ocnl Motors H 620 RdJnbyrciuBh 

”Wm C (Rost!)drvT tJiieway TraoSp II 105* 39G6 Riverside dr e 

ftittlHQBI Diane empDcmMt r 2312 parent av 

- -Dominie p (Olga) idt L A Yottn^ h 2342 Rarent av 

--ftotrt V (Moulca)er drftemn 5miiEi. Hinchman 6 GryEIu Aspwlites h 23* 

1990 CotumlMa e( 

Bidatock Fred (Bella) micli opr Caudii Stmceo h 1569 ATmcES rd 

- -Joltn rjeycei raantk ( Linda. Hrlrtgr Ii AOfO. nfiKKlarvt dr e 
—Lynda tftutb r 4062 Ftusetuml dr e 

EUelM-j Alice Mr* h 5* 1617 Ab-sucu jwiem 

--Douglas 0 (Anita) iahn Itaiiri Cbittlf farma h 51B /oa Janinttc av 

--Henry (Lila) {Howurd CaJfSgn) h 2307 Howard av 

--Lertie (Snlly)unp McDonald 3-urwardtng hi* 1015 Albert rd 

"Jldlfp H (Atjcu} utctEt Howard Garage h 527 Capitol 

Blcdcrmori Frcdk opr ke|eey Wh«l t 7BB fi lads roue av 

Glegun Sami (Miriam) carp Matthews lumber r 2865 Avondale cc 

Btehi Edwl j foreran Gcnl Motor* r 1620 Rlsmere av 

Blelawitfc Ba ri I lab ) Kovpmty S $<m& t 991 Tuscarorn 

Qtolccki Frank M (Jean) math MeKihnnj liwlufltriea h 9B3 JeHersonhlvd 

"John lab MeCord t 'orp r 1162 Shrpilicrd e 

—Job dritinnn Wm J Htlliker Arehiieet 

--Mary fwld Fttuljh 1531 LajigloSs oy 

—Wm hkpr Ford Motor r 153| Langtoka av 

IMelicli Angvhnc (wld W Ike > El 1533 Weiitngtun av 

■ -Nicholas (Hefty /) etnp 5outhwood Hoief It 3325 Kufit 
Blellckt TeaJtl c (wjd Andrew) h 1636 &1 Luke rd 
ERctlez Sofia (wld Bntcc) h 450 ClEmon 

BLentFimaa Cliaa poroiiry) #s ifl (urcmii CfR Is 867 Vimy av 
Bleimerai Tone rude (Mary) h 2616 Pa rime av 

ftiercr Htairy (IIl-Icti) tc-nl A die mkr Para go* Twl ti 932 Kholalne dr 
Bifringirr jo* (Katherine) carp Luting O.mtjtn h 694 Irvine ay 
BidTnan Hann (Mary) (raring ml H opr Entl TcKtla h 41 SO Mount Sinai dr 
Rjesica Mike etnp Fortla h 1796 Toumagcan rd 
BSetblfl FraneeBto (Teresa,) h 150 CutTyuv 
--Jciii f ISOQiiTy av 

"Lutgi (E,-uuisa) jaipjtP^ Rss^a College It 396 Elm av 

- -Mike (Dorio) emp I lord cm Tool h 1640 Dcugal l ay 

- - VJjJCtsmt (Dfiititnlcl) foij ry Wa liter Meta E It 596 Hats tey cres 
Glff’s Coffee Shop (Mrs Rsrhex Pferadorif) 1110 Ouellette nv 

BEg Boy Drive-In t-rd Mlcltl Mady pres, David C A Mady vicn-pre*. Norrao 
A Mady (K-trnlti rest 4440 Teeumads hlvd e 

- -Chief Service RiatiOn (Geb Fau teux 6 Aitlsur } Knapp) IS40 Craw ford av 

6 2621 Dpitgpll av 

--Dan's T V Saiv-i 4 Service [C Danl DinCif) 1229 UnLvcratty av w 
"Hom Saddlery of Canada (fknrnde of Canada Ltd) western riding tspilp 
700 Wellington av 

--M Lttujjdrcnnan The (E4wd Spcnchucfc) nelf #crv Indry 701 Wytuulone e 
--V FtlartiLa-Centre jotui MflCPemald mgr fOiatmacy 1378 Ouellette av 
Rigaoucite Louts A (jcannlne) txk diyT Aurn Elaulaway Ltd h 6l0 Cabana 
road W 

Etlgarofi Alvlra r 1072 Ficrre Sv 
RlgeloW Brian *btdi r 2596 E C Row ay 

--Jijmeet F (Dostd-EhyKlia*! End PlumbLog & Heating) h 2S96 E C Rpw *v 

- -riantet F (Irene) dryr liuereiiy Ts^ick Lines h 1061 As-kJjs av 

■ -K.cniK'th punch pres* opr Natl Radiator r 18CB Labudje rd 
-'Nelson E> (Helena) crap Detroit h E8D8 l.absdic nl 

--Wttt (Shjrlcy) cmp Detroit h 1SB4 Fcmdalc av 

Biggar Alcr fflorah) tooE grinder Ford Motor h 4208 C^sgraln dr 
"Boriara K smdl r 4206 Casgnahi tlr 
--Ihivld M (Ann)h 10, 2386 University ay w 
-■Mary (wfd W m ) Ii 708 Argylo rd 

Biggiciton I loward M (Emily) took A die mkr Detroit h 3350 Askln av 

Digga Anna Mm h 126, 415 Cl live r*ity av e 

"Jaa with Win Ootftfed Com ran Hydro Div r 1202 Surrey dr 

--Je33!.- plant man Silverw«nlw r 1202 Surrey dr 

"Victor C (M4t0) optician Defrnlr h 1242 FellasEer 

Blgham Nellie Mrs r 2856 Miversido dr w 

--Wnn (jt»n) crap Sentry Dept Slore Ei 1391 Jefferson blvd 

SLgJicn: -. 6 (Malvina) It 1576 George av 

--FftSlrlck E (Lillian) raarh opr Flag Fire Equip h 2603 Turner rd 

- -M ary (wltl M errill) h 3190 J^rlwood av 

--Ferej- A (M*lvtna) bu* drvr Greyhound Lin^ h 1347 Bernard rd 
--Robi M bolter opr J Clark Keith Generating Sm r 319(1 Parfcwocn.1 nv 
eigras Garry (Bonnie) apprentice ) F) Mur pity Sheet Metal |i 3229 Academy 

--Jem Janltur Bill more Apt* h 105, 444 Dark w 

Bit Alexandra (w|d Stephen) h 945 Cadillac 

Olkic Stlpo punch preiJH opr Apia Sped0iiEen r 2264 FraScr av 

Blktirh Mike T fwb sect Ik 1081 Rcidwiero ny 

Eilhic- Roa* (wid fl|chd)h 1016 Mourn mth id 

Bituar Nikola (Maly) emp Csndn FUiJ^v h 17f9 Alben rd 

- - Luka (Maria) b 1194 Albe rt rd 

Bildrell Lawrem-c (MargO elect Fithlf Elect h 615 CnpUo] 

BLllck jtndrnw (Riyili*) fhmnin Auto Specialtlei h 1036 Hu it than av 

- - Wayie elk Doug'a Variety r 1036 Harr [tom av 

Oil Ids ftiillp T (Elvelyn) loolculci' flctrolt h 3449 DotmaLon lilvd 

- -TlmoJV r 3S72 Rlbordy rd 

SHTs; Auto Pnrtr (Win Ry4n S Kobi Bycrlcy)215 Glengarry *v 
--Raibcr Shop (Wm Bahiuce) 1637 Buiuillnrd rd 
--Barber Shop (Won LjjtIh) 7853 WyandoiTee 
--Cartage (Vftndsoi) Ltd Ctui* Bandcrlan pres 994 Fells av 
"Coftfeeclonery (WLifrtsJ Fauhert) 7223 WyiudoitC r 

■ Parking Lot [Marla C Middleton) 815 Coyeau 

- -Service Station (Wm Zirou) 2 Cfi Wyandotte e 

Us Han Henry maeh opr Chrysler* r 1656 Hickory rd 

Billnrd Eaymond erapHendix RclLpse r 3789 RuSsell 

--Wm ihefNnrtwn Palmer llcnnl r 130 l^qrk w 

BtlJrtt Cllbexi C. (Theresa) ajamn Imp Oil h IMS MartlndaJe 

Billty Metro (Kay) *r elk Detu Storpa h 1042 Harrlaonnv 

Billing Geo J (Helen) JM«e & treos C^o T White Co h 871 Victor dr 

■'•'Jos W (DJana) lob Nail Radiator h rea,r h 1314 Droufllard rd 

--Rabt (Jean) act! Cox Hyan Cu h 3933 Whitney nv 

Ulllln^iurEki Kern siudt t 256 Vs II n I re av 

■ -Robr G (Margt) prof Unlv of Win ft 256 Vi II iU re av 

Rjlllligs EngfRCering Ltd Geo W Hillings, vfee-pras confivilllng engineer 
293 Lwzan rd 

--Geo W (Beverly) vice-pres OiFlihg* Fngtnecxing h 3460 S| E‘Jtricks dr 
SI llion Vtc tor tool 5 die mkr Fords h 3042 Lloyd George hlvd 
Bid we(s Helmut (Ltuda) install of Bed To] h 265 McBwon uy 
Bitodcnii Evcttc liBckpr r 1514 Wykmdotte c 

- -Rovm o:k 3 j lobChryalers r IQS? GntdraquI 
dilukryLi Brion cm p CNJl r 731 DougaEE av 
"Wm (Janet) car insp (T)R h 731 Dmignll av 
mlCnyCT Mich! (Anna) h 1703 Albert nl 
--Wm r 1144 Marlon nv 

Bi low 9m r 559 GaiJnini e 
Blls-dn Jufui (Mary) h 1216 Victoria av 
Bllrmere ApartmHirtiR 444 Part w 
011 ton Jactpjelyn sue Ann Sawyer r 2990 Aakln av 
--Kcnn^lh V (Marlon) mgf advanced engtnecr Eng Ha Em AeEumotivc of 
L ondon t, 299 O AhI dn nv 
--Lnunac (wld Job)Il 1257 Moynv 

Bill-Kite Industries Windsor Ltd 1-yrank Rrklseie prew, Keith Allen vicc- 
pres, Peter KryWoFuk «cc-trcas Windows 3016 Walker rd 
Bill Wei CouStruolion (Windsor) Ltd Jos Yciyor^fcy pre*. Morris Yawiarsty 
s-ee-treas geni conlx* 1140 Atibin rd 
RILusack iiryan W (Violet) a ssmbly Chrysler* h 3, 962 Goyeag 

- -Diitl h 660 Grand Marais rd c 

-E|s|? Mr* head with Bellvue Tavern li 766 Branr 
--Geo (Frieda)press opr Kelsey Wheel h Kf76 Dougall av 
--Jbhn Ab CIiTy^lcx* h L808 Westctrtr rd 

Ehltusak Ntchblns (Marie) irtillWrlghl McKtunon End h 437 Christopher tlr 
Bilyk Boris pie*s opr Rayco Stamping Prod T 2475 Mrlghcn ml 
Zonofl lab Willy* Moiora h 2475 Melghen rd 
tljnck Fctar R (Marla) (Arcade Barber Shop) t 2250 Todd la 
Binder Albt J (Carol) raeeh j f| Ryder Machinery Cb 3) 1544 Pierre ov 
--Carol h 1640 WeSEcott rd 
-■Frank fFlorence)h 1*69 Goyeeu 

- - Front (Ellzth) (Frank tho Tailor) h 10W Pierre i>V 
--Frank W (Margot) (Frank the Tailor) h I07R Pierre nv 
-- Fredk (Mary)pres Binder Tool 6 Mold Lid 2260 Boudy 

- -Joo (Janet) Jig borer Hfcrcujea Todl A Die h 1143 Bclleperche pi 
--Kathe tchr lion W C Koutedy Coll [ 11 st r 1669 Goyenu 

- -Mathew (Eva) pres B 8 B Tool L Mould fi 18 G2 Byng id 
--Philip (Mary) foremn mfg lull Tbolw h 1B83 Cabnna rd W 
--Ronsld lab Chryslers h 1127 Lillian 

--Remo Mrs h ]756 Kildare rd 

--Tool it Meld Ltd Fredk Binder pres molding making 2930 College 

■ -Wnn (Katherine) with Binder Tool A Mold ud h 2220 9ew(y 

Hhidnc-r PmUmuid (Margt) 01* rep Colgate Rilmolivnh 2047 Lorraine av 

- -Mich! lab Oiryalors h 3, 689 JUvefBldc dr e 
Bin forte Gulscppe (Et|zili)tL 74 d Pierre ay 
Bing Cafo I A *futll r 1609 Franeol * t d 

- - Vicipt: R (Audrey) prpd man Tnledp Seale Co h 1609 Frartcoia rd 
Bingham Catherine tchr Sr Alphas hub Sclil r 2. 218 Randolph pi 
BlnglP Mildred Mrri nee Untv of Win h 23. 951 ftLveroide tfr w 
Eluigley Iwawrofiee D (Hdpia) mewl feshr CTtryfllerah 3, 117.5 Ottawa 
-Mklil (Pjiillne) omp Kcndan Mfgh 215, 111 fttvoniide dr e 

—MyrtH hosiess A b WDrive-ln. (Win) T 1582 St Luke* rd 
Blnicki Mike (Mary) cusp Dom Forge h 1765 Alexis rd 
Huik FredoNk* (wld Martin) r 1946 Touran rcju rd 
--Elarry (Lydia) h 1803 WestuilnaEer av 

--Leculen 1 11 (Marlme) cUsr mgr Kaiser-Jeep It 1525 Rossini blvd 

Binkley W Walter (Mabel) h 701. 8325 HivfrKide dr c 

Dinks Ranald S Olden) alscaii Multi Dairy Rroducm (WRi) h 1133 Lena 

Hnur- Harold (Harriet) h 603 Brazil 

--Hany r 1475 Huron Church Line 

Hjnsrcsd Dennis J (Catharine) suprvsr i r orda h 856 Isack dr 
Bdppu* Helen M emp Detroit r 1526 ElSinbrcav 
Hirnu jtflui (Dpmniert)h +374 PleasiSirtE pi 

Blrcc L Murray (EHzdt M) emp Bad t Els ling & Air LdruEn Loniiig h 671 

- - Hits (Wtd Waller) h 2243 Dominian blvd 

Birch Barbara regfsirar AflJumpiinn tlalv r 3*9 (idlan id 
--Cecil A (Caroline) h 369 Indian id 

- -CccH M (Rosella) prof Unlv of Win h 366 SuhHet ttv 
"Flmer El (THfetm) a-Nsmhlr ChTyider* h 1207 Harrisuxav 
—Fred R drftamn C G HnsseH Armstrong r 1322 Tnuran^mu rd 
--Gen S (FOIrlcEa) elk Qnyslerw h 2216 TcCum*eh blvd w 

- -Stanley fl (Ar)eue) ichr St Claire College h 445 Campbell av 
fUrcholl Ctw (Florence) Is 1327 Cranville ere* 

BJreham Geo Ft (Wumlfred) purcb agt Cahvh McehnniL-al Handling Systems 
h 3413 Dominiai blvil 
--mut stud! r 3413 Dominion blvd 
Birchard Beatrice B (wid Oral N) Is 3896 Howard av 

--Oiae C (Eileen) mgr trafne deps John Wyedi & Rro h lA. )920 Tudcarom 

--Wm D r 16, 192Ei TbSearora 

Bird Brian *aidt h 2U9, 3125 Kirndwlch 

- Pnu.k (V<aLi)h 518 Cldlver rd 

- -Gerald D (joan I) (Bird Hardware Co) h 496 Partington av 
—H W wrehsemn CN Esp E'H h 8IO Ik-ward av 

- - Hardware Go (Gerald D Bird) 2014 WyasEdtute W 

—Elaftild L uiLgmocs- Chrynler Corph 213, 8895 REvernide tlr o 

■ -Henry A (Irene) h 519 Cruneron av 

—Howard M (Dorosliy) mnclt opr Ford* Is 3 327 George av 
—fa* (Agnes) patient mkr Atla* Faitcm Work* h 137 Gdt *v 

- -ja* O (A^) h 643 HHdegaide 

—John G (Mary)a*fil bank mgr Tor-Dpm Bank h 3509 McKay av 

- -Oscar (Florence) a toe km n FurdN h 1D1S Gliddep av 
—Rlchd taker Dam Stores r 1015 Gliddtrt av 
--Ronald D Siudf t +96 Partington av 

’■Ronald E (Margi)as»i futensis Ojit Hydro h 33+ Si JuSui 

--Sheila Ktudl r 1015 Gllddcn av 

--Sieve M (Carol) Sub Fords h 1091 UnlvcrHiry av w 

--Walter F(Eincl|a) h 907 Howard av 

--Wm G studt r 496 Pardngrau av 

Eilres John (Mary) emp Cliryslt-rs li 1476 Albert rd 

--Marlene oiudt r 1476 Altsers rd 

Blrk John J ( 0 reran Hiram Walkers r 1357 Riverside dr e 

- -Minnie (wjd Jc?hn)b 1357 Riverside dr e 

"Peter F (Josephine) cool £ die dcJiigner Forda h IEK5 Esdras pi 
BirketE G John (Gcrmndc) vice-pros Clyde W Curry & San li 241 Villas re 
U vtnuv 

Ihrknei Carl (E*e) foremil Rivcr-Sldc Constn h 997 Westminster lilvd 
-'llebmit emp Riverside Gonstn r 997 W*fltmln*lcr blvd 
--MargH r 997 Wemminsler hlvd 

■ -Martin M (Anne) h 3479 TCCtnnSOh hKd e 

—Mlohl M (Yvonne) dispatcher Smith TYfuiap h 3479 Tecumsch hhd e 


Frpd H Retd MidliigOr, Jewellers, DEiimands, Chirm 
and Silversiuitlisi, 373-3T5 CXieHeltc Avenuo* Phone 

Kirks Untie (wjd Jos) h 7ET70 Wyarvlottc e 
Biimai Jnlm plant acct Chun King Corp r 2539 St Panlck dr 
BErnsdngl i''rcd (Ruth) toOlmkr Fords U 2353 Louis nv 
Blrtt Art^x (Inna) group Idr ChrysEt-Jrs h 1752 ElsiiLere av 

- -JoIm lAlargj) metl ^cc Dr Khpp h S 637 Benjamin av 
"Jbliun r 716 Windermere nl 

--Marjorie nwichbd opr l J ords h 3229 Virginia Pfc av 
-■Mary (wid AIl^)[l MbZ Lillian 

'-Waller F (Alma) janitor Rrcmnen High Sc hi h 1635 Ttarimgejiu rd 
BJrofl RoatiJre H (juliei te) emp Chryslers h 3425 Ltstgfcflow av 
Birrcll Kenibrah M (Virginia) drvr Checker Gab h 1945 Efrqneolii rd 
-Re*l J (Olive) asat mgr LCSO El 312* 53B(1 Wyandotte e 
--Roy (Adeline)] t 1531 Lincoln rd 

--Virginia A pr[v see WhelpUJa EEcct r 1945 Francois n) 

UErtCit Kenneth G (Muriel) «hl mil merlk Ford* h 7676 E C Row av 
lUnehoua Jas (Dorothy) mgr BtuianiuE Real h 2685 McKrtyav 
EEircan John etnp EToiu Forge )f 1769 Droutilard rd 
"Jd9ip (Ana) OHsmhlr Chryslerfl h 1417 Windcnnerc rd 
IflstagHo Maltese (Rosa) h 445 BarUtigtrui av 

Bischoff Hclrani K (Bernic a) ca rp Gosling Comma h 3591 LdngfcIEmv av 
BLacomb Ann Mrs r 759 Victoria av 
EUsoro Frank r 751 University ay c 

Biscrro Anna M emp Lawrence FTodueta r 920 GamjibelE av 

-’ArtcniiQ (Kuk-ta) lab Fullerton Consul h 92U Campbell av 

--Giull6 emp Canthu Bridge r 920 GampbelE nv 

'-John srude r 920 Campbell av 

"Rind (Ju[iania}]abCii*«ta Salt Ii 1741 Union 

--3orglu mold designer-apprentice bill Tool* r 920 Campbell av 

--Viclor (DiiEcuinTio) II 1040 Maroniciie av 

ElAhora Hal emp Mciro Gttil Hosp h 3103 Tecumadi hlvd c 

Kialiap floEly “fit Cotonatloa Schl r 24*fi Muimart rd 

- 'Hmcet F (Sally) || 1548 DotignK av 

--Emeat W atttrt acct TVai, Mai-wjck, Mitchell A Co Ei 305 . 5335 Wyan- 
datte c 

-'Gill R tchr J. 2bl, 151 Randolph pi 

--Gordon L (Mary) supr Stcrlpig Goobi* J? |)33l MniHonncuvc nv 
--GweHdoJyti Mra H|H]dy Ram'st Dept Side |l 24&|jrldge av 
--J C Cody Schnot Rudolph Frimeatr |irtn *0p sch! E213 E C Row ay 
--^hti (Caroline) h 1758 Gladataacav 

- -Jo» r 305 Hall av 

—Jos A (Violet) mgr Bhoodcpi II Gray Ud h 1252 Windermere rd 
"Margi l r (wtd C*rl)h 1276 Wigle av 
—FcECi (Pamela)pc E^E Dcjsc h 1. 70ft Murc-nlulte *v 
--'ETioa A (Kathleen) elk FordUh 982 Vicnorin av 

- -Thus C (Angela) now ear sts mgr Webster Mt>tor* Win h 2(60 Iruquola 
-- Witter (Irene) enretkr Win. (SojilI) pasta[ Stn h +78 Caraefan av 
--Wm F (fthxib) larip Dept Trade H Commerce Elccr 4i Gas Diy li 3468 

Nomsaa rd 

--Winifred t 3162 JUbcrdy rd 

BiskupDrm (Fullih MjbtChC Eascx Packer* h 3245 Dougall ay 

- - H obi Hindi r 3245 Dungiil av 

RLffttAlrr Eugenie (wld jus) II 833 Honnodale blvd 
rrjwnns, lehr De La sialle T 833 Homedalc hlvd 

- Jos ft flliercae) mbr St Udmond Schl h 275 Isabel! c pi 

--llene C (Kaymende) hoard a*ember Win Seporaie Stphl lid Ii 2568 E^mseit 

"Rcbt C (Joan) tchr Toeumseh h 2918 Skyline dr 

BiHtteEi Deuglon oervmn Lighting Maintenance Service r Wl 3 Rockwell 

- ■ Geo R (Doreen) proccSN tcchii Champion Spark (lug b J406 Ryng rd 
--Gordon C (Phyllis) cable spacer Bell Tel It 3013 Rockwell av 
--Graydou II (Evelyn) (Ellison-)liman Funerat lleniejh 6*6 Victoria av 
--Judy oft wkr Win McMical r 640 Victoria av 

— 22 — 

SUDDENLY "ITS SOLD" Whan You Lilt With 


Phone 252-5795 



PHONE 254-8646 
AFTER HOURS 969-5150 


Bison Anthony (Marla) lab Dom Forge h 1172 UlUan 

Biaacll Douglas II (Rotutlc) glacier Jos Zullnnl Ltd h 490McDougnll 

• -Jo*Flint wild! r 490 McDouall 
-•Olive (wld Clarence) It 8VO Hall av 

• • Wallace V acct CKl.W r 890 Hall av 
BUsri Barbara r 1624 St Clair 

Blsectto hrneat (Marie) wldr Chrysler* h 1585 Francois rd 
Biaaky Anthony (Tena)h 1867 Durham pi 
Bias on Aim hackpr r 2S39 Turner rd 

-•Chan E (Theresa) tn*p McKinnun Induatriea h 1377 Cranvtllc crea 

--Conrad (Pauline) carp Riverside Constn b 141A Cadillac 

--Earl (Caroline) tool lutlx? hand Dom Twist & Drill h 1387 Gladstone av 

- - Eugene D (Judith) emp Detroit h 796 Moy av 

• •Francis J aaumblr Chrysler* h 2539 Turner rd 

• -Francis j (Sandra) chart acct Eastern Constn h 780 Lounsb rough 
—Goo drftsmn W C Crosbic Architect res RR«3 Woods Ire 
--Mich) studt r 1418 Cadillac 

—Peter (Verna) map Chrysler* r 1597 Ellroae av 

- -Rtchd J (Rosemarie) lab McKinnon Industries h 2955 Lloyd George blvd 
—Win (Gale) elk Dora Twist 4 Drill b 2222 Forest av 

Blssonctte Clara hackpr r 894 Homcdalc blvtl 
—Blanche (wtd Napoleon) hrdrnr h 764 Campbell av 
--Eleanor Mrs emp Hiram Walkers h 123 Erie c 
--John drvr Smiths Tramp r 945 Thompson blvd 

• •Noella (wld Walter) h 572 Sugars 

--Raymond (Lorraine) emp Johnny's Spring Sendee h 772 Aylmer av 

—Romeo (Rose A) emp Chryslrra h 3596 Ribcrdy rd 

—Roque I (Doreen) carp Dinsmorr Constn h 1910 Glendale av 

•-Tbaraille (wtd Bruno) h 54. 780 Ouellette av 

Bintany lun (Christina) h l, 1428 Wyandotte c 

Binuttl Angelo (Cecilia) (Btauttl Plasterer) b 3230 Turner rd 

• -Plasterer (Angelo Bisutti > 3230 Turner rd 
Bitkowskl Atma r 983 Marion av 

--Jos tnach McKinnon Industries b 983 Ms non sv 

Hi toot I Antonio lab Pyramid Mobile Homes (1959) r 780 Pierre av 

—Mario hrdrsr Win Modern Coiffures r 927 Raymo rd 

--Salvatore (Louisa) lab Walker Meta] b 780 Pierre av 

Bittner John (Katherine) toolmkr Fords b 1838 Hall av 

Bitzar Susan (wld Peter) h 267 Dieppe 

Bitter G<x> (Ann) tiremn Checker Cab h 942 Rankin av 

Biundo Benedetto night auditor Norton Palmer Hotel r 748 Elliott e 

—Gtuaeppc (Rosa)h 3466 Harris 

—Philip (Cratfa) emp Detroit h 748 Elliott e 

- - Rosalie steldy Colombo Bakery r 748 ElUott e 
Bixlcr Ella (odd Ja«)h 343 Eric w 

Blzctn Frank (Ann) crap Chrysler* h 1716 Chandler rd 
Blxcro Addo (Juliette) atsmn Pittsburgh Paint h 2284 Meldrum rd 
—Frank J studt r 2284 Meldrum rd 
Bixnar Dorn r 2279 Cadillac 
-Fred (Katherine) h 2279 CadlUoc 
Blzxotto Clno emp Chryslers h B60 Ford blvd 
--Mario (Elodla) wldr Dura Porge b 1905 Lahadle rd 
B)organ Dale stuck b 7. 2630 Columbia ct n 

Bjorbnaa Levi D (Leona)drftsmn Dixon Totten Bchunc Assoc b 928 McKay 

—Roy W elixir opr John Wyeth k Bro re* RRsi McGregor 
Bjortqulst Eric J (Mary) suprvsr Ford* h 2454 Bernard rd 
—Raymond C (Eleanor) engineer Eastern Constn h 3420 Randolph av 
Bjornson Arthur (I-lizth) nnp Chryslers h 1543 Riverside dr w 
Blachford John sis rep Circle Sales h 301, 1475 Riverside dr w 
Black Adam (Mary) cabt tnkr h 2340 Huron Church tine 
-•Alan J tchr Hugh Beaton Schl r 2490 Windermere rd 
-•Alex r 1375 Laaglois av 

- -Anna 0 (wld Jas S) sec United Community Sendees of Greater Windsor 

h 2217 Lincoln rd 

—Annie (wld John) r 918 Rcedmerc av 

• -Archie II (Ruth) b 2194 ChJlvcr rd 

--Donnie elk Yorkiown hum & Hdwrc r 1773 Central av 
—Chas W (Joyce) purch k mores Sandwich Windsor Amberstburg Rly Co 
h 353 Aslan av 

-David N (Maxy)b 860 Elm av 

--Donald (Caasie) wldr Chryslers b 872 Riverdalc av 

••Donald D (Margt) lab Fords h 449 Cameron av 

—DonakJ M (Rone) emp Chryslers h 1986 Plllette rd 

•-Elsie Mrs h 850 Wysadottc w 

—Ernest emp Detroit r 444 McEwan av 

--Faith Mrs h 616 Vsnlcr 

- Ferae (wld Stanley S)h 1848 Chilvcr rd 
••Fredk (Margt) with Win Siar h 836 Eamlawn blvd 

--Gerald D (Rose Anno) alsmn counter G G McKcoogh h 3400 Rankin av 
—Helen F records librarian Detroit h 932 Bruce av 

- -Hugh r 943-7 Ottawa 

—Jaa E (Janice) financier Prudential Ins Co h 2375 Aubin rd 

-•Jas W (Joanna) security offr Hiram Walkers h 4230 Mount Sinai cres 

- Jane (wld Wm)r 1942 Glendale av 

—John H (Sally) die sinker Dom Forge h 3590 Chsrlcvotx av 
--Jo* (Madrid Motor Hotel)It 2530Ouellette sv 

- Kal (Barbara) drvr GoW Star Products Co h 972 Rankin av 
-•Ullle (wld Jas O) h 771 Charlotte 

-Lome r 1111 Marion av 

—Lome drvr slsmn Krun-Cbee Potato Chip res RR#1 Oldcastle 
-Lottie (wid Stanley) h 1352 California av 
-Margt (wid Kalman) h 449 McEwan av 
-Olive S h 113. 6380 Wyandotte c 

—Patricia Mrs wtrs Wellington Tavern h 5, 621 -3 Wellington av 

- Kobe I. (Jacqueline) chief engineer Binder Tool & Mold h 3139 Massey c» 
—Sophie J sec Candn Consulate r 449 McEwan sv 

-Violet (wld Wm W)h 750 Felix av 

--Walter H (Margt) mgr Yorktuwn Paint k lldwrc h 1773 Central av 

- Wm h 253 Curry av 

--4 Decker Mfg Co Ltd Gerald Young dial mgr power tool wry 3955 
Malden rd 

Blackbourn Anthony prof Unlv of Win h 3. 826 Joa Janlsse av 
--France* (arid Hcibt) h 364 Elm av 
••Holt* G (Barbaro) 111X repr Bell Tel h 4044 llowaid av 
-Kathryn studt r 4044 Howard av 
Blackburn Agnes (wld DC)r 452 Wyandotte w 
-•Barry ahpr Hiram Walkers r 2876 Dandurand blvd 
—Fred W (Helen) suprvsr Fords h 2876 Damforand blvd 
••Larry (Bonnie) drvr Bulk Carriers b 924 Rbolainc rd 
••Mary Mrs h 860 Edward av 
--R Keith studt r 610 Grand Marais rd c 
-Rcgd B (Rita) assmbtr Chryslers h 1877 Norman rd 
—Robt (Dtsina) servmn Union Gas Co b 610 Grand Marais rd e 
--Vera (wld Walter) h 102. 78QOueUettc av 


Blacker John A (June) br mgr Occidental Life Ins Co of Calif h 98, 1750 
Columhia ct 

—John Agency (John A Blacker) Uis 408, 76 University av w 
Blackford Fredk J (Phylllu) millwright Chryslers b 3496 Charlevoix av 
Blackham Geo (Laura) h 748 Scofield av 

Blocklock Alia filclcs) asst mgr Peerless Dairy Stores S3 h 3484 Dominion 

•-Bonnie L slsldy Bart let MacOtnald k Gow r 3484 Dominion blvd 

—John (M Pearl) h 503 Aakin av 

Blackmorc Ernest W b 1546 California av 

--Jas (Betty) emp L A Young h 1720 Cadillac 

—Kenneth (Elaine) lab Qtryslcrn h 240 Langiol* av 

- Loo (Barbara) gxoundsmn Unlv of Win h 3458 Mlllcn 

••Lorraine S r 4300Mount Hoyal dr 

--Robt B vtcc-prcs Ace Roofing h 3161 Girardot av 
—W Claude emp Doeco lodustriea r 3361 Dominion blvd 

- Wallace C drftg Tmscoo Steel r 3361 Dominion blvd 
—Wallace G baker Cook’s Bakeries h 514 Devonshire rd 

- Wstlacc G (ClaudU) chkr Fords h 3361 Dominion blvd 
--Wm H (Judith) lab Young Spring & Wire h 1283 laurendcau av 

- Wm J r 1795 Riverside dr e 

Blackhbaw Elixth (wld Artltur) t 364S Virginia Pk av 

- Margt Mrs h 2368 Bernard rd 

•-W Rennie (Lillian) mgr T Earl Taylor las Co h 3135 Church 

Blagojevlc Milos lab Standard Induction Castings r 1596 Albert rd 

Blahovlth John plmbr Hoick Slxxt Metal res Essex 

Blain Alfred J sssessor County of Essex Assess Dept r 8273 Menard 

•-Allan L (Marten) lnsp Gcnl Motors h 1666 Central av 

-Clifford grinder Colonial Tool Co r 715 Morand 

—Donald A (Frances) central office Bell Tel h 3561 Rankin av 

—Doughs* atuih r 1666 Central av 

—Ernest (Violet) motor tncch McKinley Transp h 3527 Woodland av 
-•Francis E (Jeanne) serv mgr Unique Business Equipment Systems h 803 
Parent sv 

- Francis J (Mary) foremn Chryslers h 835 Rossini blvd 
—Gordon A emp Candn Bridge r 615 Edinborougfi 
--Homer F (Agnes) emp Kelsey Wtieel h 615 Edinborough 
••John L lab Butcher Engineering Enterprise* r 549 Chilvcr rd 

- -John P (EUxth) toolmkr Centreline Ltd h 893 Parent av 
—Larry irk drvr Thibodeau Exp r 3527 Woodland av 
--Larry J lab Kelsey Wheel r 615 Edinborough 

—Louis J (Florence) emp Pords h 463 Frank av 
—Lynda trap Gcal Motors Trim r 463 Frank av 
—Madcs«c (Margt)h 1537 Highland av 

••Marie Mrs (Chatterbox Food Bar) b rear, 850 Trcumseh blvd c 

--Norman C (Alice)mach opr Chryslers h 2582 Tourongeau rd 

--Oliver h 6, 1015 Albert rd 

-Robt studt r 3527 Woodland sv 

--Sylvia (wld Wilfred) r 4360 Wyandotte e 

Blaine ( has (Ethel) (Karen’s Shoe*) h 1094 Victoria av 

Blaincy Anna (wid Melbourne) h 3676 Dougnll av 

Blair Alastalr C (Agnes) map Fords h 2232 Forest av 

--Alai R assembly Chryslers h 195 Janette av 

--Anthony F A (Evaline) h 3484 Turner rd 

• •Chas (Susan) h 1030 Marcntvtte av 

--Cheryl sec )r John Wyeth k Bro res RR*t Essex 

--Clifford J (Irene)drvT McKcrlic Automotive Windsor h 696 Church w 

—Danl h 90? Wyandotte c 

--DanI wtr Pero’s Hotel 

—Ernest r 1030 Marentetic av 

- -Geo A (Lillian J) emp Detroit h 308 Giles blvd w 

••Gerald E (Doreen) mgr Braver Air Conditioning h 3479 Avondale ct 
--Hilda (wid Wm)h 9, 1515 Ouellette av 

—J Anthony (Glenda) lecturer Unlv of Wm h B. 9. 308 Randolph av 

--Jack D (Eleanor) lieut Ifol Dept ti 311. 8885 Riverside dr c 

--Jas C (Betty) project engineer Hiram Walker k Sons h 3117 Everta av 

- -Janice wtrs Georges Steak House r 444 Campbell av 
—John D (Mllllcem)pc Pol Dept h 333 Curry av 

—Jo* M emp Grace Hosp h 739 Bchc 

—Kenneth (Nancy) lab Duplate GUtss r 1329 Marentetic av 

—N Murray (Vera) office Candn Customs b 444 Camffocll av 

—Nelson (Florence) elect Moore Elect h 1329 Marcmette av 

--Richd (Nancy) emp Detroit h 1043 Daugall av 

--Robt urudi r 2232 Forest av 

-•Robt B (Barbara) new car alamn Webster Motors Win h 407. 3801 
Riverside dr c 

--Robt J (Frances) emp Chrysleni h 1184 Bmco av 
--RoHO mall car chauf Bell Tel x 1184 Bruce av 
--Wlnnlfred (wld Ernest)h 1627 Moy av 

Blais Andre pans dept Clearwater Chrysler-Dodge r 450 St Pierre 

--Armand (Roiande) millwright Detroit h 2769 Norman rd 

--Beatrice M elk County of Essex Fc0stryOff r 836 Virginia av 

-•Cary (Gladys) emp Chryslers h 834 PTado pi 

--Claire r 2747 Norman rd 

--Edmund (Linda) emp Detroit h 3602 Birch 

—Btizth (wld Fred) r 1929 Plllette rd 

-•John F (Wylena) millwright Gcnl Motors li 2353 CadlUoc 

--John I* studt r 2747 Norman rd 

— JM A ( Lettere) h 836 Virginia av 

—Leo (Monique) studt h 720 Grand Marais rd c 

-Natalie (wld Jos) h 1273 Albert rd 

—Rodcnquc (Blanche) emp Detroit h 2747 Norman rd 

—Ronald (1 urtccn) yardmn CPR It 2822 Byng rd 

--Rosalrc A studt r 2769 Norman rd 

—Rose-Alma stctiog Hotel Dleu l-losp r 1929 Plllcitc rd 

-•Stanley (CecUe)lnsp Candn Motor Lamp h 1929 Plllette rd 

--Wilfrid C emp Hiram Walkers r 1929 Plllette rd 

—Yvuo (Mary J) yardmn CPR b 2822 Byng rd 

Blaise Wm (Jeanne) lab Ford* h 442 Bruce av 

Blajlc Ncdlljko (Jean) math opt Inti Torts h 839 Riverside dr c 


Dread, Cakes, Pastry, Weddings and Birthdays, 
and Plxta Pie, 1022 Langlols Avenue, Phone 
253-4344 (See Top Stencil and Repealing Lines) 

Blak Peter A (Elaic) (Pttcr Blak'n Bakery) h 1014 Langlols av 
—Victor (Blak Bros Bakery) r 1020 Langlols av 

• •Walter lab Fords h 1020 Langlols av 

Blak’a Peter Bakery (Peter A Blak) 1520 Wyandotte e 
Blakan Steve h 1668 Drouillard rd 
Blake Blanche (wld Albt) h 1357 Aubtn rd 

- -Geo W (Retry) off wkr Chryslers h 2721 Plllette rd 


--Gerald M (Theresa) tchr North Essex Dlst High Schl h 1034 Coventry ct 
--Harry N (Ruth) acct Royal Bonk h 1756 Bvng rd 
—John W h 1524 Moy av 

--Kenneth (Peggy) gcnl hlpr Hiram Walkers h 1795 Riverside dr t 
--Kenneth A (June) crop Chrysler* h 1246 Chilvcr rd 
--Mich! D (Elixth) traffic mgr Thibodeau Exp h 2940 Langlols av 
—Ricbd stu<8 r 2721 PlUcttc rd 
--Robt studt r 2721 PiHette rd 
-•Ronald (Sharon) lab Chryslers h 1024 Catoraqut 
--Ruth Mrs dental asst Albt J Wilson h 26, 1382 Ouellette av 
--Susan sec Dulmcr k Strickland r 26, 1382 Ouellette av 
—Victor K Rev (Caroline) pastor St Peter’s Anglican Church h 2337 Ros- 
ainl blvd 

--Wesley paint dept Chryslers r 2174 Continental sv 
— Wm F (Marie) pntr Natl Painting L Decorating b 1912 Meldrum rd 
Blakely Arthur (Mabel) h Unit O. 82. 5110 Wyandotte e 
Blakcman Brian (Brenda) preat opr Dom Forge h 3903 Turner rd 
Blakcxnnrc Albt E occ-treas Rayco Stamping Products re* Toronto 
—Derail* E *crv mgr Toledo Scale Co r 935 Edward av 
-•Raymond G (Adclle) pres Rayco Stamping Product* h 1218 Edward av 
Blake*ton Ceclla Mrs h 414 Moy av 

BLnkney David B (Royetta) vehicle standards engineer Chrysler# h 2224 

Blam Teodor h 2291 Alexis rd 

Blanc Nicolctti Mrs h 2, 972 Lsngloia av 

Blanchard Albertloe (wid Omcr) h 1578 St Luke rd 

—Conkila Mrs r 2856 Rlversid* dr w 

-Gary emp Kelsey Wheel h 1227 Albert rd 

—Heather L tchr David Maxwell Schl r 1763 Tourangeau rd 

--Raymond E (Leona) plant protection Fords h 1763 Tourangeau rd 

--Rita A Mrs r lOlOOak av 

--Vcrdenr «oc Hiram Walker* r 1763 Tourangeau rd 
Blanchette Albt J (Lorraine) cuatoma k excise Dept Nall Rev h 1001 Ran¬ 
kin av 

••Amanda (wld Armand) r 1621 College av 
-Barbara h 3462 Well* 

--Ou* F. (Geelie) mach opr Romeo Mach Shop h 2903 Randolph av 
--Dtanc atudt r 934 L«a 

--Francois G Olden) tr* drvr J T Wing Ltd h 1772 Central av 
—Hairy J (Marion)dept mgr Dom Store h 2133 Secord av 
--Jas M )r (Helen) mech Auto Wheel 6 Axle Service res Emeryville 
--Jas M (Elva)prcs Auto Wheel k Axle Service Ltd res Emeryville 

- Jean Mra h 934 Loin 
—Jeannette emp Detroit r 934 Lena 

--Linda studt nur*c Hotel Dicu Hoap r 1772 Central av 
—Lout* «crvmn Munro Inti of Can h 868 Tuscarors 
--Richd J1 c P0 r 1693 Uspczancc (Tecum »eb) 

--Roland P (Denise) hoist opr Windsor Bumper Co h 1417 Erie c 
—Thos L trk drvr City h 1621 College av 
Blonchld Ja» r 685 Victoria av 

Blond Donald C (Beverley) (Portable Power Equipment) h 1026 Grceadalc 
--Eliza r 1475 Huron Church Lute 
--John R (Emily) h 1852 Factor!* 

-•Richd (Margt)mech Howitt Battery k Elect Serv h 1482 Aubin rd 
—Richd (Yvette) *crv mgr Portable Power Equip b 887 Victoria av 
--Sam) D (Gladys) suprvsr Ford Co h 279 George av 
—Tlioa (Margt) prod wkr Fonl* r 1619 Arthur rd 
• •Wm studt r 279 George tv 
Blanden prank H (Ellen) h 1067 Pci I* at cr 
Blandford Oia* r 2615 Meighcn rd 
—Grace B (wld Jas)h 21. 1250 Ouellette av 
-John P (Marilyn) elect Ford* h 3158 Parlcwood av 
--Sydney I. (Phyllis) whol mgr Industrial Acceptance Corp h 3745 Rox- 
borough av 

Bloney Edgar T (Eva)h 1525 Lincoln rd 

-•Livingoton W (Amy)h 1574 Church 

Blank Verna B Mrs RN Rlverview lloep h II, 36 Hanna w 

Bias boys Gus h 667 Windsor av 

Blnseoiio Uuiseppc (OnorU)ccnarn Eastern Consul h 1778 Benjamin «v 

- -Mariaa much r 1778 Benjamin av 
Biasedg Franco r 1344 Bridge av 

Biaako Andmoy A (Gail) orthodontic tcc bn Ted Wachna h 553 As kin av 

--Emery (Agnes) lab Matbewa lumber Co h 675 F-diaboruugb 

Blaszcxak Helen S off elk Rinshcd-Mason r 1369 Prince rd 

--Jean (Prince Road Tailor Shop)h 1369 Prince rd 

—Roman W emp Chry#Ier» r 1369 Prince rd 

Blatchly Gertrude (wid Wm) h C2, 1653 Wyandotte w 

Blavlci Paul mach ftr Volta Welders res Kitchener 

Blawaaky Wm (Mary) emp Dom Forge h 354 Partington av 

Blayden Catherine Mre h 170 Elm av 

BLazck Lawrence (Diana) aaamblymn Gen I Motors h 1131 Edward sv 
Blazcvic Jo* (Anka)emp McKinnon Inikjsrxje* h 1830 Alexis rd 
Blazcvich Donald J (Mary) emp Qiryslera h 2491 Meighcn rd 
—Eva sec Detroit r 2584 Meighcn rd 

Bleaaby Chas H (Leona) malnt foremn Supertest Petroleum h 1237 McKay 

--Earl 1. (Cecilc) slsmn Essex Packers h 1931 Westminster av 
Blenkinaop Donald J (Maureen) model pattern mkr Industrial Models h 4007 
Mount Royal dr 

Blessed Sacrament (RC) Church Rev Thos J McRcavy pastor 3710 King 
-Sacrament (RC) Church rectory 1707 Queen 
Blewetr Arthur E (Florence) h 1176 Goyeau 
—Nancy bkpr G G McKcough Ltd r 1176 Goyeau 

Blight Donald (Ruth) prod suprvsr Gcnl Motors Trim h 2806 Westminster 

- Wm mgr Centre Theatre h 8, 1335 Niagara 
Bllnaton Wm It 985 California av 

Blitzcr Libby Mra h 116. Ill Riverside dr e 

Bloching John (Theresa) emp Fords h 2473 Lloyd George blvd 

Block A(p»c* (wld Franklin) mayor's sac City of Win h 1636 Ouellette av 

Block son Albt b 1332 Wyandotte e 

--Lillian Mrs h 1097 Windsor av 

Blocdow Siegfried (Barbara) shop foremn Mclnrns Conveyors h 2370 
Meighen rd 

Blok Jack (Barbara) drftsmn Trace fc Gloa h 94 , 2655 Sierra dr 
--John (Arlene) mach opr Champion Spark Plug li 1621 Greer view ere# 

—Yohanna (wid Gerardus) h 403. 524 Pitt w 
Blommcrs Bodv & Fender Robt {Hammers pres 740 IVllaster 
—Robt (Carry) pres Bloramei* Body A Fender r 952 Curry av 
Bkodan Ruth wtrs Rosclaad Golf Chib b 803 Victory rd (LaSalle) 

Blonde Ben J (Anne) elk Chryslers b 842 Belle Isle View blvd 
--Bernard (Genevieve) h 1030 Janette av 

—Brian (Dolores) tchr Adult Education Centre h 110. 7366 Wyandotte e 
--Clayton F (Prances) pres Blonde Clayton F (Frances) prea Blonde k 
Little Insurance Ltd h 6160 Riverside dr e 

Alphabetical. Whitt Page 2) 

- -CJLfforrJ A (Marie) See Itloudc- & Link ]fts h 2-W Hydras- p| 

- -Gregory J (Marfary) prod mgr A it P Stores h 11II Jiuiine nv 
■•-Grefpry L Ktudi r M2 $elle Me View blvd 

--JCnri (Agues) h 6665 Riverside Jr r 
"John srudi r 61641 Riverside dr e 
--Jotifl B (Jdyte) emp Chiyilcrs r 1030 Janeve av 
"Jos stude t 240 EfidiaM pt 

■-Lyle F (Ruth) proa Anchor-In Harbor h. 103lit) Riverside dre 
--Ruhr 5 (Sharop) fAnrhor-ln Marinu Servlet) r ItUS HjXTSfdc dre 
--It Little ftisuTante Ltd Clayton FBlonde pres, Ryb( K Lltlle vieft-prert, 
Clifford A Blonde e« ins agis 49(11 It 1 ]]satur 
Bkntdle Cleaners Ltd Arthur J Rivard pres, Riehd J Rtvsid vice-pres, Jan 
N UariTei Src-rrcas 9Q9 Rivera|dc dr e 
Blwidjn Barbara emp Dec roll r 932 Jaqerte av 
--Douglas A (Barbara) ftidry wjcr Fords ft 35(74 Howard av 
HertH J (Agnt-’O emp Fords h 932 ftmetra Av 

- -NarelEae (Madeleine) pup Detroit h 2OS Josephine av 
-■'ftitM mjjx Can Salvage (Win) res LnBnllc 

- -Rote (Jo ’AnJidV el Ic Can Salvage (W In) h :)228 B«bv 
Bloom Aparnumis Sift 1 j»In av 

Bloomer Annie (wld John) r 44ft Elm Av 

--Kodiripe A Si sidy Woulco Dept Si ore r Sol Arthur rd 

"Rohr ) (Katrine) coremkf Cftryakrs ft 861 Arthur rd 

Bloomfield r 603 Cttmliam e 

--Aibt ]i h 603 Chatham ci 

■-Clayton C ft IR96 LILIittn 

--Edna Mrs b 364 3^ Queen 

*-F Kenneth (Mnrgt E) pres Frontier partem h 610 North Talboi rd 
-“Florence Mrs h 3, 1225 MoftmOUth rd 

--Gerald (Carol) asSmhlr Burrows Adding Mach ft 1656 HcnfOmlft «V 

"Hurtm JI nap dRjrysloro h 1512 AubLn rd 

"Irene r 963 B] sene re av 

--Janet (will Ernest) h 8788 Riverside dr c 

'*Kcnjicth R (Joy) sis progntnuncr ClirytJerj h 2Z9* aillvcr id’ 

'“Ltrtlle (LLnrfa)drvr Chryaltrs l| 3033 Turner rd 

--M Rose (wld Fred) h 305S Tanner rd 

-■Moms R jpard Arggs Fro tec 11 on ft 3566 Gaytan 

--Riehd E Screen fter-up American Ueealcoman[□ r 1579 Riverside dr 

--Sianley II (|Wie- A) littf Qityslsis h [957 Bernard rd 

Bloomfield's Market (Andrew Tbmtfcflk) .gru & btehr 357 B Bloom field rd 

Btoudoff ETt'Lda [wld Win B) h 1369 Bridge av 

Blew AvnUce sec h 1060 Buckingham dr 

BfoWey Jean (wjd J-aJiai R G)h 2i37 Windermere rd 

BJu-Bcl Mold Si Cafe (AEcx tk Mrs Kh therlfte Atjehflrrt) 2701 lhtr«n Clmjfch 

Blue Garden'a Rea-taurinl (Mrs Violet Habib) 3921 Eunlrok' 

■■JdS fl (Beny)prtn Western (\iWIh.- Sehl ft 1525 Fart^lJc tl 
--Ribbon Sitting & Home Improvement (Earl C Fora ter) 2 7 25 Walker 

’■Stnr International Gunids [,td flnytriopd RhJnelfixrfef mgJ 1210 Wjmmleite 

hhjescepe Chlryprpcilc Cliblc P?aul BlueffHone) 75 Wyandotte w 

- -Company (Windsor) Lid: MurrSe BlueatMte pres, Louia ElutatOfte vice - 

prea Sf See ep^rllng gooda 86 ChaTliain W 

■ - LayLa vlcc-prce 4i act RJuestone Co (Wlftdttoit) Lid Pi ftCH, 3fttH River ■ 

side dr e 

- -Morris (fleten) jireft Bhienttae Co (WLirfmor) Lrd h a ttfi Avondale e| 
'■Soul (Eleanor) (DI lie stone ChlTopm ctle CLSltlc) h 37W,Ovellrtteav 
Bluiti J Walter (SlgrLd)prca Di^dd A Stmihers Ltd h 725 Murnnd av 
--Walrer E (Margt)h 256 Sftoreha^n Wynd 

Etlumbcrg Leslie P see McchanEcaJ Bodies ^ Acc'eanoilef ^.Cd 

Blnmenfe-ld Hurry alsmn OianO Sltoea ti 3, 972 Lnnfijois as 

BbitcLcnlcdDd Atari a emp Win TtxUldn t 1292 Victoria av 

Bhinihagcl Carl (Mni 3 Ida) wlrfr J’hil Wood Co h 262B Turner rd 

--PmiEine art tebr tiougali av PiibliL- Schl r 2620 Tumur ri 

-■Rlclid tftndi r 202G 'rum or rd 

BLunck GcruW P (jane) tmp Detroit h 790 ChUvnr rd 

--Jfthjt (Ida) macJj opr Fords ft 1849 Plllclle rd 

Blundel] Ctiffuid S masntmn !!uron Sicet Frnil r 252(* AskLi 0>- 

--Elsie (wid Clifford) pres Huron Steel Prodncta Co Lid h 2520 A skin av 

—John (Uty) h 910 Gladstone ay 

Blutc Alfred C (Betfajc) bus drvr S W It A R|y h 3141 Wyntidglte w 
--Amy (Mrtd C)ft I3K3 Ijncoln rd 
RlydL Forbes W sftrdt t 1729 Dcv^mshlre rd 

- ’Geo W (Mildred) custoins o|Ir Dept N’atl Rev b 3036 Church 
--Jack t 3036 Church 

- -Jack (Margt) emp IkrruU h 1229 DovCn^hlte rd 
Blythe Fred A (pairkla) jmrr It 341) Mlllen 

- -Margt Mrs h 1036 Moy av 

Boa M4u t ice A (Margt) 1-dib Kalftey Wheel h 38B6 Bynp rd 

■ 'Writ M (Mnryanne) map Fards h 3253 Hlbertly rd 
IVnik Robl (Helen) (Lceo Paris Distributor) ft 310 St Jhfrft 
Boa tee Ariftur W (Delta) ftiremii Cltryiflers ft 3 [7ft Curry av 
■■ Chris (Dorothy) lah 1'Crds ft 262 Wat son av 

- -Gordon B (Janet) ftcct Win IhlUUcH Ccnmin Hydro Dlv ft 3791 Virginia 

Park av 

"Henry G (Hanna)i) ft L090 Jefferson blvd 
Seal fidmand (Grace) h 3520 King 

--Harry (Ivy MMssmbk McKuauni InduinriCB k Nffi ftilwn iy ri 
Board Arthur A (Beatrice) |t 7, 1246 Pu fieri a pi 

--Arthur S arch Shtfpf/d, Marion, Brand 8 Lanj;9(nn r t)5oMarentette 

--of CamnilBaloners of IkiEjen llnue ] S MacDonald eftnnii, W John Wheel- 
ton & Gordon R SttVtertcommrs, Raymond Bala Mtc G31A hUsnl- 
eijaal Crains RTdg, City Hall st| 

--of Rihiradon Glare R MatrLcod dir nf etbac admin office 451 fWrlt, w 
--of Ediicarion .ftjlidtr>g45) Fark w 
Boaulleu Alice pae kj ng Read M(g r 1312 Chanel] av 
Bob!* Welding (Rnftt O Bcaulieul 1354 St Luke rd 
fitibak Damian (Ikiriiara) math Opr Dons Twist Drill ft 153 F Ford til id 
■■Rlclid emp Matthews J .mutter r 1533 i-urd hlvd 
Bobnljik John (Nnn) prod mgr Johnllun Vi bfrWhlnnle Archltrets Ji IS7CI 
Villa Mario s 

--Stove {Jullsaa) dm-pnictu-r Sterling Building Materia Is h 1067 Mpy av 

--Woyne Stodr T 1067 Muy 6v 

EVBftb Dan! off elk BeadJjt-RcllftBO r 1672 Ctorge av 

-Jolsn (Nornta) [nap Chryslcra It 1672 George av 

Bobbett EElzlli t 3530 Humn Cfturcli Line 

Bobble Ftarry W (2It* hDflrcmn Win Fire Dept ft 4015 Lden dr 

--Miubl (Lotnui) alsftiu Dare Foods h H73 flaU av 

--Wm (Marie) h 262S Chan tit nr rd 

RuUds Marilyn WITH Metropolitan Stores r B42 Ellrosc av 

- -VifKtnia (wid Stoliloy) elk FeCrlefth Dairy -Stoteft It 542 Ellrosc ftv 
Babbitt Gordon (FtayUie) soelnl wkr SA Social Centre h B7T Gladatonc ay 
Bftbcr Frank (Roan) h 1978 Hemard rd 

Botwskh Frank S prkn St Vmtetvt de Paul (RC) Sclinol J, 3, 133S Gladstone 

- -Lillian stude r 1767 Chandler rd 

- TTilHp (Lily) emp Citndu Bridge h 1767 Omndleif rtl 

Bobic Dragon (Alarin) Unprovcr Hercules Tool L Die r 1758 Hickory rd 

- - Peter carp-cent r r 4091 Mourn Royal dr 
Iftjhltir Melvin (fcva) ft 315(1 Academy dr 

ikib-lu Beauty Sulun (Jeunnu Brabant) 1191 Or milliard rd 
(fijhjnae Kay MfO I 327 Gayesu 

Ekibasuxi Chas (Amelin) drvr Chfyslcrs It 960 Frank av 
IkKa Peter (Kar^indrn) h 1222 liLektuy rd 
Roc an Ellaxh (w|d Paul) h 2448 Francos rd 

Bocvlnnl Fredrick O (Doreen) lf* drvr P^rent't; Cartage h 6S6 Elliott e 
Cvrutd (LytUO) In dry mgr Grace Hoop ft 302 5' Radi asen nv 
--Jns arudt r 6S4 EHlott e 

- -Orlando (Frances) maLnfetuLaee Fords ft 654 Elliott o 

■ r P Ray (Loralno) empDetroLift 310(1 VlrRinla Park av 

- -Peter (Marjorie) w lift Win Utilities Commit - Hydra Dlv h 931 

Partington av 

■’Raymond (Aharon) emj) Detroit h 1171 Hall av 

- - V '■ rm l-: t .l (wid Some) h 117 3 Hull av 

Bochum Fred wtr Templo Tavern (Pan Crab) LlmiJCd 
itociun Mlchl (Mary) aaomblr Oityplcrs l> 1241 Quiver rd 
Botin Eleanor witf Detroit ft 790 Llpeolft rd 
BtJCiog;i GAbridge ,nudt f 953 Monmouth cd 

- -Mouea (Gabrltille) ft Alofttnouili rd 

Bock Ada (wtd Wealey) lunuh counter % eodu bur I5fb Wyoildwtu ch 1261 
Monmouth rd 

BockO Mary (wldCeo) |t 326 J Lkiugnll uv 

BdCSka Sieve (Rose) gx Indflf Center Tool ik Mold h fit I Mo mad 
Ekida Jos r I49j P^rnmi qv 

--J*S (Violet) lab lechti OtryalnrE h 1003 Isabelle p| 

Job (Etta) modi opr Behdik-Eeiij^Sijf h 1494 Pitreat jv 
B odnJy John E (Marguerite) ypecificailcft 'Vflltir Atisodatcdih 2470 

Llneulft rd 

Bodchon Gustavo (Eielej ft 235B Loulfl av 

Bbddy Douglas (Linda) aervieemn Hobarr A(fg Co Ltd ft 3980 Grand 
Marais rd e 

--Joan cfl mgr Reid loduatrien r 1476 Riverside dr e 
■R HftlTV^T (Irene) omp Fords ft 2433 Clemcnccau blvd 

- - Walter E h 987 Pmdo pi 

Ukide Clive D (Caro In) emp DeLrolt ft 922 Randol|h av 
‘ Dtaua (Sybil) elect Awrey + S Detroit It 3590 Birch 

- - Derek emp Cft ryaters r 3690 Bireft 
--Eveline Modi r 232 Jefferson blvd 

’ -Henry (Ella) rnech Qiryslera h 1137 Jurvla uv 
"Philip aiudt r 3590 Blrcft 

- - Wilhelm (Use) Ccchti General Molars h 282 jefferfion blvd Harold G (Riu) fnremtj WheutJey Mfg Ltd h 370 Hcily 
--Wnyne improver-iraiiitc lntematsonal Tools- res RR a I McGregor 
Hodenham Hurry K (Hilda) gyafd 5 W 6 A Rly h 1943 Tcurangenu rd 

- • S-tadru ftfra car ucaj depi. Webster MbltUH Wladuor r 3556 Byng rd 
Godte Frances Mrs li 1592 Hickory rd 

- -Steve (Vera) lOEemn Autb SJjcc lollies h 2534 Gail nv 
Hodleh Mil*) r 1315 Langldla av 

Rodiack Edgar W (Patricia) tnspMcKinnon Industries:]^ 2S62 Ot-mcnccuu 

Bodnar Annie h 1520 Marcnttitc av 
--Etftui (Wld Slephcn) ft 77B Bcuuntte 

--Frank putr Naticitial Pfrlntkng fc Decorating Ltd ft 944 MoltMivUln av 
--Geo (Georgina) asal equipment Unlv Windsor ft 1535 Victor in av 
■Gto (Ann) jtuiiuir Rtw Hurdth 1472 Albert rd 

- -Geo Rev priest St Vladimir b OVa UkraLcilait CadioJUi Church h 1560 

LonglOiS av 

- -Jae E drvr slaron R|uk BrtiH flakcry res RR * l Ln se Litte 

--jolin (Juan) (Ikulmir Refrigeration Service) h 1239 Fairvkw blvd 
■John (CtifJstlhi) oiiji Chryslerv h H56 WeDtngton av 
--Joftn iLtlriZi) janitor Condn Bridge b 228 Prado pi 
--Jof. (Barbara) anumblf Chrynlur* h 2526 Ida td 

■ -Julius (Margt) lab Amo Specialise^ h 1559 Parent n v 
--Kathalmc (Ray Bodnar Ge.'itUy Salon) h 35-6B Tlilrd GutuCussEon rd 

- Kay Eftnimy Salon (Kmhalttie Boihur) iSfsO Third Coccctisim rd 
Linda A hrdrar Hair FashLonn Ity Richard, r 1580 ITilrd Cenceaslon rd 

--Marjle studl r J559 Pbrcrt nv 

-“Market (35Jwd Rais;) groe A nuk 1207 Atamuouift rd 

- -Marta elk Kruages r 156(1 Langlnla uv 
--Mike (Annie) ft 2497 Mcighen rd 

' ■Re/rlgeratiou Service (Juftn Rodimr) 1239 Fob'view blvd 
--Roger J sttidi r 1239 Fair view blvd 
--5am I (Mary) ft 5321 Malden rd 

BcHftiurcftuk Adeline acctg e]k MeDcmild, Curele £ Car 1930George av 
--Alexandra (wid Lcun) h 14S5 L angles a av 

- -Christina itudl r 1930 George uv 

■ - Evan reftr S*ndw ich East Public Sch not r 1531 Albert rd 
--Helene atudi r 19313 George av 

- Mike (Maty) h 1957 PUl«tte rd 

' -Paul (Leona) assmblr Fords ft 1930 George a.v 

--WuKy] Job setter Chryylers r 1455 Latigloin av 

Bodftnr L» (Shirley M) wide Forda ft 2951 Rvurtu nv 

Bodnereftnck John h 206, 4 IS Urtlverity jvc 

Bf'irlo Job L (Louise) dept lundur Kelsty Wheel Co h 372 Huig av 

■ ‘Roy ,tt«dl r 372 Haig rtv 

Bodri Jos (Eva) with Woodall Gctiittn Ji 23-15 Abftin rd 

--joa (Mary) tub Woodall Coo-ffln ft 1709 Gladstone &v 

Bodrock pJLtrieia (wid Mich3) h 1630 Codilloc 

Bodrogkosd Frank (Ilona) main! Unlv of Windsor ft 1561 Par eat av 

--Laszlo r 1561 Parent av 

Body Frank (Juliana) h 1572 LanglUis uv 

- - Frank (Mafg)) blkifdltEi Domlfilon Forgo Ltd h 2265 Windermere rd 

■ - Leslie (Eve) lab Cft ry piers h 1679 Hickory id 

Bodyk AndrrwfKelli e) drvr IhiiHfn GdU Co h 1612 Ford, blvd 
"Harry (DdMia) drfisrnii Garttir-Fraucr h 3BS2 Laimni rd 
--Wm (Josc-pbine) anp AutoSpr-cinllLv«ft 52"! Adatoll nv 
Bo dun jo» (Charlotte) l£>ol S die mkr DcLroil ft 517 Grove uv 
Bochina! Edwin M (Estelle) ft 933 CftUVcr Jd 
KoulSIim drvr AtloftTh's Produce C9 

Boulme Menuo (Jantty) civil tJiffineer Smith, Hlnchman & GrylHi 
A^wcjjtciii I. 1420 Seneca 
Boclk Jiuns (JdftnniiJi) ft 2695 Llayd George blvtl 

BoonlVCh GlanitfitT Etofber Soutit Windsor Burbcr Shoji t tl?» Cfttlvcr rd 
IJotykc-nu Riy E (Antonia) maintenance Kstsai packers h 57IS E C Row av 
--M Louise (wld Llvinus 1 ) h 539 GHe« blvd w 

- - Mary pcftr LScfeJt FuCkccs r 5715 EC Row av 
Uoj{ir Andrew ft 913 Giles blvd e 

- -Wendul (V arena) ft 2515 Gearge av 

Bogart Paul r 9B9 Windsor av 

BogtLm Jos lotlie opr J & C Tool A Din Lid r 1236 Elencm av 
Bogdcn ElLzlft off wfer Qnryslers ft 6565 WyanddtlC c 
"Gea lah Fords ft 2546 S Louis av 

- -Helen Mrs emp Detroit t 195 McKay av 

- -Alik c (Genevieve) r 656S Wyaiidolc u e 

• Mike (Carol) emp Lcauard Elect h 234B Alolbonrne rd 
--Roue Mrs (Hi’Faiihion BcoUly Salem) r 30U9 Bruce av 

■ ‘Wto dlUtlt r 6565 Wyandotte o 

Goggs Alia Mrs u,ilor Paul The Tailor ft 664 Charlotte 

- -David A r B6 Pitt e 

• 'Gartft Mi Volin WcldCra res Emeryville 

"Gerald D (Jean) tpr CliampiOn Spark Plug Co ft fiftO Memorial elr 
"Gordfnl atudt r 6B0 Menoriul dr 

- -SliL'lla emp Grace Hospft 35S3 Ptter 

--Wnllfleo D (541 raft I appraiser CuEtnais & tixeisi: h 3927 Bruce av 
"Wm ertkr HfjwJn iladvty ft Elect SerV r 193 Riverside dew 
Bogbean Geo iAnn) mac)i American Standard Prod h 995 Lincoln rd 

■ j CcU ft Vrldf Fobco Co r 99e Lincoln rd 

- -John (Doroifty) ftoSstiii|jj enginuejt Cobadllilated Cool Co ft 3S77 Rjxch 

- -Sandra studt r 3 577 BJr zh 

UoglL: StOEJbeo R (Isaftellal harlendtr Rbyul Canadian Legion Branch 255 
ft 836 V Lllalre av 

BOgUi't’ Dry Goods (Bernard D ftludoff) 3188-92Sandwich 

Ikigl EHzikr (w id Jos) r 3640 LUAgMlrav av 

--joe (Kndiarinu) empDt^nlt ft 3643 Roekwell a v 

--Marlin (Oirlstina) pnti h 3640 Longfellow ,iv 

IkJglp Stanley .c flola) ncci Fords ft 143, 90541 Wyandotte e 

BoglLtcft Jim L ft 135S Erie o 

■ L (Ellesi) drvr S W 1 A Rly ft IS9I Fillenc rd 
UogoItBB Geo (Vanda) (Jtn jIki Ice Cruom Cone) ft 3209 Sandwich 
Bogo^ov Roy (Domalka) h 915 Bruce av 

Eloguckt Hiilip R (AdvIiUtle) inaji Qirystern ft 347 CiirHJIn crctl 

- -Sophie (wld Carl) h l'M3 Ifereciftl rd 

Cogues Wm E (Rutli) lieetlng Lisp City of WlndaOT ft 935 Isabel!n pi 
Rdpaek Mary Mrs wire Elmwood Casino It 1049 Ouelletic uv 
Bolinnnan Ar-cftlc (ASarg!) i 2S66 HalveCSlty av w 

■ ’ Eric J (Ruth) crikr Ekt uf Fduc h 335 Caroline 
--Joan r 335 Caroline 

- -VVm J bkpr r 2866 Dnlvirest)- av w 
BohniEuk PhlUp ft 683 Alvjcunlr iue 

Bdiimer Karl (Josephine) rioi i die lllkr Ferds ft 1987 Balfour blvd 
ftbhn Erhard toulmkr Gon-.-ral Motors ft 2066 JeifferfiXMl blvd 
Boiiondsjos (T^fiay) ft 2515 Mvigften rU 
Ik* r Mntliula (Susanna) ft 1537 Maretitette nv 
lichui* Mary (wid Peter) fArlington Hofei) It H93 trie e 
-Peter ntgr Arlington Hotel r R93 Erie c 
Roily Rmfle (Btrlha) emp Fords It I2f£4 W Lftdertneru rd 
--OnilC (Lilliaft) Ctnp Ci ryiflc'tG li 11163 Bnckin^iorn dr 
DrilUcran Laszlo It 3&CL3 Kltig 

Dots Arthur (Rhea) emp Ci^lumbO Bakery ft 1. ft 140 CftiirvirtV uv 
--Frank D (Jessie) rrk dr»r Feerlcssf Dairy Stores »3 h 461 Erie v 
--Heliodorc (Dorothy) emp Detroit ft 1145 Walker rtl 
--Ltaiis J (BcTyl) (J. S M CLiriHU Contractors) h 1054 MerriU dr 
--Oliver (Doris) emp Dari Forge & Stamping ft 1031 Lausson rd 
--Rhea informjuLeii opr Bell Tel r 1870 Herman rd 

- -Thou studi r IB70 Ho mind rd 
(tainelair Jcaft-Mairiv r E112 FLerre av 
--Lena (wid Thoa) ft 1552liuekin^sam rd 
-■Louis r.i (Bcrncdetto) ft .102 Pierre ,iv 

--Wilfred T (Camem) mumtcniincrmn HMfr>CurbScrvLtd h 1741 
Trni range ,hi rd 

floisnijer AUie F (Luclo) urpii 3341 Sandwich 

- -Barbara dietary top id Grace Hosp r 1175 Lena 

- -Deni emp Wftentiy M(g J 945 Bridge a v 
--□lane stijdt r 3618 Mulford cl 

--EdwdJ (jejnene) asojuMr Cfityjlets li 134 P E G Row av 

- - Ernest W (Gertrude) cmp/MeKiHTOft Intftlulries ft 3341 Lauzon rd 
- EiMiiyVlftse emp FctfecCon Automotive r 25645 Redd ok av 

■ -Geo A (Frjaellfti) Iftb Clark CunStu Co li 413 ||euly 
--Gordon J (Evelyn) upfto] Goodwlit Industrlcif ft 3618 Mulford of 
--Harold EfLlhij emp CLiy of Wlndaor h 3728Mftlche[fo rd 
--J-tnrvLy (Rose) eirip Fords h 1066 Albert rd 

“-Iftabglln Mrs h 362 University av e 

- -J A Eugtne (Amy) i e FG It 4 i 05 Rosoland dr u 

- -John (Culirlne) carpj A Me Do (laid.•< ft 445 Bridge uv 

- ‘Larry (loannO) lab Voteii^ Spring & Wire t 5341 Sandwidi 

- -Leo (K otft lems) crane 0J1 r Ryan Builder:- Supply ]i .2560 Rirckjock av 
-“Leo J (Virginia) ansnihlr MeRintieft Industries ft 341S Longfellow av 
--1.CO J (flaiie) drvr GLty cf Windsor h 1175 Liftia 

--LUlian Mrs elk h 506, 195 University av e 
-Louitiy r 51i Drvunrfiir- rd 
-Micft] studt r 411 Htnly 

--Morris (Linda) omp Cbrys]firs h t, 34P FartJngJon uv 

- 'Oniur F (Irene) f|un] fly ^ngbivt-r Qi ry uletn ft 1225 ForkvJ ew aV 
--Oscar (Ido) drvr Vet h s C]wner-s (Windsor) Ltd ft 2525 Bernard rd 

- i'eiec (Janet) lab Raider Jeep h 1269 Labadie rd 

- -Ricftd lab Chrysler^ r 3^2 UftiVtrdity uv c 

- ’Hd^er N lead Mapk Leaf Metal Iprodueis f ] 104 F; 4iftd6lf3h nv 

- - Ronald drvr Hunm'» TfaCutport Lftl 

■ -Sharon L r 4105 Roselord. dr e 

'Thou drvr Jewel Cleaners r 3318 Campbell av 
--Vital (Hlvrt) cpr Qiryjilcrsft (646 Kighhtnd oV 
• -Wirt Qoiui) bt-Liir h 462 Broadway 
Bo I son neap If Cecfic Mr* h 155 Louis OV 
FtolSSneou Robt ft 4, 1354 Wyauclotio o 

noLsfiOheaoll Eva Mru uwllrhbd City of Wlndnor Social Service;i Dept h 
[43$ Rieftmotid 

BftLssonnault Robt F (Viola) wlfij Medical RoproscntutLi'en ft 1810 
Hickory rd 

BoiBsonoeau Annand (CecHe) chief Wift Fire Dtfflt h 3142 Lloyd 
George blvd 

--Bernard M (Marylcu) h J378 Milieu 
EuausonnEiiuli DuMiiit itefliin H Cray Lid r 3272 Peter 

- -Gordon A .(Rita) ft 422 Pin o 

"Phyllln ecjKKLer Win Credit Bureau r 3272 Peter 
--Wilbert (Germaine) emp]rirntin Walker.* ft 3272 Pottr 
Roiavututu AdOnias (Ffenrldto) final InEpeetlan CftrysEcrs ft 359 Cameron 

(Solavert Gimilk- preciHLai gnugL- feehn ftiupcctionalr Gauge rca Belle 

--Claude Y yarditin CNR r 1268 Wlgle av 

- ■H«ry (Gertnide) h I49C UULan 

--Marie A sec City of Win Dept Of Planning A Urban Renewal res RalSc 
R i'-'er 



240 UNITS “ 



1150 OUELLETTE AVENUE Y£AR ROUNO swimming pool and sauna PHONE 253-3741 



--Paul A tirakemn CNR t IZfrB Wlglc jjv 

—Paul] (I3 j] dLi) production McKUnion Industries h 1268 Wlgje av 
EkiiVbii David A {Gladys) millwright QiryalcTS h 4 Li2 Grand Mamin rd e 

- -Penis G jiEsmlilr Rofagtion of Con r 4182 Grand UMais rd c 

■ -Edwd L (Gertrude) press opr Fords b 1219 Hickory rd 
■■JoS (Linda) wllih diryslcrs r 539 Hull H.V 

■ -Lorraine studt nurse lOU K Hospital £ 2447 George av 

'•-Maurice E(May) (Bdivln’a l-'rwiE & Vegetable Market) 3l 7447 George uv 

- - Napoleon fa 794 josejti j fie av 

--Rosemarie d|tf setter Wheel Tooling F 2447 George av 

—YVOH J A ngr FrudenUal JtUH r 4182 Grand MtfftUt rd e 

flolvipi'e Fruit & Vegetable Market (Maurice Roivln) 992 Drouillard rd 

Botwku WaSyl (Julia) lah OndriSalt Co h 22B4 Parent av 

0o).ir John (ApclOflia) metal binfar Q-iryslcirp h 2764 Parent aV 

Bojarunicc Antoine {Blconne) elect Triple A Electxld It 6$Eft AsbumpCttm 

Bojoczko Carl V {Jenny) It 1980 Ottawa 

BojLc Dr ago cmpCcndn Bridge N 1194 Albert rd 

ftajko Meter A {Martha A) fa 436 Caroline 

RojtOs GeO {Mildred) lathe Stand lnlerantionsl ToOIn Ii 343 Oat av 
(fotii fillLlit< (Grace) Job Walker Mutal fa 1250 EC HOW av 
BokcnVltt Emily Mrfl r 90S I inward av 

(Inker Holdings (Ontario) Limited Frank Giordano mgr land Salon 201, 
744 OueUene nv 

BokHtcin Clarence J fa t.369 P^naiE av 

Boiulic Milan btehr N & DSupcrmkt r 1466 PaTOU fl u 

Bolajl Chits P emp Cfa ry Slurs r 7 B8 Gladstone aV 

—W ] etup diryelers r 780 Gladstone dV 

BoSsml Ida A (wid Raymond) St 390 Ford blvd 

—Thes A (Rachel) mgr purcEtadeti (t exports Beauty Counselors of Cab 
Ltd It 3B5 Mulch -w -Brady blvd 
Bold Andrew B trfcr Chrydlerm b 3472 Rlberdy rd 
Eoldl^nr Irene studt t 1705 Kildare rd 

- ‘Irene studt nurse Met repo I non Cenl Hosp r 2249 Kildare rd 

- ■John (Mary) lob Fords It 1705 Kildare rd 
Soldi Ear alt (w|d Bob) r 1415 F run rots rd 

■ -Verne (Ellrfli) erop McKinnon Industrie a h 1415 Francois rd 
Bolduc Clarence: Eh 1303 Eric c 

Bqlcfl Annie (w|d Paul) h 1529 Duffer lit pi 

--David C ettginjeETing staff Windsor Teachers College tea Cottam 

--Edwd W copy editor Windsor Star h 8, 1589 Ontario 

—Inga 5 M CNIB cafeteria Windsor Teachers College res KR Co dim 

- -Jon (Bloome) fa 590 Stanley 

—Louts r 590 Stanley 

• -Sanilra Mr s c a ah Foodland Ltd r 4750 Monism ary dr 

- Wilfred M (Lorccn) technical training epee Chryslers li 15 Spring ct 
Beley tidwd r 929 DTOullIard rd 

-Jehu ? (Phyllis) oculist 1279 Ouellette av h 1432 Victoria av 
Bolgf Rtasaro SabDwn Forge T 841 MarcntctteaV 
Bolger Gcrnld E r 367 Pine 

--Jos (EHnh) drvr Turner Cartage h 12B1 Moamaudi rd 

--Patrick J iHtudt t 1.201 Mnunoiidt rd 

--Stanley J (Florence) h 367 Pine 

Bellehcw&ki RoBella (Wid Fred) r 469 Frank aV 

- -Stephen (Shirley) cuBtomst dHr Caadn Customs 4 Fjtclse It 469 Frank 


IVjIL Pc let (Mdry) piur Sieve Matute b 1036 WLndaar av 

Bolle Maurice (Juliana) for cm n Aulu Specialties fi 1056 Ford bivd 

Bollcyil Emil tSuannnn) naual ctr BoUeylt's Moat Ii 2970 Robinet lane 

• -Htitiry E (Elienne) (Bolltyn t H Meats) h 9636 Tecjjnaeh hlvd e 

■ HUdrt tdir Windsor Sepal am School Board r 9626 Ttcumeeb Mvd c 
Bolleyn^ Meats (Mrs £cJ«frr & Ifenry BoUcyn) 9l!30 Tecumseh blvd c 
llologna Clara r 1762 Gladstone aV 

- - Fred emp Fordsi r 1762 GlftdstQPC av 
■-Olintplo r 1762 Gladcdope av 

- -Vittorio (Antoni 0a) lab Datnorn Conetn b 1762 GJadMOFlO av 
BolcJaan Allred off wkf Wlp Packers r 2646 Alexis rd 
--Ananlc (Maty) h |!65Exlc .e 

--OJCistrneElon U4 Geo N Bolohan pros, Nicbelas C BolohWt vice- 
pres, Mrs Victoria Bolbhcm see bldg contis 2155 Kildare id 
-Emily {wid Geo) b 3452 Turner rd ^ , 

*-Ceo N {Victoria) pros Bololaan ConHilrecilon Lldh 2155 Kildare id 

'■Helen r 3452 Turner rd 
•-Lazar (Ikeuii) h 1417 Pierre av 

- -Marilyn emp Nml Auto Radiator r 994 Flank 4 -jt 

- -Mary emp HealtlL IXjpt i 3452 Turner rd 

--Nicholas G (Eleana) Vice-pres Rololian COnSIrufUOQ Ltd h 994 
Frank aV 

--Nick {Lydia) mvesilgatbr PlaiitlCafllb 2646 Almltt rd 
--Sam Bssmblr Chryelcxs r 1165 Erie e 

- -WiDord (Lillian) elk Detroit h 14 IB Hall nv 

- Wm (Mary) h IB21 RsymO rd 

BoHen John coot Tasty Lunch r »35 PlUctte rd 

Bolter Elsie elk Wm James 6 SdP r 6, 1312 Gile* blvd e 

“Fr«Uc (Wtnaifred) (Bolter 1 !! Meat Market) h 98f Esdrad pi 

- -G (*1 A (Ethel) night supt E^ttex Packers h 960 Recdmere av 

- -Jai F Cllt SctUor'a Mkt r 966 Efldras pi 

■ Percy j (Barbara) sr buyer City of Windsor Purchasing Dept h 2805 

Virginia Pk av 

BolterM mi M arket (FredJt Bblrer) 309 Wyafldatte w 
&a-ltin^iuuee Holn harbor Steve's Barber Shop r 1531 Arthur rd 
Bolton Artliur £ (Freda) c ItLs^rfil p ottr Clllzcnntip Court b agOChaver 

- -Brian E (Lnid) drafting Candtt Bridge r 1604 PUIetlo rd 
--BrlUn W Itenicemn Demerit Ele^ixlc r 991 'rhompEon hlvd 

■ Chat* H (Amberstburg-BoltOd Trucking) r 2303 Gladstone aV 
--Chas J (Mary) It 2303 Gladstone av 

- -Christine studt r 880 Chaver rd . „ . . 

- -Die Co (Harry D & Mrs May Bclion) die makers 3245 Byng rd 

-■Fred studt r 080 Chliver rd _. . . „ 

- -Harold D (Mary) ertkr Hon W G Kennedy Coll ImSl b L150 McKay aV 

- Harry D (May) {Belton Die OoJ h 3245 ByilS rd 

- -Hotty J (Diane) ni4c|» npr Bull on Die Cu h 3361 RLbordy rd 
--HuO» W suprvs t Wbclpton ElfCirlc h 1.408 Francois rd 

- -Jos N (Marilyn) JlCCE Fords b 2609 Rivard av 
--Mary’ (Wid Rtchd) h 642 Devonshire rd 

- -Maxine Mrs dk Wlndfior Utilities b 683 Campbell aV 

■ -Minnie (wid Thos) K 442 ChUvor rd 

■ -Nancy Opr Rita's Beauty Salon r 6b5 Qiarlee 

■ -Raymond J (Kraitft) lab Ford e It 1112 av 
-•Raymond P (Audrey) cnip Boltdn Die h 3260 HI IKS rd 
--Rldid E (Eleanor) emp Detroit h 60S Charles 

- - EtolJt. curp r 642 Devocvehlre rd _. 

- -Ronald Janitor Separate School Board r 642 DnvrmSbkro rd 

- Sarah (wid Jos) h 346 Wyandotte a 

- - Titos p c Police Dept r 1636 DsUgall av 

-Warren (Helen) with Win Ulllltiee Comma Hydro Div h 1226 Dot av 
-Win t 1475 Huron Church Line 
--Wni h 467 Parent «v 

--Wm H (Wmnlfrtd) wn p Dwelt K 491 Tlnimpacm b!vd 
-*Wm T (Lynne) bydrotel opr Double "M” Tool St Die h 3429 Dominion 

RjIum Mokcs r 3701 Victoria blvd 
-■Nora (wid Simon) Ii 37DI Victoria blvd 

• -Rohr C moBLor Windsor Teachvra Cblloge r 1920 TuetalOFa 
Rolyoutor Barbara M r sf It 6, 24 0 Aylmer av 

tioly.uuu Gull r 4S14 Scotten 

- -Geo (Catalina) |t 4814 Scot (up 

--John A (Pegjjy) hamioermJS Doimmon Forge h 2. 557 Cameron nV 

- -Rosa-Anne emp Genera) Motors Trim r 48(4 Scatftn 

Bolzan Bemarda (Norma) snip Win UtllUkCD Cotnmn (Water Div) b 3871 
Poplar av 

- -Jack S( utl[ r 3871 Poplar av 

Uomae Graphics Ltd Gordon Wll.lluniB mgr Jftolo engraving BOI, 176 
University av w 

gotnak Nicbolaa (Pauline) h 3484 Peter 

JlomboidLer Arthur (Grace) aoinblT Qjryslorw It 266iCadll(4c 

- -Clem enllnr (wid Alfred) h 2791 St Louis aV 
--Dorothy regd nurse h 7, 23Rd University nvw 
--Emery emp l-alicb Steel r 3903 Woodward blvd 
"Lean M r 27^1 St Louie av 

- -Norman A (lls) tnldr Fords b 3903 Woodward blvd 
-■Paul (Mary Leu) raip Windsor Foundry h 1117 Albeit fd 

- -Percy J fNaomi) Lib ChryslorB h 266 Cndlllae 

Bambardleri Patricia A see Hinton The Mover r 386) Mount Gunnel dr 

- -Falrick Sec-t rcas Hinton Die Mover Lid 
—Peter A pres Hinton The Mover Ltd 
--Kkidy vie e 'pres H Luton The Mover Lid 

Bombcllt Spunaeo (Marla) Inbjuy-Ece Prod h 95S LtUtan 
Bdtttbun Aide (Agnes) brklyr h 24 K> Bernard rd 

- GoroltLmo (Lisetltii) meCh Detroit b 36Sd Rankin aV 

• -Pietro (Alma) lob h 14 04 EJsamere av 

-•Santo (Virginia) lab Walker Metal r 2404 Mercer 
[kune Luclnnb (Nivea) & die Ford a h 675 Vonlef 

- -Mario kb NlckleflOb Tool & Die r B29 LangloSn av 

Bomhof Paul 1 (Violet) die Better Tecum tfefa Metal Craft h 368S Match ettc 

- -Rlchd r 1475 Huron Qiurch Line 

Bom Ok Ernest elect Domini™ Forge CO t 1078 Se Luke rd 
--Michl (Pauline) h 187R St Luke rd 

Boh Massimo (Serera) )ah Chryiflej.'!, h 2754 Westminster tdvd 
--Tom Studio One (Mrs Beverley J Archer) beauty salon U31, 0525 
Riverside dr c 

Bnnadonna Vincenid raCker WUldflor 0stmper Co E| 1573 LangJois av 
Bonafede TrenEinO (Francesca) elect Q-irysk-rS h 1372 Wcsicort rd 
Bonnl Frank (Sarah) elect HllftTO Walkers li 34 3 FellSSier 
Bonaiml|jia Raft.tuliy (Mary) h 10&B Howard av 
Buniim 1 Wm emp Sandwich Sausage Co t 1014 HfWiWd av 
BdnamlgO Giovanni (Anna) with Win Ur ill tie* Gommn Hydro Div h 1737 
PHJette rd 

Ikiftiutni Aatonlo (Julie) rellefrnn Oiryalers || ID24 Goyeau 
1 Luigi (VLncenzn) h S26 Glattareilc av 
Bonanno AnEljony Elda) empChryslers h 937 Wot sun aV 

- -Amnnia lab Windsor Carburetor r 747 Pierre av 

- -Calogers Lab Wiod^OE Carburetor r 747 Pierre av 

--JocG {Abiunmn) emp Wrlglcy Steel Co h 1154 Rcllcperchc pi 
--Philipq r 747 Pierre av 

- -Saril press die setter Eaut Side StahlpLng: r 747 Plertc aV 

- -Vtagsns* Mrs li 747 Pltrre av 

BflnaflEu Jos material bondU-r Geol Motors Trim r I5-59 Tnurangcau rd 

■ -Salvatore (Anloiua) Irtb Dlnamore Constn |t 1559 Touriangeau rd 

■•'Vincenzo tiillUi' UltlmOdfl Custom Tailor & Dr CSS maker r 1+75 Pierre 

Bomsto Bruno (DIM) loh Fords b 1525 MarMiretie av 

- -ErirtO (Liflda) imip Candn Bridge b 1165 M&centutle av 
--Giovanni P (IhOJ!) lab diryalcrB h 141)9 Arthur rd 
Bund All no r 2. 930 Ottawa 

--Blit AJlhbJoum (krvliig MinCUelwum (t Ollio Lcftgolo) WindowS & dEWra 
1392 Wyandotte e 

- -BlahChe acet payable elk Battlut MacDonald & Cow r 951 CnU/crnla av 
--Catherine {wid Arthur) h 1721 On a j da court 

--<3iati drvr Dyer’s Truck A Trailer RqnijineEl Ltd res ftK » i TcciunsHi 

- -ClH(ord L (Lila) mainl John Banks Alignment Bd b ! 139 Elm av 

- -Clothes Sbop Wm Brandes mgr meua clmhing 360 Ouellette av 

■ ■David H (Darlcen) mainl Hiram Walkers b 525 Cubo»a rd a 

- -Doroiby (wid Percy) h 172C Ford tdvd 

■ -Dorothy A press! opr Banner Metnl ProduCEU r 15D8 OItobc av 

- -Rdwd (Marie) elect Detroit Ii 475 Mill 

■ - Elijah M tclir Glenwood Public School r 846 Elm av 

■ - Frank (DcliBCa) lah Sterling Building Mater Lais H 2, 930 Ottawa 
--G Wayne oft Qiryelexi r 2952 Lmiglols av 

--Geo A (Kathleen) silk screen opt American DbCaLcomanla h 1657 
Fexntlnlu av 

■ Gordan F (Shirley) lab Hiram Walker h 3476 Muiford court 

■ -John (Isabel) r 825Bruee av 

- -John J (Mabel) h 846 Elm av 

--John W (Beverley) audlmr Plante 8 Moran (Detroit) It 2790 St Patrick's 

-"Jos L (1; Veronica) h 572 Caroline 

■ - Leona Mrs lab Riven*ieW H&SpJtal b 2. 883 Brunt 
--Oswald A (Emma) crtkr Bd of Rdnc h 1149 Lena 
-•Robr studt r 3515 King 

--Roy genl mgr Benvltex Ltd res St Clair Beach 
--Thos (Sbaren) asaublr Perfection Automotive r 1086 Perd blvd 
--Warren J (SoftFe) maeh opr Furdfi h 2952 LongJels aV 
--Wm sisrili Doidge SuBincBs Machines- Ltd res Amhersifxirg 

- -Wm H (Morion) drvr Peter's Cartage (Windsor) Ltd h 2671 Chandler rd 
--Wm K guile) tech Fords b 3515 King 

“Wtti T (Georgina) emp Detroit h 951 California av 
Benda nik Natalie (wid Ktmrad) r 26CH Tourangeau rd 
Etontljf. A|bl J (Rudi A) aBBtdMr Chryelers h 323 Me Ewan av 

- -Alfred H (LotUu) li 2312 Byng rd 

- - Andy mgr elect dept G G McKx-ougb Lid N 299 Huron av (La Salle) 

- - Antra tchr St Andrew Separate Sch6Cil r 381 California av 

- - Arnold A (Shirley a) core elnr Walker Metal Producta h 1908 PllltHe rd 
• -Arthur T maint McKinnon Industries h 176R Ford blvd 

■Bernard J (RosOfnncy) pre? A genl mgr W J Bandy 6 Soafi Ltd b 852 
Pairvkuv blvd 

- -Blanche (wid Roy J) h 6&1 Parent av 

—BTian lot? Qiryslers r 1025 Alikin av 


--Carol hrdrsr Slliouotie Hair FariiLnna r l478HWkeiry rd 
--Caroline Mrs 96C IGDB Heap r 3494 MuUord el 
--Canagn Ltd Hunrj' Bandy proa, Corliinv BOiidy Vine-pres. Max 
Mousnoiiu sl*c trucking 2970-3 J 36 Col lego av 
--Clarence (EVarl) rmp Chrysler* ti 1025 Askln av 
--Claude (Elizdi) trap Fords h 556 CouHineau rd 

- 'Clifford W (Lottit) |i 1090 Vlmy av 

• - Carrion Mrs h 1S33 Pierre av 

- -Dani studt r 993 Entry av 

- D.inl stud! r 367+ Rockwell av 

-Danl J (Katherine) crop Detroit h 2997 Lloyd George blvd 
--Danny emp Arrow Service r 3U55 Virginia Park av 
--Dari li (Audrey) nlecironlG b techn h 153+ Benjamin bv 
--D arlene r 1924 Arthur rd 

--Uarle-ne off Gcrtcal Motord Tf lfh f 1364 Pierre av 
•■David studi r 3674 Rodcwoll aY 

- Ovauis stuck r 3£74 Ructwell av 

- -Deray G (Jean) ulsmti Borden’s Dairy h 3157 Woodliiwn av 

- -Diane route acc6i elk Purity Dairies r 61 GEcs blvd r 

- -Donald A (Martha) (Bundy. Kirwln 8 Me Mali on) b 444 liatuiawa blvd 

■ - Donald L (M&rgt( bOT stward Unllcd Automobile Worker* « America 

Local 195 1 1923 ^ickingti an rd 

- -D Wayne lab Geterid Motor s r 1364 Pierre av 
--Earl (Elsie) etn|iRendix Eclipseh 374W AilU) av 

-Earl (BernertetEo! EmtT SWlARlyli 611, 111 lUverpIdn dre 

• - Earl J (Lorttla) drvr diryslerfl h 1522 Howard av 

■ -Earl L (Carol) dTVX SWiA Rlys h 2„ 462 Parent *v 

--Eileen dec St Clair College Of Applied Ana & Technology res Belle 

--Eugene (Alin) hi 1312 Giles, blvd c 

- - Eugene Sr trk drvr G G McKeough Ltil t 1312 GUes blvd e 
-Bugrav \ (DurmJ-y) alsmn G G McKeongJi Ltd li 4QI7 Hmfaid 
-- Franc Is (Ann) orap t^ry slcre r 430 E-llln av w 

--Cary j wrehsemr A trk drvr De&sou Sieols res RJt • 3 Ambcruibnrg 
‘-Gerald RC1AF r 1522 Htward av 

- ■ Go raid [dir Vincent Maflacy Seucanlary School r 119 Kftjwood blvd 

(L* Balin’) 

■ -Gnrald N (Dinnc)mgr Pik PttlJitB Ii 1471 Wbtdermdn rd 
--Gerard (Adricnn-.-) Villp Fords r t&74 Dougnll av 

- -Gladys (wid Walltce) b 341 Eastlawn tulvd 

--Gloria emp HIrian Walker & Sons Ltd r 527 jarvla av 

- -Gregory J (Shk)oy) mvestigalor City of Windsor Social Services Dcpc 

h 27^ Jumtita cfeft 

--Harold F (Helen) emp Detroit h 1027 Elm av 

- -Harry D lasp of stOre-J Dept of National Defense Quality Assurance 

Division Meterle) duumnnd res LaBalle 

■ - Hattie (wid Otto) h 695 Raudolplt av 

--Hector (Estelle) siarnn Mattbowa Lumber h 554 Robdultfi av 

- -Hcltai r 384 \ Vaughan 

- -Henry (Corrine) pres Bandy Cartage Ltd b 202 Verumn eres 
--Ida (Wid AljiiCMta?) h 674 Joseyhine aV 

- -Tvs u»St mgr A S W Drive-In (Wlatluor) Ltd fee RK *4 Harrow 
--J Michl ichi WIndsor Bd of Educ t 2834 Howard av 

- ‘Jack wldr Vjcouot Cutler Service ree RR 44 Ambrnraiburg 

- -J u u r 3283 River 9 Lilc dr c 

■ -Jas drrtamn Dnccn Totten BehUiic Assoc 1-id r 533 Oak av 

- -Jaa M prod lnb Frier PtWCT Products r 103, 2070 TrCUmkeb hlvd w 

■ -jaa R gcnl occt City Finance b 3136 Everts av 

- -Jay fluid! r 05 2 FalrVitw blvd 

--John (Nancy) lab diiyaler? h 13SC Hall av 
--John (Louise) maCb opr Fords h 1147 Windsor av 

- -John wrchSenm Texacu CaJifliU Ltd res Amhcrstburg 
-John V (Anita) millwright b 1421 Pellsslcr 

- -Jos empChrysltrs r 2560 Francois rd 

- -Joi studt r 852 Fnirvlew blvd 
-Jos Et 051 ItUict dr 

- -Jett M (Rose) (Tits Industrial Bales) h 1 SOS LntudJ c rd 
--Joa T 0o)tc) pc POh 290Maple (La Salle) 

- ■JuHL'i'ti iiil- Mrs b it 1136 Campbell av 

- -Jufta sdJdt r 576 Parent av 

-Karen dental astt Albt J Wltswn r 2880 Tecumsch hlvd w 
-Kcnnctii (Sheila) moth Bell Tel h 813 Bruce av 

- -Kennetli A (Helen) innth Bcndla - Eclipse II 3S7 California IV 
-Kcimclh E IChf Si Hubm’d School r 1612 Ddugail sv 

- -K LTuu.lli H (E leather) Willi Win DtlbCies Comma Hydro Div h 2883 

Turner rd 

- KamiAli L lah fvncdonalil h White Varnish 6 Point res RR *2 Kings¬ 


Kirwln It McMahon (Ddtulld A Bnndy, John C Klrwin & Robt J G 
McMahon) barrinters ^ solicitors 3rd Hr, 100 Ouclloue av 

- -Larry (Carolinej trim wkr Cbryslcrs r 2403 Turner rd 
—Larry F (Gludn'i elk Chryalers h 1025 Bruce aV 

- -Lawrence J (Dorothy) foremn Auto- Spcdiallleo h 2403 Turner rd 
—Leah r 3127 Wyihdoftew 

—Leo A (LdJTahie) emp Detroit h 1998 JefJcrttOti blvd 

- L» E (Leah) h 447 John M 
--Leo C STUdl r 256Q Francois rd 

—Leo J (Bvangoliae) productiDn control ChryfjltOCSb 25*0 Francois rd 
--Ll-oba (wid Wallur) h 529 Bridge aV 

■■Leorurd C (Barbara J) liremn Win Fire Dept h 3241 Rlberdy rd 
-■Limbi Mrs hrdrsr Fink FOOdJt Beauty Salon res McGragdr 

- -Lionel (Pauline) tui p Hartford Tooling Ltd b 8020 I londy 
“Lois ttiudt r 13f4 Pierre av 

- -Lome A (Rose) tool grinder Kelsey Wheel h 136* Pierre av 

- Lome J (Minnie; ioremn Cafi Motor Lamp h 3522 Riixirdy rd 

- -Lon Is (Yvonne) ;anitor Separate School Board h B76 Parent n¥ 

- -Louis F (Audre>) b 976 McKay av 

- -Maleoln □ (Lillian) lab Chtyslersfi 1602 CftdlDac 

■ -Marilyn regd nurse r 1953 I'Uletce rd 

■ Mark T (Rose) ) 2324 QsitfldJer rd 

- -Martin V (Mabcu) emp Himm Walker fa 3674 Rockwell nv 

- -Mary WtTs AstRmjslon University h 7 h 2891 University av w 
-Mary F h 1, 12*4 C4m|*cU av 

—Maureen of! elk Metropolitan Geul Hosp r 1924 Arthur rd 
--Nancy elk Rlel'i Used Furniture A Appliances t 8U California av 

- -Nancy emp Detroit r 1953 Pilletle rd 

- -Nile* R (CecUe) emp Detroit b 1953 PlUettC rd 

- -Norman A (Lenj) h 103, 2870 Teemnsvh hlvd w 

- -Norman J (Eleanor) tool 4i die mfcr Fordab 2834 Howard av 

--Qrviilc (Eliztfa) (General Radiator Service) ren RR*i MacGregor 

- -Orville (Grace) boiler opr J Clark Keith Steam Plant h 993 Curry nv 

- -Pamela emp Detroit r 410 Matthew Brady blvd 

—Patricia tchr Essex High School r 1929 Am Lens av 

- -Patrick {Catherine) tchr St Leuia School h 1031 Garden Coun dr 
--Patrick E «itdt r 1953 Fiilette rd 

AlpfaklMtitaL Whitr P4gf 25 


Canada's Largest Retail Lumber 



PHONE 253-7291 

Patrick M (Amo) h 397A Glenfldd 

Paul T ncct rep R L Crain Ltd re* Hirer Canard 

Paulino M billing eft K tegsway Transports r 429 Huron (La Salle) 

Peter (Karen) toohnkr h 11906 River .We dr e 

Peter R (Karen) moldmkr Leo Tool 6 Mold h 103, 1*80 Tccumach bird 


R Clifford (Lillian) eft Oiryslcr* h 1929 Amu*, ar 
Raymond (Gloria) any Kclary Wheel h 1135 Jefforaon bird 
Raymond J (Nicole) emp Chryalera h 5935 Wyandotte e 

- -Raymond J J (Nasal) nmp Chryalera h 1043 Oak ar 

Raymond L (Lonia) h 3353 Guar dot ar 
Retford T (Lorraine) bun dnr h 3510 King 

Richd (Helen) aerr mgr McKay'. TV & Appliance. Ltd h *511 nock dr 

• Richd ClcFOr 3*1 California av 

Rkchd II (Barbara) tinomlih Porda h 1463 Roaatnl bird 

• Rkbd j (Felice) (Holden Zobor Bondy 4 Cuaknato) res RR •« Amher*- 


•Robe nnp Hiram Walkers r 410 Matxhew Brady bird 
Robt j (Bra) alamo W j Bondy 6 Sons Ltd b 410 Morthm Brady bird 

- Roland mgr Central Chryaler Plymouth Ltd 
Ronald (Nonna) onp Chryalera h 1133 Jefferson bird 
Ronald E (Marilyn) sup Detroit h 2111 Secord ar 

Ronald | (Linda) garbage toll City of Windsor h 1722 Pierre ar 
--Ronald J (M Kathleen) ala mgr Central Chryaler Plymouth Ltd h 3035 
Virginia Pk ar 

- -Rone (wtd Harrey G) h 1924 Arthur rd 

-Roy A (Kathleen) foretnn Can Motor Lamp h 913 Frank av 

• -Rua.rll (Marie) )anltor Windsor Separate School Board h 1612 Dougall 

-Ruascil F h »91 Arthur rd 

• Sandra receptionist Furlong 6 Furlong r 1522 Howard av 
--Sherry stuck r 1929 Amiens ur 

Stanley C (Kllrth) lab Qiryalers h 2732 Chandler rd 

• -Stanley J (Kathleen) »!*na Uairoyal Centres h 2453 MeLlrum rd 
-Suzanne with Win Utilities Comma Hydro Dir re. RR • I Amhcrstburg 

- Terry apprentice moch Howard Garage rea RR >4 McGregor 
•Theresa D me Hiram Walker * Sana Ltd r 695 Randolph ar 

- Tbos 1 Audi r 2560 Francois rd 

• Ulysses (Nina) rmp Detroit h Ml California ar 

--Verne (Marguerite) dlAributor Caadn Oil Co h 3433 Dougall av 

- - Vincent L (IRaacbc) aaA supt of maint Separate Schl Bd h 352 Wright 
--WJ4 Sons Ltd Bernard j Bondy pres 6 genl mgr. Donald A Bondy sec 

Wives 126 OtcUette av 

- -Walter A (Loutac) auto pnrr Lome T Row.k» Ltd h 406 Frank ar 

- -Wayne (Wayne's Barber Shop) rea Meadow Les Park 
--Wayne (Beverly) Lab Qiryalcr■ h 1135 Marcntcttr av 

•Wayne R apprentice Beaver Air Condilianlng r 1612 Dougall nv 

- -Wilfred r 1421 Pelinsier 

- -Wilfred mortgage elk Can Trust - Huron t Brie Mon res McGregor 

• Wm J (Cynlda) h 27* Bd lev lew ar 
--Zctla r 1631 Rlvcrsido dr c 

Bondll Ezio (Lida) ntkrna Chryalera b 640 Alexandrine 
BonrUo Saviour (Aaaunta) lab Chrysler, h *67 Brant 

- -Victor J (Gloria) life underwriter London Life h 2514 Rivard av 
Booenfant Paul (Jacqueline) much rpr Chrysler* h 204 McKwan ur 
Doom funic Claude r 136 Wyandotte r 

Bonbglto Armando Lab Canndlsn Motor Lamp Ltd r IIM Marion ar 
Bong Louis (Leung) (Suey Ymg Chong) li 464 Windsor av 

■d. Leslie 4 Co Lid Waller M Gulllot ree dir Aka 4 hoods mutual 
nda IS*-16* University av w 
bd!<wime Raymond (Ciena) pnur Detroit h 1540 Richmond 
Bonicl John onp Genl Motors r *31 Bruce *v 
Boniferro Roberto M (Ida) lab Forda h 363 McKay av 
Bonkt Albt (Emily) wufe Al's Shoe Repair h 3911 Turner rd 
-Locien (Mary) emp Chryalera h 3103 Clcmeoceau blvd 
--Rene rmp Chrysler* r 253 Droulllurd rd 
Bonlwh Toni barber h 127* Oliver rd 

Bonita Beauctfkil Shoes Leonard Hunter mgr 305 Ouellette av 
Beauty Salon (Mr. Loretta Waite) 392 Lauzna rd 
(tank Henry N (Isabell) bus drvr h 1121 Moy av 
-Jo Amc R r 3290 Turner rd 

- Wm (Stella) b 1573 bird 

- Jo. W (Anne) mgr Windsor Pallet Mfra Ltd h 3290 Turner rd 
--Storm Audi r 1121 May nv 

Bon-Lyn Variety Store (Mrs Mabel Hodgkteacw) 1271-12*0 Prince rd 
Boones* Dennis nnp Forda r 2*09 Norman rd 
—Joa (Geraldine) tesp Chryalera h 950 Scofield av 

• Patricia L with Win UtiUilc. Comma Hydro Div r 950 Scofield av 
--Paul J (Lena) crane opr Auto Spec la) lies h 2*09 Norman rd 

- R Ricbd (Jean) mortician Kennedy Funeral Home b 3579 Virginia ft av 
Bonnrtt Carl (Velma) Map Dominion Forge Ltd r 1651 Francois rd 

-Judith cash NID Yorktown r 1037 Marjorie dr 

- Mabel (wtd Regd) h 451 Kltnor 

- Ralph (Gladys) ttosuiUh Fords h 425 Bertha av 

- -Rawson (Gwendolyn) emp DetroU h 12** Partington av 

- -Robt J h 1214 Curry av 

Robt J (Ruth) die sinker Dominion Forge Lid h 1569 PUlstte rd 

- Wm F (Iris) plant protection McKinnon Industrie# h 461 Dorm ar dr 
tamer tile Kenneth H insp Chrysler* r 2793 Norman rd 

- Rodolpe || (Doris) m»ch opr Ford* h 2793 Norman rd 
--Terry P off wkx Chrysler* r 2793 Norman rd 
Bonniei Chas pipe fir Chryslrrs r 804 Dougall av 

- -Chas P Ak isry Woolwortha r I IS* Pierre av 

- -J os (Em cl da) moch opr Kelsey Wheel h 115* Pierre av 

- Mkhl (Jennifer) wtr Elmwood Casino h 1370 Wyandxtc c 
Bonnier Aadrlc Mrs b 411 McKay av 

Bunofiglio Carmen (Udvgc) elk M * P Supermarket h 1112 Mercer 

- Oitara wtr* Top HA r 1440 Labadie rd 

- Frank (Adeline) macb opr Benda EcUpne h 1440 Lohndir rd 

- Marin (*kl Louis) r 1440 Labndic rd 
Bon sail Fred r 345 Victoria av 

Bonnor Bra cadi London Life re# HR >3 Amberstburg 
Boot or m llario (Gabrielis) nnp Chryalera h 311 Walnon av 
Valerio (Rostna) brktyr L M Construction Co b 1610 Pierre av 
Bom root Louis J (Flora) h 5066 Royal court 

- Louis M (Helm) engineer Detroit h 50*1 Edsel ct 

Bonura Peter (Katherine) (Petr's B A Service) H 11*0 Louis nv 
Book Centre The (Timothy G Salkias) 340 Oicllette av 
Booker Albt J (Loretta) h 954 Parkview av 
Alfred r 230 Stxabune av 

- -Catherine onp Detroit r 626 Broadway 

- -Charlotte (Wtd l.sland) elk S S Kresge r 626 Broadway 

- -Donald J (Connie) forerun Acme Neon Signs h 9S4 Parkview nv 
Lorraine V Mrs elk H Gray Ltd b 1767 Olive rd 

-Mich! (Beverley) onp Chryalera h 1172 Hickory rd 



-fhllllp (Muriel) with Win Utilities Comma h 913 Lincoln rd 

- Raymond J lab Chryalera r 626 Broadway 
Sandra mfmmatioa opr Bell Tel r 1767 OUve rd 

Book la ad Co Ltd Mrs Ruth M Durr pres. Floyd J Durr rice-pres. Mrs 
Margt Car ruth ers sec tics# 2451 Dougall nv 
Bookman Annette vice-pres Book wins Ltd r 725 Partington nv 
--Louron H aim* r 1565 Church 

• -Lena Mrs h 2. 191 Aakin av 

- -Louis (Annette) pres Dookwlns Ltd h 725 Partington av 
Mlinm emp Adclman's h 1563 Church 

- Rev clone sec -tress Boakwias Ltd r 725 Partington av 
Sam r M2 Howard av 

Bookwias Limited Loula Bookman pres. Anacttv Bookman vico-prcs. 
Rnelone Bookman see tress dry goods (lathing 6 dioea 1664 
Wyandotte w 

Boomer Donald G (Carole) divisional mgr Unxed Investment Services 
Ltd h 2945 CUrry nv 
Janice studt r 1766 Arthur rd 

- -Tsd (Helen) opr Checker Cab h 1766 Arthur rd 

- Wm (Bernadette) emp Detroit h 267 I.anglais av 
Boone Amu- hsckpr r 3709 Ouellette 

Rraalc erk drvr » 1795 Alcala rd 
Boom Chas (Joy) plant guard Detroit h 1530 Cahana rd w 
Boose Carol r 3669 Birch 

- Evelyn aaamhlr Daal Plastics r 994 Josephine av 

• Oco R (Maud) h 1*74 Duffer in pi 

Gerald apprentice British Motorcycles 6 Cars Ltd r 9M Hall av 

- Norman A (June) assessor City Assess Dept h 3669 Bitch 

• -Ralph lehr Northwood Public School res RR • l Huron Church Line 

- -Rot* VP (lift Ann Dept of Bar kn 6 Recreation h 351* Barrymore lone 
Booary Gertrude B (wtd A M) h 303, *19 Westminster blvd 

Booth AR* W (Elnle) hr sec Mfrs Life Inn h 2379 Alexandra av 

- -Catherine Mrs emp Boultra Ltd h 403, 395 University av e 
Daal (Marjorie) h 1005 Prado pi 

- - Dennis S (Frances) emp Forda h 1219 Fairvicw blvd 

• Doris wtrs Pat 4 Hank's Pidi 6 Chips r 2759 Plllcue id 

• -Geo B (Anne) instrument moch Hiram Walker 6 Sana Ltd b 156* 

Hllrosw nv 

Geo N (Evelyn) mech engineer Fords h 1020 Maraud 

- Cerabl lab National Auto Radiator r 2759 Plllettc rd 

- Harold P (Carol) trk drvr Chrysler* h 1552 Feradale *v 

• Herman (Lily) h 10*5 Haatlswn blvd 

• -Lrails (Marie) hlpr Windsor Bd of Works h 2759 PUlctte rd 

- Mar# nurse t 131 Elliott w 

- -Pamela elk Marie's Confectionery r 2759 PUlctte rd 
Bouts Brian studt r 4126 Rove I sad dr » 

- -John D (Winifred) genl mgr Commercial Printing Co b 992 Brllepcrcbe 


-Robt A (Fay) ditpptag loader Qumptoa Spark Plug h 4126 Rose-land dr 

Wm P (Margt) millwright Chryalera h 127* Laurcadeau av 
Boow Apx . (wid Joa) h (basement) 6. 1050 Assumption 

- -Bruce apprcatice Bygrove Heating r 2135 Forest sv 

- Christopher emp Fords r 509 Bruce nv 

- -Bdwd (Kathy) h IHKO Ottawa 

-Mary takpr Smcdley * Monahan r 1605 South Cameron blvd 
Olga Mrs b 2135 Forest av 

-Roonld damn Pare Elec tile Ltd r 1605 South Cameron blvd 

• -Sandra r 2135 Porcsr av 

Doosan John (Catherine) h 1450 Prince rd 
Marie r 14SO Prince rd 

Booze Fadah (wld HalrlQ grocer 399 Elliott e h *49 Mercer 

- CamU todry Chrysler# r 1536 York 

- -Hudugs studt r 777 Parent av 

• Khodr (Honaidr) rmp Walker Metal h 9*6 Joecphmr av 

- -Malimood (Mcliha) Janitor Windsor Airport h 777 Parent av 

• Muxcr lab Windsor Airport r 777 Parent av 
-Omar < Fatima) emp Ccnui-Spray Ltd r *49 Mercer 

Hu Kip (Christina) spray pntr Chryalera h 1536 York 
Bor Wm mgr Royal Furniture Budget Store r 1476 Benjamin av 
ft)ran Barbara studt r604 Edtnborourfi 
But be ley Jos lab Chryalera r 4325 Roseland dr w 
ftorbely Alht (Ethel) h 1224 Marcnii-nc av 
Klcdx* Mrsh 2. 1230 Ottawa 
Dor clink Geo r 16*1 P actor la 

Barrie Bunko (Jubca) Journrymn teeet metal Mac J Irian Lid r 744 Lynn 
Bordrau Apt *650 Wyandotte e 

Marie (wld Dan)) mtprvsr of tel room Hiram Walker 6 Sana h 6. 1910 


Walkcrside Division, J P Handrigan Manager. 

Head Office 62* Monmouth Rood (See adv Inside 
Front Cover Page B and Tup Linen) 

Bordcnuik Juhn (Kathleen) lab Chryalera b 2324 Meidrum rd 
■urdcwukr Metro (Krtka) cook Viscount Motor Hotel h 1036 Goycau 
Border Brokers Ltd Leo H DeLoroodc mgr 728 Huron Church Line * 44 
Wyandotte « 

- -Cities Bakery Ltd Mrs Molly Lynne pee. 1051 Drouillard rd 

- Citic. Go -operative Credit Union Ltd Mrs Yvaans Cam* tress * mgr 

16. 1922 Wyandotte c 

Cities Insurance Agency Ltd Joe M Cohen pres. Mrs Florence Cohen 
vice-pres. Jas L Cohen arc -tress genl in* 1010. 176 University 

sv west 

- -Cities Polish Canadian Club Peter Kuliszko pres 1530 Lsnglol* av 


C W Andrews President, Wm A Morgan Vice-Presi¬ 
dent, Structural Steel. Oalvo Grating. Ornamental 
Iron. Bronze, Aluminum and Stainless Steel, Stairs 
and Fire Escape*, 961 Walker Rond, Phone 256-3411 

City Collision Service (Roger Gagne) *57 Howard av 
-City Tire Ltd Lawrence V Ben sea e pros tires * tv * appliances, 
camping trailers 2600 Howard av 

- -Hotel Ltd Eli Ostoich pres. Djuro Ostolc vice pres. Jovo L)lljak see - 

tress 461 Wyandotte e 

-John (Violet) trk drvr Canada Bread h 10*6 University av e 
Masonic Temple Anno Ltd Herts R Burnell pres, H Runnel) Wellington 
see 906 Ouellette av 

- • Patterns Ltd Gordon W Nelson pres, Kdwd C Show vice pres 4 sec • 

trass metal pan eras 2547 Doty pi 

- -Press (Mr* Mate Flood) printers 12*132 Perry 


- Steel Limited Gerald M Curley pres steel distributor* 3109 Devon dr 
Tool 6 Die Ltd Henry G Shepherd pres. John Tingle sec-tress * genl 

mgr 2946 Walker rd 

Sordino Qtales (Anna) h 2491 Prince** av 

Harry chef Rlvervtra lloaph 1467 South Cameron blvd 
John H (Betty) porch agt Taroco h 2756 Virginia Pk av 
Walter (Theresa) plant protection Fords h 15*5 Dwfterin pi 
Bordignun Valentino (Agncjemp Chryalera h710 Moraml 
Oordman Ihyllla (The Paramount Studio*) h 414, 2*0 Park w 
Bordotf David (Mary) dent 1A 540 Pclissier h 1395 Villa Marla a 
Jack (Arena Auto Parts) h 2216 Lincoln rd 
Bureau Joe (Theresa) tiler American TUe Co h 217* Wellesley 
Hurccky Annie (wtd Harry) It 1176 St Luke rd 

Boren Industries Ltd Rote M Rennie mgr metal fabricated products lA 
fir. 924 Walker rd 

Borcakte Andrew A (Lois) ertkr lion W C Kennedy Coll lnat h 1704 
Westminster av 

Boretsky Alex (Helen) drvr Consolidated Track b *3* WeAmlower blvd 
Anne sec h 26. 210 Brt* w 

Jos A (Lertha) (Joe’s B A Service Stn) r 4904 Che Inca rd 
Rose M Audi r IIIS Elwuere av 
Veronica A tchr St Jules Schl r 1115 Elaroere av 
Walter (Barbara M) map Fords b 1115 Klamcre sv 
Borg Alice prlv sec Argus Protection r 1379 Pierre av 

Anthony (Mary A) pres * bus mgr Building Service Employees 
iMrraatKsul Union Local 210 b 3. 1377 Martlndale 
-Jon C (Sheila) emp Chryalera h 2922 Cl mime can blvd 
-Josephine Acnog Can Trust - Huron * Erie Mart r 1539 Dougall av 
Mary amatrs Unlv of Windsor h 1379 Pierre av 
Paul (Mary) (Tunnel New* Stand) h 1539 Dougall av ' 

Saviour (Josephine) h 2. 121 Wyandotte w 
Borghi Dario rrk drvr Raw Side Plating r 715 Hlldegarde 
Geo A (Helen) moch rpr hlpr Raw Shir Plating h 715 Hlldegarde 
Borgarram Carolyn nurse Detroit r 42S La parte .v 
But bo Richd A assessor City Aaaesa Dept r 2046 Olive rd 
Burbot Nascrdere h *25 Chatham r 

Borislav Rodov*oov tool b die improver K 4 A Tool 4 Die rea RR *2 
River Canard 

Boris* Mary (w id Joa) h 1279 WeArott td 

Borkcavakl Alht (Kathleen) teeet metal wkr Sunshine Plumbing h *16 
Janrtle av 

Walter b 950 Tccumaeh blvd e 
Borland Anne r 7 IS Windsor av 

- -Blake drvr Riverside Taxi 

Linda wtr# Cozy Restaurant r S3* Giles blvd e 
Borman Dorothy A r 1030 Pairvtew blvd 

Wm J (Ruth) rprtnn Bril Tel li 1030 Fairview blvd 
Bonn aim (Gerda) tool 4 die rpr Forda h 732 Gladstone av 
Born Carrol E (Irene) emp Detroit h 3226 Mai sownruve nv 
-•Frsdb (Loretta) alama Kraft Foods h 257* Princess av 
Borns Is Anna emp Thibodeau Trnnsp r 197* Buckingham rd 
-Bernard r 259 Campbell nv 

- Clarence J trk drvr Tamar Bldg Prod r 933 Ford blvd 
RmrA W (Rose) press opr Ford* h 197* Buckingham rd 

-Geo A (Julie) spot wldr Chrynlrra h 3453 Wyandotte c 
•Harvey W (Helen) b 1434 Evert* av 

- -Jas (Paddy) r 6*7 Giles blvd e 

- Jerry (Cccills) b 353 Bridge sv 

Jo. (Irene) flrema City at Windsor b 9H9 McKay av 
-Jos O (Irene) flrcmn Win Fire Dept b 9*9 McKay av 

- Lawrrace (Gail) emp Metro Catering h 6*7 Giles hhrd e 
•Linds nurse in mining r 197* Buckingham rd 

- Lloyd emp Union Gan r 259 Campbell av 

- Marie L emp The Pine* r 1971 Buckiafgtsm rd 

-Orville (Lorraine) spot wide Chrysler* h 542 Josephine av 

- -Raymond J p c PO r 353 Bridge av 

- -Rote pres, opt Radc o r 687 Giles blvd e 
Ronald lab Chryalera r 1263 George av 

- -Shirley car hop A 4 W Drive In r 1263 George nv 
•Wm drvr Metro Catering r 6*7 Giles blvd c 

Bonus Leonard <*) emp Fords b 3777 Poplar sv 
Boraemtasza Jos (Dari.) asambir Bnxlti Eclipse b 2734 DougxU sv 
Boraslci* Clarence (Margt) Ndg mgr Detroit h 1490 Villa Maria a 

• -Harry L (Dorothy) (Harry's Clothing Centre) h 936 Victoria av 
Borofaky Jacob (Annie) (Wyandotte Furniture) h 1041 Klamcre av 
Boron toil J (Aftrtaa) 4 1S16 Laogloi* av 

--Peter (Vera) tool 4 die L A Young b 604 Edtnhorougb 
Boro* Oars (wld Louie) h 10*3 Ellis sv e 

- -Tlvadar (Irene) electric wldr Maple law! Co h 1552 Clad tone av 
BoroakJ Alfred J (Maryorte) for ana Oryalrrs h 3030 Rockwell av 

- -Barbara studt r 3030 Rockwell sv 
—Veronica (wtd Victor) h 1323 Klamcre sv 

--Wm F (Patricia) (Bud Heating 4 Air Oort it lowing) b 2763 Daadurnod 

Boroy* John r 1333 Klamcre nv 

Borrc Philip die cast set up man PlaAicast Ltd r 1511 Albert rd 
Wm R (June) pc Police Dept h 2391 Cadillac 
Barred* Patrick (Mary ) b 1359 Me Ewan av 
Borrclll Alba elk Borrclli Bros Grocery r 847 Greeadnle dr 

• Bros Grocery (Loula 4 Prank Borrclli) 8*0 Brie e 

• -Carmine (Laura) ansmblr Kelsey Wheel h 1432 Klamcre av 

• - Kilo emp Chryaler • r 847 Grcendalc dr 

• - Frank (Ursula) (Borrclli Bros Grocery) h *47 Greendole dr 

- Guido emp Ford* r 121* Klamcre av 

--Helen hrdrsr Cl eta Beauty Solan r *47 Greradair dr 

- - Louis (Cooaaruu) (Borrclli Bros Grocery) h *50 Grcendalc dr 
-Mario V lab Walker Metal r 2540 Dominion blvd 

- Marlas idler Prov Bank r 2540 Damuuoo blvd 

- -MichI (Virginia) lab Chryaler . h 1434 Klamcre av 

- Paul Audi r 1434 Klamcre av 

--Pietro (Rosa) lab Diasmore Canstn h 121* Elmierc nv 
Santo (Vera) lab Chrysler* h 2540 Dominion blvd 
Barri Adds (wid Carlo) b 2373 Klsmere nv 

- -Din© L (Nancy) spring mech Oliver's Spring Service Lid h 630 HUde- 
Borrink Rolf 1. ( inha Leamington laboratories Ltd h 4*8 

Vers wtrs Woahronh* r 4*8 McDougnll 
Bnrrostic Stanley r 1271 Riverside dr e 

Borns* man Una nur*te« Metropolitan Genl Hospital b 4. 1647 
Riverside dr e 

Bor* Rudolph (Wilhelm(no) nnsmhlr McKtenon IndUArirs h 1*45 Kildare 

Barteuk Jrany (wid Mkhl) r 1024 Edward av 
- -Morris (Nellie) auprvar Forda h 320 CaliforaU av 




1022 LANGLOIS AVE. victor blak PHONE 253-4344 


- -Wm J (Rose) detective Police Dept h 3222 Curry av 
Bor son KlizCi (wid Paul) h 459 Chilver rd 

Borthwlck. Bryan aerv teehn Olivetti Underwood Ltd res Wheatley 

- Pam J tehr h 1991 Balfour blvd 

BortoLan Louis (Pilniiri) tile setter Colautti Bros h 2245 Fraser av 
Bortoiazzo Antonio (Andrea) emp Bendix - Eclipse h 954 McKay av 
Bortoliu Gtulurno Chef h 2373 Parent av 
Bortolin Angela (wid Govani) h 1675 Parent av 

- - Angelo assmblr Bendix-Eclipse h 1344 Francois rd 

- -Angelo (Marghenia) lob Dominion Forge h 2675 Alexis rd 

- -Anthony carp h 9S0 Louis av 

-Antonio assmblr Chryslers h 1344 Francois rd 

- -Antonio lab Woollatt Constn r 1437 Marentette av 
--Domenico (Anna) r 1344 Francois rd 

- -Flllberto O (Beverly) carp Collavino Bros h 2367 Randolph av 
-Giovanni (Marcella) carph 1478 Arthur rd 

- Mario (Ida) lab Colautti Bros Constn h 844 Moy av 
--Mary r 167S Parent av 

- -Peter (Blanche) wldr Romeo Machine Shop h 7 15 Aylmer av 
—Rosiano (Angelina) emp Chryslers h 1443 Norman rd 

-Vltorto (Ansa) lab Sun Parlor Pools h 1022 Giles blvd e 
Bortolon Albc N studt r 2550 Dandurand blvd 

- -Benny (Rena) rfiovcl opr Collavtno Constn Co h 1490 Bett’s av 

- -Danllo tool & die improver K & A Tool & Die r 1665 Benjamin av 
--Harry A (ArmIda) h 2550 Dandurand blvd 

--Nick (Emily) carp Ted Murray Home Improvement h 1665 Benjamin av 
Bortolom Bruno J (Margt) engineer J P Thomson Associates Architects 
h 600 Roselawn dr 

- -David (Mary) h 532 Windsor av 

- -Joa (Maria) brklyr Mike Alzner Contractors Ltd h 2233 Louis av 
--Jos (Kathleen) scrv rep Smith, Kline & French LAC h 891 Scofield av 
--Lonnie tehr St Patrick’s School r 3301 Curry av 

--Mario (Pauline) foremn Toledo Scales h 3301 Curry av 
--Mary (wid Umberto) h 2416 Rossini blvd 
Bortolotto AguSta r 1440 Partington av 

- -Aldo (Inna) elect General Motors h 1440 Partington av 

- -Aline (wid John) r 2606 Parent av 

—Ernesto (Lucia) tool k die mkr Gen) Motors Trim h 1303 Central av 
--Gordon (Blanche) utllltymn General Motors h 2698 Parent av 

- Lorenzo (Veronica) h 11045 Riverside dr c 

- Raymond C <Jo*Aone) mach opr MacKinnon Industries h 1051 Morond 

- -Sandra off elk National Radiator r 2698 Parent av 

Bortolussi Alex (Patricia) die setter Forbys Management h 591 Shepherd 

-•Ernest (Rachel) labKeystooe Construction h 2167 Wellesley av 
Boryexewski Geo lab Walker Metal r 1402 Albert rd 
Borysowytsch Harry studt r 1535 Labadie rd 
• -John (Mary) carp Wells Corp h 1535 Lahudtc rd 
Bos Pieter (Louise) (Pete’s Body Shop) h 2197 Parkwood av 
Bosada Ronald C (Helen) h 3416 Charlevoix av 

Boscariol Aldo (Marilyn) consulting engineer Boscarlol & Assoc h 1655 

--Frank V (Angelika) lawyer Chryalers h 2417 Lincoln rd 
--Jas studt r 2945 Walker rd 

- -John (Victoria) supt Sterling Building Materials h 2945 Walker rd 
--Peter (Ruth) pres Windsor Chrome Plating Co Ltd h 4024 Mount Royal 


Bosch In Gaetano (Nerlna) gcnl lab East Side Stamping h 1025 Louis av 
—Renato wldr Volta Welders h 835 Stanley 
Bosco Bugio (Italia) llncmn Chryslers h 1175 Esdras pi 
—Carmen (Elizth) Janitor ChryslerB h 281 Pierre av 
••Dominic (Carmen) lab Chryslers h 1473 Rossini blvd 
Bosetti Eptfaoio (Carmcla) metal fnshr Chryalers h 897 Moy av 
-Norman L (Carolyn Lee) llncmn Windsor Hydro h 3019 P<*er 
Bosev German emp Candn Bridge r 1288 Windermere rd 
Bosher John A (Sirkka) acct Detroit h 711 Bedford 
Bosley Victor h 4. 393 Caron av 
Bosnyak Adam G tehr St Louis School r 345 I sack dr 
-Clua (Elucdi) metal fnshr Hawkeswood Garage Ltd h 1166 Pierre av 
--Geo (Barbara) emp Fords h 345 Iftack dr 
--Mary priv sec Hiram Walker r 345 Isack dr 
Rosscncc Margt assmblr Dayton Mfg r 3640 Byng rd 
Boss! Jos F (Mac) malntcnanccmn L A Young h 870 Cabana rd w 
--Pauline (wid Anthony P) h 1484 Dougall av 

Bosslo Fomnwto (Francesca) Lab Dominion Forge h 488 Pierre av 
Bossom Jos A dispatcher Smith Windsor Car Co Lid r 1683 College «v 

- Robe (Violet) h 2174 Janette av 

Best John (Gale) emp Detroit h 1780 Fcrndale av 

Boat Itch (Canada) Ltd Jess Cook mgr stapling mach mfrs 504 Victoria av 
Bosveld Harry museum asst Hiram Walker Historical Museum re* Essex 
Bosworth Ruby M tehr Victoria Schl h 15S6Tiall av 
Boszorat John blanclicr grinder Fords h 1038 Oak av 
Botek Anthony (Mary) engineer Fords b 2322 Hall av 
-Frank r 1777 Cadillac 
--Frank r 2252 Chari 

- Jan (Jane) h I*** 1 ) Pclls9lcr 
--Rose (wid Jos) h 2252 Chari 
Botluk Annie r 1864 Alexis rd 

Botosan Haiel emp General Motors h 1922 Ferndalc av 
--John (Catherine) h 2328 Howard av 

- -John (Rose) stkmn Chrysler* h 1457 Labadie rd 
Botrolic Nicholas h 309. 131 Wyandotte w 
Botsford Dianne studt r 1075 Pelissier 

-1 Lawrence (Ann) controller Thlbldeau Express h 1912 Dcvotuhlre ct 

- -John E (Beatrice) marketing mgr Hiram Walker h 6065Rivcrslde dr e 

- -Michl studt r 1912 Devonshire ct 

- -Stephen M studt r 606S Riverside dr e 

- -Thos A studt r 6065 JUvcrside dr e 

- -Walter J (Jean) emp Hiram Walker h 1075 Pelissier 

■SSS ™P OMNI!««»•» i 

- -Theodore fShlrlcv) elk Caruegie Sandwich IGA h 2920 Peter 

J' Si) cue N Y Central h 111* Fell, .v 

- -Eula emp Detroit k 384 John B av 

- Matilda (wid Ager) elk Red Robin Store h M4 John B av 
Booing Ernest K emp Candn Bridge r 329 Randolph av 

--Fredk J maim Sommcrvlllc h 1. ^ 

- -Geo G (Eileen) lab Gcnl Motors r 346 i Byng rd 

- -Rac (Grace) hr mgr Bank of Nova Scotia h 1023 Garden Court dr 

Bottler Sonin r 95 Hanna w __ . . . 

Bottom Frank S assmblr Fords r 922 St Luke rd 
Bottoms David N studt r 2666 St Patricks dr 

- - Edwd B (Marjorie) h 229 Thompson blvd 


--Ivan P (Nancy) prof engineer lan Martin Associates h 2666 St Patrick’* 

- -Stephen G studt r 2666 St Patrick’* dr 

Bottoset Angelo (Corina) h 2206 Turner rd 

-Elso (Barbara) slarnn General Bakeries h 3803 Blackburn ct 
--Marcel (Ellen) (Bottoset & Son Cabinet Makers) h 2960 Langlols av 

- -8 Sou Cabinet Makers (Marcel Bottoset) 2960 Langlols av 
Bouchard Alphonse r 2645 Whelp*on 

--Bennett (Grace) irk drvr McKinnon Industries h 3485 Walker rd 

- -Bruno r 3485 Walker rd 

- -Confectionery (Mrs Grace Bouchard) 3503 Walker rd 

- -Eugene E (Anna) set up man Fords h 2645 Whelpton 

- Gaston (Lucille) mgr K -Mart Dept Stores h 3540 Charlevoix av 

- -GhIslam (Denise) lab Fords h 312 Gladstone av 

--lvoo (Marie) emp Transcontinental Bolt Co h 1677 Albert rd 

-•Jos E (Rosemary) emp Chryslers h 1491 Dougall av 

- -Marcel agt Sifto Salt Co Ltd res London 

- -Oviln J (Eva) drvr Brewers Warehouse h 3703 Riberdy rd 
--Paul lab r 1491 Dougall av 

- -Ronald O (Lillian) traffic guard Win Detroit Tunnel b 3574 Wyandotte e 
Boucher Aurora Mrs r 2726 Jamaica cres 

- -Columbus J (GUberte) shipping elk G G McKeough Ltd h 977 West¬ 

minster blvd 

--Dennis gas pump attdt College Auto Wash r 2550 Catena rd w 

- -Donald J (Mabel) motor power CNR h 1938 Glendale av 

- - Earl (Evelyn) die setter Fords h 1553 Lauzon rd 

- -Gary r 1553 Lauzon rd 

-Henry W (Yvotuic) h 672 Randolph av 
-Jean polisher East Side Stamping res Tccumsch 
--Jos R (Laurette) maintenance Chryslers h 2550 Catena rd w 

- -Judith Mrs r 699 Indian rd 

--Larry R press opr Kelsey Wheel r 252 Detroit 
--Lawrence (Irene) lab Board of Works h 252 Detroit 

- -Lyuda studt r 3589 Queen 

- -Paul opr International Tools r 255 Moy 

--Paul slsmn Filter Queen Sales fc Service of Windsor r 25S0 Catena rd 

- -Philippe P (Eva) customs & excise offr Dept of Natl Revenue h 3544 

Connau#it rd 

-Philippe J (Dora) h 932 Albert rd 

--Raymond R (Yvonne) maintenance City of Windsor h 3589 Queen 
--Richd (Beverly) emp ChryslerB h 471 Church 
-Vivian (wid Emile) see Detroit r 1383 Gladstone av 

- -Wayne r 1553 Lauzon rd 

• -Wilfred J (Stella) lab teehn Detroit h 2736 Virginia Pk av 
Boudeau Francolse studt nurse Hotel Dicu Hospital r 557 Giles blvd w 
Boudreau Adrien (Beatrice) elect Waffle’s Elect h 734 South Pacific av 

- Antonio (Evangeline) lab Ford® h 738 Dougall av 
-Armand A (Loretta) lab Fords h 1681 St Luke rd 

-Arthur P Jr insp East Side Stamping r 2404 Alexis rd 
--Chaa E (Gertrude) foremn Windsor Packers h 404 Randolph av 
—David (Arlene) (David Boudreau Barber Shop) h 1810 Factoria 
--David Barber Shop (David Boudreau) 3218 Sandwich 

- -Donald studt r 734 South Pacific av 
--Ella Mrs r 1121 Albert rd 

- Ebnlnah 1329 Crawford av 

- Emily (wid Frank) h 672 McKay av 

- -Florida (wid John) h 715 Lincoln rd 

• -Francoise studt r 559 Giles blvd w 

- -Gaston (Sally) emp Adclmans Dept Store h 557 Giles blvd w 
—Jos heavy rprmn Chryslers r 1329 Crawford av 

--Laurent (Arthcllne) carp Reaumc Construction h 872 Ellrosc av 
--Leon (Lillian) (Leon Boudreau Contracting) h 287 Rankin av 

- Leon Contracting (Leon Boudreau) carp 287 Rankin av 
--Phyllis (wid Ralph) r 907 Dougall av 

- Raymond J (Bernice) h 3571 C^ieen 

—Theophanc (Lillian) carp Eastern Constn h 915 Cataracpil 
--Victor (Shirley) tinsmith Fords h 1252 Lauzon rd 
—Victor J (Maxine) h 3651 Byng rd 
Bouffnrd Lionel (Maria) h 3076 Sandwich 

- -Paul mcch Condn Trullmobilc h 115 Maple (La Salle) 

- -Roger M (Helen) mllkrnn Twin Pines Dairy h 2679 Clcmcnceau blvd 
Bouffon Lawrence drvr Stcril Products 

Boufford Adrian (Wlnnifrcd) with Hiram Walker h 3622 Queen 
—Arxclle (wid Edwd) h 1711 Oneida ct 

- Barbara A see Karco Co r 3259 McKay av 
--Clifford R elk C N Exp Frt h 3259 McKay av 

- -Don D (Veronica) co-ordinator Chryslers h 1124 Belle Isle View blvd 
—Douglas A studt r 1124 Belle Isle View blvd 

- -Effic (wid Herbt D) h 917 Windermere rd 

- - Elmer (Rena) hi, U0B Goyeau 

- -J Elmer (Eva) h 224 Sunset a v 

--Jas r 3134 Donnelly . - j 

--Orville J (Frances) shift suprvsr Dept of Manpower k 1mm h 3134 

- -Phyllis emp Detroit r 1711 Osielda ct . ., . 

• -Walter (Aline) acrvlccmn Janisse Service Centre h 545 Giles blvd e 

Bourfmer Anne (wid John) h 4. 1608 Wyandotte w 

- -Carol emp Windsor Upholstery & Auto Trim Ltd r 2659 Alexis rd 
—Chester J (Blanche) mgr Downtown Motor Sales (Windsor) Ltd h 3035 

Morris dr 

- -Christine studt r 3556 King 

- -Donald M (Florence) suprvsr Chryslers h 975 Duchanne 

- - Electa (wid Chas) h 2248 Church 

- Everett C (Violet) special educ asst Bd of Educ h 2526 Gladstone av 
--F Clifford (K Florence) fork txk drvr Fords h 2429 Tourangrau rd 

- -Fredrick H r 725 Devonshire rd 

- -Gary C (Ruth) trk hlpr Monarch Mattress Mfg Co h 1584 Janette av 

--J Byron (Laura) pres A & W Drive-In (Windsor) Ltd h 725 Devomtilre rd 
-J Wm (QUve) vice-pres A & W Drtve-ln (Windsor) Ltd h 725 Devon¬ 
shire rd 

--Jack r 1475 Huron Church Line 

-Jas N (Janet) sttnftr Fords h. 1795 Westcott rd 

- -Linda J clerical Natl Radiator r 1795 Westcott rd 
-Martin M (May) assmblr Chrysler a h 360 Logan av 

--Mary M (wid Harold) pin nr teehn Inti Tools h 824 Matthew -Brady blvd 
—Richd apprentice pntr Bull t Gauthier Body & Paint Shop Ltd res 
La Ssllc 

- -Robe J (Eleanor) lab Dam Forge h 2057 Ottawa 

• -Robt R studt r 2057 Ottawa 

--Roy C (Deanna) shpr k receiver Deneau Steel h 331 Bridge av 

- -Stanley G (Katherine) prsr Argo Cleaners h 3556 King 

- -Stephen C (Carol) drftsmn La Salle Machine Tool of Canada h 2659 

Alexis rd 

-Wayman (Alice) mcch Wyandotte Sunoco Service rca RR » I Belle River 


- -Wayne K (Sandra) tehr h 306. 306 Partington av 
Boughton Barbara assmblr Plastlcast Ltd r 2666 Turner rd 

- - Edwd (Ida) janitor City of Windsor h 2666 Turner rd 
Bouius Rutll apprentice International Tool# r 1507 Lincoln rd 
Boulanger Fernandc attdt Arrow Petroleums Ltd res RR *2 Walker Farm 

- -Gerard Mtuler Hawkeswood Garage Ltd res RR *2 Windsor 
Bnuluy Paul (Carmen) lab Chryslers h 1484 ElBtncre av 

- -Raymond (Fernandc) carp h 2559 Armstrong av 
Boulg&rian Beatrice studt r 511 Pelissier 

Boulianc A1 Shoes (Albt Boulianc) shoes 1509 Tecumsch blvd c 
—Albt J (Gayle) (A1 Boulianc Shoes) h 3105 Rankin av 

- Alex detective Police Dept h 4698 Montgomery dr 
--Eugene (Marie) h 702 Lincoln rd 

--Eugene (Lyndell) drftsmn Ideal Metals & Alloys h 3454 Harris 
—Henry J (Madeline) wldr Cripps Welding Service Ltd It 1537 Norman rd 

- -Theresa M label control elk Joho Wyeth 4 Bro r 1249 Lincoln rd 
Boulrice Bertha hsckpc r 1640 Lalng 

Boultinghousc Robt W (Eleanor) barber Sieve’s Barber Shop r 1531 Arthur 

Boulton A H Co Ltd Benj H Boulton pres, Frank A Dietz el vicc-prcs, 

Keith S Bennett sec -treas who] groc, tobacco & confectionery 
605-635 Caron av 

- -Benj H (Irene) pres A H Boulton Co Ltd h 1690 Chcrrylawn cr 

• - Florence (wid A Harold) h 2249 Victoria av 

--Harold L (Marcella) emp A H Boulton Co h 250 MeBwan av 
Boundy A Eliza (wid Chas J) h 434 Tccumsch blvd c 
Bounsall Edwin J (Joanne) prof U of W h 2121 Riverside dr w 
Bouxas Gv* hrdrsr Silhouette Hair Fashions r 1256 Giles blvd c 
Bourassa Alfred r 130 Park w 
Bourbonnais Alclde (Aurorc) h 1776 Hall av 

- Claude J C (Blaine) IBM suprvsr Chryslers h 3635 Bliss rd 
--Rene (Loma) shpr Bendix Eclipse h 457 Gladstone av 
-RoUnd J (Jean) wldr Chryslers h 1672 Central av 

Bourdeau Ann M tehr Vincent Massey Secondary School r 1546 Parent av 

• Beatrice M suprvsr RC ChUdrcn’sAld Soc h 953 Victoria av 
-Edgar D (Josephine) tool elk Fords h 3221 Longfellow av 
-Edwd (Catherine) h 1422 Shepherd c 

--Geo (Eunice) emp Auto Specialties h 1977 Westcott rd 

- -Gerald P (Margt) elect Chryalers h 1595 Buckingham rd 
--Hector J (Annie) b 2482 Francois rd 

--John C (Jean) mgr Ponds Big V Pharmacies *5 h 1220 Bruce av 
—Mary E credit elk Bordet MacDonald & Gow r 1220 Bruce av 
-•Philip F (Olga) oupt Fords h 707 . 3801 Riverside dr e 

- -Raymond H (Rose) meat mgr Dominion Stores Ltd h 1176 Parkview av 

- -Richd (Nancy) h 1375 Pelletier av 

- Richd (Denise) asst mgr S S Kresge h 3618 Queen 

- -Richd L (Claudette) bartender Westwood Tavern h 2354 Fraser av 
-Roger mgr & collision appraiser Mcrriflcld’s Custom Body Shop rca 

RR *4 Harrow 

- -Ronald studt r 1422 Shepherd e 
—Ronald M tehr h 1546 Parent av 

- Roy (Lorraine) lab Dominion Forge h 1177 Oak av 

- -Victor (Westwood Tavern) r 3651 Byng rd 

--Wm offset prntr Rlushed Mason r 2482 Francois rd 
Bourdganis Vallda (wid Peter) r 2851 Everts av 

Boardginon Fred G (Anna M) transp drvr lnd Cartage h 1537 Felix av 
--Cccilc Mrs r 626 Victoria av 

--Dominica (Valerine) carp Pulton Construction h 857 Marentette av 
--Jos studt r 857 Marentette av 

Bourgard Ross T (Dorothy) customs offr Federal Govt h 1005 Rankin av 

- Ted R studt r 1005 Rank in av 

-Thos tool k die apprentice Epsilon Tool & Gauge r 1005 Rankin av 
—Timothy studt r 1005 Rankin av 
Bourgault Ralph h 1, 1382 EUla av c 

Bourgeois Carl (Danielle) wldr Chryslers h 214. Ill Riverside dr e 
--Leo furnace opr Duplatc res Marlin Centre 

Bourget Rosario (Emile) tool & die mkr Canadian Engineering h 3481 
A skin av 

Bourkc Cam lie G (Margt) emp Detroit h 1667 Ford blvd 
-Carol elk Janisse Service Centre r 1680 Spruccwood av 

- -Elmer Jhes Walker rd 
--Frank (Josephine) h 914 Oak av 

- -Harold J (Albcrtlnc) emp Detroit h 2859 Clcmcnceau blvd 
--Larry ertkr John R Forster Collegiate r 1094 Wlnderncrc rd 
--Lloyd (Jacqueline) storckpr Bell Tel h 1194 Windermere rd 
Bourne Alvin R (Evelyn) h 802 . 395 University av c 

- -Gerald M (Phyllis) supt Chryslers h 862 Glidden aV 

- Kenneth (Mabel) labChryalera b 9S0 Chatham c 

-Michl (Carol) lab Macdonald & While Varnish I> Paint b 536 St Joseph 
Bourque Albt (Georgina) bodymn Art Gas par ini h 1616 Glendale av 

- -Benoit R (Joan) emp Detroit h 1179 St Louis av 

- -Bernice r 1554 Aubin rd 

- Eugene H (Elaine) slsmn Toastmaster h 1990 Westminster av 
--Fernand C (Florence) emp Candn Bridge h 1568 Norman rd 
—Gladys r 1554 Aubin rd 

--Harvey r 1554 Aubin rd 

--Leo J (Beryl) crop Detroit h 1556 Bernard rd 

- - Leonard (Joyce) lab Chryslers h 1678 Central av 

- -Gvlde r 888 Jos Janisse av 

--Paul J emp Candn Bridge h 888 Jos Janisse av 
—Roy C (Marjorie) w/s milk slsmn Sllvcrwood’s h 3617 Turner rd 
-Victor J (Janet) grinder hand Detroit h 3050 Dandurand blvd 
--Wilfred curate Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church r 4401 Mount 
Royal dr 

—Wilfred (Vina) set-up man Kelsey Wheel h 1554 Aubin rd 
Bourric Paul T (Mary Jane) announcer CKWW h 1469 Ellroee av 
Boursicr Josette r 1416 Moy av 

Bousscy Henry (Doris) slsmn Borden’s Dairy h 1760 Aubin rd 
-Olive (wid Arthur) h 1142 Lincoln rd 

- Wilfred J (Laurette) h 1158 Lincoln rd 

Boumros Baihos (Beatrix) lab General Tire r 529 Victoria tv 
Bouteillcr Harold J (Jeanne) h 1250 Gladstone av 

- -John H (Gloria A) emp Detroit h 803 Vimy av 

--Robt A (Gail) tehr Amherstburg High School h 2754 St Patrick dr 
Boutet Albt (Mary) assmblr Chryslers h 2528 George mv 
-C atherine J elk Union Gas r 1871 Francois rd 

- Leo mach k die sinker Great Lakes Forgings res McGregor 

- Lottie (wid Eugene) h 2017 E C Row av 

- -Norman E (Winifred) elk Canadian Salt Co h 3218 Woodlawn av 

- -Nortnan J (Edith) wrehsemn Trothcn Chemicals Ltd h 1871 Francois rd 

- Raymond assmblr Chryslers r 2017 EC Row av 

- • Rose (wid Arsene) h 890 Arthur rd 

Boutrtte Donald G (RlU) off Fords h 1024 Parkview av 
-Edwd E (Mary) pres B It D Appliance Parts h 937 Virginia av 
--Gabriel J (Atlecn) with Win Utilities Com run Hydro Div h 664 Randolph 

Alphabetical. Whitt Page 27 




P.O. BOX 1 209, 100 OUELLETTE AVENUE p>«rd and cp+'otvd by Wmdic- Crcdn Bureau ltd PHONE 256-3421 




• Gerald (Judy) emp Donlnian Forge h 481 Vera pj 

- -Gerald (Mary trimmer mkr Dotntalon Forge h 3543 King 

- -Gloria Mra legal sec McTague. Clark. Holland. Whiteside. Coughlin, 

Ouellette 8 Malllcua h 3367 Bloomfield rd 

- -Herman (Yolande) mach opr Champion Spark Plug h 1048 Belleperche 


- Ivy M emp Detroit r 3670 Longfellow av 

- - Joanne tchr St Alexander School r 937 Virginia av 
-Joaeftilnc Mra r 2856 Riverside dr w 
-Lawrence lab Chrysler a b647 Brant 

Lena (wld Mlchl) h 3. 561 Louis av 

-Leo foreran mfg International Tools r 165 Huron (LaSalle) 

- -Mary J tchr Bd of Educ r 937 Virginia av 

Paul W (Marion) mold pollster International Tools h 1044 St Louis av 
•Raymond A (Dorothy) llghl rprmn Chrysler* b 1576 Olive rd 
-Rita si sidy r 2338 Paren* av 

- Ronald J (Lorraine) tool 6 die mkr Chrysler Spring Trim h 1970 

Labadic rd 

--Rose Mrs si sidy Lszarc's h 678 Partington av 

• Roy F assmblr Qtryslers r 2338 Parent av 

- -Thos E countermn BAD Appliance Parts t 937 Virginia av 

- -Wayne R emp Chryslars r 1576 Olive rd 

- Wm C wldr fir Court -Spray r 2338 Parent av 
-Wm J (Bernadette) elect Chryslers h 2338 Parent av 
Boutilrr Simon (Margt) It 4. 853 Riverside dr e 

Bout tiler Geo (Harriet) maintenance Candn Rock Salt b 878 McKay av 
Boutin Marla (wld Louis) r 1160 Marlon av 
Rose A h 722 Argyle rd 

Boutros B (Wsrde) lab General Tire h 529 Victoria av 

- -Baula (Head) emp Chryslers h 1. 474 Bruce av 
-Ellas (Marie) Janitor It 266 Bruce av 

--Geo (Mary) janitor Chryslera h 185 Curry av 

- -Mlchl (Julia) window washer Canada Trust Bldg 

- Salkes crap Chryalcrw b 4. 474 Bruce #v 
--Tony emp Walker Metal h 680 Bruce av 

Bout/. Geo E (Adella) yardmn CNR h 984 California av 

Linda L sec Elmwood Casino 6 Motor Hotel r 984 California av 
Bo unde Alfred (Chita) rismn Central Chrysler Plymouth Ltd h 4. 234 
Hall av 

• Danl J (Eva) (Danny's Variety 6 Gift Shop) h 4350 Mitchell crca 
—Jas (Marie) h 930 Parent av 

Jerry J (Sylvia) emp Chrysler h 1180 Gltddcu av 

- Victor (Carol) (Wyandotte News 6 Variety) h 876 Westchester dr 
Bove Mario (Giusseppa) lab Dept of Parka & Recreation h 470 Windsor av 
Bovrn Frances (wld Wm) h 534 Assumption 

Bovcr Gertrude r 1082 Campbell av 
Bovcy Alice (wld Wm) h 1163 Pierre av 
•Gertrude prlv acc Hiram Walker 6 Sons r 1163 Pierre av 
Bow Henry H (Joyce) crap Detroit b 3641 Charlevoix av 
-John M K emp F.lcombe Engineering h 2848 Melbourne av 
Bowden Hill counter slarno G G McKcourfi Ltd r 2481 Turner td 
--Catharine (wld Stuart; r 2481 Turner rd 
-Catherine r 1385 Labadle rd 

- -Corrlana emp General Motors Trim r 1788 Norman rd 

-Edith Mra swltchbd recept McTague.Clark. Holland. Whiteside. 
Coughlin, Ouellette 6 MalUrux r 4915 Chelsea rd 

- Eileen elk typist Toledo Scale Co of Canada Ltd r 1385 Labadle rd 

- -Gerald C (Verac) guardS W & A Rly h 1788 Norman rd 

• Janet studt r2481 Turner rd 

- -Lionel stk elk Party Toy Chest r 69IGUea blvd e 
-Morris R r 2481 Turner rd 

■ Stuart W assessor City Assess Dept r 2481 Turner rd 

- -Stuart W (Gwendolyn) off wkr G G McKoough Ltd h 2481 Turner rd 

- -Wallace A (Ethel) emp Detroit h 691 Giles bird c 

- Wm J agt Zurich Life Insurance Co of Canada res LraniLngton 

Bowen Arthur T (Gloria) rep Bowen Moving 6 Storage Ltd h 3073 Bruce av 
-Florence (wld Walter) h 0-3. 1495 Gladstone av 
Moving 6 Storage Ltd Arthur Bowen rep 504 Victoria av 

- -Sydney V (Mary) switxhmo CNR h 3430 Randolph av 
Bower Carol emp Detroit r 874 Moy av 

Frank B(Ada) h 1380 Hall av 

- -Gerald C (Patricia) shpr Coca-Cola Ltd h 458 Clinton 

- Jas W (Blanche) h 412 Kills av w 

--Lothar (Anne) engineer techn International Toola h 1833 Pcrndalc av 

- -Margt studt r 874 May av 

- -Wm (Jessie) h 1369 Curry av 

Bower tog Chas (Marie) mach hand Porda h 1117 Morentettc av 

- Outs B J (Violet) installer Bell Tel h 4351 Ashfleld cres 

- -Faith C regd nurse Benjamin Luhorsky r 1348 Blsmcrc av 
-Keith (HeUen) emp Purity Dairies h 1106 Oak av 

- -Lawrence designer Scary's Flowers Ltd r H27 Mar emetic av 
Bowes John tool mkr Paragon Tools h 439 Berths sv 

Bowers Marie r 110S Esdras pi 

Nonna Mrs alaldy Retonsn’s (Ontario) Ltd r 13699 Riverside dr e 

- -Ralph W dnrr McAnally Freight Ways Co Ltd res Goctam 

- -Rot* C (Doreen) announcer CBC h 2291 Dorn talon blvd 

- -Theodore studt r 439 Bertha av 
Bowes Enter W J h 3659 Church 

• -Isabel (wld Robe D) h 1637 Francois rd 

-J Melville (Evelyn) (Bcltcrac Hearing Service) h 4046 Eden dr 
-Patricia A emp Mercury Chemical r 2331 George av 
--Robe W (Carol) forann Sanitary Maintenance Co h 2514 Chandler rd 
Bowcy Eva (wld Percy) h 965 Dougall sv 
-Florence E (wld Sydney) r 1979 Arras 
Margo studt r 1979 Arras 

- -Richd studt r 1979 Arras 

- -Wilson J (Marguerite) asst see -treas & comptroller Canadian Motor 

lamp Co Ltd h 1979 Arras 
Bowie Jas studt r 3430 St Patricks dr 

--Wm A (Marion) mgr Prudential Ins h 3430 St Patrick's dr 
Bow Kay Flowers (Mrs Helen Edwards) florist 1485 Tecumsch blvd e 
Bowkrr Frank S (lsobel) h 7256 St Rose av 
-Jack B (Sonia) trainee acet exec Goodwin Harris 6 Co h 454 Rankin av 

• -K Perry (Joan) alsmit IBM h 20. 6430 Wyandotte c 

- Sheila elk Fords h 7256 St Rose av 
Bowlby E Margt h 806 Victoria av 

Bowlero Coffee Slop (Louis Youtran) 675 Tecumsch blvd w 

• -Limited Harry Rubin pres. Barrie Rubin vice-pres, Mra Jenny Rubto 

sec bowling alleys 675 Tecumsch blvd w 
Bowles John A trust adantnistrator Crown Trust Co h 733 Indian rd 
Bowling Vera (wld Robt C> h 3. 972 Erie e 

Bnwlirx Limited Roy Bond gcnl mgr auto accessories 890 Walker rd 
Bowman Brian studt r 3734 Rosemount sv 
-Christopher studt r 5340 Riverside dr e 

• Donald E (Margt) h 2839 Alexandra av 

-Ellen (Wld Fred) r 3650 Queen 

- -G Wm QC (Helen) barr t solicitor 407 , 76 University sv w h 5340 

Riverside dr e 

• -Gilbert E (Shirley) br mgr Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce h 
1426 Lillian 

- Lillian Mrs h 38. 1210 Dougall av 
Millie Mrsh 418 Oak av 

--Patrick J (Elixrh) assessor Dept of Interna) Revenue b 3734 Rosemount 


-Rachel h 1939 Vlmy av 

- -Raylcsu (wld Melvin) nurse h 216 Cam cron av 

Wm (Lena) cost 8 scheduling Inti Tools h *04 Oliver rd 
Bowring Terence (Fay) food technologist Green Giant h 8. 3891 
Tecum a<h blvd e 

Bowser Barbara cash N 6 D Supermarket r 324S Woodland av 

- Clive H (Leslie) emp Forda h 3410 Byng rd 

• -Kenneth assmblr P Jos Lamb Co r 330 Gladstone av 

Lillian (wld Henry) h 3163 Melbourne rd 

- -Linda off Univ of Windsor r 1025 Windsor av 

Louise nursing asst Rtvcrvtcw Hospital h 324$ Woodland av 
Terry (Linda) emp Bcndix Eclipse h 496 Caron av 
Bow slier Barry J studt r 3310 Everts av 

- -Douglas J (Rose-Ann) mgr purchasing section John Wyeth 6 Bro h 3310 

Everts av 

• - Lancelot J (AlkU) h 338 Randolph av 

Buwakill Arthur W (Dorothy) 1 c PO h 3981 Rowland dr w 

- Beatrice D key punch opr Chryalcrs r 3981 Roseland dr w 
-Gail A studt nurse r 2540 Virginia Park av 

Leah (wld Thos) h 1542 Maretitctte av 

- -Thos (Jean) work standards analyst Detroit h 2540 Virginia Pk av 
Bowycr Chas (Florence) with Win Utilities Comma Hydro Dlv res River 


- -Chas R (Rose) prntr Detroit h 6S4 Goyeau 

- -Eric (Vera) h 506, 111 Riverside dr e 

- -Raymond (Nora) Installer Bell Tel h 3315 Dougall av 

- Robt r 329 Randolph av 

Box Marjorie I pun of Red Cross Schl Canda Red Cross Society h 8. 1382 
Ouellette sv 

Basalt Anna J h 2071 Williatrad crca 

- - Ross C (Wlnnifred) drvr McCallum Transp li 271 Rankin av 

Boy Scout Headquarters Vernon D Peach Scout exec .3085 Mareatette sv 
Boyce Ag»r* Mrs r 2856 Riverside dr w 

• Alfred F (Evelyn) emp I ambi Bridge h 3490 Wells 
--Carol hrdrsr r 1478 Parent av 

• •Carol hrdrsr Tressaroac Beauty Salon r 1169 Huron Church Line 

- -Clarence G (Lucy) jitney drvT Chrysler* h 3733 Whitney ov 
--Elsie (wid Arthur) b 481 Cameron sv 

• -Jas W (Muriel)incih Porda u 4851 Malden rd 

- -Jeannette A wtrs United (Ur-B-Q r 1733 Whitney av 

- -John (Catlirtnc) carp Cent Motors Trim h 3526 Rlbcrdy rd 
--Lawrence (Ann) techn CKLW ti 1535 Assumption 

• -Norman (Anna M) asst mgr Caswell Motor Hotel h 1478 Parent av 

- - Roberta studt r 4851 Malden rd 

--Thos A (Victoria)drvr Overland Exp h 1*0 Kim sv 

Boy-chuck Nick (Beatrice) vox The Three Bear's House h 1926 Longfellow av 
Boychuk Frank (Agnes) emp Walker Metal b 2337 Hall sv 
•Jacqueline nurse Metro Hosp r 2519 Twiner rd 

- -Joan Mrs sec W B Rivers Co r 1452 PeUssicr 

- -John lab Chryslers h 1514 Wyandotte e 

-Kenneth asst mgr Smith's of Win r 1696 Klsmcre av 
--Mac Menog Detroit r 925 Rccdmere av 

- -Mlchl (Mary) matntmn Forts h 2SI9 Turner rd 
--Mike (Jessie) b 1696 Els mere av 

-Ftiittp emp Mcikar Roofing 
Boycott Albt B (Flossie) h 1063 Jcffrtsou blvd 
-Barbara etenog Win Office Supply r 1063 Jefferson blvd 

• Danl studt r 1063 Jefferson blvd 

- Harold R (Kathryn) etnp Vcta Cab h 1448 Wyandotte w 

- Harold W prntr Win Star b 450 EUiott w 

- - Robt O (Barbara) p c Ktl Dept h 831 Fraacoln ct 

-Wm A (Florrle) emp American Standard Prod h 3191 Dominion blvd 
Boyd Andrew (Elizth) h 982 Gladatoor av 

- -Archd L (Margt) emp Win Utilities Commn Water Dlv b 1105 Lincoln rd 

- • Bertha (wld Mortimer) h 43 Maiden la w 

--Chat R (Linda) buyer Chryslera h 3445 St Patricks dr 
--Ernest (Mane) matntmn City of Win h 3570 Peter 

- Florence (wld Thos H) h 105 . 274 Giles blvd w 

•-Frank (niyltls) janitor Ivor Chandler Schl h 32SOMorrta dr 

- -C!co emp Hotel Dleu r 539 Oak av 

- -Geo N (Isabel) prra Prince Edward Sc til h 474 Rosed* Jc blvd 
--Harry h 3560 Peter 

- Harry S (Olive) (Boyd's Barber 8 Beauty Lounge) res Emeryville 
--Hcrbt W (Gladys) patrol sgt Pol Dept h 2404 Chandler rd 

-Jas (Olga) sampler Fords h 3662 King 
--Ris M (Ellztb) stockmit Chryslers b 1219 Mareatette av 

- - Jean (wld Robt > h 822 Bridge av 

- - Kenneth (Dora) lab City of Win h 392 Me Dougall 
--Laura (wld Wm) r 437 Chatham w 

- -Lawrance J off wkr Midland Lumber r 1637 Victoria av 

- Leone W h 1265 Windermere rd 

• -Margt stenog Blonde & Unlc Ins res Amhcrstburg 

- -Margt (wid Jas) suprvsr Smith's of Win h 2.362 Francois rd 

- Margo r 863 Dawson rd 

- Mary K studt r 1941 Richmond 

- Norman 0 (Barbara) phy 8 *urg 6-8, 618 Lincoln rd h 1941 Richmond 

- Patricia hrdrsr Jo-Alice Hairstyles i 3250 Morris dr 

- - Penelope accts receivable elk John Wyeth & Bro r 3250 Morris dr 

• Richd studt r 1941 Richmond 

--Robt (Mary)elect Bell Tel h 9. 1314 University av w 

- Robt W credit mgT Adam* Furniture Co r 1072 Glldden av 
-Rosa J (l.ynn) with Chryslers h 8245 Tecumseh blvd e 

—Stewart r 474 Rosedale av 

- lira* G (Elixth) assess commr City Assess Dept h 1851 Oneida ct 

• -Wm H assmblr Clark Cod r 1534 Norman rd 

--Wm L (Jean) chief staty engineer Kelsey-Hayes h 863Dawson rd 

- -Wm M 0 p*®> ®cct Univ of Win h 1029 Watson av 

Boyd's Barber 8 Beauty Lounge (Harry S 8 Mra Olive Boyd) 4287 Wyan¬ 

dotte e 

Boyer Donald (Joyce) h 7280 Rlvcrsldo dr e 

- -Douglas F Rev priest St Christopher s RC Church h 33® Woodward 


••Bile A (Mary) pres Royer's Cam (am Lanes h ® 80 A vends I e ct 

- -Goo (Mildred) h V. Unit 24, 5110 Wyandotte c 
-Jean Mra h 515-7 Victoria av 

- -Join L (Joan) dept prop dir Property Office h 3579 Dominion blvd 

- -Judy elk Colombo Bakery r 508 Giles 

--Leo J (Madge)elk Fords h 5. 1766University av w 

• -Maude r 942 Howard av 

• -Mlchctinc R tchr St Edmond Schl h 45 Elliott c 

- -Napoleon J (Connnc) msp Gcal Motors h 2324 Alexis rd 
-Ronald A (Marie) sec-trcaa Boyer’s Campus Lancs h 1712 Alberta 

Boyer’s Campus Lancs Ltd Ellc A Boyer pres. Mra Mary Boyer vlce- 
prc*. Ronald A Boyer acc-treas bowling alley 8 halliards 2505 
Wyandotte w 

Boyes Earl S (Margt) drvr alamo Kirity Dairies It 3280 Woodland sv 

• -Ids (wld Arthur) h 975 University av e 

Boyko Alex (Aiute) emp Purity Dairies h 1069 Belleperche pi 
--Anthony r 1475 Huron Church Line 

• -Antoni h 8, 1017 Pierre av 

-Ju A staff acct Clarkson, Gordon 8 Co r 6530 Wyandotte c 
—John r 976 Langlois av 

• Mlchl specifier Chryslers r 8. 1017 Pierre sv 
--Paul J (Barbara) dispensing optician Imp Optical b 659 Stanley 
-Peter (Doris) millwright Chrysler Corp h 636 llvnsctte 
--Shirley cash Traders Croup h 8325 Riverside 
Boylan Dennis (June) sismn Beaver Lumber r 1026 Jefferson blvd 
Boyle Alex (Louisa) carctkr Prince of Wales Kill Schl h 70S Church 
-Anna nurse St Jude's Schl (RC) res KRM Essex 
--Anthony sht mtl wkr Centrl Spray h 67. 1825 Third Concession rd 

- -Carl M spray potr Chrysler* h 992 Prado pi 
--Carl W spray pntr Chryslers r 992 Prado pi 

--Clarence (Marjonc) scrvmn Win Esso Home Heat Service h 2010 fcjck- 
ingbam rt 

--David P A (Catherine) matntmn Cenl Motors h 1110 Vlllalre av 
--Doris (wid Jos) h 1640 Central av 

- -Dorothy Mrs h 206, 395 University av e 

- -Fdwd F (Aileen) h 1240 Marentettc av 

- -Elgin C (Dorothy) h 3489 Barrymore la 

- -Frcdk (Hilda) serv mgr Tennant Tire Service It 1623 Aubln rd 
••Geo h 777 Memorial dr 

--Glenwood crop Candn Bridge r 567 Rivcrdalc av 
•-Gloria studt r 1623 Aubln rt 

- -Hugh J (Vivian) emp Candn Bridge h 567 Riverdalr av 
—Date r 2312 Windermere rd 

--Jas (Hazel) h 11710 Riverside dr e 

--Jas assmblr Hawkeswood Garage re* RR*2 Essex 

—Jas (Agnra) janitor sctv Young Industries h 244 Detroit 

—Jaa (Lydia) steamship agt Detroit h 411 Dorm a r dr 

-•Jas S (Irene) tns URt Walton Ins Agency h 3591 Charleroi a av 

- -Jerome B (Valeric) stmfir Essex Sanitary h 442 Rivcrdalc av 
—John F studt r 1240 Marcmctte av 

—Kenneth (Rita) wldr Chryalcrs h 2249Meighcn rt 
—Korncth 1 (Ruby) emp Detroit h 2366 Howard av 
--Lynne Mrs key punch opr Ptasricast Ltd h 824 Plllctte rt 
•-Norma typist Forts h 947 toncoln rt 

--Norman D (Patricia) tool 8 die mkr Forts h 2431 University av w 
--Raymond L (Edith) pastry baker Adler's Bakery h 1975 Arthur rt 
-Robt (Mary) assmblr Candn Motor Lamp h 232 McKay av 

- Robt II (Dorothy) (Willoughby-Boyle Electric) h 2573 Byng rd 
--Ronald hlpr W T Carmichael r 2010 Buckingham rt 

• -Sami C (Marguerite) chief operating engineer City of Wtn h .1740 Vir¬ 

ginia rk av 

• Sami S (Isabelle) mach repr Colonial Tool h 989 Bridge av 

- -Sarah (wid Robt) h 615. 333 Clangstry av 

- -Suzanne sec Detroit r 1912 Devonshire ct 

• -Thos (Charlotte) lab Champion Spark Plug h 196 Marcmctte av 

- Wilbert (Irene) lab Forts h 1043 Hail av 

• -Wm stud! r 7(6 Church 

Boyne Geo (Irene) rasp Chryslers h 822 Lounsbrwttfi 
Boynton Lloyd V (Dorothy) auprrsry I c PO h 952 Rankin av 
—Regina r 2856 Riverside dr w 
Boyzuk Ellen (wid Wm) h 1687 Hall av 

Boz AchlUe (Francesca) lab Walker Metal Prod h 2471 MeMrum rt 
Boxa Antony r 1141 Albert rd 

Braanlch Danl trim rcprmn Chryslers h 1762 Droid Hart rt 

- -Coo (Nettle) r 1762 DrouiUart rd 

• -Milllccnt with Win Utilities Commn Hydro Dlv r 1762 Droulllard rt 

- Nick h 1006 Windermere rt 

- Nick sismn A1 Arthur Real Estate h 1762 DrouiUart rd 
-Robt lab Chryslers h 1762 Droulllard rd 

Brack Geo (Margt) h 1356 Langlois av 

- John (Elsie) lab Candn Silk h 1519 Marentettc av 

- -Richd A (Marlene) suprvsr Versa Food Service h 986 Rankin av 
Braich Marie h 2215 Ontario 

Brain Wm (Helm) prntr Commercial Press b 22 Autumn ct 
-Wm V (Katie) h 4788 Mauhctte rd 
Bozkov Hi ja lab Standard induction Casting* r 1216 Chilver rt 
Brarnan Goo II (Zelma) h 880 Janette av 

Bmxctto Giovanni (Palmira) tool 8 die Valiant Machine h 2646 Partington 

Brabant Albina (wid Hairy) h 8020 Handy 

- -Aurelc (Nancy) emp City of Win h 235 Frank av 

••David J (Lorraine) asst foremn Kclscy-liayes h *000 Handy 
•Donna M tchr RCAP r 2218 Forest av 
—Edwd (Delores) maintmn Kelsey Wheel h 2218 Forest av 

• -Joanne M (Bob-In Beauty Salon) r 8020 Handy 
-JOS K RCAP r 2218 Forest av 

--Leo (Marlon) muliumn Chryslers h 201 Pierre av 

- Leonard (Rolando) drvr sismn Candn l.tncn Go h 2316Gtrordrw av 
-Rene A (Vera) fir emu Win Airport h 2759 Clcmcsccau blvd 

- - Robt H emp Chryslers r 235 Frank av 

Rrablec Chas M (Elizth) supt Chryslers h 955 Roseland ilr s 
Bracacs Helen with Win Utilities Commn Hydro Dlv r 1KS6 HaU av 
Rracci Alice (wld Orlando) elk City of Win Social Scrvicr* Dept h 94.3 Els- 
merc av 

Braceio Frank (Isabelle) grinder Walker Metal h 354 Pierre av 
Brack Animal Hosp (Wm G A Brack) 2621 Howard av 

Wm G A (Joan) (Brack Animal Hospital) h 1920 Lorraine av 
Bracked Arthur E (Vera) lnap Chryslers h 3199 Byng rd 

* - Jane A Much r 3198 Bliss rt 
•Win H studt r 3198 Bliss rt 

- - Wm H (Mavis) work standards Chryslers h 3198 Bliss rd 
Brackenlairy Patricia teller Bank of N S h 724 Kttrlcla rd 

-Vincent R (Georgina) a Mtmhlr Chryslera h 1075 Church 
Bradac John studt r 1048 Dougall av 

- -Milan (Henrietta) x-ray techn Hotel Dleu li 1048 Dougall av 
Bradacs Helen credit dept Win Utilities r 1©6 Hall av 

-Julius (Margqretha) foremn Ont Hydro h 1856 Hall av 

— 28— 




_ _ _. ir Windsor 252-7781 



Bradanyl jo-ficr (EVfobIji) It 489 LwjIs av 
ttrncfl: f So k Mora (arid Wm) h 1*?9 Highland by 
B radbury porcy (Edith) mufi lehr b 2307 Kildare id 
ft ra( |d Jss R (Edoff) caret kr Win Separate Schl Bd h iSWj, Howard av 
-■Leonard R (|Yar3) pitnl control ftiaidli Eclipse li 3639 Academy dr 
--TIjos N (Brenda) flremn Witt Fit* Dcpl It Id 14 Labadte rd 
Brutlod Fredk W (Vera) efeci techn Fords h 124* Hall av 
--Aoy L pres General FITS Extinguisher Corfi r*s Detroit 
ftnuineld Arthur H (EllCCtt ) pfpefn? Chryitlers h 24*4 Rossini blvd 
"Tlojs mgr Cu B-jSj,* Cushion Billiard* rea Bu rLltigtOfl 
Bradford Apes 1225 Monmouth rd 

- Francis M (Nelfl)cund CNR It 2, L0H MartbU-tK av 
-Citild R (Dorothy) ft] Until h WS Capitol 

- ■ Madeline Mrs a 4 h 386 Craivd Marais rd c 

“Walter K (Lot*) sr Customs elk Chryslers b 9*6 Falrvtew blvd 
RrntlEea Mary (wid Os) h 1385 Albert rd 

JiradSe Ale* J (Rtl lie ) (H-c t Central Mortsajp- & Ifoualdif It 1216 Dot av 

- Hal ([Hitt; \ h Union 

-■Jota (Clara) nut In mill Can Salt It 332? Glvnfietd 
-J&llEi M (Ellen) K 2. 1196 Campbell nv 
fleattkofuky Morris fl|sm n Union Mcn'3 Shop T 421 Watson 
Bradley Alht (l.tTWjemp Ford* h 76* St Antoine 

- -Chas btehr Bodnar MM 858 Eric e 

—CoUp FbIi Clk S Mom Painting & decorating h 1109. B?S7 Riverside dr 

■ -Donald tebr St Ann's Private School Js 163 Bridge av 
--Elizth (wid R W) elk Smith's of Win h 9 r IS56GoyOftu 
--Elizth C Mrs p 1725 SOutb Cameron blvd. 

--Erie R (Astna C)cO&t acet ChryslerS h 1753 ftllettc rd 
--Fannie r 642 Voider 

--Geo (Helen) (Bradley t;rccnhnuNefl)h 10490 Tecumsell blvd v 

- -Geo W metsr Bulk of N S h 542 Vanidr 
-■GreonltOUHCs (Gee Bradley) 10498 TerutuBelj hlvd e 
--Herman J (Jc-:«±ie} auditor LCBO li 3545 MsIvoimouvc av 
--JvUI (Elsie) r 174 Elm av 

- -Jan elk Fords It 2Cfi, 444 Park w 
--John M r 3416 Peter 

--John R Chine) IBM Opr Fords h 923 Randolph dv 
--Kfllc (wj,d Herman) Is 3012 Sandwich 

- -Kennelli (Irene) loolmkr Deiroit h SI* YpnrS blvd 
--Marilyn flEudr r 3142 Chllver rd 

--Maurice 0C1W> ularnn Unloh Men's Sltop It 42l Watson. 

■ -OllVC (Wld Ucinard) b 454 Kildare rd 
--PnrV pfliRc plityjfrotmd l>et 3424-76 Cross 
--Ritrieia h 339^ Blnomneld rd 

- -Robt C {Caroline) h 3774 Momeahn 

■ -Robr T> (^eqycHne) adjustor Co-opeiatorw Inmirenye Abffi h 1133 Elm 


--Ronald C (Violet) SlSntn Wrl^ey’s It 2533 Windermere rd 
. -Sheilo elk typist Win ft rat Eat Rd r 3752 Blackburn 
--Thus E (Ruth; payroll elk Gail Motor* Trim h 1B20 FJlIettc fd 
”Ttios Ji (Pearl) asst Krcvfnn CI’R h 341* peter 

■ -Tlio* L (Sandra) Omp WliWEtcy Machine Co h 936 Vlr^tda av 

--W Warren (C Ellith) vice-pres ft trcaS Windsor AdjusilnE Co h 1142 
ClKlvex rd 

■’W'alter E (fttyllis) custom a offr Fed! C«ivt b Ifl&l Fells av 
--Wirbort W (TlLClrna) emd Detroit h 156*1 Beet's nv 

- -Wm H (Rosana) mcch Rordm'si Co h 1"2I Seipth Came run blvd 
Bradshaw AR«| (Louise) Is Unit |1 -57< 5150 Wyandotte e 
--Catherine M elk Mrtk of Mont r 63B St |ossfih 

--EEl^n (Wld Harvoy) h 20(|. 445 aetiparry av 
--L isa (w|d Wm F)b M34 Dougall av 

--EverctT J iMabel) engineering' proeessar QirySlera h 2?W)8 DtUlttuTOMl 

- - John A assmtlr Hiram Walker’s r 1361 Kildare rd 

--jdtm C (Marie) (Bradtiliow's Small Animal Hospital! It 11363. Kildare rd 
--Norman (jCnHicrino) (Norm Bradshaw'a Meat Market)h 11*160 Rlveraide 
drive e 

--Hivltla piiy IJ74 (tlmsier h 1432 Victoria av 

- -panl T duiriim<?r Trisen Tool & Die r 28RS Dusdurand blvd 
--Peter W apprentice toolmkr La Salle Tool r 2BOB Dandurand blvd 

- -Pimebo (Wid Seth] h 5. 247 Watson av 

- -Wm G etcci opprcnticC Win Raceway t 18*1 k'lldarc rd 
Bradshaw’s Non;i Meat Marker (Norman BradsEtaw) Stall *3, 2BS Pitt 0 
--Small AnLrnfd Hospital (Jdm C Rradshttw) 1495 Tecumaell blvd e 
Bradr Edmund I> (El|zdi)h H2B Bruce av 

- - Geo A (Leila) h 1166 Church 
--John (Mary) h 2675 Clemonceau blvd 

nrady Bernard (Jean) Inh Dom Forge li 674 Lincoln id 
--Bonnie HUudt r 521 Campbell av 

- -Dnuilv A (luivo) expeditor Fords h 971 Thompson blvd 

--Donald K (Jommme) plmbr JOurneymn Mar J Brian h 1184 lh?hicttale blvd 
-■DnuatHS H (Lorraine) plmht lowers Reautajor h 9*5 JimlEsedr 

- -EdllJh (Wld Tas) h 51U Randolph av _ 

--Gregory (Arlocn) rraffie en^ine^r CUy of Win h 1R4 , 2890 TecumSOh 

blvd v 

--Grover C (L-«urerce) |s 1136 Maremette av 

■ HflB (Munis) viCf-prett MerelbJUiTS Speedy DoUvtry h 1235 Fairvtowblvd 
--Jas P mpr lYt'pleJf Credit Jewellers h 4333 Aabfleltt crop 

- -Jae 5 (Myrtle) h 2tJl. 30* FarrtPgton hV 
--Jeon (wld John P) It 1783 G1 udatone-av 

--lean (w[d Wrrs)lt H0 r B19 WoBimlnater blvd 

—John p (Frurees) eoundllor Victoria Memorial l^rk It 19, M3W Wyan¬ 
dotte c 

--Joins H (Joyce)dispatcher Jones Motor Is 521 Compbnl! av 
-■Marc-i r 1475 Huron Church Lind 

- Marie emp Detroit h 110, 319 Westminster blvd 
"Fetor (Irene) h 285 ThoisspHon blvd 

- -Ronald Sludt r 1785 Gladstone av 

■ - Roy (L Delias!) pres Merthunrs Speedy Delivery re* HR*I MacGregor 
--Susan atudl r 1235 Folrv(cW blvd 

-Wm E (Marv) p c FO h 1602 Grecnviuw crea 

Braentlle Ed lid. fliudt nurse t 33S9 Sandwieh <!lwltll , rph 

■-John 1| (Rebecca)tchr \Tncem Maaaey SetoQfiary Schl h 33B9 Sandwich 
Brn£jj> Kenneth G emp OsrySlers r 26.1K Cldmcnceau blvd 

- - LorroJ po Eli Meirr> Coil Husp h 11W>8 Allsetl rd 
--YlCila Mrs onJS Fabricated Steal h 2638 Cl emetic eau blvd 
flrrijtl noz Anna Mtb m ach op r Goal Moters Is 1414 Albc rt rd 
— 1 Wm r L4M When rd 

Elralsm Rubt T (Mary A) ichf & studt Wnme University h 1531 Church 
Braid Mari- 4 wEd Wm) r 13*4 Larkin rd 
--Richd r 18*4 Larkin rtl 

--Wm E (Florence) in Bp McKinnon Ind h 18*4 Larkm rd 
RraJdlord John r 31*6 Mark av 


--jiHlfi C (M ar j or ia) m^r OiryQter^ h 31*6 Mark av 
BrajSeaa j Sian try (Mar^i) animator Col la vino OroS Caifltn Co h 2£96 
Skyline dr 

Brailafard Betty nurSr Metro CMl Hosp h 215, 1616 OuvHcuc av 
Brail AnintUo (Rosa) omp BendiX Kelipse L 9B2 Tecumaeh blvtl e 
prailh waste Arnold (HiUsel) h 244 Me Ewan av 

--Arthur F (Frances) punch Sterling Building MrtterlalB Is 3279 
Academ y dr 

--David A (Joan) tchr Soillhwood l^ibllc Schl It 2WO McKay &v 
--Fred (Ddrbara) m,gr Dingwall Motors li 1057 Worn Chester dr 
--J W EnduStrioa Lrd Jotm W Bralthwalte prtH, Rdbi llralthwallc vict-prea, 
Mt 3 Doris Tessler scc-ir.Dfl.ii Coiiatn 70(1 Wfillingran flv 
--John A (Lyrsne) nsgr lighting etudl* G G MeJCeoisj](h Ltd b 9*9 Greitniflle dr 
"John D (Alice) Lndtifli enRlneirr Chryfltcrs h 355 Riinldn flv 
—John W (Carolyn) pree J W Bwitliwano tnduairlcli h 3208 Academy dr 
--Judith awtchbd opr Candn Imp Bk Commerce r 3208 Academy dr 
—Kenneth 1. (Llla)ddta p ToC Chryslcra h 65li Momcdate Mvd 

- - [yjura (wld Wm) r 575 Norfolk 
"Micltl umdi r 858 HomctUle blvd 
-’Murray J (Marion) h 560 Burrba av 

■ -PlilLip (FlmJre) (Victory Woldln^) h 51*8 Tecumseb blvd e 

"Hobt (Lily) viee-prcK fl nanc d InterntllitMiaI Tools h 31SD Dondumnd bhd: 
—Stiafln E stlttJl r 3238 Academy dr 

- - Willard G hr field engineering m^r Burroughs fVsft Machine^ It 4d2, 8885 

ftlvorside dr e 

EraltmAtl Jtuwetie h 79* died blvtl c 
--Leonard (prlncosa Shoppe) r 796 Giles blvd r 

ErajflC Anna Mrs Uau elnr Ehtnaltran Nursing House t l f 547 Rtvotiahlro rd 
Brajok Slav* emp ;Cfa3fjfle¥i h l r 547 Dovaastore rd 
Broke GriffClt tr ahpr Royal Furailure Go r 832 Cnllfarnln ov 
-Wm (Vviasnejctup Dorn Forpp h 126 Elm av 

Etomlcy H Harold (Dorjs) auprv&r Genl Motora Trim h 8(1fl, 3801 Rivet- 
side dr o 

Eraueaccio Donald (Am*) tmp Ghryalera h S84 Caron nv 
3 ratic a Eeofi | Antoni* (ftoflanna) wt r Cohoto Club h 174* Martitttcto av 
--GugliuUno (Eitla) ibremn Un«v of Windsor It 4*2 Lojwrt* 
flroneh Douglas J (Jean)priil Ivor Cliantflcr Schl h 2532 Gill Ivor rd 
-Grace (w|d jas D)h 4(H, 3831 Riverside dr O 
--John II (Florence) h 3791 Glenflcid 
• -Lc* (Sisaron) fortmn Gail Moiorti h 3685 Oucwn 
-Victor C Studt r 2**7 Turner rd 

"Victor F (Eleauore) Una adjustor Detroit h 2667 Tumor rd 
Brancle MilenLo (Nada) aSsmhlr ChJ-ystern ti 3*0 Qlrat blvd e 
Brand Albt (TJtsroThy) plain yupt Carttln Llnem h 1902 Tenirangcan rd 
--AnnIf (wld Thou) It IPS7 Oak rtv 

■ -Eotl Hn 5 spjdt r 1794 Osilvor rd 

--Henry (E r ranccs) tool & die mkr Detroit h 1794 Chilver rd 
--Herman (Edith) emp Fonis h 3442 RlversWc dr e 
--Ranald C (Animlte) (Shopjiard, Masson, Bnud & Langloji) raa St Cldlr 

--Wm ,(AEciha G) liOul pbt Dept It 2440 W’indermcro rd 
Braudes Kenneth snidx r 1B10 Kildare r4 
"Rohr 3tudl F 1810 Kildare rd 

. - Wm (Lorraine) mgr Rand Ctulhes Shop It LSI 0 laidore rd 

Brsudm-r llennalnc maid r 839 Kildare rd 

Brandt Darwin lab Hiram Walker it Soms r 1710 Central av 

- -Kmoat S (Hedy) heavy reprmn airyslera h 3210 Curry av 
—FFank (Helen) lab Chrynltra li 171D Central flv 

--Glenn mailing dept Fords T 32IOC v rry nv 

--Helmut emp ChTysleru r 14:90 Cadillac 

jrandy Earl R (Shirley) Ihdry w)-r Fords: h 1*79 Glendale av 

- -Lorn* G (Jean A) Is 2tfi2 York 

Brangtt Emile E (Edna) iroffio engineeringttept City of Windsor h 823 
Llpivcrslly bv V 

-"Ernest L (5uranne) (Rraugoc'a) h 5440Maldiffl rd 
--Job (Marie) Is 1156 Jfosephitje av 

- - Loulu (Joanne) lab CliryHlers r 303 Parent flv 
■■Marcel ft (Matcdl* Gardai Salett) r 5440Malden rd 
--Rohi E ntudt r 823 UnlvcrBily av w 

Brsuget'^ (BrneHt L Brangel) prod tllre 5440 Malden rd 
Hroitkfl Staidoy (fjoniict)h 1535 Elstnerpav 
BrAnrutsfan Atlise M studt rierac r 4340 Mount Royal dr 
--Annie (wid 'I tins) Is 274 Fair view blvd 
--Fred V (Helen) del ftsl Dcjfn h 4330 Mount ftoynl dr 
--Gerard J (Joan| ill Ann Parkview Motors h ] D16 Graendal* dr 
--Isabelle typist jos Zuimni Ltd r 4340 Mr Royal dr 
—JotUL (Aane) h 194* Bernard rd 

--Julp G (IsubctU-) patrol agi pel Dept h 4340 Mount Royal dr 
--Mnrgt M elk lords i 274 Fair view blvd 
—Mary (Wid Fred.) Is 857 Arthur td 

--Tliurt A (Bobenc) pros Parkview Mercury Salas h 1033 Belle Ifllc View 

Brnndff Danny studi t 1049 PeliBBier 

- Kctsc* (Helen) It 1049 PellBslor 

--Suphja innp Ruyflil Batik r 4071 Churchill dr 
--Stella elk Hlfllm Walker'll r 1049 FeliVSItT 
RranSWick Roger r 1173 Louis nv 

Brant Byron N (Unn) I ttl provnr Qrndn Eftgiiioerliig Tool i Die. It 635 Hi Idc- 

- - Ronald N (J*yon) m*3 b die mkr Border Tool & D(r h 778 Stanley 
--Wallace (t^isiFscitnce) mudt Is 512, 445 Glengarry a v 

Rronlun Beverly It *. 65S ChjlvPF rd 

- -Clifford A tfudjllsl assmblr, Chryslcrs Is *26 BroutEwoy 

■ -Ge* dlo sir ldr East Side Slumping res RRtl Belle BkvCF 
-’Geo M (Rhea) Slgji writer J C Ti-rop || 1776 ALben rd 
-’Hnrvry (Hanot) wntchinn Chryfik'ra h 426 Joscp4i(ne flv 

- -FEarvCy' D (Shirley) (Dr Hrttti tori'* Small AnlnsnJ Hospital) h 1550TfltbCt 

road w 

-■Lillian ftnp Canteen Of Con ll 1954 Weaicoir rd 

- -Wilfred W (Clara) math Opr Fords h 2758 Princess nv 

- -Wm r 323 RrurV ftv 

Bration's Dr Small Animal Hospital (IlHrvcyD Brant2525-35 
Tcoimseh btvd w 

BraEDhel N|ck (Theresa) tinsmith Fords h 2171 Parhwood av 
lira ah Carl Iv (Emma) asamhir Cltry-tlcra h 1+72 Noni^on rtl 
Rrassard Roland (Margi) pntr Nall Pidni li 15*7 Riverside d r e 
RniPkeuf DlAhe sindi r 2911 Wfl1k*r rd 
--Marcel (Verna) reprmn ChFyslers It 2911 Walker rd 
Rralt Donald h I. L24I McDuugU.ll 
Edwin J h 31 sg Hibcrdy rd 

- -Inez A h 5, 3* Hanna w 

--Jaa ttrvr Kingsway Transports res Rftffl Amher&tburg 
'-Lflurotm M h 5. 36 Hanna w 

--Mary elk StdnlHTg's h 336B Hall av __ 


"Rohl E (Christina) |s c Sand WcSl Pbl h 989 Merritt dr 

RraHy ftoy W djr pf engineering Dcpl OT hiblle Workit It 3601 Riverside dr e 

BmukES reter F (HHdagaide) jig hklr CttryHlenr b 4+3 Beriha av 

Brausi Anna h 835 Umglui^ flv 

- - Anton (Rose) ernp Aiuly'fi Cttffee Shop h 2220 Glflcarcui? if 
--Carl II 2862 UniversUy av w 

- -David C (Grace) l*sp Dept of Hiblle Workn h 113* Hnll av 

- - Frank. (Elizth) (FrAnk's ftarher Shup) h 321 Lttltion rd 
--Lome L (Gladys) h 3*32 Sandwich 

--Wm F (Sarah) emp viscount Motor Hold h 245 Jos janllfSc av 

- -Wnt J (Hazel) buyer City Hall h 288 George av 

Brautisieifi Man In (Rhonda) IBM opr Hiram Walkor'a h 1987 Rucfclnghortt rd 

Hrflttss Erhard (Arum) mouId ltikr Is 1141 Shepherd r 

.-Erie eliassa Alex E Happy Inff Agency res Belle River 

BrauUgam Allst H r (rtar) lit) DrouHlard rd 

Brituulleti: Allut r 319 Gaycati 

Uravo Ac hi He (Regina) pres &ravt> Cement GonlFfletihg It 2202 Woodlnwn IIV 
--Cement Conirncting Lid AchlJle Bravo pte-i vemvtn fttshrs 3203 Walker 

--David studt r 830 Vlilajra HV 

--Dino (E Ida )vmp Bravo Ccmcnl CdnU'ncUftg h L0+8 Virginia av 
--Jerry (WUmaJmechl engineer Fords ti 3 24* Virginia av 
--Mnrlo (irsrtve)wTr E1n<wx>od Casino It 630 Vlllulr^sv 
Bruy Albt W (mahnl) elect Chrya Icra h 1831 Ccnnal av 
’-Chas A (Kaihlccn) nsatuimn Detroil It 891 Francois cr 
--Gerald R (TIiL-reaa) trimmer trisryslery h L423 Ryssbii bhd 
—Geraldlpu M (wld Wm R) It 2297 Cladntohenv 
'-Lillian A (wid ALbt) h 2291 McI^lch Td 
--NanLy Isrdrar Derails Hair Styina r LB3I Orural av 
--Orti'al II (Roue) (Orral'a Garage) h E114 GUddcn bv 

- -Raymond A (Slurley) (Capitol Shell Service) h 370 Dieppe 
--Hoy A (Laura)b S38 Lincoln rd 

--Walter E {Kathleen) yardmn Kfitm* Terminal Rly h. 1726 Moy av 
BrayOtUlis CllHStine osipDeLtoll f 775 jonetle av 

- -CoS-W (Marla) emp Tasty Lunch h 775 Janette av 

■ -Spyrcslgn (Heleni 1 wr Elmwood CaBjno h 3540 Birth 
firayton Frank Isr nij^T J bl Fauver (Can) rcS Sou tit Field Mich 
Brazcou Anhur (ftiUl)a& 3 i caroitr WLn Housing AathorUy h LiBi 445 

Glimgarry av 

--Dcnlit (Denise) mgr Simpsens'Searfi h 2575 Oueljcite nv 

- -Doreen assmblr PlflBdcaEit r 1409 George av 

• 'Eraesi p (Msry J) Sent thmn Central Chrysler Flymnulh h 89* Church 
■'Gllheri Willi W’iu UtllLHcii Commii Hydro Djv h 123 Huron (LaSalle) 

■ -LawrasKe G (J^ulerte) elk Dorn Stores h 51 8 Randolph, av 

■ - Leo H fBlancbc) dock wfcr Cross Border Transp h 1231 Tilsiod 4r 

■ ’Lowult T (Gloria) drvr Amlin Cartage It 3542 Woodward blvd 
■-Maurice (Malvina) (Dominion MOT Lae & Boot Works) h 1434 Campbell av 

■ -Raymoml emp Win (JtUIHeS Commii (Water Div)r L231 Tllfftohdr 
■-Viola (Md Ben) h UQ9 George av 

Hra?rler Helen J Mrs h SB* Pierre av 

Braulf Winuifrcd li 394 Parent flV 

Erazill Wm H (Ucula) h L270 Curry av 

Elndir Jos Jr nop Elliot Cltt-nt lea I Co h 4070 Wliltncy 6 V 

-■Mary (w|d Jo&) r 4070 Whlmey ay 

Break Evan Is 870 Church 

Rrcarley Dougin B h 973 Josnishioc nv 

llrotrlon Anthony V (Mur|n]) plant protecflcn GeJil Mot nrs Trim b 528 
Bertha av 

Brcdton jack (Ellsth) schl tchr Riverside High h 1810 Fcrmlale flv 

■ -Mary (wld f>clJ>flTi) elk asSI Gniv Of WLn li 1702 Labadlc rd 

--Wm. r 61 * May av 

Bresu Jos A math repr Win Tool £ Die r 3223 Ekthy 
RfLOnIr Anrele A (FnullnO) whir Sarnia Jt 1781 Albert rd 

- -Banil L (Rita) Lusp Cbrydlerp *487 Jolm M 

- -Carol r 3176 WyaitdoilC w 

-■Clarence W (Kflihlecn)mneb opr Fords h 3490 Randolph nv 

- -David perm force r 3176 Wyandotte W 

- ’Denis ) emp Rrll 7c! h L536 Lnbadie rd 

"Emile (^illeone) lab Fords h 1117 Albert rd 

■ -gnu (wid Alfred)* 3176 Wyandotte w 

--Rraesi (Germain) macb Opr McRitUtPii Industries h 1*81 Albert rd 

--Ernest (Emily) mail hndlr NYC Rly h ISI Curry rtv 

--HcnrJ J (Monlctl) pedj n txle Ian 601. 1011 Ouellette uv h 234 Recdmerc av 

-■Henry j (Marie)tinp ajrysEers ti 26-14 Clemeneetm blvd 

■■Jerome r 3463 Cross 

--John asffmblr Chrj'slers r 317* WyandoLtc w 

■ ■ LaWreOfc (fb'i rtit-|n) El 902 Dougpll av 

- - Lawrence D ftcOta elk Candn Imp Bk Comm tree r 3490 Rondulph SV 

- 3 .co J (Elaine) elk auditor Income Taj Depl h 3542 WoodJnnll av 
--Loiftie bulldozer Opr Sanerl Er Sen Ctrastn Co ras KUsgavIlle 
--Marcel J (Elizth) tnlpDetroit li IBLUSl Luke rd 

--Nancy Mrs wirs h 32t>9 Sandwich 

- -Norman lab Natl Auto Radiator t 439 Gladstone av 

- -Fbul A (Dolortt!-:) rmp Chrysler* Is 1787 St Luk< rd 
■■Raymond J (Joyce)fflsmp Purity DoirLcR h 2181 Spring Garden rd 

- - Htl n rep nurse c Shonnon Sant >0 m r 151 Carry av 

--Hu land- ft (Jsner) vie a-pros WLamar McHofff h 9HB Isabelle pi 
■’ftttmr* G (There mc) tool grinder Fords h 27*1 Norman rd 

■ ’ Rudolph emp Detroit R 0U7 Hill itv 

-■Sami j (Jeanne) dnrr Chryalars h 1192 Falrvtew blvd 
-Thcii A (|o-Aituc)emp Ddroll b 3189 Everts av 
Brebucr David J studt r 859 Matthew Rrady blvd 

--John W (Elizth) eustums ffupi Dept Natl Rpv Is Mouhew Brady blvd 
flrebrje Vldko (MllLca)emp Natl Auto Radiator h 995 1 ; Alben rd 
Breelskow Anthony S lehr Adult Education Centre r 3244 Refer 
--Edwd (Folly) h 3244 Fcitr 

- -Ceo (Pols) h 1835 Moy OV 

- -Jane nurse t 3244 Peter 

Brea Inin Zasan (Mose)rarp Walker Menl h 75* Vimy av 
Breckn Henry J (DdimUfc) Wiltl W|u UsHnie* Cummn Hyd ?0 DiV h 1915 Feju- 
dale av 

- -Joanne atiudt r 189* Bucjctbtfhani rd 

■-John (Fhyllls)inach diamplci! Spark FEugfl h 2611 parent av 
—J*s (AtUie) emp Fords h IB9* BuCkin^am rt| 

—pat Mrs (ViBcouni HalrStyles) res Si Clair Beach 
--Refill srudt r 1896 Rue km givt m fd 

Brockner Erikn awtchbd r«ept ClenTwater Chrysler-Dodge t 1251 Purcm 

--GtPO (Karen) I ool 6 dye mkr Deirail h 2425 Handolpli av 
- -Goo (Scptiia ) wreheu elk Candn Ruck Salt Co It 322D Morris dr 
--Katherine (wld MLchi) h L25l IMrcnr av 
--Bose arutli r L25I Parent av 

Rree JoEin (Barbara) pipe coverer Gcnl lmFul 0 tJDn r 956 MtoBOOVlUc av 
Broedveld Jaeuti (Willy) ut gi peering bn I Tools h 2540 McKay av 

Alphabetical. White l?4£f 29 




Th* Toronto Stock Exchange — Canadian Stock Exchange 
Tho Investment Dealers Association of Canada 



Windsor 256-7853 
Detroit 963-8866 


Breea Anne L elk ryptn Ouranty Tn 
••Berber* tchr Vincent Maa*cy Secondary Schl r 34 70 Church 
--Colleen F r *30 Campbell ev 
-ja» Jh 3*26 Birch 

- -Merccltc (wld Nell) h 434 Oek av 

- -Mich) P (Henlee) apprentice mcch Fair lane Transmission Service h 4. 

308 Wellington ev 

• •Percy T (Frances) appraiser Customs It Excise h *30 Campbell ev 
-Richd R (Evelyn) mgr accessory dept Chrysler* h 3470 Ctarch 
-Thoa A tchr St Jude's Schl (RC) r *30 Campbell ev 

• •Thu* M (Isabel) mach Viking Pump h 426 Chatham w 
--Wm P tchr Genl Brock Schl r 434 Oak ev 

Brrcxe John N (Fred*) opr lUrem Walker h 1722 Parkway dr 

- -Rcbt atudt r 1722 Parkway dr 

Brefka Karl (Then) tool 4 die mkr Genl Motors b 927 Wentcheatcr dr 
Brcier Arnold (Herta) b 373 Randolph av 
Brel re Apartments 308 Asian av 

Brcltaistcin Helen S Mrs atockrm C II Smith Co h 1163 Wyandotte * 

• -Mary (wld Jos)r 1521 Pellaier av 

- -Valentine tmip Hellen Tackle Co h 132! Pelletier av 
Bremncr Bertha (wld Harold) h 23*4 Byng id 

• •Chas r 4*4 IQIdarc rd 

--Donald P (Lillian M) nulnmui City Hall h 9*0 Ford blvd 
-•Geo A (Mary) janitor lllram Walkers h 1082 Ford blvd 
--Jack foremn Willy* h 471S Tecumach blvd c 

- -John (Ajytcs) h 227* Forest av 

• •Joltn (Dorothy) patrol sgt Pol Dept h 1507 Drugs 11 av 

-John W auditor Retail Sale* Tax Br (Orn) h 23. 13*2 Ouellette av 

• Mary (wld Chns)h 413, 2*0Patkw 

—Walter R (Gloria J) re lie ton Chrysler* h 7*1 Cabana rd e 
Br coders Anton J (Margt) tool 4 die mkr Win Match PUte k TOol h 1370 
Duffertn pi 

• •G Joan (Johanna) foremn Win Match Plate 4 Tool h 462 Dormer dr 
Brenie Ethel (wld Angelo) h 1423 Aubln rd 

Braiko Conrad (Arlene) emp Howling Co b 1381 Wellington ev 
Brain Krfwd W Olclcn) elect Dorn Forge h 137* Duffenn pi 
Brainnn Alice reg nurse Hotel Dieu Hosp h 35. 1382 Ouellette av 
--Chrla studl r 22* Ford blvd 

—Edwd M (Marie-Anne) (bod controller Norton Palmer Hotel h 126* Tllatao 

—Ernest W (Aline) lab City of Win h 4*5 Crawford av 

• -F J High School Rev J I. Doyle prtn 910 Raynvo rd 

--Frances (wld Harold) sec Janlsse Bros Funeral Home h 22* Ford blvd 

-Frank (Darlene) elect Gale Elect h 2521 Aakln av 

—Frank (Anne) security guard Chrysler* h 2. 1597 DroilBard rd 

- Frank J (Helen) night auditor Norton Palmer Hotel r 3*11 ClenflcW 
-Fred J (Mary)drvr McAnally Freight-Ways Co h 3733 Hlllcreat blvd 
--Gregory J elk Bank of Mam r 1572 College av 

• -Harvey J (Doreen) frlltc 4 Day Coin Laundry) h 1175 Walker rd 
—J P r 130 Part w 

—Jaa (Bertha) h 1168 Brock 

—Jas lab Crush Bottling Co r 1214 Druulllard rd 
-•Jc«s|e (wld Wm) r 1749 EOrose av 
--Jos (Margrct) mech Dept of Transp h 3337 Ribeuly rd 
--Joa E office AlUa Alloy* r 4*5 Crawford av 

• •Julie tchr St Thomas (RC)SclU r 228 Ford bln! 

—Kenneth J (Virginia) pressmn Wm Star b 2349 Randolplk av 

--Mich I atudt r 126* Til man dr 

—Myrtle (wld Gerald) r 269 Hall av 

--R HlUth atokog Customs Dept r 3*7* Connaught rd 

--Shirley recept Unlv of Win r 22* Ford blvd 

--Thoa emp Candn Bridge r 485 Crawford av 

--Thoa F (Mary) h 404 Klllott w 

-•Thoa F (Audrey) insp Ford* h 256 Cadillac 

—Wm A (Rebecca) h 3878 Connaught rd 

Brcnnen Mary r 1966 Dacotah dr 

• -Thelma r 485 Crawford av 

Brcnnenstuhl Harold R (Rita) tool 4 die mkr Stcclmastcr Tool h 521 I sack 

Brenner Alex (IIcco) mach opr Chrysler* h 10*1 Ca life rats av 

• •Andrew L (Jean) lab airyslcrs b 274S Walker Circle 
-Becky (wld Jake) h 211, 445 Glengarry av 

--David G (Mina) lab Chrysler* b 412 Janette av 

• -GcorgcAnn ilsldy West 4 Son r 1426 Rosaim blvd 
—Mlchl h Bl. 2*91 University *v w 

--Orville apprentice Mulcnfant's Shell Service r 1615 Wyandotte w 

- Packer* Ltd Frank J Mleamcr pres 4 acc-tress meat packers 497 

--Sidney (Juliette) emp Sllvcrstctn Produce h 1426 Rossini blvd 

BrcnofT An thoa y (Helen) h 1031 Felix av 

Brent Clayton O (Phyllis) office Fords h 1227 Virginia av 

- ■ Frank B (Jean) wtr Seaway Inn h 2233 ElameTe av 
--Irene (wld Chaa)h 1347 Wyandotte w 

-Martha Mr* b 2657 Armstrong av 
—Peter (Xay)b 1141 Wyandotte c 

--Wm (Hattie) ms In on n Thibodeau Exp Line* h 687 Partington av 
--Wm F field engineer Bur-rough* Bualnea* Machine* r 2233 Elsmere av 
Brescarln Peter (Anna) plstr Barbeatn & Son* h 1075 Ellis av e 
Brcschuk Andrew D hlpr Lee's River it Ide Sunoco r 2533 Chandler rd 

- -Emil drftsmn C G Ruaaell Arm»txong rea McGregor 
—Jas A atudt r 2533 Chandler rd 

—Lee (Julia) (Lee's Riverside Sunoco) h 2533 Chandler rd 
Brvstaw Herman (Ruth) bldr h 3615 Dougpll av 
Brea I in Patk drrr Thibodeau Rxp r 329 Randolph av 
Bresolio Pablo (Dina) tab Lecpo Machines h *81 Parent av 

- Pcrrucclo (Bmna)carp Klma Ccnsm h 347 Ctirry av 
Bresson Giovanni (Joae A) emp Olaanitc h 878 Mercer 

Breton Real (Gilbert®) Unetnn Sandwich West Hydro-Electric System h 3*72 
Whitney av 

Brett Claude Sylvia) emp Cat! Motor* Trim h 855 St M try * blvd 
—Jerald D (Lisctte) agt Prudential 1ns h 339* Walker id 

--Phillip atudt r 855 St Mary's blvd 
--Sylvia V Mrs head wtr* Tunnel 8ar-tt-Q Ltd 

BrettcB Mina P (wld JaaJh 892 Rlverdale av 
Brew Edna (wld Wm)h 1505 Ford blvd 

• •Eileen C r 2230 Turner rd 

-Robt C (Barbara) asst porch Bd of Educ h 20*1 Vlmy »v 
—Thoa (Clara) carctkr Adult Btoc Caitrc h 2230 Turner rd 
—Thos R emp Canto Bridge r 3005 Virginia Pk av 

- -Thoa V (Marlcta) acrv p c Genl Motoia h 3005 Virgirla Park av 
Brewer Beverly (Hazel) emp Detroit h 623 Dougsll ar 
--Diana Mrs h 408. 445 Cl rags try av 

- Helen (wld Frank W) h 1050 Windermere rd _ 


- -Jaa studt r 1969 Tourangcau rd 

-•Jam R odv mgr Intcrchem Canada Ltd Finishes Div re* Brantford 
-•Rosa (Hrcoda) barber Armando h 573 Pcdlaaicr 

- -Shirley studt nurse Metro Hosp r 2240 Kildare rd 
--Violet r 1473 Huron Church line 

--Wallace F (Louise) *ht mtl mech Ford Motor h 38S Bartlct dr 
-•Wm surveyor C G Ruaaell Armstrong re* Tccumacti 
—Wm H (Margt) foremn plant services American Standard Prod h 1969 
Tourangcau rd 

--Wm M (Edith)atudt h 1973 Tourangcau rd 

Brewer* Warehousing Co Ltd Herman A Stewart diat mgr 23*0 Walker rd 
Retail Stores: 17*0 College av. 2451 4 325* Dougnll av. 1246 
Ottawa, 1050 & 2380 Walker rd. 162 4 5455 Wyandotte e. 2451 
Jcffrraon blvd 4 15H4 Hurcxi Church Line 
Brewster Albt L (Joan) press opr Dom Forge h 1034 Prado pi 
--Confectionery (Mr* Nettle Brcwater) 1279 Brie• 

—Elixth r 1133 Howard av 

—Howard (Evelyn) aaw opr Court-Sproy h 262* Alcxi* rd 
-Nettle (wld Albt) (Brewster Confectionery) r 33*1 G!cnwood av 
-•Wm B h 1133 Howard av 

Brczccky Alex (Dorothy) for ctr Detroit h *69 Matthew-Brady blvd 
Brczanyak Joint (Eva) comptroller Elmwood Casino h 1679 St Gabriel crea 

- -Mary (wld John) r 1524 Marentette av 

Brgsn Annie press opr Carco Co r 1788 Durham pi 
• -Branko lab Fab-Tcc Mfg r 3*03 Woodword blvd 
--Peter (Barbara) emp Chryslers h 1788 Durham pi 
Brian Alfred (Doris) h 2168 Bruce av 

- - Allen P atudt r 1283 Tllaton dr 

--Blanche (w|d M E) h 212, 1475 Riverside dr w 
—D F Separate School Gregory Gotdhawk prtn *75 Chappi* 

--Hairy joumeymn plumbers Mac J Brian Ltd h 1778 Lcapcrance 

••Henry (Inez) stockmn Chrysler* h 468 Grove av 
-Kenneth (Lorraine) wtdi Win Utilities Comma Hydro Div h 1341 Parent 

—Kenneth M (Lena) auprvar Chryalcra h 2*89 Academy dr 
—Mac J Ltd Malcolm J Brian prc*. Patk F Devin aoc-trcaa plmbg 4 heat¬ 
ing canu* 925 Crawford 4 700 Wrlllnutie av 
-MaJcozn J (Irene) prc* Mac J Brian lid h 11474 Riverside dr e 
-Margt Mrs h 1475 Church 

- -Richd off elk Mac J Brian r 11474 Riverside dr e 
--Thoa E onp Plaaticaat Co r 1821 Tourangcau rd 

• Wilfred H (Ellen) paper hndlr Win Star h 12*3 Tllaton dr 
Brlaad Frank (Selina) h 866 F.lrose av 

• •Geo A (Leone) drvr Mathews Lumber h 2725 Rivard av 
--Geo II (Rose) lab Wells Corp h 1049 Windsor av 
-•Geo W (Jenny) millwright Ford* h 352 Campbell av 
--Llada I wus Pat 4 lUnk a F»ah 4 Chip* r 352 Campbell av 

- Rob* (Eileen) emp Chryslers h J79) Oak av 
--Robt P (Claudette) trk sale* Chryalcra h 3610 Birch 

- -Wm C (Esther) main unit Canto Transit h 359 McBwan av 
Brice Don I C (Evn) aaatnblr Chrysler Corp h 2664 Turner rd 
Brtchko Clara (wld Frank) h 18*4 Alexis rd 

llrichuur Donald (Marilyn) h 9*9 Lincoln rd 
Brick Francis E (Dorothy) h 283 Jefferson blvd 
-Geraldine h 962 Me Ewan av 

- Mary (wld Tho#)r 962 Me Ewan av 

—Mich! G dentist 216. 635 Ouellette av h 2*3 Jeffcraoo blvd 
-•Thoa r 1475 Huron Church Line 

Brtcker Arthur (Par-Tee Toy Cheat) res Groase IV)int Mich 

• -Grant C agrlc off Dept of Agile Plant Inspection Offlic r I *S5 lull av 
—jas D (Lucy) (Lever, Butt, Brtcker & Romano) h 2496 Gladstone av 
BrlckUyera 4 Mason* Izxal Union *6 Jack Brown Ixia mgr trade union 

2203 Turner rd , _ . 

Brtckman Gordon F (Rutli) ala elk Singer Sew Caitrc Authorized Dealer 
h 1950 Franco!* rd 

- -Paul G (Brtckman'* Appliance Service! r 1950 Prancois rd 

- -Wm crop Fords r 936 Albert rd 

Fklckmana Appliance Service (Paul Brtckman) vacuum clnra 4 typewriters 
1434 Ottawa „ 

Bridal Boutique (Lynda Ellla) wedding gowns (base) 1361 Ouellette av 

- Rental Service far* Regina Hllbera) 10(3 Janette av 
Bndcau Betty A studt r 692 Church 

--Jo# L (Evelyn) carp h 692 Church 
-Rcnc andt Skally's Service r 692 Church 
Brtdoi Jane Mrs h 294 Glaigprry av 

- -Lawrence (Suaan) emp Gail Motor* h 1005 Villalre av 
--Levada Mr* h 516 University av e 

Bridge Av Public House Ltd Sydney Shorter prc# hotel 18*6 University nv 

--Grocery 4 Soda Bar (Mr* Antoinette IVrnmlt) 2(146 University av w 

--Harry P (DuneIda) pres Harry Bridge Ibarmacy Ltd rca St Clair Bench 

—lUrry Pharmacy I td The Harry P Bridge pre* 1492 PlUctte rd 

-Harvey W (Isabel) ala 4 aerv Ont Hydro h 3532 Virginia Pk av 

--Jaa emp Burroughs Businrsa Mach r 3532 Virginia Park av 

--View Cleaners (Harold Lcapcrance) 2101 T ecu much blvd w 

-Wm atudt r 3532 Virginia Pk av 

Bridgman Dorothy (wld John) h 2165 Church 

••Wm J (Annette) suprvsr Chryslers h 3030 Radis son av 

Bridget*. Chaa A r 1156 Lena 

—Jack mgr Pettapiece Cartage res Leamington 

• Kenneth S (Margt) auprvar Win Utilities Commn Water Div h 1156 Lena 
-Lorry r 1156 Lena 

- Robt W (Bomic)dispatcher McKinley Transp h n a Couatncau rd 
-Wm whir r 1156 Lena 

Bridges Margt legal stenog City of Win h 1199 Lena 
Bridges Jack W (Pauline) off wkr Walker Metal h 3076 Church 
--Jean r 1475 Huron Church line 
—John R atudt r 3076 Church 

- -Marilyn atudt r 3076 Church 

- - Robt F h 1143* Riverside dr e 
Brtdgcrtcw Apartment* 1933 Riverside dr w 
-•Electrie Ltd elect cantr 19*3 Ambassador dr 

.-Garage Ltd Oanl Stanutx pres. Margt Stanutx trea* (prage 1980 Wyan¬ 
dotte w 

—fhrk 4 Clubhouse a n Grove av 

Bridgewater Albt (Marlene) acrvmn Royal Typewriter r 692 Pic he 
--Becky r *35 Jo# Jsniase ev 

—Harry (Elms) foremn Bell Tel h 203. 237 Strsbane av 
-Lloyd r 130 Park w 

- -Robt (Marlene) bodytnn John Reiner Ltd h 2217 Secord av 
Bridgman Bert on (Vekttc) emp Chryalcra It 454 Vera pi 
--Bcxtoo jr atudt t 454 Vera pi 

--Ellen S (wld John)h 685 Ducharmc 
--Wm A off elk Dom Forge h 6*5 Duchannc 


Bridgwater John (Marjory) plant protection Candn Salt h 2091 College av 
Brldaon Rcgd h 289 Tuacarora 
-Ronald (Cathrlae) wtr Talbot llnuae r 764 Bruce av 
Brlcda Frank (Anna M) brklyr Win United Masonary h 2677 Arntatrang av 
—Loula (CarmelU)dle act-up man Banner Metal Products h 1037 Raymo 

Brlcn Caroline (wtd Jaa W) h 53. 780Ouellette av 

—Claude A (Barbara) re He ton cash Ambassador Bridge 4 Win Raceway 
h 1131 McKay av 
--Elmer M (Hazel)h 594 Pine 
—Ernestine (wld Job) r 485 Crawford av 

- -Isabel h 953 Bruce av 

--Nod J (Lillian) mech Byers Truck & Trailer Equipment h 242 Curry av 
—Ray C onp Detroit h 214, 131 Wyandotte w 
--Robt studt r 2177 Chitvcr rd 

-Wilbert P (Ruth) phy 103. 1011 Ouellette av It 2177 Chllver rd 
Briars Alex dish washer I0DE Hosp r *09. 395 University av e 

- Beatrice (wtd John) h *09, 395 University av e 
Brlerley Mary L (wld Joa) r 1139 WclUngtoo av 

- Patk L (Heather) whir Chrysler T rim h 1*42 Cadillac 

- Robt L (Lauraloc) emp Ccotry Spray b 2409 Bernard rd 
--Thoa A h 1139 Wellington av 

Brtcsc Fred (tjuccnlc) apt mgr h 3, 1342 Wyandotte w 
--Lloyd M (Maureen)p c Pol Dept h 1241 Goycau 
Briff* Carmel J (Mary) onp Canto Bridge h 319 Moy av 

• •Richd ctr grinder trainee 1ml Tools r 319 Moy av 

Brlgdcn* Ltd T Ray Wcbntrr rep engraving, printing advertising 
220 Ford bird 

Brigg* K Donald (Mljgion) prof Unlv of Win b 2569 Academy dr 

- -Harold trk drvr Fazncr Scrap Metal* Co 
-Joan Studt r 1149 Isabelle pi 

• -John (Nancy) aasmbtr l ords b 1569 Cataroqul 

- -John (Catherine) (John Briggs B A Service) h 97* Rccdmcrc av 
--John B A Service (John Briggs) service stn 521 Rivera ale dr e 

- Jota C (Pearl) elk Ford* h 270 Isabelle pi 
--John M r 270 Isabelle pi 

Brigham David W emp Inti Tool# r 3641 Charlevoix av 
Bright Irene M atenug Candn Imp Ilk Commerce h 349 Oak av 

• -John J drvr Automatic Canteens r 1884 George av 
--Ray ala rep Win Ibotocopy 

--Vivian M stenog Canto Customs h 349 Oak av 
Bright's Wines Ltd Jaa A Michael mgr 531 Oiellette av 
Brighter Nicholas J shoe shine Ritx Barber Shop h 177 Marentette av 
nrlghrmore Alan scheduler expeditor American-Standard Prod r 1049 Wel¬ 
lington av 

—Hcrbt P (Evn) charge band Elcombe Engineering h 1065 Elm av 

- - John l< (Dorothy) office Ford* h 1089 Elm av 

--Kathleen aec Elgcc, Longman & Dell Inn Agencies h 1049 Wellington av 

- Linda tchr Marlborough Schl r 1065 Elm av 
-Nancy lecturer Unlv of Win r 10*9 Elm av 
Brigitte Ladies Wear (Lutflye Ouxcfoakan) 1675 Ottawa 
8rtgnall Betry crop DetTolt r 17*1 Windermere rd 
--Chas (Mabel) h 1781 Windermere td 

—Clarence (Florence) emp Qty of Win h 1277 Tllaton dr 

- -Gerald emp Can Motor Lamp r 311 Chatham w 
--Gerald (May) trk drvT Cock Bros h 311 Chatham w 
--Kenneth (Vcrla)trkr Baum 4 Brody h 1124 A&kin av 
-Ruby (wld John) h 6. 777 Tuacarora 

Brlgugllo Same (Cornelia) lab Kelacy Hayea h 594 NUgsra 

- -Vincent (SaraOna) lab Kelsey Hayes h 7*7 Catham c 
Brito Curtain Co (John Went)504 Victoria av 

Brill Llewellyn F. (Ellztb)caretkr Maple Apta h 3, 1290 Ouellette av 
Brtillnger Donald r 3234 Milica 

- -Marilyn with Win Utilities Comma Hydro Div r 3234 Milica 
—Netl (Mary) capt Win Fire Dept h 3234 Millm 

Brunacombe Clifford L (Dorothy) door ftT Chryslers h 1749 Dominion blvd 
—Jota (Dime) lab Fords It 14*9 Windermere rd 
—FVxcr (Alice) h 1036 Elsmere av 
-Rcedie (Ingrid) r 1036 Blamcre av 
Brimmer Sheila nurse Grace Hosp r 1494 York 

Brimncr John 8 (Jacqueline) drvr McKlnnley Tranap h 2462 Cadillac 

- -Marian Mrs mgr* Chez-Aleeae h 1017 Raymo rd 
-Milo trk drvr Marvin Woody r 1. 1637 Assumption 

- -Richd (Marlon) slamn Fuller Brush Co h 1719 Evert* av 
—Shriln nurse Grace Hoep h 3, 1494 York 

Brim son Hairy D (Bessie) h 2159 Bruce av 

Firinacotube Clayton drvr slsmn Purity Dairies res Harrow 

Brlnrat Robt (Roar) lab Porda h 677 Pierre av 

Brtncot Laura Mra r 827 Pierre av 

Brlndle Barney (Nancy) r 694 Scofield av 

Brtngaa John (Mary) mach Kelsey Wheel h 99* Glodatooe av 

Brlnjjnnnn Wolfgang C (Norma) li 1*. 1990 Columbia ct 

Brink Jota (Patricia) auprvar CTR h 303. 3015 Sandwich 

--Wm R treaa Valenltc-Modco rca Detroit 

Brinkman Barry atudt r 213* Wcllcaley 

•-Janice studt nurse r 213* Wellesley 

- -Lawrence (Carol) emp Fords h 2138 Wcllcaley 

- - Robt onp Calvert# h 203. 3225 College av 

Brink* Express Co of Canada Ltd Manley J Doran mgr 1180 Crawford av 
Onnaacle Robt (Valeric) crop plaaticaat Ltd It 1078) Hickory rd 
Brtnsdcn Mabel h 1815 Richmond 
Brtody Anne h 508 Parent av 
--Celia stenog r 508 Parent av 

Brtoux Coot ran W (Marjorie) emp CTiryalcra h 3564 Multord ct 
Brtsco Ailecn C. r 106. 8K*5 Riverside dr e 
-Eva (wtd Arthur P)h HS8 Dawson rd 

--G Roy (Laiore) data control elk Ford Motor h *18 Lincoln rd 
--Vera M (wld Alfred) h 106. *8*5 Riverside dr c 
--W Arthur (Mabel) h 1*15 Byng rd 

Briscoe France* (wld Chas)dentist asst John D McLean h 2315 Parent av 
—Glen r 2315 Parent av 

- Gregory W apprentice Win Tool 4 Die r 980 Isabelle pi 
-Jack (Peggy) ctk Font* li 9*0 Isabelle pi 

- -Stanley C (Doris) b 4, 538 Loula av 

• Wm B (Diane) off wkr Chrysler* h 2237 Ontario 
Briaebol* Claire social wkr Catholic Children a Aid h 101. 7555 Wyan¬ 
dotte e 

—J 4 Son (Wllbrod L Brlaeboia) genl ina 4 real cat *89 Wyandotte e 

- Jean J (Ethel) (Ethcla Dairy Bar)h 3*85 Seminole 

-Marie C auprvar RC Children # Aid Soc li 7555 Wyandotte e 
-Ray (Theresa) alamn Nail Painting 4 Decorating (Win) re* St Clair 

- -Rcnc ^(Gcmude) genl mgr LaSalle Lead Pretoria b 536 Rholalne dr 

- - Robt M tool 4 die mkr Canto Motor Lamp r 233 Thompoon blvd 


PHONE 252-5787 





--WHbrod L (Bernadette) (J Brtsebots 4 Sea) b 233 Thompson bird 
Bn*ley Stanley W (Avia) b 1122 Oak av 
Brisoa Adrienne with Hotel Dleu Hosp h 336 CUnion 
-Aline elk A & P h 336 Clinton 

-•Minnie M deaconess Campbell Baptist Church h 19. 74 Shepherd w 
--Vaia r 2177 Prtisslcr 

Bn»»citc Brenda beautician Italia Beauty Shop r 2384 Mr Id rum 

--Edwd (Clan) h 1286 Wellington av 

--Ivav r 1286 Wellington av 

--.My Mrs emp Inti Cards r 2 384 Mcldmm rd 

--Klta N reg nurse Hotel Dleu Hoap h 90H, 8325 Riverside dr e 

• - Robt alsmn l. M Rosea Realty r 230Gncc 

Brlssoa Danl C (Joanne)asst mgr Casmart Shoes b 6. 3173 Sandwich 

- -Dennis (Beverly) emp Gcnl Motors h 318 Reseda I e av 

-•Dennis A (Dolores) pby 203. 1361 Ouellette av h 215 Thompson blvd 
--Rldon (Carol) emp Detroit h 3850 Whitney av 
--Georgette h 1279 Janette av 

- -John K (Eluth) surg 2095 Wyandotte w 
-•Joyce r 997 McKay av 

- - Julies (Jean) emp Monon Tobacco b 1114 Parkview av 

- -Kathleen studt r 997 McKay av 

- Linda Mac r 997 McKay uv 

- -Oscar E (Lorraine) sweeper Fonts h 997 McKay av 
Brister Edna M (wid Harry J)h 1604 Bruce av 

-GcraM M (Mary) Arana Win Fire Dept h 3721 Poplar av 
Brtstol Cayle crop Detroit h 1648 Jefferson blvd 
Bristow Annie (w|d Fredrick W) h 731 Bntce av 
—Clara L (wid Frank) h 1155 Chllvcr rd 

- Donald F elk Fords h 1049 Windermere rd 

- -Frank (Katharine) tinsmith Martin Sheet Metal h 2520 Francois rd 

- -Fredk C (Doris) maintmn Win Star h 332 Bruce av 
--Fredrick W stud! r 332 Brute av 

--Geo apprentice plmbr Mat | Brian r 1676 Atbert rd 

- -Geo A h 1149 Chllvcr rd 

--Larry mech Midas Muffler Shops r 1049 Windermere rd 
-•Larry G (Eiltth) maintmn Union Gas b 3576 Turner rd 
—Mary (wid Wm) h 941 Louis sv 

--Shirley Mrs bkpr inti Trucks (Win) h 17. 1980 Djacarora 
--Ted wrehsetnn Rose Puniinire r 730 Brute av 
--Win E (Thelma ) hostler Essex Terminal Rly h 3789 Birch 
-Wm E (Mary) mach opr Fords h 3282 Rlbcrdy rd 
British American Hotel (Elias M Doumani) 4 Riverside dr e 

- - American Hotel Coffee Shop (Elias M Doumani) 4 Riverside dr e 
--Americas Hotel Dining Lounge (Elias M Doumani) 14 Riverside dr o 
--AmericanOil Co Ltd Robt J Locke rep dlstrib centre 4027 Sandwich 

Service Stas: 1495 Droulllard rd. 2693 Dougall sv, 379 Goycau. 

B B Division rd. 2850 k 4560 Howard by. 3024 Huron Church Line, 
5359 Malden rd. 895 k 1920 Ottawa. 11 OB Ouellette av. 521 River 
side dr e. 486. 18W. 528a k 3799 Tecumseh blvd e. 714 6 2091 
University av w. 4620 k 3199 Walker rd. 7945. 1291 It 4680 
Wyandotte c & 406 Wyandotte w 
•-Billiards (Mlchl Stigura) 1177-9Ottawa 

-Motorcycles k Cara Ltd Fredk A Applcysrd pre* ala 4 aerv 3244 
Walker rd 

Brtttoo Bertha (wid Wm H)h 2874 Donnelly 

- -Doris off sec City of Wlo Dept of Buildings It 1636 Ouellette av 

- -Edna G (wid J Roy) swtchhd opr Win Star It 1271 Lincoln rd 
--Ethel Bee Hotel Dim Hosp b 737 Bruce av 

- -John F (Arlene) off mgr Olaanttc b 3565 St Patrick* dr 
••Lilly (wid Chas)b 737 Bruce av 

--Mabel Lb 942 Dougall av 

•-Peter E (Jean) with Beauty Counsellors h 1175 Kildare rd 
••Robt V (Matgt) engineer Detroit h 369 Mstthew-Brady blvd 
••Wm J (Catharine) tchr WalkervtUe Collegiate Inst h 512, 8787 River¬ 
side dr e 

Brim Vittorio drftsmn Wm J Hilliker Architect r 475 Broadbead 
Brkich Mike (Hanna) rcpnnn h 522 Greendale dr 

Brklacic Frank (Kay) scc-treas WAC Roofing 4 Constn h 2568 Norman rd 

Brkllch Anne (wid Martin) li 1560 Hickory rd 

Brkljaclc John tool 4 die mkr J 4 C Tool 4 Die h 1626 Albert rd 

- - Join I (Louise) carp Loariag Coosa h 1441 Hickory rd 
-Jos (Stells) h 1259 Albert rd 

••Matilda (wid John) r 1626 Albert rd 

Rrkovlch Jos (Mary)h 1237 Albert rd 

--Steve (Maria) (Steve's Confectionery) h 697 Victoria av 

Brlacic Frank (Kay) (WAC Roofing) b 2568 Norman rd 

Bmadlc Jos r 1830 Cadillac 

-•Steve (Barbara) emp Dom Forge h 1830Cadillac 

Bmd)ar Frank (Ulilan) foremn Chryslers h 573 Healy 

- -Paul (Mary) janlior Bd of Kduc h 1622 Church 
Broad B Sherdem (Roma) lab Fords b 1348 Lincoln rd 

- -David lab Border City Tire r 2245 Pbrkwood av 

--Edmund W (Gayle) tchi St Christophers RC Schl h 556 California av 
--Edwd J janitor h 202. 444 Park w 

- -Edwd T IC I lability Bank of Mont r 2719 Parent av 

-•Geo A (Medesa) tchr Windsor Teacher's College h 4027 Eden dr 
--John emp Big Horn Saddlery of Can r 2(0. 444 Park w 
--Neville W (Marion) foremn Fords h 2245 Parkwood av 
--R Danl studt r 4027 Eden dr 

Broodbent Edwin M (Inez) staff sgt M Dept h 1641 Plllette rd 
--Judidi recept Commercial Credit Plin r 1641 PUlcnc rd 
--Keith studt r 249 Jefferson blvd 

• Mlchl (Patricia) wks mgr Mclnnis Conveyors h 249 Jefferson blvd 

- -Percy (Reta) mech Ibl Dept h 586 Crawford av 
Broad foot Florence h 1037 Hall av 

--Jean elk Capitol Homes h 1037 Hall av 

--Joan Mrs elk Kay’s Diamond Discount r C, 3. 1683 Wyandotte w 
-Keith (Loretta) aht mil wkr Joff Kearns h C. 3. 1653 Wyandotte w 

- -Wm lab Plastic Castings r 1037 Hall av 

Broadiey John W (Joan) customs offr Customs 4 Excise h 3021 Rockwell av 
--1.0me H r 2621 Virginia I* av 

• Martha (wtd Trlstran)h 93S Hill av 

Broadway Auto Wreckers (Paul Lee ours) 864 Broadway 

Broadwell Douglas J (Helen) phy 2085 Tecumseh blvd c h 2305 Chllvcr rd 

--Perris C (Jean) grid purch dept elk J T Wing h 922 Hcxncdale blvd 

• -Heather studt r 2305 Chllvcr rd 
—Jas G studt r 2305 Chllvcr rd 

-Jsh H asst sect Peat, Marwick. Mitchell V Co r 922 Homedale blvd 
--Lawrence R r 444 Erie c 

--Lillian (wid Frank)h 444 Eric e ^ 

• Robt G (Patricia) acctg elk Can Trust - Huron k Brie Mort h 307 , 308 

Randolph av _ 

Rrobat M Frank pre* Nutren Products h 4500 Rlvertlde dr 8 
Brochen J 4 Co Ltd Jo# P Brochen pres uphol 624 Tecumseh blvd e 
-•Jos J P Jr (Virginia) slsmn J Brochcrt 4 Co h 1536 Scnocs 

--Jos P (Theresa) pres J Brochen 4 Co h 3085 Academy dr 
--Lorenz G (Carolyn) drapery installer J Brochen k Co r 3064 Virginia 
Pk av 

••Richd (Samira) (Inrcnuirtonal Upholstering Co)h 3135 Academy dr 

Brock Dana studt nurse Metro Gcnl Hosp r 2240 Kildare rd 

••Evelyn (wid Thus J)h 1320 McEwan av 

--Irene b 1863 Ptllrtte rd 

••John (Kathresc) studt h 3073 Peter 

Brockbonk David B G (Mary) traffic elk Chryslers h 3537 Maisooncuve av 
-•Harry (Kathleen) insp Fords h 2553 Westminster blvd 
--R Kendall (Josephine)acting prin Colebournc ftiblic Schl b 3109 Ran¬ 
dolph av 

- -The* (Beatrice) h 744 Irvine av 

Brockenshirc Gladys (wtd P A) h Unit G. 52. 5150 Wyandotte e 
--John If (Norma) (Chanera b Rrockenahlrc)h 1142 Kildare re] 

- Wm II (Claire) emp Detroit h 11394 Riverside dr c 

Brock 1 chunk Abraham (Caroline) Indust engineer Chryslers b 1363 Lincoln 

--Edna I (wid Frank) h 701. 4325 Rlveraide dr e 

- Jeanne studt r 1589 Tourangcau rd 
-•Margt Mr* h 1589 Tourangcau rd 

- -Ronald (Beverley) journeymn Kapco Tool 4 Die h 2350 Byng rd 
Brockley Fanny (wid Alfred) r 1321 Dougall av 

Brockman Brian mach hand Win Match Plate 4 Tool re* Belle River 

-•Catherine elk h 1305 Victoria av 

••Clement Jr supnmr Hirlry Dairies re* RR*2 Eaaei 

--Judy Mrs h 776 Rankin av 

- -Patricia C emp Win Utilities Comran Water Dlv h 1305 Victoria av 
--Richd emp Purity Dairies re# MeGregox 

Bnxkmann Pcier (Helen) wtr Rlvcria Motel h 1668 Richmond 
Brode Bernard J (Isabelle) emp Detroit r 241 Salter av 

- -Cheryl aec W J R Radio r 8925 Menard 

• -Donna studt r 8925 Menard 

• -Douglas emp Detroit r 241 Salter av 

--Geo F (Marjorie)elk Gcnl Motors U 864 Prado pi 
--Marc J elk Bank of Mont r 241 Salrer av 

- -Jos (Rnriels) buyer Detroit h 8925 Menard 

- -Wm M (Joanne) off elk Detroit h 924 Grerodate dr 
Brodchl Gustav (Jean) emp Detroit h 1119 Lillian 
Broder Mary (wid Peter) h 825 Victoria ov 

Broderick Alvin V (Audrey) llcut Pol Dept h 4, 474 Chllvcr id 

• -Arthur J engineering dept Can Bread b 2033 Balfour blvd 
--Barbara A nurse Grace Hosp r 3S58 Rockwell av 
--Bernard R (Thelma) h 2589 Academy dr 

--Brian G (JO'Anne) firemn Win Fire Dept r 4938 Maldat rd 
--Chas L (Bernadette) firemn Win Fire Dept h 506 Partington av 
••Clara (wid Leo)h 15)9 York 

- -Gene shpg N Tepperroaa Ltd t 948 Campbell av 
--Jas J (Joan) studt h 511 Partington av 

--Jessie Mrs see T Barbcsln 4 Sons h 3558 Rockwell av 

- -Lawrence R (Lorna)bua traffic insp S W & A Rly h 22(77 Moy av 
--Luke L (Ida) aupt Dept of flibtic Works b 512 Partington av 
-•Paul R (Vera) trkr h 958 Campbell av 

--Ray (Anna N)trkr h 9S8 Campbell av 

• -Tboa G (Maude) h 2945 longtols av 

-Vincent B (Helen) specification elk Chrysler* h 27 Annie 
"Wni L (Mariettc) maintmn City of Win h 1804 Balfour blvd 
B rod cur Barbara r 2141 York 

• -Blanche G (wid Victor) r 1646 Bernard rd 

- -Leon (Marie) carctkr St John Schl h 1032 VllUlrr av 

- -Noel J (Frances) emp Fonla h 2141 York 
--Roland G emp Chryslers h 1646 Bernard rd 
--Shirley emp Detroit r 923 Jonephiae av 

--Stanley (Lilith) plant protection Hiram Walker h 636 Edlnborougti 

- - Wilfred (JUUs) janitor Chryslers h 923 Josephine av 
Brodte David h 461 Janette av 

••Hannah (wid David) r 1974 Westminster av 
Brodsky Larry r 374 Erie w 
-Martin H studt r 1151 Kildare rd 
--Morris O (Gertrude) (Morris Dry Goods) h 1151 Kildare rd 
--Seymour D (Ttllie) slsmn Union Men’s Shop h 374 Erie w 
Brody Apartments 1616-40 Wyandotte w 
-•Jas M studt r 1485 Victoria av 

-•Lillian (wid Benj) vice-pres Baum 4 Brody h 503, 325 Giles blvd w 
--Louis D (Helen) treas D«um 4 Brody h I48S Victoria av 

- -Louis J lawyer r 405, 274 Giles blvd w 
Ilrodylo Norman (Diana) h 1049 Isabelle pi 

Hrodxlnskl Mlchl (Shirley) lab Natl Auto Radiator h 1026 Marion av 
Brogin Annie (wtd Geo) h 21*5 Moy av 

- -Brian r 96K Askln av 

--Carol A RN Grace Hosp r 1945 George 
-•Dorothy (wid Leo) crop PO b 2294 Marentene av 

••Francis W (Marion)customs 4 excise offr Dept Nail Rev b 1945 George 

"jo-Anne M racket American Dccalcomanla r 968 Askin av 
--Jos F (ElUth) mach Wheel Trueing Tool Co h 968 Askin av 
-•Matilda Mrs h 1621 Howard av 

-•Mlchl J (Mary) suprvsr Chryslers h 1293 Tourangcau rd 

--Richd studt r 1945 George av 

Brogen Agatha (wid Mlchl) h 204, 395 University av e 

• -Margi r 204 , 395 University av c 
Brol John P studt r 1563 Msrentette av 

• Manlcns studt r 1563 Marcutette av 

- -Umberto (Lucia) toolmfcr Volts Welders h 1563 Marentene av 
Brojoti* Sami b 216, 286 Put w 

Brokalakis Nick (Angela) scrvmn Savlll Appliances h 685 Elllon w 
Brokenaturr Douglas J (Notts) engineering asst Bell Tel h 1846 Bernard rd 
--Joanne M studt nurse Grace Hosp r 1846 Bernard rd 

- -Susan studt r 1846 Bernard rd 

• -Wm tchr Win Bd of Educ h 1250 Argyle rd 
Brotnan Wm tress East Win Tavern re* Guelph 

Bzootoroff lawrcnce P (Jean) porta mgr RCA h 1232 Duffertn pi 
Uromba! Douglas (Margt) postmaster Sub PO Unlv of Win h 1320 Victoria 

- -Nero (Johanna) h 1258 McEwan av 

Bromberg Gary na mgr Avco Delta Corp r 480 Riverside dr w 
Bromley Ben C (Mary) emp Chryslers h 2614 Lloyd George blvd 

- -Derek (Irene) tool 4 die mkr S K D Amherstburg h 305, 3241 College av 
--Ethel Mrs h 578 Church 

• -Graeme (Judith) emp Detroit h 1048 Garden Court dr 
••Rene (wid Jos) b 1621 Hall av 

--Tboa farnacc opr Duplatc r 3177 Manchester rd 

Dror.clle Anthony (Sandra) emp Fabricated Steel b 2. 924 Windsor av 

Bronstein Allan detail drftsmn Fob-Tee Mfg r 5, 135 Ellis e 

• -Arthur (Sarah) slsnin Inti Trucks (Win) h 95 Hanna w 

- -Gerald S savings suprvsr Cantki Imp 8k Commerce r 95 Hanna w 
Broozicn Gktlseppina (wid Attllio) clnr Hotel Dleu Hosp h 558 Charles 
Brook Alvin W (Alice) aht mil wkr Hoick Sheet Metal h 2863 Clcmcnceau 


•-Dorothy (wid John) asst mgT advtg C M Smith's h 436 Elm av 
•*H Arnold (Nonna) mech Harold's Hosting Co h 1278 Goycau 
-•Janice kardex opr Condo Wcstlnghouac r 436 Elm av 

- Kenneth K (Eleanor) drftsmn Allied Chemical b 3501 McKay av 
Brookbonka Douglas studt r 714 Parricla rd 

- -Duncan F (Bette) vice-pre* sales Inti PUylng Card h 714 Patricia rd 
--Edith Mrs emp PO h 2233 Louis av 

--Patricia studt r 1589 Labadic rd 

- - Wm (Alice) engineer ( PR h 1589 Labadic rd 

Brooke Douglas night elk SA Men’s Social Sc-rv Centre r 349 Chatham e 
--Jas H (Jessica) expeditor Chryslers h 3176 Woodland av 

- - John emp Great Lakes Forgings r 2101 Longfellow av 

- -Marion (wtd Frank) h 975 Windsor av 

--The* W (llJlds) personnel dir McKnmc* bd h 903. ill Riverside dr e 

- Walter F (Beryl) b 996 Windsor av 

Brooker Beauty Shop (Eugenic Brookcr) 2155 University av w 
••Carl cook Prince Edward Rest r 265 Dirk w 

- -Darlene J tchr Victoria Schl tea Cottam 
•Donald h 3157 Wyandotte w 

-Eugenic (wid Ernest) (Brooker Beauty Shop) h 8. 1766 University av w 
--Jas A (June) shpg elk Chryslers h 2724 St Louis sv 
"Lcwll (Beatrice) elect Rorlson lad Electric b 3505 Glen wood av 
Brookes Alfred r 2158 Continental nv 

••Horace A (Marjorie) emp Elcombe Engineering h 2158 Continental av 

- -Kenneth C (Bonnie) tool 4 die mkr LaSalle Machine Tool h 1011 Jarvis 


••Wm A (Gail) mech White Motor Co of Can h 2171 Howard sv 
Broolunirc Roger (Florence) emp Detroit h 226 Moy av 
Urookmyre Vera h 1257 Giles blvd c 

Brooks Allen B (Janet) suprvar Fords h 4 , 8650 Wyandotte e 
--Chas pres United Automobile Wkra Loc 444 h 606 Atkinson 
-Clifford (Lillian) aht roll wkr Electric-Bel h 1930 Frrndaic av 

- -David 0 (Sherry) pc M Dcp( b 1711 Dominion blvd 
••Donald atudt r 1266 Dougall av 

--Donald A (Constance) (Wing Brooks Meat Market) h 323 Partington av 
--Donald R (Jean) lab Dom Forge h 2343 Dominion blvd 
--Edith h 1866 Longfellow av 

• -Edwin G (Eleanor) tool 4 die mkr Detroit b 3650 Charlevoix av 
-Ell R engineer Norton Palmer Hotel rea RR#3 Harrow 

• - Emily Mrs r 1122 Oak av 

--Frances Mrs caretkr City of Win h 1896 Jefferson blvd 
--Geo A (Susan)office Ford* h 3700 Turner rd 

• -Gilbert lab Dom Forge b 2046 Longfellow av 

••HoWAfd K (Carol) apprentice Wm Mcchl Cocks h 2390 Rudolf* at 
•-Hugh (Lillian) sbt mil wkr V Kearns h 4. 2236Ontario 
-J Dun j Id h 1356 Hall av 

-Jas B (Jean) off elk Bell Tel h 3080 Virginia Dirk av 
--Jas F (Frances) h 1278 Gladstone av 
-John F (Margt) h 866 Windsor av 

- -Karen studt r 1093 Windsor av 

- - Leonard W (Frances) emp Detroit h 3215 Randolph av 

- -Maxine nurses* aid Win Nursing Home rea LaSalle 
--Myrtle (wid John) h 8K3 McDougall 

--Durlcia I. r 2343 Dominion blvd 

--Regd (Margt)estimator Mebmis Conveyors h 986 Windermere nJ 

- - Richd alamn Metro Life r 3080 Virginia Pk av 
--Richd studt r 1588 Westminster av 

--Robt (Cheryl) aht mil man Riverside Sheet Metal h 704 Wyandotte e 
--Robt W (Pat) spray painter Chryslers It 1108 Giles blvd c 
--Ruby (wid Frank) h 585 Bruce av 

- -Vernon orderly Riverrlcw Hosp r 866 Windsor sv 
--Walter (Janet) b 1877 Longfellow av 

--Walter F (Martha)plant protection Fords h 808 Moy av 

- -Wm r 1478 George av 

Wing F (Doris) (Wing Brooks Meat Market) h 4620 Howard av 

- - Wing Meat Market (Donald A 4 W»ng P Brook*) 2116 University «v w 
Broomhead Robt W (Park Avenue Coiffures) r 6490 Wyandotte e 
Rropbey Bonnie tchr John McCrae Schl r 2296 Moy av 

- -Cheryl L tchr David MaxweD Schl r 528 Giles blvd e 

- -Diane studt t 2978 Peter 

• -Edith h 530 Giles blvd e 

- -Jos (Agnes) emp Fords h 373 laack dr 

- -Marie (add Hairy) night suprvsr Hotel Dleu Hosp h 2296 Moy av 

- -Melvin E (Aldora P) It 284 Buckingham dr 

- - Parlana*n (Agatha) lab Chryslers h 528 Giles blvd e 
"Parkinson W (Minnie) h 1041 Dawson rd 

--Pmny studt r 1368 Bernard rd 

- Regd Oh 1362 Bernard rd 
-•Stanley M r 1368 Bernard rd 

--Tboa R it (Anne) (Maleyko. Brophey 4 01101x11)6 1171 Church 
--Tboa R (Eleanor)asst sol City of Win Legal Dept h 1368 Bernard rd 
--Vernon 1. (Alfreds) sanitation engutrer UAW Ijocal 240 h 2978 Peter 
Bropby Gerald gcnl lab Maple Leaf Metal Products re* Leamington 
--Jas A (Vivian) mech Husband Trsnsp h 3155 Bntce av 

- -Mlchl J (Lynn) toolmkr Chrysler* h 3. 1980 Tuscarers 
Broser John (Sofia) janitor WalW Road Tavern h 3506 Byng rd 

- -John (Katharine) nulnt foremn Win Dumper h 254 0 Buckingham dr 

- - Kathy studt r 2S40 Buckingham dr 

—Michl (Mike Broser Service) b 3021 Walker rd 
--Mike Service (Michl Broser)auto repra 625 Mercer 
Brossoau Jos carp h 3539 Sandwich 
--Laura h 566 Parent av 
••Laura Mrs r 647 Victoria av 

- -Riul (Marilyn) carp h 776 Kildare rd 
•Shirley off elk Csndn Tire h 1989 Jefferson blvd 

Rrossolf Clara Mrs r 2. 2682 Richmond 

Brotherhood Men s 4 Boys' Dept Store (Sami F 4 Albt D Vcxler) clothing 
1335 Ottawa 

Brothers Drive Inn Restaurant (Louis Koumonls 4 Basil Lagoudskis) 2521 
Dougall av 

- -Geo A (Mary) lab Fords h 2571 Clanatceau blvd 

- -Gerald J (Msryxnnc) tool grinder Chryslers h 4242 Mount Royal dr 
-Mane (wid Thos)h 1447 Windermere rd 

••Mary L payroll elk Sllverwoods r 1447 Windermrre rd 

Brotto Dlno emp Cantin Bridge r 1543 Marentene av 

Brough Aim J (Vera) h 1929 Central av 

•-Hazel r 766 Devonshire id 

--Orivile (Delores J) emp Detroit h 845 Church 

••Rcmald (Juanita) engineer Volta WeWera h 806, 8787 Riverside dr 

• -Thos R (Mary Lou) emp Chryslers h 977 Elm av 

Alphabetical. Whitt Page )l 

a£ avuvid 's 





75 GILES WEST, Off Ouellette 
PHONE 256-1818 


Bruurfiton Barber* sru<k r 710. 395 University av e 
Barry wldr Chrysler* r 2719 Parent av 
Donald pin boy Win Kccreatlon r 6H6 California av 
Harry D (Virginia) supt Win Housing Authority h 124. 415 Unlveralty 
Marie h 1541 Ullian 

Marjorie <wld Wm) h 710, 395 University av e 
Rove Marahall) r MM. California av 
Wm jr r 710, 395 University av c 
Brmilliard Yvoa A (Marie) steel ctr Kelsey Hayes h 134 Janette av 
Broulllctte Arthur A (Louise) repntm Chrysler* h 1730 Tourangcau rd 

- - Earnest J (Kathleen) etnp City of Win h 1070 llarmnn av 

- Frank C (Mildred) reprmn Chfyalcrs h 11215 Riverside dr e 
-Jota atudt r 1730 Tourangcau rd 

- Paul (Rolande) lab Fabricated Steel h 1156 Lillian 

- -Stanley G (Lome) elect Chryslera h 5065 Pasadena ct 
Broulllcttt Lout* (Joyce) lab Chrysler* h 1178 Ullian 
Brousseau Arthur (Rlla) wldr L A Young's h 559 Alexandrine 
--Gerard R (Anne)ctr grinder McKinnon Industries h 2731 Parent av 
Brouwer Dorothy sec stenog Inti Playing Card r 2358 Cadillac 

- -Wm (Barendina) mach reprmn Chryslcrs h 2358 Cadillac 
Brouyctte Carl (Jessie) •l*«na Can Bread h 3138 Turner rd 

- -Clifford C prntr Sumner Printing Co r 3138 Turner rd 
-Donald J (Dorothy) stock elk Gcal Motors h 528 Morand 

-•Irene (wid Steve) h 1647 Tourangcau rd 

- -Raymond anp Ctatfe Bridge re* RR*3 Harrow 

• •Stanley T (Marjorie) crop Gamin Bridge b 3780 Morris dr 

- -Stephen J (Betty) emp Candn Bridge h 2769 Randol(*i tv 
Brow Norman emp Detroit r 3002 Sandwich 

Browder Rlchd A (Ehia) plant protection Chrysler* h 557 Jsrvis sv 
Browc Geo H mil toshr Chryalexs h 2515 Arthur rd 
..lota J pipe ftr Chrysler* h 302. 8787 Riverside dr c 
Rrowell Donald G (Marjorie) elk Chrysler* h 1297 Til stem dr 
--Geo W (Eva) maintenance wkr Bell Tel h 1826 Franco!* rd 
Brown A C Wallace (Geraldine) h I. 287 TUscarora 

- -A Rotor (Marilyn) acct Hiram Walkers 6 Son* h 1066 Homcdalc blvd 

- -Adel Mrs emp Rlvervlcw Hosp h 220 Droulllanl rd 
--Adella M r 3560 Roxborough av 

• Agnc* (wld Raymond A) h 1828 Lincoln rd 

- -Afpes (vrid Edwin) h 359 Oak av 

• -Afpcs (wld Wm) h 1484 Tourangcau rd 

--Alan F (Doraic) material ctr Gail Motor Trim Plant h 737 Charlotte 

• -Albt lab Edgewater Marine r 1006 Goycau 

--Albt C (Margt) staty engineer Win Packing h 3560 Roxborwjgh av 

• -Albt F. pump opr Win Salt Co h 368 McEwsn av 

- -Albt W (Kathleen) meat insp Dept o( Agric (Fedl) h 3661 Askin av 

- -Alex (ElUth) elect Detroit h 694 Irvine av 
--Alex (Jean)millwright Chrysler* h 3215 Bli** rd 

- -Alfred II (Anne) mach opr Young Spring 6 Wire h 2864 Norman rd 
•-Allan apprentice Keith Generating Stn r 769 Windermere rd 
--Allan C (DoneIda) tchr Walkcrvllle Collegiate h 2466 Windermere rd 
--Allan T (Kathleen) l c PO h 921 Campbell av 

- -Alma (wld Glhoon S) h 1510 Gladstone av 

--Amelia A (wld Clifford)distrtb Amway Products h 1. 955 Wyandotte w 
--Andrew h 233. 415 University av e 

- - Andrew M (Margt) proc engineer Ford* h 371 Carling ere* 

• -Annie (wtd Jan) r 3814 Connaught rd 

--Arthur mgr Red’s Recreation h 4881 Tecumseh blvd e 

- Arthur B (Dene) dec Natl Painter* h 1651 Grove av 
--Arthur E (MarlHie) sender Chryslcni b 3606 Barrymore la 

- -Arthur F (Mary) miprvsr Chrysler* h 1959 Larkin rd 

- -Barbara rhkr Argo Cleaners r 133 Janetic av 

• -Barbara nurac Metro Genl Hoap r 1510 Gladstone av 
--Beatrice Mrs suprvsr Collection Services of Win h 718 Sunset av 

- -Bernice (wld Morris) h 133 Janette sv 

• -Benson W (Edith) pnn Walkcrvllle Collegiate Inst h 2496 Chilvcr rd 

• -Bessie (wtd Jas) h 1311 Oak av 

- -Betty stenog Bank of N S r 441 Longlots av 
-Beverly sec CKLW r D, 460 Giles blvd w 

- Blaine W (Georgette) supt Ford* h 1985 Grand Marais rd w 

• -Blake C (Mary) emp Intercity Truck Line* h 811 Jo* Janlsse av 
--Bennie L tchr Hugh Beaton Schl r 1557 Arthur rd 

• Brenda r 1365 Rivcralde dr w 

- Bros Service (Donald J k John A Brown) acre sms 1660 Huron Church 

Line k 2095 Tecumseh blvd w __ 

--Bruce J (Mary) slsmn Wm Fish Distributor* h 1895 Tourangcau rd 
--C Predk atudt r 1557 Arthur rd 

.-C Rlchd (Bernice) asst mgr Royal Bank of Can h 1016 Buckingham dr 

- -Cameron atudt r 2466 Windermere rd 

- -Camps Ltd Peter Gruber dir childrens psychiatric centre 411 Elm av 
--Cannon (Sharon) attdt 100 E Hosp r 635 Erie c 

- -Caroline (wtd Arthur) h 3494 Mulford ct 
--Cha# J (Edna) tnech h 1760 Jefferson blvtl 

-Chester r 230 Strabanc av 

- -Christine b 279 St Loul* av 
--Clarence h 104. 256 Pitt w 

• -Clarence L (Doris) car insp C k O Rly h 475 Rowland dr * 

--Clayton A apprentice Border Tool 6 Die r 3560 Raxboraigb av 

- -Clcve T (Mary A) math opr Ford* h 1039 Vlllaire av 
--Clifford stock Chryslcrs r 3637 Barrymore la 

- Dale Wr 732 Randolph av 
-D'Arcy r 1959 Larkin rd 

• •Div* iccti rep Iiuiimial Acceptance Corp r 287 St Mark (St Clair 

• -Davtd^pnrr^uasell Painting k Decorating r 2292 Forest av 
-•David (Gertrude) slsmn Win Offlce Supply h 3142 Church 

- David studi r 1320Chappu* 

• •David C wrehse elk Electrorad Supply r 3661 Askin av 

- -David J lab techn Gelatin Capsule* r 699 OMTlone 

- David R (Mary) med supt lOOE Memorial Hoap h 1427 Prince rd 

- Dennis asamblr Hawkcawood Garage r 826 Kildare rd 

• -Dolores sssmbtr Can Motor Lamp r 3535 Wyandotte e 

• -Donald attain Chyr Radio re* Leamington 

- -Donald snjdt r 850 Matthew-Brady blvd 

• •Donald atudt r 1535 Victoria av 

--Donald A (Christine) lab Chrysler# h 3. 1372 University av w 

- -Donald B (Mare) tchr King Edward Schl h 303, 8885 Riverside dr c 
-Donald D (Carolyn) dept of ^oeertng Unlv of Win h l7S } 

--Donald J (Marie) (Brown Bros Service) roe RR*t Ruasell Wood# 

- -Donald J (Catherine) p c Pol Dept h 7620 Cecile 

. .rvnald l mer TlD Top Tailors r 723 Ouellette av 

- -Donovan S (Alice J) tchr Hon W C Kennedy Coll Inst h 1791 Kildare rd 
--Doreen emp Detroit r J735 Peter 

--Don* Mr# emp Fabricated Steel r 3691 Byng rd 

- Dorothy M |>er*onnrl *uprvsr Dept Natl Rev h 284 Prado pi 

- -Douglas (Helen) cabt mkr Win Lumber h 340 Sqjth_ 


•Douglas (Gloria) emp Whcetly Mfg h 147 Cameron av 

- -Douglas A (Dorothy) meat mgr Loblaws h 950 Bartlett dr 

- -Douglas H (Shirley) emp Detroit h 947 Merritt dr 

- -Douglas t. (Norcen) foremn Ford Motor h 850 Matthew-Brady blvd 
••Edith Iwid Allan) r 872 Chilver rd 

-Edith I wld peter) r 1066 Monmouth rd 
-•Edith h 46, 780Ouellette av 
--Edwd (Velma) emp Detroit h 2132 Bruce av 

- -Edwd (Stephanie) lab Chrysler# h 3561 Mulford ct 
--Edwd {Loren*) expeditor Ford* b 2566 Chilver rd 

- -Edwd S J h 1027 St Louie av 

- - Edwin C (Marlon) emp Detroit h 838 Francois ct 

--Edwin E (Winifred) auprvar custom# Dept Natl Rev h 1730 Lahadle rd 

• - Edwin F prod mgr Dom Forge b 2347 Chilver rd 

--Eltzth tchr Glengarda Academy r 444 Christopher dr 

--EUrth H h 22. 211 Buckingham dr 

--Ella (wid Lorenzo) h 1490 Elsmerc av 

--Ellen (wid Leonard) h 1320 Cbappus 

- -P.Uc» »rudt nurse r 979 Jefferson blvd 
--Elsie r 469 Bruce av 

-•F.lion C (Grace) *r wrehsemn Imp Oil h 989 Gllddcn av 
-Emily sec Inti Tools r 3814 Glcnfleid 
•Eric W studi r 1447 Marcntettc av 

- - Ernest W (Florence) emp Fords h 979 Jefferson blvd 
-•Esther hkpr see J Kovtnsky k Soon h 705. 325 GHea blvd w 
--Ethel F Mrs librarian h 107, 430 Ctlea blvd w 

--Etta («dd Timothy) r 1166 McKay av 
--Eupbcmia Mrs r 2666 Alexis rd 
-Eva (wtd jas) h 6. 1386 Kills avc 

- Eva (wid John) h 3719 Matchcttc rd 
-•Evelyn (wld Wm) r 649 Bcnxctie 
--Evelyn Mrs h 219. 415 University av c 

--Evelyn (wld David) slaldy Red Robin h D. 460 Giles blvd w 
--Faith E offset opT Beauty Counselor* of Can h 3572 Mulford ct 
--Florence (wid E C)h 1056 Victoria av 
—Floyd A (Hilda) (Floyd Brown Pharmacy) h 945 Scofield av 

- - Floyd Hiarmacy (Floyd A Brown) 1777 Unlveralty av w 
—Frances r 759 Victoria av 

• •France* (wtd Harold) awtrhbd opr Bell Tel h 3525 Tecumseh blvd w 

- Frank M (Lucy)h 785 California av 
-•Prank R (Daisy)h 418 Lauzon rd 

--Fred H (Jeanette)caretkr engineer Win Dd of Educ r 1484 Tourangcau rd 

- Fred N (Laura) foremn Ford* h 1447 Marentcttc av 
—Fredk B (Bessie) erk drvr Win lumber h 245 Elliott e 

- -Frcdk F. Insulator Ideal Insulating Co r 3535 Wyandotte c 
--Fredk J (Irene) b 3535 Wyandotte c 

- -Freds J (Hazel) editorial dept Win Star h 769 ParUngtoo av 
--G Don gall (Lois) slsmn J Flonder# Ltd h 1531 University av w 

- -C Win (Vivian) in* agt Great-West Life A##ce h 510 Oreendalc dr 
-•Gall Mrs hrdrsr Dennis Hair Style* re* RR*2 Amhcrsttourg 

- -Garland G (Jean B) (Brownie'* Balt* 4 Sporta) h 1365 Riverside dr w 
--Gary (Sharon) lab Ford Motor h 1229 Marentcttc av 

• -Gary J (Charlene) mecli Imperial Three Star r 507 Elm av 
--Geoffrey M geasic) h Unit 1 68. 5150 Wyandotte c 
-•Geoffrey M jr banker Royal Bank r 510 Grccndalc dr 

-•Geo drvr & stock boy Steve's Handy Food Mkt r 349 Tuwrarori 
--Geo emp Grace Hosp r 682 Windsor av 

--Geo (Mildred) genl Ub Budd Metal Treating h 950 Chatham e 

-•Geo lab Win Machine Shop r 1066 Monmouth rd 

--Geo A (Uly) emp Essex County Auto Club h 1505 Chappell av 

• -Geo R (Joan) h 1097 Brock 

- -Georgina Mrs r 359 Goycau 

--Gerald (Boonlc) Utbo Commercial Printing h 624 Charlotte 
--Gerald A N studt r 881 Elm av 
-•Gertrude Mra h 242 Langiois av 

--Gertrude Mrs cook Hi-Ho Curb-Servuo h 2, 1469 PlHettc rd 

• -Gladys (wid Walter K) h 1350 Prince rd 

- -Cordon h 2063 Continental av 

- Gordon (Plorcncc) acct Chrytlora b 3306 Malsonneuve av 
--Gordon F (Marilyn)buyer John Wyeth & Bro to 649 Bensctic 

• •Gordon W (Marie) set-up man Bcndlx-Ecllp»c h 1816 Albert rd 
--Ouy A (Lillian) h 3720 Matchcttc rd 

• •Haig: A (Lily) prill Mayfair Diblic Schl h 4054 Longfellow av 
--Harcld A (Bertha) watchron Argos protective Agency h 933Oak av 

• -Harold J (Eva) mach repr Chrysler* h 1535 Church 

• •Harold S (Jean) mach Can Salt b 972 La pone av 
--Harry (Kva)li 284 Prado pi 

- -Harry (Surannc) custom* off r Dom Govt h 969 Kastlawn blvd • 
••Harry (Mary) meter rdr Union Ga» r 1227 Wiglc av 

•-Harry J D (Margt) foremn CNR h 1644 Hall av 
-•Hazel (wtd Geo)office Chrysler# h 1438 Pilletie rd 
--Helen (wld Chas) h 1677 Dougpll av 
-Helen r 281 Loul* av 
-•Henry (Della B)h 1258 Gladstone av 

- -Henry J (Emma) h 9H8 Curry av 

- -Hcrfct (Eva) h 462 Frank av 
-•Hilda (wld Jaa R)h W7 Vlllaire av 

- -Hilda cash Detroit h 320 Erie w 

- Horace (Cerda) engineer CPR h 2226 Janette av 

-•Howard (Leona) seaman Erie Sand k Steamship Co h 1102 Gladstone sv 

- -Howard S h 918 Jos Janlsse av 

■ -11a I tchr Adult Education CcnfTe r 1146 Argylc rd 

- -Jack bus mgr Bricklayers k Masons Local Union h 669 Qiarlotte 

• -Jack studi r 3306 Mslsonncuvc av 

- -Jacqueline studt r 2420 Hyland av 

• Jaa r 592 Dougall av 

--Jaa [Priscilla) budget analyst Kelsey -Hayc* h M26 Virginia av 

- Jaa ;Uc Chryslera r 1510 Gladstone uv 

- Ja* crop Steinberg*a r 2702 dcmcnccau blvd 
'Jas [Hilda) mach Kelacy -Hayea h 824 Ottawa 

- -Jas C (Sarah) h 3074 Bruce av 
Jas E (Ruth) h 952 Pord blvd 

• -Jas E (Jeannette) foremn Parkview Motor* h 1627 Jefferson blvd 

• Jas P attdt Jack Harkin'* Service Ltd r 1039 Vlllaire av 

• -Jas F (Wumlfred).projector opr Twin Drive-In Theatre h 769 Winder - 

mere rd 

- Jas L (Eluth) specification writer h 2132 Bruce av 

• -Jas T (Jean) h 810 Rlvcrdale *v 

- Jas W (Iris E) emp Detroit h 6833 Riverside dr e 

- -Janet r 279 St Louis av 

Janice off Kalzer -Jeep r 1320 Chappu* 

• -Jayne r 3306 Malsonneuve av 

- Jean M tchr Alicia Mason Jr Voc School h 22. 211 lfockln| dt 

- Jean R h 4091 Mount Royal dr 

-Jcannle (wld Mlchl) h 377 Bridge qv _ 


Jcannle (wld Wm) b 1539 York _ 

-Jeffrey L (Call) alsmn Natl Ca*» Register h 3302 Curry av 

• -Jerome V (Esther) prof Umv of Windsor h 582 Unlveralty av w 
Jo Ann emp Detroit h 306 . 6490 Wyandotte e 

Jtfm Jr apprentice Brown Broa Service 

- -John elect Poirier Electric Ltd r 1959 Larkin rd 

John (KlUth) crop 8ordcr Tool 8 Die h 2230 Parkdale pi 

John emp Detroit r 2850 Virginia Pk «v 

John A (Pauline) (Brown Bros Service) h 887 Francois ct 

John 8 (Alice N) (R M Market) h 699 Charlotte 

John C (Mae) h 1729 Pierre av 

-John E (DUnc) genl mgr Wlndover Restaurant* Ltd h 405. 8787 
Riverside dr c 

- Jthn J (GlorU) mgr J L Hudson h 1082 Homedalc blvd 
John M (Elizth) h 851 McDougall 

-John T (Mane) h 2691 Walker rd 
John W Mudt r 1957 Rossini blvd 
-Jos A (Jean) h 4090 Mount Royal dr 
Josephine (wid Wm J) h 2171 Forest av 

- -Judith A r 1490 Klsmere av 

- June I Mrs IBM opr Detroit h 8. 1469 Ottawa 

• Justen r 551 Hall av 

• -Kuthrlnc Mr* hrdrsr Armand's CareeT Salon h 102. 1361 Assumprion 

- Keith studt r 1158 Moy av 

Keith A (Denise) engineer Glffcls Assoc h 663 Morand 

- Kenneth Jr bartender Windsor Raceway r 2131 Foreat av 

- Kenneth ntip Kelsey Wheel r 788 Glsdutooe nv 

- -Kenneth (Kathy) emp Chrysler* h 912 Partington av 

Kenneth genl Ub Duplate r 2696 Chandler rd _ w 

Kenneth C (Betty) sis mgr Wtn Utilities Commn Hydro Dtv h 1557 

- -Kenneth J (Iris) design engineer Chryalcrs h 100. 1730 Columbia ct 
Kenneth L (Hazel) tool k die mkr Detroit h 969 Wellington av 

- Kenneth M (Mary) emp Detroit h 491 St John 

- -Kenneth R furnace opr Standard Induction Casting# re* Bllthcswood 

- Kenneth S (Carol Ann) elect G M Trim h 3851 Mount Carmel dr 
Kenneth W (Kay) off wkr Ford* h 2131 Forest av 

--Kevin studt r 491 St John _ 

-L Wm (Ethel) asst steward Royal Canadian Legion Ambassador ftr No 
143 h 541 Bridge av 

.-Lawrence emp Candn Bridge r 2691 Walker rd 

-.^awrcncc G (Margt) custom# off Candn Custom# h 957 McKay av 

- Law non (Nellie) tool grinder Fords h 732 Randolph av 

- -Lee M (Jonl) phy k surg 307 Bruce av h 2094 Amiens av 
• Leo P (Mary-Lou) #upt Fords h 2911 Riviera dr 
-Uona Bclk Bank of Mootreol r 624 Charlotte 

Leonard J (Katherine) printing dept Chrysler* h 2358 Parkwood av 
--Lillian (wtd Win) tchr h 235 Randolph pi 
L Isabelle (wid Hadley M) h 1535 Victoria av 

- - Lizzie G (Wld Alfred) h 975 Homedalc blvd 
•Llewellyn (Irene) h 507 Elm av 

- -Lois J tchr Windsor Bd of Educ h 833 Church 

•Lorenzo J (PatrtcU) lift trk opr Kelsey Wheel h 1321 Enc r 

• Lucille B (Wld Vincent) stenog Russell A Farrow Ltd h 776 Roncdslc av 

- - Lynn tchr Walker Road Public School r 950 Banlrt dr 

•M Douglas (Barbara) tchr Adult Education Centre h 304. 531 Mill 

• -Mabel Mr * r 281 Roedmcr e av 

••Mack Rev (Mildred) minister Fust Baptist Church h 437 Tuacsrora 
Margt Mr* aec Unlv of Windsor r 4090 Mount Royal dr 
"Margt tchr Hon W C Kennedy Coll Inst r 1447 Marcnictte av 
Marilyn see Hiram Walker* r 699 Charlotte 

- -Marjorie J (wid Harvey L) h 2502 Donduraml blvd 

- Marjorie R h 1532 Prince rd 

• -Marjory (wld llcrbt) r 1115 Windsor av 

• -Mark (Mcnka) maltrc' dc Elmwood Hotel r 1655 Bnico av 

- -Marlene Mr# h 1571 Goycau 

- -Martin (RJioda) slsmn Swift Instruments h 1585 Villa MarU a 

-Mary Mrs r 43 Malden Lane w . 

- -Mary (wld Theodore) elk Kokov's Clothing k Parcel Service h 1812 


• -Mary E (wld Earl) h 1957 Rossini blvd 

- Mathew r 3602 Rock 

• Melvin (Lavinc) drvr City of Windsor h 1427 FclU *v 

- -Merton (Donna) emp Chrysler# h 1894 Balfour blvd 

• Mlchl attdt Jim Perry'# Superteat Service r 2255 College *v 

• -Mlchl studt r 2420 HlrfiUnd av 

- -Michel (Shirley) #tudt h 680 Prince rd 

■MUllcenl L (wld Fredk W)h 1218 Howard av 
■ -Milton (Eva) custom# offr Cuatom* 8 Excise (Fed Govt) h 881 Elm av 

- Milton delivery Cook's Bakeries r 881 Elm av 

-Myrtle Mrs treas Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 543. 
Windsor Municipal Employees h 625 North Talbot rd 

- Nathan ala elk II Gray Ltd h 56 . 780 Ouellette av 
--Newman h 3231 Bilaa rd 

-Norman tchr Western Public School r 3 t 5 jo*cphfoc av 

- Norman P (Ethel) maint Windsor Bd of Educ h 315 Joncjtilne av 

• Optical Co Ltd Henry Shanflcld pres. Harry Wasserman aec-treas 

467 Ouellette av 

Oswald W (Constance) postal offr P O h 2330 Glrardot av 

- -P Norman <8ctty) genl mgr Candn Bridge h 3363 Randalph av 

- Patricia Mrs nurse VON re* RR • 1 Tecumseh 

- -Paul E studt r 1730 Labadic rd 

Peter maintenance wldr Pord* h 348 Lauzon rd 
-Peter R (Theresa) mach opr Kelsey -Hayes h 873 Elm av 

• Philip elk Candn Imp Bank of Commerce r 1730 LabiuUe rd 

•-Priscilla Mrs h 3637 Barrymore lane . c , 

• R Chas Rev Canon (Pauline) rector St Mary a (Ang) Church h 1983 St 

Rav (Dorothy) (Brownie's Shell Scrvtce)h 650 Charlotte 

- -Regina as* chief opr Bell Tel h 409 . 430 Giles blvd w 
Rlchd h 1331 Erie e 

--Rlchd off Fords r 1320 Chapjxis 
Rlchd A slsmn Henry Birk. k Sons r 1745 Jefferson blvd 
Rlchd C (Mary) hi. 1637 Assumption 
Robt (Linda) h 476 Windermere rd 

• -Robt mach opr J k C Tool & Die Ltd r 166 Pierre av 

- Robt (Doris) prui International Tutoring College h 1010 Windsor av 

- - Robt (Betty) studt r 441 Langlois av 

Robt C (EUzth) *r estimator Mclonls Conveyor* h 2559 Academy dr 

- -Robt D (Helen) cable repairer Bell Tel h 10S3 Parkview av 
Robt F elk Windsor Raceway r 475 Rftwtod* • 

- Robt G (Marion) crop Overland Express h 3482 Mulford ct 

RoU H Roberta) surt Hiram Walkers h 10340 Riverside dr e 
IZ L S«3«d Life Assurance Co h 961 Jefferson blvd 

• - Robt W (Linda) h 108, 430 Giles blvd w 





■ Roderick A surveyor City at Windsor r 975 HOmcdal? blvd 

- 'Roland (Fay) attdr Brravu Bros Servlet! h 3572 Mulford cctjtI 
-'Ronald apprentice Kapco Tool & Die r 3215 RlliS rd 
-Ronald P (Maurim) engineer General Meters h 546 Vlllalrc av 
-Ronald J R (RutHna) El 236 Eisdras pi 

--KoaclLnd csludl T 1427 Prince rd 

■ Rose C (Judith) acCt Detroit h H>1 1 Strathmore av 

- Roy J (Emms) h 3710 Ouellcuo av 
-'Ruby Mrs h 205. 333 Glengarry av 
--Ruth |ld Hugh) r -1054 Longfellow aV 

- -Ryan studi r 539 Rlvurdolt-- sv 

■ -Sami (Clrtre} (Samfo Second Hand Store) h 1334 Pflr«t av 
-Sam] N G (Elfolh) h 3311 Riberdy rd 

' -Snndfa F regd tiursiftg a sat Grace Hasp r 3414 Woodland av 
--Shinreei Lab lethtl Board nf HtsJlh T D. 460Gik-ii blvdw 
—Shirley A nlcilOR Wells Carp r 1677 Bougall aV 

- -Sulom an R h U26 Lincoln rd 

—Stanley (Catherine) chkr CNR h 1307 Bruce nv 
--Swnley (Violet) lab j M Takacn If 2825 Whelpron 

- -Stanley A (Annie) dentlat 2776 WhdlptOn b 2396 Curry nv 
--TorronC'ft A (Sandra) assmblr Rcndfo-EdlpUe T 97fi Wyandotte W 

- -Terry C (Christine) tool & die mkr East SldeStampIugh 23, 865(1 

Wyandotte u 

--ThOS mill hand Cope A Gurr Machinery red Eiitimeryvlllc 
-ThOH B (Mary L) much rpf Chry slots h 444 Christopher dr 

- Thog W iiffltlblr JwiGM Brakes Canada Ltd re* St Clair Beach 

- -Thou W (Doris) flronn HMCS Hunter h 1745 Central nv 

--Trevclyn M (Teresa) irtifoh rprenn Qjryslets h 2430 Highland #v 

- -Vera (wid Dougins) ertvp PhUp Flowers Ltd r R44 Marion *V 

- -Walter meCh IfowkeiWOOd Garage Ltd r 44 L l.anglois nV 
--Wayne M (AtsukO) tchr Gilinere Schl h 3467 Wyandotte e 
-'Writ (Connie) ugr Monarch Life Assurance Go res Esses 
--Wm (Lynn) emp Canadian Motor Lampb 3261 Ellison nv 
—Wm (Mary) maint Windsor Mouafog Authority h 2234 Secord av 

- -Wm RCAF r 3454 Mulford ct 

- -Wm Btndt f 1S39 Y ork 

- - Wm A (Clara) h 696 Daugall aV 

--Wm D (teabelle) elect Fords h 3414 Woodland av 

- "Wm \i (ftutil) elk Fords h 1655 Yprcs bird 

—Wm E see Later Cbmi Canada Lid Finishes Division rcS Toronto 
--Wm J (Aline) h 333 Albert rd 
--Wm)r7B0 Dossil a* 

--Wm J (Helen) h 2EM, 7525 Wyandotte c 
RrgwDB CliJB K (Ann) h 2135 Peliasier 

--GotIn (Gloria) nop Ford! It IB30 Wdttqbtt rd • 

- -Geo T (Valeric) engineer MetEopwUlan Hospital h 30 LI DanduraliU hlvd 
--Lfihmael (Lllllrto} emp Fords h 652 Winiisor uV 


(Lon Browne & Mike Browne) General Insurance, 

5230 Wyandotte Street Enal, Phone 045-2.791 

■ -Leonard (Elaine) (Lea Bronte Insurance) h S23£l Wyandntto e 

- -Mlrhl L (Bonnie) (Lon Browne Insurance) h 965 Rayrno rd 

Rrownfli David F (Anne) slsmn Border City Tice Ltdh 4075 Clitirchill dr 
-Dionne IChr Prjnco Edward Schl r 202 Josephine av 
--Earl B (Ro^eiPury) apprentice H Hcllcaier A Sons (Windsor) Ltd T U. 
3330 Wyandotte e 

—Hflnce L (BfAtrlCC) pfiOtO enfixaver Windsor Daily Star b 3639 Glepwood 

-■Harold H (Ethel) h I3L3 Erie e 
-Jas W (Jenny) rimer RLn&hrd Mastou h B(I7 Campbell av 

■ ■ Mars’:,:]H A (Elsie) h. 2193 Continental av 
"Shirley M r 21 i; i3 Contlneriiat uv 

-Una (wld Hspcl-J Is 202 Josejisbie av 
-Wm P (Elonllyn) em|) Mercury dsCmienl h 33h Elliott W 
Rrownhill Jas A (Rlsartm) ad) Cncnmercitil Union AsBurante Group h 2190 
May av 

Brownies Ritsts Si Sports (Garland Brown) 1725 Huron Church Llor A 
1365 Riverside dr w 

--Shell Service (Ray Qrcnvn & Etlc Malcolm) 3663 Walkor rd 
EtrmroJpg Artlsd (1 sabclla) tnach npr Wlndwjr Steel h 1S&2 Glendale nv 
-'Snice (jOnn) tferv mgt Bttlmer l-ypcwrlteT Co res Amherst burp 
-"Cl If lord (Rotilca) drvr River MIU stec] Llcniltni 
"'Emily legal sjee L ) Compttiu QC rezt RR »1 Windsor 

- EntcEt (Agnes) lab city Engineors Dept h K74 Louis qv 

■ 'Jns A (Mary I?) h 3355 Chords 

--John (Sylvia) tdehr Eswa packers r 1325 Goycau 

--John A mnmtcnancfnm CnRdn Rock Salt Is 3465 Giriirdot av 

- .Jos e. (Geraldine) plaht nspr Monitor Hid h 1240 Curry av 
"'Mitchell (Carol) lab Inter-Change Cartage h 1255 Asimnpiion 
—Rcfijje (Joan) emp Fords h 451 CaLoraEpil 

3 -Ronald r 1541 Randoljii av 

BrCNViilce Ndrma (Wid Edgar) h BBS Albfft rd 

■ -Wayne R (Sylvia) Clk Matthews Lumber h 3S6 Mcl^vatl iW 
ftrtjwoJio David (wrter Mtiro Store t 1779 Olive rd 
"■Dorothy li 3456 Bloom Held rd 

- -J Masweil (Meta) PMOCtete prof Udfv of Windsor h 2+71 Academy clr 

- .J aa (Theresa) marh rpr Chrysler^ h ! 120 RbL^lavm dr 

- -Jehu (Isabel) h K66 Bcllopcrche pi 

- -jebn P rflaftr MulUsew Lumbe r r i 14S Elsm«e av 
"Kusnutb (Cudjerine) Step] wkr h 1779 OllVc rd 

-Thus (laabello) epfp Detroit b 1145 Eismero iiv 

■ -Thou Qnyce) IndPSirlal relations Detroit b 1004 Garden Court dr 
Rroy Evelyn J Mrif blUngulst Wyetli Rtok h 2(M r 64B> Wyandotte t 

- -Mlchl C (Marlon) ebemist Jolsn Wyeds A Broli 1971 Francois rd 
E)ro#delklii Alex (Mary) forunin Chrysleri b 3097 Radisson av 
Bruce Adorn (Mnrgt) h 947 PurtlrptoQ av 

- -Alex D (Margo) lehr St LOUlP School b 1560 .Miirnrtone fl.V 
. -Alex R (Germaine) elk ChryBlare |t 342 GruVe av 
--Apts S40-S46 Bruce av 

-Dougina K (Loonc) h IS53 Ar^lsur rd 

--DDUsdnH E (Juiiiuic) pres Joanne Rmce Ltd h S50S Riverside dr 

- -Duac-ati (Barbara) shipping c]k llinslicd -Maeou H 1319 Rmtdolfis nv 
--Eleanor ernp Detroit h 30B, 64CW Wyondetio c 

-EUai (wld Albt) b 196 Crawford av 

-Bllen Mrs r US3 Lewi 

--Emery acet Halino Jowcllcre). r E270 Motuuouth rd 

- Roitald W r 7649 ST Rose aV 

- -Gram R (Mary) (R Iverside Marioc) b 7 B40 St Rose av 
—Harold F (Paitllne) Lab Fords |i h s li C How av 
-Holed M (wid MacIntyre) h 6135 Riverside dr « 

-Jan (Maricn) itotenm CmidJi Stdt Co h 1930 Larkin rd 

- .Jaa B (Niincy) tepy editor windaor Star >■ 2U2H Glendale flv 
* -Jaa C (Putrlcla) off Dingwall Motor y h 23B Jouophine av 


(Duugtas and Jeiume E Bruce) 337 Oaell&tte 
Avftni c, Phono 252 "76951 

-los (Tlseodn) tool & die Ghomplod Spuck Plush 2241 GlndstonoaV 

"-Mark E naiflisbilr Chcvslerr, f 1856 Artliur rd 

-"Market (Laura bianco) grocer HU Bsycc 

-Maurice A (Lorraine) trimmer Chryfilers b 2 4 ^ T u imec rd 

- -Robt apprentice meeb Maclmodi Sep Station r 7640 St Rose at 
■ 'Roberta r: 202. 325 Giles blvd w 

-■Wm F (ShIT]o*y) elkKayacr Jueph ij W-ggS, aV „ 

"Wm H mgr inffi engChryulers h 105, 29S5 McLnj av 

Brucli Anti h I. 142? Riverside dr r ___;---- 

Brndncr Goldie (wtd Henry) h 1061 Ylciorld av 

■ 'Hcrbt (Ellen) (,kSrsbenboum, Bvffliholer A Rundalll h 2856 Orion eves 
Brudy Otto (EUrlh) oupt of macb Uisop Unsv cl Winder h 559 Askia av 
- -Peter E (Janice) wdfea Univ Of Wbtdsor hi, 224 California av 
BruL-ekner Walter O (SicIonic) eonstn h 2646 Llftyd George blvd 
BfUettdeir.H John h 510-512 Janene av 
Brugge John (Kathleen) loremn Fords h B27B LauE-or rd 
Bruggmk Han (Leona) quality control GhryslCT* h 515 Capitol 
Erubn Gerhard W (Sudan) loremn m fg Internatiornl Todld h 4061 Mount 
Royal dr 

Rruiv Lily (wid Luc sen) h 1950 Fomdale av 

- - V Alex (Florence) clvmn Dingwall Is 1066 Wpiteon nv 

Brumptan Gerald (Helen) tchr W D LWc h 402, 1475 Riverside dr w 
‘Harry D (Juanita) parks it rccreatiMt commnr Dept &f Porks 6 
Retreat I on h IflfjO Da-cotah dr 

R Gregory [Cbr Win Hi#i Sebobl bf Commence h 3424 Cross 
-Sydney W (Marjorie) bus drvr SWU Rly h 342* Cross 
flrumWcll tlrtd e (w Id Stanley) h 24S Me Sv an av 
--Robt (ReETn) h 247 Me Ewan *V 

Erun Ago^tmn cllc setter appremic^ Ambasisadi>r Marble S Tile Lid r 
14 B0 Olive rd 

■ Ltno M (Jeanette) lab Sterling Building Mate rial @h HflQ Olive rd 
Bruneau Paul F (i.aurenia) shpf Fords li 2905 Denilhg 

Bruncll Madeline (wld Henry) h 3. 611 Rivetfilde dr w 
EtruneJU- Alice (wid Wm) h 1616 Butt's av 
--Andrew geiil lab Duplatc r 601 William (TiXiUtiSdi) 

-Arnold (Sberry Lwj drvr ulamn Purity Dalrk-s h 3^34 Byng rd 

- - Arthur (Betty) for omit C H Mclnnis Co h S605 St Patrick^ dr 
--Arthur lab Fords r 1616 Ben's av 

--Donald emp diryakfS C 44 IS Wyandotte o 
--Eli (Apples) trk drvr City Of Windsor h H>19 California aV 
-Ellztli Mrswtrs Rmdi^vuuE TsVenl Tea Tecumfeh 
-"Garry siucft t797 Bridge av 
""Geo emp Detroit T fH3 Partington av 

■ -Gerald (Shirley) fflhdl h 4, 3* Glengarry av 

■ 'Henry II (Doris) bet .tip man ^013^}' llnyes h 797 Bridge itv 

■ -Job 1 (Alesina) fflaCb opr City 01 WiiLdsorh 1017 California av 
"JOfi W (Alms) sprayer Fubco Steel h 1622 Bctt'n 

—LOttlsv r 1616 Belt's av 

--Marc (CecEe) mclnl fofibr Chrynlcra h 4415 Wyandotte e 
—Maurice J (Madeline) lub J RovLusky & Sena h 45*6 Malden rd. 

--Paul (Kaylene) Ltk drvr Essex Packers r 931 Windsor av 

- -Paul J r 1017 California oV 

—Raymond (Kathleen) emp Chryiilrrs h 3494 BloomEicld rd 
llruner Bruce (Haitul) entp Detroit h 34 16 Glenwood av 

- -Sruce (Frantes) fob McK innoo Lnduetrfos h 929 Uarajcgn av 

- -Corl □ (Ruby) real estate broker 1451 Ouellette av h sauic 
-Carolyn uie Beneficial Finance Co Ltd reb RR fc I lissc* 

■ ■ Clarence (Alice) drvr Greyhound Bus h 1927 Bailout blvd 

■ Earl r 436 Aylmer av 

- -Edwd W dLfmn Corl D Rrutlvr f I4S1 OUcDctle av 
’ -Gary A (Evu) emp Chrykletu h 2075 Bailout blvti 

- "Gtv'i E r 147-5 Huron Church Line 

- -Gerald shpr Monarch Otfiee Supply Ltd t 1667 flnicc aV 
--Gerald F (Bernadette) servicemn Pnrkvkv/ Mercury Saloa b 

Rankin av 

Renneth C slsmn Carl D Bruner r 14SI Ouelk-ne nv 
--Marie Mrs typistOmrkker & French InS Agency Ltd h 1667 Bruce av 
" -Mervin (Gladys) emp Bii ot Educ b 1609 Pi'tlssta 

- -Regd G T emp Fordit h 469 Bruce av 

- -Rtehd pressmn AtCfldfo Press Ltd res Kingsvilk 

- -Ronald D dental □pprutHlcc Learniugiott LalxfratjricS Lid res 


--Terrtmue L RCAP r 1922 Balfour blvd 
—ThOS r 3, 1125 Monmouth Td 

- "V1o]cc Mrs tmi|l Grace Hcspimi h 4&9 Onk nv 

Iknrnct Alfred (Yvetta) janitor Elmwood h J22» Hlrtory rd 
—Arthur (Eraneos) cond F.H&ei! Terminal Rly h iJSO Janette jv 
-Della (Wld Ruoul) h 247 Lnhglols av 
"-Delplilu (Luoy) h 6#7 Riverpldc dr c 
--Eileen clk-ehkr Beauty Councelors of Can res La tfalte 
--JoV C tchr Immaculate Ccmccptiob Schl res La Salle 
--Jlllfo (w id Kichol) r 3634 DoUgall av 
--Oliver fob Fordo r 247 LangfoiP av 

- - CHIU p vice -preu Hl-Ho CurbServ-Us Ltd r 247 lamgloiu av 

- - Robt C (Nancy) h 131 MtrEwtin av 

■ ■ Ronald F (Efofoc) emplrttl TooJsli 2551 Huron Ehurch Line 

- ’Y van L {Antoinette) fob t^ryslers h 1224 Centril aV 
Rninetl Wallace J (Elluiv) h 1135 Elm nv 

Ftrunctla Gfoveno (Lucy) lab Key Stone Gohsm h ^77 Laltglois nv 
--Rina fcliehun hlpr £t Mary's Academy t 977 LanglnSn av 
Rram-tte Robt P (Linda) b 755 FatrlCla rd 

"-Willih S (Drsovo) tool A dir mkr Cadillac Motor. Car Dlvh 250 
Ijucl. rngkam dr 

HnliU Angelo r 949 Murcolctte av 

- AntOP (Giovana) fob QiryslefS b 949 MaTeritclTC av 
-Goo r 2372 Hlgblaivd av 

—Giuseppe (Sandra) imip Cliryulors ll 667 McKay av 
--Pietro (Angela) broadnm StlnhCT Jfokcry El 2326 Highland nv 

- -Siilvutori (Marla) emp Fi)t<fo b 2372 Highland .v 

Bruailug Oiarlefl Co Division of Addressee* a J* • MidtlgtaJ* of Canadn Ltd 
EdwtS Hall rep t'bglncorins etptlprntmt 2B25 Howard av 
Brunk Ronald H (Laura) h 1H. 5750 Wyandotic c 
Bnmke Emma (wid AIM) b 332 Fierro av 
" -Joyce E emp Detroit r 302 Pierre av 

Bnnuier Keith emp Canada CfoaftWiy Lumber Go Tea Ruth Veil 
Bruno Anthony h 619 Charles 
-Anthony srnrft £ 619 Charles 

- -Joalt St Vincent do Paul (HQ School r 619 Chnrlk:u 

- -jvhb (Vclms) ecigfoeor Chryslers r 619 Charles 

Bruno's Woodcraft (Bruno Rossynn) cabinet mkr 7243 Sandwich 
Brunone Santa INLna) fob Kelsey Ifoyes h 956 KlarJotl av 
Brunt Donald R (Evelytl) h 3260 Aflfcin av 

.-LCD A ttk drvr WiliLfoor W ivm r *> H7 C 

■ -Roy T (Margt) detective Folfoe Dept h 2176 York 
BruntOh Lloyd M (l)oUa) prntr Windsor S(*r h Ml MOV av 
—Wnl prcasojii Lforder Press res Leamington 

BtUMO Sslvuiorl fob Tameo Lid r 568 Glengarry av 
Brush Alvlra 1 emp Budimir Library r 3369 Riberdy rd 
-Arms (ire&e) h 3569 Ribeidy rd 

- -Cadirrlnu (Siudi r 2637 Byng rd 

- "CforOKC (Jean) fob Kolico Bolt Go h 2293 Eeeord av 
—Fred (Susan) h 3389 Peter 

- -Gar field C (Alice)), 166(1 GrecnvieW cren , , „ _ 

■ 'Gerald ] I (DontUt) oect Caadn Imp Bank (if Comineree h 210 Me Ewan av 
-Harold F (Alice) patrol Police Dept h S53 Mill 

--Harold n (VIVInn) oven opr Young Spring & Wire h 849 Labtidlc rd 
--Harvey E : (Lvnoro) asst supr Win lAilltioe CtHtimn (Water Div) |t 273fl 
Ikickingluina dr 

- -JaS K (Doniui) (Home Decorating Studio) b UW2 Eastlawn blvd 
--John A L (Elbe!) h 1777 Mw aV 

- "Kenneth (Helen) prodLict analyst (JtrysIefM h 324U Morris dr 
■"-LuightoU (Isobel) amp Detroit h 2637 Byhg rd 

-■Liadn revd nurse Grace Hasp r 1532 York 
-Lynn L (Linda) engineer McKinnon Eridnsirleit It 1980 Somme <XV 
• -Marvin L (Wantfo) acct Hlmm Walkers h 1103 Belle IbIo Vlw blvd 

- -Ray R (Lilu) emp Fords Eh 1136 Prado pi 

-"Ruaeell serv advisor H F Rryam Motors tea RR k2 Amheffl-tbtirg 
BntdheiT Qia* constable RCMF r 608(1 RivcrMdu dr c 

- Larry (Dale) entp Dingwall Motors h 461 Rlvercfole av 

Bruskl Edwd M aludt T lfH7 Murcntetle av 

. .Mifco (Ann a) lab Merer eky Bumirtine A Mcretsky h 1047 MarefdCtle av 
Brus&u Bruna vtudl r 2185 Forest av 

- -EgidlO lab fteSBlnl TUc h 2352 Wilfoslcy 
--Cenriina acudr r 2352 Wellesley 

--Cine (Anna) carp Keystone Courractor& h 2183 Forest av 
BrutiSvau Geo j (Dorolhy) Jtlalnt Foids h 4063 Tccutnsr* blvd e 
--John E (Edna) utiliiymu R PScbuinr Ltd h 3393Mutehcttc rd 

• )iAiti Ft cur jockey Clearwater Chrysler-Dodge r 256 Pierre av 
Brusznyal Geo (Mai I Ida) h 2343 Leonard 

Rt uy o sun FxhVd pc PoJ ice Dept r 3V23 Ttfcum&til blvd e 
Rrysn Alex engineer M M Dillon lxl 

- Arthur J <Gertrude) h 1617 Smiih Cameron, blvd 

■ "Dsnl (Clarabetle) (K?n Dan Mfg Co) h 3114 l.ongfcUtnv a.v 

tlsrel Mr a bcC Butch cir ‘ h Enginerrlngh 2315 Wellciloy 
■Irwin (Ruth) foyour man Cenirl-Spray Ltd It 806 Pillctte rd 

• Jas p tens griniJer Imjperlal Optical t 2315 Wellesley 

■ -Jaa W (Karen) punch press opr Aftntricsn Standard Produeish 830 

Pill cm- rd 

■John (FroJlCus) faremn Keitdan Mf|h 1889 ToursngCitu rd 

• Kenneth J (E)izth) (Keadan Mfg C^i h 3220 Academy dr 
-MaTKi (witt Guo) h 803. 333 Glengarry av 

- -pin I i p rjtia Lily conlrol Kclitcy-Hayes h 465 Vera pi 

- RtHtr (Delores) loll ChryultTs h 6. 1017 Pierre jV 

■ Tlios (Mary M) emp Detroit b 254 Lincoln rd 

Tlios G M Rev (Ellzth) tti tnlstar )(neiv Preabytorian Gliutch b 528 
Partington nv 

Victor fl (Simunrte) tool itrlb Qir/sKrs fi 2266 WellcGlCy 
Bryans jas JJant') Uuty engineer Bdof Educ It 2043 Vlmy av 

- -John (Jvan) (t3a»nry Vuriery Store) h 527 Mill 

- Lome R (Anna M) (Cannon Bund 81a St Service) h 2510 Academy dr 
--Margt r 2W3 VLtny av 

- Wm (Maureen) mecii, City b 1017 flrock 

BryalU Alan W erudt r 7177 Kivcrttide dr V 

- Christopher R atudt r 1815 Lark 16 id 

*-Denis (E-orainc) hI am n li I. 137 Elruce av 

■ Doris companion r 32, 211 foicljsjjijen dr 

"-Dougfoa G (Geraldine) foremn GmiI Motors Ei 2657 Jamaica cres 
--Cordon (Stella) trifcr Windsor Housing & G3CtigaJfry Courtb 110* 333 
Glwvgiirry av 


H D Bryant Pr&sHienL Pont foe, Butck, Acad j an, 

Vauxhall nnd GMC Trucks„ Goodwill Used Cara, 

(115 Tecumseh Blvd EasL, phone 252-7721 


J, Ntcfldemo President* Healing and Alr-LondlllOfiing 
BqiilpmenL, 322 & Walker Ffoad* Phono B6€-1550 

--H«bf (Linda) hlpr Cord Bryant Mover h H>23 Halt av 
. -Herfo p (Beverley) pres H D eryint Motors b 3646 Ouellette aV 
-■Jack (Alice) janUqr Chrysler* h 2717 Rivard .iv 

- John A stud? r 1BL5 L.irMll rd 

■ K.itheCine E (will AlVSh Wj I; 7177 Riverside dr e 
--Louis F {Georgina) nt h PO ii JYJ5 Ellrose nv 

- Luciu h 5449 Bloomfield td 

"Lulu Mrs h 1415 Lincoln rd _ 

-Mlnbl li (JiLtsi) vltrc-prcU ndininltstralfon L i;lii F Jos Lnmb Dl It 2LH. 
3225 College av . . . 

—Paul foe opr L'OrJetlTnl Heir Fatifons r 396 RjuidoJpb av 
--Peter 5- (Donna) h 2, 23 61 River^Jde dr went 

■ -Ray W (Kenlyn) trkr h 3395 l.ansfelluw *v 

-Rubl (AlUt) fob FiantieaSt h 402, 445 G1 Wlgarry nV 

- -Robe Lean p Detroit h 2530 W indErnn t re ttl 

--Roland euE4t Brewera Rcrnil Outlet It 1253 Resume {LaSalle) 

--Stanley plastics JJ]* mgr QntariC Steel Product* Company Lid 
-Tod J fMnrgt) tool & die mkr DomifUcwi Forge h 1815 Lnrkm rd 
Bryce Frank (Vef*) h IS21 FettidaLe av 
-Gerald (Linda) fob CDiryafora h ^86 Wyandotte e 

■ -Racbeal (w|d Joa) h 2943 Peter 

--Wm L (Doris) engineer NY C h 341)1 Longfellow av 
Bryeefoftd David empGenJ MolorfiTrlm r 950 Partuigton aV 
--John r 3435 Welle 

■ -Patrick (Carole) drvr alum a It 9?0 Partington jv 

■ -Patrick {Catherine) spray phtr fabrIfiatedSteel h 3435 Wells 

■ Thus smelt r 3435 Well* 

Dry da tv Alfoon operating Ptj suprvar Metrapplitan Gnneral Hoapltal r 
2h47 Everts nv 

--Wm computing Clk Tunnel Long Room res RR 73 Essea; 

Brydges Alfred (Gladya) h 740 Lln:ofo rd 

-■Afointnum (Rny Brydgc;:) alumlJiUftt doors & u/ituj™i!i 1515 Crawford av 
"Clarence trtip CT3R r 1683 Colkge av 
-Hclun nurse Merrill E Nr^elh Is 112, 2985 McKay av 
. 'Hcrbt A mm matatoniniCi- City of Windsor h 5. 205-219 StrabAne tv 

■ - Madge £ 1475 Huron Church LLro 

--Roy (Dorfo) (Ery eigen Alum in urn) h 1515 Crawford av 
--Robt (Peggy) emp Chrysfors h 3251 Monmouth rd, 

Brydorv Gabariollo C h 267* Chandler rd 

- -GeO A (Annie) >i 33 26 Woodfown aV 

Bcygldyr Mtto (Mary) fodhr Walkrr M«ta3 Productn h 2546 fcrnjrd rd 
--Vera tchr Si Vincent Jl- Paul (RC) Sclmol r 2546 Bernard rd 
Bryktfa DfoDL- Mr« ^ec Global Life Insurance Co (Windsor Central Bf) 
res Amhersihurg 

- Luba elk typlSl County of Esse* MngistraU^n Court res AnihersttturE 
Bryson Mary h S, 3$7 Goyuau 

- -Sandra srudt r 1703 L abjdle rd 

--SUoan (wltl Sami) h 5H. 333 Gfongurry av 

--Tberon M (Fortufta) h 7440 Academy dr 

-Wm CfoBslc) emp Champion Spark Plugs h I703 Lobatlfo rd 

Bryscrn T B Ble V Phamtacy Dotlgfou White tngr 3l9*“3L9fi Sandwich 

Dehuckl Wm (Mar)oric) moth Dot:mt b 2691 Walker rd 

Bubba Clarence E (Olga) mgr Chrysler b h 3320 McKay qv 

- '5E Ksnt (Geraldine) mgr Ssrvaear Lid It 101, 2985 McKay av 
BublcWlch MieJiL r 1015 Cadillac 

Bublfok Greg (Maukeeti) elk Chrysler^ t 351+ Normnh £tl 
• -Lawrence alk C3irys|eza r 810, IU Rlvefalde dr C 

- -Nlcholaw (UtHth) emp Detroit h 2514 NOntiaflTd 

BubuJc Vlnko S (Colette) map Fords h 2621 CVnUtticeali b)vd 
Ikibrick i-idwd W (Erma) pren WltriBor UnSletl MnaOniry Lid It 3333 
Randolph av 

--JdhP (Fletty) vicc-prus Windsor UtiLted Masonry Ltd h 2323 RaodOlpli av 

- -Wm (Dotfo) Carp hlpr Pitch ti Sons |. ID82 Janette &v 

foiburuz Constant me wtr Drop Id TaverEt (Wfodsor) Lid b 2352 Mcldrum 

Ifocar Jos (Arm) h 170B Hickory r* 

’-Steve (Mury) foremn Chryslori h 1656 Pillette rd 

lluccelbi Antonio (Glu54-pfHttn,) fobDom Forge h 916 Majr«Urlte av 

Hucclarelli Qulxlno (Grace) lab Fords li 350 Hall nv 

BucbSP Aid G (Hazel) acci Jay-Zee Pood Products It 2665 Rivard av 

--(fold (wjd Wm) house mother Grace Hospital h 935 Pclfosiet 

--Jas (Hekn) ptmhr Jeff Kcorns t *57 St Paul jv 

- pelcr B 0 cabal) tshr UnlV of Wuidsor h 3185 Ma-tsey ct 
Robt R (Margt) li 967 Daw sou rd 

Ruehatum Eteverly studt £ 24 W Lfocoln rd 

- -Brenda utude uuruc r 2440 l.uirotn rd 

--DfMald A (Ana) flrcmn Win Fire Dept h L273 LfoCblh rd 

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t-mp Hiram Wjdfcers h 2621 Tourangeatl rd 

■ ’■Ellxth L bkpr Esquire Clothta Shop (Windsor) L(4 h °3S [ lomcdale blvft 
■EllEflMr 2449 Windermere rd 

- “Floyd L (Buchanan's Cod fee 1 1 on cry) h 2373 GLrardot <v 

- -G Alan (E4iel) pres Lome Campbell Lid h 24 40 Lincoln rd 

- Harold C ( enip Fords h 936 Ford blvd 

■ ’Horace irk drvr Oiryslem f 1331 Me Ewan av 

--Jna H (Dolores) prlrt Princess Anne Public School li 4&60 Churchill dr 
■■Larry simft t 262 L TOurangefin rd 

- -Margt (wld Jdhn) T 938 Hotnttlilt blvd 

■ - Marvin A (Alra) trie drvr Detroit h 1267 Fell* av 

--Raymond (Marilyn) m nint L-nanve Sopor ate School B4 h 1164 Josephine av 
. 'Victor V (.Matilda) It 1332 Me Ewan a* 

Biefuflan'E Confectionery (Floyd L Buchanan) 1109 Cnitfomln av 
Buchcfc ftdwd bin aider Boeder Cities polish Condo Glud r 1673 
Buckingham rd 

- -Jan carp h 1673 Ikicfc Ingham rd 

Buc he'll Fred tttip Fords r 1203 loabclJe pt 
--Harry puprvar Fords h 1203 laoljelle pi 

Bueheski John (Katharine) genl fOrcmn Cnadfl Bridge h iSBR Mott* fd 
-•Leo (Barbara) staff sgt Police Dept h 433$ Mount Royal dr 

- Sieve G (Germaine) trk drvr City b 9 M California av 
Eftiebholz Den ISO Otudt r 1220 BellepetXhC pi 

--Oscar (Patricia) carp Loafing Coagtn li 1*20 Bcllcpcreh o p3 
Bucbhobeer Eric J off Dotn ftuon Forgo r 155-3 Pierre »v 
--Susanna (w 1(1 John) h 1553Ptcrre av 

Buchkowakl Wtn (Helens,-) *l«l engineer Qnt Hydro h 2560 Rivard aV 
Bye ho or QmsCi (Bertha) h t048McCwan av 

- -OallOfl M (Joan) (Site Aluminum Sales) h 1Q21 Windsor jv 
--D ouglas R (Sharon) acct Fords ft 309 Wellington av 

- -Leighton E (Nancy) Ikol Win Fire Dept I: 3042 Avondale court 
--Raymond tool apprentice TrlornToo) & Dio r 3042 AYttodtJe conn 
--Roger D expediter Ea&tSLde Flailng res St Clair Botch 

Btiebok Nick (Anna) (Star Horel) K 317 Hall W 

- -Steve (Fannie) (Sur Hotel) h 78&-79S Gladstone av 

Bubholtjc kudolf (Anne) production lab l.etpe Mach Prod h 2562 Oiacidlcr 

Buchytieky Ales (Netty) emp Fords h LOBS Hall av 
Buck D r 130 Fai* w 

■-Dorothy dint nurse Ontario Society far Crippled Qilldfen h C, 467 
Giles blvd w 

- -Dtmenn C (Rose) lflb lid cl EduC b 743 Aylm er av 

- -Eshei Mr:' r 3060 Saadwleh 

--Frit* (R labetf]) assmblr Volta Welders h 551 HenJy 
-Cn (Anna) carmmNYC Rly ft 106. 147 S Riverside dr w 
--Glyn R (Marguerite) sis engineer Detroit h 3236 Randolph av 

■ ■Harold E (Margt) vice-pcss mfg loti Playing Card h 904 WostmiaslEr 


■ -Jack (Marilia) It 5l 1 WEUlPftan av 

- -Jean r 301 Victoria av 

■■Margr A tchr Windsor Teach era College res Esse* 

Buckbo rough David (Doraon) radiografiier 10DE Hoaplutlh 1054 Frank av 

- -L Trescy elk DIG r 744B Wyiinrlnctt a 

• -Mary A (arid Lawrence) h 7448 Wyandotte e 

BuckeJI Brenda nlnr Vanity Theatre r 1389 Joseph Inc aV 

Stic kenberger Frank pljtT-r Rtvereide Fla Birr Log r 2529 Turner rd 

BDCbhjJuun Towers Apts 2]) ButkLnghiun dr 

Buck]and Wm H crrdlC mgr Cretn Gtnni ol Can Lid h 201. 6363 Wyandotte 

Buckle Donald G asst mgr Traders Group IT 1053 GILddun av 
JlucktiT Arlliuf D (lcMtn) offr Qiatama 6 ExeLtie li 2076 E C Row av 

- -Frank lab Walkervillc Lumber h 446 Hall *v 
■■Harry (Jane) r 446 Hall av 

- -Harry Jr Jitney dr%'r Du plate r 446 Hail av 

- -John D elementary sclit lehr Prince of Wales Puh Sc};l res RR 81 

Tecum sch 

Buckleo Jc4m D (Mary) tihoa dept mgr WuOlco Dept StOtch 1. 867E 
Wyandotte e 

Buckley Basil unit mgr Associates Acceptance Cb Ltd r 43V Caron, av 
- -Cecil J (Agnes) h 12 L7 HLeiory rd 

■ -EdLih (wld Qias) It 642 Goycait 

- - Erie N (Edba) h 639 Bruce av 
--P (Arletae) h I. 74 Sheplieti.1 w 

- -Gerald B (Cather ine) drvr Sterling Census It 3433 Wcodlawn nv 

- -Jas (Mvrgl) h 674 Eugenic 

- -Ja a A hr tn gr passenger aerv CNR h 105. 1L95 flxuc e av 

- -Joltn asst aUUE The Toronto-Doan talon Bank tee Chatham 
--Roealid flEenihlr CJirysleru r 1217 Hickory rd 

- - Wm F (Jean) mgr General Motors Acceptance Corp Uf CflOada Ltd ft. 

41)70 Omrchlll dr 

Buckner Alex M [Gerlrudi.') yafdmuS-ier NYC h 166 Harju c 

- -Douglas W (Lererta) prea Douglas W Buckner Ltd ft 1 10 California nV 
--Douglas W Ltd Douglas W Buckner pres interior designing4769 

Wyandotte je 

Bueonjilc knjku genl lab East Side Fluting t S46R Godlllac 

■ -Stanko (Filipa) studs h 1J130 Alexis rd 

Buvsu Adam A (Barbara) trap Qiryslersb 1695 BUckirntfudb rd 
■•Frank (Annie) b 1797 Hall jjv 
B ucur Nick r 1963 Wcitm Snater av 

--Nicolai cinp Canadian Bridgeh (rear) 1532 Droullbird rd 

[kid Heating A Air CraditiooLag (Wni F Beroski) 2763 Damhifan(l trtvd 

Bud's TV Home A Ad(o Radio iurvlce (Gerald N Haimnm) t&04 Fell* av 

&ida Emily (wld Jos) It HSU Albert rd 

Budm t.asli (Tliercw) labCiry of Windsor h 1233 Lincoln rd 

Budak John (Dolores) els rep Skinner Buu LtUeoh 1585 Rossini blvd 

- -Sieve (Mary) h 2710 Seminole 
tttdoy Mary (wid juhn) h 3549 King 

Budd Edvd A (Msrgl) hr mgr The To-ronto-Dbm Union &mk h 2397 
Riidlstua JV 

--Gordon H (Helen) aoai supt puh He jpthl* Bd of Edde Ji 2356 QiUVer rd 
-•M Ellxth studt r 2897 Radinson av 

■ -Machine-Tool Co Ltd VlrwefllJ Decker pres, Rot* T Lee sec, Frtd F 

Decker truss 6 gunl mgr tool A die mkra 3064 Devon dr 
■■Metal Ttfatmg Vincent J Decker pres, Rot* T Lee tec 6 getd mgr. 

Fred 1" Decker LfVAa heat treating 3076 Devon dr 
Budge Jack S Improver InternalLoiui! Tools-1 1 1175 Campbell aV 
Budget Auto Rimmifi (Windsor) Ltd Allan Cold prea A genl mgr auto 
retiToi 3iS UnlversLcy av w 
--Financing Ltd (Mervln W EiaoH) SISGoyeaU 

■ -Rent A Car auto rental 4 315 Univertlty av w 

BodbPSr ISrankn (Lynn) buyer N & D Supermarkrt:i b 2192 Everts av 

■ -Larisna (w|d Nicholas) pres NAD Supermarket Ltd h 2753 Curry aV 

■ -Steve (Ingeborg) thalrmn of bd N 4 D Supermarket ~ld h 2770 Curry av 
fimilo JosephLne (wid Alci) Is 1174 Wcstcott rd 

Bud in lit i ChasT forenih Riverside Co(i«ft h 567 RStOlaibu dr 
Budlnsty Isadoro (Helen) drvr Chryslera b 2371 Louis ov 

- -Jos C (Dolores) lift irk drvr Matthew# Lumber Co b 1766 Ellrose aV 
ttucijpavlJuVLL Milan (Alexandra) elk N & D Supermarket h 1324 Ou til die 


Budiuruk Fall! r 1036 Cadillac 
ftudolowofcL Larry Btudt t 2333 Rusami Wvd 
--Walter (Ann) wldr ChrysTera h 2528 Rossini blvd 
BudExvljcviO Djuro (Maria) emp ChryslerS h I960 Bernard rd 

■ -Julia emp Metropolitan Cenl HoopiUii r I960 Bernard rd 
Budwth Bonnie L EfucH r 630 Matthew -Rrady blvd 

- I'CICI (Be»9i«) wldr Chrysler# h 830 Matthew -Brady blvd 

Bwteynaki EmlUfl (wid John) h 636 Stanley _ 

Buenavidn Claire kitchen maid Huron Lodge h 2, 739 University av w 
--Regina (wld Victor) ft 2, 739 University avw 

Buerger Elke mutlt r 936 Giles blvd e 

-Wilhelm (Wilma) loo! & die mkr SKD M(g h 926 CUes hlvd e 
Ruffa Leonardo (Antonina) r 56B Hanley ere# 

Buffet David J (Irene) .it ea rep Bathu rst Cunaolltlaled Faek-aglhR Ltd ft 
404 . 8365 Riverside dr c 
Buff on Edilh cm p Detroit ii 872 VUEatrc av 

■ -Jacqueline (wid Decide rio) li 23 66 Lam Moa 
--John A dock liufld CNR Ferry h 872 VillaiTr av 
--J^twretiCL slbmn r B72 Vlllalro av 

Bugpriu Valerlu (Dolnft) oil LaSalle'E'ool Mach h 613 Alexandrine 
BUgeM Frabi. F <Ja sale) jdar Met ro^jOlllon Gcnl H0#p h 1641 Hickory rd 
--Vincent J (Doris) putr Imperial Rmerpr Lse b 180 McKay av 
BUgg Grace (Wid Goo) ft 1227 Wiglc av 

Hunter David W (AanamariO) apprentice Windaor Stnrji L725 ELtrose av 
Buhlet Cltav aoe-treau Robotron cf Canada Ltd rva Detroit 
--LtsOHArd elect Poirier EiOCtriO Ltd r $17 Riverside drw 
Buhlruan John C (Maffp) ««: sec The John Howard Soeiety o-f Windsor h 
941 Wcaichesl cr dr 

- -Leo R (Agnce) burlifr Dfsm's Roselaiid Ruber Shop h 1 $5$ Bruce #v 
Rubric Kmi-J (Eunice) carp Walker Metnl Products ]■ 2205 Lincoln rtl 
Building Sarvite Employees Internatisnal UnKjn Local 210 Anthony Burji 

ini h mgr 6 pres 1, 7119 Ouellette ftv 
[tui ison Geo (Clai re) m cell R R Car.ige b 1092 Albert rd 
ESunu Fredk L (MOfgt) mgr Lowe Brotli pfir b 2830 Asklnav 

- -Joy #tudt i 28$B Askun av 

Buja Joa (Vera) mofh Alleftln Brake & Steering Service h Z7J9 
Clemmncoau blvd 

Dajak I^dnmsd improver International Tools r 3390 Mark 
--Marini grindinn loiernatlonal Toole r 936 GUellottC 
BuJLr Mary (wld Romeo) t 4)7 LaftRiols nv 
fiujotd Edwd J lob Canadian flock Salt b 5B2 Irvine av 
BukarlCa Miluji (Marta) ftidry wkr E r ord-i h (ItUar} 1266 Si Luke rd 
ftikstibergcr Otto (Anna) plsff h 733 Grand Murals rd e 
Bukovnc Vlado emp Amo Specialties h 1845 DrOullJatd rd 
BukwLckl Victor (Sulla) elk Fordu h 449 Wahkcta 
Bula Mlehl (Lois) too-1 elk Chryxlers h 3266 Maisonneuvc av 
--Stanley (Mary) #l#rnji Essex Packersb 2253 Dominion blvd 
BuJak Loon (Jenifer) janitor Bordet Cities Poltflb Gaiuidian Club t 3773 
Hab av 

Bulct BoIeftlaW mold sporror International Tool# r 679 Plehe 

- - [.Ian (Norma) (Bulat Super Market) h 1657 College av 
--Dorothy tchr Princess Elizabeth School r 4698TecumSCh blvd e 

- -Helen (Wld Robe) (Bulat'a Seif Serve Market) h 4S98 Tecumaeti Liv'd e 

■ -Jos arudi r 679 Piehe 

--Louis alamo Canada Dry r 4S9B Tecumaeh blvd e 
--Norm n Mrs n!#ldy Cetp H BepncLan r 1657 College a V 
--Feter tchr Si Puixick’H School V 1631 College av 

- -F«er F (flada) (Europe Hotel) h 536C Riverside dr e 

■ -Robt (JoiiVFlilne) toolmkr iFitemalionai Tool h 679 Fichu 

- -Super Market (Dan Bitlat) pro 6 meats 1667 College av 

- Ted r 679 piehe 

BulatV self Serve Market (Mrs Helen Bulat) fro 4$96 Tecum#eh blvd e 
B4hoek Wm W (Alyn) «np Cftryslerah S69 Ford blvd 
BulckC Cyril (Marjorie) mgr KltCliOh KraJi Distributors Utlh 90S Meat- 
cheater dr 

flullga Alex (Helen) data prcCe##or Chryslera h 2842 Riviera Ur 

■ (Bcnfiii) suprver IBM h 2S97 Riviera df 

- -Jolin R. r 2897 Riviera dr 

■ Nicholas (Diane) drvr C2iryakTS h 915 Rondolfti uv 

■ -Wn i V (LaU.fa) foremn Di reel W inter # h 9d9 Randoiiij av 

Bulk Carriers Ltd Douglas Cawley mgr transport 2547 DotlgaU av 
Uilkiewiez Slcfun (LOEta) cnip Canda Bridge h 10$ I Windermere rd 
Bull Cecil & (Marie) pros Bull & GaUEhlrr Body t Paint Shop Ltd h 1677 
Rett's av 

-■David (Gloria) lim?Ch Gcal Motors Trim Ltd h $647 Howard av 
--Denftle (Irene) elk Chrysler^ h 1271 George av 

■ • Edith (wld Sidney G) h 1649 Howard av 

- -Ida h 717 Campbell av 

--jean (wid Loula) M 1419 Labadie rd 

. -JoiiEL H (Borbata) id# rep Major Realty h 2.0 ID BolleuiC hM 
--Lorraine Mr* Ntenog Hiram Walkers b 2425 Bernard rd 
-■Maurice El (Juan) phy 6 #urg 102-1B3'1D4, 1S90 GuolleRo av h 6fl!5 
Riverside dr e 

■-Mich) A tftudl r $l$0 McKay au 
•-Norman E (Leomi) 1 c FO Ei 2166 Wellesley 

- -Raymond C (Jayne) engineer Chryslcra h 3520 Rank Lp av 

- -Ronald A lab Gfrryslcrs r 1,4 19 Labndte rd 

••Roy A (Jt^ce) supt WafDc’c Elect h 3ISO McKay nv 
■-Sldacy r L475 Huron Church Line 

--It Gauthier Body & Faint Shop Ltd Cecil S Bull pte# H WllfrHjd Gaudiier 
vice-pres 217 Erie e 

Bullard Clarence (Harriet) insp Ford# h I4$4 Control av 
--Earl G (M-irgt) tmpDetroit h 1670Olive rd 

■ -Harold j (Constance) suprvsr Chrysler?! li 1054 Dawson rd. 

--Jas r l4$4 Central av 

■ -Joanna shidt r E670 Olive rd 

- Lillian (wid T1 <oh) r 512 Lincoln rd 
• -Marlon off Detroit r 1036 Moy av 

--Norman E (Eva) slsmnBoudi Western Petroleum Co ft 1*64 Mnrlborougji 
--ThoN nmip Canadian Bridge res Pucc 
Btillcti Orgiia r 1475 Huron Church Line 

- - Robt j (Edna) b 1260 Windermere rd 

- - Robt j (Lorraine) maintenance Essco Stamping Prod h 992 WaUmfi aV 
Ruller Chester D (Catherine) serv dept Webster Motors Windsor h 170$ 

Durham pi 

- -Htftry A (Louise) h 1026 Jeff or son blvd 

■-Norman A (Margt) aasessor City Ha)I Windsor ft 1124 Frado pi 
--Ray T (Marguerite J) elk BrnAver's Warehousing h 28. 69-3 Argylo rd 
-•Wm L (Sarah) nip 1 br Ckudii Imperial Ekmk of OotnincrGi! It 970GlltSilen 


Salley Donald E (Dorothy) controller General Fire Ertlagultiftnr Co h 
1354 Rank Ln av 

-E Gerald (Angela) off elk Fords ft 54<1 MeKay av 

- - Edwd J (J enuit;) jiBsmblr Ford# h 1635 St Luke nl 

- •G-eo emp Cb ryslers t 3419 Peter 

■ -Geo W ft 1455 PHIctte rd 
-Hector Eh lLSI Albert rd 

- LCO J (Roslna) emp CoofloHdatcd Truck Lines b 3419 Peter 
-■Nora Mrs t 80$ Martbcw - Brady blvd 

--Rlchd r 613-629 Riverside dr w 

- -Rose (wid Basal I) h 766 Etridge av 

- -Rose M (Wld Cltas) r 4190 Roseland dr e 
--Wm IJ (Yvette) emp Cliryslers, h 924 JanKiSe dr 
Rullled Geo (Pair lcLa) studt ft 1409 Granville cccs 
Mlit Arthur r 369 Oak av 

Bplloch David, J (Carol-Ann) assmbir Chrysters h 1652 Bucklilj^iarn rd 
■■Donald V (Margt) sturtt Price WateThouse A Cob fl. 55$4 Wysndotte e 

- -Gtaei off sec lodnstrlal Tool A SupplScH r 152$ George av 

■ •Lew A (RnaomOftdE) revr Dominion Stores li 1982 Eorndale av 
Bullock Colin (Jane) assmblr Fah-Tcc Mfgh 8629 Wyandotte e 
--Diana cmp Detroit ft 7$6Daugall «v 

Sullocfce Geo (Mary) mgr The Ctnverdale Manor b 10 L 2035 UnlvemHy 
av wesr 

[kiLmn,r Leona r 561 Cfiureli 

Rjlmer Buikli«jB Cnllege D Chas O'Brien prln 31$ Pelissiex 
--Donald (Retry Ann) ft 3385 peter 

. -Donald E (Jean) inceh John Bank# Alignment Ltdh 73! Bemsettc 

- -Douglas £ (Joan) utsp McKinnon Industries b 1$Z9 Ellrose aV 

- - Edwd R (June) bydrotel &pr InternaHonol TmIb h 1689 Beals 

Evelyn (wid Albt) h Unit M 93, $110 Wyandotte c 

--Gary dockijui Overload Express r 73! Jk-Ditcttc 
■Geo (Eula) bus drvr 5 W 6. A Rly ft 37 $1 Peter 

- -Ct-b W Jr (Nauuy) slstnn Allstate Insurance h $751 Feter 

- ■ Gilbert N (Ruby) emp Fords h 362$ GirairdDi av 

- -Grenvillu L (KaUil utn) drvr Cftryslers h 2SB5 Chandler rd 

- - Linda apidi r 2$$5 Cvondler rd 

- - Marjorie M (wid Wilfred) hilCl GLidsrone av 

- Robt studt r $351 Pder 

■Robi F. (Agnes) emp Chryslern h 7333 Toeumseli blvd v 
--Russell E (Ado) punch press apr Fords It 1789 WedlCOtt rd 
--Typt-w ri ter Co DanlJ R telly prf# 43$ peliasier 

■ -VL-rnard M (Dorothy! grinder Fords |i 1306 Central aV 
-•Wm «birol) slsmu W J Bundy & Sons Ltd h 3596 BloomfLeld 

■ -8 $ Lrlckland Ltd J Barry St rlckland pres insurance ! 666 TeCOhlSeh 

blvd e 

Rulos Victarlo (Evctto] lab Oiryelera h 254 Marcntette aV 
Bulusack £l4te wtrs Bcllvuc TaVcm r 766 Br<mt 
jjxunuH Terry r 469 LoniS aV 

Bump Garnet G (Diva) Irk drvr h 1391 Francois rd 

- ■Glen P (Edna) tool grinder Fotda h 7$9 Gladstone av 
ftunag Estrella regd nt-rse Grace Hospr 32$ Giles blvil w 
BicncLL J Raymond stud r 1657 5t Luke rd 

- - Valent (JO#e(titnc) n‘lieh opr Kelsey Wheel h 1657.St Luke rd 
aiuclck John 1 (Jane T) mgr Union -J -Bug & Paper Products Ltd h 3009 

Avondale cdill 

- -Robt Hindi r 30O9 Avondale court 
Butic I j rk Cco r 2393 Hall av 

Bunda FCoank tmpCandi Bridge res RR fll Fk-llo River 
•-Frank G (Gertrude) mech British Moioreyeles & Cars Lid It 1809 
Weutcott rd 

--Geo emp Qiryslnrs r 1664 Buckingham rd 
•-Gerald emp Fordo r 1864 [fueLbijdiam rd 
Bundc Mary Catulft Rridgo r 2940 Todd lane 

- -Wm £ G (RHjith) enn Detroit h 2735 Avondale eoun 
Rundi MqtdirW H (Caf<j) nlDWrl^t Fords b 24IO Howard av 
iMuulnn Phillip M (Frances) carmn CIU h 994 Edward av 
Bundy Magdiilenji nurec Metropolitan Hospital r 2131 Chi Ivor rd 

■ ■Win F (Dorothy) emj- Chryplers b 319 Wellington av 
Ehjnca Stmiop (Roymcitde) solder lt Qiryslers h i860 Bristol 
Bunnell Mortgage 3erv..ces Robt Venlivy mgr 504 Victoria av 

ftunney C lifford N (JWargt) With Win Utilitios Comm ft Hydcn Dlv b 1349 
Josepbine av 

■ -Clifford N (Anna) engineer CNR h 31$4 Curry av 
--Laurie A HeC Urtiv a. r WIndsor r 3154 Curry av 

BunftiJig llairicip | r Gtenog Candn bup Bank of Cnmtncice r 1670 Chtrry- 
lawn cres 

- - Robt T (Rutli) ttinteriol handling engineer Cluyslurs h 1670 QLcrry- 

Lu'iVn crce 

punsch Jas N (LaVemtJ soldi It 473 Bridge av 
Bum Andrea shade T L S05 George av 
-Andrew (Mlcftele) Is 1657 Wosuulnster av 
--Cecil T (Miriam) rear Walkerville CblloglaEO h 156 Recdmerc av 
-•HowjLrdC (Helen) sec-ltPaS Metro Windsor-ESsCX Cosniiy HualOi Unit 
1] 3864 Byng fd 

--Michl (Lnvorno) [Jsc:o Windsor Slat h 190$ George av 

■ -Oliver W ft 305.1 Wtilker rd 

- -Wally dial mgr Line iln ElottrJo Co of Caiutda Lid res Londbrt 
Bunting Norals M lour 4tf suprvsr Bell Tel r 145 St Fisrrrt (Tnctmsedi) 
Bunytui Aiht (Shirley) drvr Bankors Deipattb r 103B Mcramoutft r-d 
■■ALbl J (Shirley) slsirn Arp; Cteahors h 2746 Howard av 

■■Carol r 1042 Esdru? pi 

--Robt (Maureen) ml-Jr apjsreKtIee Wriglny Steel r 5771 Howard *V 
*-Roht E (Marjbtiv) mlHng macb opr Hull -TbtHsssqn b $771 Htwitd aV 

- -3TsoH (LLllJats) .Hupervisory 1 c FO Is 1042 flKdras pi 

Rirak Win (Rlizth.) sheet metal wkr Beaver Air Conditioning is 848 liiaek 

Burol Mich! (Antie) millwright Fords h 1$4S Qiandler rd 
DutattO AIN (Aatnmede) srkmn Cftryslers li 776 HIMvgar de 
--Dinn (Carol) engineer C G Russell Armstrong ft 27&4 Avondale court 
Burbach Philip (Susuinu) tool grinder Fords ft 475 Lori dr 
ISurbirldgt Norman E puxeh agt City o( Windsor Purchasing Dept h 167 
Cameron AV 

. ^rtyca D (Gladys) h iW7 T)sompsoa blvd 

■ - Walter 11 (Cercrudel h 3, 990 Erin c 
--Wendy L nurao Detroit r 967 Thompson blvd 

Dirohdl Larry C (DJjinc) mgr Dani Real Estate Ltd It 20, 8650 Wyandonn 

■ -Murgl Mrs elk Supreme A County Courts 

- -Will (Genrude) assnblr Chrysler hi ft 14S7 Bernard ft! 

■ -Wm II dia setter Al40 Speolwliies Ltd, r 1457 Berruird rd 
Burchett Gladys ti IB$I Glendale av 

atrcftlol Gladys (wld Wm A) r 769 Fanington sv 
Aurcftmore Brian J slide r 2221 Felineier 
--Cyndiia stutit r 222 L FeliasS ur 

■ - ||omer W (Francea) mngdir Stnidi l s of Windsor h 222! Fclissier 
BUrd Alice (Wtd Jas> h 1792 JeHerson blvd 

• • Wilier (RjtocLa) set-up mati Fur tin ft 1776 Jelfcrson blvd 
Burden Chat E (Florence) r 1744 Windermeife rd 
--Hilda suprvsr Bell Tel h 1744 Wftsdormere rd 

■ -John B (Mary) h 72? Memorial dr 
--Robt emp ChryaJen r 1673 Cadillac 

■ -Ruth Mrs nurse Rlvsrvicw Hospb 1573 Cadillac 
--Wayne amp McKinnon indasiries. r 1573 Cadillac 
(kirdcny Alex (France*) stkmu Chrysler Ah 1.523 Olive rd 
--Nancy (Ussiil r 1523 Olive rd 

- - Riser G (Nellie) emp Detroit ft 2302 Windermere rd 

- -Sandra A o(( wkr AM Auto Club r 1523 Olive id 
Burdctt Alice (wsd Wml t 1631 Balfour blvd 

Gory (Elizth) imp CHroll h $224 l^WfWd pi 
--Gordon H (Dorothy) canp Ford* h 1681 Balfour blvd 
--Irene Mrs elk J T Wing Ltd h 527 Tccumseli blvd e 
-’Raymond S (Dorothyl ernp Detroit Is 3480 PelljfBicr 
--Willed 8 (Jessie) ft 3566 FllltFO rd 

- -Wm G (Marie) h B19 Lhscoln rd 
Burdette Wnv (AfWC) h 9 IS WestmiiliHier hlvd 
Burdeyny Anne h 1673 Albert rd 

Burdge Carol stedt rastse Grace Hospital T 2965 Orina or 
dtas H (Bertha M) E, 2363 Turner rd 
—Dale K elk CNR r 2^5 Orion cr 

- -Gordon || (Freda) h 2965 Orion cr 

liirdlck IVaas F kettletrn J W Brallbwalte Industries Ltd r 953 McEwon av 

- -Lome F hlpr J W Bmithwaltc Industries Ltd r 953 Me Ewan av 

■ -Mary h 667 Church 

- Peter F r 953 MeBwon aV 

Bttrdon Corel elk Fords r 1144 HoH av 

■ - Edltft Mrs h 4. 255 Pratt pi 

- - Edwd (FJH&h) ll 660 Irving av 

■■J Arnold (Grace) rep North Amur Life ASticc h 1144 H«j 1I nv 
•• - Robt L (Barbara) methods suprvsr McKifttloft Indumrles li 3269 
Virginia park tv 

■ -VbImhi (wid Celling L)ls 1939 Alsace av 
Burek Frank (Afttonl*; h 1440 LabglOiA *v 

Bueess Donald A (Dnrten) foremn Detroit h 3996 Longfellow bv 
B uifoid Fred W (AllCt) h $48 Janette av 

p (iTn iftc-rLnf.) tigr tti flinie(i 4 'Dco Fords h 755 Ro^clabd dr ;J 
’ NoeUt sturtt r 755 Rowland dr b 

- -Perry J coal uftaiy at Folds r 755 Roseland dr s 

--Rlchd M (Marilyn) cepe chief librarian Eh sea County Library h 3515 

— 34 — 


895 OUELLETTE AVE. - - PHONE 254-3223 


Burge Geo A (Am) toolmkr Inspection Air Gauge h 2029 Iroquois 

- Kenneth macb opr Whcatlry Mfg r 3135 Longfellow it 

- -Melvin A (Barbara) prea Inspection Air Gauge h 4160 Mount Sinai crea 

- Paint A Hardware (Roy L Burge) 3935 Seminole 

- Roy L (Madalynne) (Burge Paint & Hardware) h 11134 Riverside dr e 
Burger Johann (Katherine) lob McKinnon Industries h 2745 Virginia Fk av 

- Jos (Marla) pnrr A C MeCrIndie Ltd h 1647 Benjamin av 
-•Kenneth A (Ann) cost sect Chrysler* h 1591 Manlndalc 

- -Tony h 1319 EUmcrc av 

Burgess Clara A (wid Ricbd) r 3634 Malden rd 

- Cyril T (Violet) electrical suprvsr Chrysler• h S48S Randolfh av 
••Fredrick h 2536 Mcldrum rd 

Hugh I) (Marilyn) metal shop Chrysiers h 776 Ducharme 

- John N telegraph opr Chesapeake & Ohio Rly res Blenheim 

• -Kathleen regd nurse Grace Hosp h 3834 Malden rd 

- -Kenneth r 1795 Tourangeau rd 

- Lawrence «udt r 1794 Hall av 

- Margt (wid Kenneth O) lab tee ha IODE Hospiul h 1795 Tourangeau rd 

- Neil (Jean) h S7S Curry av 

- -OUlc (wid Donald J) b 2254 Lincoln rd 

• -Paul engineering International Tools res Amhersthurg 

- Stanley R (Hazel) ctnp Condo Imp Bank of Commerce h 1794 Hall sv 
--Victor K (Betty) instructor St Clair College of Applied Arts A Tech 

oology h 2484 Alexandra av 

Burget Clark L jr (Patricia) gtstl mgr Terkcl Insulation Products Ltd 
(Childers Products Co) b 1503, 111 Riverside dr c 

- Clark L shop supc Terkcl Insulating Products Ltd (Childers Products 

Co) r 1503. Ill Riverside dr e 
Burgle Jos (Verna) pattern mkr Fords h 1495 Aubin rd 

- Jos C r 1495 Aubin rd 

Burgls Margt Mrs h 477 Indian rd 

Wm B (Jean) pharmacist 10DK Hospital h 2245 Riverside dr w 
Burgun AUn (Roberta) p c Police Dept h 1663 Central av 

■ Irene (wid Fredrick) with Immigration Dept It 950 St Louis av 
Rota G (Janet S) emp Detroit h 892 Grccndalr dr 

- Shirley Mrs elk Hunter's fharmacy re* St Clair Beach 
Burgos Marcello di4twaahcr Roscland Golf Club r 265 Park w 
Burgoynr Eva (wid Jaa) r I I73j Aubin rd 

- -Ronald W (Patricia) announcer CKWW Radio h 26. 8750 Wyandotte c 
Burlgo Albln (Odclla) emp Camln Bridge h 1679 Alexis rd 

- Donald (Sharron) rclloflnn Otryfliers It 1814 Drouillard rd 

Burk F David (Mary) foremn Champion Spark Plug h 4350Howard av 

- Howard (Janet) apprentice stmftr Comstock h 1195 Walker rd 

- -Irene H r 986 Thompson blvd 

--J Jos (Marlene) (Morris. Burk. Friedman & Labor sky) b 2592 Curry sv 

• -Manuel (Mary) mgr Consumer's Outfitters b 1072 Church 
Warren (Margt) elect Fords h 1239 Gladstone av 

Bur kart Herman Rev (Lydia) pastor First Lutheran Church h 1130 
Victoria av 

- Rlchd Htudt r 1130 Victoria av 

Burke Cecilia M elk Can Motor Lamph 310, 3015 Sandwich 
-Clarice M Mrs h 310. 3015 Sandwich 

- Donald J (Mary) trk drvr Intercity Truck Lines h s s Talbot rd e 

- Douglas C (Yvonne) trkr Chrysler# h 2915 Trenton 

- -Gregory R studt r 4054 Rose land dr w 

- 'Harold M (Sandra) jwlr Turmailnc Ltd h 1950 Westminster av 

• •Harry (Sharaey) merchant h 1433 Victoria av 
Herbt W tchr Puhlic School r 4054 Roscland dr w 

- Jas R (Anne) crop Detroit h 871 Elm av 

- -Joy C sec Bogins Dry Goods r 3220 Aakin av 

- -Laura (wid Robt) h 1443 Goycau 

• - Leonard credit mgr Credico r 240 Cameron av 

- Neil K (Eileen) emp Fords h 789 California av 
•Norma Mrs h 1097 Marlon av 

■ Orvll (Laurie) gcnl lab Du plate h 230 Lauxno rd 
Patrick R (Nancy) firemn Win Pirc Deft r 2040 PUlettc rd 

• - Peter A (Marguerite) gtnl foremn Chryslers h 3220 Askin av 

- Phillip B (Patricia) tchr Win Bd of Educ h 3668 Bloomfield rd 
Raymond J (Jeanette) investigator City of Windsor Social Services Dept 

It 1383 Tourangeau rd 

• -Regd (Freda) emp Hiram Walkers h 101, 6530 Wyandotte c 

• Terry studt r 101, 6530 Wyandotte e 
-Win (Bernadette) has Talbot rd e 

• Wm F (Anna) safety inap Fonla h 4054 Roar Usd dr w 
Burkhart Hazel (wid Chas) h 1062 Glidden av 

-Lloyd studt r 1130 Victoria av 

• Ruth sec Boy Scout Headquarters r 1109 Dougull av 

- Win W (Flossie) off elk Fords h 1038 Esdrss j.l 
Burklndtaw Carol A mailing rtn elk Chrydlcra r 1438 Bernard rd 

- Robt (Frances) wldr ftr Centri -Spray Lid h 1606 Rossini Mvd 

- • Wm P (Doris) job setter Chrysler* h 1438 Bernard rd 

Burko Frank (Ida) sr elk Windsor Factory Supply h 3627 Bloomfield rd 

• -Gary pol cadet Pblice Dept r 3627 Bloomfield rd 
Burko ski Alfonso (Patricia) emp Detroit h 3878 Whitney av 

Dennis (Betty) foremn Bonier Tool 6 Die h 3451 Church 
Burkowskl Dennis R trk drvr Thomson Produce r 1067 Campbell av 

- Mlchl (Mary) h 1067 Campbell av 

Thos B apprentice Border Tool 6 Die r 1067 ComnbcU av 
Durkua Andras (Julianna) paper ctr Herald Press h I2S5 Ottawa 
Burlak Frank h 1588 Westminster av 

• John (Lucille) pattern mkr Fords r IS88 Westminster av 
Burlcijyi Douglas A (Diane) wrehsemn Producer* Cold Storage h 1310 

Aakin jv 

- Gaye Mrs r 3218 Baby 

• -Geo (Donna) vchklcmn C P Express h 3465 Wells 

- -Wm A (Maureen) [by 1390 Grand Marais rd w h 40. 1900 Cohimhia ct 
-Wm G (Audrey) carp CNR b 337 Frank av 

-Win J (Elaine) li 1. 241 Watson av 
--Wm J (Mary E) tchr Riverside High School h 979 Windermere rd 
Burley Cynthia (wid Roy) h 733 McKay av 
'-Gladys Mrs h 655 Brail! 

'-Paul lab Chrysler* h 2075 Ottawa 
Phyllis Mrs h 388 Wyandotte r 

Burling Addiscm D auditor Retail Sales Tax Br (Om) res Essex 

• - Arnold emp Dorn Forgo r 1882 Aubin rd 

• - Elsie Mrs sicct Crown Trust Co h 16 IS Sun Valley dr 

• -Ethel (wid Arnold) elk Woolco Dept Store h 5610 Malden rd 

■ Joanne r 5610 Malden rd 

• Kenneth R (Mary) (Ken Burl mg's Service) h 2611 Byng rd 
-Michelle opr Rita'a Beauty Salon res Esse* 

Burling*n Ken Service (Kenneth E Burling) *er* stn 1920 Ottawa 
Burma*: Manufacturing Ltd Colin MacKciutic prea. Mri Patricia Wheeler 
see -treas auto parts 3500 Ontario 

Burman Wilfred nltfil elk S A Men's Social Service Centre r 349 Chatham 


Bum Susan lehr r 1626 Hall av 

Burnand HcrbC E (Jcannctie) tool & die mkr Detroit h 3080 Curry av 
Burnt? Walter J (Lily) lab Fords h 1618 Hickory rd 
Burnell Regd C N (Edith) h 1547 Moy av 
Regd E (Margt) harr 6 sol 708, 176 University av w h 262 Villalre av 
Bumclle Henry J (Judith) trimmer Chrysiers h 1330 California av 
Burnet David lab Windsor Furnace Ltd r 2750 McKay av 

- -Joanna M elk Bank of Mont r 2750 McKay av 

- -John G (Agnes) sec -cream Windsor Furnace Ltd h 2750 McKay av 
Burnett Clifford R (Donna) tabulating elk Chryalers h 3170 Dandurand blvd 

- Douglas B corrnnl sis rep Imp Oil r 209. 3801 Riverside dr e 
—Edwd (Dorothy) emp Chrysler* h 887 Victoria av 

-Gary r 1776 Central av 

--Herbt W (Ruby) drvr Direct Winters Transport li 1776 Central av 
—J Ross (Andrea) barber Pan American Barber Shop r 578 Church 
--John R (Prarl) Lab Chryalers h 1931 Buckin^tam rd 
-Marcus r 437 Wyandotte w 

- Maureen nurse IOOE Hospital CPU h 3. 1494 York 

- -Mlchl studt r 1776 Central av 

-Paul B (Cecilia) (MacPhoc. Burnett & MaePhee) h 2764 Raddison av 
-•Percy !*h Chryalers h 2, 561 Louis av 
-Regd (Dolina) foremn General Motors Trim It 1034 Frank av 

• Ronald studt r 887 Victoria sv 

- -Sic(hen B (Maude) 1 c PO It 676 Rankin av 

Burnette Gordon E (Eleanor) slwnn Detroit h 3681 McKay sv 

- Robt tool apprentice Trisen Tool li Die r 3681 McKay av 
Barney Clara (wid Geo) h 3680 Academy dr 

--Larry studt r 3680 Academy dr 

- Nelson C payroll elk S W A A Rly r 3680 Academy dr 
--Runnel V (Velma) crop Detroit h 3571 Charlevoix av 
--Terri attdt Ed Stilson's Service r 3680 Academy dr 
Burnham Alice (wid Wm) h 204. 2880 Tecum itch blvd w 

--Eunice (wid Rlchd) dietary dept Grace Hospiul h 2920 Langlois av 

- -Gary J studt r 3325 Wood lawn av 

--Jas W (Violet) foremn Champion Spark Plug h 3325 Woodlawn av 

- Marilyn studt r 2680 Academy dr 

- Ronald (Faith) elk Chryalers h 2975 Lloyd George blvd 

- -Sharon emp Candn Imp Bonk of Commerce r 3325 Woodlawn av 
Burolc Laura (wid W Rac) h 2212 Chliver rd 

- Norman S outside coll City Finance h 2436 8 C Row 

Burn Ingham Brian jr elk Candn Imp Bank of Commerce r 2028 

- Douglas (Muriel) lab McKinnon Industries h 2028 Buckingham rd 

- -Marie (wid Basil) h 143 Cameron av 

- -Mark studt r 2028 Bockutgiam rvl 
--Oliver C r 143 Cameron av 

- -Randolph studt r 2028 8uckui|dtarii rd 
Bums Belle (Wid Denton) h 869 Bruce av 

- -Beverley emp Detroit h 416. Ill Riverside dr e 

- -Bruce R studt r 854 Hal) av 
--C Russell h 3427 Peter 

--Chas P (Theresa) spray pmr Chryalers b 279 Watson av 
-Cheryl regd nurse r 1529 Goycau 
--Christina (wid Martin) h 519Oak av 

- Corlnnc Mrs r 5S9 Pcllssler 

• Donald (Barbara) lab Chrysiers h I486 Campbell av 

- -Donna punch press opr Rayco Stomping Products r 765 Josephine 

- Dorothy Mrs nurse Grace Hospital b 201. 444 Park w 
Hllxth studt r 1924 Labudic rd 

- Florence (wid John) r 541 Wellington av 

- - Frances (wid John) h 8838 Riverside dr e 

*-Frank L (Ruth) h 1602 Randolph av 

- -Frank S emp Chrysiers r 1924 Lahadie rd 

- -Fred D (Maureen) spot wldr Chrysiers h 1650 Grave #v 

- Fredk J (Carol) ertkr Win Htjdt Schl of Commerce h 364 Cameron av 

- -Gerald (Krystal) emp Chrysiers b 4. I486 York 

- -Gerald R studt r 765 Josephine av 

- Grace h 1362 Hall av 

--Harold F (Margt) ins adjustor Holland Adjusting Go Ltd h 2341 Mel- 
drum rd 

-Harry (Btta) h 357 Caroline 

--Harry (Jean) emp Oat Hydro h 767 Sunset av 

- Harvey (Gloria) untoo rep Kelsey Wheel h 958 South 

- Jas (Mary) lab Fords h 640 Catarajal 

- Joan 1 1 765 Josephine av 

- -John (Edith) r 3834 Connaught rd 

- John r 1252 Wlgleav 

John (Helen) nsomblr Welles Corp h 765 Joscfhittc av 

- -John isettle mkr h 3 . 359 llannu w 

•John (Helen) recording sec United Automobile Workers of America 
Local 195 h 3734 Montcalm 

- John C (Geraldine) mech Tony Platt's Texaco Service h 1139 Janette av 
-John J b 1529 Goycau 

- Jos r 8?S Ouellette av 

-Jon emp Chrysiers r 665 Randolph av 

- -Katherine b 739 Campbell av 

- Leah (wid Frank) h 1084 Hickory rd 

-Louis (Cecilia) emp Keystone Conntn Co h 1158 McKay av 

- -Margt (wid Harold) (Vanity Beauty Salon) h 7, 1293 Parent av 

- -Margt (wid Ivan) h 809 Sunset av 

- -Margt L crop Detroit r 765 Josephine av 

- -Mary L teller Canada Permanent Trust r 1924 Labadic rd 
-Mildred Mrs h 1136 Windermere rd 

- Nancy J nurse Windsor Bd of Health h 112. 2985 McKay av 

- Patricia emp General Motors Trim h 705 Oitlver rd 

- -Raymond (Violet) mach Kelsey Hayes h 1271 George av 

- Rlchd G (Ella) harber Detroit It 1509 Duffcrln pi 

- - Robt (Noel)) emp National Grocers h 1212 McKay av 

- -Robt 8 (Patricia) emp General Motors h 3850 Blackburn ct 

• -Ronald aitdt Tony Plan's Texaco Service r 1139 Janette av 
Ranald (Ruth) emp Ford* h 4192 Mount Royal dr 

- -Roy R (Irene) foremn Htrain Walkers h 8S4 Hall av 
—Russell (Agnes) trim man Chrysiers h 1130 Strathmore av 

- Shirley studt r 765 Josephine av 

- -Stanley chkr Chrysiers h 3834 Connaught rd 

- Stanley C (Bernice) district equip tochn C N Tel h 455 California av 

- - Susan lehr John L Forster Collegiate r 1626 Hall 

- -Thos H (Olive) with Win Utilities Corornn Hydro Dlv h 1924 Labadic rd 

- Thos P (Bernice) stmftr Chrysiers h 1929 KUrosc sv 
-Wallace (Mary) h 2556 Turner rd 

--Walter R (Florence) emp Detroit h 377 Partington av 

- Wendy r 455 California av 

- -Wm ! r 1. 3202 Sandwich 
Burnside Apts 1573 Tecumscb blvd e 

- Barry (Parrlcia) h 85. 2655 Sierra dr 


- Block 1569-1577 Tecumseft blvd c 

—Gordon J (Doris) tool grimier McKinnon Industries h 1278 Windermere 

—Hardware Ltd Harry W Fatter non pres. Mrs Marguerite Patterson 
sec -treas 1577 Tccumscb blvd c 
—Ronald stkmn Gcnl Motor* r 1278 Windermere rd 
Bum»tlne Marion E bkpr Hack Shoes r 2365 Riverside dr w 
—Tiby (wid MU too) h 2385 Riverside dr w 
Bum»tone Mlchl barber r 358 Gladstone av 
Buroch Frank lob Chrysiers h 1122 Langlois av 
Burough Peter slurnn D W Jolty Co Ltd r 454 Fairvuw blvd 
Burprlch Eva (wid John) h 589 Crawford av 

- -John emp Dept of Highway* h 589 Crawford av 
Burque Harvey aBsi Margaret's Rent Home r 1752 Union 

Burr David A (Ruth) studt in accta Mcanwcl) Goodwin A Co h 833 West • 
minster blvd 

—Dennis emp Chrysiers r 4688 Maiden rd 
—Fredk A (Dorothy) emp Prov Govt h 4605 Howard av 
—Ua (Wid Jcho) h 271 George av 

--Jacqueline studt nurse Metropolitan Genl Hosp r 2240 Kildare rd 
Burrell Don Plumbing (Donald W Burrell) 1466 California av 
-•Donah! (Jacqueline) (Don Burrell Plumbing) h 1466 California av 

- -Fred G (Jualina) h 561 £1U« av o 

-Fred C (Mildred) emp Detroit h 3895 Birch 

--Peter (Daphne) emp D W Jolly Co h 454 Fairview blvd 

—Peter R prof Univ of Windsor h 308. 819 Westminster blvd 

—Raymond A (Dorothy) h IS07 Buckingham rd 

—Robt G (Freda) tool engineer Chrysler* h 883 GreendsJe dr 

• Wallace I (Marjorie) stk elk Fords h 2586 Princess av 
Burrldge Chas H studt r 275 9 Randolph av 

- -Chas R (Agnes) h 210. 1616 Ouellette av 

- Thos II (Margt) drftsmn Candn Bridge h 2759 Randol[h av 

Burris S Archd (May) assesnor Income Tax Office h 982 St Mary's blvd 
Burroughs Business Machines Ltd Elmore Miller br mgr. Gordoa H 

A utter sun plant mgr sales A service 1476 Ouellette av plant 604 


Burrows Barbara nurse Detroit r 2276 Parkwood av 

--Cameron W (Phyllis) offr Customs A Excise h 4209 Mount Carmel crea 
—Fred W (Helene) machdcsigner Chrysiers h 2819 Buckinfffiam dr 
--Gerald (Eltxth) suprvsr Candn Salt Co h 1756 Parkway dr 

- -Gerald S (Jean) drvr Thibodeau Express h 1222 Janette av 
—Harry (Janr) h 276 Bellt-pcrchc pi 

—Jack W (Agnes) sect Chryalers h 7777 Riverside dr c 

- -John p c Police Dept h 908 Parent av 

-John B (Ivy) off elk Fords h 2276 Parkwood sv 
John T (Helen) h 1738 Hall av 

- Minnie (wid Geo A) h 484 Rankin av 

- -Robt (Cecilia) slsmn Coen Cola h 3510 Bliss rd 
- -Stanley r 484 Rankin av 

Buraon Weldon D (Marccla) vice consul United States Consulate h 2540 
Norman rd 

Burster Heinz (Sylvia) emp fk-mlu-Eclipse h 1282 Wiglc av 

Burston Erie H (Jean) off mgr N J Myers Excavating Co h 7661 St Rose av 

Bursryn Dept Store (Ted Bur sryn) dry goods 1506 Wyandotte e 

- Earl (Maybe!) pres Earl Burstyn Realty Ltd h 1089 Victoria av 
—Ear! Realty Ltd Earl Burstyn pres resl est 1089 Victoria sv 

- -Morris (Gertrude) farmer A cattle dealer h 2740 Radlsson av 

—Morton (Delores) real est agi Earl Burstyn Real Estate h 2896 Orion 

- -Ted (Rose) (Burstyn Dept Store) h 1512 Wyandotte c 
Bun Ihmald G (Dolores) foremn Chrysiers h 1870 Byng rd 

• -Edwd r 1475 Huron Church Line 

- -Geo Candn dir United Automobile Workers of America (CLC-AFL CIO) 

Regional Office res Kingsville 

- Harry H (Hilda) h 1791 Gladstone av 

- Jaa A (Jean) dental surg 1399 Grand Marais rd h 2955 Alexandra av 

- Jas L (May) h ISIS Brace av 

—Robt W (Patricia) marketing mgr Hiram Walker h 2757 Radlsson sv 
--Thos lab Chrysler* h 212 Langlois av 

- Wm H suprvsr Genl Motor* Trim b 21. 249 PUlettc rd 
Burton Ada (wid Jas) h 5. 191 Askin av 

• -Allan N B (Aima) body apprentice Three Aces Body A Paint Shop Ltd 

h 1708 KUrosc av 

--Bruce E (Anne) prof Univ of Windsor h 641 Partington av 

- -Corlnnc B emp Bell Tel r 1806 Windermere rd 
--Edith (wid Roland) r 1627 Moy av 

—Fanny (wid Geo) h 1321 Dougall av 

•-Frank (Bonnie) lead hand La Salle Machine h 971 Curry av 

- Fred (Edith) foremn Chryalers b 2140 Church 

—Fredk (Pearl) sheet metal wkr Hoick Sheet Metal h 1044 Monmouth rd 

- -Geo 1) (Grace) h 570 Morand 

- -Geo E (Elate) emp Chrysiers h 3640 Bliss rd 

• -Harold (Charlotte) h 4543 Howard av 

- Jh 21. 577 Moy av 

- -Jas H (Doreen) emp Detroit h 759 Cousuveau rd 

- Joan Mrs see Thorma Gage h 196 Cameron av 

- -Lawrence (Madeline) h 4619 Howard av 

- Leonard !> (Hazel) tinsmith Fords h 4008 Roscland dr w 

- -Lilly (wid Albt) h 4 . 686 Giles Mvd c 

• Linda tcht Marlborough School h 369 McKay 

- -Mlchl »u»dt r 1043 Riverside dr r 

- -Orland W (Corajasst yard master CNR b 1805 Windermere rd 

- Peter F (Renau) pbarm rep Elliott Marlon Co Ltd hill. 8787 River¬ 

side dr e 

- -fhllip studt Collins-Graff A Co res Tilbury 

- -Ronald A (Mary) carp James Burton Modernization h 4765 Howard av 
Russell J (Mary) lab Chrysiers b 441 Janette av 

—The Tailor Donald J Tafftnder mgr 89 Riverside dr w 

- -Truman T (Ruby) custom a nupt Dept of Natl Revenue h 1043 Riverside 

dr east 

- -Wm L (Barbara) guard Cemmissioaatxes h 3497 Turner rd 
Bury Alan P apprentice pre-sumo Windsor Star r 1128 DuugaU av 

- Andrew (Helen) h 1431 Cladstooc sv 

- -Donald (Beverley) mach opr Kelsey Wheel h 340 Gladstone av 

- Helena M ntudt r 1617 Prince rd 

- -Joan r 4861 Scoticn 

- -John (Edna) p c CPR h 1128 Dougall av 

- -Jos (Evelyn) janitor Win University h 4861 Scoticn 
-Jos K(PatricU) emp Whcatly Mfg h 1950 Glendale av 
—Peter heal treat Bendu-Eclipse h 1431 Gladstone sv 

-Strffien (Jean) assnblr Kaiser Jeeph 1617 Prince rd 
Burza Mlchl (Elvira) carp Tony Muxxtn Contractors h 1236 Mxrmtrttr av 
Bussto Rlchd h 924 Jefferson blvd 
Busby Carlo ntudt r 568 Erie r 
-Chas (Lida) (Electro Mod Company) h 568 Brie o 

Alphabetical. White Page )S 



F. C- CORP 4 Altaian* Manager t A H- W1CK5, AsjislaM Manager 



• - E4wd K (Brryl) *mi tortmn Hirim Walk err l Son* tv fStlubrUc pJ 

■ to*-A L r 323 LapOrte iv 

- -Edwd L h 90* Lincoln rd 

• -I. Milan siuiJj r 5&S Erie c 

- Lily (wld Chus) ft 5^3* 333 Glengarry av 

Butch Anton ( sheet mBU*l wkr F ii Payot Ruoflhg h McKay iV 

• Geo (Donna) (Cwtgp'l B»rb9T Shop) ft 35N5 Academy dr 

• ‘Kur{ p pbtitir Wka Mecftl Contra rn Kiisguvillt 

Michl (Arms) ahephlpr J iroeftm A Go J_id ft l&fifi Way a* 
htehtarber Katarina (wi*lFct«| r 2326 Gladstone *v 
0U*et NlSTa (Anltu) emp Kelary If ayes ft 32? Bird av 
BUirield Arthur D II, Allan) lab Capitol Hanireft 35*7 Fetor 
Rush Amy ft 3. 12 HI Campftel 1 by 
Jlrti ftfuiO h Uliil N, “6, Silt) Wyandotte c 
-Marie Mr* h 1267 Goycui 

—NOnrtift iMjfffirnle^ tflipIXtrOiih | J25 FairUcw blv,. 

■ 'RjjrmtvoJ ft |M*ty) air iraflii: ctuiruUer Def* &! Tranapori h 3D3? 

Alexander blvd 

Rujjux (EUf-huni) br set Sun Life As&u(a net Co of Cnn f 4130 Long- 
fallow av 

-Sami much McKinnon Indymln r W2 Monmouth rd 

■ Wilfred 11 (Madeline) h 103, M*5 HivarMde it e 
■Win RCH r 12*7 Goyidiu 

- Wm skilled gdnr Dept at Puis * RccTcamM h 130ft Wlsdanr iv 
nustiell Arthur W (Florence) ft 1005 Pm av 

Btmliaf Horace (CortHtance) {The Flhret Shop) h 10B9 WlrtlaOr uv 
Horace J wif Monarch Iftiuaoft 6. 2St*l'nfkto 

- Jan G (Cakrgitic} slsmri Frldoi Calculating Machines h 9 Winker cE 
purl OsmenbUKv Jab t 2250 bnnT av 

- -Giovanni [Amu) aupWMt Liilui?» Co as (Water DrvMr 2250 Fraser 

BuMth Mike (El loti) itwulator Coattlhkted ItufeettiaJ |j?pu Iqi stme Ltd ft 
122* Argyll rd 

Bumeoft AfwvljlPia 6 Development {Hrrht Kid!let, Peter Ti) a) burlnvaft 
fDOMillinln 5337 Trcunmch blvd e 

"Girl F»*ftii*i» (Umin £ Goldberg) wnmee'w apparel e # Dougali a* 

■ -Ctrl Fashion t (Mrs; £v* 4 Alec F Goldberg) lathe* ic*3y to wear 55* 

Ouellette av 

Ouaftiaky Wtttccl {Ml Imfo) b 1073 Cadillac 

Buako Leon (Anna) unji Ciimln bridge It L22V Lincoln rd 

Ibaa Bo&Pie P aEKHlC f 2665 But kldffruim dr 

- -PrEcr P fWUwilfrtd) prr* CmltnnLil Club 4*3 h 1435 Auivln id 
RfjtK J iConPEsncej mgr CKLW h 2665 flux king, 1 ! err it 

h]ii«rG [Borunlliu) lOginrcring Hiprvii Mclnnla CoovEryorsh 
2636 cKuidicr rd 

- ft a 3 pis ituik r 2*3* Oumilki rd 

amaey AlJan (Slilriey) foremn CNft h 152* llall by 

■ ’Urary (Martha) drvr McAnaliy Frcngtit -Ways Co Lid h 796 Stanley 

■ -Larry nl Up man Fabricated Steel t Stanley 
ftjtioa flair* A Irk drvr Banner .M«at Pteducit re* Tilbury 
ftrvmul Alfred night mgr Counlxy Sty] t Dauti h 154 Cxn[t?cll av 

■CikEherinn (wid ^aKCnraatval h 1301 Bdilapetche pi 

- -|dh (Patricia) b 766 Hall av 

- -Jifiri atudi r l. 202 &.-Jkperchc pi 

■ 'josephinr Hliidt r "S6Hal! av 

- -Sami ptudl r 7*6 Hall at 
ftjavdc Frank r (037 tJcugaU *v 

SbEchcr Arthur K ulilktec depi CJiryslMa t 27 H Aleundra av 
-• Audrey (wjit Earl) It 135(1 Tutirangeau rd 

-0oy bfcdl Markei Lcndoji Ud M^rto LcreMOB jngr mflUmvcralty 4,v w 
--airifftoiiltYr (Windsor Convenors) rts lift * I Ekfk River 
--David (Wiuilutii CcmvertQra) res HR “1 Belli- fllver 

■ ’Dianna (Windsor Convenor*1 in De-truil 

- -Dcnu Mra ala rep Allied Colloctlon Aeeoekea Canada Ltd h 20!, 511 


■ Engineering Enier|irlnea Lid Leslie A Butdiee pfeS, Fred ftktehfT 

(Florida) vice-prop, Wm flutciier nK -trm export pacluvgkno 
26d fir, 25* Quiver id 
■Harold G (Donna) h 1324 Oiurvh 
--Jessie (vld Wilbett) f t Hj Lyim 

■ ■Joan muse VON res HR * 1 Oldeasrle 

- - John (Natal In) tthr h 24* Hanna w 
--Jofin A (Gfttmn) h 105* Elm 4v 

• John K (1 aubcl) time nnuly MtKinnon Indiulrina ft 234ft Ltneoln rd 

- - Jos I ah Forth r 362 University «v c 

Laurence iu-tv dept Wriurter Motors Windiot res Cottim 
--Leslie A (Agnes) pres Boieftnr Engjoeerlfig RiHcrpripev fro Rft i l 
Belle Rfcwr 

--LiUiHit (w Id FrrtSt) r 1743 fllantere av 

■ -MArgt writer CBC ft 333 Lhiincfon av 

--Mark H fFftnltba)drvr Chty(flora ft 3791 iUberdy rd 

■ -Man 1 (wid lidgar) r I53 h Rkeftmond 

■ -Nora r 263ft Bernard rd 

- -Rtcftd (Felly) h ?33 Bf idge a* 

■ >5idney (ElUUi) ft 55Q Devon iftiir rd 

- Thoa A hr mgr lofl OualOma Brokers ft 3121 Virginia .Vrl tt¥ 

--Wm (Crane) aee-ire*a Buivher Fb^urng Eitiorpriaua n 4570 Rivntaidn 
dr nast 

Ktitirherd Hvofy (EU«k) h 9*2 Wrstmtnater bled 

■ -Thus pnrr A deeurjilor r fi*C Ford blvd 

fturcra Emuorle (VbKcnu) tsirber Pan-American Barber Eftop h 395 

• ‘Gasper r 3*5 ptne 

”Vlncenao lab Pom pel E'lraeru r 395 Fine 
Buei Lydia (wid JulUia) h 2236 Wopdlawn av 

Sutler A Cimierop (Emily) eurtoms oifr Federal Govt ft 2**3 Teeunisdh 
blvd w 

--AleBS h kSUd Rkv«rajuie dr e 

- - Ann* (totd Alt*) ft 4*4 Newbury 

■ - Arthur P, (Alice) trap OifyaErrs h 3*60 Conruugftl rd 

■ -Bctna-rd (June) ;oolnikr La Salle Maeftuir Tool of Caitii* h 624 Vnctkcr 
■■Boat Harbor (Outs T IMter) 3294 FluauelL 

--Brian sEUdi t 1227 Elsanere *v 
--ftrtap J r HI Franco!* rt 

- Syren H {Ruby) rioCt Watfleh Eleclric ft 37*3 Clcnfu-id 

■ -Carol t 464 Carat *v 

- -Oa< T (Kaihrj™) (Butler Boat Harbor) h 3296 Russell 

- ‘Dan with I ODE Ho* [dial t 3*60 CdnniHighl nl 

- -David J r 7*5 California av 

‘ ‘Detmus (Phoebe) cmp Detroit ft 139 Erie r 
-Dcnnia A aisembly llfie Cbrystera t 3*6*1 CoomU^T :d 

- -Dime t 22* ClKigarry av 

- - Donna reycl rwiTH IODE Hospital h 306. 3241 College av 
-Dougina J (Rita) alamo M G Butler A Co h 3700 Randolph av 

-‘Edna r *91 Wlndcrmerr rd 


- - Etiw-d (Lorraine) ala n^lnur Arc ait h 319 Watson av 

-■ Eileen seftr Win fHgft School n2 Cficrntn-rce r *12. Ill Riverside dr e 
—Gerald P (Mane) putinij^i agt Air Canada res Belle River 

- -Gertrud# A mtrse h 1,63 k Glengarry av 

-Joel D (Mnrgt) mt-cfi fttcCuJLum Traiuport Ltd h 7*3 CalLfomLo av 
--Jerry miuil r 212* ftciiu-r uv 

-John M (Ikny -Jean) aect Wvsit-m Ocuarlu Onudca&ELng Co h 77*2 
Virginia Pk *v 

--JtauJsjr ■fodl r 3296 Ruaaell 
-Lillian (told Albt) r 341 California av 
--M C A CO LEd M G*o (tiilr* jKe* mill A Factory supplies A contra 
1220 (fnlversliy av w 

■ M Geo pres M G BuElet A Co Ltd res HR *3 AmherWlnirg 

- MHired (w Id Geo W) h 2123 Bruce *v 

■ -Nelscn (Margt) ft 22* Glengarry av 

- -Norman (Margt) ft I9|t tra^l* 

■ ■ffonaiiH S (£Usxh) cuaWtna A excise Dopi of Natl Revenue b 241* 

DamEurand blvd 

- -PflirlcT (JUsirHy) Jtutp Ctifyalers ft 1725 CrnirnJ ^v 

- 'Penny tfliji Daul Spec!all Lex r 38*0 ConiiuujdiL rd 

-Rolif A (Faye) IIJ Hi inr. C*h 1154 Matthew - flrady ftlvd 

-Ronald emp Qiryslers r 847 SmteEon dr 
--Sandra crop General Mfftnrs Trim f 2**3 T*cum*«ft ftlvd m 

- -T E*f J (Thora) eepp Qnyalcr* ft 437 California av 
Thoa (Dorks) suprvitr Fords b 847 Smeeton dr 

--Wcaley 0 {T1cnt) : custom# nffi Cuscotrie A l5xciseDept Ii Bit Franudl* 

-Wm O'vrtiu) h 1173 Wlnduor av 

- -Wm E travel consul tarn Foraylft Travel Bureau hhoiM Riverside dr r 
Sueurl Cftnian {Caaaafldra) h 1Z77 Auftl* ti 

- -Uo Ililuk-L ai sec A ire** United Aimjmohilc Worker* of Amnits 

Lotal 195 r 12749 Dklluti dr (TeCUrniwhJ 
-Mary sec Fords r 1277 Autiin rd 
(ftnson Dort'L-u Sirs cm pi (Irntrsl Mol ora ft 9B5 Grechctalr dr 
--Mnrgt r 9&s GrwndaU- dr 

Butt lifttier c fkUr(H) (Lever, Buis, Hrkker A HomanO) re* KR 1$ 

--Erne*l C tmp Detroll Ti 144 E tfatrnard f d 
“Gorddil E l5'vopne)ft y*6 ftlalsonville aV 

■ Gordon W Rov (Nvllle M> minister Vletorin Uftkutd Qiurth h Udlc R-54, 

5110 Wysfldo! te e 

■ -Mabel (wkd Wm) h 157* Dougall av 

-MichI R (Suva*) prea» ofir thamiflloil Forge ft 5*6 Atklaasm 

■ -Nonna* N (LiDun) ft (16 Howard aV 

- -Raifiiuiy elk BdlaE Super Market t 1657 College *v 
Butter Hut Rcatauriuu jiis (Hrtehoua mgr 3302 DougaU av 
ButUtri Jciftik {Din*) ft 1037 Highland oV 

Butterfield Kathleen (add Wm J) h 7*7 Ramiot|fi *v 

- -flobt C {Katftlten) eanp Drtroit ft 3*31 Oiarlevola av 

- -Wm J (Irene) slsmn RuftardSon SOOvrillea Of Cm Ii 3643 Woodland tv 
Sutler ley Annie 6* id Anhui) ft 677 Gladatonc *v 

-• 'Mujurle E lehr Prince Edward Scftl r 677 GladaEone au 
ftittcrwhidi P'riuii! W (Kniherlne) vlco-prc* kfetBwrt Cawida Udft 9&ft 
Victoria av 

Buttery Construction Ltd Wm Buttery pfen. Jack BuEleiy treat 2523 
Huron Cbui'ch Line 

- -Earl F lab Hartwell Bros r 1245 Erie e 

- EUle (toft) Ftcd O) 3 17*5 Erlee 

■■joft* epip Manftrws Lumber r llTiiTalhoi nl w 

- -John G (Patricia) uni) niyf Buttery CuftatructlOll l.ld ft 117C TA|fti>t rd W 
---Philip G (Vivian) dsv foremu Doji o( PsirkA k Rccrwitiflii li i239 Pari 

Wood av 

--Wm |srr« HcUcty CotmnaeUon Lid ft 3670 (^urch 

Burner Cfta a handwork IsIcnutlaiiiL TuOla f 624 Giles fdn3 c 

Butt lute Deluca (Fnmkal moth h 1*75 Car cot av 

Rett.1 lit Wm J L-tup Ciry oi WUadsor ft 6, E342 Wyandotte to 

Button John R (Judy) drvr Dominion Hofgr It 2. 329 Cshipbell Av 

Suit Hi Murrny l r ^Ifuiin Dlrjjr^.-i!l ftiotorji r 419 Frank av 

BurwlluwLci Jantn* (wid Ste(iLn) h 14 85 Du He rid p] 

--Jerry stbdf r I486 Dulfcrin pi 

aita Nicholas yuaiior AreaCie |fou*e r 1333 Wyandoxte c 
Butrer Am Mrs h 18 BI Si Luke rd 

- -David W lLinda) Jft»p Chryalora ft 204 Cameron av 
-■Glenn U (Ueltin) oElr Caiutdiim Cu»toni« ft 416 MeSwjui av 
--Gordaui D (Annie E) rub drVr Vcsoraflo Cab h 93* lltiilgr »v 

- Harry (Melba) moeft Canadian PittJifturgft Paint ft 224fi Highland *V 

■ -StvArwH stenog Tod J Hoeftberg r 224* Hi^ilAnd *v 

Buy-Rile Furmlurc Ltd Murray J OvemJuil pff*. Mr* Dorothy Ovcmftal 
see -trea* 1022 -1030 WyatulMie a 
aryaaqi Cftas Eft *176 RivemJdedr c 
tin a V. Alt* V (Mar J or ke) elect DrttOll h 991 Eitw*Esd av 
-Ait!* S Ii 1494 5l Patrick ill 

amtgjciy Atea (Annul Eontm kr Volta W elders ft IMI South Cameron til vlL 
Burzelll Angrlo (AKtia) gen I C6*tr 97* Lab plots av ft aaittn 

- -Maria alb* t 97* Lungjuia av 
&mteo Agoscino snuit r 845 Brute a* 

--America (Tktom) telif University n( Windsor ft 3775 HUlcrest ftlvd 
“■Antonia Biudl r *22 CrtlHornLu nV 

--Laura sec Allied ColleoEian AgOftcloa Cnn-idn Lid r *22 CulHonna av 

“Loreto (Balma) Lkb PlitWflorei Copjcnh fH5 Bruce aV 

• -Mleftrlf {Anna) crop Cabdn Sail Co ft 62 2 California av 

--Vaienlino (VikaJ) emp City of Windsor r 845 Bruce av 

Byara Sarah I 4*8 Cam* ov 

Bychok Nick (Angie) ntenl wkr ft (134 Alton rd 

ByeityjislcL 6dolF CBlIi) carelfcr 5l Peter'a Ang Church ft 1732 Norman rd 
--Edwin (Emma) foreran Lowry Tmile ft 3*50 Tumor rt) 

Rye Mylea C rep North Amur Life A ante r 3935 WoodtoantJ blvd 
“RoM 1 BUne E) aJsmft Firtxo Sales 3a 7*0 inuisbrtt ug h 
&yer Joseph 1 (5«ra) tnap Ofctrolt ft 2S9* Radiaw-o *v 
Byerley Rul* S (t June) pres B A F Borins h 6*25 Wyandotte c 
--Hoftt W (Fla vie) slumh Alexander Amtuftsador Lu] ft 4 JV* Fair view blvd 
B)trn jdhn A (Olive) |irv* Oycra Trwk i Trull? r Ftiuipmcm Lid ft 2a] 
PflJrvtew blvd 

--Murray F (ManAiilur) *et-ttne»* Bjera Truck & Trailer Kquipment Ltd 
ft 2794 Frmcess av 

“Truck & Trailer Kquipnient Ltd John A Byers pres. Murray Iyer* 
sec -«e»s 1601 St Lute rd 

Byjtttnre EdwdC eleiiE WiiHlpton ELtotriv res R R *'l Harrow 

- -Edwtl L (Margt) eleol Comntock h L 6H3 Rundo I ph av 
--Wm T (Fuhy) h 35S5 lieechwwd 

Sofft (Division at Ed Wealny (Wmdsarj Ltd (EdmtffhJ Wesley) 4 
qD burner* ala 6 kit 3012 Ttcumseb bjvd e 
Syiea Elsla {told ASbt) h 1)65 MeKaySV 
B>ng Clara (wtd Wm ft) ft 1057 Lincolii rd 
—Get! A (thr PaHersnn Collegiate h 25.1 Prado pi 


-Jack ft (Gall) lehr W(h m at Educ H 450 Matthr-w tlrady blvd 
Ejrd Lewis J (Shirley) titl Win UtlLitie* CmUM ft l*2t Ckmpiell av 
~UttaB cuslotnB tnsp Fttonl Cost r 796 Dttchamtr 
--Vara (wid Alfrrd) Rigrns White Cleatwrv L Lsumk-rera {Br) h79* 

Byrne A Ifretl A (Florettcn) h 1IXH Pal rview blvd 

- 'Andrrw (Marie) ft flJAJ CedtlViCto 

- -Boma rd (Ruth) iiuth op Foidv ft 1*7) George av 
--BriflO B (I.nrs) foremU FortJa h 379 Oak av 

--C HaroU (Geraldlr*) «iter Furds h 1255 HigniswU av 
--Dun] W (htarjoTle) entpBorden'* Dairy h 3623 EarrymOt* la 
--Lknnaftl E O'amla) duptvtr City Antess Dept h 1*11 F.IErnse av 
-Edmund E r 3NI N. .if ftlvd 
-’Harold siudt r 1*71 Orergtav 

- Harvey (Juytc) ft 7*4 Msy av 

- -kleciry (Jrannelle) h *48 Moy «v 
--4lean h 7B2 Mey av 

--J Rramee (Alary) chief Flic Freveutlun Oiv, Wm Fire Lftprh 2207 Terr 

- -jchn ]« b Cmift ffav It hug Co t 554 PI It to 

— JoacjJi C (Audrey) off u k¥ J N Fmiver (Can) Lttl ft TeutnUKd tklvil r 

--Karen siudT r 2255 llighfand av 

-•Kalftlevn (-id VifleenOli I. 772 Victoria Vt 

--Kjcnneih ordtrly Rivertoew Heap rfi EraeryviHr 

--MarHt (wid Geo) ft 123, 415 Uajvrrany mv r 

"Mlttlael Facet Chrysiersh 5244 Wyanticnc e 

—Sinnley j (LLDJan) - tiff m^ rnaieiiliul Iha ft 3421 St Patrtcka dr 

--Wm t 565 River aide tti t- 

Byrnes Mrltin pipe hr lluctywcl! Controls Ltd r 2030 Vimv av 
--Rthutaw] (WinoifraO totl 6 die mkr Kj®caid! Mach A Tool b 12. 951 
Riverside dr * 

—Harold T (Ruth) nlamn ftrlght'a Witwa Ltd h. 20^0 Vifliy av 
■■Lynn tlrflfimti W C Croable. ArcftlEect r 1*7* Duri'-uin rd 
ftyruu EHiicpriming S^afvlto LEd Paul J llyroft pm*. Mlcbtel Hedfjewlek uec 
(A2 Peljasier 

- Chriatopher A tnnm tft Ferd- h 4765 Cole 
--Lstore&rc L (Mary) ft 3, *5-1 Tusearof* 

- 'Paul J tinge) prea Syro ■> BEueprioliitg Service Ltd 6 26<F Avba av 
Rystrjrfc Jovej* (Etyairyk ilntnr Sale*) re* R R I hWltdstDfte 

- -Motor Sales (f UJi ' f p6 Byirryk) used cur ala 835 TecuuiBeh ‘tdvd e 
ftywaler Rlcftd H (Carol) -until ft 3, 143 Mo Kay a v 

Elyvlck Cirolkfte Mrs h ICll Howard av 

- -Pe«i 1 | (Tri Ad Elea uty Salon) r HI 11 Htmud a v 

kdriuch Staniry (Katherine) section lorcmit Kelsey -Hayes h 2257 Chari 
fetuk Mlckoftia J (Lada*) cook Rtverviei* Ffosp h i>B9 Ford blvd 


C A C Bfsliy Limited E Waller Dltlnur mgr mortgvjrr* 450 Oul-IU tu* av 
C » Sales (C E Beaaicy) swfrs agi. cuitipg noals. (irt-ciapm game* I6M 
Langfola av 

C C C Coruumeutm (Jos DcielXa) 721 Lynn 
C H V R Radio sis n!f 13*3 Oudtnite av 

C I P CiutiaUsers Ltd jobs ftatatom- »3a rep comiRAlcd boxes 1203. 374 
Quel lone av 

C K I. W - Radio Sralli* 125 Rivfcratde 4r * 

CIUW -TV (Wtn^TV Oidarlo ftruik asii ti^ Co Lid) umbo 62S River- 
aide dr w 

C K W W tradlo acitltrtl 1150 Oieellctie ay 

C L Rctlluh i tiC|U*FI1DL-M. Lid Cecil fjjscombe prv* fc sngr crniatn equip 
rental a 341 Toe ixnrJrh blvd e 

CAD Service Canwts A M|k* Dmeach) garage (2» Tecum i»|l 
blvd r 

C 6 S Fine Food* lud W Chuck Gaft pre*. Way^c SGtli vicc-piteS neat A 
tavern 3,3-43 Pin e 

C 6 S Garden Centro (Clarcnre R 0 c I Inns) 351(1 L C Row av 
C uba (Jury J (foan) wtil nkr Electro mac Ltd ft Mercer 
--jenae j emp Cunioiiia b Exctve h 305 Hull av 

-Jofcpll 5 (Irene) pre* A gCn) mjfr Mectromac Ltd ft 2517 Dtodnrand 


--LliwLi *cc Inti Tools rffiS Ifoll av 
--Madeline (told Frank) ft (375 lumpier]* nv 
Cd.buiui Arthur A maim Univ tif W|n ft 1289 Curry av 
--Inn Moiel (Edwd 7,unii LfiA4 Huron Uftr 
tali Keudait M% t I2B9 Currv av 
■ -Melinda ft 4853 Wy^dutc r 
—Variety (pnaE F Demraftort) 3*41 Howard av 
Cahannw France* ft 3. 2240 Feier 
—joteph Eub Goodwill Eadu*trlea r 3477 Milftn 
r 3477 Millt’fl 

-Violei (witljoscpb) h 5477 Millcn 

Cabarlea Mnouel gradniroe RkVerview )fmip r 297 Hal! eV 
Caftip AU»lair (Mary) j*y Norfolk It 73. I SCO CelutrLbi* Ci 
-‘■Kaiftertiae r 4373 Howard av 
-R J (iicue) lusp Depl if Hrailh h 4272 Howard av 
Cabot Conktnxttim Limited Umtairtn t^usg^iano pr«*. Glovaunl 
Qtiaguicitto vlce-pres fi[(Iff coTitrn 2848 Howard av 
C alxrtq Club John J Com * no prnu, Frank Fadft van vice-pres, Mafld 
Tmpii'h aec. Ws, Sznn,UtU treaa 2]7S PareHt av 
Caceiatn Anlmio (G|uoippa) amp Porela ft 1578 E1ljo« av 
--Benito (Maria) emp F vrd> ft 1-560 El Ernie av 
—Concettina Mr* r 15*4 Etlruae av 
-Kick ft *75 Hall aw 

tlacfteto Bernardo rep Curse Metro Ho*p ft 1553 Cliurc]) 

Cacfton Helen (wld Mite) h 20h4 Ottawa 

CuiUun Emcsiv (Mam) r 893 Wrlllitgten av 

Cftda Cathy icbr 5t Johf Vlsttflev Sfp Seftl res Si CDir Beach 

—Clarence foremn Dupllfo r Brighten rd (St CEair Beach) 

--Dent* F flOsmblr M C- M Rrete* Cflnadn Ltd ft-a St Ctair Head* 

—Elillil J C lEbtariari Cunegfo Pub Library r 14326 Tecum *eft rd 
(St Clair Bench) 

- -E l ten B kc CurlliiB Urtwerlea r 1434* Tecmnarh rd e Cllllir Heacil) 
--OUd)** ]**» Win Star r 82* RoEafo! blvd 

—J Thn* L (Merry) en p Chryalrra h KI68 VUEainr a* 

—Jeffery itil dec OTfoltl EemliardT iJtd r 4 to Pen THE >■ dr 
-‘■Ma.r^ucrilff (wid Heclar) h 313* Wyandone to 
—P«tk L (Eva)h 026 Rsssinl tlivd 

CaduiLrulV] Vito (Rouu) ma[nt Walker Metal h 1364 Dot av 
Quia relic Beverly office Peoples Credit jewellers t 297 Krtito’cVd av 

—Er*c« ipprnatt ||*1 Tool* pea Arahcmtha-g 

- -Harry drvr Kiugaway Tnusipwri h Tesaft rd lAfflhcmbnjI 
—Herbi (Berradclie) cik Natl GrPC<r» h 3449 Pater 

*-Louis careikr St Clue (R C) Chureft ft L6fi Teeumaeft hJvd w 




"We Meet By Accident " 

270 ERIE STREET EAST ... PHONE 252-6511 


—Lyle line wkr Chrylcra r 3535 Woodland av 

—May (wld Wallace) r 2025 Pillcttc rd 

—Phllomrn r 3449 Peter 

--Ray (Loretta) lab Forda h 3547 Wells 

—Wallace J Jr (Rose M) gcnl Ub Duplatc h 1673 Balfour blvd 

Gadarlnn John (Margt) lab Chryslers r 753 Chatham c 

—Louis attdt Cord Gamble's Service r 753 Chatham c 

—Peter (Jull®) b 753 Chatham e 

—Tony C (Constance) bartender Drop In Tavern (Windsor) Ltd h 13S6 
Wyandotte e 

Cade Robt E (Mar\') executive Detroit h 4200 Howard av 
—Robt F (Irene) off elk Fords h 501. 8885 Riverside dr e 
—Wm W (Ruby) suprvsr Detroit h 2943 Lloyd George blvd 
Cadcuu Ernest r 749 Dougall av 

—Sami (Laura) (Windsor Driving School) h 664 Moy av 
Cadera Karl (Martha) masseur Hotel DHeu Hosp h 1416 Pierre uv 
—Karl E ntudt X 1416 Pierre av 
--Margt sis elk H Gray Ltd r 1416 Pierre av 
Cadleux A Darlene scrv rep Bell Tel r 8325 Riverside dr e 
—Borbara cmpGenl Motor Trim r 1727 Pillcttc rd 
—Donna Romp Detroit r 17Z7 Pillcttc rd 
—Leonce E (Florence) b 1727 Pillcttc rd 
—Rheal C (Doris) emp Detroit h 3290 Parkwood av 
--Roger (Dorothy) drvr G & R Zakoor Ltd h 480 Vera pi 
--Roland (Theresa) janitor Hi-Ho Curb Services r 1552 Buckingham rd 
--Rosalie (wld Owen) r 894 Bridge av 
Cadllluc Motel Mrs Anne Wojtowicz mgr 2498 Dougall av 
Cndman Donald B (Delores) tool 5 die mkr Border Tool & Die h 3797 

Gadwcii Jas D (Anne) asst supt Bd of Educ h 3130 Massey ct 
Cady Bernadette (wld Mervyle J) traffic dept Bell Tel h 1536 Ottawa 
--Chcyrl studt r 1536 Ottawa 

—Curtta (Carol) slBtnn Hiram Walkers hi, 861 Wyandotte c 
—Diane h 363 Bruce av 

—Donald plant man Sllverwood's r 2081 Riverside dr w 
—Karen studt nurse r 1536 Ottawa 
Cadzovska Zivka Mrs clnr Can Trust Bldg r 381 Elm av 
Caesar Rostta hsekpr St Christopher's Rectory r 3335 Woodward blvd 
Caffrny Jas (Georgina) nuilnt forernn Candn Salt Co h 3291 Mark av 
Cahill Donl P (Barhora) portsman John Banks Alignment Ltd h 837 
Monmouth rd 

—Fraftds M (Helen) emp Champion Spark Plug h 3630 Dominion blvd 
--Geo M (Mabel) h 1415 Ubadic rd 

- -Jane (wld Eugene) h 7155 Riverside <lr c 

--Laurie (Audrey) suprvsr Chun King Cnrp h 2310 Tccumseh blvd w 
—Redmond J (Eileen) foremn Carling Breweries h 1319 Oak av 

- -Rlchd security guard Raceway r 1319 Oak av 

--Walter R (Florence) acct Hiram Walker & Sons h 827 Patrice dr 
Cal lie Armund J (Irene) body rcpalrmn Purity Dairies h 161 Rankin av 
--Arthur J (Germaine) ossmblr McKinmn Industries h 1537 Ellrose av 
—Muriclle J visa asst U S Consulate h 963 Oak av 
—Roland attdt Ken Stilson Texaco h 983 Oak av 
--Wilfred J (Dorothy) plant wkr Bordens Dairy h 1580 Janette ov 
Cain Mary M clnr Adams Fumlturo Co r 349 Tuscarora 
Comm Geoffrey F mgr - credit section John Wyvth it Bro res Oldcattlc 
Caira Anthony (Jeannlnc) emp Fords h 1793 Balfour blvd 
—Antonio (Angela) emp Candn Rock Salt Co b 1798 Randolph av 
•-Biaglo (Flora) cement fnshr Pallisco Bros h 1467 Goycau 
--Gelsomina hrdrssr Betty Strong's Beauty Salon r 1793 Balfour blvd 
--Hector (Victoria) pipe ftr foremn Honeywell Controls Ltd h 2486 
Tourangcau rd 
--John studt r 1467 Goycau 

--Luigi (Marta) lab A Lombardo 6 Son Ltd h 1555 Goycau 

--Maria pizza cook Big Boy Drive-In Lid r 1555 Goycau 

Caird Alex (Hettie) commissionaire Rivervlew Hosp r 1246 Dougall rd 

--Alex (Sophie) slsmn Ncllsons h 891 Bruce av 

Cairngorm Apts 524 Pitt w 

Caimcross Arthur R mgr G Tamhlyn Ltd r 936 Windermere rd 
Cairns Dennis (Monica) wrehsemn A H Bolton Co h 3440 McKay av 
--Derek (Judy) studt h 1564 Hickory rd 
--Truer (Denise) emp Chryslers h 1882 Fcmdale 
Cals,sic Joseph L (Hecn) I c PO h 1751 Lnbadic rd 
--Popukirr Sl-Jcan-Baptiste Ltd Roger Btbeau mgr credit union 1856 
DrouiUsrd rd 

--Sylvia Mrs elk Discount Bakery South Windsor Ltd r 1936 Central nv 

Catssio Ken (Marcttc) tool A die mkr h 1023 Pelissier 

Calurak Peter lab Fords r 1825 Hickory rd 

Cake Ethel (wld Chas) r 26, 1556 Goycau 

—Glen A (Constance) foremn Bell Tel h 920 St Paul av 

Cate bread D Peter emp Central Chrysler r 1515 Victoria av 

--Geo F (Yvonne) pres Central Chrysler Plymouth Ltd h ISIS Victoria av 

Caladra Gulscppe (Franccne) lab Kohcn Box Co h 872 Elsmcrc av 

Calamlta Du mania r 1410 Ouellette av 

—Emanuclc (Maria) (International Custom Tailors) h 1410 Ouellette av 
—Felice (Katerina) spray pntr Chryslers h 704 McKay av 
--Michele emp Reid’s Photo r 1410 Ouellette av 
Calandra Carlo (Rosalia) lab Kohcn Box h 927 Klamcre av 
Calandrc Vito (Mary) apprentice Inti Tools h 1070 Parent av 
Calarco Antoni no (Concciuiui) lab More Consul h 1176 Coventry ct 
Calbcck Arthur G slsmn r 660 Josephine av 
Calby Dcana r 511 Pelissier 

Calcot Hotel (Edwd Mursh 8t Tndcus Poniatowskj) 2615 Howard av 
Calcott Catliy studt r 426 Eastlawn bhrd 
--David slsmn h 3285 Rockwell av 
--John R with Morton Tobocco Co h 426 Eastlawn bhrd 
Calcut Lnura r 136 Elm av 
Caldarelli Domcmca studt r 1138 Louis av 
—Glullo (Garinch) caretkr St John Schl h 1138 Louis av 
Caldcr Geo W (Eilleen) elk C N Exp Frt h 235 Lincoln rd 
—Jas A (Mary) slsmn h 3184 Curry av 
--Robt bulk stn elk Texaco Can Ltd r 2296 Woodland av 
--Wm (Irene) foremn Ont Hydro h 3296 Woodland av 
--Wm S (Helen) layout leader Elcombe Engineering h 1644 Grccnvlew 

Caldcr one Lawrence soc wkr R C Children's Aid Soc r 558 Partington nv 

Caldcrwwd Bernadette B (wld John) li 470 Randolph av 

Caldwell Alfred D (Helen) lab Pittsburgh Industries h 1238 Goycau 

--BcnJ O punch press opr Natl Radiator h 2602 Turner rd 

—Cuthbcrt (Belie) emp Win Hydro h 985 Church 

—Dawne tchr Prince Charles School r 416 Lincoln rd 

—Frank E (Patricia) elk Chryslers h 2577 Turner rd 

—Frank J orderly Metro Hosp r 953 Curry av 

—Geo (Marguerite) lab Fords h 1217 fowls nv 

—Geo (Eiva) lab Duplate Glass h 2267 Mcldrum rd 

--Geo G emp Auto Specialties r 953 Curry av 


-Jas E (Dianne) farm broadcaster CBE h D. 1525 Dufferin pi 

--Kathy nursing asst River view Hosp r 1217 Louis av 

--Phyllis (wld Frank) h 953 Curry ov 

--Robt lab Fords r 1217 Louis av 

—Wlnnlfired Mrs emp Detroit h 10. 74 Ellis av w 

Calhoun's Smite Hat Shops Ltd Kenneth S Downs mgr 323 Ouellette av 

Calthatu Arthur (Alice) lab Fabricated Steel h 635 Cauraqul 

—Lee (Sophia) txk drvr Fords h 2626 Lloyd George blvd 

Callch Alex (Olga) miner Candn Salt h 3605 Dominion blvd 

Callfano Anlello (Brigida) lab Empire Hanna Coal h 3476 Cross 

CaJIguire Ralph (Josephine) (Gcnasco Co) h 1218 Moy ov 

Call Harriet r H56Chllvcr rd 

Callaghan Agnes (wld Titos) h 3617 Dominion blvd 

-Jas (Julia) h 2509 Alexis rd 

—Jas (Direcn) ussmblr Chryslers h 2118 Verchcrcs av 
—Marjorie (wld Edwd) typist Bor<ler Brokers Ltd h 2229 Howard av 
— Thps j sikjnn Chrysler Corp r 3617 Dominion blvd 
—Thyra (wld Gordon) sec* Goodwin Glass Industries Ltd h S77 
Josephine av 

Cal latum Leo (Jessie) h 454 Caron av 
Gallon Ltouglas (Kllzth) emp Detroit h 1552 Lincoln rd 
Cal lard Jas E hlpr Champion Spark Plug r 2163 Windermere rd 
-Jas E (Lucy) supt Win Utilities Commn (Water Div) h 2163 Windermere 

—John N (Barbara) slsmn Walwyn Stodgell 6 Co Lid h 2, 990 Erie c 

—Percy S (Ethel) h 1218 Argyle rd 

—Susan sec Green Giant r 2163 Windermere rd 

Calks Stephen (Frances) (Stephen Callas Advertising) h 3420 McKay av 
Callaway Chas (Frances) furn fnshr Detroit h 405 Cabana rd w 
Calleglwr Dante (Odllla) mech Candn Rock Salt Co h 790 Morand 
—Nelda studt nurse Hotel Dicu Hosp r 790 Morand 
Calleja Manuel wldr Volta Welders r 1220 Elliott w 
Callcn Peter (Bernice) flremn Win Fire Dept r 440 Maple (LaSalle) 
--Reggie M (Marian) wldr Chryslers h 434 Watson av 
Callery B Lorraine legal see Croll & Croll r 566 Parent av 
—Loretta M (wid Bernard) h 304 . 3125 Sandwich 
—Norman F (Marie) leul Win Fire Dept h 1240 Louis av 
--Rose (wid Wm J) h 566 Parent nv 
—Thos J (Jocelyn) emp Detroit h 3670 Rankin av 
Collins Eugene (Valeri) emp Walkers r 1994 Glendale av 
Gallia John (Demetra) lab Wrigley Steel h 480 Chatham w 
Gallon Corporation Ltd Edwin L Hunter mgr plastic compounding 6 
vacuum forming 1857 Walker rd 
Callscn John (Linda) elk Income Tax h 2292 Dougnll av 
CoJma Lloyd sign pntr Hardy Sign Co res Detroll 
Caltiavara Bortolo (Mary) h 854 Langlois av 
--John (Emma) tool mkr Centre Line Tool h 1048 Pierre av 
—Joseph E (Emma) foremn Chrynlers h 3970 Rose land dr c 
--Leo (Donno) stock Chrysler eh 360 Rosclawn dr 
--Louis P (Duni la) pres Center Tool k Mold h 1925 Somme av 
—Rose (wid Ottorino) h 901 Maretitette av 
--Rosemarie sec St Thomas Sep Schl r 1925 Somme av 
—Sandra J studt nurse Grace Hosp r 3970 Roseland dr c 
--Steve (juiliana) lab Keystone Consul h 615 Tuscarora 
Calvar Frances labeller Hiram Walker k Sons r 3088 Woodlawn av 
—Leo wldr Chryslers h 3088 Woodlawn av 
—Yves studt r 3088 Woodlawn av 
Calvaruso Giacomo lab Felton Constn h 564 Irvine av 
Calvary Memorial Hall bef 326 Elm av 

—United Church Rev J Carman Hazlewood minister 1099 University av w 
Calver Ann M Mrs hrdrssr France Coiffure Beauty Shop h 1245 
Hickory rd 

Calvert Chas (Norton) mach Detroit It 4026 Eden dr 
—Leonard W r 1045 Watson av 
—Walter (Eleanor) h 9, 978 Parent av 

--Walter (Madeleine) emp Can Manpower Centre (Fed Govt) h 3815 

Cdlvoruso Giuseppe press opr East Side Stamping r 1212 Gladstone av 

—Salvotoro (Vita) h 1212 Gladstone av 

Galwoli Gordon oft elk McKinnon Ind r 10, 74 Ellis av w 

Calzetui Anthony P studt r 1250 Albert rd 

—Antoine (Elsie) repairmn S K D Mfg h 1250 Albert rd 

—Tony elk Jas Hurkness McKay Studio r 1250 Albert rd 

Camack Jennie Mrs b 1514 Bruce av 

--Joscpli (Jcjui) vicc-pres L McGill Allan Ltd h 783 Morand 
Camarda Onofrto emp Aronne Bros r 70S Partington av 
Camhala Josepli P (Mary) chart acct Davison 6 Le son sly h 2279 Alexis rd 
Cambor Anthony M serv sin attdt Mordcn's Sunoco Service r 1591 
Francois rd 

--Frank (Mary) soldcrcr Natl Radiator h 1591 Francois rd 
—Mlro r 1591 Francois rd 

Cambria Sports Products Ltd Howard J Riggs pres sportswear, crests, 
designs etc 65 Riverside dr w 

Cambridge Helen (wid Robt) mgrss Milton Manor Apts h 301, 710 Giles 
blvd c 

—Leaseholds Limited Morris Tutxichnick pres property Investments ,102. 
586 Ouellette av 

Cameo Bur-B-Q (Geo Peters k Chris Ymaroukis) rest 3226 Sandwich 
--Beauty Salon (Mrs Magdelena Krlcgor) 1006 Wyandotte c 
Cameron Alex emp Gcnl Motors Trim h 3. 1219 Monmouth rd 
—Alex (Sharon) slsmn Detroit h J058 Wlglc av 
--Ann Mrs cook Yorkshire Fish & Chips h 3. 3147 Tccumseh blvd e 
—Bothla C r 1650 Moy av 

--Bruce (Nancy) suprvHr Fords h 3446 Charlevoix ov 
—D Stuart (Catherine) mcch Downtown Motor Sales (Win) Ltd h 1536 
Gladstone av 

—Danl (Colleen) h 321 Campbell av 

—David (Jean) mech H D Bryant Motors b 1741 Hickory rd 
--David Rev (Lillian) rector Olivet Baptist Church h 2307 Lillian 
—David studt r 4951 Reginald 

--David (Catherine) suprvsr Simpsons-Scars h 945 Victoria av 
--Donald press opr r 4951 Reginald 

--Donald M (Betty) IBM opr Dorn Forge h 1183 Bellepcrchc pi 

--Donald R emp Win Utilities Commn (Water Qv) r 1388 Gladstone av 

--Douglas studt r 809 Parent av 

—Duncan (Katherine) furnace opr lAiplafo h 1650 Moy av 

-Edith (wid John H) h 1176 Dougall av 

—Kllzth L tchr Win High Schl of Comm h 28, 16 Ellia c 

—Eva Mrs r 759 Victoria av 

—Geo A (Isabel) slsmn Borden Co h 1272 Argyle rd 
--Georgina r 1169 Huron Church Line 

--Gregor T (June) lino opr Sumner Printing h 212 McEwan av 
—Harold (Josephine) security guard IODE h 3665 Barrymore la 
--Harold F (Sheila) spray pntr Chrysler Corp h 1353 Harrison ct 
-•Harold H b 4115 Longfellow av 


—Helen housemaid Metro Gcnl Hosp r 1977 Pillcttc rd 
--Henry D (Eva) h 1167 Pelissier 

—Ian (Judith) bldg |nsp City of Win Dept of Bldg* h 2238 Byng rd 

-Jack A (Ellen A) cond CNR h 4951 Reginald 

--Jane (wid Donald) h 2356 Turner rd 

—Joseph C (Shirley) prof engineer Fords li 2503 Kildare rd 

--Malcolm mech Donelll'a Service Centre r 1324 Ouellette av 

—Margt r 1761 Riverside dr c 

--Murray (Ina) counsellor S A Men's Social Service Centre h 1, 993 

—Patricia with Win Utilities Commn - Hydro Otv r 1388 Gladstone av 
—R Glen (Dorothea) (Cameron's Book Store) h 858 Chllvcr rd 
—Raymond (Doreen) drftsmn Ccntri -Spray h 1550 Lincoln rd 
-Robt J (Mabel) h 2257 T.trner rd 

—Ross J (GertTude) scrvicemn Acme Neon Signs h 1251 Rankin av 
--Roy J examiner Dept of Fin & Comml Affrs (Ont) 

-Shirley A h 1292 Victoria av 

—Thos H electronic techn Fords h 707. 8B85 Riverside dr c 
--Vaughan (Valerie) aupt Boltrx Industries h 1094 Garden Court dr 
--Wayne (Patricia) pntr Chryslers h 1026 Oak av 
Cameron's Book Store (R Glen Cameron) 1236 Tccumseh blvd c 
Camitlcri Carmclo (Julia) emp Chryslers h 615 Dougall av 
—Delores wtrs Walkrrville Grill r 3150 Albert rd 
Camlllo Shoe Repair (Camtllo Di Giorgio) 2558 Howard av 
Caml lotto Bn Ido (Ella) pres 8 gcnl mgr Coliauttl Bros Ltd h 2178 
Woodlawn av 

-Louis G (Pterins) h 1577 Pierre av 
Camirc Margt h 5, 180 Bruce av 

Carnlia Victor (Barbara) slsmn Morton Tobacco h 809 Lincoln rd 
Cammtdgc Geo A (Evonne) metal fnshr Chryslers h 9833 Tccumseh blvd e 
-•Godfrey R (Dorothy) rigger foremn Candn Machinery Movent Ltd h 1840 
George av 

--Gordon E (Margt) sec Checker Industrial Rubber k Tire h 1923 George 
—Joan order entry elk Amer-Standard Prod r 1923 George av 
—Robt (Wmlfrcd) h 2342 University av w 
--Titos G (Heather) drftsmn Giffrls As soc s h 35b McEwan av 
Camola Employee (Windsor) Credit Union Andrew Gardner mgr 1409 
Droulllard rd 

Catnp Harry of Canada Ltd Mrs Ruth McAra mgrss millinery I 32 
Ouellette av 

Campagnu Angelo (Cleba) lab Fullerton Consm Co h 928 Langtois av 
—Arthur (Rena) brklyr Aronne Bros Ltd h 907 Ejsmerc *v 
—Corncllo (Nerina) emp Chryslers h 1554 Windermere rd 
--John (Elinors) lab Chryslers h 2268 Louis av 
--Mary elk Ken Wiley Pharmacy r 2268 Louis av 
—Rlno (Enrica) h 2353 Forest av 

Campngne Martangla elk Ken Wiley Pharmacy r 2268 Louis av 

Campagnonl Franco (Rosanna) dsgnr Cope Tool Design h 944 Pierre av 

Campana Elvtno (Mllvn) carp Chryslers h 1763 Pillcttc rd 

--Renzo bodymn Bull & Gnutluer Body & Paint Shop Ltd r 92 Hanna e 

Campanaro Silvio (Antonietta) h 1867 Central av 

—Toni (Muria) mach opr Fullerton Constn h 1730 Central av 

Campbell Agnes h 57. 780 Ouellette av 

—All* (Gertrude) h 254 St Louis av 

••Albt A nrk ilrvr Wells Co h 1034 Prince rd 

—Alberta (wid W Edwd) h 1657 Howard av 

—Alex (Yvonne) emp Chryslers h 1470 Victoria av 

--Alex material handler Gcnl Motors r 3745 Vaughan 

--Alex (Mary) wldr Chryslers h 346 Pierre av 

--Alex (Pearl) yd cond New York Central li 1402 Ellrose av 

—Aline (wld Clarence) h 1 161 Elm av 

—Allan (Eleanor) h 634 Roscdale av 

-Allan (Eiizth) lab Chryslers h 1271 High 

—Andrew r 1475 Huron Church Line 

—Andrew (Annie) engineer Norton Palmer Hotel h 1164 Dougall av 

—Andrew C (Lois) repairmn Bell Tel